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Robert Baddeley, by Silvester Harding - NPG 2541

Robert Baddeley

by Silvester Harding
watercolour and ink on paper, engraved 1794
NPG 2541

Thomas Holcroft; William Godwin, by Sir Thomas Lawrence - NPG 6880

Thomas Holcroft; William Godwin

by Sir Thomas Lawrence
pencil with black and red chalk, 1794
NPG 6880

James Hook, by Lemuel Francis Abbott - NPG 2519

James Hook

by Lemuel Francis Abbott
oil on canvas, circa 1800
NPG 2519

John William Norie, by Adam Buck, after  Williams (Solomon Williams?) - NPG 1131

John William Norie

by Adam Buck, after Williams (Solomon Williams?)
watercolour, circa 1803
NPG 1131

Thomas Holcroft, by John Opie - NPG 512

Thomas Holcroft

by John Opie
oil on canvas, circa 1804
NPG 512

Maria Theresa Kemble, by Alfred Edward Chalon - NPG 1962(b)

Maria Theresa Kemble

by Alfred Edward Chalon
watercolour and pen and ink, 1804
NPG 1962(b)

Charles Hayter, by Sir George Hayter - NPG 2617

Charles Hayter

by Sir George Hayter
pencil and wash, 1811
NPG 2617

John Playfair, by Sir Henry Raeburn - NPG 840

John Playfair

by Sir Henry Raeburn
oil on canvas, circa 1811
On display in Room 13 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 840

William Grimaldi, by Mary Ann Grimaldi, after  Louisa Edmeads (née Grimaldi) - NPG 3114

William Grimaldi

by Mary Ann Grimaldi, after Louisa Edmeads (née Grimaldi)
pen and pencil, 1832, based on a work of 1815-1820
NPG 3114

Benjamin Robert Haydon, by Sir David Wilkie - NPG 1505

Benjamin Robert Haydon

by Sir David Wilkie
black and white chalk, 1815
NPG 1505

James Sadler, probably by Richard Evans - NPG 4955

James Sadler

probably by Richard Evans
oil on canvas, circa 1816
NPG 4955

Daniel Asher Alexander, by John Partridge - NPG 4827

Daniel Asher Alexander

by John Partridge
oil on canvas, circa 1818
NPG 4827

A member of the Council, by Sir George Hayter - NPG 1695(r)

A member of the Council

by Sir George Hayter
pencil, pen and ink, 1820
NPG 1695(r)

Sir Charles Bell, by John Stevens - NPG 446a

Sir Charles Bell

by John Stevens
oil on canvas, circa 1821
NPG 446a

Hannah More, by Henry William Pickersgill - NPG 412

Hannah More

by Henry William Pickersgill
oil on canvas, 1822
On display in Room 20 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 412