Sitters A-Z


La Argentina (née Antonia Mercé y Luque) (1890-1936), Dancer. 2 Portraits

Gertrude Laarhoven, Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Douglas William Parish Labalmondiere (1815-1893), Army officer and police commissioner. 1 Portrait

Madame Labalmondiere (active 1866). 1 Portrait

Marthe Labarre (active 1940s), French actress. 1 Portrait

Peter Labilliere (1725-1800), Army Major, Christian patriot and political agitator. 2 Portraits

Frederick Lablache (1815-1887), Singer; son of Luigi Lablache. 2 Portraits

Luigi Lablache (1795-1858), Singer. 6 Portraits

Lablache, Singer. 1 Portrait

Fernand-Gustave-Gaston Labori (1860-1917), French lawyer; defense counsel in the Dreyfus Trial. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Elizabeth Labouchere (born 1771), Daughter of Sir Francis Baring, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir George Peter Labouchere (1905-1999), Diplomat and art collector. 1 Portrait

Henry du Pré Labouchère (1831-1912), Writer, publisher, theatre owner and Liberal politician; MP for Windsor, Middlesex and Northampton. 18 Portraits

John Labouchere (1799-1863), Brother of Baron Taunton. 1 Portrait

General Labousiniere. 1 Portrait

Clive Labovitch (1932-1994), Publisher and businessman. 1 Portrait

Walter Laburnum (George Walter Davis) (circa 1847-1902), Music hall singer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Howell Laby (1880-1946), Physicist. 2 Portraits

Charles Carmichael Lacaita (1853-1933), Botanist, Assistant Private Secretary to Earl Glanville and Liberal politician; MP for Dundee. 1 Portrait

Sir James Philip Lacaita (1813-1895), Italian scholar and politician. 1 Portrait

Bruce Lacey (1927-), Actor, writer and producer. 5 Portraits

Catherine Lacey (1904-1979), Actress. 1 Portrait

Janet Lacey (1903-1988), Director of Christian Aid Department of British Council of Churches. 1 Portrait

Mary Marshall (née Ramsay), Lady Lacey, Former wife of J. Campbell Walker, and later wife of Sir Francis Eden Lacey; daughter of Robert Ramsay. 1 Portrait

Robert David Weston Lacey (1944-), Author and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Lee La Chamette (active 1817). 2 Portraits

Pierre Joseph Augustine Lachelin (died 1977), Businessman. 3 Portraits

Peter Graham Lachlan, Royal Navy Captain. 1 Portrait

David Lambert Lack (1910-1973), Ornithologist. 4 Portraits

Harry Lambert Lack (1867-1943), Consulting aural surgeon. 2 Portraits

Simon Lack (Alexander MacAlpine) (1913-1980), Scottish actor. 2 Portraits

William Walker Lackie (1869-1945), Electrical engineer. 3 Portraits

James Lackington (1746-1815), Bookseller. 1 Portrait

Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire (1802-1861), French ecclesiastic. 2 Portraits

Roger Lacourière, Printmaker and publisher. 3 Portraits

François Maurice, comte de Lacy (1725-1801), Austrian Field Marshal. 2 Portraits

Harriett Deborah Lacy (née Taylor) (1807-1874), Actress. 7 Portraits

John Lacy (circa 1615-1681), Playwright and actor. 2 Portraits

Walter Lacy (Walter Williams) (1809-1898), Actor. 2 Portraits

Ladapo Samuel Ademola II, King of Abeokuta (1872-1962), Ruler of the Egba clan. 18 Portraits

Sir Robert Ladbroke (1713-1773), Lord Mayor of London. 4 Portraits

Sir John Lade, 2nd Bt (1759-1838). 1 Portrait

Judith Lade (1945-), Sitter to Epstein. 1 Portrait

Lady Laetitia Lade (née Smith) (died 1825), Wife of Sir John Lade. 1 Portrait

Princess Laetitia Christine Bonaparte (1804-1871), Wife of Sir Thomas Wyse; daughter of Lucien Bonaparte, 1st Prince of Canino and Musignano. 1 Portrait

John Lafarge (1835-1910), American painter. 1 Portrait

Adrienne de Noailles de Lafayette (1760-1807), Wife of Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. 1 Portrait

Andrée Lafayette (1903-1989), Actress. 1 Portrait

George Washington Lafayette (1779-1849), Son of Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. 1 Portrait

Patricia Laffan (1919-), Actress. 6 Portraits

Robert George Dalrymple Laffan (1887-1972), Lecturer in History, University of Cambridge and Life Fellow of Queens' College. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Michael Laffan (1819-1882), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Robert Stuart de Courcy Laffan (1853-1927), Clergyman and headmaster. 1 Portrait

J. Laffitte, French banker. 1 Portrait

Albert Sumner Lafone (1863-1933), Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Alfred Lafone (1821-1911), Politician and leather merchant. 1 Portrait

Francesco Raffaele Nicola ('Franco') Lagattolla (died 1980), Restaurant proprietor. 1 Portrait

Godfrey William Lagden (1906-1989), Politician; MP for Hornchurch. 4 Portraits

Sir Godfrey Yeatman Lagden (1851-1934), Vice-President, Royal Empire Society and Vice-President, African Society. 5 Portraits

Louis Laguerre (1663-1721), Painter. 1 Portrait

Don Neri Corsini, Marchese di Laiatico (1805-1859), Tuscan nobleman and Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Patrick Playfair Laidlaw (1881-1940), Pathologist and bacteriologist; Deputy Director of the National Institute for Medical Research. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Laidlaw (1856-1915), Politician and export merchant. 1 Portrait

Dame Clementine Dinah ('Cleo') Laine (1927-), Singer. 5 Portraits

Denny Laine (Brian Hines) (1944-), Musician; singer for The Moody Blues and co-founder of Wings. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Laine, Actress. 1 Portrait

Alastair David Laing (1944-), Art historian. 1 Portrait

Alexander Gordon Laing (1793-1826), African traveller. 1 Portrait

Austin Laing, Director-General. 2 Portraits

David Laing (1793-1878), Scottish academic and friend of Sir Walter Scott. 2 Portraits

E. Laing. 1 Portrait

Sir George Laing (1884-1956), Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Hugh Laing (né Hugh Skinner) (1911-1988), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

James Laing (active late 18th century), Saddler and Royal Edinburgh Volunteer. 1 Portrait

James Laing. 2 Portraits

Jutta Laing (née Werner), Wife of Ronald David Laing. 1 Portrait

Kirkland Laing (1954-), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Mollie Laing. 1 Portrait

Ronald David Laing (1927-1989), Psychiatrist. 3 Portraits

Samuel Laing (1812-1897), Politician, author and railway executive. 2 Portraits

Mr Laing. 1 Portrait

John Laird (1805-1874), Shipbuilder. 4 Portraits

John Laird (1887-1946), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

Sir Patrick Ramsay Laird (1888-1967), Secretary of Department of Agriculture for Scotland. 10 Portraits

Ethel Mary Louise (née Edwards), Lady Laird-Clowes (died 1939), Wife of Sir William Laird-Clowes. 1 Portrait

Mabel Lait, Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Gilbert Laithwaite (1894-1986), Politician and diplomat. 10 Portraits

Gerard Lake, 1st Viscount Lake (1744-1808), General. 5 Portraits

Alan Lake (1940-1984), Actor; husband of Diana Dors. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lake (baptised 1567-1626), Bishop of Bath and Wells. 9 Portraits

Sir Bibye Lake (1684-1744), Sub-Governor of the African Company. 1 Portrait

Edward Lake (1641-1704), Church of England clergyman. 3 Portraits

George Augustus Frederick Lake (1781-1808), Lieutenant-Colonel and Page of Honour to the Prince of Wales. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Atwell Lake (1808-1881), Colonel of the Royal Engineers. 2 Portraits

James Lake (active 1844), Member of a deputation to Louis Philippe, 1844. 1 Portrait

John Lake (1624-1689), Bishop of Chichester. 13 Portraits

Katherine Lake (née Gladstone), Wife of William Charles Lake; daughter of John Neilson Gladstone. 1 Portrait

Mary Lake, Sister of Sir Bibye Lake. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Henry Noel Lake (1855-1940), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Sir Freddie Laker (1922-2006), Chairman of Laker Airways. 2 Portraits

Cyril Henry Alfred Lakin (1893-1948), Journalist, farmer and Conservative politician; MP for Llandaff and Barry. 7 Portraits

Hon. (Helena) Daphne Lakin (née Pearson) (1918-2015), Polo player; founder of the Iping Horse Trials; wife of John Lakin; daughter of 2nd Viscount Cowdray. 1 Portrait

Beatrice Ida (née Barker), Lady Laking (1873-1923), Wife of Sir Guy Francis Laking, 2nd Bt; daughter of Charles Mylne Barker. 3 Portraits

Sir Francis Henry Laking, 1st Bt (1847-1914), Physician. 2 Portraits

Sir Guy Francis William Laking, 3rd Bt (1904-1930), Son of Sir Guy Francis Laking, 2nd Bt. 7 Portraits

Princess Lakshmi Bayi (Kartika Tirunal) (1916-2008), Sister of the Maharaja of Travancore; Chief Guide of the Travancore Girl Guides. 1 Portrait

Count Charles de Lalaing (1856-1919), Belgian Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Désiré Alfred Lalande (1866-1904), Oboist. 1 Portrait

Joseph Jérôme le Français de Lalande (1732-1807), French astronomer. 1 Portrait

Gwen Lally (Gwendolin Rosalie Lally Tollandal Speck) (1882-1963), Pageant Master, theatre producer and lecturer. 14 Portraits

Trophime Gérard de Lally Tollendal (1751-1830), French statesman. 1 Portrait

Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, Chevalier de Lamarck (1744-1829), French soldier, naturalist and academic. 1 Portrait

Mark Lamarr (1967-), Television presenter and comedian. 1 Portrait

Alphonse Marie Louise Prat de Lamartine (1790-1869), Writer, poet and politician. 6 Portraits

Lady Caroline Lamb (1785-1828), Novelist; Wife of William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne. 2 Portraits

Lady (Margaret) Pansy Lamb (née Pakenham) (1904-1999), Interior designer and novelist; wife of Henry Lamb; daughter of 5th Earl of Longford. 4 Portraits

Archibald Lamb (born 1859), Son of William Lamb. 2 Portraits

Mrs A.J.B. Lamb (born 1847), Daughter of W.M. Rutherford Lamb. 1 Portrait

Beatrice Lamb (born 1866), Actress. 2 Portraits

Charles Lamb (1775-1834), Essayist and poet. 11 Portraits

Christina Lamb (1966-), Journalist, author and Foreign Correspondent. 1 Portrait

David C. Lamb (1866-1951), Commissioner of Salvation Army. 5 Portraits

Florence ('Minty') Lamb (circa 1900-), Actress; step-daughter of George Robert Sims. 3 Portraits

George Lamb (1784-1834), Politician and man of letters. 5 Portraits

George Lamb (1792-1882). 1 Portrait

Henry Lamb (1883-1960), Painter. 21 Portraits

Sir Horace Lamb (1849-1934), Mathematician. 4 Portraits

John Lamb (1825-1880), Senior Fellow of Caius College and Incumbent of St Edward's, Cambridge; son of Rev. Dr John Lamb, Dean of Bristol. 1 Portrait

Sir John Lamb (1871-1952), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

John Lamb, Head of Marine Research Department, British Oil Company. 3 Portraits

Sir Joseph Quinton Lamb (1873-1949), Politician; MP for Stone. 3 Portraits

Sir Albert ('Larry') Lamb (1929-2000), Newspaper Editor. 1 Portrait

Lynton Harold Lamb (1907-1977), Painter, book illustrator and designer. 1 Portrait

Mary Lamb (1764-1847), Sister and collaborator of Charles Lamb. 2 Portraits

Peniston Lamb (1770-1805), Son of 1st Viscount Melbourne. 3 Portraits

Percy Lamb (1896-1973), Official Referee of the Supreme Court of Judicature. 2 Portraits

Robert Lamb, Son of George Lamb. 2 Portraits

Sir Walter Rangeley Maitland Lamb (1882-1961), Secretary of the Royal Academy, classical lecturer and author. 12 Portraits

William Lamb. 2 Portraits

William Lamb (born 1840), Son of Robert Lamb. 1 Portrait

Miss Lamb (born 1879), Daughter of Archibald Lamb. 1 Portrait

William Lambarde (1536-1601), Historian and lawyer. 8 Portraits

Sir Gustavus Francis Lambart, 1st Bt (1848-1926), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Kathleen Barbara Sophia (née Moore-Brabazon), Lady Lambart (born 1882), Wife of Sir Gustavus Lambart, 1st Bt; daughter of John Moore-Brabazon; sister of 1st Baron Brabazon of Tara. 3 Portraits

Sir Oliver Francis Lambart, 2nd Bt (1913-1986), Lieutenant. 5 Portraits

Peter Lambda (1911-1995), Sculptor and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Edward Lambe (1900-1960), Admiral of the Fleet. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Lavercock Lambe (died 1951), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

(Mary Caroline Alys) Emma Lambe (née Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy) (1946-), Former wife of James Empson Scott and later second wife of James Louis Lambe; daughter of Sir Brian Fulke Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy, 5th Bt. 4 Portraits

John Lambe (1545 or 1546-1628), Astrologer. 4 Portraits

Thomas Lambe (active 1629-1661), Baptist preacher and soapboiler. 2 Portraits

George Lambert, 1st Viscount Lambert (1866-1958), Yeoman farmer and politician. 13 Portraits

George Lambert, 2nd Viscount Lambert (1909-1989), Politician; MP for South Molton and Torrington. 1 Portrait

Patricia Mary (née Quinn), Viscountess Lambert, Wife of 2nd Viscount Lambert; daughter of Joseph Quinn. 5 Portraits

Florence Dolores (née Macaskie), Viscountess Lambert, Wife of 3rd Viscount Lambert. 2 Portraits

Sir Anthony Edward Lambert (1911-2007), Ambassador to Tunisia, Finland and Portugal. 2 Portraits

Aylmer Bourke Lambert (1761-1842), Botanist. 4 Portraits

Bernard Alfred Percy Lambert (1908-1987), Brigadier and Aide-de-camp to Queen Elizabeth II. 2 Portraits

Bertram Lambert (1881-1963), Fellow Emeritus of Merton College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Charles William Lambert (1891-1961), Engineer Rear-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Clara Mary Lambert (Catherine Wilson) (1874-1969), Suffragette. 1 Portrait

Constant Lambert (1905-1951), Composer, conductor and critic. 31 Portraits

Miss C. Lambert (active 1861). 1 Portrait

Daniel Lambert (1770-1809), Keeper of Leicester gaol. 1 Portrait

Sir David Sidney Lambert (1885-1966), Rear-Admiral and paymaster. 6 Portraits

Miss E. Lambert (active 1861). 1 Portrait

Florence Lambert (née Kaye, later Hole), Actress; former wife of Constant Lambert, and later wife of Peter Hole. 9 Portraits

Dame Florence Barraclough Lambert (1871-1957), Physician and public health administrator. 4 Portraits

George Lambert (1710-1765), Landscape painter. 4 Portraits

Sir George Bancroft Lambert (1873-1945), Civil servant in India. 1 Portrait

George Washington Lambert (1873-1930), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Charles Miller Lambert (1868-1935), Senior Crown Agent for the Colonies. 8 Portraits

Herbert Lambert (1881-1936), Photographer; managing director of Elliott & Fry, 1926-1936. 3 Portraits

(Mabel) Janetta Lambert (née Waldo-Sibthorp) (1878-1964), Former wife of Sir Cholmeley, 4th Bt, and later wife of Walter John Lambert; daughter of Montagu Waldo-Sibthorp. 4 Portraits

John Lambert (1619-1684), Parliamentary general. 13 Portraits

John Lambert (circa 1640-1701), Amateur artist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Lambert (1772-1847), General. 1 Portrait

J. Lambert, Policeman. 2 Portraits

Christopher Sebastian ('Kit') Lambert (1935-1981), Music manager and producer. 1 Portrait

Maurice Lambert (1901-1964), Sculptor. 28 Portraits

Olga Marie Stuart Lambert (née Morrison) (1895-1977), Daughter of Stuart Gordon Morrison; wife of Maurice Lambert. 1 Portrait

Hon. Sophia Jane Lambert (1943-), Daughter of 3rd Viscount Lambert. 4 Portraits

Thomas Stanton Lambert (1871-1921), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Verity Ann Lambert (1935-2007), Independent film and television producer. 3 Portraits

Victor Albert George Lambert (1897-1971), Chairman of Modern Materials Management Ltd. 2 Portraits

Walter John Lambert (1876-1944), Brigadier-General. 6 Portraits

Mr Lambert (active 1790s), University academic. 1 Portrait

Miss Lambert (active 1861). 1 Portrait

Dorothea Lambert Chambers (née Douglass) (1878-1960), Tennis player; wife of Robert Lambert Chambers; daughter of Henry Charles Douglass. 3 Portraits

Jim Lambie (1964-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Martin John Lambie-Nairn (1945-), Founder and Creative Director of Lambie Nairn; Corporate Identity Specialist. 1 Portrait

Albert Percy Lambooy (1889-1976), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Paul Lambotte (1862-1939), Art historian and Director of Fine Arts and Government Commissioner for Exhibitions in Belgium. 1 Portrait

Amelius Mark Richard Lockwood (né Wood), 1st Baron Lambourne (1847-1928), Politician and Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Antony Claud Frederick Lambton, Viscount Lambton (1922-2006), Politician; MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed. 15 Portraits

Lady Elizabeth Mary Lambton (née Fitzmaurice) (1927-), Daughter of 6th Marquess of Lansdown; wife of Charles William Lambton. 6 Portraits

Anne Lambton (née Lees) (active 1940-1965), First wife of Edward George ('Teddy') Lambton. 25 Portraits

Cecily Margaret Lambton (née Horner) (1882-1972), Wife of George Lambton; daughter of Sir John Horner. 2 Portraits

Charles William Lambton (1818-1831), Eldest son of John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham. 3 Portraits

Claud Lambton (1888-1976), Third son of 4th Earl of Durham. 4 Portraits

George Lambton (1860-1945), Sportsman and writer. 12 Portraits

Hon. Lettice Lambton (née Wormald) (1874-1945), Wife of Hon. Claud Lambton, seventh son of 2nd Earl of Durham; daughter of Edward Wormald. 3 Portraits

Lucinda Lambton (1943-), Writer, photographer and television broadcaster; daughter of Viscount Lambton. 3 Portraits

Monica Dorothy Lambton (née Brand) (1914-2009), Daughter of 3rd Viscount Hampden; wife of D'Arcy Lambton. 4 Portraits

Ralph John Lambton (circa 1767-1844), Banker and politician; MP for Durham. 1 Portrait

Edward George ('Teddy') Lambton (1918-1983), Racehorse trainer. 2 Portraits

William Lambton (1756-1823), Soldier; Superintendent of the Trigonometrical Survey of India. 1 Portrait

Sir William Lambton (1863-1936), Major-General. 3 Portraits

William Henry Lambton (1764-1797), Politician; MP for Durham. 1 Portrait

Richmal Crompton Lamburn (1890-1969), Novelist. 5 Portraits

Alexandre Theodore Victor, comte de Lameth (1760-1829), French soldier and politician. 1 Portrait

Charles Lameth (active 1789). 1 Portrait

Pansy Montague ('La Milo'), Actress. 13 Portraits

Alexander Dundas Ross Cochrane-Wishart-Baillie, 1st Baron Lamington (1816-1890), Politician and author. 4 Portraits

Annabella Mary Elizabeth (née Drummond), Lady Lamington (1824-1917), Wife of 1st Baron Lamington; daughter of Andrew Drummond. 1 Portrait

Charles Wallace Alexander Napier Cochrane-Baillie, 2nd Baron Lamington (1860-1940), Lieutenant-colonel, Governor of Queensland and Bombay and Conservative politician; MP for St Pancras North. 14 Portraits

Agnes J. Lamme, Squash player; wife of James Lamme Jr. 1 Portrait

George Lammie (1891-1946), Colonel. 11 Portraits

David Lammy (1972-), Politician; MP for Tottenham. 1 Portrait

Angus Lamond, Professor of Biochemistry. 1 Portrait

Frederic Lamond (1868-1948), Pianist and composer. 1 Portrait

Norman Stewart Hughson Lamont, Baron Lamont of Lerwick (1942-), Conservative politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 1 Portrait

Sir James Lamont, 1st Bt (1828 or 1829-1913), Politician, Arctic explorer and author. 1 Portrait

John Lamont (active 1786), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

John David Lamont (died 1999), Businessman. 1 Portrait

John La Motte (1577-1655), Merchant. 3 Portraits

Monsieur L'Amour (active 1803), Man of fashion. 2 Portraits

Frank Lampard (1978-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

George E. Lampard Jr. (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Grace Lampard (active 1923). 1 Portrait

J. Lampard (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Kathryn Lampard (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Charles Robert Wharram Lamplough (1896-1981), Major-general and Aide-de-camp to King George VI. 6 Portraits

George William Lamplugh (1859-1926), Geologist. 2 Portraits

Kenneth Edward Norman Lamplugh (1901-1979), Bishop of Southampton. 2 Portraits

Thomas Lamplugh (baptised 1615-1691), Archbishop of York. 3 Portraits

Sir Curtis George Lampson, 3rd Bt (1890-1971), Lecturer and broadcaster on art and travel. 4 Portraits

Juliet Teresa Lampson (née Brownrigg) (1908-1947), Wife of Kenneth George Lampson; daughter of Sir Douglas Brownrigg. 5 Portraits

Oswald Philip Lancashire, Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Henry of Lancaster ('Henry of Grosmont'), 1st Duke of Lancaster (circa 1310-1361), Soldier and diplomat. 8 Portraits

Claude Granville Lancaster (1899-1977), Colonel and politician. 7 Portraits

Dame Jean Lancaster (née Davies) (1909-1996), Director, Women's Royal Naval Service. 5 Portraits

John Lancaster. 1 Portrait

Jonne Lancaster, Model. 1 Portrait

Joseph Lancaster (1778-1838), Educationalist. 1 Portrait

Joseph Torry Lancaster (1892-1966), Headmaster. 1 Portrait

Karen Elizabeth Lancaster (née Harris) (died 1964), Daughter of Sir Arthur Harris; first wife of Sir Osbert Lancaster. 5 Portraits

Mark Lancaster (1938-), Painter, printmaker and teacher. 1 Portrait

May Lancaster, Actress. 4 Portraits

Nora Lancaster (active 1900s-1910s), Stage and film actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Osbert Lancaster (1908-1986), Artist and writer. 13 Portraits

Roy Lancaster (1937-), Plantsman, writer and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

William Lancaster (1650-1717), Divine. 2 Portraits

Joan Cadogan Lancaster Lewis (1918-1992), Historian and Director of India Office Library and Records. 2 Portraits

George Lance (1802-1864), Painter of still-life. 7 Portraits

George Edwin Lance (1824-1890), Magistrate. 1 Portrait

Mrs G. Lance. 1 Portrait

Janet Lance (née Catchpole) (1935-), Student at New Hall College, Cambridge; wife of John R. Lance. 1 Portrait

Sylvia Lance (Sylvia Lance Harper) (born 1895), Australian lawn tennis player; wife of Robert Rainy Harper. 2 Portraits

William Henry Lance (circa 1823-1911), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

John Arthur Lanchbery (1923-2003), Conductor and composer. 1 Portrait

Elsa Lanchester (1902-1986), Actress. 14 Portraits

Frederick William Lanchester (1868-1946), Engineer. 1 Portrait

Henry Vaughan Lanchester (1863-1953), Architect. 3 Portraits

Florence Lancia (Laura Florence Ladbroke Clarke) (1840-1905), Singer and singing teacher. 1 Portrait

Rom Landau (1899-1974), Writer and sculptor. 6 Portraits

Walter Landauer (1910-1983), Pianist. 1 Portrait

Nico Landenis (1934-), Chef and restaurateur. 2 Portraits

Gerard Heath Lander (1861-1934), Bishop of Victoria, Hong-Kong. 1 Portrait

Jean Margaret Lander (née Davenport) (1830-1903), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Lander (1807-1839), Explorer. 1 Portrait

John St Helier Lander (1868-1944), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Richard Lemon Lander (1804-1834), Explored the course of the Niger. 3 Portraits

Celia Lander (née Wisely), Wife of Peter Lander; daughter of R.H. Wisely. 1 Portrait

Mr Landford. 1 Portrait

Elissa Landi (1904-1948), Italian actress. 2 Portraits

Jessie Royce Landis (née Medbury) (1896-1972), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick William Bainbridge Landon (1860-1937), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Herman James Shelley Landon (1859-1948), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Letitia Elizabeth Landon (Mrs Maclean) (1802-1838), Poet and novelist. 4 Portraits

Philip Aislabie Landon (1888-1961), University reader in criminal law and Fellow and Bursar of Trinity College. 1 Portrait

(Arnold) Henry Savage Landor (1867-1924), Painter, explorer and anthropologist. 7 Portraits

Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864), Poet and writer; author of 'Imaginary Conversations'. 11 Portraits

Charles Landseer (1799 or 1800-1879), Genre and history painter; son of John George Landseer. 3 Portraits

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873), Painter. 21 Portraits

Jane Landseer (née Potts) (1773 or 1774-1840), Wife of John George Landseer. 1 Portrait

John George Landseer (1761 or 1769-1852), Engraver and antiquary; father of Sir Edwin Landseer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Landseer (1793 or 1794-1880), Engraver; son of John George Landseer. 4 Portraits

Michael Landy (1963-), Artist. 3 Portraits

Abigail Lane (1967-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Adela Mary Lane (née Bertie) (died 1925), Daughter of Frederick Bertie; wife of Cecil Newton Lane. 1 Portrait

Sir Allen Lane (1902-1970), Founder of Penguin Books. 30 Portraits

Ambrose Lane (circa 1797-1875), Curate of Pendleton, Lancashire. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Arbuthnot Lane, 1st Bt (1856-1943), Surgeon and health campaigner. 11 Portraits

A.J. Lane (active 1886). 1 Portrait

Barry Lane, Curator. 1 Portrait

Carla Lane (1937-), Television scriptwriter and animal welfare campaigner. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Reginald Cambridge Lane (1890-1964), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Sir David William Stennis Stewart Lane (1922-1998), Politician; MP for Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Douglas Lane, Captain. 2 Portraits

Edward William Lane (1801-1876), Arabic scholar. 2 Portraits

Dame Elizabeth Kathleen Lane (1905-1988), Judge. 8 Portraits

Grace Lane (Mrs Kenneth Douglas) (1876-1956), Actress. 14 Portraits

Sir Hugh Percy Lane (1875-1915), Art dealer, collector and critic. 2 Portraits

Jeffrey Lane, Show business publicist. 1 Portrait

John Lane. 3 Portraits

John Lane (1843-1899), Accountant. 1 Portrait

John Lane, Doorkeeper, Brass Gates, House of Lords. 3 Portraits

Lupino Lane (1892-1959), Actor and theatre manager. 7 Portraits

Margaret Lane (Lady Huntingdon) (1907-1994), Novelist, biographer and journalist; second wife of 16th Earl of Huntingdon. 15 Portraits

Richard James Lane (1800-1872), Sculptor and lithographer. 6 Portraits

Sir Ronald Bertram Lane (1847-1937), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Ronald Epey Lane (1897-1995), Professor of Occupational Health. 1 Portrait

Ronnie ('Plonk') Lane (1946-1997), Musician; bass guitarist for the Small Faces. 1 Portrait

Samuel Armstrong Lane (1802-1892), Surgeon. 4 Portraits

Sarah Lane (née Borrow) (1822 or 1823-1899), Actress, playwright and theatre manager. 2 Portraits

Thomas Lane (1754-1824), Secretary to the Goldsmith's Company. 1 Portrait

George Lane-Fox (1816-1896), Sheriff and huntmaster. 4 Portraits

George Sackville Frederick Lane-Fox (1838-1918), Landowner; son of George Lane-Fox. 4 Portraits

Louisa Emma Lane-Fox (née Fairfax) (died 1870), Wife of Hon. Charles Pierrepont D'Arcy Lane-Fox; daughter of Thomas Fairfax. 1 Portrait

Lucy Frances Jane Lane-Fox (née St John-Mildmay) (circa 1847-1920), Wife of James Thomas Richard Lane-Fox; daughter of Humphrey St John-Mildmay. 1 Portrait

Marcia Lane-Fox, Daughter of George Lane-Fox. 2 Portraits

Martha Lane-Fox (1973-), Businesswoman. 1 Portrait

Robin James Lane Fox (1946-), Writer and historian of gardens. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Hayden Owen Lane-Poole (1883-1971), Vice-Admiral, author and oriental scholar. 5 Portraits

Cedric Sydney Lane-Roberts (1888-1959), Obstetrician and gynaecologist; rugby player. 2 Portraits

Humphry Butler, 1st Earl of Lanesborough (circa 1700-1768). 1 Portrait

George John Danvers Butler, 5th Earl of Lanesborough (1794-1866), Representative peer. 2 Portraits

Frederica Emma (née Bishop), Countess of Lanesborough (1808-1870), Former wife of Sir Richard Hunter, and later second wife of 5th Earl of Lanesborough; daughter of Charles Bishop. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Kate Butler (née Brand), Countess of Lanesborough (died 1935), Former wife of Guy St Barbe Watkins, and later second wife of 7th Earl of Lanesborough. 2 Portraits

Henry Cavendish Butler, 8th Earl of Lanesborough (1868-1950), Landowner. 3 Portraits

Grace Lilian (née Abdy), Countess of Lanesborough (1887-1983), Second wife of 8th Earl of Lanesborough; daughter of Sir Anthony Charles Sykes Abdy, 3rd Bt. 2 Portraits

Denis Anthony Brian Butler, 9th Earl of Lanesborough (1918-1998), Landowner. 12 Portraits

Mrs Lanford (active 1841). 1 Portrait

Cosmo Gordon Lang, Baron Lang of Lambeth (1864-1945), Archbishop of Canterbury. 51 Portraits

Albert Frank Lang (1895-1977), Air Vice-Marshal. 2 Portraits

Andrew Lang (1844-1912), Poet, scholar and writer. 13 Portraits

Bertram John Lang (1878-1975), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Hon. (Cecilia Alexandra) Rose Lang (née Alport) (1946-), Elder daughter of Baron Alport. 4 Portraits

Sir Derek Boileau Lang (1913-2001), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey W.F. Lang, Reverend; husband of Hon. Rose Lang (née Alport). 2 Portraits

Godfrey George Lang (1867-1923), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Gordon Lang (1893-1981), Nonconformist minister and politician. 3 Portraits

James Henry Lang (1818-1898), Head of the Chaplains, Royal Navy and Hon. Chaplain to Queen Victoria. 1 Portrait

Sir John Gerald Lang (1896-1984), Admiralty official. 2 Portraits

John Marshall Lang (1834-1909), Church of Scotland minister and university principal. 1 Portrait

