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722 Portraits in set: Fleming Collection

The print collection and library of Dr William Fleming of Rowton Grange in Cheshire includes approximately 15,000 engravings and more than 150 volumes. Fleming began collecting books and portrait prints in 1814 and drew upon his extensive print collection to extra-illustrate many of the published works in his library. The most substantial of these sets is Fleming's Granger which comprises a collection of approximately 11,000 prints arranged and interfiled to illustrate a disbound copy of Rev. James Granger A Biographical History of England from Egbert the Great to the Revolution (1st edition 1769) and Noble's Continuation (1806) which extends Granger to 1727.

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Thomas Whythorne (Whithorne)

by Unknown artist
woodcut, 1571, published 1590
NPG D8321


Thomas Stapleton

by Leonard Gaultier, after Unknown artist
line engraving, circa 1598-1641
NPG D11231


Mary, Queen of Scots

after Unknown artist
line engraving, 17th-18th century
NPG D32132


John Robin

after Unknown artist
etching, 1608
NPG D31636


Abraham Bloemaert

by Jacob Matham, after Paulus Moreelse
line engraving, 1610
NPG D42649


Sir Thomas Overbury

by Simon de Passe, after Cornelius Johnson (Jonson or Jonson van Ceulen)
engraving, circa 1613
NPG D1313


Gervase Babington

by Simon de Passe
line engraving, published 1620
NPG D23141


Katherine Villiers (née Manners), Duchess of Buckingham

by Magdalena de Passe
line engraving, circa 1620-1623
NPG D16671


Laurence Saunders

by Magdalena de Passe, by Willem de Passe
line engraving, published 1620
NPG D16805


George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham

by William Marshall, after Unknown artist
line engraving, circa 1621-1628
NPG D1129


Augustyn Alsten Bloemaert

by Jonas Suyderhoef, after Johannes Cornelius Verspronck, text written by Joost van den Vondel
engraving, 1623-1686
NPG D42704


John Parkinson

after Unknown artist
woodcut, published 1629
NPG D16620


Thomas Taylor

after Unknown artist
line engraving, mid to late 17th century
NPG D23439


Unknown man

by Wenceslaus Hollar
line engraving, mid 17th century
NPG D4993


Frances Weston (née Stuart), Countess of Portland

by Wenceslaus Hollar, after Sir Anthony van Dyck
etching, mid 17th century
NPG D8218


Jean Louis de Nogaret de Valette, Duc d'Epernon (Espernon)

probably by Balthasar Moncornet
line engraving, mid 17th century
NPG D11201


King Charles I

by Adriaen Lommelin, after Sir Anthony van Dyck
line engraving, mid 17th century
NPG D18296


Robert Bolton

by John Payne
line engraving, 1632
NPG D9505


Sir Robert Berkeley

by George Powle, after Unknown artist
etching, (1633)
NPG D9239


George Carew, Earl of Totnes

by Robert van Voerst
line engraving, published 1633
NPG D6967