The Situation Group

1 portrait of Roger Coleman

The Situation Group, by Sylvia Sleigh, 1961 - NPG 6817 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

© National Portrait Gallery, London

The Situation Group

by Sylvia Sleigh
oil on linen, mounted on canvas, 1961
48 in. x 72 in. (1219 mm x 1829 mm)
Purchased, 2007
Primary Collection
NPG 6817

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  • Lawrence Alloway (1926-1990), Gallerist and critic. Sitter in 1 portrait.
  • Gillian Ayres (1930-), Painter, mural artist and teacher. Sitter in 5 portraits.
  • Bernard Cohen (1933-), Painter and teacher. Sitter in 3 portraits.
  • Roger Coleman, Painter. Sitter in 1 portrait.
  • Peter Coviello (1930-2006), Painter, potter and teacher. Sitter in 1 portrait.
  • Robyn Denny (1930-2014), Painter. Sitter in 2 portraits.
  • Gordon House (1932-2004), Printmaker, painter, designer and teacher. Sitter in 1 portrait.
  • Gwyther Irwin (1931-), Painter, designer, collagist and teacher. Sitter in 1 portrait.
  • Henry Mundy (1919-), Painter and teacher. Sitter in 1 portrait.
  • John Plumb (1927-2008), Painter and teacher. Sitter in 1 portrait.
  • Peter Stroud (1921-), Artist. Sitter in 1 portrait.
  • William Turnbull (1922-2012), Sculptor. Sitter in 7 portraits.

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The Group took their name from an exhibition of their work entitled Situation held in 1960. Influenced by the contemporary art scene in America, they made large-scale abstract paintings. Their shared values underpinned a distinctive moment in the development of British art in the 1960s. Many of the artists depicted in this portrait went on to develop distinguished individual careers.
From left to right (back row): Henry Mundy (b.1919), painter and teacher; Gwyther Irwin (1931-2008), painter, designer and teacher; William Turnbull (b.1922), sculptor; Peter Coviello (b.1930), painter, potter and teacher
(centre row): Gillian Ayres (b.1930), painter, mural artist and teacher; John Plumb (1927-2008), painter and teacher; Peter Stroud (b.1921), abstract constructivist artist; Robyn Denny (b.1930), painter; Roger Coleman, painter; Bernard Cohen (b.1933), painter and teacher
(front row): Gordon House (1932-2004), printmaker, painter, designer and teacher; Lawrence Alloway (1926-90), theoretician and art critic; husband of the artist.