Kathryn Dawn ('k.d.') Lang (1961-), Musician. 1 Portrait

Leslie Hamilton Lang (1889-1974), Bishop of Woolwich. 5 Portraits

(Alexander) Matheson Lang (1879-1948), Actor-manager and dramatist. 13 Portraits

Sir Peter Redford Scott Lang (1850-1926), Professor and colonel. 3 Portraits

Robert Lang (1934-2004), Actor. 1 Portrait

William Lang (active 1940s-1970s), Cornet player. 1 Portrait

William Dickson Lang (1878-1966), Keeper of the Geological Department at the British Museum. 1 Portrait

Miss Lang. 1 Portrait

Peter Langan (1940-1988), Restaurateur. 4 Portraits

Langani (Langoni), Musician. 1 Portrait

Henry Bickersteth, 1st Baron Langdale (1783-1851), Master of the Rolls; Law reformer. 1 Portrait

Marmaduke Langdale, 1st Baron Langdale of Holme (1598-1661), Royalist Army Officer. 2 Portraits

Jane Elizabeth Bickersteth (née Harley), Lady Langdale (1796-1872), Daughter of Edward, 5th Earl of Oxford; wife of Henry Bickersteth, Baron Langdale. 1 Portrait

David Langdon (1914-2011), Cartoonist. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Langdon, Actress. 5 Portraits

Michael Langdon (1920-1991), Singer. 1 Portrait

Stephen Herbert Langdon (1876-1937), Assyriologist and Oxford Professor. 4 Portraits

Sir Walter Langdon-Brown (1870-1946), Physician. 2 Portraits

Hansjürg Lange, Bassoon maker and player. 1 Portrait

Hercules Edward Rowley, 4th Baron Langford (1848-1919), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Clotworthy Wellington Thomas Edward Rowley, 7th Baron Langford (1885-1952), Soldier. 9 Portraits

Abraham Langford (1711-1774), Auctioneer. 1 Portrait

Constance Langford. 1 Portrait

Edward Gerald Langford. 2 Portraits

Ernest Langford, Actor. 1 Portrait

E.W. Langford, President, National Farmers' Union. 1 Portrait

Vida Gretchen Langford (née Sinclair) (died 1962), Wife of Edward Gerald Langford. 2 Portraits

Miss Langford, Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir John Anthony Langford-Holt (1916-1993), Lieutenant-Commander, Royal Navy. 9 Portraits

Sir Cyril Leigh Macrae Langham (1885-1950), Solicitor. 2 Portraits

Frederick George Langham (1863-1946), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Lady Mary Langham (née Alston) (1627-1660), Wife of Sir James Langham. 4 Portraits

Richard Langhorne (circa 1624-1679), Barrister and victim of the Popish Plot. 4 Portraits

Ben Langlands (1955-), Artist. 3 Portraits

Cecil Langlands, Horse trainer. 1 Portrait

Batty Langley (1834-1914), Politician and merchant. 1 Portrait

Gerald Maxwell Bradshaw Langley (1895-1971), Vice-Admiral. 5 Portraits

John Cochrane Langley (active 1850). 1 Portrait

John Douglas Algernon Langley (1918-1996), Golfer. 1 Portrait

John Douse Langley (1836-1930), Bishop of Bendigo, Australia. 1 Portrait

John Inwood Langley (1790-1874), Civil servant at the Royal Naval Hospital. 1 Portrait

Noel A. Langley (1911-1980), Author and playwright. 1 Portrait

Sir George Langley-Taylor (1888-1968), Surveyor, Chairman of the Council for the Preservation of Rural England. 1 Portrait

Phyllis Langley-Taylor (née Allen), Wife of Sir George Langley-Taylor. 1 Portrait

Grania Sybil Enid (née Wingfield), Lady Langrishe (1934-), Daughter of 9th Viscount Powerscourt; wife of Sir Hercules Ralph Hume Langrishe, 7th Bt. 1 Portrait

Basil Cedric Langton (1912-2003), Actor, director, writer, artist, photographer and teacher. 11 Portraits

Bennet Langton (1737-1801), Scholar and friend of Dr Johnson. 2 Portraits

Doreen Langton, Actress. 5 Portraits

Sir George Philip Langton (1881-1942), Judge. 1 Portrait

Henry Michael Faustinus Langton (1829-1872), Army officer. 1 Portrait

John Langton (active circa 1700), Writing Master and Glass painter. 2 Portraits

Mary Langton, Daughter of Bennet Langton. 1 Portrait

Sarah Langton (née Crewe), Daughter of John Crewe; wife of Obediah Langton. 1 Portrait

Walter Langton (died 1321), Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield and Lord High Treasurer. 1 Portrait

William Gore Langton (1760-1847), Politician; MP for Somerset East. 1 Portrait

Zachary Langton (1762-1844), Master of the Skinners Company. 2 Portraits

Captain Langton (active mid 19th century), Captain. 1 Portrait

Miss Langton (active 1863). 1 Portrait

Emilie Charlotte ('Lillie') Langtry (née Le Breton) (1853-1929), Actress and professional beauty. 54 Portraits

George David La Niece (died 1985), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Lanier (1588-1666), Master of the King's music and artist. 6 Portraits

(Nathaniel) Lester Lanin (1907-2004), Bandleader. 1 Portrait

Edward Forbes Lankester (1855-1934), Barrister and police magistrate. 2 Portraits

Edwin Lankester (1814-1874), Public health reformer and natural historian. 6 Portraits

Sir (Edwin) Ray Lankester (1847-1929), Zoologist; son of Edwin Lankester. 8 Portraits

Richard Lannoy (1928-), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury (1925-), Actress; daughter of Edgar Lansbury. 3 Portraits

Edgar Isaac Lansbury (1887-1935), Mayor of Poplar and Labour politician; son of George Lansbury; father of Angela Lansbury. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Jane Lansbury (née Brine) (1860-1933), Wife of George Lansbury. 1 Portrait

George Lansbury (1859-1940), Pacifist and politician; Labour leader and MP for Bow and Bromley. 30 Portraits

William Petty, 1st Marquess of Lansdowne (1737-1805), Prime Minister and patron of the arts. 67 Portraits

Louisa Petty (née Fitzpatrick), Marchioness of Lansdowne (1755-1789), Wife of 1st Marquess of Lansdowne. 1 Portrait

John Henry Petty, 2nd Marquess of Lansdowne (1765-1809), Politician; MP for Wycombe. 3 Portraits

Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne (1780-1863), Whig politician; Home Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Lord President of the Council. 75 Portraits

Henry Thomas Petty-Fitzmaurice, 4th Marquess of Lansdowne (1816-1866), Politician and railway company chairman. 1 Portrait

Henry Charles Keith Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne (1845-1927), Viceroy of India and Foreign Secretary. 28 Portraits

Maud Evelyn (née Hamilton), Marchioness of Lansdowne (1850-1932), Royal courtier; wife of 5th Marquess of Lansdowne; daughter of 1st Duke of Abercorn. 7 Portraits

Henry William Edmund Petty-Fitzmaurice, 6th Marquess of Lansdowne (1872-1936), Army officer and politician; MP for West Derbyshire. 4 Portraits

Charles Hope Fitzmaurice, 7th Marquess of Lansdowne (1917-1944), Army officer. 1 Portrait

George Granville, Baron Lansdowne (1666-1735), Poet and dramatist. 2 Portraits

Mary Granville (née Villiers), Lady Lansdowne (died 1735), Former wife of Thomas Thynne, and later wife of 1st Baron Lansdowne. 3 Portraits

Sir George Victor Lansell (1883-1959), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lant (1556?-1600), Herald. 1 Portrait

Don Filippo Lante Montefeltro della Rovere (1908-1965), Italian nobleman. 2 Portraits

Edward (Edouard) Lanteri (1848-1917), Sculptor. 3 Portraits

Benjamin Lany (1591-1675), Bishop of Ely. 1 Portrait

Anne-Marie Lanyon, Daughter of Peter Lanyon. 2 Portraits

Sir (William) Owen Lanyon (1842-1887), Army officer and colonial official. 1 Portrait

(George) Peter Lanyon (1918-1964), Painter and sculptor. 6 Portraits

Sarah Lanyon (1941-), Daughter of Norman Lanyon. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Lapage (born 1888), Author. 1 Portrait

Baroness Lapeyrouse, Wife of Comte G. Lapeyrouse. 5 Portraits

Comte Gabriel Lapeyrouse. 4 Portraits

Laura La Plante (1904-1996), Actress. 3 Portraits

Lynda La Plante (1943-), Author, screenwriter and producer. 1 Portrait

Ernest Lapointe (1876-1941), Minister of Justice for Canada and Attorney-General. 1 Portrait

Odette Lapointe, Daughter of Ernest Lapointe. 1 Portrait

Robert Lapoujade (1921-1993), Artist. 5 Portraits

Alison Lapper (1965-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hugh Lapsley (1916-1995), Air Marshal. 1 Portrait

Peter Michael Lapsley (1943-2013), Company director and editor; Flyfisherman; son of Sir John Hugh Lapsley. 2 Portraits

James Lapslie (1754-1824), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Ernest Ralph Lapwood (1909-1984), Geophysicist, scholar and lecturer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Larcom (1847-1924), Diplomat and barrister; son of Sir Thomas Aiskew Larcom, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Aiskew Larcom, 1st Bt (1801-1879), Surveyor. 3 Portraits

Ethel Warneford Larcombe (née Thomson) (1879-1965), Wimbledon Champion; wife of Dudley Larcombe. 2 Portraits

Dionysius Lardner (1793-1859), Scientific writer and public lecturer. 4 Portraits

Nathaniel Lardner (1684-1768), Christian apologist and biblical scholar. 1 Portrait

Ernest Charles ('E.C.') Large (1902-1976), Scientist and writer. 1 Portrait

Freda Large, Actress. 15 Portraits

Lorna Large, Actress. 5 Portraits

Nicolas de Largillière (1656-1746). 3 Portraits

Joy Larkcom, Horticulturalist and writer on gardens. 1 Portrait

Sir William James Larke (1875-1959), Engineer and industrial administrator. 3 Portraits

Sir Frank Larken (1875-1953), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Thomas Larkham (1602-1669), Independent minister. 2 Portraits

Hon. Peter Larkin (1855-1930), 'Tea King of America'; Canadian High Commissioner. 1 Portrait

Philip Arthur Larkin (1922-1985), Poet and novelist. 6 Portraits

Sophie Larkin (1833-1903), Actress. 1 Portrait

Lady Adela Maria Larking (née Hare) (1845-1912), Wife of Cuthbert Larking; daughter of 2nd Earl of Listowel. 1 Portrait

Cuthbert Larking (1842-1910), Sportsman and royal official. 2 Portraits

John Wingfield Larking (1801-1891), Consul. 2 Portraits

Lambert Blackwell Larking (1797-1868), Antiquary. 1 Portrait

Walter Farquhar Larkins (1820?-1897), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Suttirat Anne Larlarb (1971-), Film production and costume designer; Designer for London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Larmor (1857-1942), Theoretical physicist. 3 Portraits

James Laroche (active 1696-died 1713), Singer. 1 Portrait

Laroche. 1 Portrait

Rod La Rocque (1898-1969), Actor. 1 Portrait

Marcellus Laroon (1653-1702), Painter. 1 Portrait

John La Rose (1928-2006), Publisher, poet and essayist. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Rosamund Larpent (née Arnold) (died 1879), Second wife of Francis Seymour Larpent. 1 Portrait

Francis Seymour Larpent (1776-1845), Civil Servant. 1 Portrait

Dominique Jean, baron de Larrey (1766-1842), French surgeon. 1 Portrait

Ann Larson, Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Jacques-Henri Lartigue (1894-1986), French photographer and painter. 4 Portraits

Marga La Rubia, Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Danny La Rue (Peter Underwood) (1927-2009), Entertainer and female impersonator. 3 Portraits

Grace La Rue (1882-1956), Actress and singer. 6 Portraits

Harold Larwood (1904-1995), Cricketer. 14 Portraits

Bertram Lasbrey (1881-1976), Bishop on the Niger, Assistant Bishop of Worcester and public preacher. 8 Portraits

Sir Alan Frederick Lascelles (1887-1981), Royal Secretary. 5 Portraits

Angela Lascelles (née Dowding) (1919-2007), Actress; first wife of Hon. Gerald Lascelles; daughter of Charles Dowding. 13 Portraits

Lady Caroline Georgiana Lascelles (née Howard) (1803-1881), Wife of William Saunders Lascelles; daughter of 6th Earl of Carlisle. 2 Portraits

Hon. Edward Cecil Lascelles (1887-1935), Second son of 5th Earl of Harewood. 5 Portraits

Emma Lascelles. 1 Portrait

Francis Lascelles, Soldier; husband of Ann Catley. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis William Lascelles (1890-1979), Clerk of the Parliaments. 3 Portraits

Frank Lascelles (1876-1934), Pageant master, writer and sculptor. 1 Portrait

Sir Frank Cavendish Lascelles (1841-1920), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Hon. Gerald David Lascelles (1924-1998), President of the British Racing Drivers' Club; son of 6th Earl of Harewood and Princess Mary, Princess Royal. 26 Portraits

Hon. Gerald William Lascelles (1849-1928), Falconer, sportsman and sportswriter. 4 Portraits

Henry Lascelles, Stuart loyalist; cousin of Jane Lane. 3 Portraits

Henry Anthony Lascelles (1912-2000), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Henry Ulick Lascelles (1953-), Son of Gerald Lascelles; grandson of Mary, Princess Royal. 14 Portraits

James Edward Lascelles (1953-), Musician; son of 7th Earl of Harewood and Marion Stein. 5 Portraits

Hon. Joan Eleanor Campbell Lascelles (née Balfour) (1889-1939), Sister-in-law to Mary, Princess Royal. 3 Portraits

Mary Lascelles. 1 Portrait

Mary Madge Lascelles (1900-1995), Granddaughter of 4th Earl of Harewood. 2 Portraits

(Robert) Jeremy Hugh Lascelles (1955-), Music industry chief executive; son of 7th Earl of Harewood and Marion Stein. 5 Portraits

William Saunders Sebright Lascelles (1798-1851), Politician; MP for Wakefield and Knaresborough. 1 Portrait

Mrs Lascelles (active 1750s). 1 Portrait

Sir Denys Louis Lasdun (1914-2001), Architect. 5 Portraits

Claudia Lasell (active 1900s), Actress. 1 Portrait

William Quinlan Lash (1905-1986), Bishop of Bombay. 1 Portrait

Señorita Las Heras, Singer and actress. 1 Portrait

Peter Laskarides, Businessman; cousin of Marie Stillman (née Spartali). 1 Portrait

Harold Laski (1893-1950), Political theorist. 8 Portraits

Marghanita Laski (1915-1988), Novelist, critic and journalist. 5 Portraits

Neville Jonas Laski (1890-1969), Judge. 1 Portrait

Peter Laslett (1915-2001), Historian. 1 Portrait

Ruth Judith ('Judy') Lassalle (née Richardson) (1925-2011), Wife of George Lassalle; daughter of Sir Wodehouse Richardson; sister of Sir John Richardson. 1 Portrait

Robert Errington Lassam (1914-2008), Founding curator of the Fox Talbot Museum. 1 Portrait

William Lassell (1799-1880), Astronomer. 2 Portraits

Edric Henry Peter Lassen (1908-2004), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Norman Horace Latchford (1906-1984), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Martinus Laterna (died 1598), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

William M. Latey (1885-1976), Queen's Counsel and Newspaper Editor. 2 Portraits

Charles Latham, 1st Baron Latham (1888-1970), Politician; Leader of the London County Council. 22 Portraits

Arthur Latham (1930-), Politician; MP for Paddington. 1 Portrait

Bryan Latham (1895-1980), Company director. 1 Portrait

John Latham (1761-1843), Physician. 2 Portraits

John Latham (active 1861). 1 Portrait

John Aubrey Clarendon Latham (1921-2006), Artist. 6 Portraits

Sir Joseph Latham (1905-1988), Director of George Wimpey Plc. 2 Portraits

Peter Wallwork Latham (1832-1923), Physician. 1 Portrait

Robert Clifford Latham (1912-1995), Pepys Librarian and Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Robert Gordon Latham (1812-1888), Ethnologist and philologist. 2 Portraits

Ruby Latham, Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Sarah Helena Latham (née White) (1874-1961), Wife of Professor Charles Latham. 2 Portraits

Henry Herbert La Thangue (1859-1929), Artist. 2 Portraits

Daniel Conner Lathbury (1831-1922), Newspaper editor. 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald William Lathbury (1906-1978), General and Governor of Gibraltar. 7 Portraits

Edward Bootle-Wilbraham, 1st Earl of Lathom (1837-1898), Courtier and landowner. 8 Portraits

Alice (née Villiers), Countess of Lathom (1841-1897), Wife of 1st Earl of Lathom; daughter of 4th Earl of Clarendon. 3 Portraits

Edward William Bootle-Wilbraham, 3rd Earl of Lathom (1895-1930), Playwright. 1 Portrait

Lucy (née Somerset), Lady Latimer (1524-1583), Lady in waiting to Katherine Parr; wife of John Neville, 4th Baron Latimer. 1 Portrait

Sir Courtenay Latimer (1880-1944), Civil servant in India. 1 Portrait

Edyth Latimer (1883-1967), Australian actress; wife of William Haviland. 1 Portrait

Hugh Latimer (circa 1485-1555), Bishop of Worcester. 33 Portraits

David Marlay La Touche (1768-1816), Politician; MP for County Carlow. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Latouche (née Vicars) (born 1758), Philanthropist and politician; MP for County Leitrim; wife of Peter Latouche. 2 Portraits

Everard Neal Digges La Touche (1844-1903), Major. 1 Portrait

Maurice Quentin de La Tour (1704-1788). 0 Portraits

W. Latour. 1 Portrait

Marie Charles César de Fay, comte de Latour Maubourg (1756-1831), French soldier. 1 Portrait

Marie Victor Nicolas de Fay Latour Maubourg (1768-1850), French General. 1 Portrait

Benjamin La Trobe (1728-1786), Moravian minister. 4 Portraits

Charles Joseph Latrobe (1801-1875), Australian governor and traveller. 2 Portraits

Christian Ignatius Latrobe (1758-1836), Musical composer. 2 Portraits

François Latry (1889-1966), Maitre-chef at the Savoy. 1 Portrait

Ada May (née Short), Lady Latta, Wife of Sir John Latta, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Cecil Latta (1903-1937), Son of Sir John Latta, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir John Latta, 1st Bt (1867-1946), Shipowner and merchant. 4 Portraits

Arthur Malcolm Latter (1875-1961), Chairman of West Sussex Quarter Sessions. 5 Portraits

Francis Burdett Thomas Coutts-Nevill, 5th Baron Latymer (1852-1923), Barrister and poet. 1 Portrait

Edith Ellen (née Churchill), Baroness Latymer (died 1942), Wife of 5th Baron Latymer. 1 Portrait

Hugh Burdett Money-Coutts, 6th Baron Latymer (1876-1949), Author; son of 5th Baron Latymer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Burdett Muney-Coutts, 7th Baron Latymer (1901-1987), Banker. 2 Portraits

Patience Margaret (née Courtenay-Thompson), Lady Latymer (died 1982), Wife of 7th Baron Latymer. 1 Portrait

Grace Lau (1939-), Photographer, writer and lecturer. 1 Portrait

William Laud (1573-1645), Archbishop of Canterbury. 61 Portraits

Annie (née Vallance), Lady Lauder (1873 or 1874-1927), Wife of Sir Harry Lauder. 2 Portraits

Sir Harry Lauder (1870-1950), Comedian. 20 Portraits

John Lauder (died 1794), Coppersmith. 1 Portrait

John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale (1616-1682), Scottish politician and supporter of Charles II. 24 Portraits

Elizabeth Murray, Duchess of Lauderdale and Countess of Dysart (baptised 1626-1698), Noblewoman. 7 Portraits

Richard Maitland, 4th Earl of Lauderdale (1653-1695), Jacobite nobleman. 1 Portrait

James Maitland, 8th Earl of Lauderdale (1759-1839), Scottish politician and author of 'Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Public Wealth'. 35 Portraits

Frederick Colin Maitland, 14th Earl of Lauderdale (1868-1931), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Ian Colin Maitland, 15th Earl of Lauderdale (1891-1953), Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 1915-1916. 3 Portraits

Patrick Francis Maitland, 17th Earl of Lauderdale (1911-2008), Author, journalist, editor and politician. 19 Portraits

Lady Lauderdale (active 1848). 3 Portraits

Rowland Laugharne (active 1613-1660), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Charles Laughton (1899-1962), Actor. 19 Portraits

John Laughton, Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Frank Launder (1906-1997), Film writer and director. 3 Portraits

Princess Victor of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (Laura Williamina (née Seymour), Countess von Gleichen) (1832-1912), Wife of Prince Victor of Hohenlohe-Langenburg; daughter of Sir George Seymour. 1 Portrait

Stan Laurel (né Arthur Stanley Jefferson) (1890-1965), Comedian. 1 Portrait

Lady Sybil Laurence (née Stopford) (1882-1946), Wife of Colin Laurence; daughter of 6th Earl Courtown. 11 Portraits

Brian Colin Laurence (1921-1984), Son of Lady Sybil Laurence (née Stopford) and Colin Laurence. 8 Portraits

Desmond Roger Laurence (1922-), Son of Lady Sybil Laurence (née Stopford) and Colin Laurence. 8 Portraits

French Laurence (1757-1809), Lawyer and politician. 1 Portrait

John Laurence (1668-1732), Writer on gardening. 1 Portrait

Sir Noel Frank Laurence (1882-1970), Admiral and Great War submarine commander. 4 Portraits

Sir Perceval Maitland Laurence (1854-1930), Colonial judge. 1 Portrait

Samuel Laurence (1812-1884), Portrait painter. 4 Portraits

Mrs Laurence (active 1854). 1 Portrait

Marie Laurencin (1883-1956), Painter, printmaker and stage designer. 3 Portraits

Jean Baptiste Laurent (1763-1822), Actor. 1 Portrait

Stella Lauri (Mrs Harry Ulph) (died 1907), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

David Alexander St George Laurie (1918-2004), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Laurie, Actress. 7 Portraits

(James) Hugh Calum Laurie (1959-), Actor, comedian and writer. 1 Portrait

Joan Werner Laurie (1920-1964), Magazine editor. 1 Portrait

Sir John Dawson Laurie (1872-1954), Lieutenant-colonel, Lord Mayor of London 1941-2. 4 Portraits

Sir John Emilius Laurie, 6th Bt (1892-1983), Major-General. 18 Portraits

Sir Percy Robert Laurie (1880-1962), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

Peter Laurie (active 1844), Common Pleader. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Laurie (1778 or 1779-1861), Lord Mayor of London; politician; writer. 1 Portrait

Robert Laurie (1806-1882), Norroy King of Arms and Clarenceux King of Arms. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Laurie, 5th Bt (circa 1738-1804), General and politician; MP for Dumfriesshire. 3 Portraits

Rufus Henry Laurie (1892-1961), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Simon Somerville Laurie (1829-1909), Educationist. 1 Portrait

Jay Laurier (1879-1969), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir (Henri Charles) Wilfrid Laurier (1841-1919), Prime Minister of Canada. 5 Portraits

Edward Laurillard (1870-1936), Dutch theatre manager. 1 Portrait

Jacques Alexandre Bernard Law de Lauriston (1768-1828), French general and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir Hersch Lauterpacht (1897-1960), Judge and Professor of International Law. 1 Portrait

Claire Lautier (1969-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Amelia Cate de Lautour, Scottish-born sculptor and painter of animal subjects. 4 Portraits

Joseph Albert Lauwerys (1902-1981), Professor of Comparative Education. 3 Portraits

Anne Neale Tucker Lauzun (1776-1861), Wife of H.W. Lauzun. 1 Portrait

Lili de Alvarez, Comtess de la Valdene (1905-1998), Tennis player. 2 Portraits

Antoine Marie Chamans, comte de Lavalette (1769-1830), French politician and general. 1 Portrait

Eve Lavallière (Eugénie Marie Pascaline Fenoglio) (1866-1929), Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Johann Caspar Lavater (1741-1801), Theologian and physiognomist. 3 Portraits

James Lavelle (1974-), DJ and record producer. 1 Portrait

(Anne) Venetia Charlotte Lavender (née Delevingne) (1938-1987), Wife of Edward Lavender; daughter of (Edward) Dudley Delevingne. 2 Portraits

Ethel Lavenu (Eliza Lavenu) (1842-1917), Actress. 1 Portrait

James Laver (1899-1975), Writer. 39 Portraits

William Scott Laver (1909-1988), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Roger LaVern (1938-2013), Musician; organist for The Tornados. 1 Portrait

Sir John Lavery (1856-1941), Painter. 16 Portraits

Augustus Lavie (circa 1843-1912), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Germain Lavie (1836-1901), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

H.V. Lavington, Commander. 5 Portraits

Juliet Lavinia, Daughter of Angela Baddeley. 5 Portraits

Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794), French chemist, economist and nobleman. 1 Portrait

Madame Lavrova (Baroness Royce Garrett). 1 Portrait

Lady Adelaide Emeline Caroline Law (née Vane) (1830-1882), Wife of Reverend Frederick Henry Law. 1 Portrait

Albert Law (1872-1956), Politician; MP for Bolton. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Joseph Law (1860-1939), Politician; MP for Rochdale and High Peak. 4 Portraits

Sir Algernon Law (1856-1943), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Andrew Bonar Law (1858-1923), Prime Minister and businessman. 22 Portraits

Arthur Law (1876-1933), Labour politician; MP for Rossendale. 1 Portrait

Augusta Champagne Law (née Graves) (1812-1844), Wife of Hon. William Towry Law, son of 1st Baron Ellenborough. 1 Portrait

Hon. Cecil Towry Henry Law (1931-), Son of 7th Baron Ellenborough. 2 Portraits

Charles Adrian Christian Towry Law (1960-), Son of 8th Baron Ellenborough. 3 Portraits

Charles Ewan Law (1792-1850), Judge. 1 Portrait

David Law (1831-1901), Etcher and landscape painter. 1 Portrait

Edmund Ivor Cecil Law (1956-), Son of 8th Baron Ellenborough. 3 Portraits

Hon. Ethel Beatrice Law (died 1937), Sister of 5th Baron Ellenborough. 1 Portrait

Frank William Law (1898-1987), Consulting ophthalmic surgeon. 1 Portrait

George Henry Law (1761-1845), Bishop of Bath and Wells. 6 Portraits

Harrington Law, Son of A. Bonar Law. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Spencer Law (1802-1885), Barrister; son of 1st Baron Ellenborough. 1 Portrait

John Law (1671-1729), Financier and speculator. 10 Portraits

John Law (1941-), Painter and sculptor. 1 Portrait

Jude Law (1971-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Mary Law (1889-1919), Violinist. 4 Portraits

Robert Theophilus Hewitt Law (1855-1949), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Roger Law (1941-), Cartoonist, illustrator and artist. 2 Portraits

Rupert Edward Henry Law (1955-), Major; son of 8th Baron Ellenborough. 3 Portraits

Susan Rosemary Dacre Law (née Clerk) (1905-circa 1995), Wife of Colonel Francis Law; daughter of Sir George James Robert Clerk, 9th Bt. 2 Portraits

S.E. Law (active 1844), Politician; MP and Recorder. 1 Portrait

W. Law. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mrs Law. 1 Portrait

Henry Lawes (circa 1596-1662), Singer and composer. 3 Portraits

Sir John Bennet Lawes, 1st Bt (1814-1900), Agriculturalist. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Bennett Lawes-Wittewronge (né Lawes), 2nd Bt (1843-1911), Sculptor and amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Lady Lawford, Wife of Sir John Lawford. 1 Portrait

Edward Lawford (1787-1864), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Lawford. 1 Portrait

Sydney Turing Barlow Lawford (1865-1953), Lieutenant-General. 6 Portraits

Valentine Lawford (1911-1991), Diplomat and partner of Horst P. Horst. 1 Portrait

John Lawless (1773-1837), Irish agitator. 2 Portraits

Kathleen Emily Marie Lawless (1888-1957), Daughter of 4th Baron Cloncurry. 2 Portraits

Matthew James Lawless (1837-1864), Painter and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Edgar Ernest Lawley (1889-1977), Chairman. 1 Portrait

Francis George Lawley. 1 Portrait

John Lawlor (active 1829). 1 Portrait

James Gunson Lawn (1868-1952), Consulting engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Salisbury Lawrance (1880-1965), Major and colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Sir John Compton Lawrance (Baptised 1832-1912), High Court Judge. 1 Portrait

Marion Lawrance, Secretary, World's Sunday School Association. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lawranson (died circa 1777), Painter. 1 Portrait

John Laird Mair Lawrence, 1st Baron Lawrence (1811-1879), Viceroy of India. 22 Portraits

Doreen Lawrence, Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon (1952-), Campaigner and founder of the Stephen Lawrence charitable trust. 1 Portrait

Charles Napier Lawrence, 1st Baron Lawrence of Kingsgate (1855-1927), Businessman and railway executive. 8 Portraits

John Hamilton Lawrence, 2nd Baron Lawrence (1846-1913), Lord-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria and Edward VII. 4 Portraits

Alexander Graham Lawrence, 3rd Baron Lawrence (1878-1947), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Helen (née Hobson), Lady Lawrence (died 1935), First wife of 3rd Baron Lawrence; daughter of Anthony Pemberton Hobson. 3 Portraits

John Anthony Edward Lawrence, 4th Baron Lawrence (1908-1968), Lieutenant. 4 Portraits

Anne Elizabeth Le Poer (née Wynne), Lady Lawrence (1873-1950), Wife of Sir Alexander Waldemar Lawrence, 4th Bt. 4 Portraits

Hon. (Alfred) Clive Lawrence (1876-1926), HM Procurator General and Solicitor to the Treasury. 3 Portraits

Dame Maude Agnes Lawrence (1864-1933), Educationalist; Chief Woman Inspector of the Board of Education; daughter of 1st Lord Lawrence. 3 Portraits

David Herbert ('D.H.') Lawrence (1885-1930), Novelist and poet. 18 Portraits

Sir David Roland Walter Lawrence, 3rd Bt (1929-2002), Captain. 2 Portraits

Enid Lawrence, Actress; wife of R.R. Pattison. 4 Portraits

Eweretta Lawrence (active 1882-1896), Actress. 2 Portraits

Sir Frederick Lawrence (1889-1981), Deputy Leader, Paddington Borough Council. 2 Portraits

Frieda Emma Johanna Maria Lawrence (née von Richthofen) (1879-1956), Writer; wife of D.H. Lawrence. 11 Portraits

George Lawrence. 1 Portrait

George Alexander Waldemar Lawrence (1910-1999), Writer, translator and teacher. 1 Portrait

Sir George St Patrick Lawrence (1804-1884), General. 1 Portrait

Gerald Lawrence (1873-1957), Actor. 4 Portraits

Gertrude Lawrence (1898-1952), Actress. 89 Portraits

Henry Lawrence (1600-1664), Politician; President of the English Council of State. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Eustace Waldemar Lawrence, 5th Bt (1905-1967). 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence (1806-1857), General in the East India Company. 9 Portraits

