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(Johann) Carl Haag (1820-1915), Watercolour painter. 10 Portraits

Theodore Haak (1605-1690), German Calvinist scholar. 1 Portrait

Stephen J. ('Steve') Haake, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and Chairman of the International Sports Engineering Association. 1 Portrait

Haakon VII, King of Norway (1872-1957), Reigned 1905-57. 15 Portraits

Sir John Kerle Haberfield (1785-1857), Mayor of Bristol. 1 Portrait

Samuel Osborne Habershon (1825-1889), Physician. 1 Portrait

John Stapylton Habgood, Baron Habgood (1927-), Bishop of Durham and Archbishop of York and scientist. 1 Portrait

Raja Chulan (Sir Chulan ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah Habibullah) (1869-1933), Member of the Perak royal family. 5 Portraits

Eduard Habich (active 1930s), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Max Habicht, Scientist. 1 Portrait

Mary Habingdon (née Parker) (died after 1656), Wife of Thomas Habingdon. 1 Portrait

Thomas Habingdon (circa 1560-1647), Collector and suspected gunpowder plotter. 1 Portrait

John Hackenley (1877-1943), Archbishop of Nova Scotia. 1 Portrait

George Hackenschmidt (1877-1968), Wrestler and philosopher. 1 Portrait

Arthur Hacker (1858-1919), Painter. 6 Portraits

Francis Hacker (circa 1618-1660), Solider and regicide. 2 Portraits

Helga Sharpe Hacker (née Pearson) (1899-1975), Younger daughter of Karl Pearson. 1 Portrait

John Hacket (1592-1670), Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry. 6 Portraits

Brian Hackett (1911-1998), Professor of Landscape Architecture. 5 Portraits

Conway Hackett. 5 Portraits

Francis Hackett (1883-1962), American playwright. 9 Portraits

James H.M. Hackett (1912-1985), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

John Hackett (1865-1940), Irish nationalist politician and farmer. 2 Portraits

Sir John Winthrop Hackett (1910-1997), General. 5 Portraits

Signe Hackett (née Toksvig) (1891-1983), Writer; wife of Francis Hackett. 3 Portraits

Walter William Hackett (1874-1964), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Bernard Hackforth (1899-1959), Son of F.H. Hackworth. 2 Portraits

Reginald Hackforth (1887-1957), Classical scholar. 3 Portraits

Frank Gilbert Hackforth-Jones (1900-1982), Author, playwright and scriptwriter. 9 Portraits

Douglas Hewitt Hacking, 1st Baron Hacking (1884-1950), Politician; Vice-Chamberlain of the Household. 15 Portraits

Douglas Eric Hacking, 2nd Baron Hacking (1910-1971), Solicitor. 4 Portraits

Douglas David Hacking, 3rd Baron Hacking of Chorley (1938-), Barrister. 3 Portraits

Janet Stewart Scott (née Stewart), Lady Hacking, Wife of Sir John Hacking. 2 Portraits

Sir John Hacking (1888-1969), Electrical engineer. 13 Portraits

James Hackman (1752-1779), Murderer. 3 Portraits

William Alexander Evering Cecil Amherst, 3rd Baron of Hackney (1912-1980), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Mabel Lucy Hackney (1872-1914), Actress; wife of Laurence Sydney Brodribb Irving. 2 Portraits

Tessie Hackney (active 1900s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Gunby Hadath (1871-1954), Author and songwriter. 8 Portraits

James Hadden (1758-1845), Provost of Aberdeen. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hamilton, 6th Earl of Haddington (1680-1735), Peer, soldier and agriculturalist. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hamilton, 7th Earl of Haddington (1720-1794). 1 Portrait

Thomas Hamilton, 9th Earl of Haddington (1780-1858), Politician; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and First Lord of the Admiralty. 2 Portraits

Sir George Baillie-Hamilton, 12th Earl of Haddington (1894-1986), Lord-Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Sarah Baillie-Hamilton (née Cook), Countess of Haddington (1903-1995), Wife of 12th Earl of Haddington; daughter of G.W. Cook. 8 Portraits

George, Lord Haddo (1764-1791), Eldest son of 3rd Earl of Aberdeen. 1 Portrait

Jeremiah William Haddock (1823-1913), Hon. Canon of Ely. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Haddock (1686-1746), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Haddock (circa 1629-1715), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

Alfred Cort Haddon (1855-1940), Anthropologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Walker Haddon (1893-1967), Agriculturalist. 5 Portraits

Sir George Basil Haddon-Smith (1861-1931). 3 Portraits

Sir Alexander Haddow (1907-1976), Experimental pathologist in cancer research. 1 Portrait

Baron von Hadeln. 1 Portrait

Clarence Rupert Haden Jr (active 1950s), Bishop of Sacramento, California. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Seymour Haden (1818-1910), Surgeon and engraver. 9 Portraits

Leslie Haden, Baron Haden-Guest (1877-1960), Author, journalist, doctor and Labour Party politician. 5 Portraits

Geoffrey Hadfield (1889-1968), Pathologist, General Hospital, Bristol. 2 Portraits

John Charles Heywood Hadfield (1907-1999), Author and editor of the 'Saturday Book'. 1 Portrait

Octavius Hadfield (circa 1814-1904), Bishop of Wellington. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Abbott Hadfield, 1st Bt (1858-1940), Metallurgist and steel maker. 9 Portraits

Syed Mohammad ('S.M.') Hadi (1899-1971), Indian athlete; son of Captain Syed Mohammed. 1 Portrait

Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid (1950-), Architect. 5 Portraits

Karl Hadik, Austrian soldier. 2 Portraits

Count Omar Hadik. 1 Portrait

Jane Hading (Jeanne Alfrédine Tréfouret) (1859-1941), French actress. 2 Portraits

Stephen Wallace Hadingham (born 1854), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Lady Paulina Mary Louise Hadley (née Pepys) (1930-), Wife of Denis Bernard Hadley; daughter of 6th Earl of Cottenham. 1 Portrait

Arthur Edward Hadley (1870-1954), Assistant Controller of Inspection Dept, Ministry of Munitions. 4 Portraits

Tony Hadley (1960-), Musician; member of Spandau Ballet. 2 Portraits

Lady Constance Blanche Louisa Hadow (née Hay-Drummond) (1851-1931), Wife of Walter Henry Hadow; daughter of 12th Earl of Kinnoull. 1 Portrait

Clare Margaret Hadow (née Phipps) (1920-), Wife of David George Hadow; daughter of Charles Bathurst Hele Phipps and Lady Sybil Anne Montagu Douglas Scott. 3 Portraits

George R. Hadow (died 1915), Curate of Harpenden, Hertfordshire and of Wylye, Wiltshire. 1 Portrait

Grace Eleanor Hadow (1875-1940), Writer and educator. 5 Portraits

Sir (William) Henry Hadow (1859-1937), Scholar and educationalist and critic and historian of music. 4 Portraits

Sir Robert Henry Hadow (1895-1963), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Ralph A. Hadrill, Managing Director, The London Commercial Investment Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

Sir William Hadwick (1891-1951), Chief General Manager of National Provincial Bank Ltd. 6 Portraits

John Haes (active 1843). 1 Portrait

Richard Haestier (active 1932-1937), Journalist. 1 Portrait

John Burges Haffey (died 1814), Lieutenant Colonel of the 18th Royal Irish Regiment. 1 Portrait

Hon. Gertrude Eleanor Rosemary Hagedorn (née St John) (1910-1960), Fourth daughter of 18th Baron St John of Bletso; wife of Friedrich Max Hagedorn. 2 Portraits

Miss Hagedorn, First daughter of Friedrich Max Hagedorn. 6 Portraits

Miss Hagedorn, Second daughter of Friedrich Max Hagedorn. 6 Portraits

Miss Hagedorn, Third daughter of Friedrich Max Hagedorn. 1 Portrait

Louis Edmund Hagen (active 1940s-1960s), Writer and translator. 3 Portraits

Walter Hagenbuch (1916-1980), Lecturer in Economics and Politics, University of Cambridge and Life Fellow of Queens' College. 1 Portrait

Carl Hagerup, Managing Director, Tunnel Cement. 1 Portrait

Ray Haggan (1939-), Swimming coach, London 2012 Olympics. 1 Portrait

Christopher Haggard (1829-1915), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Mary Helen Haggard (née Townsend) (circa 1834-1875), First wife of Christopher Haggard; daughter of R. L. Townsend. 1 Portrait

Sir (Henry) Rider Haggard (1856-1925), Novelist. 20 Portraits

Stephen Haggard (1911-1943), Actor, producer and author. 1 Portrait

Sir Vernon Harry Stuart Haggard (1874-1960), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Virginia Haggard (1915-2006), Artist, author and housekeeper and lover of Marc Chagall; daughter of Sir Godfrey Digby Napier Haggard. 2 Portraits

Frederick Haggitt (circa 1820-1867), Rector of Wallasey, Cheshire. 1 Portrait

Louis Haghe (1806-1885), Lithographer and watercolour painter. 0 Portraits

Charles Hague (1769-1821), Professor of Music at Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Harriot Hague (1793-1816), Daughter of Charles Hague, professor of music at Cambridge. 1 Portrait

(René?) Hague (1905-1981), Printer. 5 Portraits

Sophia Hague (born circa 1795), Daughter of Charles Hague, professor of music at Cambridge. 1 Portrait

William Hague. 1 Portrait

William Jefferson Hague (1961-), Conservative politician; First Secretary of State and Leader of the House of Commons. 2 Portraits

Kurt Hahn (Matthias Robert Martin) (1886-1974), Founder of Gordonstoun School and co-founder of Outward Bound Sea School. 4 Portraits

Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig (1861-1928), Field Marshal. 61 Portraits

Dorothy Maud (née Vivian), Countess Haig (1879-1939), Wife of 1st Earl Haig; daughter of 3rd Lord Vivian. 14 Portraits

George Alexander Eugene Douglas Haig, 2nd Earl Haig (1918-2009), Soldier, charity administrator and painter. 20 Portraits

Lady Victoria Doris Rachel Haig (1908-1993), Former wife of Claud Montagu Douglas Scott; daughter of 1st Earl Haig. 3 Portraits

Axel Herman Haig (1835-1921), Etcher and architectural draughtsman. 4 Portraits

Frances Charlotte Haig (née Harris) (1852-1939), Wife of Arthur Balfour Haig; daughter of 5th Baron Harris. 2 Portraits

Sir Harry Graham Haig (1881-1956), Administrator in India; Governor of United Provinces. 4 Portraits

James Richard Haig (1831-1896), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Neil Wolseley Haig (1868-1926), Polo player and soldier. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas) Wolseley Haig (1865-1938), Professor of Oriental Studies. 3 Portraits

William Haig-Brown (1823-1907), Headmaster. 6 Portraits

Kenneth Haigh (1931-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Mervyn George Haigh (1887-1962), Bishop of Coventry and of Winchester. 7 Portraits

Peter Haigh (1925-2001), Television broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Patrick George Thomas Buchan-Hepburn, Baron Hailes (1901-1974), Politician and colonial administrator. 2 Portraits

Sir David Dalrymple, Lord Hailes (1726-1792), Scottish judge. 1 Portrait

Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia (1892-1975), Foreign dignitary. 4 Portraits

(William) Malcolm Hailey, 1st Baron Hailey (1872-1969), Administrator in India and writer on Africa. 17 Portraits

Douglas McGarel Hogg, 1st Viscount Hailsham (1872-1950), Lawyer, politician and Lord Chancellor. 24 Portraits

Mary Evelyn Hogg (née Martin), Viscountess Hailsham (died 1978), Second wife of 2nd Viscount Hailsham. 7 Portraits

Douglas Martin Hogg, 3rd Viscount Hailsham (1945-), Lawyer and politician. 4 Portraits

Quintin McGarel Hogg, 1st Baron Hailsham of St Marylebone (1907-2001), Lord Chancellor; son of 1st Viscount Hailsham. 46 Portraits

Bernard Hailstone (1910-1987), Artist. 1 Portrait

Augustine Hailwood (1875-1939), Politician; MP for Manchester. 2 Portraits

Peter Gerald Hain (1950-), Politician; Secretary of State for Wales. 3 Portraits

Frederick Haines Sr (1814-1889), Picture restorer. 1 Portrait

Frederick Haines Jr (1847-1917), Picture restorer. 1 Portrait

Field Marshall Sir Frederick Paul Haines (1819-1909), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Colton Haines (1899-1981), Manager and Secretary, Blind Associations. 3 Portraits

James Laurence Piggott Haines (1896-1974), Major-General. 1 Portrait

William V. Haines, Journalist. 1 Portrait

Miss Haines, Nurse to Edward VII and Matron, Officer's Home, Osborne House. 1 Portrait

Madeline Hainguerlot (née Jerningham) (1839-1898), Wife of Baron Alfred Hainguerlot; daughter of Edmund William Jerningham. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Hadden Haining (1882-1959), General. 2 Portraits

John Edwin Haire, Baron Haire of Whiteabbey (1908-1966), Politician and Leading Role in 'Servant of the People'. 12 Portraits

Michael John Kemeny Haire (1945-), Son of Baron Haire of Whiteabbey. 1 Portrait

Irene Haisman (1897-1950), Actress; first wife of Reginald Denny. 1 Portrait

George Charles Haité (1855-1924), Decorative artist, designer, painter, illustrator and writer and lecturer on art. 2 Portraits

Bernard Haitink (1929-), Conductor; violinist. 2 Portraits

S.N. Haji, Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir Stelios Haji-Iannou (1967-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Ide Hajos, Hungarian Dancer. 6 Portraits

Sir Henry Hake (1892-1951), Art historian; Director of the National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Herbert Denys Hake (1894-1975), Headmaster. 1 Portrait

Thomas Gordon Hake (1809-1895), Physician and poet. 1 Portrait

George Hakewill (baptised 1578-1649), Church of England clergyman and author. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Hakewill-Smith (1896-1986), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Eric Hakim (or Hakin). 9 Portraits

Constance Beryl Bertha Halahan (née Boyle) (1882-1965), Wife of George Crosby Halahan; daughter of Sir Edward Boyle, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir William Thomson Halcrow (1883-1958), Civil Engineer; President of the Institution of Civil Engineers. 5 Portraits

Richard Burdon Haldane, Viscount Haldane (1856-1928), Statesman, lawyer and philosopher. 39 Portraits

Charlotte Haldane (née Franken) (1894-1969), Author; wife of John Burdon Sanderson Haldane; daughter of Joseph Franken. 1 Portrait

George Haldane (1722-1759), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

James Alexander Haldane (1768-1851), Baptist minister and author. 1 Portrait

John Haldane (active 1792). 1 Portrait

John Burdon Sanderson Haldane (1892-1964), Geneticist. 25 Portraits

John Scott Haldane (1860-1936), Physiologist. 2 Portraits

Sir J. Aylmer L. Haldane (1862-1950), General. 10 Portraits

Mary Elizabeth Haldane (née Burdon Sanderson) (1825-1925), Mother of Viscount Haldane. 2 Portraits

Robert Haldane (1705-1767), Captain of the East India Company and politician; MP for Stirling Burghs. 1 Portrait

Robert Haldane (1772-1854), Principal of St Andrews. 2 Portraits

Selina Josephine Hardcastle Haldane (1828-1904), Daughter of Alexander Haldane. 1 Portrait

Thomas Greane N. Haldane, President, Institution of Electrical Engineers. 5 Portraits

Sir Frederick Haldimand (1718-1791), Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Canada. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Edward Haldin (1880-1953), Shipowner. 2 Portraits

Lawrence Palk, 1st Baron Haldon (1818-1883), Politician; MP for Devon. 2 Portraits

Maria Harriett (née Hesketh), Lady Haldon (circa 1825-1905), Wife of 1st Baron Haldon; daughter of Sir Thomas Henry Hesketh, 4th Bt. 2 Portraits

Lawrence Hesketh Palk, 2nd Baron Haldon (1846-1903), Soldier and landowner. 1 Portrait

Constance Mary Palk (née Barrington), Baroness Haldon (1847-1926), Wife of 2nd Baron Haldon; daughter of 7th Viscount Barrington. 2 Portraits

(Charles) Leslie Hale, Baron Hale (1902-1985), Politician and solicitor. 3 Portraits

Brenda Hale, Baroness Hale of Richmond (1945-), Justice of the Supreme Court. 1 Portrait

Barbara Kathleen Hale (née Worsley-Gough), Novelist; wife of James Lyall Sheridan Hale. 1 Portrait

Binnie Hale (Beatrice Hale-Monro) (1899-1984), Actress, singer and dancer; daughter of Robert Hale. 26 Portraits

Charles Reuben Hale (1837-1900), Bishop of Springfield. 1 Portrait

Creighton Hale (1882-1965), Actor. 1 Portrait

Edward Hale (1828-1894), Schoolmaster at Eton College. 1 Portrait

Edward Blagden Hale (1814-1881), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Sir John Rigby Hale (1923-1999), Professor of Italian and Italian History. 1 Portrait

Joseph Hale (1913-1985), Engineer and Labour politician; MP for Rochdale. 3 Portraits

Lionel Ramsay Hale (1909-1977), Playwright and journalist. 8 Portraits

Mary Hale (née Chaloner) (1743-1803), Wife of General John Hale. 5 Portraits

Mathew Blagden Hale (1811-1895), Anglican Bishop of Perth and Bishop of Brisbane. 1 Portrait

Mathew Holford Hale (1835-1912), Colonel; son of Robert Blagden Hale. 1 Portrait

Sir Matthew Hale (1609-1676), Lord Chief Justice. 17 Portraits

Matthew Blagden Hale (1811-1895), First Bishop of Perth and Bishop of Brisbane; grandson of 3rd Earl of Mayo. 4 Portraits

Richard Hale (1536-1619 or 1620), Citizen and grocer of London. 1 Portrait

Robert Hale (John Robert Hale-Munro) (1874-1940), Actor. 26 Portraits

Sonnie Hale (1902-1959), Actor; son of Robert Hale. 4 Portraits

William Hale (1749-1829). 2 Portraits

William Hale Hale (1795-1870), Divine and antiquary. 2 Portraits

Hale (active 17th century), Piper of Derbyshire. 1 Portrait

Mr Hale. 1 Portrait

Alexander of Hales (circa 1185-1245), Franciscan friar and theologian. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Hales, 1st Bt (circa 1576-1654), Parliamentarian. 1 Portrait

Harold Keates Hales (1868-1942), Sole proprietor of Hales Brothers, Shippers Export and Import. 4 Portraits

John Hales (1516?-1572), Writer, administrator and politician; MP for Preston and Lancaster. 1 Portrait

John Hales (1584-1656), Scholar. 1 Portrait

John Wesley Hales (1836-1914), Professor of English Literature. 1 Portrait

Stephen Hales (1677-1761), Natural philosopher, chemist and inventor. 6 Portraits

Sir William Hale-White (1857-1949), Physician. 5 Portraits

Sir William Haley (1901-1987), Director-General of the BBC and Editor of The Times. 2 Portraits

Frank Bernard Halford (1894-1955), Aero-engine designer. 4 Portraits

George Dowglas Halford (1865-1948), Bishop of Rockhampton, Australia. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Halford, 1st Bt (1766-1844), Physician. 4 Portraits

Jacqueline Halford. 2 Portraits

Michael Charles Kirkpatrick Halford (1914-1999), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Viscomte de Poulpiquet du Halgouet. 4 Portraits

Nathaniel Brassey Halhed (1751-1830), Orientalist. 1 Portrait

James Haliburton (1794-1862), Egyptologist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Chandler Haliburton (1796-1865), Judge, politician and writer. 2 Portraits

George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax (1633-1695), Political philosopher. 12 Portraits

Gertrude Savile (née Pierrepont), Marchioness of Halifax (1640 or 1641-1727), Second wife of 1st Marquess of Halifax. 2 Portraits

Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax (1661-1715), Financier. 17 Portraits

George Montagu Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax (1716-1771), Known as 'The Father of the Colonies'. 1 Portrait

Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax (1881-1959), Viceroy of India. 30 Portraits

Dorothy Evelyn Augusta Wood (née Onslow), Countess of Halifax (1885-1976), Wife of 1st Earl of Halifax; daughter of 4th Earl of Onslow. 11 Portraits

Charles Ingram Courtenay Wood, 2nd Earl of Halifax (1912-1980), Politician and Lord-Lieutenant of Humberside. 32 Portraits

Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax (1800-1885), Politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer. 28 Portraits

Mary (née Grey), Viscountess Halifax (1807-1884), Wife of 1st Viscount Halifax; daughter of 2nd Earl Grey. 2 Portraits

Charles Lindley Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax (1839-1934), President of the English Church Union; supporter of reunion of Anglicans and Roman Catholics. 5 Portraits

Agnes Elizabeth Wood (née Courtenay), Viscountess Halifax (1838-1919), Wife of 2nd Viscount Halifax; daughter of 11th Earl of Devon. 2 Portraits

Samuel Halifax (1733-1790), Bishop of Gloucester. 1 Portrait

Anne Halkett (née Todd) (died 1805), First wife of John Halkett of Pitfirrane. 2 Portraits

Sir Colin Halkett (1774-1856), General. 1 Portrait

Dunbar Stewart (Stuart) Halkett (1817-1887), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

John Halkett (1769-1825), Governor of the Bahamas; 4th son of John Wedderburn of Gosford, later Helkett, 4th Bt of Pitfirrane. 1 Portrait

John Gilbert Hay Halkett (1863-1937), Barrister and magistrate. 1 Portrait

Katherine Euphemia Halkett (1848-1914), Daughter of Dunbar Stewart (Stuart) Halkett. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Arthur Halkett, 8th Bt (1834-1904), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Violet Mary Ella Halkett (née Dalzell), Wife of Hugh Marjoribanks Craigie Halkett. 4 Portraits

George Henry Hall, 1st Viscount Hall (1881-1965), Trade unionist and politician. 11 Portraits

(William George) Leonard Hall, 2nd Viscount Hall (1913-1985), Businessman. 5 Portraits

Adelaide Hall (1901-1993), Singer and actress. 2 Portraits

Sir (Alfred) Daniel Hall (1864-1942), Educationist, administrator and scientific research worker. 9 Portraits

Alice Hall (active 1862-1866). 1 Portrait

Anna Maria Hall (née Fielding) (1800-1881), Writer; wife of Samuel Carter Hall. 6 Portraits

Sir Arnold Alexander Hall (1915-2000), Aeronautical engineer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Hall, Nonconformist minister. 1 Portrait

Arthur Crawshay Alliston Hall (1847-1930), Bishop of Vermont. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Edward Hall (1885-1959), Instructor Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Arthur Henry Hall (1876-1949), Mathematical author. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur John Hall (1866-1951), Physician. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lewis Hall (1872-1955), Geologist. 2 Portraits

A.N. Hall, Oxfordshire Hussars Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Basil Hall (1788-1844), Naval captain. 1 Portrait

Sir (Robert William) Basil Hall (1876-1951), Surgeon Vice-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Brenda Hall (née Hallam), Wife of Captain Michael L Bacebridge Hall. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Hall (1843-1900), Recorder of London. 9 Portraits

Sir Charles Hall (1814-1883), Judge. 2 Portraits

Charles Hall (active 1900s), Athlete. 4 Portraits

Charles Albert Hall (1872-1965), Minister of the New Church, writer and lecturer. 3 Portraits

Charles Francis Hall (active 1950s), Bishop of New Hampshire. 1 Portrait

Christopher Hall (1957-), TV producer; son of Peter Hall and Leslie Caron. 2 Portraits

Clive Muncaster Hall (1936-), Composer and conductor; son of Oliver Graham Hall. 4 Portraits

(Henry) Cuthbert Hall (1879-1938), Electrical engineer; Managing Director of Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co Ltd and Marconi International Marine Communication Co Ltd. 3 Portraits

C.A. Hall, Captain. 5 Portraits

C.S. Hall. 5 Portraits

David Hall (1930-), Chief Constable of Humberside Police. 1 Portrait

David Christopher Hall (1937-), Son of Sir Frederick Henry Hall, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Denis Bartlett Hall (1899-1983), Rector of Tormarton with West Littleton, Gloucestershire. 6 Portraits

Diana Joan (née Sackville-West), Lady Hall (formerly Lady Romilly) (1906-1975), Former wife of 4th Baron Romilly, and later wife of Sir Douglas Hall, 2nd Bt; daughter of 4th Baron Sackville. 3 Portraits

Sir Douglas Basil Hall, 14th Bt (1909-2004), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Sir Douglas Bernard Hall, 1st Bt (1866-1923), Captain in the Royal Engineers, yachtsman and Conservative politician; MP for Isle of Wight. 5 Portraits

Lady Edna Clarke Hall (1879-1979), Artist; daughter of Benjamin Waugh; wife of William Clarke Hall. 4 Portraits

Edward Hall, Apothecary. 4 Portraits

Edward Hall (1966-), Director; son of Sir Peter Hall. 1 Portrait

Edward M. Hall, Pastor. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Marshall Hall (1858-1927), Advocate. 5 Portraits

Edward Michael Hall (1915-1993), Major-General and High Sheriff of Cornwall. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Hall (née Johnstone), Fisherwoman. 3 Portraits

Ellen (née Hall), Lady Hall, Wife of Sir Henry Hall; daughter of Charles Hall. 4 Portraits

Ernest Frederic Hall (1865-1942), Colonel. 6 Portraits

Fred Hall (1855-1933), Politician and Official of the Yorkshire Miners' Association. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Hall, 1st Bt (1864-1932), Conservative politician. 2 Portraits

Frederick William Hall (died 1933), Fellow and Lecturer of St John's College and co-editor of Classical Quarterly. 3 Portraits

Geoffrey William Hall (1906-1974), Company Director. 1 Portrait

George Webb Hall (1765-1824), Lawyer and Chairman to the Committee of the Agricultural Associations of Great Britain. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Hall (active 1792), Coroner, Calcutta. 1 Portrait

(William George) Glenvil Hall (1887-1962), Politician and barrister. 3 Portraits

Harry Hall (1804-1858), Actor. 1 Portrait

Henry Hall (1898-1989), Bandleader. 3 Portraits

Henry Edgar Hall (1928-), Professor of Physics. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Hall Hall (1879-1964), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Ian Hall (1940-), Musician. 1 Portrait

Jacob Hall (active 1662-died 1681), Rope dancer and acrobat. 5 Portraits

Jacqueline Hall (née Taylor), Second wife of Peter Hall. 1 Portrait

James Hall (1755-1826), Presbyterian divine. 1 Portrait

James Henry ('J.H') Hall (1877-1942), Politician and trade unionist. 1 Portrait

Jennifer Caron ('Jenny') Hall (1958-). 2 Portraits

Jerry Hall (1956-), Fashion model. 5 Portraits

Joan Valerie Hall (1935-), Politician. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hall (1779-1861), Consul. 4 Portraits

John Hall (1739-1797), Engraver. 4 Portraits

John Hall (1529 or 1530-1568 or 1569), Surgeon and author. 2 Portraits

Sir John Hall (1933-), Property developer; Chairman of Newcastle United. 1 Portrait

John Hall (baptised 1627-1656), Poet and writer. 3 Portraits

Sir John Hall (1911-1978), Politician, chartered secretary and company director. 3 Portraits

John Hall (1633-1710), Bishop of Bristol. 3 Portraits

John Hall (1672-1716), Jacobite; Executed for Treason. 4 Portraits

John Hall (active early 19th century), Physician. 1 Portrait

John Basil Hall (1866-1926), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

Sir John Hathorn Hall (1894-1979), Colonial official and Director of Midland Bank Ltd. 2 Portraits

John Talbot Savignac Hall (1896-1964), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Joseph Hall (1574-1656), Bishop of Exeter and Norwich. 23 Portraits

Julian Hamilton Hall (1837-1911), Army officer. 2 Portraits

John Clive ('J.C.') Hall (1920-2001), Poet. 1 Portrait

Lucy Hall (1969-), Set designer; daughter of Sir Peter Hall. 1 Portrait

Margaret Hall (née Hunter) (died 1876), Wife of Basil Hall. 1 Portrait

Marie Hall (1884-1947), Violinist. 5 Portraits

Mariette Hall (née Hornby) (1932-), Wife of Thomas Armitage Hall; daughter of Sir Roger Antony Hornby. 4 Portraits

Martin Grahame Muncaster Hall (1934-), Son of Oliver Graham Hall. 4 Portraits

Mary Augusta Hall (née Mordaunt) (died 1924), Wife of Humphrey Farran Hall; daughter of Sir John Mordaunt, 9th Bt. 1 Portrait

Mary Caroline Hall (née Hunt) (1860-1926), Wife of Henry Owen Hall; daughter of George Ward Hunt. 1 Portrait

(Christopher) Newman Hall (1816-1902), Congregational minister. 8 Portraits

Nigel John Hall (1943-), Sculptor. 4 Portraits

(George) Noel Hall (1891-1962), Bishop of Chota Nagpur, India. 1 Portrait

Sir Noel Frederick Hall (1902-1983), Economist and Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford. 5 Portraits

Norman Hall (active 1927), Son of James Hall. 3 Portraits

Norman Hall (died 1978), Picture editor for 'Photography Annual', 'British Journal of Photography Annual' and 'The Times'. 1 Portrait

Oliver Hall (1869-1957), Artist. 2 Portraits

Olwen Irene (née Collis), Lady Hall (later Mrs Porteous) (1902-1993), First wife of Sir Frederick Henry Hall, 2nd Bt and later wife of Arthur Borland Porteous; daughter of Frank Collis. 2 Portraits

Paul Hall (1964-), Gymnastics coach, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Reginald Frederick Hall (1930-), Director and producer of theatre, opera and film. 19 Portraits

Radclyffe Hall (Marguerite Antonia Radclyffe-Hall) (1880-1943), Novelist. 9 Portraits

Rebecca Hall (1982-), Actress; daughter of Sir Peter Hall. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Reginald Hall (1870-1943), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Robert Hall (1764-1831), Baptist divine. 6 Portraits

Sir Robert Lowe Hall (1901-1988), Economic adviser. 1 Portrait

Ronald Owen Hall (1895-1975), Bishop of Hong Kong and South China. 2 Portraits

(Alfred) Rupert Hall (1920-2009), Historian of science. 2 Portraits

Samuel Carter Hall (1800-1889), Journal editor and writer. 6 Portraits

William ('Squire') Hall (active 1807), Brewer of the Swan Brewery, Oxford. 3 Portraits

Stuart McPhail Hall (1932-2014), Sociologist. 2 Portraits

Sydney Prior Hall (1842-1922), Portrait painter and illustrator. 2 Portraits

Sydney Stewart Hall (1872-1955), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hall (1687-1762), Independent minister. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hall (active 1795), Taxidermist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hall (active 1817). 1 Portrait

Thomas Henry Hall (1792-1856), Merchant in City of London and member of the Corporation of London. 1 Portrait

Anthony William ('Tony') Hall (1951-), Executive Director, Royal Opera House. 1 Portrait

Val Hall, Canteen staff. 1 Portrait

Viola Geraldine Hall (née Bankes) (1900-), Wife of Norman Hall; daughter of Walter Bankes. 5 Portraits

Dame Wendy Hall, Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton. 1 Portrait

William Hall (1749-1808), Merchant and magistrate. 1 Portrait

William Hall (1919-), Chartered surveyor. 1 Portrait

Sir William Clarke Hall (1866-1932), Magistrate and author. 1 Portrait

Willis Hall (1929-2005), Writer. 1 Portrait

Mrs Hall (active 1840s), Fisherwoman. 1 Portrait

Mrs Hall (active 1862-1866). 1 Portrait

Arthur Henry Hallam (1811-1833), Essayist; son of Henry Hallam. 3 Portraits

Basil Hallam (1889-1916), Actor and singer. 3 Portraits

Chris Hallam (1964-2013), Paralympian. 1 Portrait

Henry Hallam (1777-1859), Historian. 13 Portraits

Henry Fitzmaurice Hallam (1824-1850), Son of Henry Hallam. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Thompson Hallam (1878-1956), Bishop of Saskatoon, Canada. 4 Portraits

Miss Hallande (active 19th century), Actress. 1 Portrait

Richard Hallas, Senior Conservation Manager, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Derek Ralph Hall Caine (1911-2004), Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Gordon Ralph Hall Caine (1884-1962), Politician and publisher. 5 Portraits

Sir Alfred George Fletcher Hall-Davis (1924-1979), Director, Bass Ltd. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Hallé (né Carl Halle) (1819-1895), Conductor, pianist and founder of the Hallé Orchestra. 15 Portraits

Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777), Physiologist. 1 Portrait

C. Hallett, General Secretary, The Amalgamated Engineering Union. 1 Portrait

Francis Charles Hughes Hallett (active 1860s-1880s), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Sir Hugh Imbert Periam Hallett (1886-1967), Judge. 7 Portraits

Sir Maurice Garnier Hallett (1883-1969), Colonial governor. 5 Portraits

Sir Theodore John Hallett (1878-1956), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Edmond Halley (1656-1742), Astronomer. 13 Portraits

Robert Halley (Hally) (1796-1876), Congregational minister and writer. 1 Portrait

William Dobinson Halliburton (1860-1931), Physiologist and biochemist. 1 Portrait

Andrew Halliday (né Andrew Halliday Duff) (1830-1877), Essayist and playwright. 7 Portraits

Charlotte Mary Irvine Halliday (1935-), Topographical Artist and Keeper of the New English Art Club since 1989. 1 Portrait

Edward Irvine Halliday (1902-1984), Portrait painter. 6 Portraits

Sir Frederick Loch Halliday (1864-1937), Chief British Police Mission to Greece. 1 Portrait

Sarah Halliday (née Taylor), Wife of Andrew Halliday; daughter of John Taylor. 2 Portraits

Sir William Reginald Halliday (1886-1966), Classical scholar. 3 Portraits

Guy Waterhouse Hallifax (1884-1941), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Eric Hallinan (1900-1985), Judge and colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

David William Halliwell (1936-2006), Playwright and theatre director. 1 Portrait

Edward Winter Halliwell (1937-), Professor of Veterinary Clinical Studies. 1 Portrait

Geraldine Estelle ('Geri') Halliwell (1972-), Singer; member of the Spice Girls. 4 Portraits

Leslie Halliwell (1929-1989), Film historian. 1 Portrait

James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps (1820-1889), Antiquary and literary scholar; biographer of Shakespeare. 2 Portraits

Miss Hall-Jones, Daughter of Sir William Hall-Jones. 1 Portrait

Donald Hathaway Valentine Hallock (1908-1996), Bishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Jardine Hallowes (1838-1926), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Odette Marie Céline Hallowes (née Brailly) (1912-1995), Special Operations Officer. 2 Portraits

Lilian Hallows, Actress. 14 Portraits

Sir Edmund Leo Hall-Patch (1896-1975), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Hallsworth (1884-1974), Chairman of North Western Electricity Board. 4 Portraits

Percival Henry Hall-Thompson (1874-1950), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Bertrand Leslie Hallward (1901-2003), Vice-Chancellor of Nottingham University. 4 Portraits

George Hally. 5 Portraits

Lord Douglas Gordon Hallyburton (1777-1841), Politician; MP for Forfarshire. 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph Halpern (1938-), Business executive. 1 Portrait

Wolf Halpern, Son-in-law of Ray Strachey. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Mary Halpin (1903-1999), Governor of St Bartholomew's Hospital. 2 Portraits

Francesca ('Fran') Halsall (1990-), Olympic swimmer. 1 Portrait

Hardinge Stanley Giffard, 1st Earl of Halsbury (1823-1921), Judge. 32 Portraits

Hardinge Goulburn Giffard, 2nd Earl of Halsbury (1880-1943), Barrister. 6 Portraits

John Anthony Hardinge Giffard, 3rd Earl of Halsbury (1908-2000), Scientist and public servant. 11 Portraits

Reginald Charles Halse (1881-1962), Archbishop of Brisbane. 2 Portraits

Edmund Halsewell (active 1831-1837). 1 Portrait

Arthur Halsey (1869-1957), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Mary Halsey (née Leatham) (died 1950), Wife of Arthur Halsey. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas) Frederick Halsey, 1st Bt (1839-1927), Conservative politician and army officer. 6 Portraits

Sir Lionel Halsey (1872-1949), Admiral. 10 Portraits

Sir Walter Johnston Halsey (1868-1950), Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Mr Halsey (active 1906-1907). 2 Portraits

Sir Bernard Edward Halsey-Bircham (1869-1945), Solicitor and parliamentary agent. 2 Portraits

Margaret Halstan (1879-1967), Actress; wife of John Hartman Morgan. 3 Portraits

Ethel Halstead. 1 Portrait

Timothy Halton (baptised 1633-1704), College head. 1 Portrait

Lillemore Halvorsen, Actress. 1 Portrait

(Nelson) Victor Halward (1897-1953), Assistant Bishop of British Colombia and Assistant Bishop of Hong Kong and South China. 3 Portraits

John Dudley Nelson Ham (1902-1994), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Pete Ham (1947-1975), Singer, songwriter and guitarist; member of Badfinger. 1 Portrait

Terry Hamaton, Graphic designer. 1 Portrait

(William) Frederick Danvers Smith, 2nd Viscount Hambleden (1868-1928), Newsagent and hospital reformer. 13 Portraits

William Henry Smith, 3rd Viscount Hambleden (1903-1948), Governing Director of W.H. Smith & Son Ltd. 27 Portraits

Donna Maria Carmela Smith (née Attolico di Adelfa), Viscountess Hambleden, Daughter of Count Bernardo Attolico; wife of William Herbert Smith, 4th Viscount Hambleden. 2 Portraits

Sir Herbert Hambling, 1st Bt (1857-1932), Banker. 7 Portraits

Herbert Hambling, Messenger of Parliament. 1 Portrait

Maggi Hambling (1945-), Painter. 13 Portraits

Molly Hambling, Daughter of Sir (Herbert) Guy Hambling, 2nd Bt. 2 Portraits

Olive Margaret Gordon (née Carter), Lady Hambling, Wife of Sir (Herbert) Guy Hambling, 2nd Bt. 3 Portraits

Boris Hambourg (1885-1954), Cellist; brother of Mark and Jan Hambourg. 1 Portrait

Jan Hambourg (1882-1947), Violinist; brother of Mark and Boris Hambourg. 1 Portrait

Mark Hambourg (1879-1960), Pianist; brother of Jan and Boris Hambourg. 11 Portraits

Miss Hambourg (active 1940s). 1 Portrait

Angus Valdemar Hambro (1883-1957), Justice of the Peace, amateur golfer and Conservative politician; MP for Dorset. 2 Portraits

Charles Joseph Theophilus Hambro (1834-1891), Politician; MP several constituencies. 3 Portraits

Clementine Hambro, Great-granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill. 1 Portrait

Sir Eric Hambro (1872-1947), Politician and merchant banker. 3 Portraits

Everard Bingham Hambro (1916-1971), Army officer and businessman; son of Sir Percy Hambro. 3 Portraits

Harold Everard Hambro (1876-1952), Army officer and Master of Suffolk Hounds. 4 Portraits

Percival Lewis Hambro (1836-1885). 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Hambro (1870-1931), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Susan Amelia Hambrough (née Yorke) (1838-1877 or 1887), Wife of Charles Joseph Theophilus Hambrough. 1 Portrait

Michael Hamburger (1924-2007), Poet; translator; academic. 2 Portraits

Frances Mary Hamer (1894-1980), Chemist and pioneer in colour photography. 1 Portrait

Sir George Frederick Hamer (1885-1965), Lord Lieutenant of Montgomeryshire. 1 Portrait

Alfred St George Hamersley (1848-1929), Colonel, politician, legal adviser and rugby player. 4 Portraits

Hon. Gertrude Anne Hamersley (née Holmes à Court) (1847-1933), Wife of Hugh Hamersley; daughter of 2nd Baron Heytesbury. 1 Portrait

John Henry Hamersley (1842-1928), Army officer and Chief constable. 1 Portrait

Sir George Colvile Hayter Hames (1898-1968), Vice-Chairman of Westward Television Ltd and Director of Barclays Bank Ltd. 1 Portrait

James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Hamilton (1606-1649), Royalist leader and politician. 42 Portraits

William Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Hamilton (1616-1651), Royalist and politician; MP for Portsmouth. 12 Portraits

William Hamilton, 3rd Duke of Hamilton (1634-1694), Nobleman. 1 Portrait

James Douglas, 4th Duke of Hamilton (1658-1712), Statesman. 2 Portraits

Archibald Hamilton, 9th Duke of Hamilton (1740-1819). 1 Portrait

Alexander Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton (1767-1852), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Susan Euphemia Douglas-Hamilton (née Beckford), Duchess of Hamilton (1786-1859), Wife of Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton. 2 Portraits

William Alexander Anthony Archibald Douglas-Hamilton, 11th Duke of Hamilton and 8th Duke of Brandon (1811-1863), Aristocrat. 2 Portraits

Princess Marie of Baden, Duchess of Hamilton (1818-1888), Wife of 11th Duke of Hamilton. 3 Portraits

William Alexander Louis Stephen Douglas-Hamilton, 12th Duke of Hamilton and 9th Duke of Brandon (1845-1895), Son of 11th Duke of Hamilton and Princess Marie of Baden. 5 Portraits

Mary Louise Elizabeth Douglas-Hamilton (née Montagu, later Forster), Duchess of Hamilton (1854-1934), Former wife of 12th Duke of Hamilton, and later wife of Robert Carnaby Forster; daughter of 7th Duke of Manchester. 2 Portraits

Alfred Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, 13th Duke of Hamilton and 10th Duke of Brandon (1862-1940), Scottish nobleman and sailor. 1 Portrait

Nina Mary Benita Douglas-Hamilton (née Poore), Duchess of Hamilton (1878-1951), President of Animal Defence and Anti-Vivisection Society; wife of 13th Duke of Hamilton. 4 Portraits

Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, 14th Duke of Hamilton (1903-1973), Politician, boxer and aviator. 15 Portraits

Angus Alan Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, 15th Duke of Hamilton (1938-2010), Pilot, RAF and commerical pilto. 1 Portrait

James Hamilton, 2nd Marquess of Hamilton (1589-1625), Courtier. 5 Portraits

Lady Hamilton. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth (née Gunning), Baroness Hamilton of Hameldon (1733-1790), Famous Irish beauty and society hostess; former wife of 6th Duke of Hamilton, and later wife of 5th Duke of Argyll. 13 Portraits

Gavin George Hamilton, 2nd Baron Hamilton of Dalzell (1872-1952), Landowner. 4 Portraits

James Leslie Hamilton, 4th Baron Hamilton of Dalzell (1938-2006), Director of Rowton Hotels PLC and member of the Stock Exchange. 2 Portraits

(Ann) Corinna Helena (née Dixon), Lady Hamilton of Dalzell (active 1967), Wife of 4th Baron Hamilton of Dalzell; daughter of Sir Pierson Dixon. 4 Portraits

Lady Anne Hamilton (1766-1846), Lady-in-waiting to Queen Caroline. 8 Portraits

Lord Claud Hamilton (1813-1884), Politician; Treasurer and Vice-Chamberlain of the Household. 2 Portraits

Lord Claud John Hamilton (1843-1925), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 13 Portraits

Emma (née Lyon), Lady Hamilton (Baptised 1765-1815), Mistress of Lord Nelson. 28 Portraits

Lord Ernest William Hamilton (1858-1939), Politician; son of 1st Duke of Abercorn. 2 Portraits

Lord Frederick Spencer Hamilton (1856-1928), Politician, diplomat and writer; son of 1st Duke of Abercorn. 3 Portraits

Lord George Francis Hamilton (1845-1927), Politician; First Lord of the Admiralty and Secretary of State for India. 18 Portraits

Lady Grizel Winifred Louisa Hamilton (née Cochrane) (1880-1976), Daughter of 12th Earl of Dundonald; wife of Ralph Gerard Alexander Hamilton, Master of Belhaven. 1 Portrait

Alexander Hamilton (1739-1802), Professor of midwifery. 2 Portraits

Anthony Hamilton (1646?-1719), Writer and soldier. 3 Portraits

Arthur Hamilton (active 1833), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Charles Hamilton, Suggested painting the House of Commons to Hayter. 1 Portrait

Charles Hamilton (circa 1834-1919), Bishop of Ottawa. 1 Portrait

Cicely Mary Hamilton (née Hammill) (1872-1952), Writer and suffragette. 2 Portraits

Cosmo Hamilton (1872-1942), Dramatist and novelist. 3 Portraits

Cynthia Hamilton (1909-1985), Sister of Sir Robert Hamilton, 9th Bt. 1 Portrait

David Hamilton (1933-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Charles) Denis Hamilton (1918-1988), Newspaper editor. 2 Portraits

Duncan Hamilton (1920-1994), Motor racing driver. 3 Portraits

(James) Dundas Hamilton (1919-), Author and senior partner in the Council of the Stock Exchange. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Walter ('Eddy') Hamilton (1847-1908), Civil servant and diarist. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Owen Fisher Hamilton (1854-1944), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Eleanor Aristodora (née Simon), Lady Hamilton (died 1958), Wife of Sir (Collingwood) George Clements Hamilton, 1st Bt; daughter of Henry Simon. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Hamilton (1756?-1816), Novelist and essayist. 1 Portrait

Eric Knightley Chetwode Hamilton (1890-1962), Dean of Windsor. 5 Portraits

Gavin Hamilton (1730-1797), Painter and excavator. 0 Portraits

Gawen Hamilton (1697?-1737), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Sir George Hamilton, 1st Bt (circa 1607-1679), Soldier and silver mine owner. 1 Portrait

Sir (Collingwood) George Clements Hamilton, 1st Bt (1877-1947), Major, electrical engineer and Conservative politician; MP for Ilford. 9 Portraits

George Hans Hamilton (died 1905), Archdeacon of Northumberland and Canon of Durham. 1 Portrait

Sir George Rostrevor Hamilton (1888-1967), Poet, writer and civil servant. 2 Portraits

Hamish Hamilton (1900-1988), Managing Director of Hamish Hamilton Publishers. 11 Portraits

Hamish Hamilton (1966-), Ceremonies Executive Producer, LOCOG, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Hamilton (1851-1932), Surgeon-General. 5 Portraits

Henry Parr Hamilton (1794-1880), Dean of Salisbury. 1 Portrait

Herber James Hamilton (1862-1952), Bishop of Mid-Japan. 1 Portrait

Sir Horace Perkins Hamilton (1880-1971), Civil servant; UK Member, Commonwealth Economic Committee. 5 Portraits

Hubert Ion Wetherall Hamilton (1861-1914), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Iain Bertram Hamilton (1920-1986), Author and journalist. 2 Portraits

Sir Ian Hamilton (1853-1947), General. 12 Portraits

Ian Hamilton (1938-2001), Poet, critic and editor. 1 Portrait

Sir Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton (1853-1947), Soldier. 1 Portrait

James Hamilton (1749-1835), Physician. 2 Portraits

James Hamilton (1814-1867), Presbyterian minister. 3 Portraits

James Hamilton (1918-2005), Politician and construction engineer. 6 Portraits

James Melvill Hamilton (1886-1972), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

Jane (née Skeffington), Lady Hamilton, Wife of Sir Hans Hamilton, 1673-1729?. 5 Portraits

Jean Miller (née Muir), Lady Hamilton (1861-1941), Daughter of Sir John Muir, 1st Bt; wife of Sir Ian Hamilton. 5 Portraits

John Hamilton (1714-1755), Naval officer; second son of 7th Earl of Abercorn. 3 Portraits

John Hamilton (1795-1847), Free Churchman. 1 Portrait

John Hamilton (1799-1851). 1 Portrait

Sir John Graham Hamilton (1910-1994), Admiral. 2 Portraits

John McLure Hamilton (1853-1936). 1 Portrait

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton (1985-), Formula 1 racing driver. 1 Portrait

Marie Hamilton (active 1951), Daughter of of Betty White and Graeme Hamilton. 1 Portrait

Marion Hamilton, Dancer. 3 Portraits

Mary Agnes Hamilton (née Adamson) (1882-1966), Politician, writer and broadcaster. 3 Portraits

Sir Michael Aubrey Hamilton (1918-2000), Politician and director. 1 Portrait

(Anthony Walter) Patrick Hamilton (1904-1962), Novelist and playwright. 5 Portraits

Sir Patrick George Hamilton, 2nd Bt (1908-1992), Businessman. 3 Portraits

Richard Hamilton (1922-2011), Painter. 12 Portraits

Richard Winter Hamilton (1794-1848), Congregational minister. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Hamilton, 4th Bt (died 1786), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Hamilton (1867-1944), Politician; Chief Justice of Kenya. 5 Portraits

Sir Robert North Collie Hamilton, 6th Bt (1802-1887), Administrator in India. 3 Portraits

Suzanna Hamilton (1960-), Actress. 4 Portraits

Walter Hamilton (1908-1988), Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge. 3 Portraits

Walter Kerr Hamilton (1808-1869), Bishop of Salisbury. 6 Portraits

William Hamilton (1663-1737), One of the five 'Kentish Petitioners', 1701. 1 Portrait

Sir William Hamilton (1730-1803), Diplomat and archaeologist. 13 Portraits

William Hamilton (1751-1801), History painter. 5 Portraits

William Alexander Baillie Hamilton (1803-1881), Admiral. 3 Portraits

William Gerard Hamilton (1729-1796), Politician; Chief Secretary for Ireland, known as 'Single-speech Hamilton'. 1 Portrait

William Haywood Hamilton (died 1955), Major-General and physician. 1 Portrait

William James Hamilton (1903-1975), Professor of Anatomy. 1 Portrait

William Richard Hamilton (1777-1859), Antiquary and diplomat. 5 Portraits

William Rowan Hamilton (1805-1865), Mathematician. 2 Portraits

Sir William Stirling Hamilton, Bt (1788-1856), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

William Winter Hamilton (1917-2000), Labour politician; MP for Fife. 10 Portraits

General Hamilton (active late 1860s), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Mrs Hamilton (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Mrs Hamilton (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Miss Hamilton (active 1860s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Miss Hamilton (active 1860s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Sir Alexander Hamilton-Gordon (1859-1939), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Griselda Hamilton-Baillie (1950-), Director of the Royal Academy Trust Appeal. 1 Portrait

Sir Hew Fleetwood Hamilton-Dalrymple, 10th Bt (1926-), Landowner, businessman and army officer. 1 Portrait

Caroline Emilia Mary (née Herschel), Lady Hamilton-Gordon (1830-1909), Bedchamber woman to Queen Victoria; first wife of Sir Alexander Hamilton Gordon; daughter of Sir J. Herschel. 2 Portraits

Elspeth Hamilton Martin (1915-1938), Daughter of W.M.J. Hamilton Martin. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Francis Hamilton-Meikle, Royal Navy Captain; son of James Hamilton-Meikle. 1 Portrait

William Hamilton of Bangour (1704-1754), Poet and Jacobite army officer. 1 Portrait

Brian Gustavus Hamilton-Russell (1940-), Eldest son of Hon. Richard Gustavus Hamilton-Russell. 2 Portraits

Charmian Joan Hamilton-Russell (1933-1937), Daughter of Hon. Gustavus Lascelles Hamilton-Russell. 2 Portraits

Hon. Claud Eustace Hamilton-Russell (1871-1948), Fourth son of 8th Viscount Boyne. 1 Portrait

Hon. Desmond Claud Hamilton-Russell (1917-1943), Captain; son of 9th Viscount Boyne. 2 Portraits

Hon. Frederick Gustavus Hamilton-Russell (1867-1941), Second son of 8th Viscount Boyne. 5 Portraits

Joan Verena Hamilton-Russell (née Verney) (1908-1938), Wife of Hon. Gustavus Lascelles Hamilton-Russell. 5 Portraits

Hon. John Hamilton-Russell (1911-1943), Major; son of 9th Viscount Boyne. 8 Portraits

Richard Desmond Hamilton-Russell (1943-), Youngest son of Hon. Richard Gustavus Hamilton-Russell. 2 Portraits

Hon. Richard Gustavus Hamilton-Russell (1909-1999), Son of 9th Viscount Boyne. 2 Portraits

Hon. Georgina Violet Hamilton-Simpson (née Hamilton, later Horsley-Carr) (1889-active 1921), Former wife of James Cowie Simpson, and later wife of Alfred George Horsley-Carr; daughter of 9th Lord Belhaven and Stenton. 3 Portraits

Lady Caroline Maureen Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood (1931-1996), Writer and artist's muse; former wife of Lucian Freud, and later wife of Israel Citkowitz, and Robert T.S. Lowell. 10 Portraits

Lord Ian Basil Gawaine Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood (1870-1917), Barrister, colonial secretary and soldier; third son of 1st Marquess of Dufferin. 5 Portraits

Lady Perdita Maureen Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood (1934-), Horse trainer; daughter of 4th Marquess of Dufferin and Ava. 5 Portraits

Mrs Hamilton Wedderburn. 1 Portrait

Richard Hamilton-Wickes (1901-1963), Rugby player. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Bruce Hamley (1824-1893), Army officer and military writer. 4 Portraits

Paul Bertrand Hamlyn, Baron Hamlyn (1926-2001), Publisher. 3 Portraits

Lady Helen Hamlyn (1934-), Philanthropist; Chairperson of the Helen Hamlyn Trust. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Temple Hamlyn (1864-1929), Bishop of Accra and Assistant Bishop of Norwich. 5 Portraits

Zachary Hamlyn (1678-1759), formerly of Clovelly Court, Devon. 1 Portrait

Garrick Hamm, Branding consultant and designer for Williams Murray Hamm. 1 Portrait

(Edward) Jeffrey Hamm (1915-1994), Politician; leader of the Union Movement. 1 Portrait

Joan Hammell, Special advisor to John Prescott. 1 Portrait

Charles Hammersley (1782-1862), Banker and regimental agent; son of Thomas Hammersley. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hammersley (1747-1812), Banker. 3 Portraits

Margaret Hammersley-Smith (active 1920s-1940s), Daughter of Ralph Henry Hammersley-Smith. 1 Portrait

Esther Hammerton (1711-1746), Sexton. 1 Portrait

Hilda Hammerton, Music hall entertainer. 2 Portraits

Sir John Alexander Hammerton (1871-1949), Writer and editor. 6 Portraits

Miss Hammerton (active 1903), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Murray Hammick (1854-1936), Civil servant in India. 3 Portraits

Edmund Hammond, 1st Baron Hammond of Kirkella (1802-1890), Diplomat and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur George Hammond (1843-1919), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Celia Hammond, Fashion model. 2 Portraits

Harry Hammond (1920-2009). 1 Portrait

Henry Hammond (1605-1660), Church of England clergyman and theologian. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hammond (1889-1964), Physiologist and agricultural scientist. 10 Portraits

Kay Hammond (Dorothy Katherine Standing) (1909-1980), Actress. 3 Portraits

(John) Lawrence Le Breton Hammond (1872-1949), Journalist and historian. 16 Portraits

