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206 Portraits in set: Wheatley's London (volume 1, part 2)

Henry Benjamin Wheatley's London Past and Present, published in 1891, re-bound in 9 folio volumes and extra-illustrated throughout with 1,900 portrait and topographical engravings by the MP, barrister and former trustee of the NPG, Sir Herbert Henry Raphael, 1st Bt.

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Dudley Carleton, Viscount Dorchester

by Willem Jacobsz Delff, after Michiel Jansz. van Mierevelt
line engraving, 1620
NPG D19071


Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia

possibly by Willem Jacobsz Delff, after studio of Michiel Jansz. van Mierevelt
line engraving, (circa 1623)
NPG D19040


Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia

published by Pieter van den Keere (Petrus Kaerius)
line engraving, circa 1626-1646
NPG D18892


Sir Thomas Littleton (Lyttleton)

by Robert Vaughan, after Unknown artist
line engraving, circa 1628
NPG D18927


Called King Henry III

by Renold or Reginold Elstrack (Elstracke), published by Compton Holland
line engraving, published 1628
NPG D19058


William II of Orange-Nassau

by William Faithorne, published by Sir Robert Peake
line engraving, 1641
NPG D18884


William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley

by William Marshall
line engraving, published 1642
NPG D19050


Isaac Penington

by Unknown artist
woodcut, circa 1643
NPG D19081


John Pym

by George Glover, published by Stephen Bowtell, after Edward Bower
engraving, 1644
NPG D19042


Sir Anthony van Dyck

by Wallerant Vaillant, after Sir Anthony van Dyck
mezzotint, circa 1650-1675
NPG D18899


Desiderius Erasmus

by and published by Wallerant Vaillant
mezzotint, circa 1650-1675
NPG D18974


Catherine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester

by Robert Williams, published by Edward Cooper, after William Wissing
mezzotint, late 17th century
NPG D18998


Lucy Hay (née Percy), Countess of Carlisle

by Pieter de Bailliu the Elder, after Sir Anthony van Dyck
line engraving, late 17th century
NPG D19033


John Wilkins

by Abraham Blooteling (Bloteling), after Mary Beale
line engraving, (circa 1670)
NPG D19054


Lodowicke Muggleton

after William Wood
mezzotint, (1674)
NPG D18894


John Radcliffe

by Johann Ulrich Kraus, after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
line engraving, circa 1675-1700
NPG D18911


Sir William Temple, Bt

by Peter Vanderbank (Vandrebanc), after Sir Peter Lely
line engraving, 1679 (circa 1660)
NPG D18958


George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle

by Edward Davis (Le Davis)
line engraving, published 1679
NPG D19006


William Russell, Lord Russell

after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
line engraving, (circa 1680-1683)
NPG D18910