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54 Portraits in set: Madame D'Arblay Diary, 1778-1840 (volume 2, part 2)

Early Diary of Frances Burney 1768-1778 and Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay 1778-1840, re-bound in 25 folio volumes and extra-illustrated throughout with approximately 2,700 engraved portraits and topographical views. The prints and other items interfiled with the text illustrate the people, events and places described by Burney in her account of society and court life at the end of the 18th century.

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Catherine ('Kitty') Clive (née Raftor) as Phillida in Cibber's 'Damon and Phillida'

by and published by John Faber Jr, after Peter van Bleeck
mezzotint, 1734
NPG D14853


Mary Howard (née Finch), Viscountess Andover

by and published by John Faber Jr, after Thomas Hudson
mezzotint, published 1746
NPG D14824


Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham and 7th Earl of Winchilsea

by Jacobus Houbraken, after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
line engraving, published 1747
NPG D14823


Lady Charlotte Finch (née Fermor)

by Thomas Major, after John Robinson
line engraving, published 28 July 1755
NPG D14798


Charlotte Augusta Matilda, Princess Royal

by Daniel Dodd
line engraving, circa 1763-1793
NPG D14840


Jonas Hanway

by James Bretherton, after Thomas Orde-Powlett, 1st Baron Bolton
etching, circa 1770-1780
NPG D14795


Samuel Johnson

after Sir Joshua Reynolds
mezzotint, (1772-1778)
NPG D14796


'The Departure'

by Thomas Rowlandson, published by William Humphrey
hand-coloured etching, published 29 April 1784
NPG D14836


'The Royal Princesses - Children of George III' (Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester; Princess Amelia; Princess Sophia)

by Robert Graves, published by James Sprent Virtue, after John Singleton Copley
line engraving, (1785)
NPG D14844


Thomas Thynne, 1st Marquess of Bath

by James Heath, after Sir Thomas Lawrence
line engraving, (circa 1795)
NPG D14804


Warren Hastings

by and published by George Townley Stubbs, after George Stubbs
hand-coloured stipple engraving, published 30 April 1795 (1791)
NPG D14838


Henry Scott, 3rd Duke of Buccleuch

by Philipp Audinet, after Henry Pierre Danloux
line engraving, (1798)
NPG D14811


Isaac Hawkins Browne

by James Fittler, after Unknown artist
line engraving, circa 1800-1825
NPG D14813


Charles Rollin

by Geille, after Pierre Chasselat
hand-coloured etching, (circa 1800-1825)
NPG D14819


William Gilpin

by and published by George Clint, after Henry Walton
mezzotint, published 1 January 1805 (1781)
NPG D14849


Samuel Parr

by Charles Picart, published by T. Cadell & W. Davies, after William Evans, after John Opie
stipple engraving, published 27 April 1811
NPG D14793


Ann Yearsley

by Henry Richard Cook, published by I.W.H. Payne, after Sarah Shiells
stipple engraving, published 28 February 1814
NPG D14829


Dorothy Spencer (née Sidney), Countess of Sunderland

by William Thomas Fry, published by Lackington, Allen & Co, and published by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, after Robert William Satchwell, after Sir Anthony van Dyck
stipple engraving, published 31 October 1816
NPG D14801


John Abernethy

published by Henry Palser, after Sir Thomas Lawrence
mezzotint, (1819-1820)
NPG D14809


Sir Thomas Charles Bunbury, 6th Bt

by Charles Turner, after Samuel Lane
mezzotint, published 1819
NPG D14834