Lempriere Durell Hammond (1881-1965), Bishop of Stafford. 1 Portrait

Lucy Barbara Hammond (née Bradby) (1873-1961), Social historian; wife of John Lawrence Le Breton Hammond. 12 Portraits

(Hope) Robin Hammond (died 2010), Senior Tutor, New Hall, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Samuel Mackenzie Hammond (active 1910s-1930s), Keeper and Steward of the Royal Apartment, Royal Yacht 'Victoria & Albert'. 1 Portrait

Walter Reginald ('Wally') Hammond (1903-1965), Cricketer. 4 Portraits

William Hammond. 1 Portrait

Ralph Hammond Innes (1913-1997), Novelist and traveller. 5 Portraits

Jennifer Hammond-Maude, Daughter of Michael Hammond-Maude. 1 Portrait

Katharine Hamnett (1947-), Fashion designer. 2 Portraits

Nina Hamnett (1890-1956), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrew Snape Hamond (1738-1828), Comptroller of The Navy. 1 Portrait

Anne Hamond (died 1884), Daughter of Sir Graham Eden Hamond, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Frederick Hamond (1817-1905), Barrister, shipowner, broker and politician. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth (née Kimber), Lady Hamond (1784-1872), Wife of Sir Graham Eden Hamond, 2nd Bt; daughter of John Kimber. 1 Portrait

Sir Graham Eden Hamond, 2nd Bt (1779-1862), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Edith (née Leatham), Lady Hamond-Graeme (died 1952), Former wife of Elyastan Preston, and later wife of Sir Egerton Hamond-Graeme, 5th Bt; daughter of William Leatham. 9 Portraits

Sir Egerton Hood Murray Hamond-Graeme, 5th Bt (1877-1969), Major. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hampden, 2nd Viscount Hampden (1746-1824). 3 Portraits

Katharine Mary (née Montagu-Douglas-Scott), Viscountess Hampden (1875-1951), Wife of 3rd Viscount Hampden; daughter of 6th Duke of Buccleuch. 1 Portrait

Henry Bouverie William Brand, 1st Viscount Hampden (1814-1892), Politician; Speaker of the House of Commons. 7 Portraits

Henry Robert Brand, 2nd Viscount Hampden (1841-1906), Colonial governor. 2 Portraits

Thomas Walter Brand, 3rd Viscount Hampden (1869-1958), Soldier. 5 Portraits

John Hampden (1595-1643), Politician and one of the 'Five Members' whose arrest by Charles I sparked the Civil War. 15 Portraits

John Hampden the Younger (1656-1696), Politician; MP for Wendover and Buckinghamshire. 1 Portrait

Renn Dickson Hampden (1793-1868), Bishop of Hereford and theologian. 2 Portraits

Johann Heinrich Hampe (1697-1777), Metallurgist. 1 Portrait

Charles Herbert Hampshire (1885-1955), Pharmaceutical chemist. 2 Portraits

Melanie Hampshire, Fashion model. 3 Portraits

Sir (George) Peter Hampshire (1912-1981), Diplomat. 4 Portraits

Sir Stuart Hampshire (1914-2004), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

Susan Hampshire (1942-), Actress. 6 Portraits

John Hampson (John Frederick Norman Hampson Simpson) (1901-1955), Writer on English life. 8 Portraits

John Somerset Pakington, 1st Baron Hampton (1799-1880), Politician, First Lord of the Admiralty and Secretary of State for War. 12 Portraits

John Slaney Pakington, 2nd Baron Hampton (1826-1893), Peer. 1 Portrait

Herbert Stuart Pakington, 4th Baron Hampton (1883-1962), Lieutenant. 4 Portraits

Humphrey Arthur Pakington, 5th Baron Hampton (1888-1974), Architect. 1 Portrait

Grace Dykes (née Spicer), Lady Hampton (died 1959), Wife of 5th Baron Hampton; daughter of Sir Albert Spicer, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Christopher James Hampton (1946-), Playwright. 3 Portraits

John Vivian Hampton Hampton (circa 1836-1890), Son of John Lewis Hampton Lewis. 1 Portrait

Louise Hampton (1881-1954), Actress. 1 Portrait

Charles John Joseph ('Jack') Hamson (1905-1987), Jurist. 8 Portraits

Vincent Everard Hamson (1888-1975), Journalist, editor, librarian and archivist. 1 Portrait

Hon. Pamela Penelope Hamilton-Russell (née Cayzer) (died 1987), Eldest daughter of 1st Baron Rotherwick; wife of Hon. Richard Gustavus Hamilton-Russell. 2 Portraits

Madame Hanako (1868-1945), Japanese actress. 3 Portraits

Josiah Alfred Hanan (1869-1954), Lawyer, politician and educationalist. 3 Portraits

Susanna Hanan (née Murray), Music teacher; second wife of Josiah Alfred Hanan. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Hanbury (1871-1937), Politician; MP for North Dorset. 2 Portraits

Daniel Hanbury (1825-1875), Pharmacologist. 1 Portrait

Diana Elizabeth Hanbury (née Cunliffe-Owen) (1928-2001), Former wife of William Buchanan, and of Michael Stoop, and of Richard O'Brien, and later wife of Antony Hanbury; daughter of Sir Hugo Cunliffe-Owen. 2 Portraits

Isabella Hanbury (née Lempriere) (1838-1922), Wife of Walter George Hanbury; daughter of William Charles Lempriere. 1 Portrait

John Hanbury (1664?-1734), Landowner and ironmaster. 1 Portrait

Lettice Mary Hanbury (née Charrington) (1906-1980), Wife of Christopher Lionel Hanbury; daughter of Arthur Charrington. 1 Portrait

Lily Hanbury (1875-1908), Actress. 20 Portraits

Philip Hugh Capel Hanbury (1920-), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Philip Lewis Hanbury (1879-1966), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Robert William Hanbury (1845-1903), President of the Board of Agriculture and Conservative politician; MP for Tamworth and Preston. 11 Portraits

William Hanbury (1725-1778), Anglican divine, gardener and benefactor. 1 Portrait

(Airling) Robin Hanbury-Tenison (1936-), Explorer; Farmer; President of Survival International. 1 Portrait

Hon. Blanche Mary Hanbury-Tracy (née Arundell) (1908-1993), First wife of (Ninian) John Frederick Hanbury-Tracy; daughter of 15th Baron Arundell of Wardour. 3 Portraits

Charles Henry Tamworth Hanbury-Tracy (1842-1923), Son of Hon. Henry Hanbury-Tracy. 1 Portrait

Hon Frederick Stephen Archibald Hanbury-Tracy (1848-1906), Politician; MP for Montgomery. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Hanbury-Tracy (1802-1889), Politician; son of 1st Baron Sudeley. 1 Portrait

(Ninian) John Frederick Hanbury-Tracy (1910-1971), Explorer; grandson of 4th Baron Sudeley. 11 Portraits

Rosa Mary Hanbury-Tracy (1844-1913), Daughter of Hon. Henry Hanbury-Tracy. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hanbury-Williams (1859-1946), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Sir John Coldbrook Hanbury-Williams (1892-1965), Industrialist; Director of the Bank of England and Chairman of Courtaulds. 8 Portraits

Sir (James) Bennett Hance (1887-1958), Lieutenant-General and medical adviser. 4 Portraits

Christine Hancock (1943-), Nursing administrator. 1 Portrait

Dame Florence May Hancock (1893-1974), President of Trades Union Congress. 2 Portraits

Harry Hancock, Actor. 2 Portraits

Henry Hancock (1809-1880), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Drummond Hancock (1895-1965), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

James Hancock, Opera singer. 1 Portrait

John Hancock (1736 or 1737-1793), Governor of Massachusetts; signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

John Hancock, President, American Congress. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Keith Hancock (1898-1988), Professor of History. 4 Portraits

Michael Stephen Hancock (1917-2006), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Nick Hancock (1962-), Actor, comedian and presenter. 1 Portrait

Robin Hugh Meliss Hancock (circa 1917-1940), Royal Navy Lieutenant. 2 Portraits

Sheila Hancock (1933-), Actress and director. 2 Portraits

Anthony John ('Tony') Hancock (1924-1968), Comedian. 22 Portraits

F.G. Hancocks, Colonel. 2 Portraits

Daisy Hancox (1894-1985), Actress and singer. 6 Portraits

George Sumner Hand (1880-1945), Bishop of Antigua. 1 Portrait

George Frideric Handel (1685-1759), Composer. 36 Portraits

Archie Handford, Photographer. 1 Portrait

Maurice Handford (1929-1986), Conductor and horn player. 1 Portrait

Henry Handley (1797-1846), President of The Royal Agricultural Society and politician; MP for South Lincolnshire. 2 Portraits

Thomas Reginald Handley (1892-1949), Radio comedian. 1 Portrait

Fiola Hands (née FitzGerald) (1930-), Wife of Cedric Herbert Beresford Hands; daughter of Desmond FitzGerald, 28th Knight of Glin. 1 Portrait

Guy Hands (1959-), Chief Executive Officer, Terra Firma Capital Partners. 1 Portrait

Terence David ('Terry') Hands (1941-), Theatre and opera director. 2 Portraits

Alexander Handy (active 1872), Rower, The Atalanta Club of New York. 1 Portrait

Lord Robert Handyside (1798-1858), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sir Patrick Brodie Handyside (1860-1939), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Margaret Haney, Actress. 6 Portraits

Sir John Ludlow Hanham, 10th Bt (1898-1955), Apparitor-General to Province and Diocese of Canterbury; Barrister; Colonial administrator. 2 Portraits

Maurice Pascal Alers Hankey, 1st Baron Hankey (1877-1963), Civil servant. 27 Portraits

Adeline Hermine Gertrude Ernestine (née de Smidt), Lady Hankey (1882-1979), Wife of 1st Baron Hankey. 9 Portraits

Lady Emily Arabel Georgiana Hankey (née Butler), Former wife of Richard Pennefather, and later wife of Henry Aitcheson Hankey; daughter of 1st Earl of Glengall. 1 Portrait

Ellen Hankey (née Blake) (circa 1803-1891), Wife of John Alexander Hankey. 1 Portrait

George Trevor Hankey (1900-1987), Colonel and Consulting Oral Surgeon. 8 Portraits

John Alexander Hankey (1804-1881), West India Merchant. 2 Portraits

Julia Alexander Hankey (1844-1924), Daughter of John Alexander Hankey. 1 Portrait

Rodolph Alexander Hankey (1837-1906), West India Merchant; son of John Alexander Hankey. 1 Portrait

Thomson Hankey (1805-1893), Politician and political economist; West India merchant and Governor of the Bank of England. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Crossfield Hankinson (1894-1984), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Reginald Frederick Hanks (1896-1976), Engineer and Chairman of the Western Railways Board. 2 Portraits

James Hanley (1901-1985), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Jenny Hanley (1947-), Actress; daughter of Dinah Sheridan and Jimmy Hanley. 2 Portraits

E.M. Hanlon (1888-1952), Premier of Queensland, Australia. 3 Portraits

Walter Hanlon (1926-2009), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Reverend Hanlon (1862-1937), Bishop of Teos. 1 Portrait

John Hanmer, 1st Baron Hanmer (1809-1881), Poet and Conservative politician; MP for Shrewsbury, Kingston-upon-Hull and Flint Boroughs. 2 Portraits

Lady Frances Jane Hanmer (née Cole) (1914-), Daughter of 5th Earl of Enniskillen; wife of Henry Ivan Hanmer. 6 Portraits

Aileen Mary (née Rogerson), Lady Hanmer (1896-1967), Wife of Sir (Griffin Wyndham) Edward Hanmer, 7th Bt; daughter of John Edwin Rogerson. 3 Portraits

Sir Edward Hanmer, 7th Bt (1893-1977), Lieutenant-Colonel and landowner. 1 Portrait

Harriet Frances (née Hely-Hutchinson), Lady Hanmer (died 1911), Second wife of Sir Wyndham Edward Hanmer, 4th Bt; daughter of Hon. Henry Hely Hutchinson. 1 Portrait

Henry Hanmer (1789-1868), Major and politician. 1 Portrait

Henry Ivan Hanmer (1893-1984), Air force officer. 4 Portraits

Sir Thomas Hanmer, 4th Bt (1677-1746), Speaker of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Edmund Lawrence Hann (1881-1968), Engineer. 2 Portraits

John Hanna, Artist and illustrator. 1 Portrait

William Hanna (1808-1882), Free Church of Scotland minister and writer. 1 Portrait

Charles E. Hannaford (1863-1955), Painter. 1 Portrait

John Hannah (1962-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Sophie Hannah (1971-), Poet, novelist and children's writer. 1 Portrait

May Hannam, Actress. 5 Portraits

Villiers Clara Hannam (née Pitt) (died 1770), Sister of 1st Earl of Chatham; wife of John Hannam. 2 Portraits

William Hannan (1906-1987), Politician; Lord of the Treasury. 3 Portraits

David Hugh Alexander Hannay, Baron Hannay of Chiswick (1935-), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

James Lennox Hannay (1826-1903), Metropolitan Police Magistrate at Marlbororough Street Magistrates Court. 1 Portrait

James Owen Hannay (George A. Birmingham)) (1865-1950), 'George A. Birmingham'; Novelist; Vicar of Holy Trinity, Kensington Gore. 11 Portraits

Thomas Hannay (1887-1970), Bishop of Argyll and the Isles. 3 Portraits

Sir Walter Fergusson Leisrinck Hannay (1904-1961), Consulting physician. 5 Portraits

Adriaen Hanneman (1601?-1671?), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

James Hannen, Baron Hannen (1821-1894), Judge. 5 Portraits

Hermione Hannen (1913-1983), Actress. 1 Portrait

Nicholas James Hannen (1881-1972), Actor. 11 Portraits

Lady Fiona Mary Hannon (née Graham) (1932-), Daughter of 7th Duke of Montrose; wife of Peter Alexander O'Brien Hannon. 7 Portraits

Amy Hilda Gordon (née Barrett), Lady Hannon (died 1960), Second wife of Sir Patrick Joseph Henry Hannon. 1 Portrait

Sir Patrick Joseph Henry Hannon (1874-1963), Industrialist and politician. 12 Portraits

Albert Auguste Gabriel Hanotaux (1853-1944), French historian and politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs. 3 Portraits

Sophia Charlotte of Hanover (1668-1705), Second wife of Frederick I of Prussia. 1 Portrait

Henry Luke Tite Hansard (1855-1916), Printer to the House of Commons. 2 Portraits

Septimus Cox Holmes Hansard (1823-1895), Clergyman and museum founder. 1 Portrait

Henry Peter Hansell (1863-1935), Tutor to the three eldest sons of George V. 3 Portraits

Ashia Hansen (1972-), Athlete; triple jumper. 1 Portrait

Max Hansen (1897-1961), Opera singer and actor. 1 Portrait

Percy Howard Hansen (1890-1951), Brigadier; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 1 Portrait

Sir Benjamin Hansford (1863-1954), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Dorothy Hanson, Actress. 8 Portraits

Flora (née Blennerhassett), Lady Hanson (died 1956), Third wife of Sir Gerald Stanhope Hanson, 2nd Bt; daughter of W.A.R. Blennerhassett. 7 Portraits

Sir Gerald Hanson. 2 Portraits

Sir Gerard Stanhope Hanson, 2nd Bt (1867-1946), Army captain. 3 Portraits

John Hanson. 1 Portrait

Joseph Hanson (1774-1811), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir Philip Hanson (1871-1955), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Hon. (Esyllt) Priscilla ('Pip') Hanson (née Scott-Ellis) (1916-1983), Diarist; former wife of José Luis de Vilallonga, and later wife of Ian Hanson; daughter of 8th Baron Howard de Walden. 2 Portraits

Sir Reginald Hanson, 1st Bt (1840-1905), Lord Mayor of London and politician. 3 Portraits

Sybil Ainslie Ida Hanson (née Serjeant), Granddaughter of Alexander Bassano; wife of Alfred Walker Hanson. 5 Portraits

Lady Hanson, Wife of Sir Gerald Hanson. 6 Portraits

Wilhelm von Tangen Hansteen (1896-1980), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Frieda Hanswirth Das (1886-1974), Writer, painter and illustrator; wife of Saranghyadar Das. 1 Portrait

E.H. Hanvey, Lawn tennis player. 1 Portrait

Jonas Hanway (1712-1786), Philanthropist. 3 Portraits

Ernest Murray Pollock, 1st Viscount Hanworth (1861-1936), Judge. 7 Portraits

David Bertram Pollock, 2nd Viscount Hanworth (1916-1996), Lieutenant-Colonel. 8 Portraits

Isolda Rosamond (née Parker), Viscountess Hanworth, Wife of 2nd Viscount Hanworth; daughter of Geoffrey Parker. 3 Portraits

Han-ye-tu Was-te ('Beautiful Night'), Sioux Indian. 1 Portrait

Edris Albert ('Eddie') Hapgood (1908-1973), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Frank Charles Happold (1902-1991), Professor of biochemistry. 2 Portraits

Takeichi Harada (1899-1978), Japanese tennis player. 1 Portrait

King Harald V of Norway (1937-), Son of King Olav V of Norway. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Harben (1823-1911), Pioneer of industrial life assurance. 1 Portrait

Ernest Arthur George Pomeroy, 7th Viscount Harberton (1867-1944), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Fairlie Harmar, Viscountess Harberton (1876-1945), Painter; wife of 7th Viscount Harberton. 5 Portraits

Thomas de Vautort Pomeroy, 10th Viscount Harberton (1910-2004), Army officer. 5 Portraits

Sir Arthur Harbord (1865-1941), Politician; MP for Great Yarmouth. 1 Portrait

Caroline Penelope Harbord (née Hamond) (died 1933), Wife of Hon. John Harbord; daughter of Anthony Hamond. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Nellie (neé Belward), Lady Harbord (died 1955), Wife of Sir Arthur Harbord; daughter of James Malpas Belward. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Pole Harbord (née Schenley) (died 1915), American heiresses; wife of Hon. Ralph Harbord; daughter of Edward W.H. Schenley. 2 Portraits

Hon. Eugenie Anne Westenra Campbell, later Harbord (née Plunkett) (1891-1973), Former wife of Walter Buddicon and William Hastings Campbel, and later wife of Arthur Harbord; daughter of 14th Baron Louth. 9 Portraits

Henry Harbord. 1 Portrait

Hon. John Harbord (1832-1900), Clergyman; son of 3rd Baron Suffield. 1 Portrait

Hon. Walter Harbord (1834-1913), Army officer; son of 3rd Baron Suffield. 3 Portraits

Charles Anthony Assheton Harbord-Hamond (1953-), Captain in the Coldstream Guards; son and heir of 11th Baron Suffield. 15 Portraits

Philip Sherard, 2nd Earl of Harborough (1680-1750), Lord Lieutenant of Rutland and Custos Rotulorum of Rutland. 1 Portrait

Bennet Sherard, 3rd Earl of Harborough (1709 or 1710-1770), Lord Lieutenant of Rutland and Custos Rotulorum of Rutland. 1 Portrait

Simon Harcourt, 1st Earl Harcourt (1714-1777), Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 10 Portraits

George Simon Harcourt, 2nd Earl Harcourt (1736-1809), Politician; MP for St Albans, fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and Doctor of Civil Law. 7 Portraits

Elizabeth Harcourt (née Vernon), Countess of Harcourt (died 1826), Wife of 2nd Earl Harcourt; daughter of 1st Baron Vernon. 3 Portraits

William Harcourt, 3rd Earl Harcourt (1743-1830), Field Marshal. 9 Portraits

Mary Harcourt (née Danby), Countess of Harcourt (1749 or 1750-1833), Wife of 3rd Earl Harcourt. 2 Portraits

Simon Harcourt, 1st Viscount Harcourt (1661?-1727), Lord Chancellor. 2 Portraits

Lady Anne Harcourt (née Leveson-Gower) (1761-1832), Wife of Edward Harcourt; daughter of 2nd Earl Gower. 2 Portraits

Lady Susan Harriet Harcourt (née Holroyd) (died 1894), Wife of Edward William Vernon Harcourt; daughter of 2nd Earl of Sheffield. 1 Portrait

Lewis Harcourt, 1st Viscount Harcourt (1863-1922), Liberal politician; MP for Rossendale and Secretary of State for the Colonies. 15 Portraits

Mary Ethel (née Burns), Viscountess Harcourt (died 1961), Wife of 1st Viscount Harcourt; daughter of Walter Hayes Burns. 2 Portraits

William Edward Harcourt, 2nd Viscount Harcourt (1908-1979), Businessman. 11 Portraits

Sir Cecil Halliday Jepson Harcourt (1892-1959), Admiral. 9 Portraits

Charles Harcourt (Charles Parker Hillier) (1838-1880), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Cyril Harcourt. 1 Portrait

Edward Venables Vernon Harcourt (1757-1847), Archbishop of York. 10 Portraits

Edward William Vernon Harcourt (1825-1891), Naturalist, editor, travel writer and Conservative politician; MP for Oxfordshire and Henley. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Harcourt (née Bingham) (circa 1795-1838), Politician; MP for Nuneham Courtenay; wife of G.G. Harcourt. 1 Portrait

George Harcourt (1868-1947), Portrait and figure painter. 2 Portraits

George Granville Venables (né Vernon) Harcourt (1785-1861), Politician; MP for Lichfield and Oxfordshire; husband of Lady Elizabeth Harcourt. 4 Portraits

Lily Harcourt. 1 Portrait

Sir Simon Harcourt (1603?-1642), Soldier of fortune. 1 Portrait

Sir William Vernon Harcourt (1827-1904), Lawyer, journalist and Liberal politician; MP for Oxford and Derby, Chancellor of the Exchequer and leader of the British Liberal Party. 54 Portraits

William Venables Vernon Harcourt (1789-1871), Divine; founder of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. 2 Portraits

Sir Cecil Harcourt-Smith (1859-1944), Archaeologist and Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum. 8 Portraits

Gilbert Harcourt-Smith (1901-1968), Air Vice-Marshal. 7 Portraits

Andrew Drummond Harcus (1885-1964), Presbyterian minister. 3 Portraits

William ('Bill') Hardcastle (1918-1975), Journalist and radio broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Maria Sophia Hardcastle (née Herschel) (1839-1929), Wife of Henry Hardcastle; daughter of Sir John Herschel. 1 Portrait

Sarah Lucy Hardcastle (1969-), Swimmer. 2 Portraits

Oscar Hardee (Oscar Hardee Blyfield) (1876-1937), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Harden (1865-1940), Biochemist. 8 Portraits

Donald Benjamin Harden (1901-1994), Director of London Museum. 2 Portraits

John Harden (1772-1847), Painter. 1 Portrait

Karl August von Hardenberg, Prince of Hardenberg (1750-1822), Prussian Statesman. 1 Portrait

Agnes Agnew Hardie (1874-1951), Politician; MP for Glasgow Springburn. 1 Portrait

Andrew Hardie (died 1784), Baker. 1 Portrait

A.R. Hardie, Secretary, The Eastern Telegraph Co. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Edgar Mathewes Hardie (1910-1998), Accountant and company chairman. 1 Portrait

C. Hardie. 4 Portraits

George Downie Blyth Crookston Hardie (1873-1937), Engineer and Labour politician; MP for Glasgow Springburn; brother of Keir Hardie. 1 Portrait

(James) Keir Hardie (né James Kerr) (1856-1915), Socialist leader and founder of the Labour Party. 21 Portraits

Martin Hardie (1875-1952). 5 Portraits

Steven James Lindsay Hardie (1885-1969), Chairman of Iron and Steel Corporation of Great Britain. 4 Portraits

William George Hardie (1878-1950), Bishop of Jamaica and Archbishop of West Indies. 5 Portraits

Alfred Frank Hardiman (1891-1949), Sculptor. 9 Portraits

John Allan Francis Harding, Baron Harding of Petherton (1896-1989), Field Marshal. 10 Portraits

Lady Katharine Mary Harding (née Phipps) (1905-1960), Wife of Roy Amon Harding; daughter of 3rd Marquess of Normanby. 1 Portrait

Lady Harding. 6 Portraits

Ann Harding (1901-1981), American Actress. 1 Portrait

Colin Harding (1863-1939), Army officer and Provincial Governor. 1 Portrait

Edward Harding (1755-1840), Engraver, publisher and librarian to Queen Charlotte. 1 Portrait

Francis Pym Harding (1821-1875), Commandant at Balaclava; Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick. 1 Portrait

George Perfect Harding (1779 or 1780-1853), Portrait painter, copyist and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Charles Harding (1907-1960), Broadcaster. 18 Portraits

James Duffield Harding (1797-1863), Landscape painter and lithographer. 5 Portraits

John Harding (1805-1874), Bishop of Bombay. 4 Portraits

Sir (Alfred) John Harding (1878-1953), Director of Colonial Audit. 4 Portraits

John Philip Harding (1911-1998), Keeper of Zoology, British Museum. 7 Portraits

Katherine Harding (née Phipps), Daughter of Sir William Wellclose Davies. 1 Portrait

Lyn Harding (David Llewellyn Harding) (1867-1952), Actor. 3 Portraits

Malcolm Taylor McAdam Harding (1863 or 1864-1949), Archbishop of Rupert’s Land and Bishop of Qu’Appelle. 1 Portrait

Mary Ann Harding, Wife of George Perfect Harding. 1 Portrait

Miss M. Harding. 1 Portrait

Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-), Singer; member of Girls Aloud. 1 Portrait

Susan Lilian (née Berry), Lady Harding (later Muir) (1938-1989), Former wife of Sir Christopher George Francis Harding, and later wife of Raymond Muir; daughter of Hon. Denis Gomer Berry. 5 Portraits

Henry Hardinge, 1st Viscount Hardinge of Lahore (1785-1856), Governor-General of India. 20 Portraits

Henry Charles Hardinge, 3rd Viscount Hardinge of Lahore (1857-1924), Soldier. 6 Portraits

Charles Hardinge, 1st Baron Hardinge of Penshurst (1858-1944), Diplomat and Viceroy of India. 7 Portraits

Winifred Selina (née Sturt), Lady Hardinge of Penshurst (1868-1914), Wife of 1st Baron Hardinge of Penshurst; daughter of 1st Baron Alington. 2 Portraits

Alexander Henry Louis Hardinge, 2nd Baron Hardinge of Penshurst (1894-1960), Private Secretary to King Edward VIII and King George VI. 5 Portraits

Janet Christine Goschen Hardinge (née Balfour), Lady Hardinge of Penshurst (1923-1970), First wife of 3rd Baron Hardinge of Penshurst. 1 Portrait

Julian Alexander Hardinge, 4th Baron Hardinge of Penshurst (1945-), Eldest son of 3rd Baron Hardinge of Penshurst. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Henry Hardinge (1859-1933), Diplomat. 12 Portraits

Hon. Edward Charles Hardinge (1892-1914), Lieutenant; son of Charles Hardinge, 1st Baron Hardinge of Penshurst. 1 Portrait

Hon. Hugh Francis Hardinge (1948-), Second son of 3rd Baron Hardinge of Penshurst. 2 Portraits

Nicholas Hardinge (1699-1758), Clerk of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Hardinge, 1st Bt (1756-1826). 3 Portraits

Mrs Hardinge (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Miss Hardinge. 1 Portrait

Mrs Hardinge. 1 Portrait

Edward Harding-Newman (1872-1955), Brigadier and Justice of the Peace. 6 Portraits

David Rennie Hardman (1901-1989), Professor of English Literature and Labour politician; MP for Darlington. 10 Portraits

Sir (James) Donald Innes Hardman (1899-1982), Air Chief Marshal. 7 Portraits

Harold Payne Hardman (1882-1965), Chairman of Manchester United Football Club. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry Hardman (1905-2001), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

John Hardman (active 1700), Corn-cutter. 2 Portraits

Oscar Hardman (1880-1964), Priest-in-Charge of Monksilver with Elworthy. 1 Portrait

Everard John Hardman-Jones (1881-1962), Vice-Admiral, Royal Navy. 14 Portraits

Derek Neville Hardwick (1921-), Tennis player and Chairman of the Lawn Tennis Association. 4 Portraits

Mary Hardwick, Tennis player. 2 Portraits

Paul Hardwick (1918-1983), Actor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hardwick (1752-1829), Architect. 3 Portraits

Tom Hardwick (1980-), Egyptologist. 1 Portrait

Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of Hardwicke (1690-1764), Lord Chancellor. 17 Portraits

Margaret Yorke (née Cocks), Countess of Hardwicke (circa 1695-1761), Wife of 1st Earl of Hardwicke. 2 Portraits

Philip Yorke, 3rd Earl of Hardwicke (1757-1834), Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 3 Portraits

Charles Philip Yorke, 4th Earl of Hardwicke (1799-1873), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Susan Yorke (née Liddell), Countess of Hardwicke (1810-1886), Sixth daughter of 1st Baron Ravensworth; wife of 4th Earl Hardwicke. 1 Portrait

Charles Philip Yorke, 5th Earl of Hardwicke (1836-1897), Sportsman. 3 Portraits

Albert Edward Philip Henry Yorke, 6th Earl of Hardwicke (1867-1904), Landowner, diplomat and Conservative politician; Under-Secretary of State for India. 1 Portrait

Charles Alexander Yorke, 8th Earl of Hardwicke (1869-1936), Landowner. 3 Portraits

Philip Grantham Yorke, 9th Earl of Hardwicke (1906-1974), Major and company director. 4 Portraits

Sarah Katharine (née Lindley), Countess of Hardwicke (died 1965), First wife of 9th Earl of Hardwicke; daughter of Sir Francis Oswald Lindley. 3 Portraits

Sir Cedric Webster Hardwicke (1893-1964), Actor and writer. 14 Portraits

Edward Hardwicke (1932-2011), Actor. 2 Portraits

Helena Hardwicke (née Pickard) (1900-1959), Stage, film and television actress; wife of Sir Cedric Webster Hardwicke; daughter of Percy Pickard. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hardwicke (1756-1835), Major-General in East India Company and naturalist. 1 Portrait

James Hardwidge (died 1819), Needlemaker to Queen Charlotte. 1 Portrait

A.C. (Alfred Cecil?) Hardy, Commander. 15 Portraits

Alexander Ogilvy ('Alec') Hardy (1891-1970), Bishop of Nagpur, India and Assistant Bishop of Bradford. 5 Portraits

Sir Alister Clavering Hardy (1896-1985), Zoologist and investigator of religious experience. 5 Portraits

Barbara Gladys Hardy (1924-), Professor of English Literature. 6 Portraits

Bert Hardy (1913-1995), Photographer. 3 Portraits

Robert Byron ('Bob') Hardy (1980-), Musician; member of Franz Ferdinand. 1 Portrait

Sir Campbell Richard Hardy (1906-1984), General. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Hardy (1716?-1780), Naval Officer and politician. 3 Portraits

Charles Hardy (1813-1867), Landowner; brother of Earl of Cranbrook. 1 Portrait

Diana Joan (née Allsopp), Lady Hardy (1908-), Wife of Sir Rupert John Hardy, 4th Bt; daughter of 3rd Baron Hindlip. 3 Portraits

Florence Emily Hardy (née Dugdale) (1879-1937), Writer; second wife of Thomas Hardy. 1 Portrait

Frederick Daniel Hardy (1826-1911), Genre painter. 1 Portrait

Gerald Holbech Hardy (1852-1929), Barrister and Master of the Atherstone Hounds and Meynall Hounds. 1 Portrait

Jeremy Hardy (1961-), Comedian, satirist, broadcaster and columnist. 2 Portraits

John Hardy (1773-1855), Politician; MP for Bradford. 1 Portrait

Leonard Henry Hardy (1882-1954), Lieutenant-Colonel. 6 Portraits

Maurice Hardy (active 1934), Cellist. 1 Portrait

Robert Hardy (1925-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Hardy (1666-1732), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hardy (1752-1832), Radical and a founder of the London Corresponding Society. 3 Portraits

Thomas Hardy (1790-1833), Minister of the Gospel at Leicester. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hardy (1840-1928), Novelist and poet. 60 Portraits

Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy, 1st Bt (1769-1839), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir William Bate Hardy (1864-1934), Biologist and food scientist; Trustee, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Lady Rose Amanda Hare (née Bligh) (1935-), Wife of Sir Thomas Hare, 5th Bt; daughter of 9th Earl of Darnley. 4 Portraits

Hon. Alan Victor Hare (1919-1995), Army intelligence officer and businessman; son of 4th Earl of Listowel. 1 Portrait

Augustus John Cuthbert Hare (1834-1903), Author. 4 Portraits

Charles Edgar Hare (1915-1996), Tennis Champion. 8 Portraits

Sir David Hare (1947-), Playwright. 4 Portraits

Doreen Pleasance Anna (née Bagge), Lady Hare (1906-1985), Wife of Sir Ralph Leigh Hare, 4th Bt; daughter of Sir Richard Ludwig Bagge. 2 Portraits

Francis George Hare (1786-1842), Son of Francis Hare and Georgiana Shipley. 3 Portraits

James Hare (1747-1804), Social celebrity and politician. 2 Portraits

James Francis Hare (1897-1970), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Lady Jane Esther Hare (née Maurice) (1814-1864), Wife of Julius Charles Hare. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hare (1844-1921), Actor and theatre manager. 24 Portraits

John Hare. 1 Portrait

Julius Charles Hare (1795-1855), Archdeacon of Lewes and theological writer. 3 Portraits

Sir Lancelot Hare (1851-1922), Civil servant in India. 5 Portraits

Peter Hare, Tennis player. 9 Portraits

Peter Ewart Hare (died 1981), Son of Edgar J. Hare. 5 Portraits

Sir Ralph Hare, 1st Bt (1623-1672), Conservative politician; MP for Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Hon. Richard Gilbert Hare (1907-1966), Professor of Russian Literature; husband of artist Dora Gordine. 1 Portrait

Richard Mervyn Hare (1919-2002), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

Robertson Hare (1891-1979), Actor. 3 Portraits

Thomas Hare (1806-1891), Political reformer. 4 Portraits

Sir Thomas Hare, 5th Bt (1930-1993), Son of Sir Ralph Leigh Hare, 4th Bt. 3 Portraits

William Hobart Hare (1838-1909), Bishop of Niobrara and South Dakota. 1 Portrait

William Ody Hare (circa 1787-1868), Undersheriff of the City of Bristol. 1 Portrait

Winifred Hare (1875-1930?), Actress and singer. 4 Portraits

Anne Lascelles (née Chaloner), Countess of Harewood (1742 or 1743-1805), Wife of 1st Earl of Harewood; daughter of William Chaloner. 1 Portrait

Henry Lascelles, 2nd Earl of Harewood (1767-1841), Conservative politician; MP for Yorkshire, Westbury, Pontefract and Northallerton. 5 Portraits

Henry Thynne Lascelles, 4th Earl of Harewood (1824-1892), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Florence Katharine (née Bridgeman), Countess of Harewood (died 1943), Wife of 5th Earl of Harewood; daughter of 3rd Earl of Bradford. 2 Portraits

Henry George Charles Lascelles, 6th Earl of Harewood (1882-1947), Major. 34 Portraits

George Henry Hubert Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood (1923-2011), Director of the Royal Opera House and editor of Opera magazine; president of Leeds United Football Club. 46 Portraits

Maria Donata ('Marion') (née Stein), Countess of Harewood (later Mrs Jeremy Thorpe) (1926-2014), Concert pianist and joint founder of Leeds International Piano Competition; former wife of 7th Earl of Harewood, and later wife of Jeremy Thorpe. 20 Portraits

Patricia Elizabeth (née Tuckwell), Countess of Harewood (1926-), Australian violinist, model and second wife of 7th Earl of Harewood. 1 Portrait

Kate Harfleur (active 1862-1869), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Scandrett Harford (1785-1866), Biographer. 1 Portrait

James Hargest (1891-1944), New Zealand politician and army officer. 2 Portraits

Mickey Hargitay (1926-2006), Actor and Mr. Universe; second husband of Jayne Mansfield. 1 Portrait

Francis Hargrave (1740 or 1741-1821), Legal writer and editor. 2 Portraits

Alan Knyveton Hargreaves (1882-1915), Soldier; Son of Alice Liddell. 1 Portrait

Alfred Hargreaves (1899-1978), Politician; MP for Carlisle. 3 Portraits

Caryl Liddell Hargreaves (1887-1955), Wing Commander and businessman. 1 Portrait

George Ronald Hargreaves (1908-1962), Psychiatrist. 6 Portraits

Grainger Hope Hargreaves (1891-1967), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

John Hargreaves (active 1792), Coal mine owner; husband of Charlotte Anne Ormerod. 4 Portraits

John Hargreaves (1839-1895), Master of the Cattiscott Hunt. 2 Portraits

John Hargreaves (1864-1926), Soldier and master of the Cattisford Hunt. 1 Portrait

Hon. Margaret Hargreaves (née Lane-Fox) (1913-1986), Royal courtier; former wife of Charles William Christopher Packe and of James Edward Hunter, and later wife of Kenneth Hargreaves. 2 Portraits

Roger Hargreaves (1959-). 2 Portraits

William Herbert Hargreaves (1908-1994), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Mr Hargreaves (active 1850), Member of The Lancashire Central Short Time Committee for Obtaining the Ten Hours Bill. 1 Portrait

Miss Hargreaves (active early 1870s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Nanabhai Haridas (born 1832), First Indian Justice of the Bombay High Court. 1 Portrait

John Harington, 1st Baron Harington of Exton (1541-1613), Guardian of Princess Elizabeth. 4 Portraits

John Harington, 2nd Baron Harington of Exton (1592-1614), Son of 1st Baron Harington of Exton. 7 Portraits

Lady Cecilia Harington (née Bowes-Lyon) (1912-1947), Wife of Kenneth Douglas Evelyn Herbert Harington; daughter of 15th Earl of Strathmore. 12 Portraits

Alexander Stuart Harington, Army officer. 1 Portrait

Alfred St George Hamersley, Biochemist and Director of the National Institute for Medical Research. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Harington (1910-2007), General. 6 Portraits

Sir Charles Harington Harington (1872-1940), General. 6 Portraits

Sir Charles Robert Harington (1897-1972), Biochemist and medical administrator; Professor of Chemical Pathology. 9 Portraits

Edward Harington (1863-1937), Judge; 3rd son of Sir Richard Harington, 11th Bt. 3 Portraits

Henry Harington (1727-1816), Physician. 2 Portraits

Sir John Harington (baptised 1560-1612), Wit and writer; translator of 'Orlando Furioso'. 10 Portraits

John Harington (1912-1989), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Douglas Evelyn Herbert Harington (1911-2007), Magistrate. 2 Portraits

Mary (née Rogers), Lady Harington, Wife of Sir John Harington. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Harington, 11th Bt (1835-1911), County Court Judge. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cudbert Harington (1798-1863), Civil servant and company official. 1 Portrait

Christian Frederick Harke (1779-1862), Minister and academic. 1 Portrait

Mary Vaughn Harke (née Steains) (1833-1909), Daughter of James Steains; wife of W.H. Harke. 1 Portrait

Gordon Harker (1885-1967), Actor. 10 Portraits

James Harkess (1932-), Son of W. Harkess. 1 Portrait

D.A.E. Harkness. 2 Portraits

Ada Harland (Ada S. Smith) (born 1847), Actress; wife of Brander Matthews. 1 Portrait

Henry Harland (1861-1905), American novelist and editor. 1 Portrait

John Harland (1806-1868), Journalist and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Maurice Henry Harland (1896-1986), Bishop of Durham. 5 Portraits

Sir Robert Harland, 1st Bt (circa 1715-1784), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Harland, 2nd Bt (1765-1848). 1 Portrait

William Charles Harland (1804-1863), Politician; MP for Durham. 1 Portrait

William Richard Ormsby-Gore, 2nd Baron Harlech (1819-1904), Politician, army officer and landowner. 1 Portrait

George Ralph Charles Ormsby-Gore, 3rd Baron Harlech (1855-1938), Landowner; Lord-Lieutenant of Merionethshire. 8 Portraits

Margaret Ethel (née Gordon), Lady Harlech (1858-1950), Justice of the Peace; wife of 3rd Baron Harlech; daughter of 10th Marquess of Huntly. 3 Portraits

William George Arthur Ormsby-Gore, 4th Baron Harlech (1885-1964), Banker, diplomat and Conservative politician; MP for Denbigh and Stafford. 11 Portraits

Beatrice Edith Mildred Ormsby-Gore (née Gascoyne-Cecil), Lady Harlech (1891-1980), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother; wife of 4th Baron Harlech; daughter of 4th Marquess of Salisbury. 7 Portraits

(William) David Ormsby Gore, 5th Baron Harlech (1918-1985), Politician and diplomat. 2 Portraits

Amanda Jane (née Grieve), Lady Harlech (1958-), Wife of 6th Baron Harlech. 3 Portraits

Pamela (née Talmey), Lady Harlech (1934-), Journalist and administrator for the arts. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Harley (1624-1700), Parliamentarian army officer and politician; MP for Herefordshire and Radnor. 4 Portraits

Francis Harley. 17 Portraits

George Harley (1829-1896), Physician and physiological chemist. 2 Portraits

John Pritt Harley (1786-1858), Actor and singer. 13 Portraits

Sir Robert Harley (1579-1656), Master of the Mint. 8 Portraits

Thomas Harley (1730-1804), Politician; MP for London and Herefordshire. 2 Portraits

Thomas Harley (circa 1543-1631), Sheriff of Herefordshire. 3 Portraits

Robert Harling (1910-2008), Novelist, mystery writer and writer on art and design. 11 Portraits

George Henry Harlow (1787-1819), Portrait painter. 3 Portraits

John Harlow (1896-1977), Film director. 1 Portrait

Sarah Harlowe (Mrs Waldron) (1765-1852), Actress; wife of Francis Godolphin Waldron. 1 Portrait

Alexander Ramsay Harman (1877-1954), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Sir (Clement) James Harman (1894-1975), Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

David ('Dave Dee') Harman (1943-2009), Musician; member of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. 1 Portrait

Edmund Harman (active 1530-1541), Barber to King Henry VIII. 1 Portrait

Erica Jane Harman (née Bridgeman) (1934-), Wife of Jeremiah Le Roy Harman. 1 Portrait

Flora Fitzmaurice Harman (1882-1929), Former wife of Edward Irvine, and later wife of William R.S. Harman; daughter of 4th Baron Muskerry. 2 Portraits

Sir George Byng Harman (1830-1892), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Harriet Harman (1950-), Politician; Deputy leader of the Labour Party and MP for Camberwell & Peckham. 1 Portrait

Sir John Harman (1625?-1673), Admiral. 1 Portrait

A. Jympson Harman (active 1937-1956), Film critic. 1 Portrait

Katharine Frances (née Sachs), Lady Harman (1939-2002), Wife of Sir Jeremiah Harman; daughter of Sir Eric Sachs. 5 Portraits

Sarah Harmanee (1970-), Jewellery designer. 1 Portrait

John Harmar (died 1798), Dissenting minister at Sheffield and inventor. 1 Portrait

Harmar Harmar-Nicholls, Baron Harmar-Nicholls (1912-2000), Politician; MP for Peterborough. 5 Portraits

Dorothy Somers Harmer (née Cocks). 1 Portrait

Sir Frederic Evelyn Harmer (1905-1995), HM Government Director of British Petroleum Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

James Harmer (1777-1853), Solicitor and alderman of London. 1 Portrait

John Reginald Harmer (1857-1944), Bishop of Adelaide and Bishop of Rochester. 2 Portraits

Sir Sidney Frederic Harmer (1862-1950), Zoologist. 4 Portraits

M. Harmont (?), Actor. 3 Portraits

Lady Frances Cordelia Harmood-Banner (née Duberly) (born 1880), Wife of Sir Harmood Harmood-Banner, 2nd Bt; daughter of George Duberly. 2 Portraits

Sir Harmood Harmood-Banner, 2nd Bt (1876-1950), Major. 1 Portrait

Mildred Carolyn Jeanne Harms (née Coke) (1934-), Wife of David Stephen Harms; daughter of Hon. Richard Coke. 4 Portraits

Cecil Bisshopp Harmsworth, 1st Baron Harmsworth (1869-1948), Politician and businessman. 8 Portraits

Dorothy Alexander (née Heinlein), Lady Harmsworth (died 1990), Wife of 2nd Baron Harmsworth. 1 Portrait

Cecil Desmond Bernard Harmsworth, 2nd Baron Harmsworth (1903-1990), Artist; publisher. 1 Portrait

Chamberlain Michael Hildebrand Harmsworth (1903-1955), Son of Sir Hildebrand Harmsworth, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Elen (née Billenstein), Lady Harmsworth (1904-2005), Wife of Sir Hildebrand Alfred Beresford Harmsworth, 2nd Bt; daughter of Nicolaj Billenstein. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Cecil Aubrey Harmsworth (1897-1952), Publisher. 3 Portraits

Sir Hildebrand Harold Harmsworth, 3rd Bt (1931-), Gardening writer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Robert) Leicester Harmsworth, 1st Bt (1870-1937), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

Perceval Anthony Thomas Hildebrand Harmsworth (1907-1968), Barrister. 2 Portraits

Robert Lovel St John Harmsworth (1898-1920), Son of Sir (Robert) Leicester Harmsworth, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

William Harness (1790-1869), Literary scholar and clergyman. 3 Portraits

Mr Harnett. 1 Portrait

King Harold II (Harold Godwineson) (1022?-1066), Reigned 1066. 5 Portraits

King Harold I ('Harold Harefoot') (circa 1015-1040), King of England, reigned 1035-1040. 3 Portraits

Harold, Prince of Denmark (1876-1949), Third son of Frederick VIII. 2 Portraits

Charles Henry Hasler Harold (1885-1938), Lieutenant-Colonel and microbiologist. 2 Portraits

Lily Harold (née Lillie Nesta Morris Watkins) (1870-1952), Gaiety Girl and music hall singer. 3 Portraits

Jean François de la Harpe (1739-1803), French critic. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Henry Harper (1876-1950), Colonial administrator. 2 Portraits

George MacGowan Harper (1899-1976), Deputy Chairman of Lloyd's. 2 Portraits

Sir George Montague Harper (1865-1922), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

Heather Mary Harper (1930-), Soprano. 2 Portraits

Henry John Chitty Harper (1804-1893), Anglican Bishop of Christchurch and Primate of New Zealand. 3 Portraits

John Harper (died 1742), Actor. 3 Portraits

John Charles Harper (1917-), Barrister. 6 Portraits

John Ernest Troyte Harper (1874-1949), Vice-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Brand Harper (1891-1961), Chairman of The Burmah Oil Company Ltd. 3 Portraits

Mrs L.A. Harper, Tennis player. 2 Portraits

Reginald Tristram Harper (1876-1958), High Sheriff of Surrey; Director of British Red Cross. 1 Portrait

Sir William Harper (1496-1574), Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

William Harper (active 1745), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir William Harpham (1906-1999), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Sally Harpley, Wife of Sydney Harpley. 1 Portrait

Sydney Charles Harpley (1927-1992), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Harpur, 6th Bt (1739-1789), Politician; MP for Derbyshire. 2 Portraits

Beatrice Harraden (1864-1936), Novelist, worked for female suffrage. 1 Portrait

Walter Godfrey Harrap (1894-1967), Founder of Publishers’ Publicity Circle and British Publishers’ Guild Ltd. 1 Portrait

Sir David Harrel (1841-1939), Police officer and civil servant. 4 Portraits

Raymond Hiley Harries (1916-1950), Royal Air Force fighter pilot. 1 Portrait

Thomas Harries (circa 1814-1879), Army officer. 1 Portrait

William Harries (active 1557), Constable. 1 Portrait

William Stanhope, 1st Earl of Harrington (1683?-1756), Diplomat and statesman. 6 Portraits

Maria Stanhope (née Foote), Countess of Harrington (1797-1867), Actress. 9 Portraits

Charles Stanhope, 3rd Earl of Harrington (1753-1829), General. 10 Portraits

Jane Stanhope (née Fleming), Countess of Harrington (1755-1824), Lady of the bedchamber to Queen Charlotte and society hostess. 4 Portraits

Charles Stanhope, 4th Earl of Harrington (1780-1851), Dandy, colonel and Lord of the Bedchamber. 7 Portraits

Leicester Stanhope, 5th Earl of Harrington (1784-1862), Soldier. 2 Portraits

Seymour Sydney Hyde Stanhope, 6th Earl of Harrington (1845-1866), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Charles Wyndham Stanhope, 7th Earl of Harrington (1809-1881), Landowner and politician. 1 Portrait

Charles Stanhope, 8th Earl of Harrington (1844-1917), Aide-de-camp to King Edward VII. 3 Portraits

Kathleen Eden, Countess of Harrington (died 1949), Wife of 9th Earl of Harrington. 4 Portraits

Lady Amy Harrington (née McMillan), Wife of Sir John Lane Harrington; daughter of Jason McMillan. 5 Portraits

Andy Harrington, Foreman steel erector. 1 Portrait

Lady Catherine Harrington (née Wright) (1617-1675), Wife of James Harrington. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Harrington (1872-1940), General. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Nazeby Harrington (1891-1951), Solicitor. 3 Portraits

James Harrington (Sir James Harrington, 3rd Bt) (circa 1607-1680), Parliamentarian. 5 Portraits

James Harrington (1611-1677), Political theorist. 11 Portraits

Lady Harrington, Wife of Sir Charles Harrington. 2 Portraits

Miss Harriote. 1 Portrait

Joseph Arthurlin ('Joe') Harriott (1928-1973), Jazz musician and composer. 1 Portrait

John Harriott (1745-1817), Projector of the London Thames Police. 2 Portraits

George Harris, 1st Baron Harris (1746-1829), Commander in India. 3 Portraits

William George Harris, 2nd Baron Harris (1782-1845), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

George Francis Robert Harris, 3rd Baron Harris (1810-1872), Governor of Madras and of Trinidad. 4 Portraits

George Robert Canning Harris, 4th Baron Harris (1851-1932), Cricketer and administrator in India. 15 Portraits

George St Vincent Harris, 5th Baron Harris (1889-1984), Chairman, Kent Police Authority. 8 Portraits

Dorothy Mary (née Crookes), Lady Harris (died 1981), Chief Commandant, Auxiliary Territorial Service; wife of 5th Baron Harris; daughter of John William Crookes. 2 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Alexander Harris (1855-1947), Colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

Sir Archibald Harris (1883-1971), Timber importer; Director of Bambergers Ltd. 4 Portraits

Sir Arthur Travers ('Bomber') Harris, 1st Bt (1892-1984), Air Chief-Marshal; Chief of Bomber Command. 10 Portraits

Audrey Sophia Harris (Mrs George Devine) (1901-1966), Stage designer. 6 Portraits

Augustus Frederick Glossop Harris (1826-1873), Actor and theatre manager. 2 Portraits

Sir Augustus Henry Glossop Harris (1852-1896), Actor, impresario and dramatist. 9 Portraits

Bravid Washington Harris (1896-1965), Bishop of Liberia. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Harris (1864-1943), Civil servant. 4 Portraits

Hon. Charles Amyand Harris (1813-1874), Bishop of Gibraltar. 1 Portrait

Charles Frederick Harris (1887-1957), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Joseph William Harris (1901-1986), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Charles Reginald Schiller Harris (1896-1979), Editor of the Economist and lecturer in Humanities. 1 Portrait

Claude Harris (1883-1961), Photographer. 2 Portraits

C.R. Harris, Tennis player. 2 Portraits

Dame (Muriel) Diana Reader Harris (1912-1996), Educationist. 5 Portraits

Donald Bertram Harris (1904-1996), Vicar of St Paul's, Knightsbridge. 7 Portraits

Freddie Harris, Assistant to Angus McBean. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Harris (1891-1976), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Geoffrey Wingfield Harris (1913-1971), Physiologist and endocrinologist. 5 Portraits

George Harris (1844-1922), Master, West of England and South Wales Fine Art Trade Guild. 1 Portrait

Henry Harris (circa 1634-1704), Actor. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Percy Harris (1856-1941), Politician. 2 Portraits

H.F.P. Harris, General Director of the Liberal Party. 2 Portraits

Sir Ian Harris (1910-1999), Lieutenant-General. 5 Portraits

Jack Harris Harris (1903-1963), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

James Harris (1709-1780), Philosopher, critic, grammarian and politician; MP for Christchurch. 3 Portraits

James Rendel Harris (1852-1941), Biblical Scholar, archaeologist and orientalist. 3 Portraits

James Thomas ('Frank') Harris (1856-1931), Editor; Journalist and Publisher. 4 Portraits

Terence ('Jet') Harris (1939-2011), Musician; bassist for The Shadows. 4 Portraits

John Harris (circa 1666-1719), Writer and lecturer on science and Prebendary of Rochester. 3 Portraits

John Harris (1802-1856), Congregational minister and College head. 1 Portrait

John Harris (active 1885). 1 Portrait

John Frederick Harris (1931-), Art historian and curator. 1 Portrait

Joseph ('Joe') Harris, Mechanic. 1 Portrait

Joseph Harris (active 1661-1681), Actor. 1 Portrait

Joseph Montague Harris (died 1963 or 1964), Vicar. 1 Portrait

Hon. Katherine Harris (née O'Brien) (died 1865), Daughter of Sir Lucius O'Brien. 1 Portrait

Lawrence Anstie Harris (1896-1970), Brigadier. 3 Portraits

Leonard Charles Harris (1873-1953), President of Chamber of Shipping of UK. 1 Portrait

(Frederick) Leverton Harris (1864-1926), Politician and art collector. 3 Portraits

Margaret Rosalind Linley Harris (née Stracey) (1907-1995), Wife of Peter Edward Clement Harris; daughter of Sir Edward Paulet Stracey, 7th Bt. 5 Portraits

Maria Harris (Maria Elizabeth Glossop) (1851-1904), Actress. 2 Portraits

Mat Harris. 1 Portrait

Maureen Harris (1951-), Secretary of the Friends of the Royal Academy. 1 Portrait

Maurice Harris (active 1962), Businessman; Managing Director of L. Harris Ltd (Fashion House). 1 Portrait

Nelly Harris (died 1897), Actress. 1 Portrait

Margaret Frances ('Percy') Harris (1904-2000), Stage designer. 6 Portraits

Sir Percy Alfred Harris, 1st Bt (1876-1952), Politician; deputy leader of the Liberal Party. 3 Portraits

Richard Harris (1930-2002), Actor. 5 Portraits

Robert Harris (1900-1995), Actor. 5 Portraits

Robert Dennis Harris (1957-), Journalist, novelist and reporter. 1 Portrait

Rolf Harris (1930-), Television presenter and entertainer. 1 Portrait

Sir Ronald Montague Joseph Harris (1913-1995), Civil servant. 8 Portraits

Rosemary Harris (1927-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Sidney West Harris (1876-1962), Civil servant and film censor; President of British Board of Film Censors. 4 Portraits

S.W. Harris, Lawn tennis player. 1 Portrait

Therese (née Hearne), Lady Harris, Wife of Sir Arthur Travers Harris. 3 Portraits

Tomás Harris (1908-1964), Artist, art dealer and intelligence officer. 1 Portrait