Sir Henry Staveley Lawrence (1870-1949), Civil servant in India. 3 Portraits

Sir Herbert Alexander Lawrence (1861-1943), General and banker. 9 Portraits

Sir James Clarke Lawrence, 1st Bt (1820-1897), Lord Mayor of London. 2 Portraits

Sir James John Trevor Lawrence, 2nd Bt (1831-1913), President Royal Horticultural Society. 7 Portraits

John Lawrence (1807-1901), Huntmaster. 1 Portrait

Sir John Waldemar Lawrence, 6th Bt (1907-1999), Writer and editor of Frontier magazine. 3 Portraits

Sir Joseph Lawrence, 1st Bt (1848-1919), Politician. 3 Portraits

Lucy Lawrence (née Read) (died 1797), Mother of Sir Thomas Lawrence. 1 Portrait

Marion Lawrence, Second cousin of Mary Berenson (née Smith). 1 Portrait

Peter Lawrence, General Manager, Silverwood Colliery, Yorkshire. 3 Portraits

Richard Charles Bernard Lawrence (1857-1923), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Soulden Lawrence (1751-1814), Judge. 1 Portrait

Stanley Lawrence (1900-1987), Manufacturer of boxwood printing blocks. 2 Portraits

Stephanie Lawrence (1949-2000), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Stringer Lawrence (1697-1775), Known as the 'Father of the Indian army'. 4 Portraits

(Arabella) Susan Lawrence (1871-1947), Politician: MP for East Ham North. 3 Portraits

Syd Lawrence (1923-1998), Bandleader. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lawrence (1725-1797), Father of Sir Thomas Lawrence. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830), Portrait painter, collector and President of the Royal Academy. 25 Portraits

Thomas Edward ('T.E.') Lawrence (1888-1935), Known as 'Lawrence of Arabia'; soldier and writer. 28 Portraits

T.B. Lawrence, Founder and conductor of the Fleet Street Choir. 2 Portraits

Sir Walter Roper Lawrence, 1st Bt (1857-1940), Indian civil servant. 4 Portraits

Sir William Lawrence, 1st Bt (1783-1867), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

William Lawrence (1789-1855), Businessman and Sheriff of London. 1 Portrait

William Lawrence (1850-1941), Bishop of Massachusetts. 1 Portrait

William Frederic Lawrence (1844-1935), Politician and barrister. 1 Portrait

James Haldane Lawrie (1907-1979), Businessman and Chairman of British Film Academy. 1 Portrait

J.M. Lawrie (active 1860s), Scottish reverend. 1 Portrait

John James ('Jack') Lawson, 1st Baron Lawson (1881-1965), Trade unionist, miner and Labour politician; MP for Chester-le-Street. 9 Portraits

Andrew Lawson (1945-), Writer on gardens and photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Arnold Lawson (1867-1947), Ophthalmic surgeon. 8 Portraits

Cecil Gordon Lawson (1849-1882), Landscape painter. 4 Portraits

Charles Lawson (1728-1807), Headmaster of Manchester Grammar School 1764-1807. 3 Portraits

Charles Lawson (1795-1873), Seed merchant and agriculturist. 1 Portrait

Dennis Stamper Lawson (1947-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Hon. Dominic Ralph Campden Lawson (1956-), Editor of The Sunday Telegraph. 2 Portraits

Ennis Lawson (active 1920s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Ethel Lawson, Actress. 14 Portraits

Hon. Florence ('Flora') Lawson (née Fermor-Hesketh) (1915-1970), Former wife of 4th Baron Revelstoke of Membland, and later wife of Arnold Derek Arthur Lawson; daughter of 1st Baron Hesketh. 2 Portraits

George Lawson (1831-1903), Ophthalmic surgeon. 1 Portrait

George Anderson Lawson (1832-1904), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Frederick Henry ('Harry') Lawson (1897-1983), Jurist. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Brailsford Lawson (1898-1978), Legal Adviser and Deputy Chief General Manager of Lloyds Bank Ltd. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Merrick Lawson (1859-1933), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Ian Douglas Napier Lawson (1917-1998), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

James ('Jimmy') Lawson (died 1977), Wing Commander, RAF. 1 Portrait

James Lawson (died 1788), Minister. 2 Portraits

James Lawson (died circa 1820), Leather merchant. 1 Portrait

Sir John Lawson (circa 1615-1665), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

John Lawson (died 1920), Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Grant Lawson, 1st Bt (1856-1919), Politician; MP for Thirsk & Malton. 3 Portraits

John Joseph Lawson (1802-1852), Publisher. 1 Portrait

Lionel Lawson (né Levy) (1824-1879), Printer, newspaperman and builder of the Gaiety theatre. 1 Portrait

Malcolm Leonard Lawson (1847-1918), Composer. 1 Portrait

Mark Gerard Lawson (1962-), Journalist, broadcaster and author. 1 Portrait

Mary Elizabeth Lawson (1910-1941), Actress. 1 Portrait

Nigella Lucy Lawson (1960-), Cookery writer and journalist. 2 Portraits

Robert Lawson (1741-1816), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Sonia Lawson (1934-), Painter. 2 Portraits

Twiggy Lawson (née Lesley Hornby) (1949-), Model and actress. 30 Portraits

Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 2nd Bt (1829-1906), Landowner and politician, temperance campaigner and anti-imperialist. 15 Portraits

Lady (Pamela) Lemina Lawson Johnston (née Gordon) (1941-), Wife of Hon. Ian Henry Calthorpe Lawson Johnston; daughter of 12th Marquess of Huntly. 11 Portraits

Audrey Warren Lawson-Johnston (née Pearl) (1915-2011), Wife of Hugh de Beauchamp Lawson-Johnston. 5 Portraits

Hon. Hugh de Beauchamp Lawson-Johnston (1914-2002), Businessman; son of 1st Baron Luke. 14 Portraits

Olive Elizabeth Helen Lawson-Johnston (1904-active 1936), Served in World War II; former wife of Frederick Lothair Lawson-Johnston; daughter of 1st Baron Luke. 7 Portraits

Silvia Mary Lawson Johnston (née Roigt), First wife of Hon. Arthur Charles St John Lawson Johnston (later 3rd Baron Luke); daughter of Don Honorio Roigt. 1 Portrait

Mrs W.E. Lawson-Johnston, Daughter of Frederick Gordon of Stanmore; wife of W.E. Lawson-Johnston. 1 Portrait

Nigel Lawson, Baron Lawson of Blaby (1932-), Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1983-89. 6 Portraits

William Lawther (1889-1976), Politician and President of Trades Union Congress. 4 Portraits

Frank Lawton (1904-1969), Actor. 1 Portrait

Harold Walter Lawton (1899-2005), Professor of French. 6 Portraits

Sir John Hartley Lawton (1943-), Chairman, Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. 1 Portrait

Gerald Laxer, Businessman. 1 Portrait

Corporal Laxon, Dyak Head-hunter, member of the Borneo Native Police and servant of Captain Wardrop. 5 Portraits

Henry Champlin Lay (1823-1885), Missionary Bishop of the Southwest. 3 Portraits

Mr Layall (Mr Mansell?). 1 Portrait

Ada Alexandria (née Julius), Lady Layard (1849-1934), Wife of Sir Charles Peter Layard; daughter of Alfred Alexander Julius. 3 Portraits

Austen Havelock Layard (1895-1956), Deputy commissioner of Delhi. 1 Portrait

Sir Austen Henry Layard (1817-1894), Politician, diplomat and archaeologist. 23 Portraits

Mary Enid Evelyn (née Guest), Lady Layard (1843-1912), Wife of Sir Austen Henry Layard; daughter of Sir Josiah John Guest, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Alan Watson Laybourne (1898-1977), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir Joseph Frederick Laycock (1867-1952), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Edward Laycock (1907-1968), Soldier. 11 Portraits

(Elsie) Evelyn Laye (1900-1996), Actress and singer. 57 Portraits

Christopher Layer (1683-1723), Lawyer; Jacobite conspirator hanged for treason. 2 Portraits

Archibald Layford (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Walter Thomas Layton, 1st Baron Layton (1884-1966), Economist, editor and newspaper proprietor. 10 Portraits

Michael John Layton, 2nd Baron Layton (1912-1989), Businessman; co-founder of the European-Atlantic Group. 1 Portrait

Sir Geoffrey Layton (1884-1964), Admiral. 5 Portraits

G.S. Layton. 1 Portrait

Paul Layton (1947-), Musician and member of 'The New Seekers'. 1 Portrait

Anna Lazard (born 1827?), Wife of Edward Lazard. 1 Portrait

Edward Lazard (1816?), Merchant banker. 1 Portrait

Lazardi (died 1866). 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Lazenby (née Ivers) (active 1854), Actress. 1 Portrait

Vasco Lazzolo (circa 1915-1984), Artist. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lea (1868-1958), Bishop of Kyushu, Japan. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Lea. 1 Portrait

Frederick Charles Lea (1871-1952), Consulting engineer and Professor of Civil Engineering. 2 Portraits

Sir Frederick Measham Lea (1900-1984), Director of Building Research. 6 Portraits

Sir George Harris Lea (1912-1990), Army officer. 9 Portraits

Hugh Cecil Lea (1869-1926), Liberal politician; MP for St Pancras East. 1 Portrait

I. Lea. 2 Portraits

Mrs Lea, Wife of I. Lea. 1 Portrait

Marion Lea (Mrs Langdon Elwyn Mitchell) (1864-1944), Actress. 2 Portraits

Mary Ophelia (née Woodward), Lady Lea (1875-1933), Wife of Sir (Thomas) Sydney Lea, 2nd Bt; daughter of Robert Woodward. 3 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Sydney Lea, 2nd Bt (1867-1946), Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Mrs Lea. 1 Portrait

Mr Lea. 1 Portrait

Anthony Charles Leach (1916-1999). 2 Portraits

Bernard Howell Leach (1887-1979), Potter and writer. 7 Portraits

David Andrew Leach (1911-2005), Potter. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Leach (1836-1923), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Sir George Archibald Leach (1820-1913), Secretary to the Board of Agriculture. 2 Portraits

Henry Edmund Burleigh Leach (1870-1936), Brigadier-General; son of Sir Edmund Leach. 5 Portraits

Janet Darnell Leach (1918-1997), Potter; third wife of Bernard Leach. 1 Portrait

Sir John Leach (1760-1834), Master of the Rolls. 4 Portraits

Sir (Alfred Henry) Lionel Leach (1883-1960), Queen's Counsel and Chairman of Singapore Riots Inquiry Commission. 8 Portraits

Penelope Leach (née Balchin) (1937-), Psychologist and writer on childcare. 2 Portraits

William Leach (1870-1949), Labour politician; MP for Bradford Central. 1 Portrait

Mrs Leach (active 1839). 1 Portrait

Mrs Leach (active 1839). 1 Portrait

Mrs L. Leach, Buyer at St James's Agency, London. 1 Portrait

H.J. Leacock (died 1855), Barbadian from the parish of St Lucy. 1 Portrait

Stephen Butler Leacock (1869-1944), Author and Professor of Economics. 1 Portrait

Sir Eric Cyril Egerton Leadbitter (1891-1971), Civil servant and writer. 3 Portraits

Benjamin Williams Leader (né Benjamin Williams) (1831-1923), Landscape painter. 7 Portraits

John Temple Leader (1810-1903), Connoisseur, author and politician; MP for Westminster. 12 Portraits

L.E. Leader. 2 Portraits

Nicholas Philpot Leader (1773-1836), Irish politician. 1 Portrait

David Anthony Terence Leadley (1928-), Rowed for Cambridge University. 1 Portrait

John Leaf (circa 1536-1555), Protestant martyr. 2 Portraits

Walter Leaf (1852-1927), Classical scholar and banker. 3 Portraits

Leah (circa 1932-active 1936). 2 Portraits

Arthur Leahy (1830-1878), Army officer. 1 Portrait

John Leahy (1810-1874), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir Terence Patrick ('Terry') Leahy (1956-), Chief Executive, Tesco plc. 1 Portrait

William Daniel Leahy (1875-1959), Fleet Admiral, United States Navy. 1 Portrait

W.J. Leahy, Sword-bearer of the City of Dublin. 1 Portrait

Sir John Leake (1656-1720), Admiral of the Fleet. 1 Portrait

Sidney Henry Leake (1892-1973), Managing Director of Lewis. 1 Portrait

Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey (1903-1972), Archaeologist and palaeoanthropologist. 1 Portrait

(Arundell) Rea Leakey (1915-1999), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir David Lean (1908-1991), Film director. 19 Portraits

(Edward) Tangye Lean (1911-1974), Director of External Broadcasting BBC. 1 Portrait

Kajsa Leander, Businesswoman. 1 Portrait

Mike Leander (1941-1996), Musical arranger. 1 Portrait

Zarah Leander (1907-1981), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Anne Cynthia Veronica Tempest Leapman (née Plumer) (1921-), Wife of J.F.M. Leapman; daughter of 2nd Viscount Plumer. 8 Portraits

Ann Lear (1791-1861), Eldest sister of Edward Lear. 1 Portrait

Catherine Lear (1813-1837), Youngest sister of Edward Lear. 1 Portrait

Edward Lear (1812-1888), Artist and author of the 'Book of Nonsense'. 5 Portraits

Olive Leared (née Hockin) (1881-1936), Suffragette; Artist. 2 Portraits

Alexander Learmonth (1829-1887), Politician and army officer. 2 Portraits

Charlotte Salter Learmonth (née Lyons), Wife of Alexander Learmonth; daughter of Humphrey Lyons. 2 Portraits

Sir Frederick Charles Learmonth (1866-1941), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Sir James Rögnvald Learmonth (1895-1967), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

Roderick Alastair Brook Learoyd (1913-1996), Air force officer. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Lowther Ewart Clark Leask (1913-2004), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

Kenneth Malise St Clair Graeme Leask (1896-1974), Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

William Leask (1812-1884), Dissenting divine. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Leate (1565 or 1666-1631), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Lady Victoria Diana Leatham (née Brownlow Cecil) (1947-), Wife of Simon Patrick Leatham; daughter of 6th Marquess of Exeter. 12 Portraits

Philip William Leatham (1946-), Second son of Patrick Magor Leatham and Hon. Cecily Eveline (née Berry). 8 Portraits

Sir Ralph Leatham (1886-1954), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Robert Leatham (1869-1939), Director of Barclays Bank. 2 Portraits

Simon Patrick Leatham (1944-), Eldest son of Patrick Magor Leatham and Hon. Cecily Eveline (née Berry). 8 Portraits

William Leatham (1783-1842), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

William Henry Leatham (1815-1889), Poet and politician. 1 Portrait

Julian Rudolph Leathart (1891-1967), Architect. 1 Portrait

John Gaston Leathem (1906-1984), Justice of the Peace and Headmaster of Taunton School. 2 Portraits

Sir Edwin Hartley Cameron Leather (1919-2005), Broadcaster, politician and author. 5 Portraits

Frederick James Leathers, 1st Viscount Leathers (1883-1965), Shipping expert and government minister. 7 Portraits

Frederick Alan Leathers, 2nd Viscount Leathers (1908-1996), Businessman. 3 Portraits

Christopher Graeme Leathers, 3rd Viscount Leathers (1941-), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Hon. Jeremy Baxter Leathers (1946-), Son of 2nd Viscount Leathers. 2 Portraits

John Beresford Leathes (1864-1956), Physiologist. 3 Portraits

Reginald Carteret de Mussenden Leathes (1909-1987), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Stanley Leathes (1830-1900), Hebrew scholar. 1 Portrait

Sir Stanley Mordaunt Leathes (1861-1938), Historian and administrator. 2 Portraits

Marie Rose (Marie Leavett) (1856-1919), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Anthony ('Tony') Leavey (1915-1999), Politician and company director. 1 Portrait

Frank Raymond Leavis (1895-1978), Teacher, editor and literary critic. 2 Portraits

Charles Webb Le Bas (1779-1861), College Principal. 1 Portrait

Edward Le Bas (1904-1966), Artist. 3 Portraits

Gwen Le Bas (1903-1944), Sister of Edward Le Bas. 6 Portraits

Michael Henry Le Bas (1916-1988), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Molly Le Bas (1903-), Sculptor; sister of Edward 'Boy' le Bas, friend and neighbour of Cecil Beaton. 6 Portraits

Lebeck (active 1710), Tavern keeper. 2 Portraits

Richard Le Beloman, Teacher of shorthand writing. 2 Portraits

Guillaume Leblanc (1561-1601), French prelate; Bishop of Grasse. 1 Portrait

Michael le Blon, Collector of works by Holbein. 1 Portrait

Simon Le Bon (1958-), Musician, singer and songwriter for 'Duran Duran'. 7 Portraits

Flora Le Breton (born 1898), Actress. 5 Portraits

Joachim Lebreton (1760-1819). 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Le Breton (1763-1838), Bailly of Jersey. 2 Portraits

Louis Le Brocquy (1916-2012), Artist. 7 Portraits

Albert François Lebrun (1871-1950), President of France. 1 Portrait

Charles François Lebrun (1739-1824), Third Consul of the Republic. 2 Portraits

Christopher Mark Le Brun (1951-), Painter. 5 Portraits

(William) Gilmour Leburn (1913-1963), Politician and company director. 1 Portrait

Angela Lebus (active 1947). 1 Portrait

Sir Herman Andrew Harris Lebus (1884-1957), Furniture manufacturer. 3 Portraits

John Le Carré (David John Moore Cornwell) (1931-), Writer of espionage novels. 5 Portraits

L.C. Lecesne (active 1840), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Sir Edmund Lechmere, 3rd Bt (1826-1894), Pioneer of Red Cross Society. 2 Portraits

Sir Nicholas Lechmere (1613-1701), Judge. 2 Portraits

Robert Leckie (1890-1975), Group Captain, Air Marshal in RAF. 1 Portrait

Robert Gilmour Edwards Leckie (1869-1923), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

(William) Edward Hartpole Lecky (1838-1903), Irish historian, essayist and politician. 20 Portraits

Charles Victor Emmanuel Leclerc (1772-1802), French General. 1 Portrait

Carlotta Leclercq (1838-1893), Actress. 3 Portraits

Louise Leclercq (died 1898), Actress and dancer. 1 Portrait

Rose Leclercq (1843-1899), Actress. 7 Portraits

Tanaquil Leclercq (1929-2000), Ballerina. 1 Portrait

George Wyndham, 1st Baron Leconfield (1787-1869), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Henry Wyndham, 2nd Baron Leconfield (1830-1901), Politician; MP for West Sussex. 2 Portraits

Constance Evelyn Wyndham (née Primrose), Lady Leconfield (1846-1939), Wife of 2nd Baron Leconfield; daughter of Archibald Primrose, Lord Dalmeny. 4 Portraits

Charles Henry Wyndham, 3rd Baron Leconfield (1872-1952), Lord Lieutenant of Sussex. 5 Portraits

Beatrice Violet (née Rawson), Lady Leconfield (1892-1956), Wife of 3rd Baron Leconfield; daughter of Richard Hamilton Rawson. 8 Portraits

Edward Scawen Wyndham, 5th Baron Leconfield (1883-1967), Colonel. 4 Portraits

Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret) (1887-1965), Architect and painter. 13 Portraits

Pierre François Le Courayer (1681-1776), French divine. 1 Portrait

John Aaron Le Couteur, Vicar. 4 Portraits

Marie Leczinska of France (1703-1768), Queen of Louis XV of France. 1 Portrait

Francis Lederer (1899-2000), Actor. 2 Portraits

Helen Lederer (1954-), Comedian and actress. 1 Portrait

Francis Dashwood, 11th Baron Le Despencer (1708-1781), Conservative politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer and rake. 8 Portraits

Sir Henry Ledgard (1853-1946), President of Upper India Chamber of Commerce. 2 Portraits

Thomas Lediard (1685-1743), Author. 3 Portraits

Sir John Charles Grant Ledingham (1875-1944), Bacteriologist. 4 Portraits

Miss S.C. Ledingham. 1 Portrait

Joseph Frederick Ledsam (1791-active 1852), Chairman of the London and North-Western Railway. 1 Portrait

Jack George Ledson (1920-2005), Soldier. 2 Portraits

Gilbert Ledward (1888-1960), Sculptor. 4 Portraits

Arthur Hamilton Lee, 1st Viscount Lee of Fareham (1868-1947), Statesman, benefactor and art patron. 7 Portraits

Janet ('Jennie') Lee, Baroness Lee of Asheridge (1904-1988), Labour politician; MP for Cannock and North Lanarkshire and Minister for the Arts; wife of Aneurin Bevan. 30 Portraits

Frederick Lee, Baron Lee of Newton (1906-1984), Labour politician; MP for Newton. 7 Portraits

Ada Lee (née Whitter) (1842?-1910), Wife of Percy Lee; daughter of Thomas Arbuthnott Whitter. 1 Portrait

Albert William Lee, Bishop of Zululand. 1 Portrait

Alec Wilfred Lee (1896-1973), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Anna Lee (1913-2004), Actress. 1 Portrait

Arthur Stanley Gould Lee (1895-1975), Air Vice-Marshal, diplomat and author. 3 Portraits

Auriol Lee (1880-1941), Actress and producer. 5 Portraits

(Anna) Auriol Lee (née Murray-Hill) (1943-), Daughter of Peter Murray-Hill and Phyllis Calvert. 11 Portraits

Belinda Lee (1935-1961), Actress. 5 Portraits

(John) Bernard Lee (1908-1981), Actor. 1 Portrait

Charles Lee (1731-1782), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Charles Lee (1804-1880), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee (1922-2015), Actor. 5 Portraits

C.H. Lee, Captain and bank manager. 1 Portrait

Sir (Henry) Desmond Pritchard Lee (1908-1993), Classicist and headmaster. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Lee (1739-1811), Painter; wife of Sir William Lee, 4th Bt. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth Annette Lee (née Solomon) (1914-), Photographer's assistant to Madame Yevonde. 4 Portraits

Emsley Mark Lee (1886-1981), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Fitzhugh Lee (active 1860s), American soldier. 1 Portrait

Frank Lee (1867-1942), Labour politician; MP for North East Derbyshire. 1 Portrait

Sir Frank Godbould Lee (1903-1971), Civil servant and Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Frederick Richard Lee (1798-1879), Landscape painter. 3 Portraits

Garnet Morley Lee (1887-1976), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Sir George Lee (1700-1758), Lawyer and politician. 2 Portraits

Gilbert Henry Clyton Lee (1911-1991), BOAC traffic manager. 1 Portrait

Harold ('Harry') George Lee (1907-1998), Tennis player. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry Lee (1533-1611), Master of the Ordnance. 5 Portraits

Henry Lee (1817-1898), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Austin Lee (1847-1918), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Henry Washington Lee (1815-1874), First Bishop of Iowa. 3 Portraits

Herbert Jack Lee, Commodore. 4 Portraits

Dame Hermione Lee (1948-), Goldsmith's Professor of English Literature, New College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Honkon Lee, General and Korean Ambassador to the UK. 2 Portraits

James Prince Lee (1804-1869), Bishop of Manchester and headmaster. 6 Portraits

Jennie Lee (circa 1858-1930), Actress; daughter of Edwin George Lee. 5 Portraits

John Lee (né Fiott) (1783-1866), Antiquary and astronomer. 3 Portraits

John Lee (1733-1793), Attorney-General. 6 Portraits

John Lee (1779-1859), Church of Scotland minister and university principal. 1 Portrait

John Lee (1795-1881), Actor; secretary and stage manager for Edmund Kean. 2 Portraits

John Bond Lee, Headmaster, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Barnet and reverend. 5 Portraits

Joseph Lee (1901-1975), Cartoonist. 2 Portraits

Katherine ('Kathy') Francesca Lee (née Polge) (1931-), Wife of Laurie Lee. 4 Portraits

Laurence Edward Alan ('Laurie') Lee (1914-1997), Poet and prose writer. 15 Portraits

Madge Lee (née Pemberton) (circa 1890-1970), Wife of Rupert Lee. 1 Portrait

Margaret Lucy Lee, Teacher, Oxford Home Students. 2 Portraits

Marion Lee (active 1870s), Courtesan. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Lee (1653?-1692), Poet. 3 Portraits

Nicholas Lee, Photographer. 1 Portrait

Richard Henry Lee (1732-1794), United States Senator; signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Phillips Lee (1865-1953), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Robert Lee (1804-1868), Church of Scotland minister. 2 Portraits

Robert Edward Lee (1807-1870), Army commander. 2 Portraits

Robert Warden Lee (1868-1958), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Rupert Lee (1887-1959), Artist. 1 Portrait

R. Lee, 'Leader in Medicine & Surgery'. 1 Portrait

Sir Sidney Lee (1859-1926), Shakespearian scholar; editor of the Dictionary of National Biography. 2 Portraits

Sophia Lee (1750-1824), Writer. 2 Portraits

Sydney Lee (1866-1949), Painter, etcher and wood engraver. 5 Portraits

Vanessa Lee (Winifred Ruby Moule) (1920-1992), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Vanessa Lee, Model. 1 Portrait

Sir William Lee (1688-1754), Judge. 4 Portraits

William Lee (active 1831), High Bailiff of Westminster. 2 Portraits

William Lee (1815-1883), Church of Ireland clergyman. 3 Portraits

Dr Lee (active 1885), Doctor. 1 Portrait

Miss Lee (active 1912), Actress. 7 Portraits

John Lee-Barber (1905-1995), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

John Leech (1817-1864), Illustrator and caricaturist. 14 Portraits

John Charles Warrington Leech (circa 1857-1876), Son of John Leech. 2 Portraits

Sir Joseph William Leech (1865-1940). 2 Portraits

Richard Leech (Richard Leeper McClelland) (1922-2004), Actor. 2 Portraits

Samuel Leech (1828-1879), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Sir Stephen Leech (1864-1925), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

William Thomas Leech (1869-1953), Director of Telephones, General Post Office. 2 Portraits

Hon. Etheldred Florence ('Ethel') Lee-Dillon (died 1910), Daughter of 14th Viscount Dillon. 1 Portrait

Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds ('Lord Danby') (1631-1712), Statesman. 12 Portraits

Peregrine Osborne, 2nd Duke of Leeds (1658-1729), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Bridget, Duchess of Leeds (1662-1734), Daughter of Sir Thomas and Lady Hyde, later Lady Vyner; wife of 2nd Duke of Leeds. 1 Portrait

Francis Osborne, 5th Duke of Leeds (1751-1799), Foreign Secretary. 9 Portraits

George William Frederick Osborne, 6th Duke of Leeds (1775-1838), Lord Lieutenant of the North Riding of Yorkshire and Master of the Horse. 1 Portrait

Francis Godolphin D'Arcy Osborne, 7th Duke of Leeds (1798-1859), Soldier and huntsman. 1 Portrait

Louisa Catherine Osborne (née Caton), Duchess of Leeds (circa 1792-1874), Former wife of Sir Felton Elwill Hervey-Bathurst, 1st Bt, and later wife of 7th Duke of Leeds. 1 Portrait

George Godolphin Osborne, 8th Duke of Leeds (1802-1872). 1 Portrait

George Godolphin Osborne, 9th Duke of Leeds (1828-1895), Soldier. 2 Portraits

George Godolphin Osborne, 10th Duke of Leeds (1862-1927), Royal courtier, landowner and Conservative politician; MP for Brixton. 3 Portraits

Katherine Frances (née Lambton), Duchess of Leeds (1862-1952), Wife of 10th Duke of Leeds; daughter of 2nd Earl of Durham. 1 Portrait

Audrey (née Young), Duchess of Leeds (later Lady Lawrence) (active 1948-1955), Second wife of 11th Duke of Leeds, and later wife of Sir David Lawrence, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

(Francis) D'Arcy Godolphin Osborne, 12th Duke of Leeds (1884-1964), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Anna Maria Frances Leeds (née Savage) (died 1904), Wife of Augustus Frederick Leeds; daughter of James Anthony Savage; niece of Sir James Brooke. 1 Portrait

Sir George Graham Mortimer Leeds, 7th Bt (1927-1983). 1 Portrait

Margaret ('Peggy') Leeds (active early 1890s). 4 Portraits

Sir Reginald Arthur St John Leeds, 6th Bt (1899-1970), Commander, Royal Navy. 5 Portraits

(Etheleen) Winnaretta (née Singer), Lady Leeds (1890-1980), Wife of Sir Reginald Leeds, 6th Bt; daughter of Paris Eugene Singer. 1 Portrait

Theyre Lee-Elliott (1903-1988), Artist and designer. 1 Portrait

Josephine ('Posy') Lee Guinness (née Strangman) (1901-1989), Wife of Kenelm Edward Lee Guinness; daughter of Sir Thomas Joseph Strangman. 27 Portraits

William Lee-Hankey (1869-1952), Artist. 4 Portraits

Edward Tucker Leeke (1841-1925), Sub-Dean of Lincoln Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Robert Leeke (1695 or 1696-1762), Divine and writer. 1 Portrait

George Leeman (1809-1882), Solicitor,, M. P. and railwayman. 1 Portrait

Henry Leeming. 1 Portrait

John Leeming. 1 Portrait

Clement Leeper, Canon of Southwell. 3 Portraits

Sir Reginald Wildig Allen ('Rex') Leeper (1888-1968), Diplomat; Vice-President of British Council. 4 Portraits

Sir Alan Lees (1895-1973), Air Marshal. 5 Portraits

Charles Herbert Lees (1864-1952), Physicist. 3 Portraits

Derwent Lees (1884-1931), Painter. 1 Portrait

George Martin Lees (1898-1955), Consulting geologist. 2 Portraits

Hanna Louise Lees (died 1936), Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, traveller and writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Harcourt Lees, 2nd Bt (1776-1852), Political pamphleteer. 3 Portraits

Harold Tyrrel Lingham Lees, Priest; son of James Lingham Lees. 3 Portraits

Harrington Clare Lees (1870-1929), Archbishop of Melbourne and Metropolitan of Victoria. 1 Portrait

Jack Lees (1884-1941), Politician; MP for Belper. 2 Portraits

Mary Lees (née Radcliffe), Wife of Bernard Lees; daughter of P. Radcliffe. 1 Portrait

Mary Charlotte Cooke Lees (circa 1851-1935), Daughter of John Lees. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Francis Leese, 1st Bt (1845-1914), Politician and barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir Oliver William Hargreaves Leese, 3rd Bt (1894-1978), Lieutenant-General. 5 Portraits

Alvilde Lees-Milne (née Bridges) (1909-1994), Gardening and landscape expert; former wife of 3rd Viscount Chaplin, and later wife of James Lees-Milne; daughter of Sir Tom Bridges. 4 Portraits

B.H. Leeson, Colonel. 2 Portraits

Joseph Leeson the Elder (1711-1783). 1 Portrait

Spencer Stottesbery Gwatkin Leeson (1892-1956), Headmaster of Winchester and Bishop of Peterborough. 4 Portraits

Hastings Bertrand Lees-Smith (1878-1941), Politician; Postmaster General. 2 Portraits

Ian Jaffery Lees-Spalding (1920-2001), Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Leslie William Thomas Leete (1909-1976), Chief Officer of the London Fire Brigade. 2 Portraits

