Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Sir Edward John Poynter, 1st Bt (1836-1919), Painter and President of the Royal Academy

Painter and arts administrator; born 20 March 1836 in Paris, son of an architect. Trained with Thomas Shotter Boys, W.C.T. Dobson, at Royal Academy Schools and in Paris with Charles Gleyre, where companion to James McNeill Whistler and George du Maurier; early and sustained career in decorative arts and illustration, alongside oil works on classical and multi-figure biblical subjects, often of heroic dimensions – Israel in Egypt (1867, Guildhall AG, London) established his name; married 1866 Agnes Macdonald, sister to Georgiana Burne-Jones, Alice Kipling and Louisa Baldwin; long exhibiting career at RA, Grosvenor Gallery, New Gallery and Royal Society of Painters in Water Colour; first director of Slade School, University College, London 1871, then head of National Art Training School; director National Gallery 1894 during creation of the Tate; elected ARA 1869, RA 1876, PRA 1896–1916; knighted 1896, created baronet 1902; died 26 July 1919, in London.

Professionally, Poynter was esteemed for his ‘cool and enlightened judgment’ and ‘the moral courage necessary for the expression of plain truths’. [1] Temperamentally morose, however, he was also described as ‘dignified and rather unapproachable’ with ‘an unaccountably melancholy and aloof expression’. [2] As his brother-in-law Edward Burne-Jones remarked, ‘Edward Poynter, whom some perhaps might not call a pleasant man … when he talks to himself always says Yes most amiably, and that’s about the only time he does say it. Why should this be so?’ [3]

Dr Jan Marsh

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