(Emanuel) Vincent Harris (1876-1971), Architect. 3 Portraits

Wee Willie Harris (Charles William Harris) (1933-), Singer. 11 Portraits

Sir William Cornwallis Harris (1807-1848), Engineer and traveller. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Harris (1883-1973), Organist and composer. 2 Portraits

(Henry) Wilson Harris (1883-1955), Author, journalist and editor. 5 Portraits

Hon. Youla Edithe Harris (née Littleton, later Wellsley) (1904-), Daughter of 4th Baron Hatherton; wife of John Elvine Harris. 4 Portraits

Mr Harris. 1 Portrait

Harris. 1 Portrait

Philip Charles Harris, Baron Harris of Peckham (1942-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Lady Lettice Joan Harrison (née Cholmondeley, later Lady Shepard) (1882-1946), Former wife of Cecil Pryce Harrison, and later wife of Cecil William Shepard; daughter of 4th Marquess of Cholmondeley. 6 Portraits

Anne Margaret Harrison (née Daniel) (1944-), Granddaughter of 2nd Earl Lloyd George; wife of Bernard Harrison. 6 Portraits

Antony James Robinson Harrison (1928-), Major and High Sheriff of Cumbria. 2 Portraits

Beatrice Bohun Harrison (1892-1965), Cellist. 6 Portraits

Benjamin Harrison (1726-1791), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Harrison (1808-1887), Church of England clergyman. 4 Portraits

Billy Harrison (1942-), Musician; member of Them. 1 Portrait

Blaine Harrison (circa 1985-), Musician; member of the Mystery Jets. 1 Portrait

(Alastair) Brian Clarke Harrison (1921-2011), Politician, rower and landowner. 1 Portrait

Sir Brian Howard Harrison (1937-), Editor of the New Dictionary of National Biography. 1 Portrait

B. Harrison, Actress. 1 Portrait

Cathryn Mary Lee Harrison (1959-), Actress; daughter of Noel Harrison; granddaughter of Sir Rex Harrison. 1 Portrait

Cecil Marriott Harrison (1911-1986), Headmaster and clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Reeves Harrison (1856-1940), Printer. 2 Portraits

Clifford Harrison (1857-1903), Poet, elocutionist and performer. 2 Portraits

Dhani Harrison (1978-), Musician; son of George Harrison. 1 Portrait

Douglas Ernest William Harrison (1903-1974), Archdeacon of Sheffield. 2 Portraits

Edward Harrison (active 1844). 1 Portrait

Eric George William Warde Harrison (1893-1987), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Sir Ernest Thomas ('Ernie') Harrison (1926-2009), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Frederic Harrison (1831-1923), Writer, positivist and historian. 10 Portraits

Sir Frederick Harrison (1844-1914), Lieutenant-Colonel and railway manager. 2 Portraits

Frederick Harrison (1854?-1926), Actor and theatre manager. 1 Portrait

Frederick Thomas Harrison (1857-1927), Clergyman and Headmaster of Milton Abbey School. 5 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Wedgwood Harrison (1908-1990), Ambassador to Brazil, Persia and USSR. 3 Portraits

George Harrison (1767-1841), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

George Harrison (1812-1885), Lord Provost of the University of Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

George Harrison (1943-2001), Musician; member of The Beatles. 49 Portraits

George Bagshawe Harrison (1894-1991), Shakespearean scholar and writer. 20 Portraits

Gerald Joseph Cuthbert Harrison (1895-1954), Politician. 2 Portraits

Sir (James) Harwood Harrison, 1st Bt (1907-1980), Politician; MP for Eye. 5 Portraits

Ian Stewart Harrison (1919-2008), Major-General. 1 Portrait

James Harrison (1899-1959), Politician; MP for Nottingham. 1 Portrait

Sir James Humphreys Harrison (1848-1933), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

James Jonathan Harrison (1858-1923), Soldier and big game hunter. 1 Portrait

Jane Ellen Harrison (1850-1928), Classical scholar. 1 Portrait

John Harrison (baptised 1579-1656), Alderman of Leeds; philanthropist. 5 Portraits

John Harrison (1693-1776), Horologist. 1 Portrait

John Harrison (died 1786), Commander of the Mediterranean Squadron. 2 Portraits

Joseph Harrison (active 1819-1820), Radical preacher. 1 Portrait

Judy Harrison, Student, New Hall College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Harrison (1892-1995), Film actress. 1 Portrait

Margery Harrison (née Wells Wyborn), Wife of Carlton Harrison. 3 Portraits

Mary Harrison, Pupil of Henry Holiday. 2 Portraits

Michael George Harrison (1917-1942), Captain. 4 Portraits

Mrs Molly Harrison (1909-2002), Curator, Geffrye Museum. 1 Portrait

Mona Harrison (1879-1957), Actress. 7 Portraits

Monica Aileen Harrison (née Baker), Wife of Reverend D.E.W. Harrison. 1 Portrait

Miss M. Harrison, Actress. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Harrison (active mid 18th century-early 19th century), Manager of the Earths in the Sedgefield Country. 1 Portrait

Noel Harrison (1934-2013), Actor and singer; Olympic Skier; son of Sir Rex Harrison. 2 Portraits

Olivia Harrison (née Arias) (1948-), Wife of George Harrison. 1 Portrait

Philip Harrison, Musician, member of 'The Temperance Seven'. 1 Portrait

Polly Harrison. 2 Portraits

Sir Reginald Carey ('Rex') Harrison (1908-1990), Actor. 10 Portraits

Richard Harrison (1736-1793), Minister of Brompton Chapel. 7 Portraits

Sir Richard Harrison (1837-1931), General. 2 Portraits

Robert Harrison (1715-1802), Mathematician and linguist. 1 Portrait

Robert Hichens Camden Harrison (1837-1924), Stockbroker, art collector and Justice of the Peace and High Sheriff for Oxfordshire. 1 Portrait

Robert Peter Harrison (1912-), Son of Cecil Pryce Harrison and Lady Lettice Joan Harrison (later Shepard) (née Cholmondeley). 4 Portraits

Samuel Harrison (1760-1812), Singer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Harrison (1606-1660), Parliamentary commander and regicide. 10 Portraits

Sir Thomas Harrison (1691-1765), Chamberlain of London. 3 Portraits

Thomas Harrison (1744-1829), Architect. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Dalkin Harrison (1885-1954), Solicitor. 8 Portraits

Tom Harrison. 6 Portraits

Tony Harrison (1937-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Ursula Edith de Marie Harrison (née Haggerston) (1910-1998), Wife of Richard Grenville Harrison; daughter of Sir Edward Charlton de Marie Haggerston, 10th Bt. 2 Portraits

William Harrison (active 1640), Politician; MP for Queenborough. 1 Portrait

William Harrison (1812-1860), Commander of the Great Eastern. 1 Portrait

William Harrison (active 1847), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

William Ralph Elliott Harrison (1891-1934), Soldier. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Harrison (1837-1920), Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mrs. Harrison. 3 Portraits

Mrs F.N. Harrison Bell, Royal Commissioner on National Health Insurance. 1 Portrait

George Alexander Harrisson (died 1899), 79th Highlanders Captain. 2 Portraits

Hilda Harrisson (1888-1972), Artist; wife of Roland Harrisson; daughter of Sam Grierson. 1 Portrait

Tom Harnett Harrisson (1911-1976), Traveller, explorer and scholar; co-founder of the Mass-Observation social survey project. 15 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Roy Forbes Harrod (1900-1978), Economist. 7 Portraits

Dudley Ryder, 1st Earl of Harrowby (1762-1847), Statesman. 12 Portraits

Dudley Ryder, 2nd Earl of Harrowby (1798-1882), Politician; MP for Tiverton and Liverpool, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Lord Privy Seal. 8 Portraits

Dudley Francis Stuart Ryder, 3rd Earl of Harrowby (1831-1900), Educationalist and politician; MP for Lichfield and Liverpool and President of the Board of Trade. 9 Portraits

Mary Frances Ryder (née Cecil), Countess of Harrowby (1832-1917), Wife of 3rd Earl of Harrowby; daughter of 2nd Marquess of Exeter. 1 Portrait

Henry Dudley Ryder, 4th Earl of Harrowby (1836-1900), Banker and landowner; member of the jury in 'Tichborne v Lushington'. 1 Portrait

John Herbert Dudley Ryder, 5th Earl of Harrowby (1864-1956), Justice of the Peace; Businessman; Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire, 1927-1948. 11 Portraits

Mabel Danvers Ryder (née Smith), Countess of Harrowby (1867-1956), Wife of 5th Earl of Harrowby. 10 Portraits

Dudley Ryder, 6th Earl of Harrowby (1892-1987), Politician; MP for Shrewsbury. 4 Portraits

Helena Blanche Ryder (née Coventry), Countess of Harrowby (1895-1974), Wife of 6th Earl of Harrowby; daughter of Viscount Deerhurst. 2 Portraits

Dudley Danvers Granville Coutts Ryder, 7th Earl of Harrowby (1922-2007), Director, National Westminster Bank. 4 Portraits

Jeanette Rosalthé (née Johnston-Saint), Countess of Harrowby (died 1997), Wife of 7th Earl of Harrowby; daughter of Peter Johnston-Saint. 1 Portrait

Dudley Adrian Conroy Ryder, 8th Earl of Harrowby (1951-), Chartered Surveyor. 12 Portraits

Elizabeth Ryder (née Terrick), Lady Harrowby (1739-1804), Wife of 1st Baron Harrowby. 3 Portraits

Jane Ann (née Tesseyman), Lady Harrowing (1867-1961), Wife of Sir John Harrowing; daughter of William Tesseyman. 1 Portrait

Sir John Henry Harrowing (1859-1937), Alderman and Chairman of The Harrowing Steamship Co Ltd. 3 Portraits

Margaret Isobel Harrowing (1901-1990), Daughter of Sir John Henry Harrowing. 1 Portrait

Ruth Elspeth Harrowing (née Moubray) (1904-2002), Wife of Wilkinson Wilberforce Harrowing. 1 Portrait

Wilkinson Wilberforce Harrowing (1898-1967), Lieutenant-Colonel and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Deborah ('Debbie') Harry (1945-), Singer and actress; lead singer for Blondie. 4 Portraits

Old Harry (active 1710), The Raree Showman. 1 Portrait

Arnold Guy Harsant (1893-1977), Limb-fitting surgeon. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Mary Harsant (née Richardson) (1939-), Personal Assistant in accountancy and legal companies; wife of Raymond Peter Harsant; daughter of Elizabeth Marion and Neil Richardson. 6 Portraits

David Harsent (1942-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Harston (1891-1975), Major and solicitor. 3 Portraits

Judith Constance Mary Hart (née Ridehalgh), Baroness Hart of South Lanark (1924-1991), Politician; MP for Lanark and Clydesdale and Minister of Overseas Development. 3 Portraits

Aaron Hart (1670-1756), Chief Rabbi. 1 Portrait

Sir Anthony Hart (1757-1831), Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 1 Portrait

Anthony Hart. 1 Portrait

Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart (1895-1970), Military historian and strategist. 27 Portraits

Douglas Hart, Musician, founding member and bassist for 'The Jesus and Mary Chain'. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Hart (née Bowes) (1534-after 1587), Wife of Sir George Hart. 1 Portrait

Ernest Abraham Hart (1835-1898), Medical journalist. 4 Portraits

Sir George Hart (circa 1532-1587), Sheriff of Kent. 1 Portrait

George Henry Charles Hart (1893-1943), Economist and lawyer. 3 Portraits

Henry St. John Hart (circa 1912-2004), Reverend and lecturer in Divinity, Oriental Languages and Hebrew. 1 Portrait

Herbert Lionel Adolphus Hart (1907-1992), Philosopher. 2 Portraits

Hester Jane (née Bredon), Lady Hart (died 1928), Wife of Sir Robert Hart, 1st Bt; daughter of Alexander Bredon. 2 Portraits

John Hart (died 1586), Jesuit. 6 Portraits

John Stephen Hart (1866-1952), Bishop of Wangaratta, Australia. 1 Portrait

Josephine Hart, Lady Saatchi (1942-2011), Novelist and poetry promoter; wife of Maurice Saatchi. 1 Portrait

Julian Tudor Hart (1927-), Physician and epidemiologist. 1 Portrait

Miranda Hart (1972-), Comedian and writer. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Hart (born 1684), 'The sleeping man'. 2 Portraits

Oliver J. Hart (active 1943-1953), Bishop of Pennsylvania. 1 Portrait

Orlando Hart (died 1791), Shoemaker. 1 Portrait

Paul Brian Hart (1954-), Composer and musical arranger for film, radio, television and advertising commercials. 1 Portrait

Philip Montagu D'Arcy Hart (1900-2006), Medical researcher and pioneer in tuberculosis treatment. 1 Portrait

Raymond Hart (1913-1999), Captain, Royal Navy. 2 Portraits

Sir Raymund George Hart (1889-1960), Air Marshal. 9 Portraits

Sir Reginald Clare Hart (1848-1931), General; recipient of the Victoria Cross,. 10 Portraits

Sir Robert Hart, 1st Bt (1835-1911), Inspector-General of Customs in China. 10 Portraits

Solomon Alexander Hart (1806-1881), Painter. 8 Portraits

Trevor Ray Hart (1967-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

William Henry Hart (active circa 1861), Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. 1 Portrait

Sir William Ogden Hart (1903-1977), Local government administrator and legal writer. 1 Portrait

Mr Hart (active 1841). 1 Portrait

Mrs Hart (active 1884). 1 Portrait

Armando Hart Dávalos (1930-), Cuban revolutionary and writer. 2 Portraits

Mrs Richard Hart-Davis (active 1935). 2 Portraits

Sir Rupert Charles Hart-Davis (1907-1999), Author, editor and publisher. 4 Portraits

Lady Emily Caroline Hart Dyke (née Lady Montague) (died 1931), Daughter of 7th Earl of Sandwich; first wife of William Hart Dyke. 1 Portrait

Millicent Zoë (née Bond), Lady Hart Dyke (1896-1975), First wife of Sir Oliver Hamilton Augustus Hart Dyke, 8th Bt; daughter of Mayston Bond. 6 Portraits

(Francis) Bret Harte (Francis Brett Hart) (1836-1902), Author. 5 Portraits

Evelyn Harter. 1 Portrait

George Hartgill (before 1556-before 1598), Chaplain to the Marquess of Winchester, astronomer and astrologer. 2 Portraits

William Clavering Hartgill (1888-1968), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Gerald Patrick Desmond Hartigan (1884-1955), South African cricketer. 1 Portrait

Hubert Moore Hartigan (born 1882), Racehorse trainer. 3 Portraits

Sir James Andrew Hartigan (1876-1962), Lieutenant-General and Director-General of Army Medical Services. 1 Portrait

William John Robert Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington (1917-1944), Lieutenant; son of 10th Duke of Devonshire. 2 Portraits

Amanda Carmen (née Heywood-Lonsdale), Marchioness of Hartington (1944-), Wife of Marquess of Hartington; daughter of Edward Heywood-Lonsdale. 2 Portraits

Kathleen Agnes Cavendish (née Kennedy), Marchioness of Hartington (1920-1948), Wife of William, Marquess of Hartington; daughter of Joseph P. Kennedy; sister of John F. Kennedy. 3 Portraits

Russell P. Hartle (1889-1961), General. 3 Portraits

Sir Alan Fleming Hartley (1882-1954), General. 2 Portraits

Alex Hartley (1963-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Arthur Clifford Hartley (1889-1960), Technical Director of Petroleum Warfare Department. 4 Portraits

David Hartley the Elder (1705-1757), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Hartley (née White) (1750 or 1751-1824), Actress. 6 Portraits

Sir Harold Hartley (1878-1972), Brigadier-General. 16 Portraits

H.N. Hartley. 1 Portrait

James Hartley (active 1844). 1 Portrait

James Walker Hartley (1852-1939), Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Leslie Poles ('L.P.') Hartley (1895-1972), Novelist and critic. 39 Portraits

Martha O'Connor (née Horsfield), Lady Hartley (1843-1930), Wife of Sir William Pickles Hartley. 2 Portraits

Sir Percival Hartley (1881-1957), Biochemist and bacteriologist. 2 Portraits

Percival Hubert Graham Horton-Smith Hartley (1896-1977), Rower and Colonel and House Master at Eton College. 1 Portrait

Raymond Hartley, Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir William Pickles Hartley (1846-1922), Manufacturer of Grocers' Sundries. 2 Portraits

Winchcombe Henry Howard Hartley (1788-1832), Fellow of Merton College, Oxford; Vicar of Bucklebury, Gloucestershire. 3 Portraits

Winchcombe Henry Howard Hartley (1810-1881), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Imre Hartman (born 1895), Cellist. 1 Portrait

Adam Samuel Hartmann (active mid-late 17th century), Doctor of Divinity at Oxford. 1 Portrait

Dedi Hartmann, Wife of 1st Baron Elton of Headington. 3 Portraits

Sir Norman Bishop Hartnell (1901-1979), Fashion designer and dressmaker to the Queen. 17 Portraits

Angela Hartnett (1968-), Restaurateur. 2 Portraits

Janet Hartog. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Joseph Hartog (1864-1947), Chemist and educationist. 4 Portraits

George Harry William Fleetwood Hartopp (1785-1824), Politician; MP for Dundalk. 2 Portraits

William Wray (Wrey) Hartopp (died 1874), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Douglas Rayner Hartree (1897-1958), Physicist and mathematician. 4 Portraits

Eva Hartree (née Rayner), Mayor of Cambridge; mother of Douglas Rayner Hartree. 1 Portrait

Archibald Standish Hartrick (1864-1950), Painter. 1 Portrait

Hamilton Hartridge (1886-1976), Physiologist. 3 Portraits

Abel Hart Santamaría (1960-2008), Son of Haydée Santamaría and Armando Hart. 3 Portraits

Celia Hart Santamaría (1962-2008), Cuban journalist and political activist. 2 Portraits

Vernon Hartshorn (1872-1931), Politician, Postmaster-General. 2 Portraits

Ronald Victor Okes Hart-Synnot (1879-1976), Soldier and agriculturalist. 1 Portrait

Hans Hartung (1904-1989), Painter. 6 Portraits

(William) Michael Berry, Baron Hartwell (1911-2001), Proprietor-chairman and Editor-in-Chief of 'The Daily Telegraph'. 2 Portraits

Lady Pamela Margaret Elizabeth Hartwell (née Smith) (circa 1915-1982), Wife of Hon. William Michael Berry, Baron Hartwell; daughter of 1st Earl of Birkenhead. 8 Portraits

Charles Leonard Hartwell (1873-1951), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Eleanor Agnes Hartwell. 1 Portrait

Emma Jane (née Dymoke), Lady Hartwell (died 1922), Daughter of Sir Henry Dymoke, 1st Bt; wife of Sir Francis Houlton Hartwell, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Harriet Mary Margaret Hartwell. 1 Portrait

Joan Amy (née Jeffrey), Lady Hartwell (1883-1962), Second wife of Sir Brodrick Cecil Denham Arkwright Hartwell, 4th Bt; daughter of Robert Milne Jeffrey. 1 Portrait

Arthur Henry Harty (1890-1977), Major-General and Surgeon-General of Bombay. 1 Portrait

Sir (Herbert) Hamilton Harty (1879-1941), Musician, composer and conductor. 3 Portraits

(Frederic) Russell Harty (1934-1988), Television and radio broadcaster and journalist. 2 Portraits

Arthur Vere Harvey, Baron Harvey of Prestbury (1906-1994), Politician and RAF Commanding Officer. 6 Portraits

Oliver Charles Harvey, 1st Baron Harvey of Tasburgh (1893-1968), Diplomatist and diarist. 5 Portraits

Maud Annora ('Maudie') Harvey (née Williams-Wynn), Lady Harvey of Tasburgh (died 1970), Wife of 1st Baron Harvey of Tasburgh; daughter of Arthur Watkin Williams-Wynn. 1 Portrait

Hon. Anne Harvey (née Wigram) (1913-1958), Wife of John Leslie Harvey; daughter of 1st Baron Wigram. 1 Portrait

Anthony Harvey (1931-), Actor; filmmaker. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Offley Harvey (1888-1969), Major-General and Chief Steward of Hampton Court Palace. 4 Portraits

Colin Harvey, Football manager. 1 Portrait

Daniel Whittle Harvey (1786-1863), Politician; MP for Colchester and Southwark, founder of the 'Sunday Times' and first Commissioner of the City of London Police. 11 Portraits

David Harvey (1871-1958), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Frederick Maurice Watson Harvey (1888-1980), Irish Canadian rugby union player, Brigadier-General and recipient of the Victoria Cross. 1 Portrait

Gabriel Harvey (1552 or 1553-1631), Scholar and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir George Harvey (1806-1876), Figure and landscape painter. 1 Portrait

George Harvey (1864-1928), American ambassador to London; editor; journalist. 3 Portraits

George Alfred Duncan Harvey (1882-1957), Major, Royal Army Medical Corps and Ireland rugby International Player. 2 Portraits

Sir George David Harvey (1905-1969), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Gertrude Harvey (née Bodinnar) (1879-1966), Artist; wife of Harold Harvey; daughter of John Mathews Bodinnar. 1 Portrait

Gideon Harvey the Elder (1636 or 1637-1702), Physician. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Harvey (1737-1810), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Henry Harvey (active 1907), Policeman. 2 Portraits

Horace Harvey (1863-1949), Chief Justice of Alberta. 1 Portrait

Ian Douglas Harvey (1914-1987), Author, journalist politician. 4 Portraits

John Harvey (1740-1794), Naval officer; brother of Sir Henry Harvey. 3 Portraits

John Harvey (1755-1842), Textile merchant, Lieutenant-Colonel and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

John Fitzroy Clive Harvey (1940-), Son of John Leslie Harvey. 3 Portraits

Jonathan Dean Harvey (1939-2012), Composer. 2 Portraits

Laurence Harvey (Larushka Mischa Skikne) (1929-1973), Actor. 5 Portraits

Len Harvey (1907-1976), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Lilian Harvey (née Helene Lilian Muriel Pape) (1906-1968), Actress. 9 Portraits

Marcus Harvey (1963-), Artist. 1 Portrait

May Harvey (died 1930), Actress; wife of Charles T.H. Helmsley. 1 Portrait

Sir (Henry) Paul Harvey (1869-1948), Diplomat and senior government official. 1 Portrait

Peter Clyde Harvey, Captain; son of Sir Charles Harvey. 3 Portraits

Peter Francis Harvey (1943-), Captain; son of John Leslie Harvey. 3 Portraits

Polly Jean ('P.J.') Harvey (1969-), Singer and songwriter. 3 Portraits

Richard Jon Stanley Harvey (1917-1986), Recorder of the Crown Court. 4 Portraits

Sir Robert James Paterson Harvey (1904-1965), Deputy Director-General of the General Post Office. 1 Portrait

Sir Samuel Emile Harvey (1885-1959), Politician and Major. 5 Portraits

Thomas Arnold Harvey (1878-1966), Bishop of Cashel and Waterford. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cockayne Harvey (1918-2001), Army officer and royal courtier. 6 Portraits

Thomas Edmund Harvey (1875-1955), Politician, museum curator and relief campaigner. 2 Portraits

V.W.A. Harvey (active 1911), Parliamentary journalist. 1 Portrait

William Harvey (1510-1567), Herald. 1 Portrait

William Harvey (1578-1657), Physician, discovered the circulation of the blood. 19 Portraits

William Henry Harvey (1811-1866), Botanist. 2 Portraits

W. Harvey, 'Leader in Medicine & Surgery'. 1 Portrait

Mr Harvey, Actor. 2 Portraits

Charles William David Harvey-Kelly (1924-), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Stephen Harvey-James (1849-1897), Civil servant in India. 1 Portrait

Sir George Steven Harvie-Watt, 1st Bt (1903-1989), Businessman and politician. 24 Portraits

Robert Grant Grant-Ferris, Baron Harvington (1907-1997), Politician; Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker. 1 Portrait

Sir Busick Harwood (1750-1814), Anatomist. 2 Portraits

Sir Edmund George Harwood (1898-1964), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Harwood (née Peshall) (active 1788-1810), Wife of Sir Busick Harwood. 2 Portraits

George Harwood (1845-1912), Politician, businessman, barrister, Deacon and author. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Harwood Harwood (1888-1950), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Joan (née Chard), Lady Harwood, Wife of Sir Henry Harwood Harwood. 1 Portrait

Kate ('Kitty') (née Endersby), Lady Harwood (1880-1943), Wife of Sir Ralph Endersby Harwood; daughter of William Rule Endersby. 2 Portraits

Lee Harwood (1939-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Leslie Harwood, Advertising executive. 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph Endersby Harwood (1883-1951), Financial Secretary to George V and Governor, London School of Economics and Political Science. 5 Portraits

Ray Harwood (1926-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Ronald Harwood (1934-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Harwood (active 1864), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Lieutenant Harwood. 1 Portrait

Henry Hase (1763-1829), Chief cashier of the Bank of England. 1 Portrait

Rupert Anthony Greville Haselden (1957-1994), Journalist and writer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Haselden (died 1740), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Vicki Haseman (1940-1991), Singer, member of 'The Breakaways'. 1 Portrait

Sir Cosmo Haskard (1916-), Governor for Falkland Islands. 3 Portraits

Alfred Maxwell Haskell (born 1857), Parliamentary Messenger. 1 Portrait

Arnold Lionel David Haskell (1903-1980), Ballet critic. 2 Portraits

Francis James Herbert Haskell (1928-2000), Art historian. 2 Portraits

Jacob Silas Haskell (1857-1939), Chairman of the Eastern Bank. 1 Portrait

Alida Elzabé Haskins (née van Heerden), Wife of Samuel Joseph ('Sam') Haskins. 1 Portrait

Catherine Haskins. 1 Portrait

Francis Knox Haskins (died 1969), Air Commodore. 1 Portrait

Marie Haskins (née Braddell) (active 1930), Wife of Francis Knox Haskins. 1 Portrait

Marie Dorothea Haskins (née Braddell), Wife of Francis Knox Haskins. 2 Portraits

Samuel Joseph ('Sam') Haskins (1926-2009), Photographic designer. 3 Portraits

Robert Haslam, Baron Haslam (1923-2002), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Seale Haslam (1844-1927), Engineer and politician. 5 Portraits

John Fearby Campbell Haslam (1888-1955), Colonial medical director. 1 Portrait

Lewis Haslam (1856-1922), Politician; MP for Monmouth and Newport. 1 Portrait

Count Haslang, Bavarian envoy. 1 Portrait

Dame Caroline Harriet Haslett (1895-1957), Electrical engineer. 7 Portraits

Sir James Horner Haslett (1832-1905), Politician, chemist and drug merchant. 1 Portrait

Sir William John Handfield Haslett (1866-1954), Specialist in mental and nervous disorders and public servant. 4 Portraits

Charles Edward Haslewood (born 1843), Stockbroker; son of Lewis Harrop Haslewood. 1 Portrait

Clement Alfred Haslewood (1841-1908), Stockbroker; son of Lewis Harrop Haslewood. 1 Portrait

Ellen Ellis Haslewood (1846-1937), Daughter of Lewis Harrop Haslewood. 1 Portrait

Jane Matilda Haslewood (1828-1910), Daughter of Lewis Harrop Haslewood. 1 Portrait

Lewis Harrop Haslewood (1806-1869), Stockbroker. 1 Portrait

Louisa Emma Haslewood (1831-1922), Daughter of Lewis Harrop Haslewood. 1 Portrait

Maria Emily Haslewood (died 1933), Daughter of Lewis Harrop Haslewood. 1 Portrait

Matilda Ann Haslewood (née Ashley) (1806-1891), Wife of Lewis Harrop Haslewood. 1 Portrait

Joan Haslip (1912-1994), Writer and editor. 3 Portraits

Gwynedd Haslock (circa 1945-), Surfer. 1 Portrait

Christopher Vernon Hassall (1912-1963), Poet, biographer, playwright and librettist. 7 Portraits

Imogen Hassall (1942-1980), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Hassall (1868-1948), Poster artist. 4 Portraits

William Owen Hassall (1912-1994), Librarian, Bodleian Library, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Hassan I of Morocco (1836-1894), Emperor of Morocco. 1 Portrait

Abdul Hassan (Mirza) (active 1819), Persian Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Sir Ahmed Mohamed Pasha Bey Hassanein (1889-1946), Chamberlain to King Fouad I of Egypt. 1 Portrait

Alexander Hassé, Master of the Yorkshire Fine Art Trade Guild. 1 Portrait

Faustina Hasse (née Bordoni) (1697-1781), Singer; wife of Johann Adolf Hasse. 1 Portrait

Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783), Composer. 1 Portrait

William Freke Hasted (1897-1977), Major-General and army engineer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Hepburn Hastie (1855-1925), Libel lawyer, retained by 'Vanity Fair'. 1 Portrait

Edward Hastie (1876-1947), Architect. 1 Portrait

Cyril Alexander Frederick Hastilow (1895-1975), Chairman, Smith & Nephew Associated Companies Ltd. 2 Portraits

Francis Rawdon-Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings (1754-1826), Army officer and Politician, Governor-General of India. 44 Portraits

George Rawdon-Hastings, 2nd Marquess of Hastings (1808-1844). 1 Portrait

Barbara Rawdon Hastings (née Yelverton), Marchioness of Hastings (1810-1858), Fossil collector; Geological author. 2 Portraits

Florence Cecilia (née Paget), Marchioness of Hastings (later Lady Chetwynd) (1842-1907), Former wife of 4th Marquess of Hastings, and later wife of Sir George Chetwynd, 4th Bt; daughter of 2nd Marquess of Anglesey. 5 Portraits

Jacob Astley, 16th Baron Hastings (1797-1859), Politician; MP for Norfolk West. 2 Portraits

Frances Diana (née Manners-Sutton), Lady Hastings (1829-1874), Wife of 18th Baron Hastings; daughter of 1st Viscount Canterbury. 2 Portraits

Bernard Edward Delaval Astley, 19th Baron Hastings (1855-1875), Landowner. 1 Portrait

George Manners Astley, 20th Baron Hastings (1857-1904), Racehorse breeder and owner. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Evelyn Hastings (née Harbord), Lady Hastings (1860-1956 or 1957), Daughter of 5th Baron Suffield; wife of 20th Baron Hastings. 3 Portraits

Albert Edward Delaval Astley, 21st Baron Hastings (1882-1956), Lieutenant-Colonel. 11 Portraits

Marguerite Helen Astley (née Nevill), Lady Hastings (1887-1975), Daughter of 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny; wife of Albert Edward Delaval Astley, 21st Baron Hastings. 7 Portraits

Edward Delaval Henry Astley, 22nd Baron Hastings (1912-2007), Son of Albert Edward Delavel Astley, 21st Baron Hastings. 8 Portraits

Lady Flora Elizabeth Hastings (1806-1839), Poet and courtier; lady in waiting to the Duchess of Kent. 2 Portraits

Lady Selina Hastings (1737-1763), Daughter of Theophilus Hastings, 9th Earl of Huntingdon. 3 Portraits

Lady Selina Shirley Hastings (1945-), Author; younger daughter of 16th Earl of Huntingdon. 1 Portrait

Anna Maria Appolonia Hastings (1749-1837), Second wife of Warren Hastings. 6 Portraits

Sir Charles Hastings (1794-1866), Physician. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth-Anne Marie Gabrielle (née Fitzalan-Howard), Lady Hastings (1934-1997), Former wife of Sir Vivyan Edward Naylor-Leyland, 3rd Bt, and later wife of Sir Stephen Lewis Edmonstone Hastings; daughter of 2nd Viscount FitzAlan of Derwent. 3 Portraits

Sir George Hastings (1853-1943), Colonel and consulting physician. 1 Portrait

Harriet Mary Elisabeth Hastings (née Tomlin), First wife of Sir Stephen Lewis Edmonstone Hastings; daughter of Julian Latham Tomlin. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Hastings (circa 1561-1650), Sportsman; son of 4th Earl of Huntingdon. 1 Portrait

John Henry Hastings (1858-1940), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Macdonald Hastings (1909-1982), Magazine Editor; journalist and war correspondent. 3 Portraits

Marian Hastings (née Anna Maria Apollonia Chapuset) (1747-1837), Second wife of Warren Hastings. 1 Portrait

Mary Caroline Campbell Hastings (née Tarratt) (died 1955), Wife of Hon. Osmond William Toome Westenra Hastings; daughter of Daniel Fox Tarratt. 1 Portrait

Mary Ellenore (née Grundy), Lady Hastings (born 1882), Wife of Sir Patrick Gardiner Hastings; daughter of Frederick Leigh Grundy. 2 Portraits

Sir Max Macdonald Hastings (1945-), Newspaper editor, journalist and writer. 6 Portraits

Michael Hastings (1938-2011), Playwright. 4 Portraits

Sir Patrick Hastings (1880-1952), Barrister and writer. 2 Portraits

Robin Hood William Stewart Hastings (1917-1990), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Somerville Hastings (1878-1967), Surgeon and politician. 4 Portraits

Sir Stephen Lewis Edmonstone Hastings (1921-2005), Politician, MI6 operative and SOE Agent. 13 Portraits

Sir Thomas Hastings (1790-1870), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Warren Hastings (1732-1818), Governor-General of India. 46 Portraits

Winifred Hastings (née Forsyth-Forest) (died 1977), Wife of Hon. Aubrey Craven Theophilus Robin Hood Hastings; daughter of Thomas Forsyth-Forest. 1 Portrait

Sir Granville Charles Hastings Wheler, 1st Bt (1872-1927), Politician and Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Russell Haswell, Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Frederic George Hatch, 1st Bt (1859-1927), Politician and Director of Hatch, Mansfield and Company. 2 Portraits

Hope Hatch. 1 Portrait

Robert McConnell Hatch (1910-2009), Bishop of Western Massachusetts. 1 Portrait

John Hatchell (1825-1902), Politician; MP for Wexford. 1 Portrait

Charles Hatchett (1765?-1847), Chemist. 4 Portraits

Charles Taddy Hatfeild (1835-1910), Magistrate. 1 Portrait

Martha Hatfield (née Nesbit) (born 1640), Prophet. 1 Portrait

Richard Paul Hatfield (1953-), Private secretary to Baron Armstrong. 1 Portrait

Sir Stephen Hatfield (died 1460?), Soldier. 1 Portrait

William Herbert Hatfield (1882-1943), Metallurgist and contributor to the development of stainless steel. 1 Portrait

Dame Sibyl Mary Hathaway (1884-1974), Dame of Sark. 5 Portraits

James Williams Hatherell (circa 1802-1876), Clergyman and writer. 1 Portrait

William Page Wood, Baron Hatherley (1801-1881), Lord Chancellor. 8 Portraits

Edward Littleton, 3rd Viscount Hatherton (1842-1930), Military Secretary to Governor-General of Canada. 2 Portraits

Edward John Littleton, 1st Baron Hatherton (1791-1863), Politician, Chief Secretary for Ireland and MP for Staffordshire. 10 Portraits

Hyacinthe Mary Littleton (née Wellesley), Lady Hatherton (1789?-1849), First wife of Edward Littleton, 1st Baron Hatherton. 3 Portraits

Edward Richard Littleton, 2nd Baron Hatherton (1815-1888), Representative peer. 1 Portrait

Edward Thomas Walhouse Littleton, 5th Baron Hatherton (1900-1969), Naval officer and Conservative Whip. 9 Portraits

Ida Guendolen Littleton (née Legge), Lady Hatherton, Former wife of Henry Burton Tate, and later wife of 5th Baron Hatherton; daughter of Robin Legge. 3 Portraits

Mr Hatley, Athlete. 1 Portrait

Mona Hatoum (1952-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Eric Hatry (active 1933). 1 Portrait

Violet Marguerite ('Dolly') Hatry (née Ferguson) (1892-1980), Wife of Clarence Charles Hatry; daughter of Charles Ferguson. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Hatsell (baptised 1641-1714), Judge. 1 Portrait

John Hatsell (1743-1820), Clerk of the House of Commons. 4 Portraits

Sir Harry Thomas Hatt (1858-1934), Justice of the Peace, Alderman, Bath City Council and Chairman, Bath Electricity. 2 Portraits

Roy Sydney George Hattersley, Baron Hattersley (1932-), Politician, author and journalist. 4 Portraits

Bessie Hatton (active 1886-1899), Actress. 1 Portrait

Billy Hatton (1941-), Musician; guitarist for the Four Jays. 2 Portraits

Sir Christopher Hatton (circa 1540-1591), Lord Chancellor. 13 Portraits

Edward Hatton (born 1664), Arithmetician. 3 Portraits

George Seton Hatton (1899-1974), Major-General. 1 Portrait

John Leigh Smeathman Hatton (1865-1933), Principal of East London College and barrister. 2 Portraits

John Liptrot Hatton (1809-1886), Composer, pianist, singer and conductor. 3 Portraits

Joseph Hatton (1841-1907), Novelist and journalist. 1 Portrait

Sir Ronald George Hatton (1886-1965), Horticulturist. 8 Portraits

Rosia Mary Hatton (née de Bathe) (died 1895), Wife of Villiers La Touche Hatton. 1 Portrait

Villiers La Touche Hatton (1824-1897), Army officer; son of Admiral Villiers Francis Hatton. 1 Portrait

Clara (née Huntingdon), Princess Hatzfeld (1862-1928), Wife of Prince Hatzfeld; daughter of Callis P. Huntingdon. 10 Portraits

Count Paul von Hatzfeldt-Wildenburg (1831-1901), German Ambassador to Britain. 1 Portrait

Robert Hausmann, Cellist. 1 Portrait

William Havard (1710-1778), Actor. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Havard (1889-1956), Bishop of St David’s and Bishop of St Asaph. 3 Portraits

Hannah, Lady Havelock (1809-1882), Wife of Sir Henry Havelock. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Havelock, Bt (1795-1857), General. 6 Portraits

Sir Thomas Henry Havelock (1877-1968), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Sir Anthony James Allan Havelock-Allan, 4th Bt (1904-2003), Film producer. 2 Portraits

Anthony Mark David Havelock-Allan (1951-), Son of Sir A.J.A. Havelock-Allan and Valerie Hobson. 8 Portraits

Sir Henry Marshman Havelock-Allan, 1st Bt (1830-1897), Soldier. 6 Portraits

Sir Henry Spencer Moreton Havelock-Allan, 2nd Bt (1872-1953), Politician; MP for Bishop Auckland. 1 Portrait

Nicolaas Christiaan Havenga (1882-1957), South African politician, farmer and businessman. 2 Portraits

Beatrix Havergal (1901-1980), Gardener. 1 Portrait

Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879), 'Sabrina' and 'Zoide'; poet and hymn writer. 2 Portraits

Henry MacLeod Havergal (1902-1989), Principal, Royal Scottish Academy of Music. 12 Portraits

(Robert) Michael Oldfield Havers, Baron Havers (1923-1992), Lawyer and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Havers (1889-1977), Judge. 1 Portrait

Hon. Nigel Allan Havers (1951-), Actor; son of Baron Havers. 3 Portraits

Sir (Ephraim) William Havers (1887-1979), Air Vice-Marshal. 5 Portraits

Arthur Divett Hayter, 1st Baron Haversham (1835-1917), Politician; Financial Secretary to the War Office. 1 Portrait

Francis Gregory Haviland (1828-1905), Barrister. 1 Portrait

John Haviland (1792-1852), Architect. 1 Portrait

Thomas Haviland. 1 Portrait

Ashley Eldrid Havinden (1903-1973), Designer, typographer and painter. 27 Portraits

John Havinden (1908-1987), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Helen Elizabeth Delaval Haw (née Astley) (1907-2006), Former wife of Ian Bulloch and George Field, and later wife of John Haw; daughter of 21st Baron Hastings. 3 Portraits

Queen Emma of Hawaii (1836-1885), Christian ruler; wife of King Kamehameha IV of Hawaii. 3 Portraits

Francis Haward (1759-1797), Engraver. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Edwin Haward (1863-1953), Accountant and councillor. 6 Portraits

Sir Walter Haward (1882-1959), Physician and medical officer. 5 Portraits

Lady Frances Anne Maude (née Agar), Vicountess Hawarden (died 1839), Wife of 2nd Viscount Hawarden; daughter of 1st Earl of Normanton. 1 Portrait

Eustace Wyndham Maude, 7th Viscount Hawarden (1877-1958), Major. 1 Portrait

Robert Leslie Eustace Maude, 8th Viscount Hawarden (1926-1991). 2 Portraits

Susannah Caroline Hyde Maude (née Gardner), Viscountess Hawarden (1928-2008), Wife of 8th Viscount Hawarden. 3 Portraits

Edward Hawarden (1662-1735), Professor at Douai. 2 Portraits

Joseph Hawdon (1813-1871), Settler and overlander in Australia and New Zealand. 1 Portrait

Hugh Reginald Haweis (1838-1901), Church of England clergyman and writer on music. 8 Portraits

Thomas Haweis (1734-1820), Divine. 1 Portrait

Arthur James Godball Hawes (1894-1965), Rural Dean of Fulham. 6 Portraits

Sir Benjamin Hawes (1797-1862), Advocate for the arts and politician; MP for Lambeth and Kinsale. 2 Portraits

Keeley Hawes (1976-), Actress and model. 1 Portrait

Leonard Arthur Hawes (1892-1986), Major-General. 1 Portrait

William Hawes (1736-1808), Medical writer; founder of Royal Humane Society. 1 Portrait

Edward Hawke, 1st Baron Hawke (1705-1781), Admiral. 12 Portraits

Edward William Harvey-Hawke, 4th Baron Hawke (1799-1869). 1 Portrait

Martin Bladen Hawke, 7th Baron Hawke (1860-1938), Cricketer. 15 Portraits

Bladen Wilmer Hawke, 9th Baron Hawke (1901-1985), Church Commissioner and member of Chichester Diocesan Board of Finance. 6 Portraits

Ina Mary Faure Hawke (née Walker), Lady Hawke (circa 1913-2002), Wife of 9th Baron Hawke; daughter of Henry Faure Walker. 11 Portraits

Hon. Alice Cassandra Hawke (1874-1957), Daughter of Edward Henry Julius, 6th Baron Hawke. 2 Portraits

Sir (John) Anthony Hawke (1869-1941), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edward) Anthony Hawke (1895-1964), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sir (Frank) Cyril Hawker (1900-1991), Banker. 1 Portrait

Dennis Gascoyne Hawker (1921-2003), Assistant Bishop, diocese of Norwich. 10 Portraits

John Hawker (active early 19th century), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Lanoe (Lance) George Hawker (1890-1916), RFC Major; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 1 Portrait

Robert Hawker (1753-1827), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

William Henry Hawker (1828-1874), Vicar of Steep, Hampshire, botanist and zoologist. 1 Portrait

Chip Hawkes (1945-), Musician; bassist for The Tremeloes. 1 Portrait

Frederick Ochterloney Taylor Hawkes (1878-1966), Bishop Suffragan of Kingston-on-Thames. 1 Portrait

Jacquetta Hawkes (1910-1996), Archaeologist and author; wife of John Boynton ('J.B.') Priestley. 9 Portraits

Leonard Hawkes (1891-1981), Professor of Geology. 1 Portrait

R.A. Hawkes, Rear-Admiral. 5 Portraits

William Arthur Hawkes (1881-1962), Captain and Marine Representative. 4 Portraits

Sir (Edward) Gerald Hawkesworth (1897-1949), Colonial administrator. 5 Portraits

John Hawkesworth (1715?-1773), Author. 3 Portraits

Sir John Ledlie Inglis Hawkesworth (1893-1945), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Roger Hawkey (1905-1975), Company director. 2 Portraits

Stephen William Hawking (1942-), Theoretical Physicist. 10 Portraits

Jonathan Hawkings, Journalist for 'The Central Press'. 1 Portrait

Anne Hawkins, Daughter of Sir Geoffrey Alan Brooke Hawkins and Lady Margaret Ida Montagu Douglas Scott. 3 Portraits

Sir Anthony Hope (Anthony Hope Hawkins) (1863-1933), Novelist. 15 Portraits

Caesar Henry Hawkins (1798-1884), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Christopher Henry Thomas Hawkins (1820-1903), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Master C. Hawkins. 2 Portraits

Daniel Francis ('Dan') Hawkins (1976-), Pop musician; member of The Darkness. 1 Portrait

Desmond Ernest Hawkins (1919-), Air Vice-Marshal. 5 Portraits

Edward Hawkins (1780-1867), Keeper of antiquities at the British Museum. 5 Portraits

Edward Robert Hawkins (1850-1938), Son of Herbert Samuel Hawkins. 1 Portrait

Francis Hawkins (1628-1681), Jesuit. 3 Portraits

Francis Hawkins (1794-1877), Physician. 1 Portrait

Frank Ernest Hawkins (1904-1996), Managing Director of International Stores Ltd. 1 Portrait

Sir Geoffrey Alan Brooke Hawkins (1895-1980), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Guy Whishaw Hawkins (1908-1992), Captain, Royal Navy. 2 Portraits

Herbert Eden Hawkins (1852-1894), Cricketer; son of Herbert Samuel Hawkins. 1 Portrait

Herbert Leader Hawkins (1887-1968), Geologist and palaeontologist. 1 Portrait

Herbert Samuel Hawkins (1818-1895), Rector of Beyton. 2 Portraits

Iris Hawkins (born 1893), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Edward ('Jack') Hawkins (1910-1973), Actor. 6 Portraits

James Staples Hawkins (1837-1909), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

John Hawkins (active 1790-1804), Rector of Halstead. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hawkins (1532-1595), Naval Commander. 4 Portraits

Sir John Hawkins (1719-1789), Writer. 5 Portraits

Sir John Caesar Hawkins, 4th Bt (1837-1929), Vicar. 1 Portrait

Justin David Hawkins (1975-), Musician; member of The Darkness. 1 Portrait

Lucy Hawkins (née Eden) (born circa 1828), Wife of Herbert Samuel Hawkins; daughter of Robert Eden. 2 Portraits

Major Rohde Hawkins (1821-1884), Architect and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Mary Littledale Hawkins (née Greenwood, later Helsham-Jones) (1830-1913), Former wife of Rohde Hawkins, and later second wife of Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones; daughter of Frederick Greenwood. 1 Portrait

Sir Paul Hawkins (1912-2002), Politician; Vice-Chamberlain of the Household. 1 Portrait

Sir Raymond Shayle Hawkins (1909-1987), Vice-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Victor Francis Staples Hawkins (1896-1975), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

William Francis Spencer Hawkins (1896-1979), Chief Master of the Supreme Court. 2 Portraits

Mr Hawkins (active 1910s), Sargent Footman, Royal Court. 1 Portrait

John Hawksford (1806-1887), Solicitor and Mayor of Wolverhampton. 2 Portraits

Sir John Hawkshaw (1811-1891), Civil engineer. 5 Portraits

Richard Walter Benson Hawksley (1915-1976), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hawksley (1758-1802), Chemist and druggist of Nottingham. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hawksley (1807-1893), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Hawksmoor (1661-1736), Architect. 1 Portrait

Frederick William Hawksworth (1884-1976), Chief Mechanical Engineer of Great Western Railway. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Hawksworth, 2nd Bt (died 1735), High Sheriff of Yorkshire. 2 Portraits

Sir John de Hawkwood (circa 1320-1394), General in the Florentine service. 6 Portraits

Tom Hawkyard, Picture Editor, 'The Times'. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Henry Hawley, 3rd Bt (1814-1875), Racehorse owner. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur Adlington Haworth, 1st Bt (1865-1944), Politician and businessman. 2 Portraits

Sir (Walter) Norman Haworth (1883-1950), Chemist. 4 Portraits

Percy Marvell Haworth (1862-1868), Second son of Mr and Mrs Benjamin Haworth-Booth of Hullbank. 1 Portrait

Robert Downs Haworth (1898-1990), Chemist; Professor of Chemistry. 3 Portraits

Samuel Haworth (born 1659 or 1660), Empirical physician. 1 Portrait

Cordelia Haworth-Booth (née Wintour) (died 1905), Great-niece of 1st Lord Wenlock; wife of Benjamin Blaydes Haworth-Booth. 1 Portrait

Mark Haworth-Booth, Photographic historian and museum curator. 2 Portraits

(John) Michael ('Mike') Hawthorn (1929-1959), Racing motorist. 4 Portraits

Mrs Robert Hawthorn (née Wells) (active 1815). 1 Portrait

Grace Hawthorne (circa 1847-1922), Actress, theatre lessee and producer. 2 Portraits

Lillian 'Lil' Hawthorne (1877-1926), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864), Writer. 6 Portraits

Sir Nigel Barnard Hawthorne (1929-2001), Actor; Writer. 1 Portrait

Sir William Rede Hawthorne (1913-2011), Professor of Thermodynamics. 1 Portrait

George Hawton, Official, House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Charles Hawtrey (1914-1988), Actor. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Henry Hawtrey (1858-1923), Actor and theatre manager. 17 Portraits

Edward Craven Hawtrey (1789-1862), Provost of Eton College and translator of verse. 1 Portrait

Gertrude Frances Hawtrey (née Vesey) (1842-1935), Second wife of John William Hawtrey; daughter of George Vesey. 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph George Hawtrey (1879-1975), Economist; Director of Financial Enquiries in the Treasury. 7 Portraits

Lord Arthur Vincent Hay (1886-1914), Son of 10th Marquess of Tweeddale. 1 Portrait

Lord John Hay (1827-1916), Admiral. 6 Portraits

Violet Florence Catherine (née Barclay), Lady Hay (1895-1926), Wife of Lord Edward Douglas John Hay; daughter of Cameron Barclay. 1 Portrait

Andrew Hay (1762-1814), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Andrew Hay (died 1689), Diarist. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrew Leith Hay (1785-1862), Soldier and writer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Sidney Hay (1879-1940), Indian Army officer. 2 Portraits

Charles Murray Hay (1802-1864), Army commander. 2 Portraits

Hon. Claude George Drummond Hay (1862-1920), Politician; Director of the Fine Art and General Insurance Co Ltd; son of 11th Earl of Kinnoull. 2 Portraits

Clifford Henderson Hay (1878-1949), Public servant. 2 Portraits

Douglas Hay (1889-1949), H.M. Inspector of Mines, Durham and chief mining engineer, The National Coal Board. 5 Portraits

George Hay (1729-1811), Roman catholic bishop and theologian. 1 Portrait

Hertha Hedwig Paula Louise (née Stölzle), Lady Hay (died 1994), First wife of Sir Arthur Thomas Erroll Hay, 10th Bt. 3 Portraits

Ian Hay (John Hay Beith) (1876-1952), Writer, playwright and soldier. 20 Portraits

Sir James Hay (active 1785), Deacon of the Surgeons in Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

James Hay (died 1854), Major-General. 1 Portrait

James Albert Hay (1919-), Politician; MP. 1 Portrait

James Hamilton Hay (1874-1916), Painter and etcher. 1 Portrait

Sir James Shaw Hay (1839-1924), Governor of Barbados. 2 Portraits

Joan Hay (born 1894), Singer and actress. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hay, 6th Bt (1788-1838), Politician; MP for Peeblesshire. 1 Portrait

John Albert Hay (1919-1998), Politician and solicitor. 1 Portrait

Sir John Erroll Audley Hay, 11th Bt (1935-), Son of Sir Arthur Thomas Erroll Hay, 10th Bt. 3 Portraits

Sir John George Hay (1883-1964), East India merchant. 3 Portraits

John Henry Hay. 1 Portrait

John Milton Hay (1838-1905), American politician. 2 Portraits

John Primrose Hay (1878-1949), Soldier and politician. 2 Portraits

Pearl Hay (1920-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Robert William Hay (1786-1861), Aristocrat and public official. 3 Portraits

Roy Hay (1961-), Musician; guitarist for Culture Club. 2 Portraits

Sir (William) Rupert Hay (1893-1962), Government administrator. 6 Portraits

R. Hay (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Hon. Sereld Mordaunt Alan Josslyn Hay (1877-1939), Royal Navy commander; son of 19th Earl of Erroll. 2 Portraits

Will Hay (1888-1949), Actor. 3 Portraits

William Robert Hay (1762-1840), Rector of Ackworth, VIcar of Rochdale and Prebendary of York. 1 Portrait

Gonsuke, Baron Hayashi (1861-1939), Japanese Ambassador in London. 1 Portrait

Viscountess Misao Hayashi (née Gamo) (1858-1942), Wife of Viscount Tadasu Hayashi; daughter of Shigetami Gamo. 1 Portrait

Viscount Tadasu Hayashi (1850-1913), Japanese minister in London. 4 Portraits

Sir Thomas Wagstaffe Haycraft (1859-1936), Judge and Chief Justice of Palestine. 3 Portraits

John Patrick Hayden (1863-1954), Irish nationalist and politician; Newspaper editor and proprietor. 3 Portraits

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809), Composer. 4 Portraits

Eric Haydock (1942-), Musician; member of The Hollies. 3 Portraits

Richard Haydock (1569 or 1570-circa 1642), Physician and engraver. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786-1846), History painter and diarist. 10 Portraits

Ethel Haydon (1876 or 1878-1954), Australian actress; wife of Sir George Robey. 7 Portraits

John Haydon (active circa 1810). 1 Portrait

Hon. Kathleen Mary Haydon (née Seely) (1907-1996), Wife of Clement Maxwell Haydon; daughter of 1st Baron Mottistone. 2 Portraits

Thomas Edmett Haydon (died 1952), Judge and Queen's Counsel. 5 Portraits

Lady Betty Mary Seton Hay-Drummond (née Montgomerie) (1912-1996), Daughter of 16th Earl Eglinton; wife of George Vane Hay-Drummond. 2 Portraits

Lady Clelia Evangeline Constance Hay-Drummond (1857-1868), Daughter of 12th Earl of Kinnoull. 1 Portrait

Hon. Francis George Hay-Drummond (1853-1884), Page-of-Honour to Queen Victoria; son of 12th Earl of Kinnoull. 1 Portrait

George Vane Hay-Drummond (1910-1984), Justice of the Peace. 5 Portraits

Sir Robert Hay-Drummond (1846-1926), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

David Deron Haye (1980-), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Helen Haye (1874-1957), Actress. 6 Portraits

Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992), Economist and political philosopher. 14 Portraits

Sir Bertram Fox Hayes (1864-1941), Commodore. 4 Portraits

Catherine Hayes (née Hall) (1690-1726), Murderer. 2 Portraits

Catherine Hayes (1825-1861), Vocalist. 2 Portraits

Sir Claude James Hayes (1912-1996), Chairman, Crown Agents for Oversea Governments and Administrations. 7 Portraits

Colin Graham Hayes (1919-2003), Painter. 1 Portrait

Cynthia Katherine Hayes (née Shelley), Wife of Michael Richard Lloyd Hayes; daughter of Spencer Shelley. 2 Portraits

Dean Richard Hayes (1854-1938), Dean of Derry. 2 Portraits

Sir Edmund Samuel Hayes, 3rd Bt (1806-1860), Politician; MP for County Donegal. 1 Portrait