Lady Dorothea Augusta Lee-Warner (1876-1942), Wife of Major Chandos Brydges Lee-Warner; daughter of 2nd Earl of Munster. 4 Portraits

Kenneth Lee-White (died 2006), Royal Navy Captain. 1 Portrait

Henry Frewen Le Fanu (1870-1946), Primate of Australia. 6 Portraits

Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873), Novelist and journalist. 1 Portrait

Nicola Frances LeFanu (1947-), Composer. 1 Portrait

Sir (George) Victor Sheridan le Fanu (1925-2007), Deputy Serjeant-at-Arms. 6 Portraits

Molly Lefebure (1919-2013), Author. 1 Portrait

Charles Joachim Lefevre (1826-1896), Racehorse owner. 1 Portrait

Claude le Fevre (1633-1675), Portrait painter. 2 Portraits

Dominique Lefevre (1737-1769), French artist. 1 Portrait

Le Fevre (Phaire) (active 1678), Jesuit. 1 Portrait

Lefevre. 1 Portrait

Gordon Leff (1926-), Lecturer in History and writer. 1 Portrait

Adam Leffler (1808-1857), Singer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Ernest) Kaye Le Fleming (1872-1946), Vice-President of British Medical Association. 2 Portraits

Anne Lefroy (née Brydges) (1749-1804), Poet, reader and friend of Jane Austen; wife of Reverend Isaac Lefroy. 1 Portrait

Anthony Lefroy (1800-1890), Conservative politician; MP for Longford and Dublin University. 2 Portraits

Charles Edward Cotterell Le Froy (died 1940), Commissary to Archbishop of Perth. 4 Portraits

George Alfred Lefroy (1854-1919), Bishop of Calcutta. 1 Portrait

Isaac Lefroy (1745-1806), Priest. 1 Portrait

Hon. Jane Lefroy (née King) (1800-1868), Wife of Anthony Lefroy; daughter of 1st Viscount Lorton. 1 Portrait

Thomas Langlois Lefroy (1776-1869), Judge. 5 Portraits

William Le Froy (1836-1909), Dean of Norwich and writer. 5 Portraits

Richard Thomas Le Gallienne (1866-1947), Poet and essayist. 2 Portraits

Cecil Henry Legard (1843-1918), Clergyman, sportsman and dog expert; editor of the Foxhound Kennel Stud Book. 1 Portrait

Sir Digby Algernon Hall Legard, 13th Bt (1876-1961), Captain. 4 Portraits

Francis Digby Legard (1829-1883), Clergyman and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir James Digby Legard (1846-1935), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Millie Legarde (active 1898-1911), Actress and singer. 7 Portraits

Arthur Wellesley Legat (1911-2010), Son of Katherine Legat (née Edis). 2 Portraits

Katharine Legat (née Edis) (1880-1963), Photographer; sister of Olive Edis. 12 Portraits

Peter Legat. 1 Portrait

Robert Legat. 1 Portrait

Ethel Lega-Weekes (1864?-1949), Devon Antiquary and author of 'Some Studies in the topography of the Cathedral Close, Exeter'. 4 Portraits

Fernand Léger (1881-1955), Artist. 4 Portraits

Pamela Leger (née Leighton Pearce), Photographer; daughter of Thomas ('Rufus') Leighton Pearce and stepdaughter of Dorothy Wilding. 1 Portrait

John Wickham Legg (1843-1921), Tutor to Prince Leopold. 1 Portrait

Karen Legg, Swimmer. 1 Portrait

C. D. B. Leggall (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Alison Joy Leggatt (1904-1990), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Frank John Leggatt (1925-2014), Senior Partner in Leggatt Brothers Fine Art dealers. 2 Portraits

Sir William Watt Leggatt (1894-1968), Colonel and Barrister. 1 Portrait

Lady Joan Margaret Legge (1885-1939), Daughter of 6th Earl of Dartmouth. 1 Portrait

Hon. Augustus Legge (1839-1913), Bishop of Lichfield; son of 4th Earl of Dartmouth and Frances. 4 Portraits

Edward Legge (1769-1827), Bishop of Oxford. 1 Portrait

Hon. Edward Henry Legge (1834-1900), Army officer and civil servant; son of 4th Earl of Dartmouth. 1 Portrait

Lady Georgina Caroline Legge (1795-1885), Lady in waiting to Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester; Daughter of 3rd Earl of Dartmouth. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Charles Legge (1852-1924), Army officer and royal courtier. 4 Portraits

Hon. Heneage Legge (1845-1911), Army officer and politician; son of 4th Earl of Dartmouth. 2 Portraits

Hon. Heneage Legge (1788-1844), Son of 3rd Earl of Dartmouth. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Legge (1765-1844), Son of William, 2nd Earl of Dartmouth. 2 Portraits

Henry Bilson Legge (1708-1764), Whig politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 8 Portraits

James Legge (1815-1897), Professor of Chinese at Oxford University. 1 Portrait

Marian Legge (née Rogers) (1814-1890), Wife of Hon. Henry Legge; daughter of Sir Frederick Leman Rogers, 7th Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Legge (circa 1535-1607), Playwright and college head. 1 Portrait

Walter Legge (1906-1979), Record producer. 1 Portrait

William Legge (1609-1672), Royalist soldier and politician; MP for Southampton. 1 Portrait

Hon. Elizabeth Shân Josephine Legge-Bourke (née Bailey) (1943-), Lord-Lieutenant of Powys. 20 Portraits

Sir (Edward Alexander) Henry ('Harry') Legge-Bourke (1914-1973), Major and politician. 8 Portraits

Heneage Legge-Bourke (1948-), Younger son of Major Sir Edward Alexander Henry Legge-Bourke; page of Honour to HM Queen Elizabeth II. 13 Portraits

Victoria Legge-Bourke (1950-), Executive director, Goldman Sachs International and Lady-in-waiting to HRH The Princess Royal; daughter of Sir Edward Alexander Henry Legge-Bourke. 1 Portrait

William Nigel Henry Legge-Bourke (1939-2009), Captain in the Royal Horse Guards; Deputy Lieutenant of Powys; Son of Major Sir Edward Alexander Henry Legge-Bourke. 10 Portraits

Donald Legget, Rower and rowing coach. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick William Leggett (1884-1983), Civil servant. 7 Portraits

A. Legh (active circa 1840s). 1 Portrait

George Cornwall Legh (1804-1877), Politician; MP for Cheshire. 2 Portraits

Louisa Charlotte Legh (née Taylor) (1806-1873), Wife of George Cornwall Legh; daughter of Edward Taylor. 1 Portrait

Freddie Legon (1925-), Guitar player. 1 Portrait

(Gabriel Jean Baptiste) Ernest Wilfrid Legouvé (1807-1903), Dramatist. 1 Portrait

Antoine Le Grand (1627 or 1628-1699), Franciscan friar and philosopher. 1 Portrait

Phyllis Le Grand, Actress and singer. 25 Portraits

Alphonse Legros (1837-1911), Painter, sculptor and etcher. 30 Portraits

Frances Rosetta Legros (née Hodgson) (born circa 1849), Wife of Alphonse Legros; daughter of Samuel Hodgson. 1 Portrait

Lucien Alphonse Legros, Son of Alphonse Legros. 2 Portraits

Daisy Le Hay (born 1883), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

John Le Hay (John Healey) (1854-1926), Actor. 2 Portraits

Alice Marie Lehmann (née Davis) (1873-1956), Wife of Rudolph Chambers Lehmann. 4 Portraits

Amelia Lehmann (née Chambers) (1820-1903), Singer, music teacher and arranger of songs; wife of (Wilhelm Augustus) Rudolf Lehmann; daughter of Robert Chambers. 1 Portrait

Ernest Benzon Lehmann (1859-1933), Civil servant; son of (Augustus) Frederick Lehmann. 2 Portraits

(Augustus) Frederick Lehmann (1826-1891), Businessman; brother of (Wilhelm Augustus) Rudolf Lehmann; father of Rudolph Chambers Lehmann. 5 Portraits

Frederick Hope Lehmann (1857-1917), Army officer; son of (Augustus) Frederick Lehmann. 4 Portraits

Jane Gibson ('Nina') Lehmann (née Chambers) (1830-1902), Wife of (Augustus) Frederick Lehmann; daughter of Robert Chambers. 3 Portraits

(Rudolph) John Frederick Lehmann (1907-1987), Writer, critic and literary editor. 17 Portraits

Elizabeth Nina Mary Frederica ('Liza') Lehmann (Mrs Bedford) (1862-1918), Singer and composer; daughter of (Wilhelm Augustus) Rudolf Lehmann. 3 Portraits

Nina Lehmann (active 1863). 1 Portrait

Rosamond Nina Lehmann (1901-1990), Novelist. 23 Portraits

(Wilhelm Augustus) Rudolf Lehmann (1819-1905), Genre and portrait painter. 4 Portraits

Rudolph Chambers Lehmann (1856-1929), Journalist and oarsman; member of staff of 'Punch'; son of (Augustus) Frederick Lehmann. 11 Portraits

Miss Lehmann, Daughter of (Augustus) Frederick Lehmann. 3 Portraits

Karl Mack von Leiberich (1752-1828), Austrian soldier. 2 Portraits

Professor Leibnitz, Scientist. 1 Portrait

Annie Leibovitz (1949-), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Thomas William Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester of Holkham (1754-1842), Politician and agricultural reformer. 9 Portraits

Thomas William Coke, 2nd Earl of Leicester of Holkham (1822-1909), Agriculturist and landowner. 3 Portraits

Juliana (née Whitbread), Countess of Leicester of Holkham (1825-1870), First wife of 2nd Earl of Leicester of Holkham; daughter of Samuel Charles Whitbread. 1 Portrait

Thomas William Coke, 3rd Earl of Leicester of Holkham (1848-1941), Colonel and landowner. 5 Portraits

Alice Emily (née White), Countess of Leicester (1855-1936), Wife of 3rd Earl of Leicester; daughter of 2nd Baron Annaly. 8 Portraits

Thomas William Coke, 4th Earl of Leicester of Holkham (1880-1949), Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk. 7 Portraits

Simon de Montfort, 8th Earl of Leicester (circa 1208-1265), Magnate and political reformer. 1 Portrait

Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester (1532 or 1533-1588), Courtier and magnate; favourite of Elizabeth I. 65 Portraits

Robert Sidney, 1st Earl of Leicester (1563-1626), Courtier and poet; second son of Sir Henry Sidney. 3 Portraits

Robert Sidney, 4th Earl of Leicester (1648 or 1649-1702), Soldier; second son of Sir Henry Sidney. 4 Portraits

Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester (1697-1759), Politician, architect and art collector. 1 Portrait

Thomas William Edward Coke, 5th Earl of Leicester (1908-1976), Army officer and Extra Equerry to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. 3 Portraits

Gordon Leicester, Editor, 'The Planet'. 3 Portraits

Frieda Leider (1888-1975), German soprano. 2 Portraits

John Leifchild (1780-1862), Congregational minister and writer. 1 Portrait

Chandos Leigh, 1st Baron Leigh (1791-1850), Poet and literary patron. 2 Portraits

William Henry Leigh, 2nd Baron Leigh (1824-1905). 2 Portraits

Caroline Amelia (née Grosvenor), Lady Leigh (1828-1906), Wife of 2nd Baron Leigh; daughter of 2nd Marquess of Westminster. 1 Portrait

Francis Dudley Leigh, 3rd Baron Leigh (1855-1938), Army officer and colonial administrator. 5 Portraits

Adele Leigh (1928-2004), Singer. 2 Portraits

Hon. Agnes Eleanor Leigh (1853-1942), Daughter of 2nd Baron Leigh. 1 Portrait

Anthony Leigh (died 1692), Comic actor. 8 Portraits

Charles Leigh (1662-1701?), Physician and naturalist. 1 Portrait

Charles Leigh (died 1704), Second son of 1st Lord Leigh. 1 Portrait

Claude M. Leigh. 2 Portraits

Mrs Claude M. Leigh. 3 Portraits

Dean Leigh (active circa 1860s-1870s), Divine. 1 Portrait

Dorian Leigh (1920?-2008), Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Dorma Leigh (née Dorothy Mabel Woodley) (born 1890), Actress and dancer. 17 Portraits

Edward Leigh (1602-1671), Writer and scholar. 5 Portraits

Sir Edward Chandos Leigh (1832-1915), Barrister and Speaker's Counsel. 6 Portraits

Sir Egerton Leigh, 2nd Bt (1762-1818), Evangelical preacher. 3 Portraits

Evan Leigh (1810-1876), Inventor and writer. 1 Portrait

Mrs Gerard Leigh (active 1897). 1 Portrait

Hon. Gilbert Henry Chandos Leigh (1851-1884), Politician; son of 2nd Baron Leigh. 1 Portrait

Gracie Leigh (1874-1950), Actress and vocalist. 2 Portraits

John Studdy Leigh (died 1903), Merchant and writer on commerce. 1 Portrait

Margaret M. Leigh, Author. 1 Portrait

Mary Leigh (1904-), American actress. 7 Portraits

Mike Leigh (1943-), Dramatist; theatre, television and film director. 5 Portraits

Nancy Jean Leigh (née Leslie), Wife of Gerard Leigh; daughter of Sir Norman Leslie. 1 Portrait

Hon. Rowland Charles Frederick Leigh (1859-1943), Barrister; son of 2nd Baron Leigh. 2 Portraits

Rowley Leigh (1950-), Chef and restaurateur. 1 Portrait

Hon. Rupert Leigh (1856-1919), Army officer; son of 2nd Baron Leigh. 1 Portrait

Samuel Leigh (1645 or 1646-after 1685), Translator and poet. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Leigh (circa 1509-1571), Lord Mayor of London 1558. 1 Portrait

Vivien Leigh (1913-1967), Actress. 138 Portraits

William Leigh (1550-1639), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Mr Leigh. 1 Portrait

Mrs Leigh. 2 Portraits

Sir Trafford Leigh Leigh-Mallory (1892-1944), Air Chief Marshal. 3 Portraits

George Leighton Seager, 1st Baron Leighton of St Mellons (1896-1963), Shipowner. 3 Portraits

Alexander Leighton (circa 1570-1649), Physician and divine. 6 Portraits

Augusta Leighton (née Nash) (1804-1865), Mother of Lord Leighton. 1 Portrait

Catherine Leighton (née St Leger) (died 1911), Granddaughter of 1st Viscount Doneraile; wife of Francis Knyvett Leighton. 2 Portraits

Charles Arthur Baldwin Knyvett Leighton (1854-1889), Army Officer; son of Francis Knyvett Leighton. 2 Portraits

Clare Leighton (1898-1989), Engraver. 2 Portraits

Francis Knyvett Leighton (1806-1881), Warden of All Souls College, Oxford and Canon of Westminster. 4 Portraits

Frederic Septimus Leighton (1800-1892), Physician; father of Lord Leighton. 1 Portrait

John Leighton (1822-1912), Artist and co-founder of The Graphic. 1 Portrait

Judy Johanna Kathleen Leighton (1937-), Daughter of Sir Richard Leighton, 10th Bt. 4 Portraits

Kathleen Irene Linda (née Lees), Lady Leighton (1893-1957), Wife of Sir Richard Leighton, 10th Bt; daughter of Albert Ernest Lees. 5 Portraits

Margaret Leighton (Mrs Margaret Alcott) (1852-1908), Actress. 2 Portraits

Margaret Leighton (1922-1976), Actress. 14 Portraits

Sir Michael John Bryan Leighton, 11th Bt (1935-), Son of Sir Richard Leighton, 10th Bt. 3 Portraits

Queenie Leighton (1872-1943), Actress and vocalist. 3 Portraits

Sir Richard Tihel Leighton, 10th Bt (1893-1957), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Robert Leighton (1611-1684), Archbishop of Glasgow. 5 Portraits

Rosie Leighton, Daughter of Trevor Leighton. 1 Portrait

Trevor Leighton (1957-), Photographer. 3 Portraits

Reverend Leighton, Reverend. 1 Portrait

Sir James Leigh-Wood (1870-1949), Lieutenant-Colonel. 8 Portraits

Emily Fitzgerald (née Lennox), Duchess of Leinster (1751-1818), Former wife of 20th Earl of Kildare, and later wife of William Ogilvie. 1 Portrait

Emilia Mary ('Emily') Fitzgerald (née Lennox), Duchess of Leinster (1731-1814), Political hostess. 5 Portraits

Hermione Wilhelmina Fitzgerald (née Duncombe), Duchess of Leinster (1864-1895), Society beauty; wife of 5th Duke of Leinster; daughter of 1st Earl of Feversham. 9 Portraits

May Fitzgerald (née Etheridge), Duchess of Leinster (died 1935), First wife of 7th Duke of Leinster; daughter of Jesse Etheridge. 4 Portraits

(Agnes) Raffaelle FitzGerald (née Kennedy), Duchess of Leinster (1901-1993), Former wife of Clare Van Neck, and later second wife of 7th Duke of Leinster; daughter of Robert Davidson Kennedy. 1 Portrait

James Fitzgerald, 1st Duke of Leinster (1722-1773), Politician and landowner. 5 Portraits

William Robert Fitzgerald, 2nd Duke of Leinster (1749-1804), Irish Politician; MP for Dublin and Kildare. 5 Portraits

Augustus Frederick Fitzgerald, 3rd Duke of Leinster (1791-1874), Representative peer. 2 Portraits

Charles William Fitzgerald, 4th Duke of Leinster (1819-1887). 1 Portrait

Maurice FitzGerald, 6th Duke of Leinster (1887-1922), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Denise Orme (née Jessie Smither), Duchess of Leinster (1884-1960), Actress and singer; former wife of 3rd Baron Churston and of Theodore William Wessel, and later third wife of 7th Duke of Leinster; daughter of Alfred John Smither. 5 Portraits

William Leir, Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Maud Elizabeth (née Gunter), Lady Leishman, Wife of Sir William Boog Leishman; daughter of Edward Gunter. 9 Portraits

William Leishman (1833-1894), Professor of Midwifery, University of Glasgow. 1 Portrait

Sir William Boog Leishman (1865-1926), Bacteriologist and medical director-general, Army Medical Services. 5 Portraits

Emily Bertha (née Main), Lady Leitch (1873-1957), Physician; wife of Sir Walter Leitch; daughter of John Main. 1 Portrait

Oriole Leitch (1972-), Wife of Shaun Ryder; daughter of Donovan Leitch. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Leitch (1867-1945), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir William Leitch (1880-1965), Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Works. 7 Portraits

William Leighton Leitch (1804-1883), Landscape painter and draughtsman. 7 Portraits

Hon. Eveleigh Julia Leith (1904-1983), Daughter of Alexander Henry Leith, 5th Baron Burgh and his second wife Phyllis Goldie. 4 Portraits

Sir James Leith (1763-1816), Army Officer. 2 Portraits

John Farley Leith (1808-1887), Lawyer and politician; MP for Aberdeen. 2 Portraits

John MacDonald Leith (1839-1888), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Lockhart Leith (1876-1940), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Mary Charlotte Julia Leith (née Gordon) (1840-1926), Writer, translator and illustrator; wife of Robert William Disney Leith; daughter of Sir Henry Percy Gordon, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Prudence Margaret ('Prue') Leith (1940-), Chef and restaurateur. 3 Portraits

Sir George Hector MacDonald Leith-Buchanan, 6th Bt (1889-1973), Son of 5th Baronet Leith-Buchanan. 6 Portraits

Mary Margaret Leith-Hay (née Clark) (died 1859), Wife of Andrew Leith-Hay; daughter of William Clark of Buckland House, Devon. 1 Portrait

Robert Leith-Macgregor (1917-2009), Lieutenant and businessman. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick William Leith-Ross (1887-1968), Civil servant and financier. 10 Portraits

Robert Clements, 1st Earl of Leitrim (1732-1804), Irish nobleman and politician. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Clements, 2nd Earl of Leitrim (1768-1854), Irish nobleman and politician. 1 Portrait

Mary Clements (née Bermingham), Countess of Leitrim (before 1785-1840), Wife of 2nd Earl of Leitrim. 1 Portrait

Anne Mary Chaloner (née Vanneck), Countess of Leitrim (1893-1984), Former wife of Percy Borrett, and later wife of 5th Earl of Leitrim; daughter of 3rd Baron Huntingfield. 10 Portraits

Caroline Alice LeJeune (Mrs Edward Roffe Thompson) (1877-1973), Film critic. 2 Portraits

Eugene Joseph Lejeune (1818-1897), Painter. 3 Portraits

Francis St David Benwell Lejeune (1899-1984), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Henry Le Jeune (1819-1904), History and genre painter. 5 Portraits

Le Jeune, Senator. 3 Portraits

Prince Leka Zogu (1939-), Son of Zog I, King of Albania. 1 Portrait

John Henry Le Keux (1812-1896), Engraver and illustrator. 1 Portrait

John Leland (circa 1503-1552), Poet and antiquary. 3 Portraits

Mrs L. Leland. 2 Portraits

Thomas Leland (1722-1785), Irish historian. 2 Portraits

Percy Samuel Lelean (1871-1956), Surgeon. 4 Portraits

Armand Hubert Simon Leleux (1818-1885), Painter. 1 Portrait

Denis Lelièvre (1962-), Cartoonist. 1 Portrait

Eva Lelio Lelièvre (1959-), Senior Researcher for the French National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED); Goddaughter of Ida Kar. 2 Portraits

Marie-Thérèse Lelio (1935-), Wife of Stanislas Lelio; friend of Ida Kar. 5 Portraits

Stanislas Lelio (1927-2003), Sculptor. 3 Portraits

Durward Lely (James Durward Lyall) (1852-1944), Opera singer. 3 Portraits

Sir Peter Lely (1618-1680), Portrait painter. 19 Portraits

Sir Alfred Sutherland Le Maitre (1896-1959), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

David Le Marchand (1674-1726), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Sir Denis Le Marchant, 1st Bt (1795-1874), Politician, barrister, civil servant and writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Thomas Le Marchant (1871-1953), Brigadier-General and county councillor. 5 Portraits

Evelyn Robert Le Marchant (1858-1949), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Denis Le Marchant, 2nd Bt (1839-1915), Barrister and merchant banker; son of Sir Denis Le Marchant, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

John Gaspard Le Marchant (active 1860s), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Le Marchant (circa 1811-1873), Army officer. 1 Portrait

F. Le Mesurier, Author. 1 Portrait

Thomas Le Mesurier (1756-1822), Lawyer and Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Hon. Louis Joseph Lemieux (1870-1952), Agent-General for Quebec. 1 Portrait

Tutte Lemkow (Isak Samuel Lemkow) (1918-1991), Actor and dancer. 3 Portraits

Helen Lemmens-Sherrington (1834-1906), Operatic singer. 7 Portraits

Albert Lemoine (died 1997), Lieutenant-Colonel and bandmaster. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Lemon, 2nd Bt (1784-1868), Politician; MP for Cornwall. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest John Hutchings Lemon (1884-1954), Mechanical engineer. 5 Portraits

Margaret Lemon (born circa 1614), Artists model and mistress of Sir Anthony van Dyck. 2 Portraits

Mark Lemon (1809-1870), Editor of 'Punch' and playwright. 15 Portraits

Mark Lemon Jr (born 1840), Son of Mark Lemon. 1 Portrait

Robert Lemon (circa 1730-circa 1800), Chief Clerk of the Record Office in the Tower of London. 2 Portraits

Robert Lemon (1779-1835), Archivist. 3 Portraits

Douglas Balfour Le Mottée (1881-active 1935), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Clement Lemprière (1683-1746), Draughtsman to the Office of Ordnance. 1 Portrait

Lily Lena (Alice Mary Ann Mathilda Archer) (born 1877), Comedian, singer and actress; former wife of William Newhouse, and later wife of Mr Turpin. 12 Portraits

Carola Mary Anima (née Oman), Lady Lenanton (1897-1978), Writer; wife of Lenanton. 3 Portraits

Sir Gerald Lenanton (1896-1952), Chairman of Foy Morgan & Co Ltd and subsidiaries. 3 Portraits

Anne ('Ninon') de l'Enclos (1620-1705), French courtesan. 2 Portraits

Marcelle Lender (1862-1926), Music hall entertainer and model for Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. 1 Portrait

Peter Alexander Lendrum (1929-), Captain. 1 Portrait

Lene, Model. 1 Portrait

Jeno Léner (1894-1948), Violinist. 1 Portrait

Alfred Charles Leney (1860-1953), High Sheriff of Kent. 1 Portrait

Sir John Leng (1828-1906), Newspaper proprietor and politician. 3 Portraits

Kyrle Leng (1900-1958), Photographer and printer. 23 Portraits

William Christopher ('W. C.') Leng (1825-1902), Newspaper publisher. 1 Portrait

Suzanne Rachel Flore Lenglen (1899-1938), Tennis player. 7 Portraits

Thomas Lenman (1883-1959), Bishop of Bhagalpur. 2 Portraits

Reginald Vivian Lennard (1885-1967), Agricultural historian. 1 Portrait

Samson Lennard (died 1633), Genealogist and translator. 2 Portraits

William Lennard, Prospective Parliamentary candidate. 1 Portrait

Sir John Edward Lennard-Jones (1894-1954), Scientist, Professor of theoretical science and administrator. 4 Portraits

Cynthia Lennon (1939-2015), First wife of John Lennon. 2 Portraits

John Lennon (1940-1980), Musician; co-founder and singer for The Beatles. 59 Portraits

Julian Lennon (1963-), Musician; son of John Lennon. 1 Portrait

Katy Lennon, Gymnast. 1 Portrait

Matthew Stewart, 13th or 4th Earl of Lennox (1516-1571), Magnate and Regent of Scotland. 4 Portraits

Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox (1515-1578), Mother of Lord Darnley. 10 Portraits

Charles Stewart, 14th or 5th Earl of Lennox (circa 1556-1576). 3 Portraits

Lord Arthur Lennox (1806-1864), Army officer and politician. 2 Portraits

Lady Louisa Lennox (née Kerr) (1739-1830), Wife of Lord George Lennox. 10 Portraits

Lord Sussex Lennox (1802-1874), Son of 4th Duke of Richmond. 1 Portrait

Lord William Pitt Lennox (1799-1881), Army officer and writer. 1 Portrait

Ada Fanny Susan Lennox (died 1881), Daughter of Lord Arthur Lennox. 2 Portraits

Adelaide Constance Lennox (née Campbell) (died 1888), Wife of Lord Arthur Lennox. 1 Portrait

Annie Lennox (1954-), Pop singer; singer for Eurythmics. 6 Portraits

Charlotte Lennox (née Ramsay) (1720-1804), Writer. 3 Portraits

John Maitland Lennox (1833-1913), Army officer and Inspector of Prisons. 1 Portrait

Lottie Lennox (1886-1947), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Louisa Frederica (née Rodney), Lady Lennox (died 1865), Wife of Lord John George Lennox; daughter of Hon. John Rodney. 1 Portrait

Sir Wilbraham Oates Lennox (1830-1897), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Arabella, Lady Lennox-Boyd (1938-), Garden designer; wife of Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd. 1 Portrait

Sir Mark Alexander Lennox-Boyd (1943-), Conservative politician; MP for Morecambe and Lonsdale. 1 Portrait

Lenny. 1 Portrait

Dan Leno (George Wild Galvin) (1860-1904), Comedian. 27 Portraits

Dan Leno Jr (Sidney Paul Galvin) (1891-1962), Music-hall performer; youngest son of Dan Leno and Lydia Reynolds. 3 Portraits

John Leno (born 1888), Eldest son of Dan Leno and Lydia Reynolds. 3 Portraits

Alexandre Lenoir (1761-1839), Artist and antiquary. 1 Portrait

André Le Nôtre (Le Nostre) (1613-1700), Garden designer. 2 Portraits

Alwyn Douglas Lenox-Conyngham (1907-1990), Captain, Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald Ponsonby Lenox-Conyngham (1866-1956), Geodesist. 6 Portraits

Bernard Lens (II) (1659 or 1660-1725), Artist and mezzotinter. 1 Portrait

Bernard Lens (III) (1682-1740), Artist, miniature painter, topographical draughtsman, etcher, limner and drawing master. 1 Portrait

John Lens (1756-1825), Serjeant-at-law. 2 Portraits

Sir John Lenthall (1625-1681), Governor of Windsor Castle. 2 Portraits

William Lenthall (1591-1662), Speaker of the House of Commons. 9 Portraits

Lilian Lenton (1891-1972), Militant suffragette. 2 Portraits

Colin Lenton-Rowe (died 1994), Businessman; husband of Shirley Eaton. 5 Portraits

Sergeant Leny. 1 Portrait

Pope Leo X (Giovanni de' Medici) (1475-1521), Pope, 1513-21. 1 Portrait

Pope Leo XIII (1810-1903), Member of Italian Pecci family. 3 Portraits

Emily Frederica Leo (1834-1892), Daughter of Herman Edward Leo. 1 Portrait

Frederick Leo (active early 19th century). 1 Portrait

Juliet Susannah Leo (1847-1910), Daughter of Herman Edward Leo. 1 Portrait

Clive Leonard. 1 Portrait

C. Leonard. 1 Portrait

David Hare Leonard (1922-), RAF pilot; son of Hugh Leonard. 2 Portraits

Graham Douglas Leonard (1921-2010), Bishop of London and of Truro. 9 Portraits

James Charles Beresford Whyte Leonard (1905-2004), Judge. 2 Portraits

Lewis Leonard (1938-), Hair stylist. 1 Portrait

Mark Leonard (1974-), Director, The Foreign Policy Centre; writer and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

William Leonard (1887-1969), Politician; MP for Glasgow St Rollox. 12 Portraits

William Andrew Leonard (1848-1930), Bishop of Ohio. 1 Portrait

Mdlle Leonard, Model for Maison Lewis. 1 Portrait

Tom Leonard (1944-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Harold Guy Leonard-Williams (1911-1994), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Dante Leonelli (1931-), Artist. 6 Portraits

Mina Leonesi, Actress and opera singer. 5 Portraits

Marie Leonhard, Actress. 1 Portrait

Enid Leonhardt (active 1900s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Leonora, Actress and singer. 12 Portraits

Leonid Maximovich Leonov (1899-1994), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor (1640-1705), Holy Roman Emperor, 1658-1705. 1 Portrait

Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor (1747-1792), King of Bohemia and Hungary. 1 Portrait

Leopold I, King of the Belgians (1790-1865), Reigned 1831-65; husband of Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales; uncle of Queen Victoria. 22 Portraits

Archduke Leopold of Austria (1823-1898), Inspector General of Imperial Corps of Engineers. 1 Portrait

Leopold II, King of the Belgians (1835-1909), Reigned 1865-1909. 11 Portraits

Leopold III, King of the Belgians (1901-1983), Reigned 1934-51; son of King Albert I. 9 Portraits

Archduke Leopold William (1614-1662), Governor of the Spanish Netherlands; son of Ferdinand II. 1 Portrait

Jules Léotard (1842-1870), Trapeze artist. 4 Portraits

Herbert Wallace Le Patourel (1916-1979), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

Hon. Power Francis William Le-Poer-Trench (1891-1894), Younger twin son of 5th Earl of Clancarty. 5 Portraits

