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208 Portraits in set: Wheatley's London (volume 1, part 1)

Henry Benjamin Wheatley's London Past and Present, published in 1891, re-bound in 9 folio volumes and extra-illustrated throughout with 1,900 portrait and topographical engravings by the MP, barrister and former trustee of the NPG, Sir Herbert Henry Raphael, 1st Bt.

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King Henry I

by Renold or Reginold Elstrack (Elstracke)
line engraving, 1618
NPG D18817


John Caius

by Magdalena de Passe, by Willem de Passe
line engraving, published 1620
NPG D18812


Diego Sarmiento de Acuña, Count de Gondomar

by Simon de Passe, sold by Thomas Jenner
line engraving, 1622
NPG D18807


Robert Bertie, 1st Earl of Lindsey

by Robert van Voerst, published by William Webb, after George Geldorp
line engraving, circa 1630
NPG D18806


John Speed

by Solomon Savery
line engraving, published 1632
NPG D18860


King Edward VI

by L. Petit, published by Pierre Rocolet
line engraving, 1646
NPG D18732


Sir Henry Spelman

by William Faithorne
line engraving, published 1664
NPG D18679


Henry Harris

after John Greenhill
mezzotint, (circa 1664)
NPG D18805


Thomas Willis

by David Loggan
engraving, 1674
NPG D18682


Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey

by Peter Vanderbank (Vandrebanc), published by Thomas Cheret, after Unknown artist
line engraving, 1675-1697
NPG D18811


Mary of Modena when Duchess of York

published by Alexander Browne, after Sir Peter Lely
mezzotint, 1678-1679
NPG D19676


Henry Somerset, 1st Duke of Beaufort

by Robert White, after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
line engraving, 1679
NPG D18843


William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Devonshire

by and published by Isaac Beckett, after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
mezzotint, (circa 1680-1685)
NPG D18865


Sir John Holt

by Robert White, printed and sold by John King, after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
line engraving, 1680
NPG D18848


William Russell, Lord Russell

by Peter Vanderbank (Vandrebanc), after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
line engraving, 1683
NPG D18703


King Edward III

by Unknown artist
line engraving, published 1688
NPG D18692


The Seven Bishops committed to the Tower in 1688

by Robert White, published by Thomas Basset, published by Thomas Fox
line engraving, published 1689
NPG D18862


Grace (née Granville), Countess Granville and Viscountess Carteret

by John Smith, published by Edward Cooper, after Johann Kerseboom
mezzotint, 1693
NPG D18694


Queen Elizabeth I

by Cornelis Martinus Vermeulen, after Adriaen van der Werff
line engraving, circa 1697
NPG D18749


Sir Thomas More

by Pieter Stevens van Gunst, after Adriaen van der Werff
line engraving, 1697
NPG D18783