Edward Hayes (1797-1864), Painter. 0 Portraits

Edwin Hayes (1819-1904), Marine painter. 2 Portraits

Emily Hayes (Mrs G.H. Elliott) (died 1940), Music hall entertainer; wife of G. H. Elliott. 1 Portrait

Eric Charles Hayes (1896-1951), Major-General. 3 Portraits

E.J. Hayes (active 1866), Town Clerk of Wolverhampton. 2 Portraits

Florence Hayes (active 1920s), Actress. 1 Portrait

George Hayes (1888-1967), Actor. 3 Portraits

Jeremy Joseph James ('Jerry') Hayes (1953-), Politician and lawyer. 1 Portrait

John Henry Hayes (1889-1941), Police officer, trade unionist and Labour politician; MP for Liverpool Edge Hill. 1 Portrait

John Joseph ('Johnny') Hayes (1886-1965), Athlete; winner of the 1908 Summer Olympics marathon race. 6 Portraits

Sir John Osler Chattock Hayes (1913-1998), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

John Trevor Hayes (1929-2005), Art historian; Director of the National Portrait Gallery. 10 Portraits

Kathleen Hayes (active 1910s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Michael Richard Lloyd Hayes, Businessman and High Sheriff of Pembrokeshire. 4 Portraits

Hon. Rosalind Mary Hayes (née Finlay) (1914-2002), Wife of J.O.C. Hayes; daughter of 2nd Viscount Finlay. 5 Portraits

Sir Samuel Hercules Hayes, 4th Bt (1840-1901), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Sheila Hayes, Actress. 17 Portraits

William Hayes (1708-1777), Professor of music and composer. 2 Portraits

William Arthur Hayes, Reverend. 1 Portrait

Mr Hayes (active 1763), Actor. 4 Portraits

Mrs Hayes (active 1759-1760). 2 Portraits

Hayford, Musician. 1 Portrait

Bernard John ('Barney') Hayhoe (1925-2013), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Francis Hayhurst (active circa 1879), Canon. 1 Portrait

William Hosken France Hayhurst (1873-1947), Railway transport officer, Justice of the Peace and sheriff. 2 Portraits

Rob Hayles (1973-), Cyclist. 2 Portraits

John Burrell Hayley (circa 1822-1877), Rector of Brightling, Sussex. 1 Portrait

Mary Hayley (née Wilkes), Sister of John Wilkes. 2 Portraits

Thomas Alphonso Hayley (1780-1800), Sculptor; natural son of William Hayley. 2 Portraits

William Hayley (1745-1820), Poet and biographer. 6 Portraits

James Hayllar (1829-1920), Painter. 1 Portrait

John Hayls (1600?-1679). 1 Portrait

Francis Hayman (1707 or 1708-1776), Painter. 6 Portraits

Frank Harold Hayman (1894-1966), Politician; MP for Falmouth and Camborne. 8 Portraits

Sir (Cecil George) Graham Hayman (1893-1966), Industrialist; President of Federation of British Industries. 2 Portraits

Walter Kurt Hayman (1926-), Professor of Pure Mathematics. 1 Portrait

Ludwig Haynald (1816-1891), Cardinal. 1 Portrait

Charles Hayne Seale-Hayne (1833-1903), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir George Ernest Haynes (1902-1983), UK Delegate to UN Social Commission. 3 Portraits

John Norman ('Johnny') Haynes (1934-2005), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Penelope Margaret Haynes (née Gilby) (1942-), Wife of John Charles Haynes; daughter of 10th Baron Vaux of Harrowden. 5 Portraits

Robert Haynes (1770-1851), Speaker of the House of Assembly, Barbados. 2 Portraits

Stanley John Haynes (active 1920s), Bishop of Bloemfontein. 1 Portrait

William Allen Haynes (1913-1985), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Miss Hay of Montblairy (active 1784). 1 Portrait

Sir Marshall Hays (1872-1948), Honorary Freeman, Borough of Hammersmith. 1 Portrait

George Charles Hayter Chubb, 3rd Baron Hayter (1911-2003), Managing Director and businessman. 1 Portrait

Angelo Collen Hayter (1819-1898), Painter and civil servant; son of Sir George Hayter. 1 Portrait

Charles Hayter (1761-1835), Miniature painter. 2 Portraits

Sir George Hayter (1792-1871), Portrait and history painter; son of Charles Hayter. 16 Portraits

John E.R. Hayter (died 1943), Squadron leader. 2 Portraits

Stanley William Hayter (1901-1988), Printmaker. 3 Portraits

Sir William Goodenough Hayter, 1st Bt (1792-1878), Politician and barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir William Goodenough Hayter (1906-1995), Diplomat and college head. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Baring Hayter (1858-1935), Master of Charterhouse and reverend. 2 Portraits

Abraham Hayward (1801-1884), Essayist; translated Goethe's 'Faust'. 2 Portraits

Alfred Robert Hayward (1875-1971), Painter. 1 Portrait

Arthur Hayward (1889-1962), Painter. 1 Portrait

Edwyn Walton Hayward (died 1933), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Emily Hayward, Pupil and employee of Henry Holiday. 1 Portrait

George Victor Hayward (1918-1999), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Isaac James Hayward (1884-1976), Trade unionist and local politician; Leader of the London County Council. 6 Portraits

Sir John Hayward (1564?-1627), Historian. 6 Portraits

John Hayward (1905-1965), Anthologist, critic and editor. 3 Portraits

Leslie Edward Hayward (1911-), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

Louisa Hayward (née Vinning) ('Infant Sappho') (1836-1904), Child prodigy and singer. 1 Portrait

Sir Maurice Henry Weston Hayward (1868-1964), Barrister and civil servant in India. 1 Portrait

Anthony Bryan ('Tony') Hayward (1957-), Chief Executive of BP. 1 Portrait

Eliza Haywood (née Fowler) (1693?-1756), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Gareth Peter Haywood (1943-), Son of Gordon Stanley Keith Haywood. 1 Portrait

Kate Emma Haywood (1987-), Olympic swimmer. 1 Portrait

Norman Haywood, Actor. 1 Portrait

Alfred Ernest William Hazel (1869-1944), Principal, Jesus College, Oxford and Liberal politician; MP for West Bromwich. 3 Portraits

Mrs J.J. Hazel. 2 Portraits

William Hazeldine (1763-1840), Ironfounder. 2 Portraits

Hon. Letitia Margaret Hazell (née Borthwick) (died 1963), Wife of Wilberforce Ernest Hazell; daughter of Sir Thomas Borthwick, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Harold Dexter Hazeltine (1871-1960), Jurist; Professor of the Laws of England, University of Cambridge. 3 Portraits

Sir (John) Douglas Hazen (1860-1937), Barrister and member of the Canadian Parliament. 5 Portraits

Sir Arthur Grey Hazlerigg, 12th Bt (1812-1890), Sheriff and Deputy Lieutenant of Leicestershire. 1 Portrait

Richard Hazleton (1880-1943), Politician; MP for Galway and Louth. 1 Portrait

Gervys Rignold ('Gerry') Hazlitt (1888-1915), Australian cricketer. 1 Portrait

William Hazlitt (1778-1830), Essayist, journalist and critic. 4 Portraits

H. Guy Chester (died 1973), Philanthropist and Methodist leader. 2 Portraits

Anthony Henry Head, 1st Viscount Head (1906-1983), Politician, solider and diplomat. 4 Portraits

Sir Francis Bond Head, 1st Bt (1793-1875), Colonial governor and author. 1 Portrait

Frederick Waldegrave Head (1874-1941), Archbishop of Melbourne. 4 Portraits

George Frederick Head (1836-1912), Archbishop of Melbourne. 2 Portraits

George Head Head (active 1840), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Head (1861-1940), Neurologist. 4 Portraits

Richard Head (circa 1637-1686?), Writer. 2 Portraits

Tim Head (1946-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Taylour, 3rd Marquess of Headfort (1822-1894), Politician; MP for Westmorland. 3 Portraits

Geoffrey Thomas Taylour, 4th Marquess of Headfort (1878-1943), Politician and army officer. 2 Portraits

Rose ('Rosie') (née Boote), Marchioness of Headfort (1878-1958), Actress and gaiety girl society hostess; wife of 4th Marquess of Headfort; daughter of Charles Boote. 18 Portraits

Terence Geoffrey Thomas Taylour, 5th Marquess of Headfort (1902-1960), Captain and Chairman of Bective Electrical Ltd. 9 Portraits

Elise Florence (née Tucker), Marchioness of Headfort (died 1972), Former wife of Sir Rupert Turner Havelock Clarke, 2nd Bt, and later wife of 5th Marquess of Headfort; daughter of James Partridge Tucker. 7 Portraits

Thomas Geoffrey Charles Michael Taylour, 6th Marquess of Headfort (1932-2005), Pilot. 10 Portraits

Elizabeth Angela Veronica Rose (née Nall-Cain), Marchioness of Headfort (active 1959), First wife of 6th Marquess of Headfort; daughter of 2nd Baron Brocket. 1 Portrait

Virginia Taylour (née Nable), Second wife of 6th Marquess of Headfort. 9 Portraits

Arthur Cayley Headlam (1862-1947), Bishop of Gloucester. 4 Portraits

Arthur William Headlam (1826-1909), Vicar of St Oswalds, Durham. 1 Portrait

Sir Cuthbert Morley Headlam, 1st Bt (1876-1964), Lieutenant-Colonel, politician and diarist. 5 Portraits

Sir John Emerson Wharton Headlam (1864-1946), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Thomas Emerson Headlam (1813-1875), Barrister and politician. 3 Portraits

Charles Mark Allanson-Winn, 4th Baron Headley (1845-1913), Representative peer. 2 Portraits

Rowland George Allanson Allanson-Winn, 5th Baron Headley (1855-1935), President of the British Muslim Society. 5 Portraits

Barbara Janet Ainsleigh (née Kilpatrick), Lady Headley (1857-1929), Novelist; former wife of Alexander Frater and Thomas Baynton, and later second wife of 5th Baron Headley. 6 Portraits

Catharine Allanson-Winn (née Lovibond), Lady Headley (died 1947), Former wife of Lindsay Bashford, and later wife of 5th Baron Headley; daughter of Joseph Lovibond. 5 Portraits

Rowland Patrick John George Allanson-Winn, 6th Baron Headley (1901-1969), Lieutenant. 12 Portraits

Edith Jane Allanson-Winn (née Dods), Lady Headley, Wife of Rowland Patrick John George Allanson-Winn, 6th Baron Headley. 7 Portraits

Charles Rowland Allanson-Winn, 7th Baron Headley (1902-1994), Second son of 5th Baron Headley; brother of 6th Baron Headley. 4 Portraits

Hilda May Allanson-Winn (née Wells-Thorpe), Lady Headley (died 1989), Wife of 7th Baron Headley. 3 Portraits

John Rowland Allanson-Winn, 8th Baron Headley (1934-), Son of 7th Baron Headley. 2 Portraits

F.W. Headley, Scientist and author. 1 Portrait

Nicky ('Topper') Headon (1955-), Musician; drummer for The Clash. 1 Portrait

Frederick Rowland George Heaf (né Fritz Rudolf Georg Hief) (1894-1973), Physician. 4 Portraits

Sir Ambrose Heal (1872-1959), Furniture designer. 4 Portraits

(John) Christopher Heal (1911-1985), Furniture designer and Director of Heals. 1 Portrait

Sir Lionel Frederick Heald (1897-1981), Air Commodore, Queen's Counsel and politician. 2 Portraits

William Margetson Heald (1767-1837), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Denis Winston Healey, Baron Healey (1917-), Labour politician; Secretary of State for Defence and Chancellor of the Exchequer. 14 Portraits

Edna May (née Edmunds), Lady Healey (1918-2010), Author, radio and television writer and broadcaster; wife of Denis Healey, Baron Healey. 5 Portraits

Kenneth Healey (1899-1985), Archdeacon of Lincoln. 1 Portrait

Hon. Elizabeth Mary Lionel Margaret Healing (née Petre) (1915-), Daughter of 16th Baron Petre; wife of Robert Peter Healing. 9 Portraits

Michael Lionel Kingsbury Healing (1936-1970), Major. 1 Portrait

Richard Heals (Heale) (active 1822). 4 Portraits

Agnes Healy, Actress and dancer. 2 Portraits

Cahir Healy (1877-1970), Journalist and politician; MP for Fermanagh & Tyrone. 2 Portraits

Fran Healy (1973-), Singer and guitarist; lead singer for Travis. 1 Portrait

John Healy, Author. 2 Portraits

Maurice Healy (1859-1923), Politician and solicitor; Brother of Timothy Michael Healy. 1 Portrait

Timothy Michael Healy (1855-1931), Politician, first Governor-General of Irish Free State, journalist, author and barrister. 4 Portraits

Christopher Heaney (1968-), Son of Seamus Heaney. 1 Portrait

Marie Heaney (née Devlin), Wife of Seamus Heaney. 1 Portrait

Michael Heaney (1966-), Son of Seamus Heaney. 1 Portrait

Seamus Justin Heaney (1939-2013), Poet and Nobel Prize winner. 23 Portraits

Sheila Anne Elizabeth Heaney (1917-1991), Brigadier and Director of Women’s Royal Army Corps. 3 Portraits

Sir Desmond Heap (1907-1998), Solicitor. 2 Portraits

Frank Heap. 1 Portrait

Rose Heap (née Walters), Wife of Frank Heap. 1 Portrait

Richard Christopher Heape (1924-1989), Major. 2 Portraits

Walter Heape (1855-1929), Marine biologist. 5 Portraits

Charles Heaphy (circa 1821-1881), New Zealand farmer, politician and artist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Heaphy (1775-1835). 2 Portraits

Thomas Frank Heaphy (1813-1873), Painter. 1 Portrait

Thomas Musgrave Heaphy (1843-1910), Electrical engineer. 3 Portraits

Sir Isaac Heard (1730-1822), Herald. 1 Portrait

Edward Heardson (before 1756-circa 1786), Cook for the Sublime Society of Beef Steaks. 2 Portraits

Francis Trounson Hearle (1886-1965), Aeronautical engineer. 5 Portraits

Barry Maurice William Hearn (1948-), Sports promoter; chairman and owner of Leyton Orient Football Club. 1 Portrait

Sir Gordon Risley Hearn (1871-1953), Colonel and civil engineer. 1 Portrait

James Hearn (1873-1913), Actor. 1 Portrait

Lew Hearn (1882-1965), Actor and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Risley Hearn (1853-1930), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Richard Hearne (1909-1979), Actor. 2 Portraits

Samuel Hearne (1745-1792), Explorer of north-western America. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hearne (1744-1817), Watercolour painter. 4 Portraits

Thomas Hearne (1678-1735), Antiquary. 2 Portraits

Fossey John Cobb Hearnshaw (1896-1946), History professor. 4 Portraits

R. Heartwright. 1 Portrait

Samuel Heaslett (1875-1947), Bishop of South Tokyo and Assistant Bishop of Sheffield. 2 Portraits

Katherine Sophia, Lady Heathcote (1769-1825), Wife of Sir Gilbert Heathcote, 4th Bt; daughter of Louisa Tollemache, Countess of Dysart. 3 Portraits

Lady Ada Mary Heath (née Thomas) (active 1922), Musician; wife of Sir Thomas Little Heath; daughter of E.C. Thomas. 9 Portraits

Adrian Heath (1920-1992), Artist. 6 Portraits

Agnes Katherine Heath (née Coussmaker) (1768-1824), Wife of Reverend William Heath. 1 Portrait

Albert Edward Heath (1887-1956), Accountant and businessman. 4 Portraits

Ambrose Heath (1891-1969), Culinary journalist, author and broadcaster. 8 Portraits

Benjamin Heath (1704-1766), Literary scholar and book collector. 1 Portrait

Caroline Heath (1835-1887), Actress; wife of Wilson Barrett. 5 Portraits

Charles Theodosius Heath (1785-1848), Landscape and figure engraver. 1 Portrait

Christopher Heath (1835-1905), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

David Heath, Composer. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Heath (1916-2005), Prime Minister. 52 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Frank Heath (1863-1946), Academic and scientific administrator. 6 Portraits

Geoffrey Thomas Heath (circa 1915-active 1922), Son of Lady Ada Mary Heath (née Thomas). 3 Portraits

Sir Gerard Moore Heath (1863-1929), Major-General in the Royal Engineers. 7 Portraits

Gerard William Egerton Heath (1897-1980), Major-General. 3 Portraits

G. Heath, Member of staff of the Kelmscott Press. 1 Portrait

Harry Cecil Heath (1898-1972), Businessman, General Manager, United Kingdom Temperance Alliance Ltd. 1 Portrait

Henry Heath ('Paul of St Magdalen') (1599-1643), Franciscan martyr. 2 Portraits

Henry Hodsoll Heath (1823-1915), Public official. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Leopold Heath (1861-1954), Admiral. 4 Portraits

James Heath (1757-1834), Engraver. 8 Portraits

Sir James Heath, 1st Bt (1852-1942), Politician, ironmaster and colliery proprietor. 3 Portraits

John Heath. 1 Portrait

John Heath, Son of Lady Heath. 2 Portraits

John Benjamin Heath (1790-1879), Merchant and banker. 1 Portrait

Sir Lewis Macclesfield Heath (1885-1954), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Sir Maurice Lionel Heath (1909-1998), Air Marshal. 1 Portrait

Michael Heath (1935-), Cartoonist and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Nelly Heath. 2 Portraits

Nicholas Heath (1501?-1578), Archbishop of York and Lord Chancellor. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Heath (1575-1649), Judge. 2 Portraits

Sophie Catherine Theresa Mary (née Peirce-Evans), Lady Heath (1896-1939), Aviator and athlete; third wife of Sir James Heath, 1st Bt and later wife of G.A.R. Williams; daughter of John Peirce-Evans. 1 Portrait

George Edward ('Ted') Heath (1900-1969), Musician and bandleader. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Little Heath (1861-1940), Civil servant and mathematician. 6 Portraits

Veronica Mary Heath (circa 1915-active 1922), Daughter of Lady Ada Mary Heath (née Thomas). 3 Portraits

Lady Heath. 1 Portrait

Sir John Heathcoat-Amory, 3rd Bt (1894-1972), Major and president of John Heathcoat & Co.. 3 Portraits

Sir John Heathcoat Heathcoat-Amory, 1st Bt (1829-1914), Liberal politician; MP for Tiverton. 2 Portraits

Joyce Heathcoat-Amory (née Wethered), Lady Heathcoat-Amory (1901-1997), Golfer; Horticulturist. 4 Portraits

Frank Heathcote (active 1860s), Pigeon shooter. 1 Portrait

John Moyer Heathcote (1800-1892), Amateur painter and photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir William Heathcote, 5th Bt (1801-1881), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Mrs Heathcote (active 1845). 1 Portrait

Claud Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby (1872-1950), Soldier and Conservative politician; MP for Rutland & Stamford; 3rd Son of 1st Earl of Ancaster. 4 Portraits

Hon. Muriel Agnés Stuart Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby (née Erskine) (1879-1967), Daughter of 14th Earl of Buchari; wife of Hon. Charles Strathavon Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby. 1 Portrait

Thomas Heather, Chaplain to Charles II. 1 Portrait

William Heather (or Heyther) (1563?-1627), Musician. 2 Portraits

Thomas Heatherwick (1970-), Architect, sculptor and designer. 3 Portraits

George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield (1717-1790), General; defender of Gibraltar. 14 Portraits

Francis Augustus Eliott, 2nd Baron Heathfield (1750-1813), General. 1 Portrait

Thomas Bridges Heathorn (1830 or 1831-1911), Army officer. 1 Portrait

John Francis Alexander Heath-Stubbs (1918-2006), Poet. 10 Portraits

Norman Heatley (1911-2004), Biochemist. 1 Portrait

Eric William Heaton (1920-1996), Clergyman and biblical scholar. 2 Portraits

Sir (John) Frederick Heaton (1880-1949), Road transport administrator. 3 Portraits

Sir John Henniker Heaton, 1st Bt (1848-1914), Politician and postal reformer. 32 Portraits

Rose (née Bennett), Lady Heaton (died 1920), Wife of Sir John Henniker Heaton, 1st Bt; daughter of Samuel Bennett. 1 Portrait

Miss Heaton, Daughter of Sir John Henniker Heaton, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Miss Heaton (active circa 1902), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir John Dunamace Heaton-Armstrong (1888-1967), Clarenceux King of Arms. 1 Portrait

Marion (née McCarthy), Lady Heaton-Ellis (1869-1935), Wife of Sir Charles Henry Brabazon Heaton-Ellis. 1 Portrait

John Heaviside (circa 1748-1828), Surgeon to George III. 3 Portraits

Sir John Harry Hebb (1878-1942), Honorary Physician to the King. 1 Portrait

Emma Siân Hebblethwaite (née Disley) (1965-), University chaplain. 1 Portrait

Hebe (née Constance Irene Vesselier, later Mrs Kingsland) (1893-1969), Fashion model; wife of Arthur Kingsland. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ellen Isolda Hebeler (née Liddell) (1905-1973), Wife of Bernard Adam Hebeler; daughter of 6th Baron Ravensworth. 1 Portrait

Reginald Heber (1783-1826), Bishop of Calcutta; hymn writer. 9 Portraits

Richard Heber (1773-1833), Book collector. 1 Portrait

Charles Buller Heberden (1849-1921), Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Henry Buller Heberden (1840-1906), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

William Heberden the Elder (1710-1801), Physician. 2 Portraits

Edmund Hector (1708-1794), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

J.C. Hedderwick, Secretary, Glasgow University Liberal Committee (1871). 1 Portrait

(Bentley) John Heddle (1941-1989), Consultant surveyor and politician. 1 Portrait

Frederick William Hedges (1896-1954), Army officer; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 2 Portraits

Sir (Walter) Coote Hedley (1865-1937), Colonel. 6 Portraits

Gabrielle Hedley (née Schilizzi) (1936-), Daughter of John Stephen Schilizzi and Lady Sophia Schilizzi (née Waldegrave); wife of Gordon Hedley. 4 Portraits

Jack Hedley (Jack Hawkins) (1930-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Philip Hedley, Theatre Director. 1 Portrait

Angus Hedley-Whyte (1897-1971), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Martha Hedman (1888-1974), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sophia Hedwig (died 1954). 1 Portrait

Barbara Hedworth, Writer. 4 Portraits

Mary Heeley, Tennis player. 4 Portraits

William Heelis (1871-1945), Solicitor; husband of Beatrix Potter. 1 Portrait

Jacob Eduard van Heemskerck van Beest (1828-1894), Painter; father of Jacoba Berendina van Heemskerck van Beest. 1 Portrait

John Camel Heenan (1834-1873), Boxer. 1 Portrait

John Carmel Heenan (1905-1975), Cardinal and eighth Archbishop of Westminster. 3 Portraits

Eric Samuel Heffer (1922-1991), Politician; Chairman of the Labour Party. 2 Portraits

Lady Tara Francesca Heffler (née Fitz-Clarence) (1952-), Director of Sotheby's; wife of Ross Jean Heffler; daughter of 7th Earl of Munster. 8 Portraits

Ross Jean Heffler, Husband of Lady Tara Francesca Heffler (née Fitz-Clarence). 3 Portraits

Van Heflin (Emmett Evan Heflin, Jr) (1910-1971), Actor. 1 Portrait

Ferencz Hegedüs (1881-1944), Violinist. 1 Portrait

John Hegley (1953-), Poet and performer. 1 Portrait

Kirsten Heiberg (1907-1976), Actress. 1 Portrait

John James Heidegger (1659?-1749), Operatic manager. 4 Portraits

Jascha Heifetz (1901-1987), Russian-born American violinist. 2 Portraits

Charles Pell Heigham (died 1878), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Sir Clement Heigham (before 1500-1571), Judge; Speaker of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

John Heigham (alias Roger Heigham) (circa 1568-in or after 1634), Bookseller. 3 Portraits

Sir Ian Morris Heilbron (1886-1959), Chemist. 12 Portraits

Dame Rose Heilbron (1914-2005), Barrister. 4 Portraits

Heinrich Heine (1797-1856), German poet. 1 Portrait

Anna Heinel (1753-1808), Dancer. 1 Portrait

Esther ('Bobbie') Heine Miller (née Heine) (1910-), South African tennis player; centenarian. 1 Portrait

Daniel Heinsius (1580-1655), Scholar of the Dutch Renaissance. 3 Portraits

Drue Heinz, Philanthropist and writer. 3 Portraits

Henry John Heinz (1908-1987), Chairman of H. J. Heinz Company. 3 Portraits

Walter Heinrich Heitler (1904-1981), Physicist. 3 Portraits

Captain Helbert. 1 Portrait

Anna Held (1872-1918), Stage performer. 7 Portraits

Augustus Helder (1827-1906), Politician, solicitor and businessman. 2 Portraits

Thomas Shirley Hele (1881-1953), Vice-Chancellor of University of Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Helen, Queen Mother of Romania (1896-1982), Second wife of Carol II, King of Romania; daughter of Constantine I, King of Greece. 14 Portraits

Princess Helena Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein (1846-1923), Wife of Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein; third daughter of Queen Victoria. 78 Portraits

Lady Helena Frances Augusta Gibbs (née Princess of Teck) (1899-1969), Wife of John Evelyn Gibbs; daughter of 1st Marquess of Cambridge. 4 Portraits

Helene Valerie Hayman, Baroness Hayman (1949-), Lord Speaker. 1 Portrait

Princess Hélène of Orleans, Duchess of Aosta (1871-1951), Wife of Prince Emanuele, 2nd Duke of Aosta; daughter of Louis-Philippe, Count de Paris and Infanta Maria Isabel of Spain. 2 Portraits

Helene Luisa Elizabeth de Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Duchess d'Orleans (1814-1858), Wife of Ferdinand Philippe, Duke d'Orléans. 1 Portrait

Henry Selby Hele-Shaw (1854-1941), Mechanical and automobile engineer. 3 Portraits

Sir Conrad Emil Lambert Helfirch (1886-1962), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Christine Helga (active 1910s), Dancer. 1 Portrait

Sue Helinski (née Cherry), Wife of Florian Helinski. 1 Portrait

Robert Charles Hellard (1851-1929), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Erich Heller (1911-1990), Essayist and scholar of German philosophy and literature. 4 Portraits

Margot Heller (active 21st century), Director of the South London Gallery. 1 Portrait

Zoë Heller (1965-), Writer. 2 Portraits

Colonel William Hellett. 1 Portrait

Paul César Helleu (1859-1927), Artist. 1 Portrait

Eileen Helley, Actress. 1 Portrait

Mr Hellier (active 1899), Politician. 1 Portrait

John Percival Helliwell (1884-1948), Major-General and dental surgeon. 1 Portrait

Isaac Hellmuth (1820-1901), Bishop of Huron, Canada. 1 Portrait

Arthur George Lee Hellyer (1902-1993), Horticulturalist. 1 Portrait

Ernest Helm (1881-1951), Trade union leader and statesman. 1 Portrait

Sir (Alexander) Knox Helm (1893-1964), British ambassador to Turkey. 5 Portraits

Annie Elizabeth Helme (born 1874), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Sir Norval Watson Helme (1849-1932), Politician and manufacturer. 4 Portraits

Sir James Reginald Carroll Helmore (1906-1972), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Richard Helms. 1 Portrait

Muriel Frances Louisa Duncombe (née Talbot), Viscountess Helmsley (later Mrs Owen) (1859-1925), Educator; former wife of Viscount Helmsley and later wife of Hugh Darby Annesley Owen; daughter of 19th Earl of Shrewsbury. 2 Portraits

Bleickard von Helmstatt (1571-1636), Lord of Hingsange. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Murray Helpmann (1909-1986), Ballet dancer, choreographer, actor and producer. 14 Portraits

Sir Arthur Helps (1813-1875), Essayist and historian. 3 Portraits

Laurence Norman Helsby, Baron Helsby (1908-1978), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Marie Helvin (1952-), Model and actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Gervase Helwys (1561-1615), Lieutenant of the Tower. 2 Portraits

Arthur Hubert McMath Hely (1909-1996), Air Commodore. 2 Portraits

Sophia Dorothy Hely-Hutchinson (1840-1927), Daughter of Hon. Coote Hely-Hutchinson. 2 Portraits

Barbara Mary Hely-Hutchinson (née Wyld) (1913-2000), Wife of Hon. David Edward Hely-Hutchinson; daughter of Hugh James Wyld. 15 Portraits

Hon. David Edward Hely-Hutchinson (1911-1984), Lieutenant-Colonel; son of 6th Earl of Donoughmore of Knocklofty. 2 Portraits

John Hely-Hutchinson (1724-1794), Politician, lawyer and Provost of Trinity College, Dublin. 2 Portraits

Mary Louisa Hely-Hutchinson (née Tottenham) (died 1915), Wife of John Hely-Hutchinson; daughter of Robert Tottenham. 1 Portrait

Maurice Robert Hely-Hutchinson (1887-1961), Conservative politician; MP for Hastings. 1 Portrait

Hon. Richard Hely-Hutchinson (1803-1877), Son of Hon. Francis Hely Hutchinson. 1 Portrait

Sophia Hely-Hutchinson (née Synge-Hutchinson) (1810-1896), Wife of Hon. Coote Hely-Hutchinson; daughter of Sir Samuel Synge-Hutchinson, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Francis Hely-Hutchinson (1849-1913), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Madame Helyot. 3 Portraits

Felicia Dorothea Hemans (1793-1835), Poet. 5 Portraits

Peter Rupert Hemans (died 1993), Brigadier. 3 Portraits

Mr Hembon, Policeman. 1 Portrait

Arthur Edmund Hemens (1903-1993), Businessman. 1 Portrait

David Peter Hemery (1944-), Athlete. 1 Portrait

Mary Hemet. 1 Portrait

Dennis Henry Herbert, 1st Baron Hemingford (1869-1947), Politician; MP for Watford. 4 Portraits

Mary Graeme Herbert (née Bell), Lady Hemingford (died 1966), Wife of 1st Baron Hemingford; daughter of Valentine Graeme Bell. 1 Portrait

Marie Hemingway (1893-1939), Actress. 3 Portraits

H.L. Hemmens (active 1940s). 2 Portraits

Edward George Hemmerde (1871-1948), Barrister, rower, playwright and politician; MP for East Denbighshire, North West Norfolk and Crewe. 6 Portraits

Edward Hughes Hemming (1860-1943), General. 4 Portraits

(Arthur) Francis Hemming (1893-1964), Politician and entomologist. 9 Portraits

Frederick Wilson Hemming (1850-1934), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Norman Mackenzie Hemming (1868-1950), Colonel. 3 Portraits

William Edward Gordon Hemming (1899-1953), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Anna Hemmings (1976-), Canoeist. 1 Portrait

David Hemmings (1941-2003), Actor. 2 Portraits

Wayne Hemmingway (1961-), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Anouska Hempel, Lady Weinberg (1941-), Actress, designer and hotelier. 1 Portrait

Charles Hare Hemphill, 1st Baron Hemphill (1822-1908), Lawyer and politician. 3 Portraits

Denis Hempson (O'Hempsy, O'Hampsey, Hampson) (1694-1807), Irish harpist and centenarian. 1 Portrait

Charles Napier Hemy (1841-1917), Marine painter. 1 Portrait

Douglas Victor Henchley (1911-2010), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Humphrey Henchman (1592-1675), Bishop of London. 2 Portraits

Thomas Henchman. 3 Portraits

Alexander Murray, Lord Henderland (1736-1795), Judge and politician. 1 Portrait

Joseph Henderson, 1st Baron Henderson of Ardwick (1884-1950), Politician and President of the National Union of Railwaymen. 1 Portrait

Alan Henderson (1944-), Musician; member of Them. 1 Portrait

Alexander Henderson (circa 1583-1646), Church of Scotland minister and politician. 7 Portraits

Alice Ethel Henderson (née Thompson) (died 1957), Wife of Patrick Hagart Henderson; daughter of Charles Thompson. 1 Portrait

Arthur Henderson (1863-1935), Politician, leader of the Labour Party, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and iron moulder. 11 Portraits

A. Henderson. 4 Portraits

Sir David Henderson (1862-1921), Lieutenant-General; first commander of the Royal Flying Corps. 6 Portraits

Sir Edmund Yeamans Walcott Henderson (1821-1896), Army officer and Metropolitan Police commissioner. 1 Portrait

Edward Barry Henderson (1910-1986), Bishop of Bath and Wells. 5 Portraits

Elvira Henderson (1903-), Actress. 6 Portraits

Faith Marion Jane Henderson (née Bagenal) (born 1889), Wife of Sir Hubert Douglas Henderson. 3 Portraits

Flora Henderson, Actress. 1 Portrait

Florence Henderson, Singer and actress. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Archer Henderson (1913-1985), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

George Gerald Henderson (1862-1942), Chemist. 1 Portrait

Sir George Henry Henderson (1889-1958), Civil servant. 5 Portraits

Helen Madeline Henderson (née Gordon) (died 1961), Wife of Arnold Henderson; daughter of Evans Gordon. 4 Portraits

Honor Chedworth Henderson (née Phillips) (died 1956), Daughter of Owen Cosby Phillips, Baron Kylsant; wife of Gavin Henderson. 1 Portrait

Sir Hubert Douglas Henderson (1890-1952), Economist. 7 Portraits

Sir Ian Leslie Henderson (1901-1971), HM Consular Service and ambassador to Panama. 6 Portraits

James Henderson (died 1951), Son of Hon. Michael Thomas Henderson. 3 Portraits

Sir James Blacklock Henderson (1871-1950), Professor of Applied Mathematics. 2 Portraits

Jennifer Mary Henderson (née Munro-Lucas-Tooth) (1929-), Wife of John Desmond Henderson; daughter of Sir Hugh Munro-Lucas-Tooth, 1st Bt. 8 Portraits

John Henderson (1747-1785), Actor. 18 Portraits

Sir John Henderson (1888-1975), Politician; MP for Glasgow Cathcart. 3 Portraits

John Henderson (1757-1788), Student and eccentric. 1 Portrait

John Kenneth Henderson (1910-2006), Captain. 3 Portraits

(Karin) Judith Henderson (née Stephen) (1918-1972), Anthropologist; daughter of Adrian and Karin Stephen; wife of Nigel Graeme Henderson. 6 Portraits

Kenneth David Druitt Henderson (1903-1988), Governor of Darfur Province, Sudan. 2 Portraits

Louise Henderson (active 1870s), Actress. 4 Portraits

Malcolm Henderson (1891-1978), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Miss M. Henderson, Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Nevile Meyrick Henderson (1882-1942), Diplomat. 9 Portraits

Sir (John) Nicholas Henderson (1919-2009), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Nigel Graeme Henderson (1917-1985), Artist and photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Nigel Stuart Henderson (1909-1993), Admiral. 12 Portraits

Oonagh Evelyn Henderson (née Brassey), Daughter of Harold Ernest Brassey; wife of Hon. Michael Thomas Henderson. 4 Portraits

Oscar Henderson (1891-1969), Naval officer and television company executive. 5 Portraits

Patience Henderson (née Brand) (1922-), Daughter of John Brand and Lady Rosabelle Brand (née St Clair-Erskine); wife of Ian A. Henderson. 4 Portraits

Patrick Hagart Henderson (1876-1968), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Raymond Brost ('Ray') Henderson (1896-1970), American songwriter. 7 Portraits

Roger Arnold Henderson (1909-1941), Flight lieutenant. 2 Portraits

Roy Galbraith Henderson (1899-2000), Baritone and singing teacher. 2 Portraits

Sarah Henderson, Daughter of Hon. Michael Thomas Henderson. 3 Portraits

Sarah Charlotte Margaret Henderson (née Lowther) (1954-), Bridesmaid to Princess Margaret; wife of Henry Merton Henderson; daughter of Sir John Luke Lowther. 1 Portrait

Shirley Henderson (1966-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Thomas Henderson (1867-1960), Politician; Comptroller of the Household. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henderson (1863-1940). 2 Portraits

Miss Henderson, Daughter of A. Henderson. 1 Portrait

Sir James Henderson-Stewart, 1st Bt (1897-1961), Banker, army officer and politician. 17 Portraits

Patsy Hendren (1889-1962), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Barbara Hendricks (1948-), Soprano. 1 Portrait

Anna Snyman Louw Hendrik, Wife of E.H. Louw. 2 Portraits

Basil Hendrikes. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Hendriks (1883-1960), Principal of HM Treasury. 5 Portraits

Nigel Campbell Hendriks (active 1930s-1940s), Brigadier; son of C.L. Hendriks. 2 Portraits

Rose Ellen Hendriks (active 1845-1856), Novelist and poet. 1 Portrait

Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970), Musician and singer. 5 Portraits

Charles Hendry (born 1870), Businessman. 5 Portraits

W.A. Hendry. 1 Portrait

Kythé Caroline Hendy (née Ogilvy) (1902-), Member of the London County Council; first wife of Sir Philip Hendy. 3 Portraits

Sir Peter Hendy (1953-), Commissioner, Transport for London. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Hendy (1900-1980), Art historian; Director of the National Gallery. 12 Portraits

Edward Heneage, 1st Baron Heneage (1840-1922), Landowner, racehorse owner and Liberal politician; MP for Lincoln and Great Grimsby. 6 Portraits

Eleanor Cecilia (née Hare), Lady Heneage (1845-1924), Wife of 1st Baron Heneage; daughter of 2nd Earl of Listowel. 6 Portraits

Hon. Arabella Heneage (née Pelham) (1783-1871), Wife of Thomas Fieschi Heneage; daughter of 1st Baron Yarborough. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Pelham Heneage (1881-1971), Lieutenant-Colonel and Conservative politician; MP for Louth. 4 Portraits

Edward Heneage (1802-1880), Politician; MP for Grimsby. 1 Portrait

George Fieschi Heneage (1800-1864), Politician; MP for Great Grimsby and Lincoln. 2 Portraits

Heneage. 2 Portraits

David Heneker (1906-2001), Composer and lyricist. 1 Portrait

Sir William Charles Giffard Heneker (1867-1939), General. 2 Portraits

Arthur Henfrey (1819-1859), Botanist. 1 Portrait

Sir Mark Henig (1911-1979), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Stanley Henig (1939-), Professor, politician and author. 1 Portrait

Julia Augusta (Peel), Lady Henley (died 1862), First wife of 3rd Baron Henley; daughter of Very Reverend John Peel, Dean of Worcester. 1 Portrait

Francis Robert Eden, 6th Baron Henley (1877-1962), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Georgiana (née Howard), Lady Henley (1881-1968), Wife of 6th Baron Henley; daughter of 9th Earl of Carlisle. 2 Portraits

Anthony Henley (1667-1711), Whig politician and wit. 9 Portraits

Drewe Henley (1941-), Actor. 1 Portrait

John Henley (1692-1756), Clergyman and eccentric; 'Orator Henley'. 5 Portraits

Joseph Warner ('J.W.') Henley (1793-1884), Politician; President of the Board of Trade. 8 Portraits

J.F. Henley, Superintendent, Members Waiting Room, House of Commons. 2 Portraits

Robert Henley (1591-1656), Legal official. 2 Portraits

William Ernest Henley (1849-1903), Poet and writer. 7 Portraits

Hon. Frances Henley-Ongley (active circa 1790). 1 Portrait

Philip Sydney Henman (1899-1986), High Sheriff of Surrey, philanthropist and transport entrepreneur. 2 Portraits

Mrs Henman. 1 Portrait

Tim Henman (1974-), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Sir Sydney Herbert Holcroft Henn (1861-1936), Conservative politician; MP for Blackburn. 7 Portraits

Hon. Stephen Ogle Henn-Collins (1875-1958), Judge. 2 Portraits

Sir Patrick Hennessy (1898-1981), Motor vehicle manufacturer. 2 Portraits

John Henniker-Major, 2nd Baron Henniker (1752-1821), Antiquary. 7 Portraits

John Henniker-Major, 4th Baron Henniker (1801-1870), Politician; MP for East Suffolk. 2 Portraits

John Henniker-Major, 5th Baron Henniker (1842-1902), Representative peer. 2 Portraits

Alice Mary (née Cuffe), Lady Henniker (1844-1893), Wife of 5th Baron Henniker; daughter of 3rd Earl of Desart. 2 Portraits

John Ernest De Grey Henniker-Major, 7th Baron Henniker (1883-1980), Land Agent. 2 Portraits

John Patrick Edward Chandos Henniker-Major, 8th Baron Henniker (1916-2004), Civil servant and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Lady Lucy Mabel Henniker (née Hennessy), Wife of Sir Robert John Aldbrough Henniker, 7th Bt; daughter of Edward Swan Hennessy. 2 Portraits

George Rainald Henniker-Gotley (1893-1974), Forest conservator. 1 Portrait

(John Victor) Peregrine Henniker-Heaton (1903-1971), Soldier. 2 Portraits

Hon. Florence Ellen Hungerford Henniker-Major (née Milnes) (1855-1923), Wife of Hon. Arthur Henry Henniker-Major; daughter of 1st Baron Houghton. 1 Portrait

Molly Henniker-Major (née Burnet) (died 1953), Wife of John Ernest De Grey Henniker-Major (later 7th Baron Henniker); daughter of Sir Robert Burnet. 2 Portraits

John Henning (1771-1851), Sculptor. 19 Portraits

Walter Bruno Henning (1908-1967), Professor of Iranian Studies. 1 Portrait

Mary Henrade (died 1876), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Sophy Henrade (active 1860s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Bobby Henrey (1939-), Film actor. 1 Portrait

Henri III, King of France (1551-1589), King of France 1574-1589; King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania 1573-1575. 5 Portraits

Adrian Maurice Henri (1932-2000), Poet, painter, singer, songwriter and lecturer. 5 Portraits

Blanche Henri, Actress. 2 Portraits

Gonsalvus Henricus (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Henriette Amalia of Orange-Nassau (1628-1628), Daughter of Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, Count of Nassau. 1 Portrait

Frederic Henri Kay Henrion (1914-1990), Graphic designer. 3 Portraits

Sir Basil Lucas Quixano Henriques (1890-1961), Founder of youth clubs and magistrate. 2 Portraits

Ethel Quixano Henriques (1868-1936), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Gutterez Henriques (1867-1950), Barrister and civil servant. 4 Portraits

Robert David Quixano Henriques (1905-1967), Writer, broadcaster and farmer. 2 Portraits

Fiore de Henriquez (1921-2004), Sculptor. 5 Portraits

Henry Edgar Paston-Bedingfeld, 10th Bt (1943-), Chartered surveyor. 4 Portraits

Henry Peyto Verney, 16th Baron Willoughby de Broke (1816-1862). 2 Portraits

King Henry I (1068 or 1069-1135), Reigned 1100-35. 17 Portraits

King Henry II (1133-1189), Reigned 1154-89. 20 Portraits

King Henry III (1207-1272), Reigned 1216-72. 34 Portraits

King Henry IV (1367-1413), Reigned 1399-1413. 28 Portraits

King Henry V (1387-1422), Reigned 1413-22. 30 Portraits

King Henry VI (1421-1471), Reigned 1422-61 and 1470-1. 37 Portraits

King Henry VII (1457-1509), Reigned 1485-1509. 64 Portraits

King Henry VIII (1491-1547), Reigned 1509-47. 91 Portraits

Henry II, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (972-1024), Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, reigned 1014-24. 1 Portrait

Henry, Prince of Portugal (1394-1460), Prince of Portugal. 1 Portrait

Henri IV, King of France (1553-1610), King of France 1589-1610. 22 Portraits

Henry, Prince of Wales (1594-1612), Eldest son of James I. 42 Portraits

Henry, Duke of Gloucester (1640-1660), Third son of Charles I. 19 Portraits

Henry Benedict Maria Clement Stuart, Cardinal York (1725-1807), Son of Prince James Francis Edward Stuart. 10 Portraits

Archduke Henry of Austria (born 1828), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Prince Henry of Prussia (1862-1929), Naval officer; son of Frederick III, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia. 4 Portraits

Prince Henry of the Netherlands (formerly Duke Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin) (1876-1934), Consort of Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands; son of Frederick Francis II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. 1 Portrait

Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester (1900-1974), Son of George V. 177 Portraits

Prince Henry of Wales (1984-), Son of Charles, Prince of Wales. 8 Portraits

Henry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset (1519-1536), Royal bastard. 2 Portraits

A.P. Henry (active 1900s), Athlete. 4 Portraits

(William) Charles Henry (1804-1892), Physician and chemist; son of William Henry. 2 Portraits

Cyril Bowdler Henry (1893-1981), Consultant surgeon. 2 Portraits

Sir Denis Stanislaus Henry, 1st Bt (1864-1925), Politician and lawyer. 2 Portraits

Edward Richard, 1st Baron Henry (1853-1931), Indian civil servant. 4 Portraits

George Henry (1858-1943), Painter. 4 Portraits

Sir John Henry (1858-1930), Liaison officer. 7 Portraits

Joseph Henry (1727-1796), Irish politician and High Sheriff of Kildare. 1 Portrait

Julia (née Lewisohn), Lady Henry (died 1927), Wife of Sir Charles Solomon Henry, 1st Bt; daughter of Leonard Lewisohn. 6 Portraits

Lenworth George ('Lenny') Henry (1958-), Comedian and actor. 11 Portraits

Louisa Langrishe (née Moore), Lady Henry, Wife of Sir Edward Richard Henry, 1st Bt; daughter of Reverend John Lewis Moore. 4 Portraits

Matthew Henry (1662-1714), Commentator. 7 Portraits

Matthew George Henry (died 1973), Bishop of Western North Carolina. 1 Portrait

Mitchell Henry (1826-1910), Politician. 1 Portrait

M. Henry, Dancer. 1 Portrait

Norman-Barnett Henry (died 1952), Senior surgeon and Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Philip Henry (1631-1696), Nonconformist divine. 1 Portrait

Robert Henry (1718-1790), Historian. 2 Portraits

Samuel Henry (died 1840), Merchant. 1 Portrait

(Alexander) Victor Henry (1943-1985), Actor. 1 Portrait

William Henry (1774-1836), Chemist. 4 Portraits

Henry Frederick, Prince of the Palatinate (1614-1629), Eldest son of Frederick V, Elector Palatine and King of Bohemia and Elizabeth of Bohemia. 10 Portraits

Prince Henry Maurice of Battenberg (1858-1896), Army officer and Governor of the Isle of Wight; husband of Princess Beatrice; son of Prince Alexander of Hesse. 11 Portraits

Sir George Henschel (Isidor Georg Henschel) (1850-1934), Singer and musician; founder and conductor of London Symphony concerts. 11 Portraits

Lillian June (née Bailey), Lady Henschel (1860-1901), Singer; first wife of Sir George Henschel; daughter of Lucien Champlin Bailey. 3 Portraits

Laurence Hensell (died 1452), First husband of Margaret Goldwell. 1 Portrait

Adolf von Henselt (1814-1889), Pianist and composer. 1 Portrait

Douglas Henshall (1968-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Clinton Frazer Henshaw (1837-1908), Army Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Isabella Jean Margaret Henshaw (née Grant) (born 1842), Wife of Clinton Frazer Henshaw; daughter of Lewis Grant. 1 Portrait

Thomas Henshaw (1873-1938), Roman Catholic Bishop of Salford. 3 Portraits

Philip Michael Hensher, Novelist. 1 Portrait

John Stevens Henslow (1796-1861), Botanist and Church of England clergyman. 2 Portraits

John Hensman (1780-1864), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Hon. (Mary) Sheila Hensman (née Wakefield) (1922-2008), President of Cumbria Tourist Board; wife of Richard Frank Bradshaw Hensman; daughter of 1st Baron Wakefield of Kendal. 1 Portrait

Richard Frank Bradshaw Hensman (1915-1988), Brigadier, Aide-de-camp to Queen Elizabeth II. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Henson, Actress. 1 Portrait

Herbert Hensley Henson (1863-1947), Bishop of Durham. 7 Portraits

Leslie Lincoln Henson (1891-1957), Actor-manager. 12 Portraits

Irene Hentschel (1891-1979), Theatre director; wife of Ivor Brown. 2 Portraits

George Alfred Henty (1832-1902), War correspondent and writer for boys. 3 Portraits

Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993), Actress. 44 Portraits

Bernard Richard Hepburn (1876-1939), Colonel. 8 Portraits

Dorothy Hepburn (née Blackwood) (died 1989), Wife of Nicol Sinclair Hepburn. 1 Portrait

John Hepburn. 1 Portrait

John Hepburn (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003), Actress. 3 Portraits

Nicol Sinclair Hepburn (1913-2000), Surgeon Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Lady Ada Hepburne-Scott (née Home) (1846-1932), Wife of Hon. Henry Robert Hepburne-Scott; daughter of 11th Earl of Home. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis (née Lygon) (1869-1927), Royal courtier; wife of Hon. Henry Walter Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis; daughter of 6th Earl Beauchamp. 3 Portraits

Cyril Hepher (1872-1931), Canon Residentiary of Winchester Cathedral. 3 Portraits

Susan Mary Hepher (née Smith), Wife of Reverend Canon Cyril Hepher. 1 Portrait

Lady Kathleen Florence Hepper (née Keelan), Wife of Sir (Harry Albert) Lawless Hepper; daughter of C.J. Keelan. 1 Portrait

Norman Hepple (1908-1994), Painter. 3 Portraits

Alfred Joseph Lumby Hepworth (died 1873), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Dame Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975), Sculptor; second wife of Ben Nicholson. 28 Portraits

Her Majesty's Suite, Members of Queen Victoria's Household. 1 Portrait

Heralds, Officer of Arms. 1 Portrait

John Abraham Heraud (1799-1887), Writer and critic. 1 Portrait

Jean-Marcel Heraut (1920-1982), Artist. 1 Portrait

Johann Friedrich Herbart (1776-1841), German philosopher and psychologist. 1 Portrait

Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury (1583-1648), Diplomat and writer. 15 Portraits

Sidney Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Lea (1810-1861), War Secretary. 10 Portraits

(Mary) Elizabeth (née à Court Repington), Lady Herbert of Lea (1822-1911), Roman Catholic convert and philanthropist; wife of 1st Baron Herbert of Lea. 3 Portraits

Charles, Lord Herbert of Shurland (1619-1635), Son of Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke. 2 Portraits

Lady Mary Theresa Herbert (née Fox-Strangways) (1903-1948), Extra Woman of the Bedchamber to the Queen; wife of Sir John Arthur Herbert; daughter of 6th Earl of Ilchester. 4 Portraits

Sir Alan Patrick Herbert (1890-1971), Humorist, novelist, playwright and politician; MP for Oxford University. 30 Portraits

Hon. Alan Percy Harty Molyneux Herbert (1836-1907), Physician; son of 3rd Earl of Carnarvon. 1 Portrait

(Thomas) Arnold Herbert (1863-1940), Politician and barrister. 6 Portraits

Hon. David Herbert (1908-1995), Socialite and traveller; son of 15th Earl of Pembroke. 7 Portraits

Edward Henry Charles Herbert (1837-1870), Grandson of 2nd Earl of Carnarvon. 2 Portraits

Frederick Charles Herbert (1819-1868), Naval officer; grandson of 1st Earl of Carnarvon. 1 Portrait

George Herbert (1593-1633), Devotional poet. 6 Portraits

George Herbert (1812-1838), Soldier; grandson of 1st Earl of Carnarvon. 2 Portraits

Sir George Sidney Herbert, 1st Bt (1886-1942), Colonel. 6 Portraits

Henry Arthur Herbert (1840-1901), Politician. 1 Portrait

Henry Arthur Herbert (1815-1866), Politician and army officer. 1 Portrait

Henry Arthur Herbert (1840-1901), Politician, landowner and army officer. 3 Portraits

James Herbert (1623-1679), Son of Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke. 2 Portraits

Joan Herbert, Editor, 'The Guide'. 1 Portrait

Jocelyn Herbert (1917-2003), Theatre designer. 4 Portraits

John Herbert (active 17th century), Son of Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke. 2 Portraits

John Herbert (1723-1799), Governor of Balambangan. 1 Portrait

John Rogers Herbert (1810-1890), History and portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Margaret (née Smith), Lady Herbert (died 1673), Former wife of Thomas Carey, and later wife of Sir Edward Herbert. 5 Portraits

Mariamne Herbert (née Finch) (1671-1718), Wife of Colonel Philip Herbert. 3 Portraits

Marianne Herbert (née Lempriere) (died 1870), Wife of Hon. Algernon Herbert; daughter of Thomas Lempriere. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mervyn Robert Howard Molyneux Herbert (1882-1929), Diplomat and cricket player. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Henry Herbert (1857-1903), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Sir Percy Egerton Herbert (1822-1876), Army officer and politician. 2 Portraits

Percy Mark Herbert (1885-1968), Bishop of Blackburn and Bishop of Norwich. 21 Portraits

Rebecca Herbert (1986-), Hockey player. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert George Wyndham Herbert (1831-1905), Colonial official. 2 Portraits

St Leger Algernon Herbert (1850-1885), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Stanley Herbert (active 1949), Priest. 1 Portrait

Sydney Herbert (1886-1967), History lecturer and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Herbert, 1st Bt (1606-1682), Traveller and author. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter William ('Wally') Herbert (1934-2007), Polar explorer. 1 Portrait

Walter Elmes Herbert (1902-1980), Professor Emeritus of Dental Surgery, University of London. 8 Portraits

William Herbert (William Alexander Delaselle Eden) (1844-1896), Actor. 1 Portrait

William Herbert (active 17th century), Son of Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke. 2 Portraits

William Herbert (1718-1795), Bibliographer and printseller. 3 Portraits

William George Herbert (1841-1920), Civil servant; grandson of William Herbert, Dean of Manchester. 1 Portrait

William Norman Herbert (1880-1949), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Hon. William Reginald Herbert (1854-1870), Naval officer; son of 1st Baron Herbert of Lea. 2 Portraits

Admiral Herbert (born 1827), Naval commander. 2 Portraits

Hon. Mrs Herbert (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Miss Herbert (active 1860s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Mrs Herbert (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Hon. Mrs Herbert (active 1930s). 5 Portraits

Charles Herbert-Smith (1862-1944), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Margaret ('Peggy') McCrorie Herbison (1907-1996), Teacher and politician; MP North Lanarkshire. 3 Portraits

Eugene Herbodeau (1888-1982), Maitre-chef at the Carlton Hotel; biographer of Escoffier. 1 Portrait

Alec Herd (1911-1982), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Penelope Ann Herdman (née Wyldbore-Smith) (1948-), Wife of James E. Herdman; daughter of Sir (Francis) Brian Wyldbore-Smith. 6 Portraits

Robert Herdman (1828-1888), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir William Abbott Herdman (1858-1924), Marine zoologist. 2 Portraits

Walter Devereux, 1st Viscount Hereford (circa 1489-1558), Administrator and nobleman. 1 Portrait

Henry Devereux, 14th Viscount Hereford (1777-1843). 1 Portrait

Robert Devereux, 16th Viscount Hereford (1843-1930), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Mary Anna (née Morgan), Viscountess Hereford (1843-1924), Wife of 16th Viscount Hereford; daughter of 1st Baron Tredegar. 2 Portraits