Raymond John Leppard (1927-), Conductor and harpsichordist. 4 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Martin Le Quesne (1917-2004), Soldier; Diplomat. 9 Portraits

Charles Thomas Le Quesne (1885-1954), Lawyer and President of the Baptist Union. 2 Portraits

Cornelius Lequesne (1851?-1931), Naval officer and Policeman. 1 Portrait

John Charles Le Quesne (1840-1895), Army officer. 1 Portrait

William Tufnell Le Queux (1864-1927), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Randolph ('Randy') Lerner (1962-), American entrepreneur and sports team owner. 1 Portrait

Sir John Helier Le Rougetel (1894-1975), Diplomat; Ambassador to Persia and Belgium and High Commissioner in South Africa. 3 Portraits

Le Roux Smith Le Roux (1914-1963), Artist. 2 Portraits

Ms Le Roux. 1 Portrait

Mr Leroy (active 1913), Editor of the London Budget. 1 Portrait

David Le Roy-Lewis (died 2006), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Lord (née Martin), Lady Le Sage (1857-1933), Wife of Sir John Merry Le Sage; daughter of John Burton Martin. 6 Portraits

Sir John Merry Le Sage (1837-1926), Editor of 'Daily Telegraph'; war correspondent. 8 Portraits

Perez Leschen, First Secretary, Israel Embassy. 1 Portrait

Charles Lesley (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Cole Lesley (né Leonard Cole) (died 1980), Secretary, friend and biographer of Noël Coward. 2 Portraits

George Lesley (Leslie) (died 1637), Capuchin friar, known as 'Father Archangel'. 1 Portrait

John Lesley (Leslie) (1527-1596), Bishop of Ross, historian, and conspirator. 2 Portraits

Alastair Pinckard Leslie (1932-), Son of Hon. John Wayland Leslie. 5 Portraits

Anita Leslie (1914-1985), Biographer. 1 Portrait

Charles Leslie (1650-1722), Nonjuror and controversialist. 3 Portraits

Charles Robert Leslie (1794-1859), Painter and writer. 7 Portraits

Coral Angela Leslie (née Pinckard) (1911-2002), Wife of Hon. John Wayland Leslie; daughter of George Henry Pinckard. 9 Portraits

Doris Leslie (née Oppenheim, later Lady Fergusson Hannay) (1891-1982), Novelist and historian. 2 Portraits

Edythe Angela Leslie (née Spencer), Wife of George Arthur James Leslie. 2 Portraits

Eileen Leslie, Actress. 3 Portraits

Enid Leslie (born 1888), Actress. 3 Portraits

Fannie Leslie (1856-1935), Actress and singer. 6 Portraits

Sir Francis Galloway Leslie (1902-1971), Physician. 1 Portrait

Fred Leslie (Frederick George Hobson) (1855-1892), Actor and singer. 2 Portraits

Fred Hobson Leslie (1881-1945), Actor. 8 Portraits

George Arthur James Leslie (1867-1936), Major-General. 6 Portraits

George Dunlop Leslie (1835-1921), Painter and writer; son of Charles Robert Leslie. 7 Portraits

Sir Hawthorne Leslie. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Leslie (Gladys Henrietta Raphael Schutze) (1884-1946), Author; daughter of Arthur Raphael. 2 Portraits

Henry David Leslie (1822-1896), Conductor and composer. 2 Portraits

Hubert John Leslie (1890-1976), Silhouettist. 1 Portrait

John Leslie (circa 1721-1790), Professor of Greek Language. 1 Portrait

Sir John Leslie (1766-1832), Scientist and mathematician. 5 Portraits

Sir John Leslie, 1st Bt (1822-1916), Painter, politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

Sir John Leslie, 2nd Bt (1857-1944), Colonel. 1 Portrait

John Leslie (1888-1965), Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Hon. John Wayland Leslie (1909-1991), Son of 19th Earl of Rothes. 6 Portraits

Leonie Blanche (née Jerome), Lady Leslie (1859-1943), Wife of Sir John Leslie, 2nd Bt; daughter of Leonard Jerome; sister of Lady Randolph Churchill. 2 Portraits

Lorna Leslie, Actress. 3 Portraits

Margaret Murray Leslie, Second daughter of 1st Baron Rotherham. 2 Portraits

Marguerite Leslie (1884-1958), Actress. 5 Portraits

Olga Murray Leslie, Daughter of Margaret and William Murray Leslie. 4 Portraits

Robert Walter Dickson Leslie (1883-1957), Major-General and medical officer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Randolph ('Shane') Leslie, 3rd Bt (1885-1971), Author. 6 Portraits

Sylvia Leslie (1900-1995), Actress; daughter of Leslie Ward. 5 Portraits

Walter Leslie, Count Leslie (1606-1667), Army officer and diplomat. 3 Portraits

Sir Walter Stewart Leslie (1876-1947), General. 1 Portrait

William Murray Leslie (born 1862). 2 Portraits

Mrs Leslie. 7 Portraits

Lady Susan Lucy Leslie-Melville (1828-1910), Royal courtier; daughter of 10th Earl of Leven. 1 Portrait

Aileen Leslie-Melville (née Harvey-Kelly) (died 1941), Daughter of Harvey Hamilton Harvey-Kelly; former wife of Allan Daly, and later wife of Alexander Brodrick Leslie-Melville. 1 Portrait

Hon. Albinia Frances Leslie-Melville (née Brodrick) (1831-1918), Wife of Alexander Samuel Leslie-Melville; daughter of 6th Viscount Midleton. 1 Portrait

Hon. Alexander Leslie-Melville (1800-1881), Advocate; son of 7th Earl of Leven and 6th Earl of Melville. 2 Portraits

Alexander Samuel Leslie-Melville (1829-1919), Bank director; son of Hon. Alexander Leslie-Melville. 1 Portrait

Hon. David William Leslie-Melville (1892-1938), Army captain; son of 11th Earl of Leven and Melville. 1 Portrait

Hon. Harriet Leslie-Melville (died 1832), First wife of John Thornton Leslie-Melville, later 9th Earl of Leven and Melville. 1 Portrait

Susanna E.J. Leslie-Melville, Wife of Hon. David William Leslie-Melville; daughter of Fraser Sleigh. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Jane Leslie-Melville-Cartwright (née Leslie-Melville) (1825-1892), Wife of Thomas Robert Brook Leslie-Melville-Cartwright; daughter of 8th Earl of Leven and 7th Earl of Melville. 1 Portrait

Thomas Robert Brook Leslie-Melville-Cartwright (1830-1921), County councillor and magistrate. 1 Portrait

Galina Lesnikova (1924-2008), Daughter-in-law of Martiros Saryan. 1 Portrait

Paul Lessar (circa 1851-1905), Civil engineer and Russian diplomat. 1 Portrait

Ferdinand Marie de Lesseps, Vicomte de Lesseps (1805-1894), Diplomat and maker of the Suez Canal. 7 Portraits

Norman Alfred Lesser (1902-1985), Archbishop of New Zealand. 1 Portrait

Carl Friedrich Lessing (1808-1880), Landscape and history painter. 1 Portrait

Doris May Lessing (1919-2013), Writer. 16 Portraits

Madge Lessing (1866-1932), Actress and singer. 37 Portraits

Rudolf Lessing (1878-1964), Consulting Chemist and Chemical Engineer. 7 Portraits

Helen Lessore (1907-1994), Artist; founder of Beaux Arts Gallery. 9 Portraits

John Lessore (1939-), Painter. 1 Portrait

(Elaine) Thérèse Lessore (1884-1945), Painter; third wife of Walter Sickert. 7 Portraits

Alfred Lester (1872-1925), Actor. 4 Portraits

Beatrice Lester (died 1973), Camera operator and receptionist for Dorothy Wilding. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Lester Lester (circa 1780-1838), Politician; MP for Poole. 1 Portrait

C. Edwards Lester (active 1840), American slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

C.J. Lester, Actor. 1 Portrait

Richard Lester (1932-), Film director. 10 Portraits

Richard Lestock (1679-1746), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Joan Lestor, Baroness Lestor of Eccles (1931-1998), Politician; MP for Eccles and Eton & Slough. 1 Portrait

Delaval Graham L'Estrange Astley (1868-1951), Major and Justice of the Peace, Norfolk. 2 Portraits

F.J. L'Estrange (active 1829), Reverend. 1 Portrait

Guy L'Estrange, Journalist for 'The Central Press'. 1 Portrait

Nellie L'Estrange (active 1880s), Singer. 2 Portraits

Sir Roger L'Estrange (1616-1704), Royalist and journalist. 8 Portraits

Sir Thomas Lestrange (circa 1490-1545), Landowner and administrator. 1 Portrait

Dr L'Estrange, Doctor. 1 Portrait

Eustache Le Sueur (1616-1655), French artist. 1 Portrait

Hubert Le Sueur (1580-1670), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Lady Christina Letanka (née Gathorne-Hardy) (1940-), Wife of Stanley Edward Letanka; daughter of 4th Earl of Cranbrook. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Letchworth (1833-1917), Solicitor and promoter of the Volunteer movement. 2 Portraits

Mary Constance, Lady Letchworth (1851-1921), Former wife of Thomas Blaikie, and later wife of Sir Edward Letchworth. 4 Portraits

T.E. Letchworth, Amateur rower. 2 Portraits

Alice Lethbridge (active late 1880s-early 1900s), Actress and dancer. 1 Portrait

Edith Seymour (née Waring), Lady Lethbridge, Former wife of George Bellett, and later wife of Sir Alfred Swaine Lethbridge. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hesketh Lethbridge, 3rd Bt (1798-1873), Lieutenant-Colonel and horseman. 1 Portrait

John Sydney Lethbridge (1897-1961), Major-General. 9 Portraits

Sir Wroth Acland Lethbridge, 4th Bt (1831-1902), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Sir Wroth Periam Christopher Lethbridge, 5th Bt (1863-1950). 2 Portraits

Henry Letheby (1816-1876), Analytical chemist and public health official. 2 Portraits

Sir Gordon James Lethem (1886-1962), Colonial administrator. 11 Portraits

Roma Guillon Le Thière (circa 1837-1903), Italian actress. 8 Portraits

Gregorio Leti (1630-1701), Italian historian. 2 Portraits

Sir Hugh Lett, 1st Bt (1876-1964), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

Phyllis Lett (died 1962), Contralto singer. 1 Portrait

Kathy Lette (1958-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lett-Haines (1894-1978), Artist and teacher. 1 Portrait

Charles Trevor Letts (1905-1996), Banker; Deputy Chairman of Lloyd’s. 1 Portrait

Don Letts (1956-), Film director, DJ and musician. 1 Portrait

Sir William Malesbury Letts (1873-1957), Pioneer of the British Motor Trade and Co-Founder of the Automobile Association. 2 Portraits

Peter Raymond Leuchars (1921-2009), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Princess Eugenie Leuchtenberg. 1 Portrait

Nicolas Maximilianovitch, 4th Duke of Leuchtenberg and Prince Romanovsky (1843-1891), Son of Maximilian, 3rd Duke of Leuchtenberg. 2 Portraits

Prince Von Leuchtenberg. 1 Portrait

Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze (1816-1868), History painter. 1 Portrait

Montagu V. Leveaux. 1 Portrait

Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven (1580?-1661), General. 8 Portraits

David Leslie, 6th Earl of Leven and 5th Earl of Melville (1722-1802), Deputy Governor of the Bank of Scotland and Lord of Police. 1 Portrait

David Leslie-Melville, 8th Earl of Leven and 7th Earl of Melville (1785-1860), Representative peer and naval officer. 1 Portrait

John Thornton Leslie-Melville, 9th Earl of Leven and 8th Earl of Melville (1786-1876), Representative peer. 4 Portraits

Alexander Leslie-Melville, 10th Earl of Leven and 9th Earl of Melville (1817-1889), Banker and Representative Peer. 3 Portraits

Ronald Ruthven Leslie-Melville, 11th Earl of Leven and 10th Earl of Melville (1835-1906), Landowner and company director. 1 Portrait

Rosamond Sylvia Diana Mary (née Foljambe), Countess of Leven (died 1974), Wife of 13th Earl of Leven; daughter of 1st Earl of Liverpool. 1 Portrait

Peter Keith Levene, Baron Levene of Portsoken (1941-), Chairman of Lloyd's. 1 Portrait

Peter Levens (active 1552-1587), Lexicographer and medical practitioner. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Leventhorpe, Landowner. 2 Portraits

(Norman) Harold Lever, Baron Lever (1914-1995), Politician and newspaper proprietor. 5 Portraits

Sir Ashton Lever (1729-1824), Collector. 3 Portraits

Charles James Lever (1806-1872), Novelist. 2 Portraits

Frances Yowart (née Goodwin), Lady Lever (died 1959), Daughter of Lindsay H. Goodwin; first wife of Sir Tresham (Joseph Philip) Lever, 2nd Bt. 4 Portraits

John Orrell Lever (1824-1897), Businessman, shipping magnate, politician and author. 1 Portrait

William Hesketh Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme (1851-1925), Soap manufacturer, philanthropist and politician. 13 Portraits

William Hulme Lever, 2nd Viscount Leverhulme (1888-1949), Governor of Lever Brothers and Unilever Ltd. 11 Portraits

Philip William Bryce Lever, 3rd Viscount Leverhulme (1915-2000), Son of 2nd Viscount Leverhulme. 4 Portraits

Richard Leveridge (1670?-1758), Singer and composer. 3 Portraits

Leversham. 1 Portrait

Ada Esther Leverson (née Beddington) (1862-1933), Novelist. 1 Portrait

George Riland Francis Leverson (1886-1936), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Paul Philip Levertoff (1878-1954), Hebrew scholar and reverend. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Cavenagh Leveson (1868-1929), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Jemima Adeline Beatrice (née Blackwood), Lady Leveson (1880-1964), Former wife of 7th Earl of Darnley, and later wife of Sir Arthur Cavenagh Leveson; daughter of Francis Blackwood. 1 Portrait

Olivia Leveson (née Campbell), Wife of Lancelot Iveson Leveson; daughter of Herbert Ernest Campbell. 1 Portrait

Enid Mary (née Hammond-Chambers), Lady Leveson-Gower (1881-1975), Daughter of Robert Sharp Borgnis Hammond-Chambers; wife of Sir Henry Dudley Gresham Leveson-Gower. 1 Portrait

Frances Elizabeth Leveson-Gower (1808-1869), Daughter of William Leveson-Gower. 1 Portrait

Hon. (Edward) Frederick Leveson-Gower (1819-1907), Politician and autobiographer; son of 1st Earl Granville. 4 Portraits

Sir George Granville Leveson-Gower (1858-1951), Writer, politician and private secretary to William Gladstone. 6 Portraits

Granville William Gresham Leveson-Gower (1838-1895), Politician and historical writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Dudley Gresham Leveson-Gower (1873-1954), Cricketer. 4 Portraits

Hon. Sophia Leveson-Gower (née Leigh) (1838-1926), Wife of Granville William Gresham Leveson-Gower; daughter of 1st Baron Leigh. 2 Portraits

Hon. Mrs Leveson-Gower (active circa 1897). 1 Portrait

Amanda Levete (1955-), Principal Architect, Future Systems. 1 Portrait

Lady Jane Lissey Harriet Levett (née Feilding) (died 1912), Wife of Theophilus Basil Percy Levett; daughter of 7th Earl of Denbigh. 1 Portrait

Lady Margaret Emily Levett (née Ashley-Cooper) (1858-1931), Wife of Theophilus Basil Percy Levett; daughter of 8th Earl of Shaftesbury. 1 Portrait

Ada Elizabeth Levett (1881-1932), Historian, writer and lecturer, St Hilda's Hall, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Francis Levett (died 1764), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Maud Sophia Levett (1866-1947), Writer; second wife of William Swinnerton Byrd Levett. 3 Portraits

William Swinnerton Byrd Levett (1856-1929), Justice of the Peace and Captain. 3 Portraits

Lady Melissa Geraldine Florence Levey (née Bligh) (1945-), Former wife of Don Manuel Torrado Y de Fontcuberta, and later wife of Colin Levey; daughter of 9th Earl of Darnley. 2 Portraits

Adèle Levey (active 1888-1913), Actress and singer; member of the Sisters Levey. 5 Portraits

Carlotta Levey (active 1888-1907), Actress and singer; member of the Sisters Levey. 2 Portraits

Ethel Levey (1881-1955), Actress and singer. 17 Portraits

May Levey (active 1888-1906), Actress and singer; member of the Sisters Levey. 3 Portraits

Mick Levey, Site foreman. 1 Portrait

Ijahman Levi (Trevor Sutherland) (1946-), Reggae singer and songwriter. 1 Portrait

Leone Levi (1821-1888), Jurist, political economist and statistician. 3 Portraits

Thomas Henry Carlton Levick (1867-1957), Soldier and businessman. 3 Portraits

Charles Leviez (died 1778), Dancing master. 1 Portrait

Bernard Levin (1928-2004), Journalist and writer. 6 Portraits

Edward Isaac Levine (1922-2003). 1 Portrait

Patricia Levine (née Meerloo) (1922-2001), Wife of Edward Levine. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Vere Levinge (1867-1954), Civil servant in India. 2 Portraits

Herbert Levinstein (1878-1956), Chemist and company director. 5 Portraits

Sir Creswell Levinz (1627-1701), Judge. 12 Portraits

Robert Levinz (1614 or 1615-1650), Royalist agent. 1 Portrait

Derek George Levis (1911-1993), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Florence Levita (née Robb), Wife of Sir Cecil Bingham Levita. 4 Portraits

Sir Albery Levy (1864-1937), Treasurer of Royal Free Hospital. 2 Portraits

Andrea Levy (1956-), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Benn Wolfe Levy (1900-1973), Playwright, theatre director and Labour politician; MP for Eton and Slough. 5 Portraits

Sir Daniel Levy (1873-1937), Australian politician; Speaker of the House. 3 Portraits

Emmanuel Levy (1900-1986), Artist. 4 Portraits

Miss E. Levy. 1 Portrait

Joseph Haim Levy (1838-1919), Journalist and campaigner for individual rights. 1 Portrait

Joseph Moses Levy (1812-1888), Founder of the 'Daily Telegraph'. 1 Portrait

Judith Levy (née Hart) (1706-1803), Benefactor. 1 Portrait

Sir Maurice Levy (1859-1933), Politician and Managing Director of Hart and Levy Ltd. 2 Portraits

Remben Levy (1891-1966), Professor of Persian and Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Thomas Levy (1874-1953), Politician; MP for Elland. 4 Portraits

Sir Arthur Levy Lever, 1st Bt (1860-1924), Soldier and Liberal politician; MP for Harwich and Hackney Central. 1 Portrait

Dayan Myers Lew (1907-), Dayanim of the London Beth Din. 1 Portrait

Lady Victoria Lew. 1 Portrait

Oscar Lewenstein (1917-1997), Theatre impresario and film producer. 1 Portrait

Agnes Lewes (née Jervis) (1822-1902), Wife of George Henry Lewes. 1 Portrait

Charles George Lewes (1869-1938), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Charles Lee Lewes (1740-1803), Author and actor. 1 Portrait

Charles Lee Lewes (1843-1891), Post office clerk, county councillor and writer. 2 Portraits

George Henry Lewes (1817-1878), Writer. 9 Portraits

Miriam Lewes, Actress. 4 Portraits

Sir Watkin Lewes (1740?-1821), Politician and Lord Mayor of London. 2 Portraits

Denis Henry Arthur Lewey (1930-1974), Colonel; son of Sir Arthur Lewey. 2 Portraits

Arthur Corrie Lewin (1874-1952), Brigadier-General. 11 Portraits

Ernest Ord Lewin (1879-1950), Major-General. 1 Portrait

John Francis Lewin (circa 1912-2004), Royal Navy Captain. 2 Portraits

Octavia Margaret Sophia Lewin (1869-1955), Physician; daughter of Spencer Robert Lewin. 1 Portrait

Carrique Edgar Lewin Lewin-Harris (1899-1984), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Jorge ('J.S.') Lewinski (1921-2008), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Lady (Maria) Theresa Lewis (née Villiers) (1803-1865), Writer. 4 Portraits

Sir Alfred Edward Lewis (1868-1940), Banker. 4 Portraits

Alun Lewis (1915-1944), Poet. 2 Portraits

Sir Andrew Mackenzie Lewis (1918-1993), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Hon. Anne Lucy Lewis (died 1951), Daughter of 1st Baron Merthyr. 1 Portrait

Arnold Meredith Lewis (active 1950s), Bishop of Salina. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lewis (1846-1930), Actor-manager. 1 Portrait

Arthur William John Lewis (1917-1998), Labour politician; MP for Upton and West Ham North. 6 Portraits

Sir Aubrey Julian Lewis (1900-1975), Professor of Psychiatry. 2 Portraits

Bernard Lewis (1916-), Professor of Near Eastern Studies. 1 Portrait

Bernard Lewis, Alderman and Labour Candidate. 1 Portrait

Bertha Lewis (1887-1931), Actress and singer. 9 Portraits

Charles George Lewis (1808-1880), Engraver. 2 Portraits

Charlotte Lewis (1967-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Clinton Gresham Lewis (1885-1978), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Clive Staples ('C.S.') Lewis (1898-1963), Author. 5 Portraits

Damian Lewis (1971-), Actor. 1 Portrait

David Lewis (Charles Baker) (1617-1679), Jesuit and martyr. 1 Portrait

David Lewis (1854-1939), Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

David Roger Poyer Lewis (1936-), Major; son of Sir Wilfrid Hubert Poyer Lewis. 5 Portraits

Denise Lewis (1972-), Olympic heptathlete; London 2012 Ambassador. 2 Portraits

Diana Lewis. 1 Portrait

Dominic Bevan Wyndham Lewis (1891-1969), Essayist, humorist and biographer. 16 Portraits

Sir Edward Roberts Lewis (1900-1980), Company chairman, The Decca Record Co. 3 Portraits

(Janet) Eiluned Lewis (1900-1979), Welsh novelist, poet and contributor to 'Country Life'. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Barty (née King), Lady Lewis (died 1977), Second wife of Sir Wilfrid Hubert Poyer Lewis. 2 Portraits

Ernest Wool Lewis (1867-1930), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Francis Lewis (1713-1802), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Frank Oswald Lewis (1873-1962), Captain. 3 Portraits

Frederic Hyman Lewis (1834-1889), Barrister and chess player. 1 Portrait

Frederick Christian Lewis Sr (1779-1856), Engraver and landscape painter. 1 Portrait

Geoff Lewis (1935-), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Lieutenant-Colonel George Lewis. 1 Portrait

George Lewis (1803-1879), Free Church Minister. 1 Portrait

Sir George Cornewall Lewis, 2nd Bt (1806-1863), Liberal politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer and editor of the Edinburgh Review. 10 Portraits

Sir George Henry Lewis, 1st Bt (1833-1911), Solicitor. 11 Portraits

Sir Gilbert Frankland Lewis, 3rd Bt (1808-1883), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Gwyneth Lewis (1959-), Poet. 1 Portrait

G.E. Lewis. 3 Portraits

Harry Lewis, Husband of Dame Vera Lynn. 1 Portrait

Henry Augustus Lewis (1879-1966), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Sir (John) Herbert Lewis (1858-1933), Politician and lawyer. 3 Portraits

Hopkin Windsor Lewis (1906-1982), Rugby player. 2 Portraits

Howell Elvet Lewis (1860-1953), 'Elfed'; Congregational minister and devotional poet. 3 Portraits

Hugh Lewis (died 1937), Justice of the Peace and Director, Royal Insurance. 2 Portraits

H. Lesley Lewis, Colonel. 1 Portrait

James Lewis (1751?-1820), Architect. 2 Portraits

James Lewis (1837?-1896), Actor. 2 Portraits

James Henry Lewis (1786-1853), Stenographer and inventor of short-hand. 1 Portrait

Jessie Lewis (1890-1971), Actress. 2 Portraits

John Lewis (1836-1928), Founder of the John Lewis department store. 2 Portraits

John Lewis (1675-1747), Church of England clergyman in Kent and antiquary. 3 Portraits

John Lewis (1713-1792), Brewer. 2 Portraits

John Frederick Lewis (1805-1876), Painter. 7 Portraits

John Travers Lewis (1825-1901), Archbishop of Ontario. 3 Portraits

Mrs J. Hamilton Lewis, Foreign visitor (American) presented at Court. 1 Portrait

Sir Kenneth Lewis (1916-1997), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Frank Mackay Lewis (1897-1993), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Lennox Claudius Lewis (1965-), Boxer. 2 Portraits

Linda Lewis (1950-), Singer. 1 Portrait

Maison Lewis (active 1905-1928), Fashion designer. 42 Portraits

Matthew Gregory Lewis (1775-1818), Writer. 3 Portraits

Monty Lewis, Businessman. 1 Portrait

Norman Lewis (1908-2003), Novelist and travel writer. 2 Portraits

Oswald Lewis (1887-1966), Politician and partner in John Lewis & Company. 1 Portrait

Paul Lewis (1972-), Pianist. 1 Portrait

Richard Lewis (1821-1905), Bishop of Llandaff. 5 Portraits

Richard Lewis (1914-1990), Tenor. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard George Lewis (1895-1965), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Ronald Howard Lewis (1909-1990), Politician; MP for Carlisle. 2 Portraits

R.P.C. Lewis, Captain. 1 Portrait

Sarah Winston Lewis (née Scales) (died 1961), Wife of Hon. Trevor Gwyn Eliot Lewis. 2 Portraits

Shaznay Lewis (1975-), Singer; member of All Saints. 1 Portrait

Stephen Lewis (1947-), Author. 3 Portraits

Sydney Kersland Lewis, Public relations officer. 1 Portrait

Sylvia Lewis. 1 Portrait

Teddy Lewis (1894-1970), Boxing promoter; agent of Jimmy Wilde. 1 Portrait

Terence ('Terry') Lewis (1935-), Labour politician; MP for Worsley. 1 Portrait

Thomas Ellis Lewis (1890-1978), Lawyer and Lecturer in Law, University of Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Frankland Lewis, 1st Bt (1780-1855), Politician; Poor Law Commissioner. 2 Portraits

Virginia Penelope Ann Lewis, Daughter of Vera Lynn. 1 Portrait

Waller Augustus Lewis (1817-1882), Physician. 1 Portrait

Wilfrid Bennett Lewis (1908-1987), Physicist and civil servant. 3 Portraits

Sir Wilfrid Hubert Poyer Lewis (1881-1950), Judge. 3 Portraits

Will Lewis (1969-), Journalist and editor of 'The Telegraph'. 1 Portrait

Sir William Lewis, 1st Bt (1598-1677), Royalist politician; MP for Petersfield and Lymington. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Hawthorne Lewis (1888-1970), Colonial administrator. 2 Portraits

William James Lewis (1847-1926), Professor of Mineralogy. 3 Portraits

William Thomas Lewis (circa 1746-1812), Actor. 6 Portraits

(Percy) Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957), Painter and novelist. 18 Portraits

Wyndham Lewis (1780-1838), Conservative politician; MP for Maidstone. 1 Portrait

Miss Lewis (active 1854). 2 Portraits

Lady Lewis. 2 Portraits

Mark Lewis-Francis (1982-), Athlete. 1 Portrait

William Lewis (active 1942-1959), Bishop of Nevada. 1 Portrait

Oscar Lewisohn (1884-1917), Actor; husband of Edna May. 4 Portraits

Thomas Leslie W. Lewsey (1910-1965), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Lady Lewson (Jane Lewson (née Vaughan)) (1699 or 1700-1816), Eccentric and centenarian. 1 Portrait

Beryl Mary Stopford Lewthwaite (née Hickman), Wife of Sir William Lewthwaite, 2nd Bt. 3 Portraits

Raymond Lewthwaite (1894-1972), Captain and Medical Research, Colonial Office. 1 Portrait

Henry Ley (1813-1895), Second Clerk Assistant of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Jacob Ley (1803-1881), Censor of Christ Church, Oxford. 1 Portrait

John Ley (died 1814), Clerk Assistant and Deputy Clerk of the House of Commons. 3 Portraits

John Henry Ley (1770-1850), First Clerk of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Mabel Annie (née Brocklehurst), Lady Ley (1886-1979), Former wife of Jonkheer Frans Izaak Van Haeften, Baron Van Haeften, and later second wife of Sir (Henry) Gordon Ley, 2nd Bt; daughter of Sir Philip Brocklehurst, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

William Ley (circa 1817-1847), Assistant Clerk of the House of Commons. 2 Portraits

William Henry Ley (1847-1919), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

William Leybourn (1626-1716), Mathematician and land surveyor. 12 Portraits

George Leybourne (1842-1884), 'Champagne Charlie'; music-hall entertainer. 4 Portraits

Hugh Leycester (1748?-1836), Recorder of Chester. 3 Portraits

Oswald Leycester (born circa 1752), Rector of Stoke-upon-Trent. 1 Portrait

Ralph Leycester (1764-1865), Politician; MP for Shaftesbury. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Scarisbrick Naylor Leyland (1864-1899), Soldier and politician; MP for Colchester and Southport. 1 Portrait

Joseph Bentley Leyland (1811-1851), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Maurice Leyland (1900-1967), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Karl Joseph Leyser (1920-1992), Historian. 1 Portrait

Eleanor Leyshon (active 1887-1891), Actress. 1 Portrait

Eric McPhail Leyton, Electrical engineer. 4 Portraits

John Leyton (1939-), Actor and singer. 4 Portraits

José Lezama Lima (1910-1976), Cuban poet. 1 Portrait

Julian Joseph Lezard, South African tennis player. 1 Portrait

Rodolfa Lhombino (active 1900s), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Li Hongzhang (Li Hung Chang) (1823-1901), Politician, General and diplomat. 5 Portraits

Sir Claude Francis Liardet (1881-1966), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Neil Libbert (1938-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Lee (née Fitzroy), Countess of Lichfield (1664-1718), Wife of Henry Lee, 1st Earl of Lichfield; daughter of Charles II by the Duchess of Cleveland. 8 Portraits

Thomas William Anson, 1st Earl of Lichfield (1795-1854), Postmaster General and politician; MP for Great Yarmouth. 4 Portraits

Thomas Francis Anson, 3rd Earl of Lichfield (1856-1918), Landowner and bank director. 1 Portrait

Thomas Edward Anson, 4th Earl of Lichfield (1883-1960), Landowner. 6 Portraits

Thomas Patrick John Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield (1939-2005), Photographer. 29 Portraits

Leonora (née Grosvenor), Countess of Lichfield (1949-), Wife of 5th Earl of Lichfield; daughter of 5th Duke of Westminster. 3 Portraits

Nathaniel Lichfield (1916-2009), Professor Emeritus, University of London and partner in Lichfield Planning. 6 Portraits

David Lichine (1910-1972), Dancer and choreographer. 1 Portrait

Karl Max, Prince Lichnowsky (1860-1928), German diplomat. 1 Portrait

Arthur Carl Lichtenberger (active 1950s), Bishop of Nevada. 1 Portrait

Princess Fanny Lichtenstein. 1 Portrait

Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997), Artist. 1 Portrait

Mark Lickley, Musician; member of 'ABC'. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Sydney Liddall (1884-1963), Businessman. 3 Portraits

