Nathaniel Louis Cohen

1 portrait of Nathaniel Louis Cohen

Nathaniel Louis Cohen, by Fred Roe, 1908 - NPG 4123 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

© National Portrait Gallery, London

Nathaniel Louis Cohen

by Fred Roe
oil on canvas, 1908
15 7/8 in. x 19 1/4 in. (407 mm x 489 mm)
Given by the artist's son, Frederic Gordon Roe, 1959
Primary Collection
NPG 4123

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  • Nathaniel Louis Cohen (1846-1913), Philanthropist and pioneer of the Labour Exchange movement. Sitter in 1 portrait.

Artistback to top

  • Fred Roe (1864-1947), Artist. Artist of 224 portraits, Sitter in 2 portraits.

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  • NPG D43204: Unidentified woman; 'Reception'. ()
  • NPG D43118: Comic sketch: 'A Lyttel Geste' ()
  • NPG D43259a: William Pain, seasick ()
  • NPG D43180b: A P Ford and two unidentified sitters ()
  • NPG D43214: Sir John Timpson ()
  • NPG D43185b: Miriam Janet Wynn (née Browne) ()
  • NPG D43202: Sir John Timpson ()
  • NPG D43079: Richard Temple (Richard Barker Cobb Temple) ('Richard Temple as Sir Roderick Murgatroyd in Ruddigore 1887') ()
  • NPG D43069: 'The Girl in Black': Unidentified woman at Fontainebleau Concert ()
  • NPG D43260: Comic sketch; 'Never mind, it's scimiterial' ()
  • NPG D43126: Unidentified sitters ('A clergyman & his better three quarters, seen at the Westminster Play 1909.') ()
  • NPG D43116: (Richard) Phené Spiers and an unidentified man ()
  • NPG D43153: Unidentified sitters; 'The Plump Lady Doctor, 'Carmen the Cinema Villainess' and 'Colossus' ()
  • NPG D43193: Unidentified sitter: 'Back View of an Unknown Lady'. ()
  • NPG D43235: Martin Hardie ()
  • NPG D43105: Unidentified sitters ('Fisherfolk: Boulogne') ()
  • NPG D43066: Rupert Stevens ()
  • NPG D43113: Sir (Edgar) Bertram Mackennal ()
  • NPG D43168b: Four unidentified sitters ()
  • NPG D43076: George Grossmith (George Grossmith as Robin Oakapple in Ruddigore 1887) ()
  • NPG D43115: (Richard) Phené Spiers, smoking ()
  • NPG D43259b: William Pain, seasick ()

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