Robert Charles Devereux, 17th Viscount Hereford (1865-1952), Politician and county councillor. 3 Portraits

Robert Milo Leicester Devereux, 18th Viscount Hereford (1932-2004), Served Royal Horse Guards, The Blues. 9 Portraits

Hon. Eleanor Hereford (née Cockburn) (1870-1928), Daughter of Sir Edward Cludde Cockburn, 8th Bt of Pennoxtone; wife of James Tuder Hereford. 5 Portraits

James Tuder Hereford (1869-1952), Landowner, Justice of the Peace and High Sheriff of Herefordshire; husband of Hon. Eleanor Hereford (née Cockburn). 2 Portraits

Robert James Hereford (1910-2001), Officer in the King's Shropshire Light Infantry; son of James Tuder Hereford and Hon. Eleanor Hereford (née Cockburn). 1 Portrait

Miss P.Herget. 1 Portrait

George Edwards Hering (1805-1879), Landscape painter. 1 Portrait

George Heriot (1563-1624), Jeweller to James I and founder of Heriot's Hospital, Edinburgh. 6 Portraits

Smaragda Heriot (née Musurus) (1852-1933), Wife of Warner Heriot; daughter of Constantine Musurus. 3 Portraits

Geoffrey Alton Craig Herklots (1902-1986), Botanist and ornithologist. 2 Portraits

Gerard Andreas Herklots (circa 1834-1915), Vicar of St Saviour, South Hampstead. 6 Portraits

Elsa von Herkomer (1877-1938), Daughter of Sir Hubert von Herkomer. 3 Portraits

Hermann Gustave Herkomer (1863-1935), American painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Hubert von Herkomer (1849-1914), Painter and illustrator. 11 Portraits

Josephine Herkomer (née Niggl) (1826-1879), Pianist, music teacher and mother of Sir Hubert van Herkomer. 1 Portrait

Siegfried von Herkomer (1874-1939), Son of Sir Hubert von Herkomer. 3 Portraits

Eileen Herlie (1920-2008), Actress. 6 Portraits

John Newman Herlihy, Journalist for 'The Standard'. 1 Portrait

Eleanor Marie ('Nini') Herman (née Ettlinger) (1925-), Psychotherapist; wife of Josef Herman. 2 Portraits

Josef Herman (1911-2000), Painter. 13 Portraits

Gertrude Hermes (1901-1983), Artist. 1 Portrait

Empress Hermine of Germany (née Reuss zu Greiz) (1887-1947), Second wife of Kaiser Wilhelm II; daughter of Prince Henry XXII of Reuss. 2 Portraits

Nona Carol Hermon-Worsley (née Hermon-Hodge) (1897-active 1929), Daughter of 1st Baron Wyfold; wife of Harold Montagu Hermon-Worsley. 1 Portrait

Alfonsus Hernandez (died 1571), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Dominicus Hernandez (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Cecily Heron (née More) (born 1507), Youngest daughter of Sir Thomas More. 8 Portraits

Delia Heron (née Reiss) (1920-1979), Wife of Patrick Heron. 1 Portrait

D.M. Heron. 5 Portraits

Katherine Heron (1947-), Daughter of Patrick Heron. 1 Portrait

Patrick Heron (1920-1999), Painter and art critic. 11 Portraits

Sir Robert Heron, 2nd Bt (1765-1854), Politician; MP for Great Grimsby and Peterborough. 2 Portraits

Susanna Heron (1949-), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Heron (1857-1931), Brigadier-General. 5 Portraits

Dr Heron. 1 Portrait

Edward Heron-Allen (1861-1943), 'Christopher Blayre'; author and scientist. 3 Portraits

Sir Patrick Ivor Heron-Maxwell, 9th Bt (1916-1982), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Alexander Heroys (1940-), Major. 2 Portraits

Joan Herrick (née May), Lady Herrick (circa 1578-1632), Wife of Sir William Herrick (Heyricke). 3 Portraits

Robert Herrick (1591-1674), Poet. 2 Portraits

Sir William Herrick (Heyricke) (baptised 1562-1653), Moneylender and royal official. 2 Portraits

William Perry Herrick (1794-1876), Landowner and barrister. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Howard Herridge (1904-1997), Chairman of Iraq Petroleum Company Ltd. 1 Portrait

William Constable-Maxwell, 10th Baron Herries (1804-1876), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Gwendolen Mary Fitzalan-Howard (née Constable-Maxwell), 12th Baroness Herries (1877-1945), Wife of 15th Duke of Norfolk; daughter and heir of 11th Baron Herries. 21 Portraits

Anne Elizabeth (née Fitzalan-Howard), Lady Herries of Terregles (1938-2014), Racehorse trainer and daughter of 16th Duke of Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Charles Herries (1745-1819), Colonel of the London and Westminster Light Horse Volunteers. 1 Portrait

John Herries (died 1781), Clergyman and writer. 5 Portraits

John Charles Herries (1778-1855), Statesman and financier. 5 Portraits

Mary Frances (née Crompton), Lady Herries (circa 1792-1866), Wife of Sir William Lewis Herries, daughter of Joshua Crompton. 1 Portrait

Ann Herring (née Harris) (1795-1838), First wife of John Frederick Herring. 1 Portrait

John Frederick Herring (1795-1865), Sporting painter. 2 Portraits

Thomas Herring (1693-1757), Archbishop of Canterbury. 7 Portraits

Sir Wilmot Parker Herringham (1855-1936), Physician. 3 Portraits

James Herriot (James Alfred Wight) (1916-1995), Writer and veterinary surgeon. 2 Portraits

John Herriotts (1874-1935), Politician; MP for Sedgefield. 1 Portrait

Alexander Stewart Herschel (1836-1907), Astronomer; son of Sir John Herschel. 2 Portraits

Caroline Lucretia Herschel (1750-1848), Astronomer; sister of Sir William Herschel. 2 Portraits

Francesca ('Fancy') Herschel (1846-1932), Friend of Royal Astronomical Society; daughter of Sir John Herschel. 2 Portraits

Isabella Herschel (1831-1893), Second daughter of Sir John Herschel. 2 Portraits

John Herschel (1837-1921), Son of Sir John Herschel. 1 Portrait

Sir John Frederick William Herschel, 1st Bt (1792-1871), Mathematician and astronomer; son of William Herschel. 22 Portraits

Sir William Herschel (1738-1822), Astronomer. 12 Portraits

Sir William James Herschel, 2nd Bt (1833-1917), Civil servant in India; son of Sir John Herschel. 2 Portraits

Farrer Herschell, 1st Baron Herschell (1837-1899), Lord Chancellor. 15 Portraits

Agnes Adela (née Porcher), Lady Herschell (died 1902), Wife of 1st Baron Herschell; daughter of Edward Leigh Kindersley Porcher. 1 Portrait

Annie Vera Violet (née Nicolson), Baroness Herschell (1891-1961), Daughter of Sir Arthur Nicolson, 10th Bt; wife of 2nd Baron Herschell. 2 Portraits

Ridley Haim Herschell (1807-1864), Missionary and Independent minister. 2 Portraits

Rose Hersee (1845-1924), Actress and singer. 4 Portraits

Isabella Anne Seymour-Conway (née Ingram), Marchioness of Hertford (1760-1834), Courtier and mistress of King George IV; second wife of 2nd Marquess of Hertford. 4 Portraits

Lady Emily Seymour, Marchioness of Hertford (1816-1902), Daughter of 3rd Earl of Mansfield; wife of 5th Marquess Hertford. 2 Portraits

Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Marquess of Hertford (1718-1794), Courtier and politician. 8 Portraits

Isabella Seymour-Conway (née Fitzroy), Marchioness of Hertford (1726-1782), Wife of 1st Marquess of Hertford. 2 Portraits

Francis Seymour Conway, 2nd Marquess of Hertford (1743-1822), Politician; Chief Secretary for Ireland. 2 Portraits

Francis Charles Seymour-Conway, 3rd Marquess of Hertford (1777-1842), Courtier. 7 Portraits

Richard Seymour-Conway, 4th Marquess of Hertford (1800-1870), Art collector and founder of the Wallace Collection. 1 Portrait

Francis George Hugh Seymour, 5th Marquess of Hertford (1812-1884), General. 8 Portraits

George Francis Alexander Seymour, 7th Marquess of Hertford (1871-1940), County Councillor; Justice of the Peace. 8 Portraits

Hugh Edward Conway Seymour, 8th Marquess of Hertford (1930-1997), Businessman. 3 Portraits

Pamela Thérèse Louise Seymour (née Countess de Caraman-Chimay), Marchioness of Hertford (1932-), Wife of 8th Marquess of Hertford; daughter of Prince Alphonse de Chimay. 7 Portraits

Miss Herthum. 1 Portrait

A. Hertochs (Hertocks) (active 1626-1672), Engraver. 4 Portraits

Sir Cecil Hertslet (1850-1934), Grand Officer of Belgian Order of Leopold II. 7 Portraits

Joseph Herman Hertz (1872-1946), Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the British Empire. 8 Portraits

Noreena Hertz (1968-), Economist. 1 Portrait

Albert Hertzog, Son of James Barry Munnik Hertzog. 2 Portraits

James Barry Munnik Hertzog (1866-1942), Prime Minister of South Africa. 17 Portraits

Hervé (Louis Auguste Florimond Ronger) (1825-1892), Composer, playwright, actor, singer and director. 6 Portraits

John Hervey, Baron Hervey of Ickworth (1696-1743), Pamphlet and memoir writer. 5 Portraits

Mary Hervey (née Lepell), Lady Hervey of Ickworth (1699 or 1700-1768), Courtier. 1 Portrait

William Hervey, Baron Hervey of Kidbrooke and Baron Hervey of Ross (died 1642), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

Lord Arthur Charles Hervey (1808-1894), Bishop of Bath and Wells. 8 Portraits

Lord Manners William Hervey (1866-1944), Rector of Ickworth-Horringer, Bury St Edmunds. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Hervey, Wife of John Hervey of Ickworth; daughter of Wiliam, Baron Hervey of Kidbrooke. 1 Portrait

Grizela Hervey (Grizelda Harvey) (1901-1980), Actress. 1 Portrait

James Hervey (1714-1758), Devotional writer. 11 Portraits

John Hervey (1616-1679), Treasurer of Catherine of Braganza. 4 Portraits

Penelope Hervey (née Darcy), Lady Hervey (died 1660 or 1661), Former wife of Sir George Trenchard and of Sir John Gage, Bt, and later wife of Sir William Hervey. 2 Portraits

Hon. William Hervey (1732-1815), General. 1 Portrait

Miss Hervey (active 1860s), Performer. 2 Portraits

Sir Felton William Hervey-Bathurst, 1st Bt (1782-1819), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Sarah Hervey-Bathurst, Chatelaine and interior decorator. 1 Portrait

Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine, Baron Heseltine (1933-), Conservative politician and businessman. 5 Portraits

Julia Heseltine, Painter; daughter of Anna Katrina Zinkeisen and Guy R.N. Heseltine. 1 Portrait

Philip Arnold Heseltine (Peter Warlock) (1894-1930), Music scholar and composer. 4 Portraits

Sir William Heseltine (1930-), Private Secretary to HM The Queen. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Hesilrige (1601-1661), Statesman and parliamentarian. 4 Portraits

Thomas Fermor-Hesketh, 1st Baron Hesketh (1881-1944), Businessman, politician and landowner. 5 Portraits

Thomas Alexander Fermor-Hesketh, 3rd Baron Hesketh (1950-), Politician; Government Chief Whip. 1 Portrait

Lady Emily Esther Anne Hesketh (née Lygon) (died 1873), Wife of Lloyd Hesketh Bamford Hesketh; daughter of 1st Earl Beauchamp. 1 Portrait

Lady Harriet Hesketh (née Cowper) (1733-1807). 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Constance Hesketh (née Lumley) (1923-1998), Wife of Roger Fleetwood Hesketh; daughter of 11th Earl of Scarborough. 2 Portraits

Lloyd Hesketh Bamford Hesketh (1788-1861), Architect. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Hesketh-Prichard (née Grimston, later Lady Motion) (1885-1975), Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Mary; former wife of H. V. Hesketh-Prichard, and later wife of T. A. Motion; daughter of 3rd Earl of Verulam. 2 Portraits

Michael Hesketh Prichard (1909-1988), Son of H.V. Hesketh Prichard. 1 Portrait

H.W. Heslop, Air force officer. 1 Portrait

John William Heslop-Harrison (1881-1967), Botanist. 1 Portrait

Dame Myra Hess (1890-1965), Pianist. 59 Portraits

David Gerald Hessayon (1928-), Writer on gardening. 1 Portrait

F.E. Hesse, General Manager, Australian and China Telegraph Company. 1 Portrait

Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine (1837-1892), Soldier; husband of Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse. 45 Portraits

James Augustus Hessey (1814-1892), Headmaster and Church of England cleric. 1 Portrait

Stephen Hester (1960-), Businessman; Group Chief Executive and Executive Director, Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc. 1 Portrait

Sir Hector James Wright Hetherington (1888-1965), Lecturer and author; Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow from 1936 to 1961; Honorary Fellow of the Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. 6 Portraits

Sir Roger Gaskell Hetherington (1876-1952), Engineering Inspector. 3 Portraits

Lady Charlotte Hetley (née Lady Charlotte Toler) (died 1867), Daughter of Earl of Norbury; former wife of 4th Baron Braybrooke, and later wife of Dr. F. Hetley. 1 Portrait

Martin Heton (1554-1609), Bishop of Ely. 2 Portraits

Francis Paget Hett (died 1966), Canadian Army Major. 3 Portraits

Walter Stanley Hett (1882-1948), Assistant Master, Brighton College. 2 Portraits

Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687), Astronomer; Mayor of Danzig. 1 Portrait

James Kirwan Heverin (1969-), Architect; member of 2012 Olympic Park Aquatics Centre team. 1 Portrait

Gordon Hewart, 1st Viscount Hewart (1870-1943), Lord Chief Justice. 3 Portraits

Lady Sara Wood Hewart (née Riley) (died 1933), Wife of 1st Viscount Hewart; daughter of J. Hacking Riley. 4 Portraits

Nick Hewer (1944-), Public Relations consultant and television personality. 1 Portrait

William Hewer (Ewers) (1642-1715), Naval administrator. 1 Portrait

Joseph Hewes (1730-1779), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Michael Hewetson (1643-1709), Archdeacon of Armagh. 2 Portraits

Sir Reginald Hewetson (1908-1993), General. 5 Portraits

Edward Vincent Osborne Hewett (1867-1953), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir John Prescott Hewett (1854-1941), Politician and administrator in India. 4 Portraits

William Hewett (Hewit). 1 Portrait

Sir William Nathan Wrighte Hewett (1834-1888), Naval officer. 7 Portraits

W.M. Hewett, 'Leader in Medicine & Surgery'. 1 Portrait

Miss Hewett, Eldest daughter of Edward Vincent Osborne Hewett. 2 Portraits

Maurice Gravenor Hewins (1897-1953), Barrister. 2 Portraits

Antony Hewish (1924-), Radio astronomer. 3 Portraits

John Hewit (Hewett) (1614-1658), Royalist divine; chaplain to Charles I. 10 Portraits

Agnes Hewitt (later Boyd) (died 1924), Actress; wife of Frank M. Boyd. 2 Portraits

David Hewitt. 1 Portrait

Hon. Diana Faith Hewitt (née Crofton) (1927-), Former wife of Hugh Seaburne May, and later wife of Edward Michael George Hewitt; daughter of Hon. Edward Charles Crofton. 8 Portraits

Hon. Edward Hewitt (1848-1931), Fifth son of 4th Viscount Lifford and Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Joseph Eric Hewitt (1901-1985), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Patricia Hope Hewitt (1948-), Labour politician; MP for Leicester West, Secretary of State for Health and Minister for Women. 2 Portraits

Sheila Hewitt, Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Ebenezer Hewlett, Rector of St Pauls, Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester. 1 Portrait

Hilda Beatrice Hewlett (née Herbert) (1864-1943), First British female aviator to earn a pilot's licence and businesswoman. 1 Portrait

Jamie Hewlett (1968-), English comic book artist and designer. 1 Portrait

John Hewlett (1762-1844), Biblical scholar. 3 Portraits

Maurice Henry Hewlett (1861-1923), Novelist. 10 Portraits

Benjamin Hewling (1663-1685), Executed for rebellion. 2 Portraits

Hon. Anne Elizabeth Mary Llywelyn Hewson (née Lewis) (1902-1963), Master of Monmouthshire Foxhounds; second wife of Arthur George Hewson; daughter of 2nd Baron Merthyr. 8 Portraits

C.A.G. Hewson, Chairman. 2 Portraits

David Patrick Lewis Hewson, Captain; son of Arthur George Hewson. 2 Portraits

John Hewson (died 1662), Parliamentary commander and regicide. 6 Portraits

Margaret Eve Hewson, Daughter of Arthur George Hewson. 5 Portraits

Mary Maive Hewson. 5 Portraits

William Hewson (active before 1846), Chancellor of St David's and vicar of St Mary, Swansea. 1 Portrait

Frederick Maurice Hext (1901-1987), Major-General. 1 Portrait

George Hext (1819-1898), Clergyman and college fellow. 1 Portrait

Mrs Hexter (active 1783). 1 Portrait

Donald Holroyde Hey (1904-1987), Professor of Chemistry. 1 Portrait

Samuel Hey (died 1893?), Rector of Sawley, Derby. 3 Portraits

Charles Thomas Heycock (1858-1931), Metallurgist; Fellow of the Royal Society. 1 Portrait

Cecil Albert Heydeman (1889-1967), Major-General. 3 Portraits

John Heydon (active 1667), Astrologer and Rosicrucian. 4 Portraits

Georgette Heyer (1902-1974), Novelist. 9 Portraits

Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2002), Author and anthropologist. 1 Portrait

Ambrose Heygate (1852-1941), Canon Emeritus of Chester. 1 Portrait

Alphonse Heyking, Baron Heyking, Russian Baron of the Duchy of Courland and Consul General for the Russian Embassy, London. 5 Portraits

Peter Heylyn (1599-1662), Theologian and historian. 3 Portraits

George Douglas Gordon Dufferin Heyman (1905-1965), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Christian Gottlieb Heyne (1729-1812), Scholar. 1 Portrait

William Henry Ashe à Court-Holmes, 2nd Baron Heytesbury (1809-1891), Politician; MP for Isle of Wight. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth (née Holmes), Lady Heytesbury (died 1874), Wife of 2nd Baron Heytesbury; daughter of Sir Leonard Thomas Worsley Holmes, 9th Bt. 2 Portraits

Leonard Holmes A’Court, 4th Baron Heytesbury (1863-1949), Landowner. 1 Portrait

William Leonard Frank Holmes à Court, 5th Baron Heytesbury (1906-1971), Son of 4th Baron Heytesbury. 2 Portraits

Beryl (née Crawford), Lady Heytesbury (died 1968), Daughter of Alfred Edward Bredin Crawford; wife of 5th Baron Heytesbury. 1 Portrait

William John Heyting, Author. 2 Portraits

Nick Heyward (1961-), Singer and musician; member of Haircut 100. 1 Portrait

Thomas Heyward (1746-1809), Lawyer and signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Anne Heywood (Violet Pretty) (1932-), Actress; wife of Raymond Stross. 1 Portrait

Bernard Oliver Francis Heywood (1871-1960), Bishop of Ely. 17 Portraits

Edward Heywood. 1 Portrait

Hugh Christopher Lempriere Heywood (1896-1987), Provost Emeritus of Southwell; University lecturer in Divinity. 9 Portraits

John Heywood (1497?-1580?), Known as 'The old English epigrammatist'. 3 Portraits

Richard Stanley Heywood (1867-1955), Bishop of Mombassa and Assistant Bishop of Coventry. 2 Portraits

Wilfred Lanceley Heywood (1900-1977), Member, Restrictive Practices Court. 1 Portrait

Hon. Helen Heywood-Lonsdale (née Annesley) (1884-1965), Wife of John Pemberton Heywood-Lonsdale; daughter of 11th Viscount Valentia. 4 Portraits

Jean Helen Heywood-Lonsdale (née Rollo) (1926-), Daughter of 12th Baron Rollo; wife of Robert Henry Heywood-Lonsdale. 1 Portrait

Robert Henry Heywood-Lonsdale (1919-2009), Lieutenant-Colonel and Vice Lord-Lieutenant for Oxfordshire. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Heyworth, Baron Heyworth (1894-1974), Industrialist. 1 Portrait

Lawrence Heyworth (1786-1872), Woollen manufacturer, politician and legal writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Richard Hezlet (1914-2007), Naval officer and submariner. 1 Portrait

Robert Knox Hezlet (1879-1963), Major-General. 4 Portraits

(Andrew) Stuart Hibberd (1893-1983), Radio broadcaster and journalist. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Margaret Hibbert (née Fonnereau) (active 1784), Wife of George Hibbert; daughter of Philip Fonnereau. 2 Portraits

George Hibbert (1757-1837), Merchant. 2 Portraits

Henry Hibbert (1601 or 1602-1678), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Flemming Hibbert, 1st Bt (1850-1927), Politician; MP for Chorley. 2 Portraits

Hugh Brownlow Hibbert (1893-1988), Major-General. 1 Portrait

John Hubert Washington Hibbert (1804-1875), Slaveowner and landowner. 1 Portrait

Susan Louisa Mary Hibbert (née Feilding) (died 1975), Wife of Hugh Brownlow Hibbert. 3 Portraits

William Nembhard Hibbert (1873-1936), Barrister and law lecturer. 1 Portrait

(William) Lionel Hichens (1874-1940), Colonial administrator and businessman. 1 Portrait

Robert Hichens. 1 Portrait

Robert Smythe Hichens (1864-1950), Journalist and novelist. 3 Portraits

C.W. Hick (active 1844), Sword bearer to the Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Edmund Hickeringill (baptised 1631-1708), Church of England clergyman and religious controversialist. 1 Portrait

George Hickes (1642-1715), Nonjuror and Dean of Worcester. 2 Portraits

Lancelot Daryl Hickes (1884-1965), Army officer. 3 Portraits

William Hickey (1749-1830), Attorney in India and memoirist. 2 Portraits

Carlos Joseph Hickie (1872-1959), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Tom Hickinbotham (1903-1983), Colonial administrator and company director. 2 Portraits

Margaret Hickish (1952-), Civil engineer; member of London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority. 1 Portrait

Charles Frederick Hickling (1902-1977), Marine biologist. 3 Portraits

Colin John Anderson Hickling (1931-), Canon Theologian, Leicester Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Harold Hickling (1892-1969), Vice-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Henry George Albert Hickling (1883-1954), Geologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Edward Hickman, 2nd Bt (1885-1947), Captain. 3 Portraits

Charles Hickman (1648-1713), Church of Ireland bishop of Derry. 1 Portrait

Sir (Alfred) Howard Whitby Hickman, 3rd Bt (1920-1979). 4 Portraits

James Hickman (1976-), Swimmer. 2 Portraits

Lilian Brenda (née Mander), Lady Hickman (died 1969), First wife of Sir Alfred Edward Hickman, 2nd Bt; daughter of Howard Mander. 3 Portraits

Lady Margaret Doris Hickman (née Kempson, formerly Thatcher) (1918-1996), Former wife of Denis Thatcher and later wife of Sir (Alfred) Howard Whitby Hickman, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Peggy Hickman, Historian of silhouettes. 1 Portrait

P. Hickman. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hickman (1785-1822), Pugilist. 1 Portrait

Lady Pamela Carmen Louise Hicks (née Mountbatten) (1929-), Wife of David Nightingale Hicks; daughter of 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma. 14 Portraits

Allegra Hicks, Print designer. 1 Portrait

Betty Hicks (1904-), Actress; daughter of Sir (Edward) Seymour George Hicks and Ellaline Terriss. 8 Portraits

Betty Hicks, Mother of Tommy Steele. 1 Portrait

David Nightingale Hicks (1929-1998), Interior decorator, designer and author. 17 Portraits

Sir Denys Theodore Hicks (1908-1987), Solicitor. 2 Portraits

Douglas Henry Hicks (died 1988), Baptist Minister. 2 Portraits

Edward Lee Hicks (1843-1919), Bishop of Lincoln. 4 Portraits

Ethel Katherine Hicks (née Savage) (1872-1942), Wife of (Frederick Cyril) Nugent Hicks. 1 Portrait

(Ernest) George Hicks (1879-1954), Trade unionist and politician. 14 Portraits

India Amanda Caroline Hicks (1967-), Daughter of David and Lady Pamela Hicks. 2 Portraits

Iris Elsie Hicks, Actress and mother of David Nightingale Hicks. 1 Portrait

James Bracher Grenfell Hicks (1891-1972), Policeman. 5 Portraits

John Braxton Hicks (1823-1897), Coroner and obstetrician. 1 Portrait

Sir John Richard Hicks (1904-1989), Economist. 1 Portrait

John Wale Hicks (1840-1899), Bishop of Bloemfontein, South Africa. 1 Portrait

(Frederick Cyril) Nugent Hicks (1872-1942), Lord Bishop of Gibraltar and Bishop of Lincoln. 7 Portraits

Ogna Hicks, Actress. 6 Portraits

Richard Hicks (active 1844), Member of a deputation to Louis Philippe, 1844. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edward) Seymour Hicks (1871-1949), Actor-manager. 25 Portraits

Tony Hicks (1945-), Musician; member of The Hollies. 4 Portraits

William Hicks (1621-1660), Puritan. 6 Portraits

William Hicks (1831-1883), 'Hicks Pasha'; commander of Egyptian army. 1 Portrait

William Mitchinson Hicks (1850-1934), Professor of Physics. 5 Portraits

Colonel Hicks, Army officer. 1 Portrait

Harriet-Vittoria (née Stratton), Lady Hicks-Beach (1814-1900), Wife of Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, 8th Bt. 1 Portrait

William Frederick Hicks Beach (1841-1923), Politician; MP for Tewkesbury. 3 Portraits

Edward Hickson (active 1844). 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald Robert Stedall Hickson (1879-1957), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Katharine Hickson (active 1859-1880), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Sir Samuel Hickson (1859-1928), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sydney John Hickson (1859-1940), Zoologist. 1 Portrait

John Thomas Hiestand (active 1950s), Bishop of Harrisburg, Australia. 1 Portrait

Steve Hiett, Photographer. 1 Portrait

William Higgin (1793-1867), Bishop of Limerick and writer. 1 Portrait

Mr Higginbottom (active 1850), Member of The Lancashire Central Short Time Committee for Obtaining the Ten Hours Bill. 1 Portrait

Lady Hilda Jane Sophia Higgins (née Finch-Hatton) (1856-1893), Wife of Henry Vincent Higgins; daughter of 11th Earl of Winchilsea. 3 Portraits

Alexander Pearce Higgins (1865-1935), Professor of International Law. 1 Portrait

Cecil Matthew Stanley Higgins (1878-1935), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Sir David Hartmann Higgins (1954-), Businessman; CEO, London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority. 1 Portrait

Francis Higgins (1669-1728), Archdeacon of Cashel and Prebendary of Christ Church, Dublin. 2 Portraits

Frank Wilfred Higgins, Portrait painter. 3 Portraits

George Herbert Higgins (1878-1937), County Court judge. 3 Portraits

Henry Vincent Higgins (1855-1928), Solicitor and Managing Director of Covent Garden. 2 Portraits

Jack Higgins (Harry Patterson) (1929-), Novelist. 1 Portrait

James Higgins. 1 Portrait

Sir John Frederick Andrews Higgins (1875-1948), Air Marshal. 1 Portrait

John Seville Higgins (1904-1992), Bishop of Rhode Island. 1 Portrait

Joseph Napier Higgins (1826-1899), Judge and writer. 1 Portrait

Dame Julia Stretton Higgins (1942-), Professor of Polymer Science. 1 Portrait

J.H. Higgins, King's Marshalman. 1 Portrait

Matthew James Higgins (1810-1868), Author of 'Jacob Omnium' and journalist. 5 Portraits

Reginald Edward Higgins (1877-1933), Portrait painter and poster artist. 2 Portraits

Dame Rosalyn Higgins (née Cohen) (1937-), Judge and professor of international law. 1 Portrait

Sambrooke Higgins (1734-1823), Rector of Loyton and Norbury, Staffordshire. 1 Portrait

Walter Norman Higgins (1880-1957), Archdeacon of Wells. 1 Portrait

Mrs Higgins. 1 Portrait

Florence Virginia Fox (née Fitzpatrick), Lady Higginson (1834-1912), Wife of Sir George Wentworth Alexander Higginson; daughter of 1st Baron Castletown. 1 Portrait

Francis George Higginson (born 1859), Army officer; son of Sir George Wentworth Alexander Higginson. 1 Portrait

Sir George Wentworth Alexander Higginson (1826-1927), General. 9 Portraits

J. Higgnis. 1 Portrait

Sir Derek Alan Higgs (1944-), Chairman, Partnerships UK plc. 1 Portrait

John C. Higgs. 1 Portrait

Walter Frank Higgs (1886-1961), Founder and formerly Chairman of Higgs Motors, Ltd. 5 Portraits

James Arthur Higgs-Walker (1892-1979), Historian and Headmaster of Sevenoaks School. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Frederick Higham (1876-1938), Advertising agent, publicist, writer and Conservative politician; MP for South Islington. 1 Portrait

John Sharp Higham (1857-1932), Justice of the Peace, Mayor of Accrington and businessman. 3 Portraits

Philip Roger Canning Higham (1920-2006), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Thomas Farrant Higham (1890-1975), Classics scholar and Dean of Trinity College, Oxford. 2 Portraits

Jean Mary Highett (née Montagu) (1927-), Wife of Lintorn Trevor Highett; daughter of 3rd Baron Swaythling. 2 Portraits

Nathaniel Highmore (1613-1685), Physician. 3 Portraits

Sir Nathaniel Joseph Highmore (1844-1924), Lawyer. 2 Portraits

Patricia Highsmith (1921-1995), Crime writer. 6 Portraits

Jack Kenneth Highton (1904-1988), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Alfred Higson (1871-1961), Conductor. 1 Portrait

Charles ('Charlie') Higson (1958-), Comedy scriptwriter, actor, producer and director. 3 Portraits

William Higson (born 1863), Captain and Joint Master of the Cheshire Fox Hounds. 1 Portrait

Agha Hilaly (1911-2001), Pakistani ambassador to Stockholm, Moscow, New Delhi, London and the United States. 2 Portraits

Ruby Hilary, Actress. 2 Portraits

Mr Hilbers (active 1818), Oil merchant. 3 Portraits

Vicki Hilbert, Fashion model. 2 Portraits

Sir (George) Malcolm Hilbery (1883-1965), Judge. 2 Portraits

Princess Hilda of Luxembourg (1897-1979), Wife of Adolph Schwarzenberg; daughter of William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. 1 Portrait

Arthur Blois Ross Hildebrand (1870-1937), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Archduchess Hildegard of Austria (1825-1864), Wife of Archduke Albrecht. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hilder (1598-1651), Puritan divine. 2 Portraits

Arthur Hildersham (1563-1632), Puritan divine. 5 Portraits

Mark Hildesley (born 1630). 2 Portraits

John Hildeyard (active 1680-1683), Prebendary of Norwich. 1 Portrait

George Hilditch (1803-1857), Landscape painter. 1 Portrait

Thomas Percy Hilditch (1886-1965), Professor of Industrial Chemistry. 6 Portraits

Constance Mary (née Chappell), Lady Hildred (died 1985), Wife of Sir William Percival Hildred. 2 Portraits

Sir William Percival Hildred (1893-1986), Director-General of Civil Aviation. 10 Portraits

Sir (Harold) John Crossley Hildreth (1908-1992), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Hon. Kate Hildreth (née Horne) (died 1956), Former wife of Arthur George Hewson, and later wife of H. R. Hildreth; daughter of 1st Baron Horne. 2 Portraits

Lady Jane Hildyard (née Townshend) (1792-1878), Wife of John Hildyard; daughter of Lord John Townshend; sister of 4th Marquess Townshend. 1 Portrait

James Hildyard (1809-1887), Classical scholar and rector of Ingoldsby. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald John Thoroton Hildyard (1876-1965), General. 6 Portraits

Thomas Blackborne Thoroton Hildyard (1843-1928), Magistrate. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Varvill Hiley (1868-1949), Politician. 4 Portraits

Edith Barley Hilken (née Lampen), Wife of Thomas John Norman Hilken. 1 Portrait

Thomas John Norman Hilken (1901-1969), Naval captain. 1 Portrait

Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount Hill (1772-1842), General. 23 Portraits

Rowland Hill, 2nd Viscount Hill (1800-1875), Conservative politician; MP for North Shropshire. 2 Portraits

Rowland Clegg Hill, 3rd Viscount Hill (1833-1895), Politician; son of 2nd Viscount Hill. 3 Portraits

Isabella Elizabeth (née Wynn), Viscountess Hill (1844-1898), Wife of 3rd Viscount Hill; daughter of 3rd Baron Newborough. 1 Portrait

Charles Rowland Clegg-Hill, 6th Viscount Hill (1876-1957), Soldier. 4 Portraits

Charles Hill, 1st Baron Hill of Luton (1904-1989), Politician, administrator, broadcaster and doctor. 7 Portraits

Lord Arthur William Hill (1846-1931), Politician, army officer and Comptroller of the Household. 9 Portraits

Lord (Arthur) Francis Hill (1895-1953), Army captain; son of 6th Marquess of Downshire. 2 Portraits

Lord George Hill (active circa 1825-1850). 1 Portrait

Lady Virginia Mary Elizabeth Hill (née FitzRoy) (1954-), Bridesmaid to Princess Margaret; former wife of Lord Ralph William Francis Joseph Kerr and later wife of Roger Babington Hill; daughter of 11th Duke of Grafton. 1 Portrait

Aaron Hill (1685-1750), Dramatist. 2 Portraits

Alexander Staveley Hill (1825-1905), Barrister and politician. 2 Portraits

Amelia Robertson Hill (née Paton) (1820-1904), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Anthony Hill (1930-), Artist. 3 Portraits

Anthony Eustace Hill, Royal Air Force Squadron Leader. 1 Portrait

Archibald Vivian Hill (1886-1977), Physiologist. 13 Portraits

Sir Arthur William Hill (1875-1941), Botanist and Director of Kew Gardens. 5 Portraits

Sir Basil Alexander Hill (1880-1960), Army officer. 5 Portraits

Benny Hill (1924-1992), Comedian. 12 Portraits

Berkeley Hill, 'Leader in Medicine & Surgery'. 1 Portrait

Bernard Hill (1944-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Carmen Hill. 1 Portrait

Caroline L. Brook Hill (active 1870s), Actress. 3 Portraits

Cecil Hill (1861-1942), Army officer and engineer. 7 Portraits

Charles Hill, Detective Chief Inspector for the Metropolitan Police and Art Risk Consultant. 1 Portrait

Charles Alexander Hill (1874-1948), Managing Director of British Drug Houses Ltd. 2 Portraits

Charles Croft Hill (circa 1833-1865), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

(John Edward) Christopher Hill (1912-2003), Historian. 1 Portrait

Sir Claude Hamilton Archer Hill (1866-1934), Civil servant in India. 3 Portraits

Clement Delves Hill (1781-1845), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Damon Graham Devereux Hill (1960-), Racing driver; son of Graham Hill. 3 Portraits

David John Jackson Hill (1874-1938), Colonel. 1 Portrait

David Octavius Hill (1802-1870), Landscape and portrait painter; pioneer photographer. 22 Portraits

Sir (John) Denis Nelson Hill (1913-1982), Professor of Psychiatry. 2 Portraits

Denys Hill (née Gunter-Jones), Wife of James Ledger Hill. 7 Portraits

(Arthur) Derek Hill (1916-2000), Artist, writer and organiser of exhibitions. 5 Portraits

Draper Hill, Art historian. 1 Portrait

D. Hill (active 1863), Reverend. 1 Portrait

Edward Hill (1809-1900), Honorary Canon of St Albans Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Stock Hill (1834-1902), Politician, merchant and shipowner. 1 Portrait

Emery Hill (died 1677), Founder of Alms Houses and Free School in Westminster. 2 Portraits

Sir Enoch Hill (1865-1942), Building society manager. 6 Portraits

Eric Hill (1927-2014), Author and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Eveline Hill (née Ridyard) (1898-1973), Businesswoman and Conservative politician; MP for Manchester Wythenshawe; wife of J.S. Hill. 1 Portrait

Dame Felicity Barbara Hill (1915-), Director of the Women’s Royal Air Force. 1 Portrait

Frank Moutray Hill (1907-1996), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Hill (1932-), Poet; Professor of Poetry at Oxford University. 4 Portraits

George Hill (1716-1808), King's serjeant. 1 Portrait

Sir George Francis Hill (1867-1948), Numismatist. 3 Portraits

Graham Hill (1929-1975), Racing driver. 5 Portraits

Henry Robert Dunlop Hill (1915-1986), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Ishabel Wilhelmina Sheila (née MacDougall), Lady Francis Hill (died 1961), Wife of Lord (Arthur) Francis Henry Hill; daughter of Stewart MacDougall. 5 Portraits

James Hill (circa 1807-1880), Church of England minister and Headmaster or Royal Hospital School, Greenwich. 1 Portrait

Sir James Hill, 1st Bt (1849-1936), Politician and founder of 'James Hill and Sons' in 1891. 3 Portraits

(Stanley) James Ledger Hill (1911-2006), Soldier and businessman. 10 Portraits

James William Thomas ('Jimmy') Hill (1928-), Football player, coach, manager, chairman, television executive and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hill (1714-1775), Writer and naturalist. 8 Portraits

John Hill (1786-1855), Church of England clergyman. 2 Portraits

John Charles Hill (1862-1943), Bishop Suffragan of Hulme. 6 Portraits

John Edward Bernard Hill (1912-2007), Politician and farmer. 4 Portraits

J. Arthur Hill (1872-1951), Writer on Psychical Research. 1 Portrait

Lawrence Hill (died 1679), Labourer and martyr, executed for the murder of Sir Edmund-bury Godfrey. 10 Portraits

Sir Leonard Erskine Hill (1866-1952), Physiologist; Director of Research, Institute of Physical Medicine. 6 Portraits

Leslie Rowley Hill (1884-1975), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Marion Eliza Blanche Hill (née Cropper) (1859-1936), Wife of Rowley Conway Hill; daughter of Edward Cropper. 1 Portrait

Sir Maurice Hill (1862-1934), Judge. 1 Portrait

Maurice Neville Hill (1919-1966), Marine geophysicist and Director of Studies in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Micaiah John Muller Hill (1856-1929), Mathematician. 3 Portraits

Muriel Mary (née Campbell), Lady Hill, Wife of Sir Clement Lloyd Hill; daughter of Colin Glencairn Campbell. 1 Portrait

Octavia Hill (1838-1912), Social reformer. 2 Portraits

Peter Hill (1945-), Journalist and Editor of The Daily Express. 1 Portrait

Phelan Hill (1979-), Rowing cox. 1 Portrait

Philip Ernest Hill (1873-1944), Chairman. 1 Portrait

Rebecca Hill. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald Hill (1888-1971), Civil servant. 7 Portraits

Sir Richard Hill, 2nd Bt (1732-1808), Writer of religious pamphlets and Conservative politician; MP for Shropshire. 3 Portraits

Sir Richard A.S. Hill (1880-1954), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Robert Hill (died 1623), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir Roderic Maxwell Hill (1894-1954), Air Chief Marshal. 1 Portrait

Roger Hill (1605-1667), Lawyer and politician; MP for Bridport. 1 Portrait

Sir Rowland Hill (circa 1495-1561), Merchant and first Protestant Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Rowland Hill (1744-1833), Evangelical preacher. 18 Portraits

Sir Rowland Hill (1795-1879), Postal reformer and civil servant; initiator of the Penny Post. 7 Portraits

Sir (George) Rowland Hill (1855-1928), President of the Rugby Football Union. 4 Portraits

Susan Hill (1942-), Novelist and playwright. 1 Portrait

Sir Sydney Pearson Hill (1900-1968), Lord Mayor. 1 Portrait

Edward ('Ted') Hill (1899-1969), General Secretary of the United Society of the Boilermakers. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hill (circa 1528-circa 1574), Writer and translator. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hill (1760-1840), Book collector. 2 Portraits

Thomas George Hill (1876-1954), Professor of Plant Physiology. 1 Portrait

Thomas Rowley Hill (1816-1896), Politician and vinegar manufacturer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Austin) Bradford ('Tony') Hill (1897-1991), Medical statistician. 4 Portraits

Vernon Tickell Hill (1871-1932), Army officer and cricketer. 4 Portraits

Walter Pitts Hendy Hill (1877-1942), Major-General. 3 Portraits

William Hill (1903-1971), Bookmaker. 1 Portrait

William J. Hill (William Hill Jones) (1834-1888), Actor. 7 Portraits

Dr Hill (1725-circa 1800), Physician. 1 Portrait

General Hill (active 1860s-1870s), American soldier. 1 Portrait

Albert Ernest Hillary (1868-1954), Chocolate manufacturer and Liberal politician; MP for Harwich. 5 Portraits

Sir Edmund Percival Hillary (1919-2008), New Zealand explorer. 7 Portraits

John Bartleet Hillary (1898-1954), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

Richard Hillary (1919-1943), Spitfire pilot; author of 'The Last Enemy'. 1 Portrait

John Hillcoat (1960-), Film director. 1 Portrait

Asthore Sheena Hilleary (née Mackintosh) (1928-), Wife of Ruaraidh Edward Hilleary; daughter of C.E.W. Mackintosh and Lady Jean Bell (née Douglas-Hamilton). 10 Portraits

Susan Hiller (1940-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Dame Wendy Margaret Hiller (1912-2003), Actress. 15 Portraits

Sarah Elizabeth Hill-Hulton (née Taylor), Wife of Arthur Hill-Hulton. 4 Portraits

Edward Hilliam (1863-1949), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Hilliard, Actress. 4 Portraits

Nicholas Hilliard (1547-1619), Miniature painter. 0 Portraits

Bevis Hillier (1940-), Author, art historian and journalist. 1 Portrait

Mary Ann Hillier (1847-1936), Maid and model; wife of Thomas Gilbert. 8 Portraits

Robert Hillier, Gardener and Director of Hillier Nurseries. 1 Portrait

Trixie Hillier, Actress. 9 Portraits

Charles Henry Mills, 1st Baron Hillingdon (1830-1898), Banker. 2 Portraits

Louisa Isabella (née Lascelles), Lady Hillingdon (1830-1918), Wife of 1st Baron Hillingdon; daughter of 3rd Earl of Harewood. 1 Portrait

Alice Marion (née Harbord), Lady Hillingdon (1857-1940), Wife of 2nd Baron Hillingdon; daughter of 5th Baron Suffield. 8 Portraits

Hon. Charles Hedworth Mills, 4th Baron Hillingdon (1922-1978), Husband of Lady Sarah, Gray Stuart. 1 Portrait

Sarah Gray (née Stuart), Lady Mills (1928-), Wife of 4th Baron Hillingdon; daughter of 18th Earl of Moray. 2 Portraits

Marjorie Hillis, Author and journalist. 1 Portrait

Peter John Hill-Norton, Baron Hill-Norton (1915-2004), Admiral of the Fleet. 2 Portraits

George Hills (1816-1895), Bishop of British Columbia. 6 Portraits

Joan Hills (1936-), Artist. 1 Portrait

John Hills, Serjeant-at-Arms Department, House of Commons. 2 Portraits

John Waller Hills (1867-1938), Politician and angler. 7 Portraits

Lawrence Donegan Hills (1911-1990), Horticulturalist and gardening journalist. 3 Portraits

Monson Hills (1792-1853), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Hon. Nina Louisa Hills (née Shuttleworth) (1879-1948), Second wife of Eustace Gilbert Hills; daughter of 1st Baron Shuttleworth. 2 Portraits

Robert Hills (1769-1844), Landscape and animal painter. 2 Portraits

Tom Hills (1793-1873), Huntsman and landlord. 2 Portraits

Captain Hills. 1 Portrait

Mrs Hills, Wife of John Hills. 2 Portraits

Denis John Charles Hill-Wood (1906-1982), Cricketer and Chairman of Arsenal FC. 1 Portrait

Sir Samuel Hill Hill-Wood, 1st Bt (1872-1949), Politician and businessman. 9 Portraits

Patrick Cyril Henry Hillyard (1900-1991), Head of Sound Light Entertainment BBC. 1 Portrait

Gladys Verena Hillyers (1888-1948), President of Royal College of Nursing. 1 Portrait

Amin Hilmy (active 1959), Major General and Deputy Head of the United Arab Republic General Organisation for Industries. 1 Portrait

Cyril Hilsum (1925-), Physicist. 1 Portrait

Albert Victor Hilton, Baron Hilton of Upton (1908-1977), Politician, farmer and trade union official. 2 Portraits

Alfred Giles Hilton (1829-1910), Rector of Stansfield, Suffolk. 1 Portrait

Conrad Hilton, Jr (1926-1969), Businessman and socialite; first husband of Elizabeth Taylor. 1 Portrait

Sir Derek Percy Hilton (1908-1986), Solicitor and building society director. 1 Portrait

Francis Kercheval Hilton, Headmaster, Ardingly College, Haywards Heath. 4 Portraits

John Hilton (1599-1657), Organist and composer. 1 Portrait

John Hilton (1805-1878), Anatomist and surgeon. 1 Portrait

John Hilton (1880-1943), Professor of Industrial relations at Cambridge University. 2 Portraits

Matthew Hilton (1957-), Furniture designer. 1 Portrait

Rodney Howard Hilton (1916-2002), Historian. 1 Portrait

Roger Hilton (1911-1975), Painter. 11 Portraits

Ronnie Hilton (Adrian Hill) (1926-2001), Singer and radio presenter. 2 Portraits

Rose Hilton (née Phipps) (1931-), Painter. 1 Portrait

William Hilton (1786-1839), History painter. 1 Portrait

Frederick Cavendish Hilton-Sergeant (1898-1978), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Melville William Hilton-Simpson (1881-1938), Traveller and ethnologist. 3 Portraits

Sir William Henry Himbury (1871-1955), Businessman. 3 Portraits

Lubaina Himid (1954-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Hildegard Therese Himmelweit (1918-1989), Psychologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Percival ('Harry') Himsworth (1905-1993), Scientist; Secretary of Medical Research Council. 5 Portraits

Madeleine Hinch (1988-), Hockey player. 1 Portrait

George Frederick Hinchcliffe (born 1894), Head of Painting and Decoration, Leicester College of Art. 3 Portraits

Irvin Hinchcliffe (1891-1958), Musician. 6 Portraits

Sir (George) Raymond Hinchcliffe (1900-1973), Judge. 1 Portrait

Edward Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke (1692-1722), Colonel and politician; MP for Huntingdon; son of 3rd Earl of Sandwich. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth Hinchliffe (née Crewe) (active 1750s-1790s), Sister of John Crewe; wife of John Hinchliffe, Bishop of Peterborough. 4 Portraits

Sir James Peace Hinchliffe (1861-1933), Chairman of West Riding of Yorks County Council. 2 Portraits

John Hinchliffe (1731-1794), Bishop of Peterborough. 4 Portraits

Anna Maria Hinckley (née Inge) (1830-1898), Wife of Frederick Hinckley; daughter of Charles Inge. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Stephen Hincks (1894-1963), Minister of Lands Reparation and Irrigation, South Australia. 2 Portraits

Lady E.M. Hincks (née Staples), Wife of Sir Cecil Stephen Hincks. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey S. Hincks. 1 Portrait

Arthur Mayger Hind (1880-1957), Historian of engraving. 3 Portraits

C. Lewis Hind (1862-1927), Writer, editor and art historian. 2 Portraits

David Hind, Singer with 'Steel Pulse'. 1 Portrait

Hon. Dorothy Alice Hind (née Pakington) (1882-1966), Daughter of 3rd Baron Hampton; wife of Arthur Mayger Hind. 2 Portraits

James Hind (circa 1616-1652), Royalist soldier and highwayman. 8 Portraits

John Hind (1879-1958), Bishop of Fukien. 1 Portrait

John Russell Hind (1823-1895), Astronomer. 1 Portrait

Neville Godfray Hind (1892-1973), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Hinda. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Robert (Norris) Hinde (1900-1981), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Miss Hinde. 1 Portrait

(Agnes Blanche) Marie (née Hay-Drummond), Baroness von Hindenburg (1873-1938), Writer; wife of Herbert, Baron von Hindenburg; daughter of George Robert Hay-Drummond, Viscount Dupplin. 1 Portrait

Edward Hindle (1886-1973), Zoologist. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick Hindle (1877-1953), Politician; Darwen. 1 Portrait

John Scott Hindley, 1st Viscount Hyndley of Meads (1883-1963), Businessman and coal industry administrator. 6 Portraits

Betty Hindley. 1 Portrait

Charles Hindley (1796-1857), Politician and factory reformer. 1 Portrait

Sir Clement Daniel Maggs Hindley (1874-1944), Railway administrator in India. 7 Portraits

Joyce Hindley. 1 Portrait

Samuel Charles Allsopp, 2nd Baron Hindlip (1842-1897), Brewery owner, Deputy Chairman of the Great Northern Railway and Conservative politician; MP for Staffordshire East and Taunton. 1 Portrait

Hansina Elfrida Cecilia (née Karr-Harris), Lady Hindlip (died 1988), Second wife of 4th Baron Hindlip; daughter of F.W. Harris. 3 Portraits

Robert Hindmarsh (1759-1835), Swedenborgian preacher. 2 Portraits

Samuel Hinds (1793-1872), Bishop of Norwich. 1 Portrait

Charles Anthony Hinds Howell (1927-1999), Doctor. 1 Portrait

William Stanley Hindson (1920-2006), Engineer and engineering and metallurgical consultant. 1 Portrait

Henry George Hine (1811-1895), Painter. 1 Portrait

John Edward Hine (1857-1934), Archdeacon of Lincoln. 1 Portrait

William Egerton Hine (1851-1926), Art teacher. 1 Portrait

Bruce Hines (active 1949), Cast member of Britten's 'Let's Make an Opera'. 1 Portrait

John Elbridge Hines (1910-1997), Bishop of Texas. 1 Portrait

Paul Hines, Photographer for 'The Northern Echo'. 1 Portrait

B. Hingley. 1 Portrait

Herbert John Louis ('Bert') Hinkler (1892-1933), Aviator. 2 Portraits

Katharine Hinkson (née Tynan) (1859-1931), Poet and novelist. 1 Portrait

Sir Cyril Norman Hinshelwood (1897-1967), Physical chemist and biochemist. 5 Portraits

Arthur Hinsley (1865-1943), Cardinal; launched 'Sword of the Spirit Movement'. 22 Portraits

Christopher Hinton, Baron Hinton of Bankside (1901-1983), Civil engineer and consultant of the Electricity Council. 10 Portraits

James Hinton (1822-1875), Otologist and philosophical writer. 1 Portrait

John Howard Hinton (1791-1873), Baptist minister. 4 Portraits

Martin Alister Campbell Hinton (1883-1961), Deputy Keeper, Natural History Museum and geologist. 2 Portraits

Rowley Willes Hinxman (circa 1831-1906), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Alfred James Hipkins (1826-1903), Musician and antiquary. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Mary Hippisley (née Sulivan) (died 1886), Second wife of Henry Hippisley; daughter of Laurence Sulivan. 4 Portraits

Henry Hippisley (1808-1896), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Sir John Coxe Hippisley, 1st Bt (1748-1825), Politician and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Margaret Hippisley (active 1767), Daughter of John Hippisley Coxe; wife of John Hippisley. 1 Portrait

William Henry Hippisley (1855-1908), Army officer and landowner. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edward) Geoffrey Hippisley-Cox (1884-1954), Brevet-Colonel and parliamentary agent. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles Hipwood (1869-1946), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Hirabai, Lady Jehangir (1893-1976), First Indian Lady Justice of the Peace; wife of Sir Cowasjee Jehangir, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Dame Thora Hird (Dame Thora Scott) (1911-2003), Actress. 3 Portraits

Jane Cicely Winifred Hire (née Ball) (1838-1940), Hotel proprietor. 2 Portraits

Ito Hirobumi (1841-1909), Prime Minister of Japan. 2 Portraits

Hirohito, Emperor Showa of Japan (1901-1989), Emperor of Japan. 2 Portraits

Charles Ernest Rickards Hirsch (1903-1975), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Leonard Hirsch (1902-1995), Violinist. 1 Portrait

Maurice de Hirsch (né Moritz von Hirsch), Baron de Hirsch (1831-1896), Banker, racehorse owner and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Richard Hirsch, Son of Leopold Hirsch. 1 Portrait

Violet Hirsch (née Levita), Wife of Richard Hirsch; daughter of Arthur Levita. 1 Portrait

Solomon Hirschel (1762-1842), Chief Rabbi in London. 1 Portrait

Simon Hirschman (1912-1999), Committee member of the International Brigade Association; Soldier. 1 Portrait

Charles Cospatrick Archibald Douglas-Home, 13th Earl Home of Hirsel (1873-1951), Scottish peer; father of Alec Douglas-Home. 3 Portraits

Desmond Barel Hirshfield, Baron Hirshfield (1913-1993), Accountant. 1 Portrait

Ian Hirshfield (1955-), Son of Norman Hirshfield. 1 Portrait

Hugo Hirst, 1st Baron Hirst of Witton (1863-1943), Chairman of General Electric Company. 4 Portraits

Connor Hirst (1995-), Son of Damien Hirst. 1 Portrait

Damien Hirst (1965-), Artist. 7 Portraits

Sir Edmund Langley Hirst (1898-1975), Chemist. 4 Portraits

Francis W. Hirst (1873-1953), Political economist. 2 Portraits

George Henry Hirst (1868-1933), Politician; MP for Wentworth. 1 Portrait

George Herbert Hirst (1871-1954), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Mabel Hirst, Actress. 1 Portrait

Olive Mirzi Hirst (1912-1994), Businesswoman. 1 Portrait

S. Hirst. 1 Portrait

William Hirst (1873-1946), Politician and Justice of the Peace. 4 Portraits

William Alfred Hirst (1870-1948), Author and traveller. 1 Portrait

Sir (Frank) Wyndham Hirst (died 1972), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Mr Hirst (active 1916), Pacifist. 1 Portrait

Mrs Hirst. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Hirtzel (1870-1937), Civil servant in India. 2 Portraits

H. Hirzel (active circa 1861). 1 Portrait

Ralph Hiscox (1907-1970), Chairman of Lloyd's. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hiscox (1683 or 1686-1773), Baptist minister in USA. 1 Portrait

Ian David Hislop (1960-), Editor of Private Eye, writer and broadcaster. 6 Portraits