Sir Adolphus Frederick Octavius Liddell (1818-1885), Under-Secretary of State at the Home Office; son of 1st Baron Ravensworth; father of Adolphus G. C. Liddell. 2 Portraits

Alice Pleasance Liddell (1852-1934), Inspiration for 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'; Daughter of Henry George Liddell. 14 Portraits

Arthur Robert Liddell (1872-1966), Army officer and Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Hon. Caroline Elizabeth Liddell (née Barrington) (1799-1890), Wife of Hon. Thomas Liddell; daughter of 5th Viscount Barrington. 4 Portraits

Christina Catherine Liddell (née Fraser-Tytler) (1848-1927), Writer; wife of Edward Thomas Liddell; daughter of Charles Edward Fraser-Tytler. 1 Portrait

Sir Clive Gerard Liddell (1883-1956), General. 9 Portraits

Edith Mary Liddell (1854-1876), Sister of Alice Pleasance Liddell. 9 Portraits

Edward George Tandy Liddell (1895-1981), Professor of Physiology. 5 Portraits

Franco Liddell. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Francis Liddell (1865-1950), Governor of Ceylon. 3 Portraits

Edward Henry ('Harry') Liddell (1847-1911), Brother of Alice Pleasance Liddell. 1 Portrait

Henry George Liddell (1811-1898), Lexicographer and dean of Christ Church, Oxford; father of Alice Hargreaves (née Liddell). 8 Portraits

Hilda Jessie Bisset (née Kennedy), Lady Liddell (circa 1891-1970), Former wife of Maurice Cane, and later second wife of Sir Clive Gerard Liddell; daughter of Robert Greig Kennedy. 3 Portraits

(William) Ian Liddell (1938-), Structural engineer. 1 Portrait

Lorina Charlotte ('Ina') Liddell (1849-1930), Sister of Alice Pleasance Liddell. 11 Portraits

Sir John Liddell (1794-1868), Naval medical officer. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Mary Liddell (née Lane-Fox) (circa 1849-1930), Wife of Francis Charles Liddell; daughter of George Lane-Fox. 2 Portraits

Lorina Hannah Liddell (née Reeve) (1826-1910), Wife of Henry George Liddell; daughter of James Reeve; mother of Alice Hargreaves (née Liddell). 3 Portraits

Rhoda Liddell (1860-1949), Daughter of H.G. Liddell. 1 Portrait

Robert Liddell (1808-1888), Fifth son of 1st Baron Ravensworth and vicar. 2 Portraits

Robert Spencer Liddell (1841-1903), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Anne Liddell-Grainger (née Abel-Smith) (1932-), Missionary; First wife of David Liddell-Grainger; daughter of Princess Mary of Teck. 3 Portraits

David Liddell-Grainger (1930-2007), Scottish Politician, Freemason. 1 Portrait

William Lidderdale (1832-1902), Governor of the Bank of England. 1 Portrait

Jean Liddiard (active 1987), Press and Public Relations Officer, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

David Aprahamian Liddle (1960-), Organist. 1 Portrait

Henry Parry Liddon (1829-1890), Church of England clergyman and theologian. 5 Portraits

(Tord) Alvar Quan Lidell (1908-1981), BBC announcer. 1 Portrait

John Scott Lidgett (1854-1953), Methodist minister, theologian and educationist. 4 Portraits

Annie Alexandra Lidiard (née Christie, formerly Wilson-Moore), Lady Lidiard (circa 1889-1943), Wife of politician. 1 Portrait

Daniel Liebeskind (1946-), Architect. 1 Portrait

Baron Justus von Liebig (1803-1873), Chemist. 2 Portraits

Jonas Lied (1881-1969). 4 Portraits

Sir Percivale Liesching (1895-1973), Civil servant; High Commissioner for the UK in South Africa. 11 Portraits

Lieutenant Colonel, Commissioned officer in the British Army and Standard Bearer at the funeral of the 1st Duke of Wellington. 1 Portrait

Lieutenant Colonel, Commissioned officer of the British Army and Guidon Bearer at the Funeral of the 1st Duke of Wellington. 1 Portrait

Lieutenant Colonel, Commissioned officer of the British Army and bearer of the Banner of Wellesley at the funeral of the 1st Duke of Wellington. 1 Portrait

Lieutenant Colonel, Commissioned officer of the British Army and bearer of the Great Banner at the Funeral of the 1st Duke of Wellington. 1 Portrait

Princess Lieven, Wife of Prince Anatoly Pavlovich Lieven. 1 Portrait

Prince Anatoly Pavlovich Lieven (1872-1937), Foreign dignitary. 6 Portraits

Dorothea Khristoforovna Lieven (née Benckendorff), Princess Lieven (1785-1857), Political hostess. 4 Portraits

Princess Ima Lieven. 1 Portrait

Princess Mary Lieven. 1 Portrait

Jan Lievens (1607-1674), Painter. 1 Portrait

Alice Louise Lièvre, Model for Maison Lewis. 3 Portraits

Serge Lifar (1905-1986), Dancer and choreographer. 3 Portraits

James Hewitt, 1st Viscount Lifford (1709-1789), Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 2 Portraits

James Hewitt, 3rd Viscount Lifford (1783-1855), Sheriff of County Donegal and Resident Commissioner of Excise for Scotland. 1 Portrait

James Hewitt, 4th Viscount Lifford (1811-1887), Representative peer. 2 Portraits

Samuel Wilberforce Liggett (1911-), Squadron Leader, RAF. 6 Portraits

William Light (1786-1839), Surveyor-General of South Australia. 1 Portrait

John Lightfoot (1602-1675), Hebraist and rabbinical scholar. 3 Portraits

John Pridieux Lightfoot (1803-1887), Rector of Exeter College, Oxford and Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University in 1862. 1 Portrait

Joseph Barber Lightfoot (1828-1889), Biblical scholar and bishop of Durham. 6 Portraits

Terry Lightfoot (1935-2013), Clarinettist and jazz bandleader. 1 Portrait

Sir (Michael) James Lighthill (1924-1998), Applied mathematician and university administrator. 3 Portraits

Herbert Lightstone (1878-1942), Director-General, General Medical Services. 1 Portrait

John Ligonier, 1st Earl Ligonier (1680-1770), Field Marshal. 10 Portraits

Penelope Ligonier (née Pitt), Viscountess Ligonier (1749-1827), First wife of Edward Ligonier, Earl Ligonier of Clonmell. 4 Portraits

Liliane Lijn (1939-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Olga Likhovskaya (1958-), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

John Lilburne (1614?-1657), Political agitator. 18 Portraits

Robert Lilburne (1613-1665), Regicide. 4 Portraits

Thomas Powys, 1st Baron Lilford (1743-1800). 8 Portraits

Stephen Powys, 6th Baron Lilford (1869-1949), Son of 4th Baron Lilford. 3 Portraits

Princess Lilian of Sweden, Duchess of Halland (née Lillian May Davies) (1915-2013), Fashion model; former wife of Walter Ivan Craig, and later wife of Prince Bertil of Sweden. 1 Portrait

Albert Lilley, Royal Air Force officer. 1 Portrait

Peter Bruce Lilley (1943-), Politician; Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lilley Sr (1872-1951), Chairman of Saxone, Lilley and Skinner (Holdings) Ltd. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lilley (1902-1959), Chairman of Saxone, Lilley and Skinner (Holdings) Ltd; son of Thomas Lilley Sr. 8 Portraits

Vera Lilley (née Sklarevskai, formerly Mrs Cottingham), Wife of Thomas Lilley. 13 Portraits

Sir Charles Swift Lillicrap (1887-1966), Naval architect. 4 Portraits

Arnold Robert Lillie (1909-1999), Geologist. 1 Portrait

Beatrice Gladys Lillie (Lady Peel) (1894-1989), Actress. 18 Portraits

Denis Gascoigne Lillie (1884-1963), Caricaturist and marine biologist. 2 Portraits

Sir John Scott Lillie (1790-1868), Army officer and political writer. 2 Portraits

Arthur Chudleigh Lillies. 1 Portrait

Luke Theodore Lillingston (1907-1944), Fox hunter and army officer. 2 Portraits

William Lilly (1602-1681), Astrologer. 5 Portraits

William Lily (1468?-1522 or 1523), Grammarian and schoolmaster. 2 Portraits

Kim Lim (1936-1997), Singaporean born artist; wife of William Turnbull. 1 Portrait

Johan Paul, Count van Limburg-Stirum (1873-1948), Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies and Dutch emissary in Berlin and London. 5 Portraits

Edmund Henry Pery, 1st Earl of Limerick (1758-1844), Irish peer and politician. 1 Portrait

William Hale John Charles Pery, 3rd Earl of Limerick (1840-1896), Politician and Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard. 2 Portraits

May Imelda Jospehine (née Irwin), Countess of Limerick (died 1943), Wife of 4th Earl of Limerick. 10 Portraits

Edmund Colquhoun Pery, 5th Earl of Limerick (1888-1967), Lieutenant of City of London; Chairman of the Medical Research Council. 10 Portraits

Angela Olivia (née Trotter), Countess of Limerick (1897-1981), Chairman of the Standing Commission of International Red Cross and President of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. 4 Portraits

Sir Arthur Henry Limpus (1863-1931), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Ku Ho Lin (active 1930s), Assistant Bishop of East Szechuan, China. 2 Portraits

Thomas Linacre (circa 1460-1524), Humanist scholar and physician. 1 Portrait

Edward Fiennes de Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln (1512-1585), Lord High Admiral. 5 Portraits

Jean (née Banks), Countess of Lincoln (died 1968), First wife of Earl of Lincoln (later 9th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme); daughter of David Banks. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Fiennes de Clinton (née Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald), Countess of Lincoln (1528?-1589), Noblewoman; former wife of Sir Anthony Browne, and later third wife of 1st Earl of Lincoln. 1 Portrait

Henry de Lacy, 5th Earl of Lincoln (1249-1311), Magnate. 1 Portrait

Henry Clinton, 7th Earl of Lincoln (1684-1728), Magnate. 3 Portraits

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), American President. 8 Portraits

Sir Anthony Handley Lincoln (1911-1993), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Lincoln (1733-1810), Revolutionary army officer and politician in America. 1 Portrait

Fredman Ashe Lincoln, Master of the Bench, Inner Temple. 1 Portrait

Mary Lincoln (née Todd) (1818-1882), Wife of Abraham Lincoln; daughter of Robert Smith Todd. 1 Portrait

Charles Robert Wynn-Carington, Marquess of Lincolnshire (1843-1928), Politician and landowner; Governor of New South Wales. 16 Portraits

Johanna Maria ('Jenny') Lind (1820-1887), Singer, known as 'the Swedish nightingale'; wife of Otto Moritz David Goldschmidt. 20 Portraits

John Lind (1877-1940), Female impersonator, singer and dancer. 1 Portrait

Letty Lind (Letitia Elizabeth Rudge) (1861-1923), Actress, dancer and acrobat. 10 Portraits

Marion Lind, Actress; granddaughter of Sir John Davis, Bart., K.C.B.. 9 Portraits

Miss Lind (active 1863), Actress. 1 Portrait

Anya Linden (Anya (née Eltenton), Lady Sainsbury of Preston Candover) (1933-), Ballerina; wife of John Davan Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Preston Candover. 4 Portraits

Eddie Linden (1935-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Laura Linden (Laura Sophia Morton-Herbert, née Clinton) (1856-1906), Actress and singer; wife of Magnus Morton Herbert; daughter of John Wade Clinton. 2 Portraits

Marie Linden (Agnes Mary Clinton) (born 1860), Actress; daughter of John Wade Clinton. 1 Portrait

Maude Linden, Actress. 7 Portraits

Charles Linder (died 1962), Justice of the Peace for Essex. 1 Portrait

George Samuel Lindgren, Baron Lindgren (1900-1971), Politician; MP for Wellingborough. 10 Portraits

Nathaniel Lindley, Baron Lindley (1828-1921), Judge. 6 Portraits

Sir Arnold Lewis George Lindley (1902-1995), Mechanical engineer. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Oswald Lindley (1872-1950), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Sir (Mark) Frank Lindley (1881-1951), Barrister. 3 Portraits

Henrietta Lindley (active 1880s-1890s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Jimmy Lindley (1935-), Jockey. 1 Portrait

John Lindley (1799-1865), Botanist and horticulturist. 2 Portraits

Kitty Lindley (née Minnie Matild Herink) (1885-1957), Actress; former wife of Halvar Gustav Tissel, and later wife of Montefiore Richardson. 7 Portraits

Robert Lindley (1776-1855), Cellist. 2 Portraits

Simon Geoffrey Lindley (1948-), Organist, accompanist, conductor and composer. 1 Portrait

Miss Lindley, Actress. 2 Portraits

Peter Moffat Lindner (1852-1949), Landscape and seascape painter. 2 Portraits

Olga Lindo (1899-1968), Actress; daughter of Frank Lindo. 1 Portrait

Alfred George V. Lindon (1892-1965), Industrial Adviser. 4 Portraits

John Benjamin Lindon (1884-1960), Lawyer; Queen's Counsel. 3 Portraits

Sir Norman Lindop (1921-2014), Principal of the BSO, chairman of Hertfordshire County Council and Director of Hatfield Polytechnic. 1 Portrait

Horace Lindrum (Horace Norman William Morrell) (1912-1974), Writer and professional snooker and billiards player. 6 Portraits

Reginald Lindesay-Bethune, 12th Earl of Lindsay (1867-1939), Representative Peer for Scotland. 4 Portraits

David Bethune Lindesay-Bethune, 15th Earl of Lindsay (1926-1989), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Alexander Dunlop Lindsay, 1st Baron Lindsay of Birker (1879-1952), Educationalist. 15 Portraits

Lady Amabel Mary Maud Lindsay (née Yorke) (1935-), Wife of Hon. Patrick Lindsay; daughter of 9th Earl of Hardwicke. 3 Portraits

Lady Elizabeth Patricia Lindsay (1908-1937), Daughter of 27th Earl of Crawford. 4 Portraits

Lady Jane Evelyn Lindsay (1862-1948), Daughter of Alexander Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford and 8th Earl of Balcarres. 1 Portrait

Lady Mabel Marian Lindsay, Daughter of 25th Earl of Crawford and 8th Earl of Balcarres. 2 Portraits

Hon. Bronwen Mary Lindsay (née Scott-Ellis) (1912-2003), Daughter of 8th Baron Howard de Walden; wife of Hon. James Louis Lindsay. 4 Portraits

Caroline Blanche Elizabeth (née FitzRoy), Lady Lindsay (1844-1912), Writer and patron of the arts; wife of Sir Coutts Lindsay, 2nd Bt; daughter of Hon. Henry FitzRoy. 4 Portraits

Catherine Hepburne Lindsay (born 1822), Daughter of Hon. Charles Lindsay. 1 Portrait

Hon. Charles Hugh Lindsay (1816-1889), Army officer and politician; son of 24th Earl of Crawford. 6 Portraits

Sir Charles William Lindsay (1856-1939). 1 Portrait

Courtenay Traice David Lindsay (1910-2002), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Coutts Lindsay, 2nd Bt (1824-1913), Artist. 6 Portraits

Sir Darcy Lindsay (1865-1941), Secretary, Royal Insurance Company, Ltd, Calcutta. 1 Portrait

Donald Dunrod Lindsay (1910-2002), Headmaster. 1 Portrait

Frances Ruby Vera Lindsay (Mrs Peto) (1884-1951), First wife of Ralph Harding Peto; daughter of Walter James Lindsay. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Alexander Fanshawe Lindsay (1881-1963), Civil servant in India. 8 Portraits

Henry Edzell Morgan Lindsay (1857-1935), Colonel. 3 Portraits

James Lindsay (1783-1857), London merchant; Lloyds member. 5 Portraits

Sir James Lindsay (1791-1855), Politician; MP for Wigan; General. 1 Portrait

James Lindsay (1871-1928), Stage actor and silent film villain. 1 Portrait

James Alexander Lindsay (1856-1931), Professor of medicine. 1 Portrait

James Howard Lindsay (1871-1940), Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Hon. James Louis Lindsay (1906-1997), Politician; son of 27th Earl of Crawford. 13 Portraits

J.M. Lindsay, Captain. 7 Portraits

Mrs J. Lindsay (active early 1860s). 1 Portrait

Kate Harriet (née Burfield), Lady Lindsay (died 1937), Second wife of Sir Coutts Lindsay, 2nd Bt; daughter of William Burfield. 4 Portraits

Kenneth Martin Lindsay (1897-1991), Author and Labour politician; MP for Kilmarnock. 7 Portraits

Leonard Cecil Colin Lindsay (1857-1941), Private Chamberlain to the Pope Pius XI. 2 Portraits

Marion Lindsay (Marion Weldon) (1880-1954), Actress; former wife of Charles Lindsay Toone and of Count Paul William John Augustin Stomm, and later wife of Phillip Carr. 3 Portraits

Maud Isabella Lindsay (active 1861), Eldest daughter of Sir James Lindsay and Lady Sarah Elizabeth Lindsay (née Savile). 2 Portraits

Noel Ker Lindsay (1904-circa 1966), Barrister and Conservative politician; MP for Bristol South. 2 Portraits

Norah Mary Madeleine Lindsay (née Bourke) (1873-1948), Gardener. 5 Portraits

Philip Lindsay (1906-1958), Historical novelist and film story writer. 9 Portraits

Sir Ronald Charles Lindsay (1877-1945), Diplomat. 8 Portraits

Robert Lindsay (1949-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Martin LIndsay (1843-1914), Historian and reverend. 2 Portraits

Wallace Martin Lindsay (1858-1937), Classical scholar. 2 Portraits

Sir Walter Fullerton Lodovic Lindsay (1855-1930), Major-General. 2 Portraits

William Alexander Lindsay (1846-1926), Justice of the Peace and barrister. 4 Portraits

William Schaw Lindsay (1816-1877), Shipowner and politician. 1 Portrait

Mrs Lindsay. 1 Portrait

Miss Lindsay, Daughter of Hon. Charles Hugh Lindsay. 1 Portrait

Coutts (née Trotter), Lady Lindsay-Bethune (1802-1877), Wife of Sir Henry Lindsay-Bethune, 1st Bt; daughter of John Trotter. 1 Portrait

Hon. Enriqueta Mary Jeanne Lindsay-Bethune (née Koch de Gooreynd), Wife of Hon. John Martin Lindsay-Bethune. 4 Portraits

Hon. Sally Alexandra Jane Lindsay-Bethune (1954-), Daughter of Hon. John Martin Lindsay-Bethune. 9 Portraits

Sir Anthony Henry Lindsay-Hogg, 2nd Bt (1908-1968), Royal Air Force officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Martin Alexander Lindsay of Dowhill, 1st Bt (1905-1981), Explorer, author and politician; leader of British Trans-Greenland Expedition 1934. 15 Portraits

Charles Frederick Lindsell, Army officer. 1 Portrait

Robert Anthony Lindsell (1915-), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

Sir Wilfrid Gordon Lindsell (1884-1973), Lieutenant-General. 9 Portraits

Robert Bertie, 1st Earl of Lindsey (1582-1642), Admiral. 24 Portraits

Montague Bertie, 2nd Earl of Lindsey (1608-1666), Royalist soldier, courtier and politician; MP for Lincolnshire and Stamford. 9 Portraits

Elizabeth Bertie (née Wharton), Countess of Lindsey (circa 1636-1669), Second wife of 3rd Earl of Lindsey. 5 Portraits

Felicia Elizabeth (née Welby), Countess of Lindsey (circa 1835-1927), Wife of 11th Earl of Lindsey; daughter of John Earle Welby. 1 Portrait

Theophilus Lindsey (1723-1808), Unitarian minister and theologian. 3 Portraits

Miss Lindsey (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Gary Lineker (1960-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Sam Lines. 1 Portrait

Frederick Caesar Linfield (1861-1939), Liberal politician; MP for Mid-Bedfordshire. 1 Portrait

Bernard Owen Linford (1898-1986), Flight Lieutenant. 3 Portraits

Arthur George Ling (1913-1995), Architect and town planner. 14 Portraits

Joseph Ling (1767-1850), Founder of Sunday schools. 1 Portrait

Alice Lingard (1847-1897), Actress; wife of William Horace Lingard. 2 Portraits

John Lingard (1771-1851), Roman Catholic historian. 4 Portraits

William Lingen (active 18th century), Irish Secretary of State. 1 Portrait

Simon Nicholas Henri Linguet (1736-1794), Journalist and advocate. 1 Portrait

Marie Link, Actress. 4 Portraits

Eric Linklater (1899-1974), Novelist and man of letters. 9 Portraits

David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley (1961-), Furniture designer; son of Princess Margaret Rose and 1st Earl of Snowdon. 9 Portraits

Serena Alleyne Armstrong-Jones (née Stanhope), Viscountess Linley (1970-), Daughter of Viscount Petersham. 1 Portrait

Betty Linley (1890-1951), Actress. 6 Portraits

Maria Linley (1763-1784), Singer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Linley the Elder (1732-1795), Composer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Linley the Younger (1756-1778), Violinist and composer. 2 Portraits

William Linley (1771-1835), Writer and composer. 3 Portraits

John Adrian Louis Hope, Seventh Earl of Hopetoun and First Marquess of Linlithgow (1860-1908), First Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia. 3 Portraits

Victor Alexander John Hope, 2nd Marquess of Linlithgow (1887-1952), Viceroy and Governor-General of India 1936-43. 4 Portraits

Doreen Maud (née Milner), Marchioness of Linlithgow (1886-1965), Wife of 2nd Marquess of Linlithgow; daughter of Sir Frederick George Milner, 7th Bt. 3 Portraits

Charles William Frederick Hope, 3rd Marquess of Linlithgow (1912-1987), Insurance company director. 12 Portraits

Bambi Linn (Bambina Linnemeier) (1926-), Dancer, choreographer and actress. 3 Portraits

Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778), Botanist and taxonomist. 3 Portraits

Richard Linnecar (1722-1800), Writer. 1 Portrait

Daisy Linnell, Actress. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis John Linnell (1892-1944), Air Marshal. 9 Portraits

James Thomas Linnell (1826-1905), Painter. 1 Portrait

John Linnell (1792-1882), Painter. 8 Portraits

Wilfred Herbert Linnell (1894-1983), Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. 1 Portrait

William Linnell (1826-1906), Painter. 4 Portraits

Linnell, Son of John Linnell. 2 Portraits

M. L'Instant (active 1840), Haitian slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Sir Hugh Nicholas Linstead (1901-1987), President of International Pharmaceutical Federation and Conservative politician; MP for Putney. 33 Portraits

Sir (Reginald) Patrick Linstead (1902-1966), Organic chemist and educationist. 7 Portraits

Annie Linton, Fisherwoman. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Lynn ('Eliza') Linton (1822-1898), Writer. 6 Portraits

Sir James Dromgole Linton (1840-1916), Painter. 7 Portraits

James Henry Linton (1879-1958), Assistant Bishop of Birmingham. 9 Portraits

(John) Martin Linton (1944-), Politician; MP fot Battersea. 1 Portrait

James ('Sandy') Linton, Fisherman. 2 Portraits

Sydney Linton (1841-1894), Bishop of Riverina, Australia. 1 Portrait

William Linton (1791-1876), Landscape Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir William Linton (1801-1880), Army physician. 4 Portraits

Rotha Beryl Lintorn Lintorn-Orman (1895-1935), Political activist; founder of British Fascist Movement. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry John Bevis Lintott (1908-1995), Diplomat. 9 Portraits

Frank Lincoln Linzell (1861-1928), Builder. 1 Portrait

Leon M. Lion (1879-1947), Actor-manager, producer and playwright. 3 Portraits

Jean Etienne Liotard (1702-1789). 1 Portrait

Beth Lipkin (died 2006), Canadian concert pianist. 1 Portrait

Maureen Lipman (1946-), Actress and writer. 1 Portrait

Christopher Lipscomb (1781-1843), First Bishop of Jamaica. 1 Portrait

W.P. Lipscomb (1887-1958), Screenwriter, producer and director. 1 Portrait

Louis James Lipsett (1874-1918), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Richard George Lipsey (1928-), Canadian academic and economist. 1 Portrait

Daniel Leopold Lipson (1886-1963), Teacher, Mayor of Cheltenham and Conservative politician; MP for Cheltenham. 10 Portraits

Celia Lipton (1923-2011), Actress. 1 Portrait

Marcus Lipton (1900-1978), Politician and barrister. 9 Portraits

Sidney Lipton (1905-1995), Bandleader. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton, 1st Bt (1850-1931), Grocer and yachtsman. 19 Portraits

Ernest Edmund Henry Malet Vaughan, 7th Earl of Lisburne (1892-1965), Major; University administrator. 6 Portraits

Maria Isabel Regina Aspasia Vaughan (née de Bittencourt), Countess of Lisburne (died 1944), Daughter of Don Julio Fermin Albert de Bittencourt; first wife of 7th Earl of Lisburne. 1 Portrait

John David Malet Vaughan, 8th Earl of Lisburne (1918-2014), Barrister. 7 Portraits

Lucy Loftus (née Brydges), Viscountess Lisburne (died 1689), First wife of 1st Viscount Lisburne; daughter of 6th Baron Chandos. 7 Portraits

Thomas Liscombe (Luscombe) (died 1813), Murderer. 2 Portraits

John Young, Baron Lisgar (1807-1876), Governor-General of Canada. 2 Portraits

Lyuba Liskoff, Actress. 10 Portraits

Arthur Plantagenet, 1st Viscount Lisle (before 1472-1542), Soldier, diplomat, administrator and illegitimate son of Edward IV. 1 Portrait

Sir George Lisle (circa 1610-1648), Royalist leader and martyr. 13 Portraits

John Lisle (1610-1664), Regicide. 2 Portraits

George Ponsonby O'Callaghan, 2nd Viscount Lismore (1815-1898), Landowner. 5 Portraits

June Lisette Lisser (née May) (1929-), Wife of Raymond Lisser; daughter of 2nd Baron May. 8 Portraits

Joseph Lister, Baron Lister (1827-1912), Surgeon and founder of a system of antiseptic surgery. 16 Portraits

Francis Lister (1899-1951), Actor. 6 Portraits

George Lister, Cock-feeder. 1 Portrait

Laurier Lister (1907-1986), Theatrical director and manager. 1 Portrait

Margaret Imogen Lister (née Clay) (1904-1984), Wife of Joseph Cleverly Lister; eldest daughter of Sir George Felix Clay. 1 Portrait

Sir Martin Lister (1602-1670), Farmer and politician; MP for Brackley. 5 Portraits

Sir Matthew Lister (1571?-1656), Physician. 2 Portraits

Moira Lister (1923-2007), Actress. 3 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Percy Lister (1897-1983), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Reginald Lister (1865-1912), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Rupert Lister (active 1900s), Actor. 1 Portrait

Susanna Lister (née Temple), Lady Lister (died circa 1669), Former wife of Sir Gifford Thornhurst, Bt, and later wife of Sir Martin Lister of Thorpe Arnold. 5 Portraits

Wilfred Mackay Lister, Reverend, Embassy Vicarage, Skipton-in-Craven. 1 Portrait

Sir William Tindall Lister (1864-1944). 1 Portrait

Miss Lister (active 1900s). 1 Portrait

Annie Clementina Lister-Kay (née Esdaile) (1847-1912), Wife of Ellis Cunliffe Lister Lister-Kay; daughter of William Clement Drake Esdaile. 2 Portraits

Lady Beatrice Adeline Lister-Kaye (née Pelham-Clinton) (1862-1935), Wife of Sir Cecil Edmund Lister-Kaye, 4th Bt; daughter of 6th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme. 3 Portraits

Sir John Pepys Lister-Kaye, 3rd Bt (1853-1924), Lieutenant, Royal Horse Guards; Groom-in-Waiting to King Edward VII. 3 Portraits

Natica (née Yznaga), Lady Lister-Kaye (1857-1943), Wife of Sir John Pepys Lister-Kaye, 3rd Bt; daughter of Antonio Modesto Yznaga del Valle and Ellen Maria Clement. 5 Portraits

T.H. Lister Salisbury. 2 Portraits

David Joel Liston (1914-1990), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Harry Liston (1843-1929), Comedian and singer. 2 Portraits

John Liston, Fisherman. 1 Portrait

John Liston (1776?-1846), Comedian and actor. 15 Portraits

Robert Liston (1794-1847), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

Willie Liston, Fisherman. 1 Portrait

Maria Augusta Hare (née Windham), Countess of Listowel (1805-1871), Wife of 2nd Earl of Listowel. 1 Portrait

William Hare, 3rd Earl of Listowel (1833-1924), Liberal Politician. 2 Portraits

William Francis Hare, 5th Earl of Listowel (1906-1997), Politician; Secretary of State for India and last Governor-General of Ghana. 17 Portraits

Judith Hare (née de Marffy-Mantuano), Countess of Listowel (1903-2003), Journalist, author and first wife of 5th Earl of Listowel. 16 Portraits

Franz Liszt (1811-1886), Pianist and composer. 8 Portraits

Serge Litavkin (1891-1915), Dancer. 9 Portraits

David Litchfield, Founder of Ritz Newspaper. 1 Portrait

Harriett Litchfield (née Sylvester Hay) (1777-1854), Actress. 2 Portraits

John Shirley Sandys Litchfield (1903-1993), Captain and politician. 1 Portrait

(Frederick) Shirley Litchfield-Speer (1874-1922), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir James Lithgow, 1st Bt (1883-1952), Shipbuilder and industrialist. 2 Portraits

William Lithgow (1582-1645?), Traveller. 6 Portraits

Beatrice Ethel Lithiby (1889-1966), Artist and mural decorator. 1 Portrait

Mademoiselle Litini (active 1892-1897), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Samuel Harrington Littell (1873-1967), Bishop of Honolulu. 1 Portrait

Alastair Little (1950-), Chef and restaurateur. 1 Portrait

Sir (Rudolf) Alexander Little (1895-1977), Director-General of the General Post Office. 1 Portrait

Alicia Ellen Neve Little (née Bewicke) (Mrs Archibald Little) (1845-1926), Author and campaigner against foot-binding. 3 Portraits

Andrew George Little (1863-1945), Historian. 1 Portrait

Sir Archibald Little (1810-1891), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Archibald John Little (1838-1908), Traveller and businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles James Colebrooke Little (1882-1973), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth, Lady Little (born circa 1826), Wife of Sir Archibald Little. 1 Portrait

Mr Little of Libberton (active 1786). 2 Portraits

Colonel Little (active 1857). 1 Portrait

Stephen Charles Littlechild (1943-), Academic and Consultant on privatisation, competition and regulation. 1 Portrait

Thomas Littledale (active 1797), of Rotterdam. 1 Portrait

Mr Littledale (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Miss Littledeane, Nurse. 1 Portrait

Abram Newkirk Littlejohn (1824-1901), Bishop of Long Island. 1 Portrait

Fiona Mary Littlejohn (née Curtis) (1946-), Wife of Anthony David Findon Littlejohn; daughter of Sir Peter Curtis, 6th Bt. 3 Portraits

