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73 Portraits in set: Madame D'Arblay Diary, 1778-1840 (volume 1, part 2)

Early Diary of Frances Burney 1768-1778 and Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay 1778-1840, re-bound in 25 folio volumes and extra-illustrated throughout with approximately 2,700 engraved portraits and topographical views. The prints and other items interfiled with the text illustrate the people, events and places described by Burney in her account of society and court life at the end of the 18th century.

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Sir John Vanbrugh

by John Simon, published by Jacob Tonson I, or Jacob Tonson II, after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
mezzotint, (circa 1704-1710)
NPG D14566


Sir John Suckling

by George Vertue, after Sir Anthony van Dyck
engraving, published 1744
NPG D14660


Hannah Horneck (née Mangles) ('The Plymouth Beauty')

published by Robert Sayer, after Sir Joshua Reynolds
mezzotint, (circa 1758-1763)
NPG D14569


Nathaniel Newnham

by Unknown artist
stipple engraving, late 18th century
NPG D14614


Mary Gwyn (née Horneck)

after Sir Joshua Reynolds
photogravure, (1775)
NPG D14571


Catherine Bunbury (née Horneck)

by Unknown artist
etching, published 1 August 1777
NPG D14570


Andrew Stuart

by Thomas Watson, after Sir Joshua Reynolds
mezzotint, (1778)
NPG D14632


'A Sunday concert'

by Charles Loraine Smith (of Enderby), published by M. Rack
etching and aquatint, published 4 June 1782
NPG D14563


John Hamilton Mortimer

by and published by Robert Blyth, after John Hamilton Mortimer
etching, published 19 September 1782
NPG D14579


Giovanna Baccelli

by and published by John Raphael Smith, after Sir Joshua Reynolds
mezzotint, published 20 January 1783 (1782)
NPG D14608


William Robertson

by Thomas Holloway, published by Thomas Cadell the Elder, after Sir Joshua Reynolds
line engraving, published 20 April 1787 (1772)
NPG D14593


Charles Dibdin

by and published by Benjamin Smith, published by John Peter Thompson, after Thomas Kearsley
stipple engraving, published 2 November 1801
NPG D14612


John Fuller

by and published by Charles Turner, after Henry Singleton
mezzotint, published 18 July 1808
NPG D14588


Samuel Barrington

by Gaetano Stefano Bartolozzi, published by T. Cadell & W. Davies, after William Evans, after Gilbert Stuart
stipple engraving, published 7 February 1812
NPG D14601


Theophila Gwatkin (née Palmer)

by and published by Samuel William Reynolds, after Sir Joshua Reynolds
mezzotint, published circa 1820 (1767)
NPG D14573


Henry Herbert, 10th Earl of Pembroke

by and published by Samuel William Reynolds, after Sir Joshua Reynolds
mezzotint, published 1820 (circa 1765-1767)
NPG D14618


Kane William Horneck

by and published by Samuel William Reynolds, after Sir Joshua Reynolds
mezzotint, published February 1822 (circa 1747)
NPG D14568


Thomas Lawrence

by Frederick Christian Lewis Sr, after Sir Thomas Lawrence
stipple engraving, published 1830
NPG D14639