John Hislop, Jockey. 1 Portrait

Ignacio Hita, Cuban champion boxer. 2 Portraits

Frederick Brook Hitch (1877-1957), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Hitcham (1572?-1636), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock (1899-1980), Film director. 22 Portraits

Charles Hanley Hitchcock (1839-1927), Son of Charles Hitchcock. 1 Portrait

George Edward Hitchcock (1862-1939), Hon. Canon and Hon. Chaplain to Bishop of Gloucester. 5 Portraits

Manfred Hitchcock (1923-). 2 Portraits

Patricia Hitchcock (1928-), Actress; daughter of Alfred Hitchcock. 1 Portrait

Raymond Hitchcock (1865-1929), Actor. 1 Portrait

Andrew Kinsman Hitchens (1833-1906), Stockbroker and patron of the arts; husband of Mary Emily ('May') Prinsep. 1 Portrait

Christopher Eric Hitchens (1949-2011), Critic and journalist. 2 Portraits

Ivon Hitchens (1893-1979), Painter. 31 Portraits

John Hitchens (1940-), Painter; son of Ivon and Mollie Hitchens. 1 Portrait

Mary Cranford Hitchens (née Coates) (1836-1922), Pianist; wife of Ivor Hitchens. 4 Portraits

Mary Cranford ('Mollie') Hitchens (née Coates) (1909-1993), Wife of Ivon Hitchens. 4 Portraits

Edward Hitchin (1726-1774), Dissenting minister at Spitalfields. 3 Portraits

Sir (Edwin) Alan Hitchman (1903-1980), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Shere Hite (Shirley Diana Gregory) (1942-), Cultural historian, feminist, relationship therapist and author. 1 Portrait

Harry Ernest Hives (1901-1974), Bishop of Keewatin, Canada. 1 Portrait

John Aung Hla (active 1950s), Archbishop of Burma and Assistant Bishop of Rangoon. 1 Portrait

U Chit Hlaing (1879-1952), Burmese politician. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Hoadly (1676-1761), Bishop of Winchester and controversialist; leader of Feathers tavern petitioners. 12 Portraits

John Hoadly (1678-1746), Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh. 1 Portrait

John Hoadly (1711-1776), Dramatist and chaplain to Frederick, Prince of Wales. 1 Portrait

Mary Ann Kiliwehi Hoapili, Lady-in-waiting to Queen Emma of Hawaii; wife of William Hoapili. 1 Portrait

Augusta Frances (née Clayton East), Lady Hoare (1820-1903), Wife of Sir Henry Ainslie Hoare, 5th Bt; daughter of Sir East George Clayton East, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Cecil Arthur Hoare (1892-1984), Medical researcher and zoologist. 2 Portraits

Charles Hoare (1767-1851), Banker. 1 Portrait

Dennis John Hoare (1891-1979), Rear-Admiral and engineer. 7 Portraits

Edward Hoare. 1 Portrait

Edward Brodie Hoare (1841-1911), Banker and politician. 1 Portrait

Hon. Elspeth Marjorie Jessie Hoare (née Weir) (1912-1988), Former wife of Richard Fairfax William Cartwright, and later second wife of Eustace Benyon Hoare; daughter of 1st Viscount Weir. 11 Portraits

Frances Dorothea Hoare. 2 Portraits

Frank Hoare, Film producer. 5 Portraits

Sir Frederick Alfred Hoare, 1st Bt (1913-1986), Managing Partner of C. Hoare & Co Bankers Ltd. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Lennard Hoare (1879-1960), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Henry Hoare (1677-1725), Banker and philanthropist. 2 Portraits

Henry Hoare (1705-1785), Banker and patron of the arts. 2 Portraits

Henry Hoare (1750-1828), Merchant and financier. 2 Portraits

Henry Hoare (1784-1836), Son of Sir Richard Colt Hoare. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Ainslie Hoare, 5th Bt (1824-1894), Banker and Liberal politician; MP for Windsor and Chelsea. 1 Portrait

H.J. Hoare. 1 Portrait

Joseph Charles Hoare (1851-1906), Bishop of Victoria, Hong-Kong. 1 Portrait

Katharin Louise (née Hart), Lady Hoare (1847-1931), Author of 'The Art of Tatting'; mother of Sir Samuel Hoare. 1 Portrait

Lionel Lennard Hoare (1881-1975), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Hon. Peggy Virginia Hoare (née Coventry) (1897-1955), Wife of Eustace Benyon Hoare; daughter of Viscount Deerhurst. 1 Portrait

Prince Hoare (1755-1834), Painter and dramatist; son of William Hoare. 8 Portraits

Reginald Hoare (1865-1947), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Reginald Hervey Hoare (1882-1954), Banker and diplomat to Tehran, Bucharest, Turkey, Rome, Cairo, Peking (Beijing), and Petrograd. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Hoare (1648-1719), Banker. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Hoare (1709-1754), Lord Mayor of London. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Colt Hoare, 2nd Bt (1758-1838), Landowner and antiquary. 3 Portraits

Samuel Hoare (1751-1825), Banker. 2 Portraits

Sir Samuel Hoare, 1st Bt (1841-1915), Banker and politician. 2 Portraits

Susanna Cecilia Hoare (née Dingley) (1743-1795), Wife of Richard Hoare (died 1778). 1 Portrait

Susanna Cecilia Hoare (died 1768), Daughter of Susanna Cecilia Hoare and Richard Hoare. 1 Portrait

William Hoare (1707-1792), Portrait painter. 6 Portraits

W. Worth Hoare (active circa 1856), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Miss Hoare (active mid 18th century), Daughter of William Hoare. 3 Portraits

Dr Hoare, Doctor. 3 Portraits

Caroline Fleur (née Vatcher), Lady Hobart (died 2005), Former wife of 11th Duke of Leeds and of Peter Hoos, and later wife of Sir Robert Hobart, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Hobart, Bt (circa 1560-1625), Chief Justice of Common Pleas. 6 Portraits

Henry Hobart (1738-1799), Politician; MP for Norwich. 2 Portraits

James Wilfred Lang Staney Hobart (1890-1970), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Patrick Robert Chamier Hobart (1917-1986), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart (1885-1957), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Sir Robert Henry Hobart, 1st Bt (1836-1928), Politician; MP for New Forest. 1 Portrait

Augustus Charles Hobart-Hampden (1822-1886), 'Hobart Pasha'; naval officer. 2 Portraits

Augustus Charles Hobart-Hampton ('Hobart Pasha') (1822-1886), Soldier. 1 Portrait

John Oliver Hobbes (Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie (née Richards)) (1867-1906), Novelist and dramatist. 4 Portraits

Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), Social philosopher. 21 Portraits

Ada Ellen (née Gates), Lady Hobbs (1884-1963), Wife of Sir Jack Hobbs; daughter of Edward G. Gates. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Hobbs, Actress. 1 Portrait

E. Hobbs, Governess to E.Q. and Eve (Eveleen) Myers. 1 Portrait

Herbert Harry Hobbs (1912-2002), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Sir John Berry ('Jack') Hobbs (1882-1963), Cricketer. 9 Portraits

May Hobbs, Author and social activist. 1 Portrait

Reginald Francis Arthur Hobbs (1878-1953), Brigadier-General. 6 Portraits

Reginald Geoffrey Stirling Hobbs (1908-1977), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Richard Hobby (born 1850), Bar Messenger, House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Harold Hobday (1912-2000), Flight-Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Brent Hoberman (1969-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Arthur Hobhouse, Baron Hobhouse (1819-1904), Judge. 1 Portrait

Mary (née Farrer), Lady Hobhouse (1825-1905), Wife of Baron Hobhouse; daughter of Thomas Farrer. 1 Portrait

Sir Benjamin Hobhouse, 1st Bt (1757-1831), Writer and politician; MP for Bletchingley, Grampound and Hindon. 3 Portraits

Charlotte Hobhouse (active circa 1862). 1 Portrait

Edmund Hobhouse (1817-1904), Bishop of Nelson, New Zealand. 5 Portraits

Eleanor Hobhouse (1884-1960), Second daughter of Henry Hobhouse and Red Cross nurse. 1 Portrait

Emily Hobhouse (1860-1926), Social activist and charity worker. 2 Portraits

Henry Hobhouse (1854-1937), Politician; MP for East Somerset. 4 Portraits

Sir John Richard Hobhouse (1893-1961), Shipowner. 7 Portraits

Margaret Heyworth Hobhouse (née Potter) (1854-1921), Wife of Henry Hobhouse. 2 Portraits

Paul Edward Hobhouse (1894-1918), Fourth son of Henry Hobhouse. 1 Portrait

Penelope Hobhouse (1929-), Garden designer, writer and historian of gardens. 1 Portrait

Stephen Henry Hobhouse (1881-1961), Writer on Prisons; eldest son of Henry Hobhouse; husband of Rosa Waugh. 1 Portrait

Walter Hobhouse (1862-1928), Headmaster, lecturer, newspaper editor and clergyman. 4 Portraits

Clarence John Hobkirk (1869-1949), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Dennys Jack Valentine McDonald Hobley (1917-1987), Actor and newsreader. 1 Portrait

James Montague Carew Hoblyn (1906-1965), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

Eric John Ernest Hobsbawm (1917-2012), Historian. 3 Portraits

Charles Rider Hobson, Baron Hobson (1904-1966), Lord-in-Waiting to the Queen, politician and power station engineer. 12 Portraits

Lady June Beatrice Hobson (née Butler) (1901-), Former wife John Sills Charlton, and later wife of Anthony Gordon Hobson; daughter of 7th Earl of Carrick. 7 Portraits

Edwin Hobson (1847-1936), Prebendary of St Pauls Cathedral. 3 Portraits

Ernest William Hobson (1856-1933), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Hobson (1904-1992), Theatre critic. 1 Portrait

Henry Wise Hobson (circa 1891-1983), Bishop of Southern Ohio. 2 Portraits

Sir John Gardiner Sumner Hobson (1912-1967), Barrister and politician. 2 Portraits

Maud Hobson (died 1913), Actress. 4 Portraits

May Hobson, Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Sir Oscar Rudolf Hobson (1886-1961), City Editor, 'News Chronicle'. 1 Portrait

Robert Lockhart Hobson (1872-1941), Keeper, Department of Oriental Antiquities and Ethnography, British Museum. 2 Portraits

Samuel George Hobson (1870-1940), Political activist and journalist. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hobson (1544?-1631), The Cambridge Carrier and perpetrator of 'Hobson's choice'. 5 Portraits

Valerie Babette Louise Hobson (1917-1998), Film and stage actress; wife of John Profumo. 27 Portraits

William Robert Hobson (1831-1880), Naval lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Hoby (1560-1617), Scholar and favourite of James I. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hoccleve (Occleve) (circa 1367-1426), Poet and clerk. 1 Portrait

Count Alexander Von Hochberg (1905-1984), Military officer; son of 15th Prince of Pless. 3 Portraits

Louis Lazare Hoche (1768-1797), French General. 2 Portraits

Joseph Hocking (1860-1937), Novelist and United Methodist Free Church minister. 1 Portrait

Philip Norman Hocking (1925-2008), Politician; MP for Coventry South. 6 Portraits

Silas Kitto Hocking (1850-1935), Novelist and preacher. 2 Portraits

Guy Wittenoom Hockley (1869-1946), Archdeacon of Cornwall. 4 Portraits

David Hockney (1937-), Artist. 47 Portraits

Henry Norman Hodd (1905-1973), Archdeacon of Blackburn. 1 Portrait

James Hodder (active 1659-1673), Arithmetician. 1 Portrait

John Hoddesdon (circa 1632-1659), Religious writer. 3 Portraits

Alun Hoddinott (1929-2008), Composer. 1 Portrait

Andrew Triggs Hodge (1979-), Olympic oarsman. 1 Portrait

Arthur William Hodge (1763-1811), Plantation and slave owner in the British Virgin Islands. 1 Portrait

John Hodge (1855-1937), Politician, first Minister of Labour and Founder and President of the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation. 5 Portraits

Margaret Eve Hodge (1944-), Politician; MP for Barking and Chair of the Public Accounts Committee. 2 Portraits

Sir William Vallance Douglas Hodge (1903-1975), Mathematician. 13 Portraits

Cyril Evelyn Hodges (born 1881), Journalist and 'Uncle Peter' of the Evening News. 9 Portraits

Edward Noel Hodges (1849-1928), Bishop of Travancore and Cochin, India and Assistant Bishop of Ely. 2 Portraits

Evelyn Charles Hodges (1887-1980), Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe. 1 Portrait

John Hodges (active 1744), Clergyman and supporter of John Wesley. 1 Portrait

J.J. Hodges. 1 Portrait

Sir Lewis MacDonald Hodges (1918-2007), Air Chief Marshal. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Henry Hodges (1874-1951), Admiral. 8 Portraits

(Harold) Robert Law Hodges (1910-1996), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

Thomas Law Hodges (1776-1857), Liberal politician; MP for Kent West. 3 Portraits

(Cyril) Walter Hodges (1909-2004), Writer, book-illustrator, theatrical historian and designer. 1 Portrait

Sir William Hodges, 1st Bt (1645-1714), Merchant and financier. 1 Portrait

William Hodges (1744-1797), Painter. 6 Portraits

Mr Hodges. 3 Portraits

Edith Hodgetts. 1 Portrait

Hon. Frank Egerton Hodgins (died 1932), Judge. 3 Portraits

Michael Minden Hodgins (1912-1998), Archdeacon of Hackney. 1 Portrait

Adrian Eliot Hodgkin (1890-1972), Brigadier. 8 Portraits

Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin (1914-1998), Physiologist. 9 Portraits

Ann Hodgkin (1930-). 6 Portraits

Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin (1910-1994), Chemist and crystallographer; winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry; wife of Thomas Lionel Hodgkin. 17 Portraits

Eliot Hodgkin (1905-1987), Artist and writer. 19 Portraits

(Gordon) Howard Eliot Hodgkin (1932-), Painter. 14 Portraits

Jonathan Edward Hodgkin (1875-1953), Company chairman. 1 Portrait

Hon. Katharine Mary Hodgkin (née Hewart) (1907-), Wife of Eliot Hodgkin; daughter of 1st Viscount Hewart. 9 Portraits

Robert Howard Hodgkin (1877-1951), Historian; Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford. 5 Portraits

Thomas Hodgkin (1831-1913), Historian. 1 Portrait

Frances Mary Hodgkins (1869-1947), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Derek Hodgkinson (1917-2010), Air Chief Marshal. 1 Portrait

Frank Hodgkinson, Army officer. 4 Portraits

Madge Hodgkinson, Actress. 1 Portrait

Robert John Hodgkinson (circa 1827-1890), Clergyman and headmaster. 1 Portrait

Somerset Frederick Hodgman (1897-1973), Veterinarian. 1 Portrait

Arthur John Hodgson (1887-1971), Judge. 1 Portrait

A.B. Hodgson, Oxford Boat race crew member. 1 Portrait

Brian Houghton Hodgson (1800-1894), Orientalist and Indian administrator. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Highton Hodgson (1880-1955), Civil servant. 4 Portraits

Francis Hodgson (1781-1852), Provost of Eton and poet. 2 Portraits

George Hodgson (1843-1933), Major. 1 Portrait

Henry Bernard Hodgson (1856-1921), First Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich. 1 Portrait

Isaac Hodgson (1783-1847), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

I. Hodgson. 1 Portrait

James Hodgson (1678-1755), Mathematical master at Christ's Hospital. 2 Portraits

John Hodgson (active circa 1795-1871), Clergyman; Secretary to the Clergy Mutual Assurance Society. 1 Portrait

John Hodgson (1779-1845), Antiquary. 2 Portraits

John Evan Hodgson (1831-1895), Genre painter. 5 Portraits

Joseph Hodgson (1788-1869), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Leonard Hodgson (1889-1969), Professor of Divinity. 2 Portraits

Sir Mark Hodgson (1880-1967), Trade unionist. 8 Portraits

Patrick Kirkman Hodgson (1884-1963), Administrator and private secretary to the Duke of York. 1 Portrait

Ralph Hodgson (1871-1962), Poet. 2 Portraits

Richard Hodgson (1760 or 1761-1816), Hatter; member of the London Corresponding Society. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert MacLeod Hodgson (1874-1956), Diplomat. 7 Portraits

Roger Hodgson (1950-), Musician, singer and songwriter for 'Supertramp'. 4 Portraits

Rowland Hodgson (1774-1837), Friend of James Montgomery. 1 Portrait

William Chauval Hodgson (1822-1872), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Josef Paul Hodin (1905-1995), Author, art historian and art critic. 2 Portraits

Sir James William Beeman Hodsdon (1858-1928), Consulting surgeon. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Morton (née Tomlin), Lady Hodsoll, Second wife of Sir (Eric) John Hodsoll; daughter of Morton Tomlin. 3 Portraits

Sir (Eric) John Hodsoll (1894-1971), Civil servant and Wing Commander. 6 Portraits

Francis Lord Charlton ('Charles') Hodson, Baron Hodson (1895-1984), Judge. 2 Portraits

Sir Arnold Wienholt Hodson (1881-1944), Soldier and colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

Betty Estelle Hodson (née North) (active 1930), Wife of Cecil George Hodson; daughter of Arthur Jewell North. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmond Adair Hodson, 5th Bt (1893-1972), Major. 4 Portraits

Frodsham Hodson (1770-1822), Principal of Brasenose College and Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Hodson (Mrs Henry Labouchere) (1841-1910), Actress. 2 Portraits

Henry Vincent Hodson (1906-1999), Economist and Editor. 2 Portraits

James Lansdale Hodson (1891-1956), Writer and journalist. 10 Portraits

Mark Allin Hodson (1907-1985), Assistant Bishop of London. 2 Portraits

William Hodson (active 1617-1640), Poet and religious writer. 2 Portraits

William Stephen Raikes Hodson (1821-1858), Army officer in the East India Company. 1 Portrait

Mrs W.L. Hodson. 1 Portrait

Humphrey Hody (1659-1707), Church of England clergyman and classical scholar. 2 Portraits

Milan Hodža (1878-1944), Politician; Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia. 2 Portraits

George Hoefnagel (1545-1600), Painter and engraver. 1 Portrait

Gerard Hoet (1648-1733), Dutch painter and engraver. 2 Portraits

Iris Hoey (1885-1979), Actress. 11 Portraits

Rudolf Hofbauer (born 1874), Actor. 1 Portrait

Monckton Hoffe (1881-1951), Dramatic author. 1 Portrait

Sir Raymond Hoffenberg (1923-2007), Professor of medicine. 1 Portrait

Philip Christopher Hoffman (1878-1959), Politician and trade unionist. 1 Portrait

William Hoffman (1867-1941), Traveller and rogue. 3 Portraits

Dr Hoffmeister. 2 Portraits

Annetta Hoffnung (née Bennett), Author; wife of Gerard Hoffnung. 1 Portrait

Gerard Hoffnung (1925-1959), Musician, artist and illustrator. 2 Portraits

J.W. Hoffnung. 1 Portrait

Barbara Hofland (née Wreaks) (1770-1844), Children's writer and novelist. 3 Portraits

Ludwig von Hofmann (1861-1945), German painter and engraver. 1 Portrait

Jan Frederik Hendrik Hofmeyr (1894-1948), Classical scholar and politician in South Africa. 4 Portraits

Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr (1845-1909), Politician in Cape Colony and newspaper editor. 2 Portraits

Johanna Hofmeyr (née Hendriksz), Second wife of Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr. 2 Portraits

Roger Hog (died 1789), Merchant; Director of the Bank of Scotland. 1 Portrait

Henry Algernon Vickers Hogan (1909-1993), Air Vice-Marshal. 2 Portraits

Michael Hogan (born 1853), Politician and farmer. 1 Portrait

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe (1957-), Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis. 1 Portrait

Ann Hogarth (1910-1993), Puppeteer. 2 Portraits

Charlotte Dorothea Hogarth (née Greville), Third wife of David Hogarth; daughter of Robert Kaye Greville. 1 Portrait

David Hogarth (born 1803), Rector of Portland, Dorset. 1 Portrait

David George Hogarth (1862-1927), Archaeologist and traveller. 3 Portraits

Donald Macdonald Hogarth (1879-1950), Major-General, Canadian Army. 2 Portraits

Georgina Hogarth (1827-1917), Companion and confidante of Charles Dickens. 3 Portraits

Helen Isabella Hogarth (Mrs Roney) (1833-1890), Wife of R.C. Roney; sister-in-law of Charles Dickens. 1 Portrait

James Hogarth (active 1808-1820), Farmer at Baillieknow. 1 Portrait

Jane Hogarth (née Thornhill) (circa 1709-1789), Wife of William Hogarth. 1 Portrait

William Hogarth (1697-1764), Painter and engraver. 19 Portraits

William David Hogarth (1901-1965), Son of David George Hogarth. 3 Portraits

Miss Hogarth, Possibly a relation of Charles Dickens. 1 Portrait

Lancelot Thomas Hogben (1895-1975), Biologist. 5 Portraits

Henry Cairn Hogbin (1880-1966), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

Sarah Elizabeth Mary Hogg, Baroness Hogg (1946-), Economist and journalist. 1 Portrait

Aline Emily (née Partington), Lady Hogg (1907-), Daughter of Oswald Partington, 2nd Baron Doverdale; wife of Sir Kenneth Hogg. 3 Portraits

Sir Christopher Anthony Hogg (1936-), Chairman of Reuters Group PLC. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Russell Hogg (1836-1923), Civil servant in India. 2 Portraits

Sir Ian Leslie Trower Hogg (1911-2003), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Jabez Hogg (1817-1899), Ophthalmic surgeon. 1 Portrait

James Hogg (1770-1835), Poet; author of 'The Ettrick Shepherd'. 5 Portraits

Sir James Weir Hogg, 1st Bt (1790-1876), Director and chairman of the East India Company. 3 Portraits

John Hogg (1800-1869), Scholar and naturalist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Nicholson Hogg (1912-1999), Banker. 8 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Weir Hogg, 6th Bt (1894-1985), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Maybird Hogg. 1 Portrait

Natalie Antoinette Hogg (née Sullivan) (1906 or 1907-1987), Wife of Quintin McGarel Hogg. 11 Portraits

Hon. (William) Neil McGarel Hogg (1910-1995), Diplomat; son of 1st Viscount Hailsham. 5 Portraits

Pam Hogg, Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Quintin Hogg (1845-1903), Politician, merchant and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Samuel R. Hogg, Chairman of Canadian and English Stores. 1 Portrait

Selina Catherine (née Perry), Lady Hogg (1838-1927), Wife of Sir Stuart Saunders Hogg; daughter of Sir Thomas Erskine Perry. 2 Portraits

Sir Stuart Saunders Hogg (1833-1921), Colonial civil servant and police chief commissioner. 1 Portrait

Richard Hoggart (1918-2014), Author and lecturer. 1 Portrait

James Myles Hogge (1873-1928), Politician and social researcher. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Hoghton, 5th Bt (1728-1795), Dissenter. 1 Portrait

Christopher Jarvis Haley Hogwood (1941-2014), Harpsichordist, conductor, writer, broadcaster and musicologist; Founder and Director, Academy of Ancient Music. 1 Portrait

Count Albrecht Friedrich Wilhelm Bernhard of Hohenau (1857-1914), Son of Prince Albrecht of Prussia. 1 Portrait

Prince Ernst of Hohenberg (1904-1954), Son of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria-Este. 1 Portrait

Maximilian, Duke of Hohenberg (1902-1962), Son of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria-Este. 1 Portrait

Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg (1868-1914), Wife of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria-Este; daughter of Bohuslav, Count Chotek of Chotkow and Wognin. 1 Portrait

Princess Sophie of Hohenberg (1901-1990), Wife of Count Friedrich von Nostitz-Rieneck; daughter of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria-Este. 1 Portrait

Prince Franz Josef von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst (1914-), Son of Princess Stephanie Julianne von Hohenlohe. 4 Portraits

Augusta Victoria of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1890-1966), Daughter of Prince Wilhelm of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen; wife of Manuel II of Portugal. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Beaumont Hohler (1871-1946), Diplomat. 4 Portraits

Kin Hoitsma (1934-), Art Historian, lecturer and Olympic fencer. 8 Portraits

William Arthur Holbech (1850-1930), Bishop of St Helena. 1 Portrait

Hans Holbein the Younger (1497 or 1498-1543). 12 Portraits

Montague Holbein (active 1902-1923), Channel swimmer. 1 Portrait

Sir Edgar Joseph Holberton (1874-1949), Manager of the Bombay-Burma Trading Corporation. 1 Portrait

Kate Brenda Holberton (née Jones), Lady Muir Mackenzie, Former wife of Sir Robert Cecil Muir Mackenzie, 5th Bt, and later wife of John Campbell Holberton. 2 Portraits

Lady Mary Christina Holborow (née Stopford) (1936-), Wife of Geoffrey Jermyn Holborow; daughter of 8th Earl of Courtown. 7 Portraits

Sir Arthur Richard Holbrook (1850-1946), Colonel and newspaper proprietor. 4 Portraits

Carolyn Anne Holbrook (née Skyrme) (1940-), Wife of Philip Norman Holbrook; daughter of Sir William Thomas Charles Skyrme and granddaughter of 1st Baron Lyle. 13 Portraits

Leonard Stanley Holbrook (1882-1974), Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Josef Holbrooke (1878-1958), Composer. 5 Portraits

Francis Holburne (1704-1771), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Holburne, 4th Bt (died 1820), Son of Francis Holburne. 1 Portrait

Annie Gertrude (née Coombes), Lady Holcroft (died 1929), Wife of Sir George Harry Holcroft. 4 Portraits

Sir George Harry Holcroft (1856-1951), High Sheriff of Staffordshire. 2 Portraits

Thomas Holcroft (1745-1809), Dramatist and writer. 9 Portraits

Angus Holden, 1st Baron Holden of Alston (1833-1912), Politician; MP for Bradford East and Buckrose. 1 Portrait

Angus William Eden Holden, 3rd Baron Holden (1898-1951), Diplomat. 11 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Capel Lofft Holden (1856-1937), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Charles Holden (1875-1960), Architect. 4 Portraits

Charlotte Holden (née Spencer) (died 1789), Courtesan. 2 Portraits

Henry Holden. 1 Portrait

Henry Smith Holden (1887-1963), Forensic science adviser to the Home Office. 1 Portrait

Sir Isaac Holden, 1st Bt (1807-1897), Inventor. 1 Portrait

John Holden (1882-1949), Assistant Bishop of Truro and Bishop of Western Szechwan. 1 Portrait

Luther Holden (1815-1905), Surgeon and anatomist. 1 Portrait

Patrick Holden (active mid-20th century-2013), Director of The Soil Association. 1 Portrait

Philip Edward Holden (1905-1987), Company chairman. 1 Portrait

Robert Henry Holden (born 1856), Currier, leather merchant and Justice of the Peace; son-in-law of Sir (John) Benjamin Stone. 7 Portraits

Ursula Holden (1921-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Wanda Holden, Daughter of Mrs Norman Holden. 1 Portrait

William Corson Holden (1893-1955), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Margaret Talbot Holden-Jones (1894-1996), Painter, calligrapher and embroideress. 2 Portraits

Mary Holder, Actress. 1 Portrait

Neville John ('Noddy') Holder (1946-), Musician and actor; vocalist and bass guitarist for Slade. 1 Portrait

William Holder (1615 or 1616-1698), Church of England clergyman and natural philosopher. 1 Portrait

Robert D'Arcy, 4th Earl of Holderness (1718-1778), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Mary (née Doublet), Countess of Holderness (1720-1801), Wife of 4th Earl of Holderness. 1 Portrait

Richard Frederick Wood, Baron Holderness of Bishop Wilton (1920-2002), Politician; son of 1st Earl of Halifax. 29 Portraits

Diana (née Kellett), Lady Holderness, Wife of Baron Holderness; daughter of Edward Orlando Kellett. 8 Portraits

Emily Carleton (née McQuade), Lady Holderness (died 1950), Wife of Sir Ernest William Elsmie Holderness, 2nd Bt; daughter of Arthur Frederick Hale McQuade. 3 Portraits

Sir Ernest William Elsmie Holderness, 2nd Bt (1890-1968), Barrister; Assistant Secretary, Home Office. 3 Portraits

Richard William Holderness. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas William Holderness, 1st Bt (1849-1924), Civil servant in India. 4 Portraits

Jane Mary Elizabeth Holderness-Roddam (née Bullen) (1948-), Olympic showjumper and nurse. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Hungerford Holdich (1843-1929), Surveyor and geographer. 4 Portraits

Frank Holding, Son of Thomas Hiram Holding. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hiram Holding (1844-1930), Founder of The Camping Club of Great Britain. 2 Portraits

Albert Edward Holdsworth (1909-1993), Circuit Judge. 3 Portraits

Arthur Howe Holdsworth (1780-1860), Last governor of Dartmouth. 2 Portraits

Florence Anne Holdsworth (née Cropper) (1856-1920), Wife of Arthur Frederick Holdsworth; daughter of Edward Cropper. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Holdsworth (1890-1949), Politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

Thomas Holdsworth. 1 Portrait

Sir (George) Trevor Holdsworth (1927-2010), Company chairman. 1 Portrait

Sir William Searle Holdsworth (1871-1944), Legal historian. 10 Portraits

Derek Norman Hole (1933-), Provost of Leicester. 9 Portraits

Francis George Hole (1904-1973), Accountant. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Elizabeth Hole (1841-1916), Daughter of William Hole. 2 Portraits

Matthew Hole (1639 or 1640-1730), Church of England clergyman and religious writer. 1 Portrait

Richard Hole (1746-1803), Poet. 1 Portrait

Samuel John Markham Hole (born 1892), Major. 5 Portraits

Samuel Reynolds Hole (1819-1904), Dean of Rochester and horticulturist. 4 Portraits

William Brassey Hole (1846-1917), Painter, etcher and engraver. 1 Portrait

William Graham Holford, Baron Holford (1907-1975), Architect and town planner. 7 Portraits

Sir George Lindsay Holford (1860-1926), Landowner. 1 Portrait

John Morley Holford (1909-1997), Surgeon Rear Admiral. 11 Portraits

Mary Anne ('May') Holford (née Lindsay) (1829-1901), Wife of Robert Stayner Holford; daughter of Sir James Lindsay; sister of Sir Coutts Lindsay, 2nd Bt. 3 Portraits

Robert Stayner Holford (1808-1892), Art and plant collector. 4 Portraits

Mr Holford (active 1865). 1 Portrait

Robert Holgate (1481 or 1482-1555), Archbishop of York. 1 Portrait

William Holgate (1906-1993), Surgeon Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

George Henry Holiday, Teacher of Classics and Mathematics; father of Henry Holiday. 1 Portrait

Henry Holiday (1839-1927), Artist. 4 Portraits

Winifred Holiday (born 1864), Violinist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Holker (1828-1882), Lawyer, Attorney General and Conservative politician; MP for Preston. 3 Portraits

Francis Holl (1815-1884), Engraver. 1 Portrait

Francis Montague ('Frank') Holl (1845-1888), Painter; son of Francis Holl. 5 Portraits

William Holl Sr (1771-1838), Engraver. 1 Portrait

William Holl Jr (1807-1871), Engraver. 1 Portrait

William Edward Sladen Hollan (1873-1951), Prebendary of Rugmere in St Paul's Cathedral. 1 Portrait

William I of Holland (1772?-1843), King of Holland, 1815-40. 1 Portrait

Anna, Queen of Holland (1792-1849), Wife of William II of Holland. 1 Portrait

Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland (1590-1649), Courtier. 27 Portraits

Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland (1705-1774), Whig statesman. 13 Portraits

Mary Fox (née Fitzpatrick), Lady Holland (1746 or 1747-1778), Second wife of 2nd Baron Holland; daughter of 1st Earl of Upper Ossory. 1 Portrait

Henry Richard Fox (later Vassall), 3rd Baron Holland (1773-1840), Whig statesman and patron of art and letters. 51 Portraits

Elizabeth Vassall Fox (née Vassall), Lady Holland (formerly Webster) (1770-1845), Political and literary hostess; former wife of Sir Godfrey Webster, and later wife of 3rd Baron Holland. 4 Portraits

Henry Edward Fox, 4th Baron Holland (1802-1859), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Mary Augusta Fox (née Coventry), Lady Holland (1812-1889), Wife of Henry Edward Fox, 4th Baron Holland. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Herbert Holland (1878-1968), Solicitor; Master of Supreme Court of Judicature (Chancery Division). 5 Portraits

Sir Arthur Edward Aveling Holland (1862-1927), Lieutenant-General and politician. 5 Portraits

Cedric Swinton Holland (1889-1950), Vice-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Charles Holland (1733-1769), Actor. 1 Portrait

Clive Holland (Charles James Hankinson) (1866-1959), Travel writer. 8 Portraits

Sir Eardley Lancelot Holland (1879-1967), Obstetrician. 8 Portraits

Frank Holland (1899-1972), Accountant. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Holland, 1st Bt (1788-1873), Physician. 6 Portraits

Henry Holland (1745-1806), Architect. 2 Portraits

Henry Scott Holland (1847-1918), Theologian and social reformer. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Tristram Holland (1875-1965), Missionary and eye surgeon. 3 Portraits

Herbert St Barbe Holland (1882-1966), Bishop of Wellington, New Zealand. 7 Portraits

Hezekiah Holland (active mid 17th century), Rector of Sutton Valence, Kent. 2 Portraits

John Holland (active 1683), Servant to 2nd Earl of Sunderland; assassin. 1 Portrait

John Tristram Holland (1912-1990), Bishop of Waikato and Bishop in Polynesia. 1 Portrait

Julian Miles ('Jools') Holland (1958-), Pianist and broadcaster. 3 Portraits

Hon. Lionel Raleigh Holland (1865-1936), Justice of the Peace and Conservative politician; MP for Bow and Bromley. 2 Portraits

Mamie Holland (1883-1968), Actress. 1 Portrait

Merlin Holland (1945-), Author; son of Vyvyan Holland (Vyvyan Oscar Beresford Wilde); grandson of Oscar Wilde. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edward) Milner Holland (1902-1969), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Philemon Holland (1552-1637), Translator. 4 Portraits

Sir Robert Erskine Holland (1873-1965), Legal advisor in India and the Far East. 4 Portraits

Rupert Thurstan Holland (1885-1959), Army officer. 5 Portraits

(Dorothy) Thelma Helen Holland (née Besant) (1910-1995), Beautician to Queen Elizabeth II; wife of Vyvyan Holland; daughter-in-law of Oscar Wilde. 5 Portraits

Thomas Holland (1539-1612), Translator, professor and Calvinist scholar. 2 Portraits

Thomas Holland (Sanderson or Hammond) (1600-1642), Jesuit. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Erskine Holland (1835-1926), Jurist. 7 Portraits

Sir Thomas Henry Holland (1868-1947), Geologist and educational administrator. 5 Portraits

Vyvyan Holland (Vyvyan Oscar Beresford Wilde) (1886-1967), Author and translator; son of Oscar Wilde. 1 Portrait

Mr Holland (active early 1860s), of Sheffield. 1 Portrait

Mr Holland (active 1868). 1 Portrait

Miss Holland. 2 Portraits

Alice Hollander, Actress. 1 Portrait

Hon. Diana Holland-Hibbert (1914-1992), Daughter of 4th Viscount Knutsford. 5 Portraits

Hon. Wilfrid Knutsford Holland-Hibbert (1893-1961), Justice of the Peace and Land Agent, New College Oxford; son of 3rd Viscount Knutsford. 2 Portraits

Sir Douglas Eric ('Deric') Holland-Martin (1906-1977), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir Pomeroy Holland-Pryor (1866-1955), Major General. 5 Portraits

Count Hollaner. 1 Portrait

Wenceslaus Hollar (1607-1677), Etcher. 10 Portraits

Geoffrey Hope Hope-Morley, 2nd Baron Hollenden (1885-1977), High Sheriff of the County of London. 1 Portrait

Muriel Ivy (née Gladstone), Lady Hollenden (died 1962), Second wife of 2nd Baron Hollenden; daughter of Sir John Gladstone. 3 Portraits

Denzil Holles, 1st Baron Holles (1599-1680), Politician and one of the 'Five Members' whose arrest by Charles I sparked the Civil War. 5 Portraits

Alfred Holles (active 1890-1894), Actor. 2 Portraits

Sir Frescheville Holles (1641-1672), Captain in the Navy. 4 Portraits

Susan Mary Woodford-Hollick, Lady Hollick (1945-), Arts administrator. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Leonard Gibson Holliday (1910-1980), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Jessie Holliday (1884-1915), Artist and suffragette; wife of Edmund T. Dana; daughter of Henry Holliday. 1 Portrait

Alan James Hollinghurst (1954-), Writer. 3 Portraits

Sir Leslie Norman Hollinghurst (1895-1971), Air force officer. 25 Portraits

Bessie Hollingshead (died 1915), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Hollingshead (1827-1904), Journalist and theatre manager. 3 Portraits

Alexander Thomas Hollingsworth. 1 Portrait

T.H. Hollingsworth, Chief Commercial Manager, Scottish Region, British Railways. 2 Portraits

Clare Hollingworth (1911-), Journalist; centenarian. 1 Portrait

John Harold Hollingworth (1930-), Politician; MP for Birmingham All Saints. 5 Portraits

John Hollins (1798-1855), Painter. 1 Portrait

Christian Ainslie Hollis (1911-2005), Daughter of Sir (Alfred) Claud Hollis. 2 Portraits

(Maurice) Christopher Hollis (1902-1977), Author, schoolmaster and politician. 16 Portraits

Sir (Alfred) Claud Hollis (1874-1961), Colonial administrator. 11 Portraits

Enid Mabel (née Longman), Lady Hollis (1888-1939), Wife of Sir (Alfred) Claud Hollis. 3 Portraits

George Arthur Hollis (1868-1944), Bishop Suffragan of Taunton. 2 Portraits

Sir Leslie Chasemore ('Jo') Hollis (1897-1963), General, company director and author. 15 Portraits

John Hollis (1757-1824), Sceptic and freethinker. 2 Portraits

Mark William Hollis (1914-1941), Major; son of Sir (Alfred) Claud Hollis. 2 Portraits

Sir Roger Henry Hollis (1905-1973), Intelligence officer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hollis (1720-1774), Libertarian, writer, bibliophile and patron of the arts. 1 Portrait

Mathilde Hollitscher (née Freud) (1887-1978), Daughter of Sigmund Freud. 1 Portrait

Joseph Hollman (1852-1917), Cellist. 1 Portrait

Ellen Julia Hollond (née Teed) (1822-1884), Salon hostess, philanthropist and writer. 1 Portrait

John Robert Hollond (1843-1892), Politician; MP for Brighton. 1 Portrait

Robert Hollond (1808-1877), Lawyer, balloonist and politician; MP for Hastings. 2 Portraits

Baliol Holloway (1883-1967), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Holloway (1749-1827), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Edgar Holloway (1914-2008), Painter and print-maker. 3 Portraits

Horatio Edward Holloway (born 1846), Son of Mary Ann Holloway (née Breton). 1 Portrait

James Holloway (1948-), Art historian; Director of Scottish National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

James Thomas Holloway (1780-1855), Divine. 2 Portraits

Marseille Middleton Holloway (circa 1820-1881), Printseller. 1 Portrait

Mary Ann Holloway (née Breton) (active 1846-1852). 2 Portraits

Robin Greville Holloway (1943-), Composer. 1 Portrait

Stanley Holloway (1890-1982), Actor. 5 Portraits

William John ('W.J.') Holloway (1843-1913), Actor and manager. 2 Portraits

Albert Bernard Hollowood (1910-1981), Economist, cartoonist and editor of Punch. 1 Portrait

Daisy Holly (active 1903), Actress. 1 Portrait

James Theodore Holly (1829-1911), Bishop of Haiti. 1 Portrait

Charles William Taylor, 1st Baron of Hollycombe (1770-1857), Politician; MP for Wells. 1 Portrait

Christopher Charles Hollyer (1836-1874), Artist and engraver; brother of Frederick Hollyer. 2 Portraits

Eleanor Mary Hollyer (1871-1968), Daughter of Frederick Hollyer. 13 Portraits

Frederick Hollyer (1838-1933), Photographer and art publisher. 6 Portraits

Frederick Thomas Hollyer (1870-1952), Art publisher; son of Frederick Hollyer. 10 Portraits

Mary Anne Hollyer (née Armstrong) (1838-1913), Wife of Frederick Hollyer. 6 Portraits

Samuel Hollyer Sr (1797-1883), Line engraver and art publisher; father of Frederick Hollyer. 2 Portraits

Samuel Hollyer Jr (1826-1919), Line engraver; brother of Frederick Hollyer. 2 Portraits

Sir Ian Holm (1931-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Hon. Rosetta Mancroft Holm (née Samuel) (1918-2005), Former wife of Alfred John Bostock Hill, and later wife of Cai Christian Holm; daughter of 1st Baron Mancroft. 3 Portraits

Sir Adrian Holman (1895-1974), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

(Edith) Dorothy Holman (1883-1968), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Campbell Holman (1869-1949), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

James Holman (1786-1857), Blind traveller. 5 Portraits

John Holman. 6 Portraits

Joseph George Holman (1764-1817), Actor and dramatist. 2 Portraits

William Arthur Holman (1871-1934), Australian politician and lawyer. 4 Portraits

William Ronald Holman (1913-1986), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Sir Osborn George Holmden (1869-1945), Director of H. Clarkson & Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

Charles Holme (1848-1923), Magazine editor. 7 Portraits

Elizabeth Gordon Holme. 1 Portrait

Michael Walter Holme (1918-2004), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Myra Holme (Myra Emily (née Moore), Lady Pinero) (1851 or 1852-1919), Actress; former wife of John Angus Hamilton, and later wife of Sir Arthur Wing Pinero; daughter of Beaufoy Alfred Moore. 5 Portraits

William Holme (active 1790). 2 Portraits

Arthur Holmes (1890-1965), Geologist; Professor of Geology. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur William Holmes (1877-1960), Managing Director of grain importers and Vice-President of London Football Association. 8 Portraits

Sir Charles John Holmes (1868-1936), Painter and critic; Director successively of the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery. 4 Portraits

Christopher ('Chris') Holmes (1971-), Paralympic athlete. 2 Portraits

Edward Holmes (1797-1859), Writer on music. 1 Portrait

Errol Reginald Thorold Holmes (1905-1960), Cricketer. 2 Portraits

George Holmes (1661 or 1662-1749), Archivist. 4 Portraits

George Augustus Holmes (active 1852-1911), Genre painter. 1 Portrait

George Augustus Holmes (1861-1943), Organist and composer. 2 Portraits

Sir George Charles Vincent Holmes (1848-1926), Engineer. 3 Portraits

Sir Gordon Morgan Holmes (1876-1965), Neurologist. 4 Portraits

Helen Holmes (1892-1950), Actress. 3 Portraits

Henry Holmes (1839-1905), Violinist and composer. 1 Portrait

Henry Stanhope Holmes (born 1848), Lieutenant-Colonel in the Welsh Regiment. 3 Portraits

Sir Horace Edwin Holmes (1888-1971), Politician; MP for Hemsworth. 3 Portraits

John Holmes (1800-1854), Antiquary. 1 Portrait

Hon. Julius Cecil Holmes (1899-1968), American ambassador to Iran. 1 Portrait

Dame Kelly Holmes (1970-), Athlete. 2 Portraits

Sir Leonard Stanistreet Holmes (1884-1961), Solicitor. 2 Portraits

Sir Leonard Thomas Worsley Holmes, 9th Bt (1787-1825), Politician; MP of Newport, Isle of Wight. 1 Portrait

Mary Agnes Philippa Holmes (née Clifford) (born 1898), Wife of Sir Noel Galway Holmes; daughter of Sir Hugh Charles Clifford. 5 Portraits

Maurice Holmes. 1 Portrait

Sir Maurice Gerald Holmes (1885-1964), Civil servant and educationist. 5 Portraits

Sir Noel Galway Holmes (1891-1982), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Noreen (née Trench), Lady Holmes, Wife of Sir Stephen Holmes. 2 Portraits

Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr (1809-1894), American essayist, poet and physician. 3 Portraits

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr (1841-1935), American jurist. 3 Portraits

Percy Holmes (1886-1971), Cricketer. 2 Portraits

Peter Hamilton Holmes (1912-1977), Air Vice-Marshal. 5 Portraits

Richard Gordon Heath Holmes (1945-), Writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Rivington Holmes (1835-1911), Librarian, Windsor Castle; artist and stained glass designer. 5 Portraits

Sir Stephen Holmes (1896-1980), High Commissioner for the United Kingdom in Australia and Master of the Leathersellers’ Company. 9 Portraits

Thomas Rice Edward Holmes (1855-1933), Historian and classical scholar. 2 Portraits

Timothy Holmes (1825-1907), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

William Holmes (1779-1851), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 2 Portraits

Sir William George Holmes (1892-1969), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

William Hardy Holmes (1873-1951), Bishop of Meath and Bishop of Tuam, Killala and Achonry. 1 Portrait

Holmes. 1 Portrait

Lady Holmes. 2 Portraits

Hon. Charles George Holmes à Court (1843-1924), Son of 2nd Baron Heytesbury. 1 Portrait

Hon. Frederick Holmes à Court (1839-1919), Army officer; son of 2nd Baron Heytesbury. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Holmes à Court (1841-1885), Naval officer; son of 2nd Baron Heytesbury. 1 Portrait

Janet Holmes à Court (1943-), Businesswoman. 1 Portrait

Julia (née Cornwallis), Viscountess Holmesdale (1844-1883), First wife of Viscount Holmesdale, later 3rd Earl Amherst; daughter of 5th Earl Cornwallis. 1 Portrait

George Holme-Sumner (1761 or 1762-1838), Politician; MP for Surrey. 1 Portrait

John Holms (1830-1891), Scottish businessman and politician. 1 Portrait

Lady Sheila Mary Holroyd (née Cairns) (1905-2000), Wife of Charles Ivor Patrick Holroyd; daughter of 4th Earl Cairns. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Holroyd (1861-1917), Painter and Director of the National Gallery. 5 Portraits

Charles John Holroyd (1933-), Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Sir George Sowley Holroyd (1758-1831), Judge. 1 Portrait

Margery Langdale Holroyd (née Thorne) (1917-), Wife of John Francis Holroyd; daughter of Hubert Prangley Thorne. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael de Courcy Fraser Holroyd (1935-), Writer and biographer. 6 Portraits

Sir Ronald Holroyd (1904-1973), Deputy Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. 1 Portrait

Gustav Theodore Holst (1874-1934), Composer. 13 Portraits

Imogen Clare Holst (1907-1984), Musician, dancer, choreographer and actress. 9 Portraits

Rudolf Holsti (1881-1945), Finnish politician. 7 Portraits

Edward Nils Holstius, Novelist. 8 Portraits

Barnard Wight Holt (1816-1894), Surgeon and medical writer. 1 Portrait

David Holt (died 1846), Cotton-spinner and philanthropist. 2 Portraits

Edward John Holt (1867-1948), Rector of Holy Trinity and Dean of Port of Spain, Trinidad. 1 Portrait

Felton Vesey Holt (1886-1931), Air Vice-Marshal. 4 Portraits

Sir Follett Holt (1865-1944), Chairman of the Entre Rios Railways and other railways. 2 Portraits

(James) Richard Holt (1931-1991), Politician; MP for Langbaurgh. 1 Portrait

Sir John Holt (1642-1710), Judge. 8 Portraits

John Holt (1647-1659), Son of Thomas Holt of Grislehurst. 1 Portrait

John Holt (1743-1801), Author. 1 Portrait

John Bayley Holt (1912-1995), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Margaret Jane Venetia Holt, Wife of Christopher Robert Vesey Holt; daughter of Sir Michael Malcolm, 10th Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Maurice Percy Cue Holt (1862-1954), Major-General and specialist in operative surgery. 4 Portraits

Paul Holt (active 1937-1941), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Raymond Vincent Holt (1885-1957), Minister, tutor, Librarian and Warden, Manchester College, Oxford. 4 Portraits

Reginald Vesey Holt (1884-1957), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Durning Holt, 1st Bt (1868-1941), Shipowner. 1 Portrait

Thelma Mary Bernadette Holt (1932-), Theatre producer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Holt (1752-after 1836), Farmer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Jefferson Holt (1803-1861). 1 Portrait

Sir Vesey George Mackenzie Holt (1854-1923), Banker. 4 Portraits

William Holt (1897-1977), Traveller and writer. 1 Portrait

Mr Holt. 1 Portrait

Andrea Holterhof, Fashion model. 2 Portraits

Beatrice Von Holthois. 2 Portraits

Carsten Holthouse (1810-1901), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

John Zephaniah Holwell (1711-1798), East India Company servant. 1 Portrait

William Holwell-Carr (1758-1830), Priest; art dealer; art collector; painter. 2 Portraits

Arthur Wilmot Wadeson Holworthy (1897-1983), Army officer. 3 Portraits

George Jacob Holyoake (1817-1906), Secularist, journalist and lecturer. 3 Portraits

Sir Keith Jacka Holyoake (1904-1983), New Zealand farmer and politician. 1 Portrait

Ken Hom (1949-), Television chef and cookery writer. 1 Portrait

Cornelius William James Homan (1900-1979), Politician; MP for Ashton-under-Lyne. 1 Portrait

Cospatrick Alexander Home, 11th Earl of Home (1799-1881), Representative peer, diplomat and army officer. 3 Portraits

Lucy Elizabeth Home (née Montagu-Scott), Countess of Home (1805-1877), Wife of 11th Earl of Home; daughter of 2nd Baron Montagu of Boughton. 4 Portraits

Charles Alexander Douglas-Home, 12th Earl of Home (1834-1918), Landowner and army officer. 2 Portraits

Maria Douglas-Home (née Grey), Countess of Home (1849-1919), Wife of 12th Earl of Home; daughter of Charles Conrad Grey. 1 Portrait

Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home, Baron Home of the Hirsel (1903-1995), Prime Minister. 32 Portraits

Elizabeth Hester Douglas-Home (née Alington), Lady Home of the Hirsel (1909 or 1910-1990), Wife of Baron Home of the Hirsel; daughter of Cyril Argentine Alington. 4 Portraits

Lady Elizabeth Eleanora Home (born 1844), Daughter of 11th Earl of Home. 1 Portrait

Daniel Dunglas Home (1833-1886), Medium. 1 Portrait

Sir David George Home, 13th Bt (1904-1992), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Sir Everard Home, 1st Bt (1756-1832), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Francis Home (1719-1813), Physician; professor of materia medica, Edinburgh University. 2 Portraits

Sir James Home, 11th Bt (1861-1931), Captain. 1 Portrait

Hon. James Archibald Home (1837-1909), Barrister; son of 11th Earl of Home. 1 Portrait

John Home (1722-1808), Scottish minister and dramatist. 4 Portraits

Robert Home (1752-1834), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Hon. William Sholto Douglas Home (1842-1916), Army officer; son of 11th Earl of Home. 1 Portrait

Augusta Louisa Helen Home Purves (1856-1933), Daughter of John Home Purves. 1 Portrait

Caroline Maria Home Purves (née Parker) (died 1890), Wife of John Home Purves; daughter of Hyde Parker. 4 Portraits

Charles Hyde Home Purves (1850-1887), Landowner; son of John Home Purves. 1 Portrait

John Home Purves (circa 1816-1867), Colonel and Equerry and Comptroller of the Household to the Duchess of Cambridge; nephew of Lady Blessington. 4 Portraits

Juliana Homfray (died 1832), Daughter of John Homfray of Sutton, Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Katherine Mary Homfray, Daughter of Rev. John Homfray of Sutton, Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Alexeievitch Homiakoff (born 1850), President of the Russian Duma. 4 Portraits

Festus Hommius (1576-1642), Dutch polemical writer. 1 Portrait

Oscar Homolka (1898-1978), Austrian actor. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ambrose Jordan Verney-Cave, 6th Baron Braye (1906-), Son of Adrian Verney-Cave, 6th Baron Braye. 1 Portrait

Abraham Danielzsoon Hondius (de Hont or de Hond) (circa 1631-1691), Animal painter. 11 Portraits

Hendrik Hondius (Hond) (1573-1649), Printmaker, draughtsman and publisher. 2 Portraits

Jodocus Hondius (1563-1611). 2 Portraits

Campbell Richard Hone (1873-1967), Bishop of Wakefield. 4 Portraits

Horace Hone (1754-1825), Miniature painter; son of Nathaniel Hone. 1 Portrait

John Camillus Hone (1759-1836), Miniature painter; son of Nathaniel Hone. 1 Portrait

Lydia Hone (1756-1773), Daughter of Nathaniel Hone. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Hone (1718-1784), Portrait and miniature painter. 9 Portraits

Sir (Herbert) Ralph Hone (1896-1992), Army officer and colonial official. 3 Portraits

William Hone (1780-1842), Bookseller, pamphleteer and writer. 3 Portraits

Mary Honer, Ballerina. 1 Portrait

George Honey (1822-1880), Actor and singer. 3 Portraits

Nancy Honey (1948-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

William Bowyer Honey (1889-1956), Keeper, Department of Ceramics, Victoria & Albert Museum. 3 Portraits

Martin Honeysett (1943-2015), Cartoonist and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Mary Honeywood (circa 1533-1620). 1 Portrait

Robert William Honner (1809-1852), Actor and theatre manager. 1 Portrait

Richard Buston Honnywill (1906-1972), Captain, Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

Antony Honoré (1921-), Lawyer and legal scholar. 2 Portraits

Mary Honri (1910-1988), Music hall entertainer. 18 Portraits

Percy Honri (1874-1953), Music hall entertainer. 18 Portraits

Gerrit van Honthorst (1590-1656), Artist. 5 Portraits

Sir George Essex Honyman, 4th Bt (1819-1875), Judge. 1 Portrait

Filmer Honywood (1744-1809), Politician; MP for Kent. 2 Portraits

Sir John Honywood, 4th Bt (circa 1757-1806), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Honywood (circa 1677-1752), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Samuel Hood, 1st Viscount Hood (1724-1816), Admiral. 9 Portraits

Henry Hood, 2nd Viscount Hood (1753-1836), Chamberlain of the Household to Queen Caroline. 1 Portrait

Mary Isabella (née Tibbits), Viscountess Hood (circa 1820-1904), Former wife of 3rd Viscount Hood and of George Hall, and later wife of John Borlase Maunsell. 1 Portrait

Francis Wheler Hood, 4th Viscount Hood (1838-1907), Landowner and army officer. 3 Portraits

Edith Lydia Drummond (née Ward), Viscountess Hood (died 1911), Wife of 4th Viscount Hood; daughter of Arthur Wellesley Ward. 3 Portraits

Grosvenor Arthur Alexander Hood, 5th Viscount Hood (1868-1933), Major and landowner. 4 Portraits

Sir Alexander Hood (1888-1980), Army medical officer and colonial governor. 8 Portraits

Ellen Hood (née Touzalin) (died 1950), Former wife of George Nickerson, and later wife of Hon. Horace Lambert Alexander Hood; daughter of A.E. Touzalin. 4 Portraits

