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165 Portraits in set: Wheatley's London (volume 1, part 3)

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Thomas Otway

printed for Thomas Bowles Jr, and printed for John Bowles, after Sir Peter Lely
mezzotint, published circa 1750-1760
NPG D19221


Matthew Meade (Mead)

by Robert White, published by John Bowles
line engraving, published circa 1750-1775
NPG D19247


Francis Dashwood, 11th Baron Le Despencer

by John Faber Jr, after Adrien Carpentiers (Carpentière, Charpentière)
mezzotint, 1753 (1739)
NPG D19212


William Romaine

by Richard Purcell (Charles or Philip Corbutt), published by Robert Sayer, after Francis Cotes
mezzotint, (1758)
NPG D19244


King Edward II

by John Faber Sr, published by Henry Parker
mezzotint, published circa 1762-1775
NPG D19149


Christian VII, King of Denmark and Norway

possibly by Edward Fisher, probably after Nathaniel Dance
mezzotint, circa 1765-1785
NPG D19130


Louis François Roubiliac

by David Martin, after Adrien Carpentiers (Carpentière, Charpentière)
mezzotint, published 1765 (1762)
NPG D19201


Charles Lyttelton

by James Watson, after Francis Cotes
mezzotint, published 1770
NPG D19132


Alexander Cruden

by Thomas Trotter, published by Charles Dilly, after Thomas Frye
line engraving, published 5 May 1785
NPG D19199


Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Marquess of Hertford

by and published by John Watts, after Sir Joshua Reynolds
mezzotint, (1785)
NPG D19245


Emma (née Lyon), Lady Hamilton

by Raphael Morghen, after Angelica Kauffmann
line engraving, (1791)
NPG D19120


Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby

by Francesco Bartolozzi, published by John Chamberlaine, after Hans Holbein the Younger
stipple engraving printed in colours, published 1 November 1793
NPG D19204


Spencer Compton, 2nd Earl of Northampton

by Thomas Athow
watercolour, circa 1800-1825
NPG D19126


Charles Bannister

by William Dickinson, published by and after W.C. Lindsay
mezzotint, published 30 March 1801
NPG D19114


Sir William Sidney Smith with 'Seige of Acre'

by and published by Anthony Cardon, and by James Mitan, after Sir Robert Ker Porter
stipple and line engraving, published April 1804
NPG D19131


John Scott, 1st Earl of Eldon

by and published by Charles Picart
line and stipple engraving, 1804
NPG D19178


William Coxe

by Robert Dunkarton, published by William Richardson, after Sir William Beechey
mezzotint, published 1 August 1805
NPG D19225


Sir Francis Compton

by Thomas Athow
watercolour, circa 1806-1822
NPG D19157


Sir Patrick Hume, 1st Earl of Marchmont

possibly by John Murphy, published by T. Cadell & W. Davies, after William Aikman
mezzotint, published 20 April 1809
NPG D19194


John Strype

published by William Richardson
line engraving, published 1812
NPG D19156