Primrose Hill School

1 portrait

Arthur Hopkinsback to top

Whole-length, profile to left, back to the viewer, second from right in the semicircle of students. Hopkins shares a paper with the unidentified woman on his left and an elderly man smoking a pipe on his right; the paper is inscribed with the letters ‘(?) WHAT.... OU/BLOW.../ BLO.../ PAR’ [or ‘PERF....’] OT’].

Carol Blackett-Ord

Walter Dendy Sadlerback to top

Head-and-shoulders, facing front, with large curled moustache and full head of dark hair, third from left in semicircle of art students.

John William Waterhouseback to top

Waterhouse: full-length, seated, looking down at a drawing at his feet, wearing a child’s dress, at the centre of the composition, seventh figure from the top, between Maurice William Greiffenhagen and Esther Kenworthy Waterhouse.