Eveline Mary Hood (née Pender) (died 1967), Wife of Hon. Neville Albert Hood; daughter of Herman Usticke Pender. 4 Portraits

Ferelith Rosemary Florence (née Kenworthy), Lady Hood (1918-2003), Wife of Sir Harold Joseph Hood, 2nd Bt; daughter of 10th Baron Strabolgi. 9 Portraits

Francis Wheler Hood (1781-1814), Lieutenant-Colonel; father of Francis Grosvenor Hood. 1 Portrait

(Archibald) Frederic Hood (1895-1975), Canon Residentiary, Chancellor and Chapter Treasurer of St Paul's Cathedral. 4 Portraits

Sir Horace Hood (1870-1916), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Jane Hood (née Reynolds) (1791-1846?), Wife of Thomas Hood. 1 Portrait

Marion Hood (née Sarah Ann Isaac) (1854-1912), Actress and singer. 5 Portraits

Nina Hood (1920-). 1 Portrait

Paul Hood (1586?-1668), Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

R. Hood, Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Sir Samuel Hood, 1st Bt (1762-1814), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Hon. Sybil Amy Hood (1874-1956), Daughter of Arthur Wellington Alexander Nelson Hood, 2nd Viscount Bridport. 3 Portraits

Thomas Hood (1799-1845), Poet and humorist. 3 Portraits

Thomas ('Tom') Hood (1835-1874), 'Thomas Hood the younger'; humorist and journal editor. 6 Portraits

Sir Tom Fielden Hood (1904-1986), Accountant and building society chairman. 1 Portrait

Mrs Hood (active 1866). 2 Portraits

Anna Delicia Hook (née Johnstone) (died 1871), Wife of Walter Farquhar Hook; daughter of Dr John Johnstone. 1 Portrait

A.O. Hook, Possibly the wife of Walter Farquar Hook. 1 Portrait

Cecil Hook (1844-1938), Bishop of Kingston-on-Thames and Canon of Southwark. 1 Portrait

Ethel Hook. 1 Portrait

Harry Hook (1959-), Film and television director and writer. 1 Portrait

James Hook (1746-1827), Musician. 1 Portrait

James Hook (1772?-1828), Dean of Worcester. 1 Portrait

James Clarke Hook (1819-1907), Landscape and history painter. 14 Portraits

Marion Hook, Physician in China and USA. 1 Portrait

Norman Hook (1898-1976), Dean of Norwich. 2 Portraits

Peter Hook (1956-), Musician; member of New Order. 2 Portraits

Ross Sydney Hook (1917-1996), Chief of Staff to the Archbishop of Canterbury. 5 Portraits

Theodore Edward Hook (1788-1841), Novelist and wit. 4 Portraits

Walter Farquhar Hook (1798-1875), Dean of Chichester. 24 Portraits

Nathaniel Hooke (died 1763), Historian and writer. 1 Portrait

Captain Hooke. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817-1911), Botanist. 14 Portraits

Hon. Margaret Hooker (née Bradbury) (1911-), Former wife of Sir Stanley (George) Hooker; daughter of 1st Baron Bradbury. 4 Portraits

Maria Sarah (née Turner), Lady Hooker (1797-1872), Wife of Sir William Jackson Hooker; daughter of Dawson Turner. 1 Portrait

Richard Hooker (1554-1600), Theologian and philosopher. 17 Portraits

Sir William Jackson Hooker (1785-1865), Botanist. 7 Portraits

Hilda Hookham (née Fontes) (1894-1988), Wife of Felix John Hookham; mother of Margot Fonteyn. 4 Portraits

George Hoole. 1 Portrait

James Hoole (active 1844). 1 Portrait

John Hoole (1727-1803), Writer and translator. 6 Portraits

John Warneford Hoole (1837-1902), Scholar at Oxford University. 1 Portrait

Ernest Terah Hooley (1859-1947), Financier. 1 Portrait

St John Cutler Hooley (1902-1985), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey William Hoon (1953-), Politician; Minister for Europe, Defence and Transport Secretary. 1 Portrait

Arthur George Hooper (1857-1940), Politician; MP for Dudley. 2 Portraits

Charles German Hooper (1911-1995), Archdeacon of Ipswich; Archdeacon Emeritus. 2 Portraits

Dawn Hooper (née Remnant) (1927-), Wife of Anthony Stewart Hooper; niece of 2nd Baron Remnant; daughter of Hon. Peter F. Remnant. 1 Portrait

Edith Hooper (née Jenkinson) (died 1982), Wife of Justin Hooper; daughter of A.D. Jenkinson. 4 Portraits

Sir Frederic Collins ('Eric') Hooper, 1st Bt (1892-1963), Industrialist. 1 Portrait

George Hooper (1640-1727), Bishop of Bath and Wells. 2 Portraits

George Hooper (born 1866), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

H.B. Hooper. 1 Portrait

John Hooper (1495-1555), Bishop of Gloucester; Protestant martyr. 14 Portraits

John Hooper (active early 19th century), Porter of Oriel College. 1 Portrait

John Hooper (active 1816), Spa Fields rioter. 2 Portraits

Justin Hooper (died 1991), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir Robin William John Hooper (1914-1989), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

William Hooper (1742-1790), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Hooper, Actor. 1 Portrait

Philip de Montmorency, Count of Hoorn (1524-1568), Stadtholder of Guelders and admiral. 1 Portrait

Hon. Sarah Marie Adelaide Hoos (née Cust) (1906-1962), Wife of Edward Jan Hoos; daughter of 5th Baron Brownlow. 3 Portraits

Adrian Price Webley Hope (1911-1992), Major-General. 11 Portraits

Sir Alexander Hope (1769-1837), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Alexander Hope. 1 Portrait

Anne Williams Hope (née Goddard, later Baroness von Dopff) (1763-1820), Partner in Hope & Co.; wife of John Williams Hope. 3 Portraits

Sir Archibald Hope of Pinkie, 9th Bt (1735-1794), President of the Caledonian Hunt. 1 Portrait

Bob Hope (1903-2003), Actor. 2 Portraits

Hon. Caroline Georgiana Hope (née Montagu-Scott) (1811-1891), Bedchamber Woman in Ordinary to Queen Victoria; wife of George William Hope; daughter of 2nd Baron Montagu and granddaughter of 3rd Duke of Buccleuch. 1 Portrait

Caroline Jane Hope (1836-1910), Daughter of George William Hope. 1 Portrait

Charles Stead Hope (1763-1841), Vicar of St Alkmund's, Derby. 3 Portraits

Constance Marion Hope (née Brewster) (1861-1934), Wife of James Hope; daughter of Sir David Brewster. 1 Portrait

Edward William Hope (1854-1950), Emeritus Professor. 1 Portrait

Emma Hope (1962-), Footwear designer. 1 Portrait

Frederick William Hope (1797-1862), Entomologist and collector of insects and engravings. 1 Portrait

Sir George Johnstone Hope (1767-1818), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir George Price Webley Hope (1869-1959), Deputy First Sea Lord. 9 Portraits

George William Hope (1808-1863), Politician; Under-Secretary of State for War and the Colonies. 1 Portrait

Henry Hope (1735-1811), Merchant, merchant banker and partner in Hope & Co. 7 Portraits

Henry Philip Hope (1774-1839), Brother of Thomas Hope of Deepdene. 5 Portraits

Henry Walter Hope (1839-1913), Army officer. 1 Portrait

James Hope (1764-1846?), United Irishman. 1 Portrait

Sir James Hope (active 1794). 2 Portraits

Hon. Joan Mary Hope (1900-1974), Daughter of 1st Baron Rankeillour. 2 Portraits

John Hope (1737-1784), Merchant banker; partner in Hope & Co. 2 Portraits

Sir John Augustus Hope, 16th Bt (1869-1924), Politician and Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

John Deans Hope (1860-1949), Scottish politician; MP for several constituencies. 4 Portraits

John Williams Hope (1757-1813), Merchant and merchant banker; partner in Hope & Co. 1 Portrait

Lucy Georgiana Hope (1855-1946), Daughter of George William Hope. 1 Portrait

Maidie Hope (1881-1937), Actress; wife of Charles Dudley Ward. 2 Portraits

Margaret Jill Hope (née Bruce) (1943-), Wife of Thomas Richard Hope; daughter of Hon. Victor Austin Bruce. 4 Portraits

Mary Hope (née Breton) (1741 or 1742-1767), Wife of John Hope (1739-1767). 4 Portraits

Mary (née Bruce), Lady Hope (1877-1957), Justice of the Peace; wife of SIr John Hope, Bt; daughter of 6th Baron Balfour of Burleigh. 3 Portraits

Hon. Mary Catherine Constance Hope (née Primrose) (1844-1935), Wife of Henry Walter Hope; daughter of Archibald Primrose, Lord Dalmeny. 1 Portrait

Mary Elizabeth Hope (née Partridge) (died 1990), Wife of Adrian Price Webley Hope; daughter of Graham Partridge. 2 Portraits

Sir Percy Mirehouse Hope (1886-1972), Company chairman and managing director; Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Hon. Richard Frederick Hope (1901-1964), Headmaster and civil servant; son of 1st Baron Rankeillour. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hope (1770-1831), Collector, virtuoso and writer. 5 Portraits

Thomas Charles Hope (1766-1844), Chemist and educationist. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry St John Hope (1854-1919), Antiquary. 4 Portraits

Winifred Gwendolyn Marie Hope (née Paget, formerly Carleton-Paget) (1913-), Former wife of Guy Montgomerie Carleton Paget, and later wife of Edward James Hope; daughter of John Byng Paget. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Hope Dundas of Dundas (1859-1924), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Alice Hope Johnstone (circa 1844-1881), Daughter of William James Hope Johnstone and Hon. Octavia Sophia Bosville Macdonald. 1 Portrait

John James Hope-Johnstone (died 1912), Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Hon. Octavia Sophia Hope Johnstone (née Bosville Macdonald) (died 1897), Wife of William James Hope Johnstone; daughter of 3rd Baron Macdonald. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, 1st Bt (1573-1646), Lord Advocate of Scotland. 2 Portraits

Henry Richard Hope-Pinker (1849-1927), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

James Hope, 3rd Earl of Hopetoun (1741-1816). 2 Portraits

John Hope, 4th Earl of Hopetoun (1765-1823), General. 4 Portraits

Marie Elizabeth Françoise Hope-Vere (née Guillemin) (died 1937), Second wife of James Charles Hope-Vere; daughter of Auguste Guillemin. 1 Portrait

Mary Emily Hope-Vere (née Boyle, later Lady Kennedy) (1834-1916), Former wife of William Edward Hope-Vere, and later wife of Lord David Kennedy; daughter of Viscount Dungarvan. 2 Portraits

Philip Adrian Hope-Wallace (1911-1979), Theatre critic. 2 Portraits

Daniel Hopkin (1886-1951), Metropolitan Police Magistrate, Major and Barrister. 4 Portraits

Alan Cripps Nind Hopkins (1926-2012), Politician and barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir (Philip) Anthony Hopkins (1937-), Actor. 6 Portraits

Arthur Hopkins (1848-1930), Illustrator; landscape and coastal painter. 2 Portraits

Benjamin Hopkins (died 1779), Chamberlain of London. 1 Portrait

Bill Hopkins (1928-2011), Novelist. 3 Portraits

Edward Hopkins (circa 1674-1736), Commissioner of Revenue in Ireland and politician; MP for Coventry and Eye. 4 Portraits

Ezekiel Hopkins (1634-1690), Bishop of Derry. 4 Portraits

Sir Frank Henry Edward Hopkins (1910-1990), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins (1861-1947), Biochemist. 3 Portraits

Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889), Poet. 7 Portraits

Gerard Walter Sturgis Hopkins (1892-1961), Novelist and translator. 3 Portraits

Joan Hopkins (1915-2002), Actress. 1 Portrait

Joel Hopkins, Film director. 1 Portrait

John Hopkins (born 1675), Poet. 1 Portrait

John Ackland Stuart Hopkins (1896-1980), Brigadier Commanding Officer. 4 Portraits

John Henry Hopkins (1792-1868), Bishop of Vermont. 4 Portraits

Sir John Ommanney Hopkins (1834-1916), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Matthew Hopkins (died 1647), 'Witch-Finder General'. 6 Portraits

Sir Michael John Hopkins (1935-), Architect; co-founder of Sir Michael Hopkins & Partners. 2 Portraits

Miriam Hopkins (1902-1972), Actress. 1 Portrait

Muriel Hopkins. 1 Portrait

Patricia Ann ('Patty') Hopkins (née Wainwright), Lady Hopkins (1942-), Architect; co-founder of Sir Michael Hopkins & Partners; wife of Sir Michael John Hopkins; daughter of Denys Wainwright. 1 Portrait

Richard Hopkins. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Valentine Nind Hopkins (1880-1955), Civil servant. 5 Portraits

Stephen Hopkins (1707-1785), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hopkins (circa 1641-1720), Financier. 3 Portraits

(Godfrey) Thurston Hopkins (1913-2014), Photographer and centenarian. 1 Portrait

William Hopkins (active 1674), Stenographer and writing master. 1 Portrait

William Hopkins (1849?-1892), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Hopkinson (1851-1939), Lawyer, educationalist and Liberal politician; MP for Cricklade. 9 Portraits

Austin Hopkinson (1879-1962), Politician, industrialist and inventor. 12 Portraits

Edmund Hopkinson (1787-1869), High Sheriff of Gloucestershire. 2 Portraits

Ellen Hopkinson (circa 1825-1911), Wife of Rev. Francis Hopkinson. 1 Portrait

Francis Hopkinson (1737-1791), Lawyer and signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Francis Hopkinson (circa 1810-1898), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

George Hopkinson, Drummer. 1 Portrait

Harry Sutherland Hopkinson (died 1983), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Octavia Hopkinson (née Burton) (1796-1846), Wife of Edmund Hopkinson. 2 Portraits

Simon Charles Hopkinson (1954-), Chef and restaurateur. 2 Portraits

(Henry) Somerset Parnell Hopkinson (1899-1988), Colonel. 1 Portrait

(Henry) Thomas ('Tom') Hopkinson (1905-1990), Author and journalist. 2 Portraits

Mr Hopkinson (active 1944), Headmaster, City of London School. 1 Portrait

Arthur Hopley (1906-1981), Archdeacon of Bath. 1 Portrait

Edward William John Hopley (1816-1869), Subject painter. 1 Portrait

William Hopley, Verger, Worcester Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Eleanor Mary ('Nell') Hopman (née Hall) (1909-1968), Tennis player; wife of Harry Hopman. 2 Portraits

Emil Otto ('E.O.') Hoppé (1878-1972), Photographer and writer. 2 Portraits

L.H. Hoppé. 1 Portrait

Seymour Hoppen (died 1977), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hopper (1776-1856), Architect. 3 Portraits

John Hoppner (1758-1810), Painter. 13 Portraits

Frank Linden Hopps (1894?-1976), Air Vice-Marshal. 4 Portraits

Sir Donald Hopson (1915-1974), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Jock Hopson, Frame Conservator , National Gallery. 1 Portrait

Violet Hopson (1887-1973), Actress. 2 Portraits

Ralph Hopton, 1st Baron Hopton of Stratton (1596-1652), Royalist general and politician; MP for Shaftesbury, Bath, Somerset and Wells. 17 Portraits

Georgie Hopton (1967-), Artist. 2 Portraits

John Hopwood (born 1656), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

John Turner Hopwood (1829-1900), Politician and barrister. 2 Portraits

J.P.T. Hopwood, Prospective Labour candidate. 1 Portrait

Mary Augusta Henrietta Hopwood (née Coventry) (1841-1894), Wife of John Turner Hopwood; daughter of Hon. Henry Amelius Coventry; grandaughter of 8th Earl of Coventry. 1 Portrait

Ronald Arthur Hopwood (1868-1949), Rear Admiral; Poet. 3 Portraits

Edmund Gerald Horabin (1925-), Major. 2 Portraits

James Francis Horabin (1884-1962), Artist, lecturer and cartoonist. 4 Portraits

Thomas Lewis Horabin (1896-1956), Politician; MP for Cornwall and Liberal Chief Whip. 16 Portraits

Charles Trevor Horan (1863-1932), Rector of Leybourne. 2 Portraits

Henry Edward Horan (1890-1961), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Victor George Horan (1904-), Lieutenant Commander. 2 Portraits

Miss Horan, Possibly a daughter of Charles Trevor Horan and Edith Annie (née Carr). 2 Portraits

Thomas Jeeves Horder, 1st Baron Horder (1871-1955), Physician. 6 Portraits

John Plaistowe Horder (1919-2012), Physician. 1 Portrait

Gwyn Venables Hordern (1870-1945), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Hugh Maudslay Hordern (1868-1949), Bishop of Lewes. 1 Portrait

Mary Angela Willoughby Hordern (née Mond) (1901-1937), Wife of Clifford Willoughby Hordern; daughter of 1st Baron Melchett. 5 Portraits

Sir Michael Hordern (1911-1995), Actor. 4 Portraits

Sir Peter Maudslay Hordern (1929-), Politician; Chairman then Director of Fina (formerly Petrofina). 3 Portraits

Lady Glynn Hordwen. 1 Portrait

Leslie Hore-Belisha, Baron Hore-Belisha (1893-1957), Conservative politician; MP for Plymouth Devonport, Cabinet Minister and Secretary of State for War. 27 Portraits

Jascha Horenstein (1898-1973), Russo-German conductor. 1 Portrait

Hon. Christian Malise Hore-Ruthven (1880-1969), Colonel; son of 8th Baron Ruthven. 2 Portraits

Hon. Lydia Gladys Hore-Ruthven (active 1906-1920), Wife of Hon. Philip James Leslie Hore-Ruthven. 2 Portraits

Y. Hori. 1 Portrait

Sydney Horler (1884-1954), Crime novelist. 45 Portraits

Fleur Horley (née Champion de Crespigny) (1937-), Daughter of Sir Vivian Tyrell Champion de Crespigny, 8th bt. 1 Portrait

Sir James Nockells Horlick, 4th Bt (1886-1972), Lieutenant-Colonel, cricketer, politician, rhododendron breeder and co-inventor of Horlicks Malted Milk drink. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Margaret Horlick (née Nichol) (active 1931-1934). 1 Portrait

Blanche Horlock (active 1880s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Alan Bowes Horn (1917-1992), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Edwin Horn (died 1943), Physician. 1 Portrait

A. Horn (active 1931). 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Horn (1786-1849), Singer and composer. 2 Portraits

Hon. Mary-Clare Horn (née Douglas-Scott-Montagu) (1928-), Former wife of 15th Earl of Lindsay, and later wife of Timothy Horn; daughter of 2nd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu. 10 Portraits

Alan Hugh Hornby (1894-1958), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Albert Neilson Hornby (1847-1925), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Sir Antony Hornby (1904-1987), President of Savoy Hotel Ltd. 2 Portraits

Richard Phipps ('Dick') Hornby (1922-2007), Politician and building society chairman. 4 Portraits

Edmund John Phipps Hornby (1857-1947), Brigadier-General. 7 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Thomas Phipps Hornby (1825-1895), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir (William) Henry Hornby, 1st Bt (1841-1928), Politician and cotton manufacturer. 2 Portraits

Hugh Leycester Hornby (1888-1965), Bishop of Hulme. 3 Portraits

James John Hornby (1826-1909), Headmaster and Provost of Eton. 3 Portraits

Helen ('Nell') Hornby (née Reeman), Mother of Lesley Hornby ('Twiggy'). 1 Portrait

Nick Hornby (1957-), Writer. 2 Portraits

Robert Stewart Phipps Hornby (1866-1956), Admiral. 6 Portraits

(Charles Harold) St John Hornby (1867-1946), Printer; owner of the Ashendene Press; partner in W.H.Smith & Sons. 2 Portraits

Robert Stevenson Horne, Viscount Horne of Slamannan (1871-1940), Lawyer and unionist politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer and President of the Board of Trade. 25 Portraits

Henry Sinclair Horne, Baron Horne (1861-1929), General. 15 Portraits

Kate (née McCorquodale), Lady Horne, Former wife of William John Sinclair Blacklock, and later wife of Baron Horne; daughter of George McCorquodale. 7 Portraits

Lady Ursula Florence Horne (née Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood) (1899-active 1926), Wife of Arthur Swithin Newton Horne; daughter of 2nd Marquess of Dufferin and Ava. 4 Portraits

George Horne (1730-1792), Bishop of Norwich. 2 Portraits

Gerald Tom Warlters Horne (1898-1978), Major-General. 6 Portraits

(Charles) Kenneth Horne (1907-1969), Comedian and broadcaster. 3 Portraits

Melville Horne (1762-1841), Minister of St Stephen's Church, Salford. 1 Portrait

Richard Henry (or Hengist) Horne (1803-1884), Writer. 2 Portraits

Robert Horne (circa 1513-1579), Bishop of Winchester. 1 Portrait

Sir William Horne (1774-1860), Barrister and politician; MP for Helston, Bletchingley, Newtown and Marylebone. 3 Portraits

Anthony Horneck (1641-1697), Divine. 1 Portrait

Hannah Horneck (née Mangles) (1727-1803), Wife of Captain Kane Horneck. 5 Portraits

Kane William Horneck (died 1753), Royal engineers Captain. 3 Portraits

Mr Horneck, Brother of Catherine Bunbury and Mary Gwyn. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Arthur Hornell (1877-1949), Vice Admiral. 2 Portraits

Arthur Lewis Horner (1894-1968), General Secretary National Union of Mineworkers 1946-59. 8 Portraits

Danny Horner, Art Handler, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

David Horner (died 1983), Author and close friend of Sir Osbert Sitwell. 2 Portraits

Edward William Horner (1888-1917), Lieutenant in the 18th Hussars. 2 Portraits

Frances Jane Horner (née Graham), Lady Horner (1854 or 1855-1940), Hostess and patron of the arts. 5 Portraits

Francis Horner (1778-1817), Political economist. 5 Portraits

Frederick John Horner (1911-1997), Politician, firefighter and trade unionist. 1 Portrait

John Bayley Middleton Horner (1907-), Captain. 2 Portraits

Sir John Francis Fortescue Horner (1842-1927), Barrister; husband of Lady Horner. 1 Portrait

Junius Moore Horner (1859-1933), Bishop of Asheville (later Western North Carolina). 1 Portrait

Miss Horner. 2 Portraits

Annie Elizabeth Fredericka Horniman (1860-1937), Pioneer of repertory theatre. 3 Portraits

Emslie John Horniman (1863-1932), Anthropologist, philanthropist and Liberal politician. 4 Portraits

Frederick John Horniman (1835-1906), Tea merchant; founder of the Horniman Museum and politician. 1 Portrait

Minnie Louisa Horniman (née Bennett) (1875-1964), Second wife of Frederick John Horniman. 1 Portrait

Robert Henry Horniman (1893-1968), Group Captain, RAF. 1 Portrait

Guy Jeffery Hornsbury-Wright (1872-1941), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Muriel Hornsby (née Strutt) (1890-1976), Daughter of 2nd Baron Belper; wife of Frank Haultain Hornsby. 2 Portraits

(Margaret) Patricia Hornsby-Smith, Baroness Hornsby-Smith (1914-1985), Politician. 13 Portraits

Sir Ian Macdonald Horobin (1899-1976), Politician and writer. 6 Portraits

Norah Maud Horobin (1898-1976), Headmistress. 1 Portrait

Michael Horovitz (1935-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Anthony Horowitz (1955-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Christina Helen Campbell Horrell (née Geddes) (1939-), Wife of Roy Kenneth Horrell; granddaughter of 1st Baron Geddes. 4 Portraits

Sir Thomas Gardner Horridge (1857-1938), Judge. 1 Portrait

Bernard Horrocks, Copyright Officer, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Sir Brian Gwynne Horrocks (1895-1985), Army officer and military historian. 11 Portraits

(Barbara) Jane Horrocks (1964-), Actress. 3 Portraits

Samuel Horrocks (1766-1842), Cotton manufacturer and Conservative politician; MP for Preston. 1 Portrait

Florence Gertrude Horsbrugh, Baroness Horsbrugh (1889-1969), Politician; MP for Dundee and Manchester Moss Side; daughter of Henry Moncrieff Horsbrugh. 11 Portraits

Sir (John) Donald Horsfall, 2nd Bt (1891-1975), Banker. 3 Portraits

Craigie Horsfield (1949-), Photographer, sound artist and film maker. 3 Portraits

David Ralph Horsfield (1916-2008), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Thomas Horsfield (1773-1859), Physician and naturalist. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Hastings Horsford (1818-1885), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Cecil Douglas Horsley (1903-1953), Bishop of Colombo and Gibraltar. 5 Portraits

Frank Horsley. 2 Portraits

John Callcott Horsley (1817-1903), Painter and Royal Academician. 11 Portraits

John William Horsley (1845-1921), Canon of Southwark. 2 Portraits

Matthew Horsley, Farmer of Birdsall, Yorkshire. 1 Portrait

Samuel Horsley (1733-1806), Bishop of St Asaph; Secretary of the Royal Society. 11 Portraits

Sir Victor Alexander Haden Horsley (1857-1916), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Walter Charles Horsley (1855-1934), Army officer. 1 Portrait

William Horsley (1774-1858), Composer, organist and founder of the Philharmonic Society. 4 Portraits

W.C. Horsley (died 1900), Chief Inspector of Police for the House of Commons. 2 Portraits

Estelle Horsley-Carr, Daughter of Alfred Horsley-Carr and Hon. Georgina Violet Horsley-Carr (née Hamilton). 3 Portraits

Charlotte Louisa Horsman (née Ramsden) (died 1895), Wife of Edward Horsman; daughter of John Charles Ramsden; granddaughter of Sir John Ramsden, 4th Bt. 1 Portrait

Edward Horsman (1807-1876), Whig politician. 4 Portraits

Horst P. Horst (1906-1999), Photographer. 1 Portrait

James Lawrence Cecil Horstead (1898-1989), Archbishop of West Africa and Bishop of Sierra Leone. 2 Portraits

William Wallace Horstick (1902-1973), Bishop of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 1 Portrait

Fanny Henrietta Hort (née Holland) (circa 1837-1925), Wife of Fenton John Anthony Hort; mother of Sir Arthur Fenton Hort. 1 Portrait

Fenton John Anthony Hort (1828-1892), Biblical scholar and theologian. 2 Portraits

(Elizabeth) Anne Horton (née Wombwell) (1938-), Wife of Michael Scofield Horton; daughter of Sir (Frederick) Philip (Alfred William) Wombwell, 6th Bt. 2 Portraits

Frank Horton (1878-1957), Physicist and university administrator. 3 Portraits

Henrietta (née Stanley), Lady Horton (died 1830), Wife of Sir Watts Horton, Bt; sister of 12th Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

Sir Max Kennedy Horton (1883-1951), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Robert Forman Horton (1855-1934), Minister, Lyndhurst Road Church, Hampstead. 2 Portraits

William Robin Gray Horton (1932-), Author. 4 Portraits

Reverend Horton, Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Bernhard Horwitz (1807-1885), Chess player. 1 Portrait

Sir William Thomas Francis Horwood (1868-1943), Brigadier-General; Head London Metropolitan Police (1920-28). 10 Portraits

George Frederick Hose (1838-1922), Bishop of Singapore. 6 Portraits

Robert John Hose (1863-1929), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Walter Hose (1875-1965), Commodore, Canadian Navy. 1 Portrait

Andrew Hosie (1860-1931), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Dorothea (née Soothill), Lady Hosie (1885-1959), Writer and lecturer; second wife of Sir Alexander Hosie; daughter of W.E. Soothill. 4 Portraits

Sarah Emily Hosie (née Webb), Royal Red Cross and Hon. Association of St John of Jerusalem; wife of Andrew Hosie. 1 Portrait

Ann Hoskins (active 1930s-1950s). 1 Portrait

Sir Anthony Hiley Hoskins (1828-1901), Naval officer. 4 Portraits

Robert ('Bob') Hoskins (1942-2014), Actor, director and producer. 3 Portraits

Sir Brian Hoskins, Professor of Meteorology and Director of Grantham Institute for Climate Change. 1 Portrait

John Hoskins (circa 1590-1665), Miniature painter. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hoskins, 2nd Bt (1634-1705), Master in Chancery and President of the Royal Society. 3 Portraits

Sir (Arthur) Reginald Hoskins (1871-1942), Major-General and college principal. 1 Portrait

John Cunningham Moore Hoskyn (1875-1941), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Edwyn Hoskyns, 12th Bt (1851-1925), Bishop of Southwell. 1 Portrait

Sir Edwyn Hoskyns, 13th Bt (1884-1937), Professor of Theology, Cambridge and Canon Theologian of Liverpool Cathedral. 3 Portraits

Harriet Goodhue Hosmer (1830-1908), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Rebecca Hossack (1955-), Gallery owner. 1 Portrait

Sir George Charles Hoste (1786-1845), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir William Hoste (1780-1828), Naval captain. 1 Portrait

George Finch Hotblack (1883-1951), Director of National Provincial Bank Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

Beaumont Hotham, 2nd Baron Hotham (1737-1814), Judge. 1 Portrait

Beaumont Hotham, 3rd Baron Hotham (1794-1870), General. 2 Portraits

Henry Frederick Hotham, 7th Baron Hotham (1899-1967), Landowner and army officer. 7 Portraits

Sir Alan Geoffrey Hotham (1876-1965), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Hotham (1806-1855), Naval officer and Colonial governor. 1 Portrait

Hon. (John) David Hotham (1911-1962), Naval officer; brother of 7th Baron Hotham. 5 Portraits

Jane Sarah (née Hood), Lady Hotham (1817-1907), Former wife of Hugh Holbech and of Sir Charles Hotham, and later wife of William Armytage; daughter of 2nd Baron Bridport. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hotham, Bt (1589-1645), Parliamentarian army officer and politician; MP for Beverley. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hotham, 1st Bt (1589-1645), Parliamentarian. 8 Portraits

Sir William Hotham (1772-1848), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Henry James Tufton, 1st Baron Hothfield (1844-1926), Landowner, Liberal politician and horseman. 1 Portrait

John Sackville Richard Tufton, 2nd Baron Hothfield (1873-1952), Major. 8 Portraits

Martin Hotine (1898-1968), Geodesist and photogrammetrist. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Ernest Buttery Hotson (1877-1944), Civil servant in India. 2 Portraits

(John) Leslie Hotson (1897-1992), Literary scholar and theatre historian. 1 Portrait

Margaret (née MacLean), Lady Ho Tung (1865-1944), Wife of Sir Robert Ho Tung; daughter of Hector Coll MacLean. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Ho Tung (1862-1956), Chief Comprador; businessman and philanthropist. 2 Portraits

Sir John Houblon (1632-1712), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Thomas Henry Archer Houblon (1849-1933), Archdeacon of Oxford. 3 Portraits

Arnold Houbraken (1660-1719), Dutch Painter and Art Writer. 2 Portraits

Arthur Houchen (1916-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

John Hough (1651-1743), Bishop of Worcester. 4 Portraits

Lynn Hough, Priest. 1 Portrait

Richard Alexander Hough (1922-2000), Writer and publisher. 5 Portraits

Stephen Hough. 1 Portrait

William Woodcock Hough (1859-1934), Bishop of Woolwich. 4 Portraits

Richard Monckton Milnes, 1st Baron Houghton (1809-1885), Poet, patron of literature and politician; MP for Pontefract. 12 Portraits

Arthur Leslie Noel Douglas Houghton, Baron Houghton of Sowerby (1898-1996), Politician and solider. 7 Portraits

Annabella Hungerford (née Crewe), Lady Houghton (1814-1874), Wife of 1st Baron Houghton; daughter of 2nd Baron Crewe. 1 Portrait

Alfred Thomas Houghton (1896-1993), General Secretary, Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society; Hon. Canon, Diocese of Morogoro, Central Tanganyika. 2 Portraits

Charles Thomas Houghton (1892-1975), Under-Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. 2 Portraits

Edward John Welford Houghton (1867-1955), Headmaster, preacher and member of Marylebone Cricket Club. 4 Portraits

Frank Houghton (1894-1972), Bishop of Eastern Szechwan. 1 Portrait

Stanley Houghton (1881-1913), Playwright. 1 Portrait

Sir William Frederick Houghton (1909-1971), Educational administrator. 1 Portrait

John Houisan-Craufurd (1904-). 2 Portraits

William Houlbrook (active 1660), Blacksmith at Marlborough. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Walter Houldsworth (1896-1963), Brigadier and Lord Lieutenant of Moray. 1 Portrait

H.H. Houldsworth. 6 Portraits

Joseph Henry Houldsworth (1842-1910), Steward of the Jockey Club. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Houldsworth, 1st Bt (1834-1917), Cotton industrialist and politician. 2 Portraits

Nicholas Hoult (1989-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Victor Lewis Houlton (1823-1899), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Harold Arthur Hounsell (1897-1970), Major-General. 6 Portraits

James Alan George Housden (1904-1994), Bishop of Newcastle, New South Wales and Bishop of Rockhampton, Queensland. 1 Portrait

Gordon House (1932-2004), Printmaker, painter, designer and teacher. 1 Portrait

Harry Wilfred House (1895-1987), Fellow and lecturer, schoolmaster and soldier. 2 Portraits

Marjorie House (née Gibbs), Wife of H.W. House. 3 Portraits

Samuel House (died 1785), Publican and politician. 2 Portraits

Wendy House (1967-). 1 Portrait

Alfred Edward ('A.E') Housman (1859-1936), Poet and classical scholar. 4 Portraits

Laurence Housman (1865-1959), Writer and artist. 34 Portraits

Robert Housman (1759-1838), Church of England clergyman. 2 Portraits

Sir Alexander Cruikshank Houston (1865-1933), Public health official. 5 Portraits

Averil Houston (née Vivian) (1930-), Youngest daughter of 3rd Baron Swansea; wife of Alexander William Houston. 3 Portraits

Donald Houston (1923-1991), Actor. 2 Portraits

Dame Fanny Lucy Houston (née Radmall) (1857-1936), Adventuress. 7 Portraits

George Houston (1810-1843), Politician; MP for Renfrewshire. 1 Portrait

Renee Houston (1902-1980), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Paterson Houston, 1st Bt (1853-1926), Shipowner and politician. 2 Portraits

William Houston (1968-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir William Evelyn Houstoun-Boswall (1892-1960), Diplomat. 4 Portraits

Baroness Helena Von Der Hoven, Russian violinist and author. 11 Portraits

John Charles Halland How (1881-1961), Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway and Primus of the Scottish Church. 2 Portraits

Rachel How. 5 Portraits

Thomas How (active 1733), Lord Mayor of Dublin. 2 Portraits

William Walsham How (1823-1897), Bishop of Wakefield. 3 Portraits

William Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Effingham (circa 1510-1573), Naval Commander. 2 Portraits

Edward George Fitzalan-Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Glossop (1818-1883), Politician; Vice-Chamberlain of the Household. 1 Portrait

George Anthony Geoffrey Howard, Baron Howard of Henderskelfe (1920-1984), Chairman of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Chairman of the Museums and Galleries Commission. 1 Portrait

Sandra Howard, Baroness Howard of Lympne (1940-), Novelist, model and the wife of Michael Howard. 1 Portrait

Esme William Howard, 1st Baron Howard (1863-1939), Diplomat. 9 Portraits

Isabella (née Giustiniani-Bandini), Lady Howard of Penrith, Wife of 1st Baron Howard of Penrith; daughter of 8th Earl of Newburgh. 1 Portrait

Hyacinthe Fitzalan-Howard (née Scott-Kerr), Baroness Howard of Glossop (1865-1930), Wife of 2nd Baron Howard of Glossop. 5 Portraits

Anne (née Hotham), Lady Howard of Penrith (1913-2008), Former wife of Anthony Gardner Bazley, and later wife of 2nd Baron Howard of Penrith. 7 Portraits

William Howard, 3rd Baron Howard of Escrick (circa 1630-1694), Conspirator. 3 Portraits

Lady Cecilia Blanche Genevieve Howard (née Fitzroy) (1922-1974), Womens' Auxiliary Air Force officer; wife of George Anthony Howard (later Baron Howard of Henderskelfe); daughter of 8th Duke of Grafton. 9 Portraits

Lady Constance Ankaret Howard (1897-1964), Daughter of 10th Earl of Carlisle. 3 Portraits

Lady Constance Eleanora Caroline Howard (née Finch-Hatton) (1847-1910), Wife of Hon. Frederick Charles Howard; daughter of 11th Earl of Winchilsea. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Howard (née Dacre) (1564-1639), Wife of Lord William Howard. 1 Portrait

Lady Louisa Frances Howard (1844-1918), Daughter of Hon. Francis Howard; sister of 5th Earl of Wicklow. 1 Portrait

Lady Mabel Harriet Howard (née McDonnell) (1858-1942), Wife of Henry Charles Howard; daughter of 5th Earl of Antrim. 2 Portraits

Lady Maria Carleton (née Howard) (1753-1836), Wife of 1st Baron Dorchester; daughter of 2nd Earl of Effingham. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Henrietta Howard (1865-1956), Daughter of George James Howard, 9th Earl of Carlisle. 1 Portrait

Lady Victoria Margaret Louisa Howard (1844-1906), Daughter of 17th Earl of Suffolk. 2 Portraits

Sir Algar Henry Stafford Howard (1880-1970), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Anabella (née Dives), Lady Howard (1674-1728), Fourth wife of Sir Robert Howard. 8 Portraits

Anne Howard (née Witham) (died 1794), Wife of Philip Howard of Corby. 1 Portrait

Anthony John Howard, Son of Peter D. Howard. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Jared Palmer Howard (1896-1971), Army Officer and Conservative politician; MP for Westminister St George's. 1 Portrait

Carol Howard (active 1929). 1 Portrait

Cecil Howard (died 1895), 'Quasimodo'; Dramatic critic and historian. 2 Portraits

Cephas Howard (active 1961), Musician, member of The Temperance Seven. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Alfred Howard (1878-1958), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

Charles Edward Howard (1974-), Son of Hon. Patrick Greville Howard and Mary Elizabeth Howard. 1 Portrait

Charles Storrs Howard (1906-1966), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

Doris Metaxa Howard (1911-2007), Tennis player; wife of Peter D. Howard. 1 Portrait

Sir Douglas Frederick Howard (1897-1987), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Sir Ebenezer Howard (1850-1928), Founder of the garden city movement. 1 Portrait

Edward Charles Howard (1774-1816), Scientist and sugar refiner. 3 Portraits

Sir (Hamilton) Edward de Coucey Howard (1915-2001), Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Jane Howard (1923-2014), Novelist. 17 Portraits

Ellen Howard. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Howard (1848-1930), Soldier; second son of H.F. Howard and Baroness M.E. von der Schulenburg. 5 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Weston Howard (1876-1966), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Geoffrey William Algernon Howard (1877-1935), Politician; son of 9th Earl of Carlisle. 1 Portrait

Sir George Howard (1718-1796), Field Marshal and politician. 3 Portraits

George Vivian Howard (born 1898), Group Captain. 3 Portraits

George Wren Howard (1893-1968), Chairman of Jonathan Cape. 4 Portraits

Sir (Stephen) Gerald Howard (1896-1973), Judge. 1 Portrait

Greville Howard (active 1830s), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Hon. Greville Reginald Charles Howard (1909-1987), Politician and Mayor of Westminster. 2 Portraits

Hon. Greville Theophilus Howard (1836-1880), Barrister; son of 17th Earl of Suffolk. 1 Portrait

Harry Howard. 2 Portraits

Helen Howard (active 1860s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Henry Howard (1769-1847), Painter. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Fraser Howard (1874-1943), Civil servant in India. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry George Howard (1883-1968), Civil and electrical engineer. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Rudolph Howard (1890-1970), Lord Mayor of Perth. 1 Portrait

Hugh Howard (1675 or 6-1738), Portrait painter and collector. 3 Portraits

Hon. James Knyvett Estcourt Howard (1886-1964), Major; son of 18th Earl of Suffolk. 1 Portrait

Jason Patrick Howard (1968-), Son of Hon. Patrick Greville Howard and Mary Elizabeth Howard. 1 Portrait

Jo Howard (Mrs Ronald Wood), Second wife of Ronald ('Ronnie') Wood. 1 Portrait

Sir John Howard (1901-1986), Founder of John Howard and Co Plc. 2 Portraits

John Howard (1726?-1790), Prison reformer. 7 Portraits

John Howard (1863-1911), Politician and army officer. 2 Portraits

Sir John Curtois Howard (1887-1970), Attorney-General. 7 Portraits

John Eliot Howard (1807-1883), Quinologist; son of Luke Howard. 1 Portrait

John Melbourne Howard (1913-1982), Accountant and politician. 2 Portraits

John Morgan Howard (circa 1832-1891), Judge and Conservative politician; MP for Dulwich. 1 Portrait

Joseph Howard (1834-1923), Barrister and politician. 1 Portrait

Joyce Howard (1922-2010), Stage and film actress and writer for television and the stage. 2 Portraits

Ken Howard (1932-), Painter. 2 Portraits

Hon. Kenneth Howard (1845-1903), Civil servant; son of 2nd Earl of Effingham. 2 Portraits

Leslie Howard (1893-1943), Actor. 8 Portraits

Luke Howard (1772-1864), Meteorologist. 1 Portrait

Mary Howard (1653-1735), Abbess of the English nuns at Antwerp. 2 Portraits

Mary Howard (née Ridehalgh) (active 1946), Wife of Greville Reginald Howard. 2 Portraits

Mary Elizabeth Howard (née Johnson) (1945-), Wife of Hon. Patrick Greville Howard; daughter of Clarence Laverne Johnson. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Fitzalan Howard (active 1842). 1 Portrait

Maud Howard (active early 1870s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Michael Howard (1899-1954), Producer. 4 Portraits

Michael Howard (1941-), Conservative politician; Leader of the Conservative Party, Leader of the Opposition and MP for Folkestone and Hythe. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Eliot Howard (1922-), Historian. 2 Portraits

Hon. Nora Howard (née Hensman) (active 1911-died 1961), Wife of Hon. Michael Stafford Howard. 4 Portraits

N.A. Howard, Reverend. 1 Portrait

Hon. Patrick Greville Howard (1940-), Son of 20th Earl of Suffolk. 1 Portrait

Peter D. Howard (1908-1965), Author and farmer. 1 Portrait

Mrs Peter Howard. 1 Portrait

Philip Henry Howard (1801-1883), Politician; MP for Carlisle. 1 Portrait

Philip Nicholas Charles Howard (1933-), Journalist; son of Peter D. Howard. 1 Portrait

Philip Thomas Howard (1629-1694), Cardinal. 8 Portraits

Hon. Richard Edward Howard (1812-1873), Son of 16th Earl of Suffolk. 1 Portrait

Richard Thomas Howard (1884-1981), Provost of Coventry Cathedral. 6 Portraits

Sir Robert Howard (1626-1698), Playwright and politician. 4 Portraits

Robert Wilmot Howard (1887-1960), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Rory Alexander Howard (1970-), Son of Hon. Patrick Greville Howard and Mary Elizabeth Howard. 1 Portrait

Sir (Howard Walter) Seymour Howard, 1st Bt (1888-1967), Alderman and Sheriff, City of London. 1 Portrait

Stephen Goodwin Howard (1867-1934), Major and politician. 3 Portraits

Timothy Charles Howard (1973-), Son of Hon. Patrick Greville Howard and Mary Elizabeth Howard. 1 Portrait

Trevor Howard (Trevor Wallace Howard-Smith) (1913-1988), Actor. 9 Portraits

Wilbert Francis Howard (1880-1952), Clergyman and classical and theological scholar. 3 Portraits

William K. Howard (1899-1954), Film director. 1 Portrait

Captain Howard. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mrs Howard. 1 Portrait

Mr Howard, Sculptor. 3 Portraits

Mr Howard. 1 Portrait

Mr Howard (active 1683). 3 Portraits

Mr Howard, Member of the Hammersmith Socialist League. 1 Portrait

Thomas Evelyn Scott-Ellis, 8th Baron Howard de Walden (1880-1946), Writer, sportsman and patron of the arts. 11 Portraits

Margherita Scott-Ellis (née van Raalt), Lady Howard de Walden (died 1975), Philanthropist and Justice of the Peace; daughter of Charles van Raalt; wife of 8th Baron Howard de Walden. 5 Portraits

John Osmael Scott-Ellis, 9th Baron Howard de Walden (1912-1999), Businessman; son of 8th Baron Howard de Walden. 6 Portraits

Irene (née Harrach), Baroness Howard de Walden (died 1975), Wife of 9th Baron Howard de Walden; daughter of Count Hans Harrach of Munich. 6 Portraits

Sir Patrick John Howard-Dobson (1921-2009), General. 1 Portrait

Clarence Dinsmore Howard-Johnston (1903-1996), Rear-Admiral. 6 Portraits

Sir Edward Howard-Vyse (1905-1992), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Granville Hylton Howard-Vyse (1883-1962), Major-General; Vice-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire. 7 Portraits

Sir Edward Howarth (died 1953), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Henry Howarth (1801-1876), Rector and writer. 1 Portrait

Leslie Howarth (1911-2001), Mathematician. 3 Portraits

Dame Mary Howarth (née Arden) (1947-), Judge and legal administrator. 1 Portrait

John Francis Caradoc (Cradock), 1st Baron Howden (1762-1839), General. 6 Portraits

Frederick Bingham Howden (active 1910s-1940), Bishop of New Mexico. 1 Portrait

Russell Howden, London Bible College. 1 Portrait

Richard Howe, 1st Earl Howe (1726-1799), Admiral. 18 Portraits

George Augustus Frederick Louis Curzon, 2nd Earl Howe (1821-1876), Lieutenant-Colonel, politician and huntsman. 1 Portrait

Grace Lillian ('Gay') (née Wakeling), Countess Howe (died 1985), Second wife of 6th Earl Howe; daugther of Stephen Frederick Wakeling. 1 Portrait

Richard William Penn Curzon, 1st Earl Howe (1796-1870), Lord Chamberlain to Queen Adelaide. 5 Portraits

Anne (née Gore), Countess Howe (died 1877), Second wife of 1st Earl Howe. 1 Portrait

Harriet Mary (née Sturt), Countess Howe (died 1877), Wife of 2nd Earl Howe; daughter of Henry Charles Sturt. 1 Portrait

Isabella Maria Katherine (née Anson), Countess Howe (died 1922), Wife of 3rd Earl Howe; daughter of Hon. George Anson. 1 Portrait

Richard George Penn Curzon, 4th Earl Howe (1861-1929), Politician and Lord Chamberlain to Queen Alexandra. 18 Portraits

Georgiana Elizabeth (née Spencer-Churchill), Countess Howe (1860-1906), First wife of 4th Earl Howe; daughter of 7th Duke of Marlborough. 2 Portraits

Francis Richard Henry Penn Curzon, 5th Earl Howe (1884-1964), Politician, naval officer and motor racing driver and promotor. 16 Portraits

Mary Howe (née Curzon), Countess Howe (1887-1962), First wife of 5th Earl Howe; daughter of Hon. Montagu Curzon. 10 Portraits

Joyce Mary McLean (née Jack), Countess Howe (later Lichirie), Former second wife of 5th Earl Howe, and later wife of Frederick T. Lichirie; daughter of Charles McLean Jack. 10 Portraits

Sybil Boyter (née Johnson), Countess Howe (1900-), Former wife of Ernest Duncombe Shafto and third wife of 5th Earl Howe; daughter of Francis Johnson. 2 Portraits

William Howe, 5th Viscount Howe (1729-1814), Army officer. 1 Portrait

(Richard Edward) Geoffrey Howe, Baron Howe of Aberavon (1926-), Politician; Deputy Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Foreign Secretary. 11 Portraits

Darcus Howe (1943-), Writer and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Emanuel Scrope Howe (circa 1663-1709), General, diplomat and politician. 3 Portraits

George Howe (1900-1986), Actor. 7 Portraits

(Eric) Graham Howe (1896-1975), Psychologist. 3 Portraits

James Howe (died 1837), Missionary to the West Indies. 1 Portrait

James H. Howe, Scots Guards Major, Director of Music. 4 Portraits

James Wong Howe (1899-1976), Cinematographer. 1 Portrait

John Howe (1630-1705), Puritan divine. 5 Portraits

John William Alexander Howe (1920-2001), Bishop of St Andrew’s, Dunkeld and Dunblane. 1 Portrait

Joseph Howe (1804-1873), Colonial statesman. 1 Portrait

Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe (1808-1895), Bishop of Central Pennsylvania. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert George Howe (1893-1981), Governor-General of the Sudan and diplomat. 4 Portraits

Sir Ronald Howe (1896-1977), Police Commissioner. 6 Portraits

Ruperta Howe (1673-1740?), Wife of Emanuel Scrope. 1 Portrait

Mr Howe, Member of the Hammersmith Socialist League. 1 Portrait

Mrs Howe, Member of the Hammersmith Socialist League. 1 Portrait

Miss Howe (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Denis Herbert Howell, Baron Howell (1923-1998), Politician; MP for Birmingham. 9 Portraits

David Arthur Russell Howell, Baron Howell of Guildford (1936-), Journalist, economist and politician. 2 Portraits

Charles Augustus Howell (1840?-1890), Artist's agent. 2 Portraits

Sir Evelyn Berkeley Howell (1877-1971), Civil Servant; Foreign Secretary to Government of India. 2 Portraits

Frederic Edwin Warbreck Howell (1884-1976), Solicitor and Town Clerk of Manchester. 3 Portraits

Frederick Duke Gwynne Howell (1881-1967), Major-General and surgeon. 1 Portrait

James Howell (1594?-1666), Author. 9 Portraits

John Howell (1871-1945), Surgeon and Mayor of Cheltenham. 1 Portrait

John Howell (1914-1993), Art director and special effects designer. 1 Portrait

Laurence Howell (circa 1664-1720), Nonjuring Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Margaret Howell (1946-), Fashion designer. 2 Portraits

Sir Ralph Frederic Howell (1923-2008), Politician; MP for North Norfolk. 6 Portraits

(Evelyn Michael) Thomas Howell (1913-2008), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Jack Howell (1854-1913), Marine Secretary to the Board of Trade. 1 Portrait

William Gruffydd Rhys Howell (1904-1956), Consul-General, Barcelona. 5 Portraits

William Tudor Howell (born 1862), Politician and barrister. 1 Portrait

Rosalind Patricia-Anne Howells, Baroness Howells of St Davids (1931-), Equal Opportunities Director, Greenwich Racial Equality Council. 1 Portrait

Adelakun Williamson Howells (1905-1963), Bishop of Lagos. 1 Portrait

Adolphus Williamson Howells (1866-1938), Assistant Bishop, Lagos Diocese. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Haywood Howells (1897-1982), Consulting ear, nose and throat surgeon. 1 Portrait

Herbert Norman Howells (1892-1983), Composer. 5 Portraits

Kim Scott Howells (1946-), Politician; Minister of State for Education. 1 Portrait

Ursula Howells (1922-2005), Actress. 1 Portrait

William Dean Howells (1837-1920), American author. 1 Portrait

Reverend Howells, Clergyman, Coventry. 1 Portrait

Frankie Howerd (Francis Alex Howard) (1922-1992), Comedian. 10 Portraits

Bobby Howes (Robert William Howes) (1895-1972), Actor, comedian and Variety star. 4 Portraits

Edward Howes (1813-1871), Politician; MP for Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Francis Hedley Robertson ('Buster') Howes, Commandant General, Royal Marines. 1 Portrait

Frank Stewart Howes (1891-1974), Music lecturer. 1 Portrait

H. Howes, Member of staff of the Kelmscott Press. 1 Portrait

Sally Ann Howes (1930-), Actress. 4 Portraits

Sarah Howgate, Contemporary Curator, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Richard John Frederick Howgill (1895-1975), Music controller, BBC. 1 Portrait

(Charles) Evelyn Baring, 1st Baron Howick of Glendale (1903-1973), Colonial governor and commonwealth diplomat; son of 1st Earl of Cromer. 3 Portraits

Lady Isabella Winifred Howie (née Mitchell), Wife of Sir James William Howie. 8 Portraits

Sir James William Howie (1907-1995), Professor of Bacteriology. 14 Portraits

Anthony Wentworth Howitt (1920-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Gibson Howitt (1886-1969), Accountant. 12 Portraits

Mary Howitt (née Botham) (1799-1888), Author. 1 Portrait

Isabel Howland. 1 Portrait

Leonard Howles (1896-1957), Chairman of South Wales Electricity Board. 2 Portraits

Liam Howlett (1971-), Musician; member of Prodigy. 1 Portrait

Martin Howlett (1863-1949), Domestic Prelate to the Pope and Canon of Westminster Cathedral. 3 Portraits

Pamela Howley, Daughter of Gertrude Lawrence and Francis Xavier Howley. 1 Portrait

Richard Joseph Howley (1871-1955), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

William Howley (1766-1848), Archbishop of Canterbury. 23 Portraits

William Richard Howley (1875-1941), Registrar of Supreme Court. 4 Portraits

Edith How-Martyn (1875-1954), Suffragist and advocate of birth control; wife of George Herbert Martyn; daughter of Edwin How. 1 Portrait

Joseph Robert Hownam (active 1803-died 1859), Naval commander and Chamberlain to Queen Caroline. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry Hoyle Howorth (1842-1923), Historian, archaeologist, barrister and Conservative politician; MP for Salford South. 5 Portraits

Sir Rupert Beswicke Howorth (1880-1964), Civil servant. 11 Portraits

Rebecca Howse (née Wildgoose) (1737-1818), Flower seller of Oxford. 5 Portraits

George John Howson (1854-1943), Archdeacon and Canon Emeritus of Liverpool. 1 Portrait

John Howson (1557?-1632), Bishop of Durham. 3 Portraits

John Saul Howson (1816-1885), Biblical scholar and dean of Chester. 2 Portraits

Peter John Howson (1958-), Painter. 1 Portrait

William Vlick Tristam St Lawrence, 4th Earl Howth (1827-1909). 1 Portrait

James Hutchison Hoy, Baron Hoy (1909-1976), Politician; MP for Leith. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher Andrew ('Chris') Hoy (1976-), Cyclist. 3 Portraits

Gertrude Mildred (née Price), Lady Hoy, Wife of Sir William Wilson Hoy; daughter of Sir Thomas R. Price. 2 Portraits

Sir William Wilson Hoy (1868-1930), Colonel; Chairman of the Rhodesian Railway Commission. 2 Portraits

Dame (Evelyn Louisa) Elizabeth Hoyer-Millar (1910-1984), Director of Women's Royal Naval Service. 4 Portraits

John Hoyland (1934-2011), Artist and Professor of Painting. 4 Portraits

Eric Douglas Harvey Hoyle, Baron Hoyle (1930-), Businessman and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001), Astrophysicist, mathematician and writer. 4 Portraits