Isobella Littlejohn, Telegraphist. 1 Portrait

Richard Littlejohn (1954-), Newspaper columnist; radio and television presenter. 1 Portrait

Astle Scott Littlejohns (1875-1939), Captain. 3 Portraits

Sir Emile Littler (1903-1985), Theatrical impresario, producer, author and company director. 4 Portraits

Sir Ralph Daniel Makinson Littler (1835-1908), Barrister. 2 Portraits

Edward Littleton, Baron Littleton (1589-1645), Judge, politician and Chief Justice of North Wales. 14 Portraits

Muriel Littleton (1566-1630), Daughter of Lord Chancellor Thomas Bromley; wife of John Lyttelton. 1 Portrait

Hon. Richard Charles Arthur Littleton (1888-1945), Navy Commander; third son of 2nd Baron Hatherton. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Littleton (Lyttleton) (1422-1481), Justice and legal writer. 8 Portraits

William Francis Littleton (1847-1889), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Barbara (née Langdon-Down), Lady Littlewood (1909-1995), Solicitor and magistrate; wife of Sir Sydney Littlewood. 6 Portraits

Charles Littlewood (1902-1984), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Joan Maud Littlewood (1914-2002), Theatre director and manager. 8 Portraits

John Edensor Littlewood (1885-1977), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Sir Sydney Charles Thomas Littlewood (1895-1967), Lawyer. 7 Portraits

Mark Littman (1920-2015), Company director. 2 Portraits

Edward Arthur Litton (1813-1889), Reverend. 1 Portrait

Marie Litton (Maria Lowe) (1847-1884), Actress and theatre manager. 3 Portraits

Émile Maximilien Paul Littré (1801-1881), Lexicographer and philosopher. 1 Portrait

Mrs Litvinoff. 1 Portrait

Maxim Litvinov (Meer Wallach) (1876-1951), Russian Foreign Minister. 6 Portraits

Edward George Downing Liveing (1895-1963), Author and historian. 7 Portraits

George Downing Liveing (1827-1924), Chemist. 1 Portrait

L. Liveing, 'Leader in Medicine & Surgery'. 1 Portrait

Robert Liveing (1834-1919), Dermatologist. 1 Portrait

Dame Penelope Margaret Lively (1933-), Writer. 2 Portraits

Mary Ashton Livermore (1820-1905). 1 Portrait

Charles Jenkinson, 1st Earl of Liverpool (1729-1808), Statesman. 4 Portraits

Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool (1770-1828), Prime Minister. 50 Portraits

Lady Louisa Theodosia Hervey, Countess of Liverpool (1767-1821), First wife of Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool; daughter of 4th Earl of Bristol. 1 Portrait

Cecil George Savile Foljambe, 1st Earl of Liverpool (1846-1907), Politician; MP for Mansfield and North Nottinghamshire. 4 Portraits

Susan Louisa Foljambe (née Cavendish), Countess of Liverpool (active 1877-died 1917), Second wife of Cecil Foljambe, 1st Earl of Liverpool. 6 Portraits

Arthur William de Brito Savile Foljambe, 2nd Earl of Liverpool (1870-1941), Governor of New Zealand. 7 Portraits

Henry Liverseege (1803-1832), Painter. 3 Portraits

Archibald Liversidge (1846-1927), Professor of Chemistry and promoter of science in Australia. 4 Portraits

Peggy Livesay, Actress; daughter of Sam Livesay. 1 Portrait

Sir George Thomas Livesey (1834-1908), Promoter of labour co-partnership. 1 Portrait

Maggie ('Peggy') Livesey (later McMinn) (active 1920s-1950s), Actress; wife of Desmond McMinn; daughter of Sam Livesey. 4 Portraits

Roger Livesey (1906-1976), Actor. 1 Portrait

Henry Livings (1929-1998), Playwright and screenwriter. 1 Portrait

J. Livings, Chief Superintendent, Fingerprint Department, Scotland Yard. 1 Portrait

Guy Livingston (1881-1950), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Ian Paul Livingston (1964-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Margaret Livingston (born 1855), Sister of Mrs Albert Broom. 4 Portraits

Philip Livingston (1716-1778), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Clermont Livingston (1893-1982), Air Marshal. 8 Portraits

Robert Livingston (born 1852), Brother of Mrs Albert Broom. 1 Portrait

Robert R. Livingston (1746-1813), Lawyer and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Mackenzie Livingstone (1880-1950), Director of steel and building companies and Liberal politician; MP for Western Isles. 6 Portraits

David Livingstone (1813-1873), Missionary and explorer, Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. 39 Portraits

Guy Livingstone, Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Kenneth Robert ('Ken') Livingstone (1945-), Politician; Mayor of London. 9 Portraits

Mary Livingstone (née Moffat) (1821-1862), Wife of David Livingstone. 1 Portrait

Neil Livingstone (1788-1856), Father of David Livingstone. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Winn Livingstone (1880-1960), Classical scholar and university administrator. 9 Portraits

Lennox John Livingstone-Learmonth (1911-1988), Lieutenant-Colonel; son of J.C. Livingstone-Learmonth. 1 Portrait

Anita Lizana (1915-1994), Tennis player; wife of Ronald Taylor Ellis. 2 Portraits

Henry Matthews, Viscount Llandaff (1826-1913), Lawyer and politician. 6 Portraits

Georgiana Marcia (née McLean), Lady Llangattock (circa 1837-1920), Socialite and benefactor; wife of 1st Baron Llangattock; daughter of Sir Charles Maclean, 9th Bt of Morvaren. 6 Portraits

Benjamin Hall, 1st Baron Llanover (1802-1867), Politician and eponymist of Big Ben. 3 Portraits

Colette Llaurens, Wife of Pierre Soulages. 1 Portrait

John Jestyn Llewellin, Baron Llewellin (1893-1957), Politician and Governor-general of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. 17 Portraits

Evan Henry Llewellyn (1847-1914), Politician and army officer. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Morton ('Harry') Llewellyn, 3rd Bt (1911-1999), Businessman and showjumping administrator. 1 Portrait

(William Herbert) Rhydian Llewellyn (1919-), Major; son of Sir David Richard Llewellyn, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Llewellyn (1783-1867), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Richard Llewellyn (Richard Dafydd Vivian Llewellyn Lloyd) (1907-1983), Welsh novelist and playwright. 15 Portraits

Sir (Samuel Henry) William Llewellyn (1858-1941), Artist and President of the Royal Academy. 21 Portraits

W.S. Llewellyn, Amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Richard Llewellyn-Davies, Baron Llewellyn-Davies (1912-1981), Professor of Urban Planning. 1 Portrait

Annie Patricia Llewellyn-Davies, Baroness Llewellyn-Davies of Hastoe (1915-1997), Privy Counsellor. 12 Portraits

Frederick Llewellyn-Jones (1866-1941), Politician, solicitor and coroner. 4 Portraits

Llewelyn ap Gruffudd ('the Last') (circa 1223-1282), Reigned as Prince of Wales 1246-82. 1 Portrait

Sir John Talbot Dillwyn-Llewelyn, 1st Bt (1836-1927), Politician; Businessman; Landowner. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Baxter Llewelyn (1845-1919), Colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

Jack Llewelyn Davies (1894-1959), Second son of Sylvia and Arthur Llewelyn Davies. 9 Portraits

Michael Llewelyn Davies (1900-1921), Fourth son of Sylvia and Arthur Llewelyn Davies. 15 Portraits

Peter Llewelyn Davies (1897-1960), Identified as the source of the name Peter Pan; third son of Sylvia and Arthur Llewelyn Davies. 14 Portraits

Sylvia Jocelyn Llewelyn Davies (née Du Maurier) (1866-1910), Wife of Arthur Llewelyn Davies; daughter of George Du Maurier. 41 Portraits

Davina Margaret Lloyd (1943-), Daughter of 2nd Baron Lloyd. 2 Portraits

Miss M.G. Lloyd Thomas, Lecturer and Director of English Studies. 1 Portrait

George Ambrose Lloyd, 1st Baron Lloyd (1879-1941), Politician and colonial administrator. 7 Portraits

Dennis Lloyd, Baron Lloyd of Hampstead (1915-1992), Jurist. 2 Portraits

Blanche Isabella (née Lascelles), Lady Lloyd (1880-1969), Royal courtier; wife of 1st Baron Lloyd; daughter of Frederick Canning Lascelles. 1 Portrait

Alexander David Frederick Lloyd, 2nd Baron Lloyd (1912-1985), Politician and banker. 19 Portraits

Lady (Victoria) Jean Marjorie Mabell (née Ogilvie), Baroness Lloyd (1918-2004), Wife of 2nd Baron Lloyd; daughter of 12th Earl of Airlie. 8 Portraits

Alice Lloyd (née Wood) (1873-1949), Music hall entertainer; sister of Marie Lloyd. 8 Portraits

Annie Lloyd (née Wood), Music hall entertainer; sister of Marie Lloyd. 1 Portrait

Anthony Joseph Lloyd (1950-), Labour politician and Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lloyd (1839-1904), Music hall singer and song-writer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Selden Lloyd (1857-1936), Bishop Suffragan of New York. 2 Portraits

Arthur Thomas Lloyd (1844-1907), Bishop of Newcastle. 2 Portraits

Charles Lloyd (1784-1829), Bishop of Oxford. 3 Portraits

Charles Harford Lloyd (1849-1919), Organist, choirmaster and composer. 1 Portrait

Charles Wilson Lloyd (1915-1999), Justice of the Peace and Master, Dulwich College. 1 Portrait

Christopher Lloyd (1921-2006), Horticulturalist, gardener and writer. 1 Portrait

Clifford Lloyd. 1 Portrait

Corinne Deborah Lloyd (1951-), Daughter of Baron Lloyd of Hampstead. 1 Portrait

Cyril Lloyd (1906-1989), Major-General and educationist. 3 Portraits

Doris Lloyd (circa 1900-1968), Actress. 2 Portraits

Duncan Lloyd, Musician, member of 'Maxïmo Park'. 1 Portrait

Edward Lloyd (1660-1709), Author and Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum. 2 Portraits

Edward Lloyd (1845-1927), Tenor singer. 3 Portraits

Ella Margaret Lloyd (née Purey-Cust) (1859-1937), Daughter of Arthur Perceval Purey-Cust; wife of Wilford Neville Lloyd. 2 Portraits

Emily Lloyd (1970-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir (Ernest) Guy Richard Lloyd, 1st Bt (1890-1987), Major and politician. 18 Portraits

Ernest Marsh Lloyd (1840-1922), Colonel and writer; contributor to the 'Dictionary of National Biography' and 'The Times'. 1 Portrait

Errol Lloyd (1943-), Artist and playwright. 1 Portrait

E. Aubrey Lloyd (died 1950), Chairman and Managing Director of Ellerman Lines Ltd. 5 Portraits

E.C. Lloyd, Veterinarian. 2 Portraits

Florence Lloyd (born 1876), Welsh actress and singer. 5 Portraits

Sir Francis Lloyd (1858-1926), Lieutenant-General. 11 Portraits

Frank Lloyd (Franz Kurt Levai) (1911 or 1912-1998), Founder of Marlborough Fine Art. 1 Portrait

Frederick Lindsay Lloyd (1866-1940), Manager, Brooklands Racing Club and colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Lloyd (1933-), Professor of Ancient Philosophy and Science, Cambridge and Master of Darwin College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

George Walter Selwyn Lloyd (1913-1998), Composer and conductor. 1 Portrait

Grace Lloyd (née Wood), Music hall entertainer; sister of Marie Lloyd. 1 Portrait

Gwyneth Lloyd (1913-1994), Actress. 3 Portraits

Harold Lloyd (1893-1971), Film actor. 1 Portrait

Herbert William Lloyd (1883-1957), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Dame Hilda Nora Lloyd (née Shufflebotham, later Rose) (1891-1982), Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology; former wife of Bertram Arthur Lloyd, and later wife of Baron Theodore Rose. 4 Portraits

Sir Hugh Pughe Lloyd (1894-1981), Air Chief Marshal. 9 Portraits

Ifor Bowen Lloyd (1902-1990), County court judge. 3 Portraits

James Lloyd (1971-). 0 Portraits

Joanna Lloyd (née Leigh, later Beckford) (1758-1814), Former wife of Richard Bennet Lloyd of Maryland, and later wife of Francis Love Beckford. 2 Portraits

John Lloyd, Actor. 1 Portrait

John Lloyd (1726-1806), Landowner of Pound Park, Devon. 1 Portrait

John Lloyd (1847-1915), Bishop of Swansea. 2 Portraits

Sir John Conway Lloyd (1878-1954), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir John Edward Lloyd (1861-1947), Professor of History. 2 Portraits

Jones Lloyd. 2 Portraits

Kathleen (née Meadows), Lady Lloyd (died 1976), Wife of Sir Hugh Pughe Lloyd; daughter of Robert Thornton Meadows. 3 Portraits

Llewelyn Walter Lloyd, Headmaster, Ashby de la Zouche Grammar School and reverend. 4 Portraits

Marie Lloyd (Matilda Alice Victoria Wood) (1870-1922), Music hall entertainer. 27 Portraits

Mary Lloyd (née Moser) (1744-1819), Artist; founding member of the Royal Academy. 6 Portraits

Dame Mary Kathleen Lloyd (1902-1972), Director of Women's Royal Naval Service. 4 Portraits

Mary Vere Lloyd (née Gosling) (1857-1915), Wife of Henry Lloyd; daughter of Robert Gosling. 1 Portrait

Maud Lloyd (née Wood), Music hall entertainer; sister of Marie Lloyd. 1 Portrait

Molly Lloyd, Actress. 3 Portraits

Richard Eyre Lloyd (1906-1991), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Robert Lumley Lloyd (died 1729), Rector of St Paul's, Covent Garden and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Rosa Harriette Lloyd (née Davies) (1843-1920), Wife of Ernest Marsh Lloyd; daughter of E. P. Davies. 1 Portrait

Rosie Lloyd (née Wood), Music hall entertainer; sister of Marie Lloyd. 1 Portrait

Sampson Samuel Lloyd (1820-1899), Manufacturer, Chairman of Lloyd's Bank and politician. 2 Portraits

Sian Lloyd (1958-), Television weather presenter. 1 Portrait

Sydney Lloyd (né Wood), Music hall entertainer; brother of Marie Lloyd. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lloyd (1784-1816), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lloyd (1857-1935), Suffragan Bishop of Maenan. 3 Portraits

Thomas Ifan Lloyd (1903-1981), Army officer and engineer; Founder of the Railway Conversion League. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Ingram Kynaston Lloyd (1896-1968), Civil servant. 6 Portraits

Valerie Lloyd (1945-1999), Photographer, historian, curator and patron of the arts. 1 Portrait

Major Vaughan Lloyd. 1 Portrait

William Lloyd (1627-1717), Bishop of Worcester. 19 Portraits

Sir William Frederick Lloyd (1864-1937), Prime Minister of Newfoundland. 3 Portraits

William Watkiss Lloyd (1813-1893), Classical and literary scholar. 2 Portraits

Sue Lloyd-Roberts (1952-2015), Television journalist and BBC correspondent. 1 Portrait

Hon. Georgiana Christiana Lloyd-Anstruther (née Barrington) (1810-1881), Second wife of James Hamilton Lloyd-Anstruther; daughter of 5th Viscount Barrington. 1 Portrait

Mary Lloyd-Baker (née Sharp) (1778-1812), Daughter of William Sharp. 1 Portrait

Patricia Evelyn Lloyd-Dolbey (née Stock) (1913-), Wife of Raoul Teesdale Lloyd-Dolbey; daughter of Arthur Boy Stock. 2 Portraits

David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd-George (1863-1945), Prime Minister. 127 Portraits

Cecily Josephine Lloyd George (née Gordon-Cumming), Countess Lloyd George of Dwyfor (1925-), Former wife of 2nd Earl of Woolton and of 3rd Baron Forres, and later wife of 3rd Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor. 4 Portraits

Lady Megan Arfon Lloyd George (1902-1966), Politician; MP for Anglesey and Carmarthen; daughter of David Lloyd George. 33 Portraits

Dame Margaret Lloyd George (née Owen) (1866-1941), First wife of David Lloyd George; daughter of Richard Owen. 23 Portraits

David Trevor Lloyd-Jones (1917-1998), Judge. 3 Portraits

Elisabeth Babington Lloyd-Jones (née Babington-Smith) (circa 1921-2008), Doctor; specialist in anaesthesia; daughter of Sir Henry Babington-Smith and Lady Elizabeth Babington-Smith. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Jefferd Lloyd-Jones (1922-2009), Classical scholar. 2 Portraits

Lady (Henrietta) Augusta Lloyd-Mostyn (née Nevill) (1830-1912), Photographer and philanthropist; President of Llandudno Hospital; wife of Hon. Thomas Edward Lloyd-Mostyn; daughter of 4th Earl of Abergavenny. 1 Portrait

Sydna Alix Lloyd Mostyn (1917-1983). 1 Portrait

Muriel Florence Lloyd-Prichard, Politician; Economist and writer. 1 Portrait

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd Webber (1948-), Composer. 9 Portraits

Imogen Lloyd Webber, Daughter of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd Webber. 1 Portrait

Julian Lloyd Webber (1951-), Cellist; brother of Baron Lloyd Webber. 1 Portrait

Sarah Jane Lloyd Webber (née Hugill), First wife of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd Webber. 1 Portrait

William Southcombe Lloyd Webber (1914-1982), Composer and organist; Director of London College of Music. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Sylvia Lloyd-Williams (1901-1977), Headmistress. 1 Portrait

John Anthony Lloyd-Williams (1923-), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Hon. Frances Patricia Lloyd-Worth (née Tollemache) (1908-1992), WAAF; wife of Charles Edward Lloyd-Worth; daughter of 3rd Baron Tollemache. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Augusta (née Raymond), Lady Lluellyn, Wife of Sir Richard Lluellyn; daughter of Lieutenant-General Raymond. 1 Portrait

Ramon Llull (1232-1315), Writer and philosopher. 2 Portraits

Humphrey Llwyd (1527-1568), Welsh antiquary. 3 Portraits

Kenneth Charles ('Ken') Loach (1936-), Film director. 7 Portraits

Shelagh Loader, Student, Peter King, Central St Martin's School of Art. 1 Portrait

William Loader, Idiot of Bimringham. 1 Portrait

Sir Marcus Lawrence Loane (1911-2009), Primate of Australia. 1 Portrait

Thomas ('Tom') Loates (1867-1910), Jockey. 2 Portraits

Georges Mouton, comte de Lobau (1770-1838), French general. 1 Portrait

Arthur Frederick Lobb (1834-1898), Stockbroker. 1 Portrait

John Lobb, Bootmaker; Businessman. 1 Portrait

Lucretia Isabel Lobb (née Bray) (1839?-1889), Wife of Arthur Frederick Lobb. 1 Portrait

Sir William George Lobjoit (1859-1939), Controller of Horticulture and author. 3 Portraits

Gillian Margaret Hope Lobkowicz (née Somerville) (1890-1982), Former wife of Francis Hugh Bonham-Carter, and later wife of Maximilian Lobkowicz. 7 Portraits

Giorgio Locatelli (1964-), Chef and restaurateur. 1 Portrait

Henry Brougham Loch, 1st Baron Loch (1827-1900), Colonial administrator. 8 Portraits

Edward Douglas Loch, 2nd Baron Loch (1873-1942), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Davinia Julia (née Wright), Lady Loch (1931-), First wife of Sir Richard Boughey, 10th Bt, and later second wife of 4th Baron Loch. 7 Portraits

Catharine Grace Loch (circa 1855-1904), Nurse. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Villiers, Baroness Loch (1841-1938), Twin daughter of Edward Ernest Villiers; wife of Henry Brougham Loch. 2 Portraits

George Loch. 2 Portraits

Granville Gower Loch (1813-1853), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

James Loch (1780-1855), Lawyer and estate commissioner. 2 Portraits

John Loch (1781-1868), Chairman of the East India Company and politician; MP for Hythe. 1 Portrait

John Carysfort Loch (1877-1974), Colonel; member of the Royal Company of Archers and the Queen's bodyguard for Scotland. 6 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Morley Loch (1890-1961), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Edmund Robertson, 1st Baron Lochee (1845-1911), Barrister and Liberal politician; MP for Dundee. 1 Portrait

Daniel Lock (1681-1754), Governor of the Foundling Hospital. 5 Portraits

George Lock (1771-1864), Rector. 2 Portraits

(Cecil) Max Lock (1909-1988), Architect. 1 Portrait

Stephen Penford Lock (1929-), Physician and writer on medicine. 1 Portrait

Walter Lock (1846-1933), Theologian; Warden of Keble College, Oxford. 3 Portraits

William Lock (1804-1832), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Locke (1872-1932), Assistant Secretary in the Home Office. 8 Portraits

Arthur D'Arcy ('Bobby') Locke (1917-1987), Golfer. 2 Portraits

Cecilia Locke (1775-1824), Wife of Mr Charles Locke. 1 Portrait

Frederica Augusta Locke (1750-1832), Wife of William Locke of Norbury. 1 Portrait

Hew Locke (1959-), Artist; sculptor. 1 Portrait

John Locke (1632-1704), Philosopher. 36 Portraits

John Locke (1805-1880), Legal writer and politician. 1 Portrait

Joseph Locke (1805-1860), Civil engineer. 2 Portraits

Matthew Locke (circa 1622-1677), Organist and composer. 1 Portrait

Wadham Locke (1779-1835), Politician; MP for Devizes. 3 Portraits

William Locke (active 1832), Captain of the Life Guards. 1 Portrait

William Locke. 1 Portrait

William John Locke (1863-1930), Novelist. 9 Portraits

William Locker (1731-1800), Captain in the Navy. 1 Portrait

William Algernon Locker (1863-1930), Journalist; assistant editor of Punch. 1 Portrait

Betty Locker-Lampson, Daughter of Hon. Godfrey Lampson Tennyson Locker-Lampson. 2 Portraits

Frederick Locker-Lampson (1821-1895), Poet and writer. 5 Portraits

Godfrey Lampson Tennyson Locker-Lampson (1875-1946), Diplomat, writer and Conservative politician; MP for Salisbury and Wood Green. 4 Portraits

Oliver Stillingfleet Locker-Lampson (1880-1954), Commander and politician. 2 Portraits

Stella Mary Locker-Lampson (circa 1907-1986), Daughter of Hon. Godfrey Lampson Tennyson Locker-Lampson. 2 Portraits

Janetta de Vere Lockett (née Paynter) (1881-1959), Wife of William Jeffrey Lockett. 2 Portraits

Mary Edna Lockett (née Crist) (active 1930), Wife of Richard Jeffery Lockett. 1 Portrait

Richard Jeffery Lockett (1907-1980), Sugar planter and cotton merchant in Peru. 2 Portraits

Charles Lockey (1820-1901), Singer. 1 Portrait

Freda Bruce Lockhart (1909-1987), Actress and film critic. 2 Portraits

Sir James Haldane Stewart Lockhart (1858-1937), Colonial official and art collector. 2 Portraits

John Gibson Lockhart (1794-1854), Biographer and novelist. 6 Portraits

Leslie Keith Lockhart (1897-1966), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Margaret (née McLean), Lady Lockhart (died 1895), Wife of Sir Norman Macdonald Lockhart, 3rd Bt; daughter of John McLean. 1 Portrait

Sir Norman MacDonald Lockhart, 4th Bt (1844-1870), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Philadelphia (née Wharton), Lady Lockhart (1655-in or after 1717), Wife of Sir George Lockhart of Carnwath. 5 Portraits

Philip Lockhart (1689?-1715), Army officer and Jacobite sympathizer. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Cook Lockhart (1861-1943), Linen manufacturer. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart (1887-1970), Diplomat and writer. 20 Portraits

Sir Rob McGregor MacDonald Lockhart (1893-1981), General and Deputy Chief Scout, Boy Scouts Association. 14 Portraits

Violet Lockhart (1801-1849), Younger sister of John Gibson Lockhart; daughter of Reverend John Lockhart. 2 Portraits

Sir William Lockhart (1621-1676), Soldier and diplomat. 2 Portraits

Sir William Stephen Alexander Lockhart (1841-1900), General. 11 Portraits

Sir Charles Henry Augustus Frederick Lockhart-Ross, 9th Bt (1872-1942), Landowner, army officer and entrepreneur; inventor of the 'Ross rifle'. 1 Portrait

Ronald Mathias Lockley (1903-2000), Author; Naturalist. 2 Portraits

Sir Ben Lockspeiser (1891-1990), Aeronautical engineer and government administrator. 5 Portraits

K.L. Lockstone, Chairman of Esher Conservative Association. 2 Portraits

Francis William Lockwood (1908-1955), Headmaster of Plymouth College. 2 Portraits

Sir Frank Lockwood (1846-1897), Lawyer and Liberal politician; MP for York. 13 Portraits

Frank Lockwood (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Helen M. Lockwood. 1 Portrait

John Cutts Lockwood (1890-1983), Lieutenant-Colonel and Conservative politician; MP for Hackney Central and Romford. 6 Portraits

Sir John Francis Lockwood (1903-1965), Classicist and university administrator. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Flawith Lockwood (1904-1991), Businessman and Chairman of the Royal Ballet. 3 Portraits

Julia Lockwood (1941-), Actress. 6 Portraits

Margaret Lockwood (1916-1990), Actress. 13 Portraits

Amy Lockyer (1855-1897), Daughter of James Morant Lockyer. 2 Portraits

Bernard Lockyer (1853-1928), Insurance clerk; son of James Morant Lockyer. 2 Portraits

Clarence Edward Williams Lockyer (1892-1963), Air Vice-Marshal. 2 Portraits

Cuthbert Henry Jones Lockyer (1867-1957), Gynaecologist and obstetric physician; vice-president, Royal Society of Medicine. 2 Portraits

Emma Maria Lockyer (née Morant) (1829-1863), Wife of James Morant Lockyer; daughter of George Morant. 2 Portraits

Florence Lockyer (active circa 1863), Daughter of James Morant Lockyer. 2 Portraits

James Morant Lockyer (1823-1865). 2 Portraits

Lionel Lockyer (1601-1672), Physician and inventor of 'Lockyer's Pill'. 5 Portraits

Nicholas Lockyer (1611-1685), Puritan divine. 5 Portraits

Sir (Joseph) Norman Lockyer (1836-1920), Astronomer and journal editor. 5 Portraits

Violet Gwendoline Lockyer (née Morton) (1888-1974), Second wife of Cuthbert Lockyer. 3 Portraits

William James Stewart Lockyer (1868-1936), Astronomer and meteorologist. 10 Portraits

Major General Lockyer (active 1855), Major General. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Locock, 3rd Bt (1878-1965), Son of 2nd Bt. 3 Portraits

Charles Bardolf Locock (1905-1961), Son of Sir Charles Locock, 3rd Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Guy Harold Locock (1883-1958), Civil servant. 4 Portraits

Lady Margaret Ernestine Loder (née Hare) (1869-1951), Wife of Reginald Bernhard Loder; daughter of 3rd Earl of Listowel. 2 Portraits

Eustace Loder (1867-1914), Racehorse owner. 1 Portrait

John Loder (1898-1988), Actor. 2 Portraits

Kate Fanny Loder (1825-1904), Pianist and composer. 1 Portrait

Marion (née Hubbard), Lady Loder (died 1922), Wife of Sir Edmund Giles Loder, 2nd Bt; daughter of W.E. Hubbard. 3 Portraits

Hon. Robert Beauclerk Loder (1934-), Son of Dame Margaret Wakehurst and 2nd Baron Wakehurst. 3 Portraits

Frederick Parland Loder-Symonds (1876-1952), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Alfred Lodge (1854-1937), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

David John Lodge (1935-), Novelist and critic. 2 Portraits

Edmund Lodge (1756-1839), Historian. 1 Portrait

Eleanor Constance Lodge (1869-1936), Historian. 1 Portrait

George Edward Lodge (1860-1954), Artist and naturalist. 1 Portrait

John Lodge (1793-1850), Librarian of the University of Cambridge and Rector of Cumberworth and Anderby. 1 Portrait

Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge (1851-1940), Physicist. 45 Portraits

Sir Richard Lodge (1855-1936), Professor of History at Edinburgh. 7 Portraits

Thomas Lodge (1882-1958), Phosphate Commissioner. 2 Portraits

Sir Clive Loehnis (1902-1992), Naval officer and civil servant. 3 Portraits

Professor Loew (active 1939-1945). 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Falkland Loewen (1900-1986), General. 7 Portraits

Raymond Loewy (1893-1986), American industrial designer. 1 Portrait

Capell Lofft (1751-1824), Writer and Whig politician. 1 Portrait

Joseph Lofthouse Jr (1880-1962), Bishop of Keewatin, Canada. 1 Portrait

William Frederick Lofthouse (1871-1965), Theologian and reverend. 2 Portraits

Keith T. Lofts, Royal Air Force Pilot Officer. 1 Portrait

Norah Lofts (1904-1983), Novelist. 6 Portraits

Lord Augustus William Frederick Spencer Loftus (1817-1904), Diplomat. 4 Portraits

Lord Henry Yorke Astley Loftus (1822-1880), Son of 2nd Marquess of Ely. 1 Portrait

Cecilia ('Cissie') Loftus (1876-1943), Actress and singer; daughter of Marie Loftus. 15 Portraits

Ernest Achey Loftus (1884-1987), Pedagogue. 1 Portrait

Kitty Loftus (1867-1927), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Marie Loftus (1857-1940), Music hall entertainer. 3 Portraits

Sarah Anne Loftus Tottenham (née Gore) (died 1895), Wife of Arthur Loftus Tottenham; daughter of George Addenbrooke Gore. 1 Portrait

Andrew Logan (1945-), Sculptor; performance artist; jewellery-maker; portraitist and painter. 2 Portraits

Sir Donald Arthur Logan (1917-2009), Ambassador to Guinea and Bulgaria. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Logan (1811-1862), Daughter of Alexander Stuart Logan. 3 Portraits

Jimmy Logan (James Allan Short) (1928-2001), Actor, producer and director. 1 Portrait

Stanley Logan (1885-1953), Actor and producer. 1 Portrait

Sir William Edmond Logan (1798-1875), Geologist in Canada. 2 Portraits

Sir William Marston Logan (1889-1968), Colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

Mrs Logan. 2 Portraits

Johann Bernhard Logier (1777-1846), Music teacher and composer. 2 Portraits

(Christopher) Nicholas Roald Logsdail (1945-), Art dealer and gallery owner. 1 Portrait

William Logsdail (1859-1944), Painter. 1 Portrait

Christopher Logue (1926-2011), Poet, playwright, journalist and actor. 3 Portraits

Lionel George Logue (1880-1953), Speech therapist (cured George VI's stammer). 2 Portraits

Michael Logue (1840-1924), Cardinal. 1 Portrait

Marie Kaye Wouldes Löhr (Lohr) (1890-1975), Actress-producer and Manager of the Globe Theatre; former wife of Anthony Leyland Val Prinsep. 35 Portraits