Rhona Hoyle (née Welch) (died 1937), Wife of Edward Blake Hoyle. 1 Portrait

Walter Hoyle (1922-2000), Artist. 1 Portrait

Baron George Hoyningen-Huene (1900-1968), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Julia Hoyt (née Robbins) (1897-1955), Actress; former wife of Lydig Hoyt, and later wife of Louis Calhern. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Montague Hozier (1838-1907), Soldier and business administrator. 1 Portrait

Dora Hrach (active 1900s-1940s), Actress. 4 Portraits

Sao Thu Nanda, Mahadevi of Hsipaw, Wife of Sao Ohn Kya, Sawbwa of Hsipaw. 3 Portraits

Sao Ohn Kya, Sawbwa of Hsipaw (circa 1894-1938), Sawbwa of Hsipaw. 2 Portraits

John Patrick Huban (1891-1957), Major-General, surgeon and medical officer. 3 Portraits

Henry John Huband (1868-1952), Treasurer of the Football Association. 5 Portraits

Arthur Benison Hubback (1871-1948), Brigadier-General. 10 Portraits

George Clay Hubback (1882-1955), Bishop of Calcutta and Bishop of Assam. 2 Portraits

Sir (Arthur) Gordon Voules Hubback (1902-1970), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir John Austen Hubback (1878-1968), Civil servant. 6 Portraits

Caryl Hubbard (1933-), Director of Pallent House Gallery. 1 Portrait

Hon. Francis Spencer Hubbard (1888-1963), Third son of 2nd Baron Addington. 3 Portraits

Henry Hubbard (1708-1778), Fellow of Emmanuel college, Cambridge and registrar of the university. 2 Portraits

(Eric) Hesketh Hubbard (1892-1957), Landscape and architectural painter, etcher, writer and lecturer on art. 6 Portraits

(Robert) Lancelot Fortescue Hubbard (1887-1972), Commodore. 3 Portraits

Hon. Miriam Hubbard (née Fitzalan-Howard) (1924-1996), Wife of Theodore Bernard Peregrine Hubbard; daughter of 3rd Baron Howard of Glossop and Baroness Beaumont. 10 Portraits

Russell Sturgis Hubbard (active 1954-1966), Bishop of Spokane, Washington. 1 Portrait

Edgar Hubert (1906-1985), Painter. 1 Portrait

Prince Hubertus of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1909-1943), German courier pilot. 1 Portrait

Henry Robert Huckin (1842-1882), Master at Repton School. 1 Portrait

Catherine (née Kneller) Huckle (circa 1690-1714), Daughter of Sir Godfrey Kneller by Mrs Voss. 11 Portraits

Michael James ('Mick') Hucknall (1960-), Singer; founding member of Simply Red. 1 Portrait

William Hucks (before 1678-1740), Shareholder of the Horn Brewery, Bloomsbury and politician; MP for Wallingford and Abingdon. 4 Portraits

Walter Hudd (1898-1963), Actor and producer. 8 Portraits

Fanny Huddart (died 1880), Singer. 2 Portraits

Joseph Huddart (1741-1816), Hydrographer and manufacturer. 3 Portraits

George Huddesford (1749-1809), Satirical poet. 3 Portraits

Diana de Vere (née Beauclerk), Lady Huddleston (1841-1905), Wife of Sir John Walter Huddleston; daughter of 9th Duke of St Albans. 7 Portraits

(Ernest Urban) Trevor Huddleston (1913-1998), Bishop and anti-apartheid campaigner. 5 Portraits

Sir John Walter Huddleston (1815-1890), Judge. 11 Portraits

Mrs Huddlestone (née Colvin), Wife of Geoffrey Mark Huddlestone. 1 Portrait

Edith Caroline Hudgell (1891-1974), Doctor. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund C. Hudleston (1908-1994), Air Chief Marshal. 2 Portraits

Robert Spear Hudson, 1st Viscount Hudson (1886-1957), Politician; Privy Counsellor and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. 17 Portraits

Sir Austin Uvedale Morgan Hudson (1897-1956), Politician; MP for several London constituencies. 5 Portraits

Cathleen Blanche Lily (née Eliot), Lady Hudson (1921-), Former wife of John Seyfried, and later wife of Havelock Henry Hudson; daughter of 6th Earl of St Germans. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Hudson (née Nicholson) (born 1794 or 1795), Wife of George Hudson. 1 Portrait

Sir (Walter) Frank Hudson (1875-1958), Civil servant in India. 2 Portraits

George Hudson (1800-1871), The 'Railway King'; Railway promoter and fraudster. 3 Portraits

George Bickersteth Hudson (1845-1912), Politician and barrister. 2 Portraits

Sir Havelock Hudson (1862-1944), General. 4 Portraits

Sir James Hudson (1810-1885), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

James Hindle Hudson (1881-1962), Politician, quaker and pacifist. 1 Portrait

Jeffrey Hudson (1619-1682), Dwarf and favourite of Queen Henrietta Maria. 8 Portraits

John Hudson (1662-1719), Librarian and classical scholar. 1 Portrait

Hon. Julia Hudson (née Bosville Macdonald) (1805-1884), Wife of Charles Walter Hudson; daughter of 3rd Baron Macdonald. 2 Portraits

Monica Winifred de Marie Hudson (née Haggerston) (1907-1967), Wife of Geoffrey Russell Hudson; daughter of Sir Edward Charlton de Marie Haggerston, 10th Bt. 2 Portraits

Muriel Hudson, Actress. 7 Portraits

Noel Baring Hudson (1893-1970), Bishop of Newcastle and of Ely. 5 Portraits

Percy Hudson (1876-1955), Colonel. 5 Portraits

Richard Hudson (1770-1859), Vicar of Cockerham and headmaster of Hipperholme Grammar School, Yorkshire. 1 Portrait

Robert Hudson. 5 Portraits

Sir Robert Arundell Hudson (1864-1927), Political organizer. 5 Portraits

Thomas Hudson (1772-1852), Politician; MP for Evesham. 1 Portrait

Tom Hudson (active late 18th century), Game keeper to the Duke of Buccleugh. 1 Portrait

Walter Hudson (1852-1935), Trade unionist and Labour politician; MP for Newcastle. 1 Portrait

Walter Richard Austen Hudson (1894-1970), Politician; MP for Kingston-upon-Hull North. 3 Portraits

Wilfrid John Hudson (1904-1981), Bishop of Carpentaria. 3 Portraits

William Henry Hudson (1841-1922), Ornithologist and writer. 5 Portraits

Miss Hudson, Daughter of Thomas Hudson. 2 Portraits

Sir Alan Meredyth Hudson-Davies (1901-1975), Chairman of NHS Advisory Committee. 1 Portrait

Miss Hudspeth (active 1860s), Actress. 1 Portrait

James Palmer Huffam (1897-1968), Major; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 9 Portraits

Mary Herbert, Baroness von Hügel (1849-1935), Sister of 13th Earl of Pembroke. 3 Portraits

Carl Alexander Anselm, Baron von Hügel (1795-1870), Naturalist and traveller. 2 Portraits

Mike Hugg (1942-), Musician; member of Manfred Mann. 1 Portrait

David Huggins (1959-), Novelist; son of Jeremy Brett and Anna Massey. 1 Portrait

George Frederick Huggins (died 1941), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir John Huggins (1891-1971), Colonial office. 6 Portraits

Sir William Huggins (1824-1910), Astronomer. 3 Portraits

Mr Hughan (active circa 1810). 1 Portrait

Hugh Capet, King of the Franks (circa 940-996), King of the Franks 987-996. 1 Portrait

Lady Eliza Phillippo (née Hughes), Wife of Sir George Phillippo; daughter of Thomas Hughes. 2 Portraits

William Hughes, Baron Hughes of Hawkhill (1911-1999), Lord Lieutenant of the City of Dundee. 2 Portraits

Albert Edward Hughes (1878-1954), Bishop of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh. 1 Portrait

Alfred Hughes (1860-1940), Professor of Education. 1 Portrait

Hon. Anne Maria Hughes (née Petre) (circa 1800-1864), Wife of Arthur Hughes; daughter of 10th Baron Petre. 1 Portrait

Annie Hughes (Mrs Edmund Maurice) (1869-1954), Actress. 12 Portraits

Arthur Hughes (1832-1915), Painter. 3 Portraits

Audrey Hughes, Actress and singer. 3 Portraits

Basil Perronet Hughes (1903-1989), Major-General and military author. 1 Portrait

Herbert Delauney ('Billy') Hughes (1914-1995), Politician and adult educationist. 10 Portraits

Christopher Hughes (born circa 1810). 1 Portrait

David Hughes (1753 or 1754-1817), Principal of Jesus College, Oxford. 4 Portraits

David Leslie Hughes (1912-1990), Professor of Veterinary Pathology, University of Liverpool, 1955-78, later Emeritus Professor. 6 Portraits

David John Hughes (1930-2005), Writer. 1 Portrait

(Frederick) Desmond Hughes (1919-1992), Air Vice-Marshal, RAF. 3 Portraits

Sir Edward Hughes (1720?-1794), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Edward David Hughes (1906-1963), Physical organic chemist. 2 Portraits

Edward Hughes Ball Hughes (1798-1863), Gamester, known as the 'Golden Ball'. 2 Portraits

Edward James ('Ted') Hughes (1930-1998), Poet Laureate. 14 Portraits

Edward Robert Hughes (1851-1914), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Edwin Hughes (1832-1904), Solicitor and Conservative politician; MP for Woolwich. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Hughes (active 1816-1828), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Emrys Hughes (1894-1969), Politician and editor of 'Forward'. 3 Portraits

Frances Hughes (active late 1840s), Wife of Thomas Hughes; niece of Richard Ford. 3 Portraits

Frederick Llewelyn Hughes (1894-1967), Dean of Ripon. 1 Portrait

Gabby Hughes. 3 Portraits

Lady Gertrude Mary Hughes (née Bradley), Wife of Thomas Harrison Hughes. 2 Portraits

Hector Hughes (1887-1970), Politician; MP for Aberdeen North. 10 Portraits

Henry Hughes (1807-1852), Vicar of All Saints', Gordon Square. 3 Portraits

Henry Bernard Wylde Hughes (1887-1953), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Henry Hugh Hughes (1911-1986), Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Herbert M. Hughes, Royal Navy Commander. 1 Portrait

Hugh Price Hughes (1847-1902), Wesleyan Methodist minister. 3 Portraits

Humphrey Morgan Hughes (born 1899), Naval captain. 1 Portrait

Ivor Thomas Percival Hughes (1897-1962), Sergeant at Arms, House of Commons. 7 Portraits

John Hughes (1677-1720), Poet. 3 Portraits

John Hughes (1775 or 1776-1823), Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Joseph Hughes (1769-1833), Baptist minister. 1 Portrait

Joshua Pritchard Hughes (1847-1938), Bishop of Llandaff. 1 Portrait

J.G. Hughes, Prospective Parliamentary candidate. 3 Portraits

Leonora Hughes, Dancer. 1 Portrait

Levi Gethin Hughes (1885-1953), Deputy chaplain-general, War Office. 5 Portraits

Malcolm Hughes (1920-1997), Artist. 1 Portrait

Margaret Hughes (died 1719), Actress and mistress of Prince Rupert. 3 Portraits

Hon. Mary Florentina Hughes (died 1928), Maid of Honour to Queen Victoria; daughter of Hugh R. Hughes. 2 Portraits

Mary Katherine Hughes (née Barrett) (1853-1948), Wife of Hugh Price Hughes; daughter of Alfred Barrett. 1 Portrait

Owen Hughes, Prospective Conservative Parliamentary. 2 Portraits

George Patrick ('Pat') Hughes (1902-1997), Tennis player. 6 Portraits

Patrick Hughes (1939-), Painter, designer, teacher and writer. 2 Portraits

Mrs Phillip Hughes. 1 Portrait

Richard Hughes (1900-1976), Writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Edgar Hughes, 13th Bt (1897-1970), Served in World War I, 2nd Artists’ Rifles. 2 Portraits

Ronw Moelwyn Hughes (1897-1955), Queen's Counsel. 1 Portrait

Rupert Hughes (1872-1956), Novelist and dramatist. 3 Portraits

Sir Sam Hughes (1853-1921), Canadian soldier and politician. 1 Portrait

Samuel William Hughes (1874-1954), Baptist Minister. 4 Portraits

Sean Hughes (1965-), Comedian, writer and actor. 1 Portrait

Seymour Ball Hughes, Son of Edward Hughes Ball Hughes. 1 Portrait

Shirley Hughes (1927-), Illustrator and author of children's books. 2 Portraits

Solomon Hughes (active 2011), Journalist; Contributor to Private Eye. 1 Portrait

Spencer Leigh Hughes (1858-1920), Politician, engineer and journalist. 1 Portrait

Patrick Cairns ('Spike') Hughes (1908-1987), Composer. 10 Portraits

Theodore Hughes, Singer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hughes (1822-1896), Social reformer and children's writer. 15 Portraits

Sir Thomas Hughes (active 1931). 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Harrison Hughes, 1st Bt (1881-1958), Member of the Suez Canal Board. 2 Portraits

Victor Hughes, Army officer. 1 Portrait

William Hughes (1856-1924), Missionary and teacher. 1 Portrait

William Frederick Hughes (1950-), Director General of the Serious Organised Crime Agency. 1 Portrait

William Hawker Hughes (1845-1919), Bursar of Jesus College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

William James Hughes (1894 or 1895-1979), Bishop of British Honduras, Barbados, Matabeleland and Trinidad and Tobago, Archbishop of Central Africa and Dean of St George's Cathedral, Georgetown. 1 Portrait

William Morris Hughes (1864-1952), Prime Minister of Australia. 2 Portraits

Mr Hughes (active 1834), Actor. 2 Portraits

Miss Hughes (active 1860s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir (Cecil) Charles Hughes-Hallett (1898-1985), Vice-Admiral. 10 Portraits

John Hughes-Hallett (1901-1972), Vice-Admiral. 8 Portraits

Nigel Hughes-Onslow (1902-1974), Captain. 1 Portrait

Robert Hughes-Parry (1895-1986), Professor of Preventative Medicine. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Edwin Pelham Hughes-Stanton (1870-1937), Artist. 3 Portraits

Evan Bonnor Hugh-Jones (1890-1978), Engineer and civil servant. 2 Portraits

Sir (Ernest) Montague Hughman (1876-1956), Electrical engineer. 3 Portraits

Réné Charles Hugill (1883-1962), Naval officer and engineer. 7 Portraits

Ernst August von Hugo (died 1794), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir John Mandeville Hugo (1899-2000), Lieutenant-Colonel, civil servant and courtier. 3 Portraits

Victor Marie Hugo (1802-1885), Writer. 17 Portraits

Mark Huish (1808-1867), Railway director. 1 Portrait

Barbara Hulanicki (1936-), Fashion designer; founder of Biba. 2 Portraits

Jack Hulbert (1892-1978), Actor. 2 Portraits

John Anthony Lovett Hulbert (1940-), Vicar. 1 Portrait

Sir Norman Hulbert (1903-1972), Politician, RAF Wing Commander and company director. 13 Portraits

Hon. Philippa Catherine Hulbert-Powell (née St Aubyn) (1922-), Wife of Evelyn Charles Lacy Hulbert-Powell; daughter of 3rd Baron St Levan. 9 Portraits

Robin Anthony Hulf, Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

John Whitaker Hulke (1830-1895), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Arthur Eaglefield Hull (1876-1928), Music journalist. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Wetherall Hull (1917-1941), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Charles Patrick Amyatt Hull (1865-1920), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Edward Hull (1829-1917), Geologist. 1 Portrait

(Thomas) Harvey Hull (1867-1949), Private Secretary to the Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Herbert Richard Barnes Hull (1886-1970), Surgeon and Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Norman Thomas Steven Hull (1901-1979), Ceramics designer; Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Glaziers Company. 2 Portraits

Sir Percy Clarke Hull (1878-1968), Organist and conductor. 3 Portraits

Sir Richard Amyatt Hull (1907-1989), Field Marshal and Chief of Defence staff. 7 Portraits

Rod Hull (1935-1999), Puppeteer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hull (1728-1808), Actor and playwright. 3 Portraits

John Pyke Hullah (1812-1884), Music teacher and composer. 3 Portraits

Pierre Augustin, comte Hullin (1758-1841), French soldier. 1 Portrait

Jonathan Hulls (active 1757), Projector of steam navigation. 1 Portrait

George Hulme (1899-1934), Jockey. 5 Portraits

Thomas Ferrier Hulme (1856-1942), British Methodist Representative at International Church Conferences. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Hamilton Westrow Hulse, 7th Bt (1889-1915), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Sir Hamilton Hulse, 8th Bt (1864-1931), Barrister and secretary to Randolph Churchill. 3 Portraits

Lucy Elizabeth Smitheyt (née Spain), Lady Hulse (died 1999), Fourth wife of Sir (Hamilton) Westrow Hulse, 9th Bt; daughter of George Redesdale Brooker Spain. 3 Portraits

Philippa Mabel (née Taylor), Lady Hulse, First wife of Sir Hamilton Westrow Hulse, 9th Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Samuel Hulse (1747 or 1748-1837), Field Marshal. 1 Portrait

Roger Hultin (1934-), Son of Olaf Hultin and Barbara Strachey. 6 Portraits

Sir Edward George Warris Hulton (1906-1988), Magazine publisher and writer. 21 Portraits

(Florence Elizabeth) Millicent ('Millie Lindon') (née Fanny Elizabeth Warriss), Lady Hulton (later Baroness von Schaniel) (1869-1940), Actress and singer; former wife of T.E. Dunville and of Sir Edward Hulton, 1st Bt and of John Henry Thompson, and later wife of Baron Otto Sklenar von Schaniel. 2 Portraits

William Hulton (1787-1864), Magistrate. 2 Portraits

Mr Hulton (died circa 1809). 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Henrietta Humberston (née Hughes) (died 1876), Wife of Philip Stapleton Humberston; daughter of Hugh R. Hughes. 1 Portrait

Philip Stapleton Humberston (1812-1891), Politician; MP for Chester. 1 Portrait

Thomas Frederick Mackenzie Humberston (1753?-1783), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Richard Humble (died 1616), Alderman of London. 3 Portraits

Hon. Christian Florence Humblet (née Irby) (1921-), Daughter of 7th Baron Boston; wife of Etienne Adolphe Joseph Humblet. 1 Portrait

Friedrich Heinrich Alexander, Baron Humboldt (1769-1859), German naturalist. 2 Portraits

Sir Abraham Hume, 2nd Bt (1749-1838), Art collector, rose cultivator and Conservative politician; MP for Petersfield and Hastings. 9 Portraits

Abraham Hume (1814-1884), Church of England clergyman, antiquary and social writer. 1 Portrait

Lady Amelia Hume (1751-1809), Amateur etcher. 1 Portrait

(George) Basil Hume (1923-1999), Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. 11 Portraits

Benita Hume (Benita Colman) (1906-1967), Actress; wife of Ronald Colman. 1 Portrait

David Hume (1711-1776), Philosopher and historian. 6 Portraits

David Hume (baptised 1757-1838), Jurist and judge. 1 Portrait

Gary Hume (1962-), Artist. 4 Portraits

Sir George Hopwood Hume (1866-1946), Barrister and politician. 4 Portraits

John Hume (1937-), Politician and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. 1 Portrait

John James Francis Hume (1858-1935), Soldier. 2 Portraits

John Richard Hume (1831-1906), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Joseph Hume (1777-1855), Doctor and politician; MP for Aberdeen Burghs, Middlesex and Montrose Burghs. 72 Portraits

Joseph Hume, Son of Gary Hume. 1 Portrait

Marjorie Hume (1900-1976), Stage and film actress. 5 Portraits

Sir (Hubert) Nutcombe Hume (1893-1967), Financier; President of Charterhouse Group Ltd. 2 Portraits

Captain Hume (active 1855), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Mrs Hume. 2 Portraits

Margaret Penelope (née Spottiswoode), Lady Hume-Campbell (died 1839), Wife of Sir Hugh Hume-Campbell, Bt. 1 Portrait

Auriol Margaretta Hume-Gore (née Brougham, formerly Viscountess Ipswich) (1886-1938), Former wife of Viscount Ipswich, and later wife of Gavin Hume-Gore; daughter of James Brougham. 3 Portraits

Gavin Robert Vernon Hume-Gore (1888-1974). 4 Portraits

Sir Ellis Hume-Williams, 1st Bt (1863-1947), Politician and barrister. 3 Portraits

Engelbert Humperdinck (Arnold George Dorsey) (1936-), Singer. 1 Portrait

John Humphery (1794-1863), Politician; MP for Southwark. 2 Portraits

Mabel Dorothy Milbourn Humphery ('Humph') (1914-1995), Colonel in the Women's Royal Army Corps. 14 Portraits

Sir Andrew Henry Humphrey (1921-1977), Air force officer. 5 Portraits

George Humphrey (active 1783-1831), Publisher and printseller; nephew of Hannah Humphrey. 1 Portrait

Hannah Humphrey (active 1778-1822), Publisher and printseller. 1 Portrait

Lieutenant-Colonel John Humphrey (1872-1938), Sheriff of the City of London. 1 Portrait

Laurence Humphrey (1525-1589), College head. 1 Portrait

Arthur Leslie Charles Humphreys (1917-2003), Computer industry executive. 1 Portrait

Cecil Lee Howard Humphreys (1893-1941), Engineer and Director of Works, Ministry of Works and Buildings. 1 Portrait

Colin John Humphreys (1941-), Professor of Materials Science and Experimental Physics. 1 Portrait

Mrs W. Desmond Humphreys (Eliza Margaret Jane Humphreys, née Gollan) (1850-1938), 'Rita'; novelist. 3 Portraits

Sir George William Humphreys (1863-1945), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Helen McGilliwie (née Sinclair), Lady Humphreys (died 1942), Wife of Sir George William Humphreys; daughter of Robert Sinclair. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Humphreys (1863-1924), Engineer Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

(Annie) Josephine (née Eckersley), Lady Humphreys, Charity worker; wife of Sir Henry Humphreys; daughter of E. Eckersley. 7 Portraits

Sir (Richard Somers) Travers Christmas Humphreys (1867-1956), Judge of The King's Bench Division. 5 Portraits

Gordon Noel Humphreys (1883-1966), Explorer, surveyor, doctor and botanist. 2 Portraits

(George) Peter Humphreys-Davies (1909-1985), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

(John) Barry Humphries (1934-), Entertainer and writer. 12 Portraits

Daryl Humphries. 1 Portrait

Harold William Humphries, Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Richard Humphries (Active late 1700s), Pugilist. 4 Portraits

Trevor Humphries, Photographer. 1 Portrait

Francis Howard Humphris (1866-1947), Consulting x-ray physician. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Humphry (1709 or 1710-1790), Mother of Ozias Humphry; daughter of Nicholas Hooper of Braunton. 2 Portraits

Sir George Murray Humphry (1820-1896), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Ozias Humphry (1742-1810), Painter. 7 Portraits

William Gilson Humphry (1815-1886), Church of England clergyman and biblical scholar. 2 Portraits

(Desmond) John Humphrys (1943-), Broadcaster and journalist. 1 Portrait

Hon. Eugenie Pamela Humphrys (née Navell) (1918-2001), Daughter of 1st Earl Wavell; wife of Francis Humphrys. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Henry Humphrys (1879-1971), High Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief in Iraq. 5 Portraits

Gertrude Mary (née Deane), Lady Humphrys (1882-1973), Daughter of Sir Harold Deane; wife of Sir Francis Henry Humphrys. 2 Portraits

Antonio Huneeus, Chilean politician. 1 Portrait

Mrs Huneeus, Wife of Antonio Huneeus. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Hungerford (1328-1397), Landowner; Speaker of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Joseph Wellington Hunkin (1887-1950), Bishop of Truro. 12 Portraits

Sir Philip Hunloke (1868-1947), Army officer and royal courtier. 13 Portraits

Gayle Hunnicutt (1942-), American actress. 1 Portrait

Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon (1526-1596), Courtier and administrator. 4 Portraits

Herbert Cokayne Gibbs, 1st Baron Hunsdon of Hunsdon (1854-1935), Merchant banker. 5 Portraits

Lady Anne Hunsdon (née Morgan) (circa 1529-1607), Keeper of Somerset House and Lady of the Privy Chamber; wife of 1st Baron Hunsdon. 1 Portrait

John Hunt, Baron Hunt (1910-1998), Mountaineer and public servant. 8 Portraits

John Joseph Benedict Hunt, Baron Hunt of Tanworth (1919-2008), Secretary of the Cabinet, 1973-79. 6 Portraits

Alfred William Hunt (1830-1896), Landscape painter. 1 Portrait

Alice Hunt (née Eden) (circa 1836-1894), Wife of George Ward Hunt; daughter of Robert Eden. 1 Portrait

Anthony Hunt (active late 18th-early 19th century), Captain. 1 Portrait

Arabella Hunt (1662-1705), Singer. 4 Portraits

Arthur J. Hunt, Chief constable, Southend-on-Sea. 1 Portrait

Arthur Surridge Hunt (1871-1934), Papyrologist. 3 Portraits

Miss B. Brooke Hunt. 2 Portraits

Blaine Hunt, Teacher of elocution and singing. 1 Portrait

Chris Hunt (1968-), Badminton player. 1 Portrait

Cyril Benoni Holman Hunt (1866-1934), Tea planter; son of William Holman Hunt. 1 Portrait

David Arthur Hunt (1898-1967), Brigadier. 3 Portraits

Sir David Wathen Stather Hunt (1913-1998), Diplomat and Champion of BBC TV's Mastermind. 2 Portraits

(Marion) Edith Hunt (née Waugh) (1846-1931), Second wife of William Holman Hunt; daughter of George Waugh. 2 Portraits

Fanny Hunt (née Waugh) (1833-1866), First wife of William Holman Hunt; daughter of George Waugh. 1 Portrait

Frederick George Hunt (1894-1975), Surgeon Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick Seager Hunt, 1st Bt (1837-1904), Politician and distiller. 2 Portraits

Gabriel Hunt (active 1733), A member of Hogarth's Club at the Bedford Arms Tavern. 1 Portrait

George Eden Hunt (1859-1892), Son of George Ward Hunt. 1 Portrait

George Ward Hunt (1825-1877), Politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 6 Portraits

Gladys Millais Mulock Holman Hunt (1876-1951), Daughter of William Holman Hunt. 2 Portraits

Henry Hunt (1773-1835), Radical politician and demagogue; MP for Preston. 14 Portraits

Hubert Walter Hunt (1865-1945), Organist at Bristol Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Mrs H. Blaine Hunt (active 1824-1835), Musicologist and author of 'Observations on the Vocal Shake' with examples and exercises. 1 Portrait

James Hunt (1947-1993), Racing driver. 1 Portrait

James Henry Leigh Hunt (1784-1859), Poet, essayist and critic. 11 Portraits

John Hunt (1798-1826), Curate. 2 Portraits

Sir John Leonard Hunt (1929-), Politician; MP for Ravensbourne and Bromley. 9 Portraits

Joseph Hunt (active 1820-died 1859), Accessory to murder. 1 Portrait

Julia Hunt (1826-active 1859), Daughter of James Henry Leigh Hunt. 1 Portrait

Hon. Magdalen Mary Hunt (née Robinson) (1921-1971), First wife of John Joseph Benedict Hunt (later Baron Hunt Of Tanworth); daughter of 1st Baron Robinson. 7 Portraits

Marsha Hunt (1947-), Model, singer, actress and writer. 5 Portraits

Martita Hunt (1900-1969), Actress. 2 Portraits

Norman Charles Hunt (1918-2003), Professor of Business Studies and Vice-Principal, University of Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Mervyn Hunt (1916-1988), General. 18 Portraits

Sir Reuben James Hunt (1888-1970), Chairman and director. 3 Portraits

Robert Hunt (died 1850), Journalist, artist and actor; brother of James Henry Leigh Hunt. 1 Portrait

Robert Hunt (1807-1887), Chemist and photographer. 2 Portraits

Roland Charles Colin Hunt (1916-1999), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Rowland Hunt (1858-1943). 1 Portrait

Sigrid Hunt (later Roesen) (1908-1984), Fashion illustrator and editor. 1 Portrait

Sir (Allen) Thomas Hunt (1866-1943), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Thornton Leigh Hunt (1810-1873), Journalist; son of James Henry Leigh Hunt. 1 Portrait

Sir (Richard) Timothy ('Tim') Hunt (1943-), Principal Scientist, Cancer Research UK. 1 Portrait

(Isabel) Violet Hunt (1862-1942), Author and literary hostess. 2 Portraits

William Hunt (active 1696), Author. 2 Portraits

Sir William Edgar Hunt (1883-1969), Acting Governor of Nigeria. 1 Portrait

William Henry Hunt (1790-1864), Watercolour painter. 11 Portraits

William Holman Hunt (1827-1910), Pre-Raphaelite painter. 28 Portraits

William Leonard Hunt (1838-1929), 'The Great Farini'; tightrope walker, entertainment promoter and inventor. 2 Portraits

Dr Hunt (active mid 19th century), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir Alan John Hunter (1881-1942), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Andrew Hunter (1743-1809), Professor of Divinity, Edinburgh University. 3 Portraits

Sir Archibald Hunter (1856-1936), General. 26 Portraits

Charles Fleming Hunter (died 1882), Major, 72nd Highlanders. 1 Portrait

Sir Claudius Stephen Hunter, Bt (1775-1851), Lawyer and Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Colin Hunter (1841-1904), Painter. 4 Portraits

Cuthbert E. Hunter (1866-1952), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir Ellis Hunter (1892-1961), Industrialist. 1 Portrait

Fanny Hunter (née Heywood) (1765-1834), Wife of Thomas Orby Hunter; sister of Sophia Musters. 1 Portrait

Fred Hunter (active 1936), Jockey. 3 Portraits

George Hunter (died 1835), Shop owner; son of James Hunter. 1 Portrait

Sir George Burton Hunter (1845-1937), Shipbuilder. 1 Portrait

G.J. Hunter. 1 Portrait

Henry Hunter (1741-1802), Scottish divine. 1 Portrait

Henry Noel Alexander Hunter (1881-1964), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

Ian Hunter (1900-1975), South African actor. 1 Portrait

James Hunter (circa 1741-1805), Hardware merchant. 1 Portrait

James de Graaff Hunter (1881-1967), Geodesist. 1 Portrait

James Peter Hunter, Traveller. 2 Portraits

James Wilson Hunter (died 1987), Bishop of Wyoming. 1 Portrait

John Hunter (1728-1793), Surgeon and anatomist. 13 Portraits

John Hunter (1738-1821), Vice-Admiral and Governor of New South Wales. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hunter (1863-1936), Chairman of The Rivet, Bolt and Nut Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

John Hunter (1897-1965), Bishop of George, South Africa. 2 Portraits

Sir (Ernest) John Hunter (1912-1983), Shipbuilder. 10 Portraits

Sir John Adams Hunter (1890-1962), Colonial governor. 6 Portraits

Joseph Hunter (1783-1861), Antiquary. 1 Portrait

Leslie Stannard Hunter (1890-1983), Bishop of Sheffield. 6 Portraits

Sir (John) Mark Somers Hunter (1865-1932), Educationalist. 3 Portraits

Philip Vassar Hunter (1883-1956), Chartered electrical engineer. 9 Portraits

Sam Hunter (1988-), Member of GB Men's Gymnastics Team, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Sophia Hunter (active 1774). 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Hunter (1872-1953), Politician; MP for Perth. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Blane Hunter (1961-), Businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Trevor Havard Hunter (1877-1960). 1 Portrait

Victoria Cynthia Hunter (née Elliot) (1938-), Wife of John Robert Hunter; daughter of Alexander Henry Elliot and Lady Ann Child-Villiers. 1 Portrait

William Hunter (1718-1783), Anatomist and physician; obstetrician and physician to Queen Charlotte. 6 Portraits

William Hunter (1780 or 1781-1856), Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Sir William Wilson Hunter (1840-1900), Administrator in India and historian. 1 Portrait

Colonel Hunter (active 1784), Brother of Sir James Hunter Blair, Bt. 1 Portrait

Mr Hunter (active 1835). 1 Portrait

General Hunter, General. 2 Portraits

Sir David Hunter-Blair, 5th Bt (1853-1939), Monk of the Order of St Benedict and titular Abbot of Dunfermline. 4 Portraits

Thomas Hunter-Blair (died 1849), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Hunter-Rodwell (1874-1953), Justice of the Peace and Company Director. 4 Portraits

Sir John Hunter Hunter-Tod (1917-2000), Air Marshal and engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir Aylmer Gould Hunter-Weston (1864-1940), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Walter James Hunt-Grubbe (1833-1922), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Henry Hastings, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon (1536-1595), Statesman. 2 Portraits

Henry Hastings, 5th Earl of Huntingdon (1586-1643), Nobleman and landowner. 10 Portraits

Elizabeth Hastings (née Stanley), Countess of Huntingdon (baptised 1587-1633), Noblewoman. 4 Portraits

Theophilus Hastings, 7th Earl of Huntingdon (1650-1701), Politician; Custos Rotulorum of Leicestershire and Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire. 1 Portrait

Theophilus Hastings, 9th Earl of Huntingdon (1696-1746). 3 Portraits

Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon (1707-1791), Friend and benefactor of the Methodist movement. 5 Portraits

Francis Hastings, 10th Earl of Huntingdon (1729-1789), Courtier and diplomat. 2 Portraits

Hans Francis Hastings, 12th Earl of Huntingdon (1779-1828), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Warner Francis John Plantagenet Hastings, 15th Earl of Huntingdon (1868-1939). 6 Portraits

(Maud) Margaret Plantagenet Hastings (née Wilson), Countess of Huntingdon (died 1953), Wife of 15th Earl of Huntingdon; daughter of Sir Samuel Wilson. 3 Portraits

Francis John Clarence Westenra Plantagenet Hastings, 16th Earl of Huntingdon (1901-1990), Artist and politician. 10 Portraits

(Maria) Cristina (née Casati), Countess of Huntingdon (later Philipps) (1901-1953), First wife of 16th Earl of Huntingdon and second wife of Hon. Wogan Philipps (later 2nd Baron Milford). 3 Portraits

Charles Andrew Vanneck, 3rd Baron Huntingfield (1818-1897), Landowner. 1 Portrait

William Charles Arcedeckne Vanneck, 5th Baron Huntingfield (1883-1969), Colonial governor. 2 Portraits

Margaret Eleanor (née Crosby), Lady Huntingfield (died 1943), First wife of 5th Baron Huntingfield; daughter of Ernest Crosby. 3 Portraits

Janetta Lois Vanneck (née Errington), Baroness Huntingfield, Wife of Gerard Charles Arcedeckne Vanneck, 6th Baron Huntingfield. 3 Portraits

George Isaac Huntingford (1748-1832), College head and Bishop of Hereford. 2 Portraits

Agnes Huntington (circa 1864-1953), Singer. 5 Portraits

Daniel Trumbull Huntington (born 1868), Bishop of Anking, China. 1 Portrait

Frederic Dan Huntington (1819-1904), Bishop of Central New York. 1 Portrait

James Welby Huntington (died 1979), Lieutenant. 3 Portraits

Lawrence Huntington (1900-1968), Film director, screenwriter and producer. 3 Portraits

L.W. Huntington. 1 Portrait

Samuel Huntington (1731-1796), Lawyer and signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Sheila Huntington (1924-), Actress. 4 Portraits

William Huntington (1745-1813), Coalheaver and eccentric preacher. 4 Portraits

(John) Miles Huntington-Whiteley (1929-), Third son of Sir Herbert Maurice Huntington-Whiteley, 2nd Bt. 4 Portraits

George Patrick Huntley (1868-1927), Irish actor. 8 Portraits

Grace Huntley (died 1896), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Raymond Huntley (1904-1990), Actor. 16 Portraits

Timothy Huntley, Actor; son of George Patrick Huntley and Eva Kelly. 1 Portrait

George Gordon, 2nd Marquess of Huntly (circa 1590-1649), Nobleman. 3 Portraits

George Gordon, 9th Marquess of Huntly (1761-1853), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Charles Gordon, 10th Marquess of Huntly (1792-1863). 1 Portrait

Maria Antoinetta (née Pegus), Marchioness of Huntly (circa 1821-1893), Second wife of 10th Marquess of Huntly; daughter of Peter William Pegus. 1 Portrait

Charles Gordon, 11th Marquess of Huntly (1847-1937), Politician; Captain of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms. 6 Portraits

Charlotte Jane Isabelle Gordon (née Fallon), Marchioness of Huntly (died 1939), Former wife of James MacDonald and of Bradley Campbell, and later wife of 11th Marquess of Huntly; daughter of John H. Fallon. 14 Portraits

Douglas Charles Lindsey Gordon, 12th Marquess of Huntly (1908-1987), Son of Douglas Gordon; great-nephew of 11th Marquess of Huntly. 8 Portraits

Mary Pamela (née Berry), Marchioness of Huntly (1918-1998), First wife of 12th Marquess of Huntly; daughter of 1st Viscount Kemsley. 20 Portraits

Granville Charles Gomer Huntly, 13th Marquess of Huntly (1944-). 8 Portraits

Sir Thomas Lionel Hunton (1885-1970), Lieutenant-General in Royal Marines. 9 Portraits

Johannes Banfi Hunyades (1576-1650), Hungarian alchemist. 1 Portrait

Albert Hupfield (died 1968), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Cyril William Hurcomb, 1st Baron Hurcomb (1883-1975), Civil servant. 17 Portraits

Anthony Richard Hurd, Baron Hurd (1901-1966), Politician; MP for Newbury. 7 Portraits

Douglas Hurd, Baron Hurd of Westwell (1930-), Foreign Secretary. 3 Portraits

Stephanie (née Corner), Baroness Hurd, Wife of Anthony Richard Hurd. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Angier Hurd (1864-1950), Politician and journalist. 6 Portraits

Philip Hurd (active 1810), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Richard Hurd (1720-1808), Bishop of Worcester. 3 Portraits

Patricia Hurford (née Matthews), Wife of Peter Hurford. 1 Portrait

Peter Hurford (1930-), Organist and composer. 1 Portrait

Alexander ('Alec') Hurley (1870 or 1871-1913), Music hall entertainer and second husband of Marie Lloyd. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Jane ('Liz') Hurley (1965-), Actress, producer and model. 1 Portrait

Madeline Hurlock (1899-1989), Actress; former wife of Marc Connelly, and later wife of Robert E. Sherwood. 2 Portraits

Frederick Yeates Hurlstone (1800-1869), Portrait and history painter. 1 Portrait

Ian Murray Hurrell (1914-1989), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Lily Hurren (1919-). 1 Portrait

Leslie Hurry (1909-1978), Artist and designer. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred William Hurst (1884-1975), Civil servant. 9 Portraits

Barbara Hurst (née Lindsay) (1915-2001), Wife of Richard Lumley Hurst; daughter of 27th Earl of Crawford. 4 Portraits

Brian Desmond Hurst (1895-1986), Film director. 3 Portraits

Sir Cecil James Barrington Hurst (1870-1963), International lawyer and legal advisor to the Foreign Office. 2 Portraits

Sir (James Henry) Donald Hurst (1895-1976), Judge. 1 Portrait

Fannie Hurst (1889-1968), Author. 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald Berkeley Hurst (1877-1957), Barrister, politician and County Court Judge. 2 Portraits

Gertrude Alice (née Hurst), Lady Hurst, Wife of Sir Alfred William Hurst. 3 Portraits

Harold Edwin Hurst (1880-1978), Hydrological advisor. 1 Portrait

John Hurst (1951-), Goalkeeping coach, GB hockey, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Margery Hurst (1913-1989), Managing director of Brook Street Bureau. 1 Portrait

Matilda Jane Hurst (née Scott) (1836-1926), Wife of Robert Henry Hurst Jr; daughter of James Scott. 1 Portrait

Mike Hurst (né Longhurst Pickworth) (1942-), Musician and record producer. 2 Portraits

Richard Hurst (Herst) (died 1628), Layman and Catholic Martyr. 2 Portraits

Robert Andrew Hurst (1945-), Grandson of 27th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres. 1 Portrait

Robert Henry Hurst Jr (1817-1905), Politician; MP for Horsham and judge. 1 Portrait

R.J. Hurst, Prospective Parliamentary candidate. 3 Portraits

Sir John Hurt (1940-), Actor. 11 Portraits

Marjory (née Gill), Lady Allen Of Hurtwood (1897-1976), Landscape Architect; wife of 1st Baron Allen of Hurtwood. 1 Portrait

John Hus (circa 1373-1415), Bohemian reformer. 4 Portraits

Abdullah bin Husayn, Emir of Transjordania (1882-1951), Foreign leader. 1 Portrait

Tim Husdon. 2 Portraits

Patrick Huskinson (1897-1966), Pilot and President of the Air Armament Board. 1 Portrait

William Huskisson (1770-1830), Statesman. 6 Portraits

William Huskisson (1859-1946), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Nasser Hussain (1968-), Cricketer; Captain of the England Cricket Team. 1 Portrait

Hussein Ibn Talal, King of Jordan (1935-1999). 1 Portrait

Hussein ben Hassan (1765-1838), Dey of Algiers 1818-1830. 2 Portraits

Lady Susan Katharine Hussey (née Waldegrave) (1939-), Wife of Baron Hussey of North Bradley; daughter of 12th Earl Waldegrave. 5 Portraits

Christopher Edward Clive Hussey (1899-1970), Architectural historian. 3 Portraits

Giles Hussey (1710-1788), Artist. 1 Portrait

Henry Llewellyn Hussey (1823-1917), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Joseph Hussey (1660-1726), Dissenting minister. 2 Portraits

Olivia Hussey (1951-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hussey (1746-1803), Roman Catholic Bishop of Waterford and Lismore. 1 Portrait

Tom Hustler (1935-2006). 1 Portrait

John Huston (1906-1987), Film director, screen writer and actor. 1 Portrait

Francis Hutcheson (1694-1746), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

Catherine Hutchings (née Farquharson) (active 1861), Wife of Hubert Hutchings; daughter of James Farquharson. 1 Portrait

Charles Hutchings (died 1922), Golfer. 2 Portraits

Hubert Hutchings (1812-1898), Barrister. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Howell Hutchings (1897-1976), Civil servant in India and businessman. 3 Portraits

Edward John Hutchins (1809-1876), Politician and railway director. 1 Portrait

John Hutchins (1698-1773), Historian of Dorset. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Perceval Hutchins (1838-1928), Indian Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Alex Hutchinson (active 1993), Accounts Assistant, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Arthur Hutchinson (1866-1937), Mineralogist. 1 Portrait

Arthur Stuart Menteth Hutchinson (A.S.M.) (1879-1971), Novelist. 5 Portraits

Sir Arthur Sydney Hutchinson (1896-1981), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Frederick Hutchinson (1850-1907), Physician and Liberal politician; MP for Rye. 3 Portraits

Christopher Haynes Hutchinson (1906-1990), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Dinah Hutchinson (née Burford) (1935-), Student at New Hall College, Cambridge; wife of Piers Hutchinson. 1 Portrait

Ellen (née Soames), Lady Hutchinson, Wife of Sir Charles Frederick Hutchinson; daughter of S. Horner Soames. 1 Portrait

Francis Ernest Hutchinson (1871-1947), Writer on literature and Church of England clergyman; Editor of Cambridge Review. 3 Portraits

Henry Doveton Hutchinson (1847-1924), Lieutenant-General and military historian. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert John Hutchinson (1889-1971), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Horatio Gordon ('Horace') Hutchinson (1859-1932), Golfer and writer. 4 Portraits

Hugh Lester Hutchinson (1904-1983), Journalist and author. 6 Portraits

John Hutchinson (baptised 1615-1664), Parliamentarian army officer and regicide. 3 Portraits

Sir John Colville Hutchinson (1890-1965), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

John Colvin Hutchinson (died 1998), Son of E.M. Hutchinson. 5 Portraits

Sir Jonathan Hutchinson (1828-1913), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Sir Joseph Burtt Hutchinson (1902-1988), Geneticist and agriculturalist. 3 Portraits

Mrs J. Hutchinson. 3 Portraits

Leslie ('Hutch') Hutchinson (1900-1969), Pianist and singer. 1 Portrait

Sir Lewis Bede Hutchinson (1899-1975), Barrister and civil servant; Director of Projectile & Engineering Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

Lucy Hutchinson (1620-1681), Poet and biographer. 1 Portrait

Margaret Anne Hutchinson (née Robertson Rodger) (died 1977), Wife of John Colvin Hutchinson; daughter of J.N. Robertson Rodger. 2 Portraits

Mary Hutchinson (née Barnes) (1889-1977), Writer and patron of the arts. 1 Portrait

Ray Coryton Hutchinson (1907-1975), Novelist. 4 Portraits

Sheldon Hutchinson (1970-), Artist. 0 Portraits

Walter Victor Hutchinson (1887-1950), Barrister, publisher and farmer. 1 Portrait

William Hutchinson (1732-1814), Topographer of Durham and Cumberland. 1 Portrait

William Barclay Hutchinson (circa 1809-1869), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Robert Hutchison, 1st Baron Hutchison of Montrose (1873-1950), Major-General and politician. 4 Portraits

Lady Agnes Hutchison (née Drysdale), Wife of Sir Robert Hutchison; daughter of William Drysdale. 1 Portrait

Sir Balfour Oliphant Hutchison (1889-1967), Army officer. 6 Portraits

Graham Seton Hutchison (1890-1946), Lieutenant-Colonel and author. 3 Portraits

Sir James Riley Holt Hutchison (1893-1979), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Margery (née Walton), Lady Hutchison (died 1977), Wife of Sir William Oliphant Hutchison; daughter of E. A. Walton. 1 Portrait

(Alan) Michael Clark Hutchison (1914-1993), Politician; MP for Edinburgh. 4 Portraits

Percy Hutchison (1875-1945), Actor-manager. 1 Portrait

Sidney Hutchison (1912-2000), Secretary of the Royal Academy. 2 Portraits

Terence Wilmot Hutchison (1912-2007), Professor of Economics. 1 Portrait

William Hutchison (circa 1870-1924), Politician and solicitor. 6 Portraits

William Gordon Douglas Hutchison (1904-1975), Actor. 2 Portraits

Sir William Oliphant Hutchison (1889-1970), Painter and President of the Royal Scottish Academy. 10 Portraits

Angela Maureen Huth (1938-), Writer. 1 Portrait

(John) Frederick Andrew Johann Friedrich Andreas Huth (1777-1864), Merchant and merchant banker. 3 Portraits

Harold Huth (1891-1967), Film actor, director and producer. 1 Portrait

Percival Cuthbert Huth (1879-1960), Lieutenant. 2 Portraits

Edward Hutson (circa 1873-1936), Archbishop of West Indies and Bishop of Antigua. 1 Portrait

Lockhart W. Hutson, Director, Bricks for Scotland. 1 Portrait

John Hutt (1746-1794), Captain in the navy. 2 Portraits

William Wayman Hutt (1822-1894), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Baroness von Hutten zum Stolzenberg (Bettina Riddle) (1874-1957), Irish-American novelist. 7 Portraits

Johann Christian Hüttner (1765?-1847), Author and translator. 1 Portrait

Arthur Francis Hutton (1900-1979), Air Vice-Marshal. 2 Portraits

Barbara Woolworth Hutton (1912-1979), Socialite, heiress and philanthropist who was wed eight times, including marriages to Cary Grant and Prince Igor Troubetzkoy. 9 Portraits

Catherine Hutton (1756-1846), Novelist and historical writer. 1 Portrait

Charles Hutton (1737-1823), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Edward Hutton (1875-1969), Italian Scholar. 1 Portrait

Frederick Hutton (1801-1866), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

George B. Hutton, Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Henry Hutton (1760-1836), Barrister; Recorder of Lincoln. 1 Portrait

James Hutton (1715-1795), Moravian minister and bookseller. 6 Portraits

James Hutton (1726-1797), Geologist. 5 Portraits

John Hutton (1847-1921), Politician; MP for Northallerton and Richmond. 3 Portraits

Sir Leonard ('Len') Hutton (1916-1990), Cricketer. 9 Portraits

Matthew Hutton (1693-1758), Archbishop of Canterbury. 4 Portraits

Matthew Hutton (1529?-1606), Archbishop of York. 1 Portrait

Sir Noel Kilpatrick Hutton (1907-1984), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sibilla Hutton (circa 1740-1808), Milliner and Shopkeeper. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Jacomb Hutton (1890-1981), Army officer and civil servant. 7 Portraits

Walter Morland Hutton (1912-1994), Major-General. 2 Portraits

William Nicholas ('Will') Hutton (1950-), Editor of The Observer, author and journalist. 1 Portrait

William Hutton (1723-1815), Topographer and local historian. 1 Portrait

William Holden Hutton (1860-1930), Author, historian and Dean of Winchester. 4 Portraits

Michael John Cecil Hutton-Wilson (1914-1987), Businessman. 1 Portrait

John Huxham (1692-1768), Physician. 1 Portrait

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), Novelist. 113 Portraits

Sir Andrew Fielding Huxley (1917-2012), Physiologist. 9 Portraits

Anthony Julian Huxley (1920-1992), Anthropologist; son of Sir Julian Sorell Huxley. 4 Portraits

Elspeth Josceline Huxley (née Grant) (1907-1997), Author and journalist; wife of Gervas Huxley. 13 Portraits

Francis Huxley (1923-), Anthropologist; son of Sir Julian Sorell Huxley. 3 Portraits

Sir Julian Sorell Huxley (1887-1975), Biologist and writer. 56 Portraits

(Marie) Juliette (née Baillot), Lady Huxley (1896-1994), Sculptor and writer; wife of Sir Julian Sorell Huxley. 29 Portraits

Leonard Huxley (1860-1933), Biographer, poet and editor of the Cornhill Magazine. 6 Portraits

Lindsay Kathleen Huxley (1894-1945), Chief Regional Administrator for Civil Defence. 3 Portraits

Maria Huxley (née Nys) (1898-1955), Wife of Aldous Huxley. 33 Portraits

Matthew Huxley (1920-2005), Author and epidemiologist; son of Aldous Huxley. 18 Portraits

Paul Huxley (1938-), Artist, Professor of Painting, Royal College of Art and Emeritus; Treasurer, Royal Academy. 3 Portraits

Rick Huxley (1942-2013), Musician; member of the Dave Clark Five. 2 Portraits

Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895), Biologist and science educationist. 47 Portraits

Thomas Bayliss Huxley-Jones (1908-1969), sculptor. 1 Portrait

(William) John Fairchild Huxtable (1912-1990), Executive officer, Churches Unity Commission. 3 Portraits

Judy Huxtable (1944-), Actress and model. 1 Portrait

Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695), Dutch mathematician, astronomer and physicist. 2 Portraits

Constantine Huygens (1596-1687), Diplomat, poet, scientist, musician and scholar. 3 Portraits

Père Hyacinthe (Charles Jean Marie Loyson) (1827-1912), Pulpit orator, divine and theologian. 4 Portraits

Edward Solomon Hyams (1910-1975), Writer, gardener and ecologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Akbar Hydari (1869-1942), Indian statesman. 4 Portraits

Ulla Ditlef (née Nielsen), Lady Hyde Parker (died 1998), Wife of Sir William Stephen Hyde Parker; daughter of Christian Ditlef Nielsen. 2 Portraits

Barry Hyde, Musician, member of 'The Futureheads'. 1 Portrait

Sir Clarendon Golding Hyde (1858-1938), Committee Chairman and Liberal politician; MP for Wednesbury. 1 Portrait

David Hyde, Musician, member of 'The Futureheads'. 1 Portrait

Francis Colville Hyde (1826-1892), Landowner and Magistrate. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Hyde (circa 1605-1650), Royalist consul executed by Parliament. 1 Portrait

John Hyde (1737?-1796), Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court in Calcutta. 1 Portrait

Lady Katherine Hyde (circa 1690-1708). 2 Portraits

Sir Nicholas Hyde (circa 1572-1631), Lord Chief Justice of England. 1 Portrait

Richard D. Hyde, Shipbroker. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Robertson Hyde (1878-1967), Founder and Director of Industrial Welfare Society. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hyde (1636-1703), Oriental scholar. 1 Portrait

Lady Hyde. 1 Portrait

Walford Hyden (1892-1959), Musical director. 8 Portraits

Prince Moazzam Jah of Hyderabad (1907-1987), Indian ruler. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Hyde-White (1903-1991), Actor. 7 Portraits

Kenneth John ('Ken') Hydon (1944-), Financial Director, Vodafone Group plc. 1 Portrait

Frederick Gordon Hyland (1888-1962), Major-General. 2 Portraits

William Joliffe, 1st Baron Hylton (1800-1876), Soldier and Conservative politician; MP for Petersfield. 1 Portrait

William George Hervey Jolliffe, 4th Baron Hylton (1898-1967), Justice of the Peace and Lieutenant-colonel. 3 Portraits

Perdita Rose Mary Jolliffe (née Asquith), Lady Hylton (1910-1996), Daughter of Raymond Asquith; wife of William George Hervey Jolliffe, 4th Baron Hylton. 7 Portraits

Jack Hylton (1892-1965), Dance band leader. 9 Portraits

Millie Hylton (1868-1920), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Braustyn Hylton Hylton-Foster (1905-1965), Speaker of the House of Commons;. 7 Portraits

Harry Braustyn Hylton Hylton-Foster, Barrister. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Hylton-Smith (died 2005), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Robin Philip Hyman (1931-), Publisher and author. 1 Portrait

Timothy Hyman (1946-), Artist, writer and lecturer. 1 Portrait

Paul Hymans (1865-1941), Minister of Foreign Affairs in Belgium. 4 Portraits

Henry Hynd (1900-1985), Politician; MP for Accrington and Hackney. 19 Portraits

John Burns Hynd (1902-1971), Politician; Chairman of Anglo-American Parliamentary Groups. 10 Portraits

Chrissie Hynde (1951-), Musician; singer for The Pretenders. 2 Portraits

Jean or Jane Carmichael (née Vigor), Countess of Hyndford (1726-1807), Wife of 3rd Earl of Hyndford. 2 Portraits

Hon. Elizabeth Cairns Hyndley (1912-1972), Daughter of Viscount Hyndley. 1 Portrait

Henry Mayers Hyndman (1842-1921), Socialist leader. 4 Portraits

William Henry Hynes (1893-1972), Brigadier. 10 Portraits

Andreas Hyperius (1511-1564), Theologian. 1 Portrait

Hans Hysing (1678-1752 or 1753), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Henry Hugh Gordon Hyslop (1873-1932), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

H. Hyslop. 1 Portrait

Theo Bulkeley Hyslop (1863-1933), Resident physician and medical superintendent at Bethlem Royal Hospital, artist and composer. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Hyson (Dorothy Wardell Heisen, later Lady Quayle) (1914-1996), Actress; former wife of Robert Douglas, and later wife of Sir Anthony Quayle; daughter of Dorothy Dickson and Carl Hyson (née Heisen). 13 Portraits

Sir Nicholas Robert Hytner (1956-), Theatre and opera director. 2 Portraits

Richard Hytner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA. 1 Portrait