Lolita, Actress. 9 Portraits

Gina Lollobrigida (1927-), Actress. 3 Portraits

Herbert Lom (Herbert Schluderpacheru) (1917-2012), Actor. 3 Portraits

Cyril Ernest Napier Lomax (1893-1973), Major-General. 3 Portraits

John Anthony Lomax (1916-1988), Royal Artillery Captain. 6 Portraits

Sir John Garnett Lomax (1896-1987), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

John S.W. Lomax. 1 Portrait

Marjorie Lomax (née Cheetham), Wife of John S. W. Lomax. 1 Portrait

Mrs Lomax. 1 Portrait

Louise Lombard (1970-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Samuel Richard Le Hunte Lombard-Hobson (1913-1999), Captain, Royal Navy. 13 Portraits

Pierre Lombart (1612 or 1613-1682), Engraver. 4 Portraits

Amelia Mary Cecilia (née Sandeman), Marchesa Lomellini-Tabarca (1856-1931), Wife of Giovanni, Marchese Lomellini-Tabarca; daughter of Albert George Sandeman. 1 Portrait

William Michael Lomer (1926-), Physicist. 5 Portraits

William Henry Forester Denison, 1st Earl of Londesborough (1834-1900), Politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

Edith Frances Wilhelmina (née Somerset), Countess of Londesborough (1838-1915), Wife of 1st Earl of Londesborough; daughter of 7th Duke of Beaufort. 1 Portrait

Grace Augusta Denison (née Fane), Countess of Londesborough (1860-1933), Wife of 2nd Earl of Londesborough; daughter of 12th Earl of Westmorland. 2 Portraits

Marigold Rosemary Joyce (née Lubbock), Countess of Londesborough (later Mrs de Lubicz-Bakanowski) (1903-1976), Former wife of 4th Earl of Londesborough, and later wife of Zygmunt Stanislaw de Lubicz-Bakanowski. 4 Portraits

Albert Denison, 1st Baron Londesborough (1805-1860), Politician, diplomat and archaeologist. 1 Portrait

Ursula Lucy Grace (née Bridgeman), Lady Londesborough (later FitzGerald) (circa 1823-1883), Former second wife of 1st Baron Londesborough, and later wife of Lord Otho Augustus FitzGerald; daughter of Hon. Charles Orlando Bridgeman. 1 Portrait

London District and Chaplain-General of the Forces, Senior Anglican Chaplain of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Heinz London (1907-1970), Physicist. 1 Portrait

Hugh Stanford London (1884-1959), Consul-General, Marseilles, Quito, New Orleans and Paris. 2 Portraits

Robert Stewart, 1st Marquess of Londonderry (1739-1821), Politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

Robert Stewart, 2nd Marquess of Londonderry (Lord Castlereagh) (1769-1822), Statesman. 45 Portraits

Amelia Anne Stewart (née Hobart), Marchioness of Londonderry (Lady Castlereagh) (1772-1829), Wife of 2nd Marquess of Londonderry (Lord Castlereagh). 3 Portraits

Charles William Vane-Stewart, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry (1778-1854), Soldier and diplomat. 39 Portraits

Frances Anne Vane, Marchioness of Londonderry (1800-1865), Society hostess and businesswoman. 7 Portraits

Frederick William Robert Stewart, 4th Marquess of Londonderry (1805-1872), Conservative politician; MP for County Down. 3 Portraits

George Vane-Tempest, 5th Marquess of Londonderry (1821-1884), Businessman, diplomat and Conservative politician; MP for North Durham. 6 Portraits

Mary Cornelia (née Edwards), Marchioness of Londonderry (1826-1906), Wife of 5th Marquess of Londonderry; daughter of Sir John Edwards, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 6th Marquess of Londonderry (1852-1915), Viceroy of Ireland. 12 Portraits

Theresa Susey Helen (née Talbot), Marchioness of Londonderry (1856-1919), Conservative hostess and first president of the Ulster women's unionist council; wife of 6th Marquess of Londonderry; daughter of 19th Earl of Shrewsbury. 10 Portraits

Charles Stewart Henry Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 7th Marquess of Londonderry (1878-1949), Politician and Secretary of State for Air. 40 Portraits

Edith Helen (née Chaplin), Marchioness of Londonderry (1878-1959), Political hostess and writer; Colonel-in-Chief of the Women's Volunteer Reserve. 11 Portraits

Edward Charles Stewart Robert Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 8th Marquess of Londonderry (1902-1955), Politician and Arsenal chairman. 5 Portraits

Romaine Vane-Tempest-Stewart (née Combe), Marchioness of Londonderry (died 1951), Wife of 8th Marquis of Londonderry. 1 Portrait

Nicolette Elaine Katherine (née Harrison), Marchioness of Londonderry (circa 1941-1993), Former wife of 9th Marquess of Londonderry, and later wife of Georgie Fame; daughter of Michael Harrison. 9 Portraits

Doreen Patricia Wells, Marchioness of Londonderry (1937-), Ballerina and actress. 1 Portrait

Walter Hume Long, 1st Viscount Long of Wraxall (1854-1924), Politician; Secretary of State for the Colonies and First Lord of the Admiralty. 22 Portraits

Dorothy Blanche ('Doreen', née Boyle), Viscountess Long (1858-1938), Wife of 1st Viscount Long; daughter of 9th Earl of Cork. 1 Portrait

Richard Eric Onslow Long, 3rd Viscount Long (1892-1967), Justice of the Peace and politician. 7 Portraits

Basil Somerset Long (1881-1937), Art historian. 1 Portrait

Sir Bertram Long (1889-1975), Lieutenant-Colonel and barrister. 2 Portraits

Charles Poore Long (1834-1871), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Dolly Long, Maid for Dylan Thomas's family. 1 Portrait

Edward Long (1734-1813), Planter and commentator on Jamaican affairs. 1 Portrait

Edwin Longsden Long (1829-1891), Painter. 3 Portraits

Ernest Long (1898-1982), Member of Central Electricity Generating Board and Electricity Council. 1 Portrait

George Merrick Long (1874-1930), Bishop of Newcastle, New South Wales and educationist. 1 Portrait

Henry Charles Dudley Long (1839-1870), Son of Henry Lawes Long and Lady Catherine Long (née Walpole). 2 Portraits

Sir James Long, 2nd Bt (1617-1692), Royalist, soldier and antiquary; nephew of Sir Robert Long. 1 Portrait

Jane Long. 4 Portraits

John St John Long (1798-1834), Empiric. 2 Portraits

Lily Long, Actress. 8 Portraits

Lady Louisa Emily Long (née Stanley) (1805-1825), Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Long; daughter of 13th Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

Marguerite Long (1874-1966), Pianist and teacher. 1 Portrait

Mary Ballard Long (1735-1797), Wife of Chief Justice Edward Long. 1 Portrait

Norman Long. 2 Portraits

Richard Long (1945-), Sculptor and conceptual artist. 4 Portraits

Sir Robert Long (circa 1600-1673), Politician, Auditor of the Exchequer. 1 Portrait

Robert Ballard Long (1771-1825), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Roger Long (1680-1770), Divine and astronomer. 2 Portraits

Sir Ronald Long (1902-1987), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Sidney Herbert Long (1870-1939), Consulting physician, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and ornithologist. 1 Portrait

Sidney Selden Long (1868-1940), Major-General. 1 Portrait

William (?) Long (active 1794), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

William Long (active 1821-died 1855), Painter. 1 Portrait

Malcolm Sim Longair (1941-), Jacksonian Professor of Natural Philosophy and Head of Department of Physics, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir Benjamin Longbottom (1876-1930), President of Engineers Club, Manchester. 1 Portrait

Charles Brooke Longbottom (1930-2013), Barrister; politician and company director. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Alexander Holcombe Longcroft (1883-1958), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Fred Longden (1886-1952), Author, orator, conscientious objector and Labour politician; MP for Birmingham Deritend and Small Heath. 1 Portrait

Sir Gilbert James Morley Longden (1902-1997), Conservative politician; MP for Morpeth and South West Hertfordshire. 10 Portraits

Harry Leicester Longden (1900-1981), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882), American poet. 20 Portraits

Malvina Longfellow (1889-1962), American stage and silent film actress. 3 Portraits

Christine Patti Pakenham (née Trew), Countess of Longford (1900-1980), Playwright and novelist; wife of 6th Earl of Longford. 2 Portraits

Francis Aungier Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford (1905-2001), Statesman, businessman and writer. 27 Portraits

Elizabeth (née Harman), Countess of Longford (1906-2002), Historian and writer; wife of 7th Earl of Longford. 19 Portraits

Thomas Francis Dermot Pakenham, 8th Earl of Longford (1933-), Journalist, historian and arborist. 4 Portraits

Edward Michael Pakenham, 2nd Baron Longford (1743-1792), Naval captain. 1 Portrait

William Wingfield Longford (1882-1964), Rector of Caversham, Oxfordshire and Rector of Sefton, Lancashire. 3 Portraits

Margaret Longhurst (1882-1958), Museum curator. 1 Portrait

Catherine Alice Longley (née Pearse) (1829?-1916), Former wife of Jonathan Dawson, and later wife of George Longley; daughter of George Pearse. 2 Portraits

Charles Thomas Longley (1794-1868), Archbishop of Canterbury. 17 Portraits

Edna Mary Longley (née Broderick), Critic; wife of Michael George Longley. 1 Portrait

George Longley (circa 1835-1892), Colonel, Royal Engineers; son of Charles Thomas Longley, Bishop of Durham. 5 Portraits

Harry Sherman Longley (1868-1944), Bishop of Iowa. 1 Portrait

Sir John Raynsford Longley (1867-1953), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Michael George Longley (1939-), Poet and writer. 4 Portraits

Sir Norman Longley (1900-1994), Building and civil engineering contractor. 4 Portraits

Lady Elizabeth Mary Longman (née Lambart) (1924-), Wife of Mark Frederic Kerr Longman; daughter of 10th Earl of Cavan. 15 Portraits

Eleanor D. Longman (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Evelyn Longman (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Florence A. Longman (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Florence Evelyn Longman (1879-1942), Daughter of Thomas Norton Longman. 4 Portraits

Frances Anne Longman (née Pratt-Barlow), Wife of Thomas Norton Longman. 2 Portraits

Frances Norton Longman (born 1881), Daughter of Thomas Norton Longman. 4 Portraits

Georgiana Edith Longman, Daughter of Thomas Norton Longman. 2 Portraits

Helen Agnes Longman, Daughter of Thomas Norton Longman. 2 Portraits

Thomas Norton Longman (1849-1930), Publisher and sportsman. 3 Portraits

William Longman (1882-1967), Company chairman and President Publishers Association. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Murray Longmore (1885-1970), Air Chief-Marshal. 8 Portraits

Jean Mary Longmore (née Williamson) (1919-2009), Daughter of 2nd Baron Forbes; wife of (William) Maitland Longmore. 6 Portraits

John Alexander Longmore (1899-1973), Solicitor. 5 Portraits

Marjorie (née Maitland), Lady Longmore (1884-1959), First wife of Sir Arthur Murray Longmore. 6 Portraits

Philip Elton Longmore (1884-1954), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Longmore (1816-1895), Surgeon general. 2 Portraits

Roger Erskine Longrigg (1929-2000), Author. 1 Portrait

Caroline Susan Longsdon (née Watson) (1946-), Wife of Robert Shaun Longsdon; granddaughter of 1st Baron Buckland. 6 Portraits

Edward Harold Longson (1872-1941), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sir John Longstaff (1862-1941), Painter. 1 Portrait

John Edward Longstaff (1919-2000), Committee member of the International Brigade Association. 1 Portrait

Patricia Longstaff. 1 Portrait

Nina Longstaffe (née Sevening) (active 1902), Actress; wife of Victor Charles Hamilton Longstaffe. 10 Portraits

James Longstreet (1821-1904), American soldier. 1 Portrait

Christophe de Longueil (1490-1522), Scholar. 4 Portraits

Reginald Longueville (1923-). 1 Portrait

Maria Theresa Longworth (1833-1881), Plaintiff claiming to be W.C. Yelverton's legal wife. 1 Portrait

Tom Longworth (1891-1977), Bishop of Pontefract. 4 Portraits

Adam Lonicer (Lonitzer) (1528-1586), Botanist. 1 Portrait

Edwin Jesse ('E.J.') Lonnen (1861-1901), Actor and comedian. 1 Portrait

James Lowther, Earl of Lonsdale (1736-1802), Politician and landowner. 2 Portraits

St George Henry Lowther, 4th Earl of Lonsdale (1855-1882), Colonel; son of 3rd Earl of Lonsdale. 3 Portraits

William Lowther, 1st Earl of Lonsdale (1757-1844), Landowner and patron of Wordsworth. 6 Portraits

Lady Augusta Lowther (née Fane), Countess of Lonsdale (1761-1838), Wife of 1st Earl of Lonsdale. 1 Portrait

William Lowther, 2nd Earl of Lonsdale (1787-1872), Politician; Postmaster General and Lord President of the Council. 2 Portraits

Hugh Cecil Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale (1857-1944), Sportsman; son of 3rd Earl of Lonsdale. 29 Portraits

Grace Cecile Lowther (née Gordon), Countess of Lonsdale (1854-1941), Wife of 5th Earl of Lonsdale; daughter of 10th Marquess of Huntly. 10 Portraits

James Hugh William Lowther, 7th Earl of Lonsdale (1922-2006), Grandson of 6th Earl of Lonsdale. 8 Portraits

Jennifer (née Lowther), Countess of Lonsdale (later Hon. Mrs Sullivan) (1932-), Second wife of 7th Earl of Lonsdale. 8 Portraits

John Lowther, 1st Viscount Lonsdale (1655-1700), Landowner and politician. 2 Portraits

Lord Lonsdale. 1 Portrait

Errol Henry Gerrard Lonsdale (1913-2003), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Frederick Lonsdale (1881-1954), Playwright. 2 Portraits

Harry Lonsdale (Henry Gittus Lonsdale) (1865-1923), Actor. 1 Portrait

James Lonsdale (1777-1839), Portrait painter. 5 Portraits

John Lonsdale (1788-1867), Bishop of Lichfield. 5 Portraits

Dame Kathleen Lonsdale (née Yardley) (1903-1971), Crystallographer and pacifist. 7 Portraits

Richard Lonsdale (1913-1988), Lieutenant-Colonel, Parachute Regiment. 1 Portrait

Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper (1958-), Translator. 1 Portrait

R. Lonsdale-Hands. 6 Portraits

Sir Frederick Oscar Warren Loomis (1870-1937), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Anita Loos (1889-1981), American writer. 7 Portraits

Sir Lopes Massey Lopes, 3rd Bt (1818-1908), Politician and agriculturalist. 2 Portraits

Sir Ralph Lopes, 2nd Bt (1788-1854), Politician; MP for Westbury and South Devon. 1 Portrait

Francisco Lopez (died 1568), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Simon Lopez (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Lydia Lopokova (Lady Keynes) (1892-1981), Ballet dancer; wife of Baron Keynes. 20 Portraits

Enid Loraine (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Frederica Mary Horatia (née Vere-Broke), Lady Loraine (1854-1933), Wife of Sir Lambton Loraine, 11th Bt; daughter of Charles Acton Vere-Broke. 1 Portrait

Sir Lambton Loraine, 11th Bt (1838-1917), Naval commander. 1 Portrait

Lorn Loraine. 2 Portraits

Louise Violet Beatrice (née Montagu-Stuart-Wortley), Lady Loraine (1893-1970), Wife of Sir Percy Lyham Loraine, 12th Bt; daughter of Edward James Montagu-Stuart-Wortley. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Lyham Loraine, 12th Bt (1880-1961), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Robert Bilcliffe Loraine (1876-1935), Actor-manager and aviator. 12 Portraits

Violet Loraine (1886-1956), Actress and singer. 24 Portraits

Winifred Lydia Loraine (née Strangman) (died 1986), Wife of Robert Loraine; daughter of Sir Thomas Strangman. 1 Portrait

Moira Veronica Loram (1901-), Wife of Douglas Samuel Loram; daughter of Sir Walter Geoffrey Shakerley, 3rd Bt. 3 Portraits

Stefan Lorant (1901-1997), Editor of the 'Picture Post' and film maker. 26 Portraits

Cyril Lord (1911-1984), Textile and carpet manufacturer. 11 Portraits

Sir Frank Lord (1894-1974), Mayor of Oldham. 5 Portraits

Fred Townley Lord (1893-1962), Vicar and President of the Baptist World Alliance. 5 Portraits

John Keast Lord (1818-1872). 1 Portrait

John Robert Lord (1874-1931), Lecturer in Clinical Psychiatry, London School of Medicine for Women. 2 Portraits

Percival Barton Lord (1808-1840), Diplomatic agent. 1 Portrait

Peter Lord (1953-), Film-maker; Co-founder of Aardman Animations. 1 Portrait

Shirley Lord (née Stringer), Wife of Cyril Lord. 1 Portrait

Tony Lord (1949-), Horticultural consultant, photographer and writer. 1 Portrait

Wilfrid Austin Lord (1902-1982), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Mr Lord, Master of Tooting School. 1 Portrait

Robert Threshie Reid, Earl Loreburn (1846-1923), Lord Chancellor. 4 Portraits

Victoria Lorie (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Victoria Marian Lorie (1915-1997). 1 Portrait

Henry Dubs Lorimer (1879-1933), Farmer and Conservative politician; MP for South Derbeyshire. 4 Portraits

Hew Martin Lorimer (1907-1993), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Hilda Lockhart Lorimer (1873-1954), Fellow and Tutor, Somerville College, Oxford. 3 Portraits

James Lorimer (1818-1890), Jurist. 1 Portrait

John Henry Lorimer (1856-1936), Painter. 1 Portrait

Arthur Henry Loring (died 1931), Chairman of East Kent Light Railways Company. 1 Portrait

Ernest Kindersley Loring (1869-1945), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir (John) Nigel Loring (1896-1979), Apothecary. 1 Portrait

Oliver Loring (1904-1979), Bishop of Maine. 1 Portrait

Phyllis Loring, Actress. 1 Portrait

Herbert Derrick Bell Lorraine (1913-1982), Rugby player; son of J.C. Lorraine. 4 Portraits

Cissy Lorrison (née Mary Ann Lancaster) (died 1947), Actress and beauty. 1 Portrait

Michael Lort (1725-1790), Antiquary. 1 Portrait

André Lortie (1637-after 1720), French Protestant minister in England. 2 Portraits

Sir John Rolleston Lort-Williams (1881-1966), Judge. 5 Portraits

Frederic Burton Pendarves Lory (1875-1954), Educationalist in India. 2 Portraits

Ottilie Ethel ('Tilly') Losch (1907-1975), Dancer and actress. 19 Portraits

Charles Edgar Loseby (1881-1970), Captain, lawyer and politician; MP for Bradford East. 3 Portraits

Constance Loseby (1842-1906), Actress and singer; wife of John Caulfield. 4 Portraits

Joseph Losey (1909-1984), Film director. 8 Portraits

Joe Loss (Joshua Alexander Loss) (1909-1990), Musician; founder of The Joe Loss Orchestra. 1 Portrait

M. Losty, Mace-bearer. 1 Portrait

Alain Chartier Joly de Lotbiniere (1862-1944), Civil engineer. 2 Portraits

Harold Ivens Loten (1887-1980), Justice of the Peace and bank manager. 1 Portrait

William John Kerr, 5th Marquess of Lothian (1737-1815), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Kerr (née Fortescue), Marchioness of Lothian (1745-1780), Wife of William John Kerr, 5th Marquess of Lothian. 5 Portraits

William Kerr, 6th Marquess of Lothian (1763-1824). 3 Portraits

John William Robert Kerr, 7th Marquess of Lothian (1794-1841), Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard and Conservative politician; MP for Huntingdon. 4 Portraits

Cecil Chetwynd Kerr, Marchioness of Lothian (1808-1877), Roman Catholic convert. 1 Portrait

William Schomberg Robert Kerr, 8th Marquess of Lothian (1832-1870), Son of John William Robert Kerr, 7th Marquess of Lothian and Lady Cecil Chetwynd Chetwynd-Talbot. 1 Portrait

Schomberg Henry Kerr, 9th Marquess of Lothian (1833-1900), Statesman. 3 Portraits

Victoria Alexandrina (née Montagu Douglas Scott), Marchioness of Lothian (later Lady Talbot) (1844-1938), Former wife of 9th Marquess of Lothian, and later wife of Bertram Chetwynd Talbot; daughter of 5th Duke of Buccleuch. 2 Portraits

Philip Henry Kerr, 11th Marquess of Lothian (1882-1940), Journalist and statesman. 15 Portraits

Peter Francis Walter Kerr, 12th Marquess of Lothian (1922-2004), Politician and landowner. 4 Portraits

Antonella (née Reuss Newland), Marchioness of Lothian (1922-2007), Journalist; wife of 12th Marquess of Lothian; daughter of Sir Foster Reuss Newland. 1 Portrait

William Kerr, 3rd Earl of Lothian (circa 1605-1675), Politician; Secretary of state, solider and collector of art. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur Cunningham Lothian (1887-1962), Colonial administrator. 2 Portraits

John Lothian (died 1790), Bailie and cloth-merchant. 1 Portrait

Francis Bacon Lothrop, American amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Dame Felicity Ann Emwhyla Lott (1947-), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lott (active 1844), FSA. 1 Portrait

Julien Viaud ('Pierre Lotti') (1850-1923), French journalist and novelist; used the pseudonym 'Pierre Lotti'. 2 Portraits

Lottie, Disc Jockey. 1 Portrait

Émile Loubet (1838-1929), President of France 1899-1906. 3 Portraits

Diana Myrna Loudan (née Spencer Lewis), Daughter of William Spencer Lewis. 5 Portraits

Mr Louden. 2 Portraits

James Mure-Campbell, 5th Earl of Loudon (1726-1786), Major General. 1 Portrait

Lady Prudence Katharine Patton Loudon (née Jellicoe) (1913-2001), Chairman of the National Council for One-Parent Families; daughter of 1st Earl Jellicoe; wife of William Loudon. 6 Portraits

Anne Denise Loudon (née Doughty-Tichborne) (1938-), Wife of Jonkheer John Loudon; daughter of Sir Anthony Joseph Henry Doughty Doughty-Tichborne, 14th Bt. 2 Portraits

Ernst Gideon von Loudon (1717-1790), Austrian solider. 2 Portraits

Irvine Stuart Lees Loudon (1924-2015), Physician and medical writer. 1 Portrait

John Claudius Loudon (1783-1843), Landscape gardener. 2 Portraits

John Campbell, 1st Earl of Loudoun (1598-1662), Lord Chancellor of Scotland. 3 Portraits

Barbara Huddleston Abney-Hastings, 13th Countess of Loudoun (1919-2002), Member of the House of Lords. 3 Portraits

Thomas Lough (1850-1922), Politician and Founder of the Home Rule Union; Tea merchant. 5 Portraits

Sir Lewis Lougher (1871-1955), Shipping owner and Conservative politician; MP for Cardiff. 4 Portraits

Dame Anne Loughlin (1894-1979), Trade unionist. 1 Portrait

Charles William Loughlin (1914-1993), Trade unionist and politician. 1 Portrait

James Loughran (1931-), Conductor. 1 Portrait

Prince Louis (circa 1624-circa 1625), Son of Frederick V and Elizabeth of Bohemia. 5 Portraits

Louis VII ('the Young'), King of France (1120-1180), King of France 1137-1180. 3 Portraits

Louis XI ('the Prudent'), King of France (1423-1483), King of France 1461-1483. 1 Portrait

Louis XII, King of France (1462-1515), King of France 1498-1515. 1 Portrait

Louis XIII, King of France (1601-1643), King of France 1610-1643. 5 Portraits

Louis XIV ('The Sun King'), King of France (1638-1715), King of France 1643-1715. 2 Portraits

Louis XV, King of France (1710-1774), King of France 1715-1774. 2 Portraits

Louis XVI, King of France (1754-1793), King of France 1774-1792. 17 Portraits

Louis XVIII, King of France (1755-1824), Claimant to the throne of France 1795-1814; King of France 1814-1824. 6 Portraits

Louis XVII, King of France (1785-1795?), Claimant to the throne of France 1793-1795; son of Louis XVI. 3 Portraits

Louis I, King of Bavaria (1786-1868), Reigned 1825-48. 1 Portrait

Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine (1837-1892), Soldier; husband of Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse. 47 Portraits

Prince Louis (1837-1892), Louis IV of Hesse-Darmstadt and by Rhine; husband of Princess Alice. 1 Portrait

Princess Louis of Prussia (née Grand Duchess Kir Kirillovna of Prussia) (1909-1967), Daughter of Grand Duke Cyril, wife of Prince Louis of Prussia. 3 Portraits

Prince Louis Napoléon (1914-1997), Son of Prince Victor Napoléon. 8 Portraits

Joseph Dominique, Baron Louis (1755-1837), French statesman and financier. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Louis, 1st Bt (1759-1807), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Princess Louisa Maria Theresa Stuart (1692-1712), Daughter of James II. 9 Portraits

Louisa, Queen of Denmark (1724-1751), Daughter of George II; wife of Frederick, King of Denmark. 5 Portraits

Princess Louisa Anne (1749-1768), Daughter of Frederick Prince of Wales, sister of George III. 2 Portraits

Louis Alexander Mountbatten, 1st Marquess of Milford Haven (Prince Louis of Battenburg) (1854-1921), Admiral of the Fleet and German prince. 16 Portraits

Louise of Savoy (1476-1531), Mother of Francis I of France. 2 Portraits

Louise Hollandine, Princess Palatine (1622-1709), Abbess of Maubisson; daughter of Frederick V and Elizabeth of Bohemia. 6 Portraits

Louise, Queen of Denmark (1817-1898), Wife of Christian IX, King of Denmark; mother of Queen Alexandra. 29 Portraits

Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, Duchess of Argyll (1848-1939), Daughter of Queen Victoria. 93 Portraits

Louise, Queen of Denmark and Princess of Sweden (1851-1926), Wife of Frederick VIII, King of Denmark; daughter of Charles XV, King of Sweden and Norway. 5 Portraits

Princess Louise, Duchess of Fife (1867-1931), Princess Royal; wife of 6th Earl of Fife, later Duke of Fife; daughter of King Edward VII. 92 Portraits

Princess Louise, Princess Friedrich Georg of Schaumburg-Lippe (1875-1906), Wife of Prince Friedrich Georg of Schaumburg-Lippe; daughter of Frederick VIII, King of Denmark. 2 Portraits

Princess Louise Françoise of Bourbon-Sicily (1882-1958), Daughter of Louis-Philippe, Comte de Paris; wife of Charles of Bourbon-Sicily. 1 Portrait

Queen Louise of Sweden (née Lady Louise Alexandra Marie Irene Mountbatten) (1889-1965), Second wife of King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden; daughter of 1st Marquess of Milford Haven. 5 Portraits

Louise Augusta Wilhelmine Amelia, Queen of Prussia (1776-1810), Wife of Frederick William III, King of Prussia. 2 Portraits

Louise Henriette of Orange-Nassau (1627-1667), Wife of Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg. 2 Portraits

Louise Marie Thérèse Charlotte Isabelle d'Orléans, Queen of the Belgians (1812-1850), Daughter of King Louis-Philippe I, King of the French; Queen consort of Leopold I. 2 Portraits

Louise Marie Therese, Duchess of Parma (1819-1864), Wife of Duke Charles III of Parma. 1 Portrait

Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia (1907-1994), Son of Wilhelm, German Crown Prince and Crown Prince of Prussia. 1 Portrait

Louis Philippe Joseph ('Philippe Egalité'), duc d'Orleans (1747-1793), Supporter of the French Revolution; father of Louis Philippe I of France. 4 Portraits

Louis-Philippe I, King of the French (1773-1850), King of France 1830-1848. 21 Portraits

Louis Philippe Marie Ferdinand Gaston d'Orléans, Prince Imperial-Consort of Brazil, Count d'Eu (1842-1922), Consort of Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil; son of Louis d'Orleans, Duc de Nemours. 8 Portraits

Alexander Loukos (1992-), London 2012 Young Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Louis Anthony Loup (1897-1991), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Arthur Lourie, Israeli Ambassador to the UK. 1 Portrait

Mother Louse (active 17th century), Keeper of ale-house, Louse Hall, near Oxford. 5 Portraits

Anna Maria (née Roche), Lady Louth (died 1878), Wife of 12th Baron Louth; daughter of Philip Roche. 1 Portrait

Henry Irving Louttit (1903-1984), Bishop of South Florida. 1 Portrait

François-Domenica Bréda (Toussaint L'Ouverture) (1746-1803), West Indian leader; Governor of Saint Domingue. 3 Portraits

Eric Hendrik Louw (1890-1968), South African Politician. 10 Portraits

Simon Fraser, 11th Baron Lovat (1667?-1747), Jacobite. 8 Portraits

Simon Joseph Fraser, 14th Baron Lovat (1871-1933), Aristocrat; landowner; soldier and politician. 2 Portraits

Simon Fraser, 15th Baron Lovat (1828-1887), Landowner, army officer and aide-de-camp to Queen Victoria. 1 Portrait

Nancie Lovat (1900-1946), Actress and singer. 8 Portraits

Bessie Love (née Horton) (1898-1986), American actress. 1 Portrait

Billie Love (1923-2012), Actress. 2 Portraits

Christopher Love (1618-1651), Puritan divine executed for treason. 22 Portraits

Emma Sarah Love (Mrs Calcraft) (1798-1881), Actress and singer. 5 Portraits

Geoff Love (1917-1991), Musical director. 1 Portrait

Sir James Frederick Love (1789-1866), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Mabel Love (1874-1953), Actress and dancer. 44 Portraits

Richard Love (1596-1661), College Head. 1 Portrait

Eric Stephen Loveday (1904-1947), Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields, Chaplain in Ordinary to the King. 3 Portraits

Mark Antony Loveday (1943-), Senior Partner, Cazenove & Co.. 1 Portrait

Robert Loveday (1620 or 1621-1656), Translator. 5 Portraits

Thomas Loveday (1875-1966), Vice-Chancellor of Bristol. 1 Portrait

Ross Lovegrove (1958-), Designer. 2 Portraits

William Lovegrove (1778-1816), Actor. 1 Portrait

Derek Lovejoy (1925-2000), Landscape architect. 1 Portrait

William King Noel, 1st Earl of Lovelace (1805-1893), Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey. 3 Portraits

(Augusta) Ada King (née Byron), Countess of Lovelace (1815-1852), Mathematician and computer pioneer. 5 Portraits

Ralph Gordon Noel King Milbanke, 2nd Earl of Lovelace (1839-1906), Mountaineer. 1 Portrait

Mary Caroline Milbanke (née Stuart-Wortley), Countess Lovelace (1848-1941), Second wife of 2nd Earl of Lovelace; daughter of Jane Stuart-Wortley. 1 Portrait

Edith (née Anson), Countess of Lovelace (1865-1932), Wife of 3rd Earl of Lovelace; daughter of 2nd Earl of Lichfield. 7 Portraits

Peter Malcolm King, 4th Earl of Lovelace (1905-1964). 3 Portraits

Richard Lovelace (1618-1658), Cavalier and poet. 5 Portraits

Captain Lovelace (active 1801), Soldier; present at Alexandria 1801. 2 Portraits

Dave Lovelady (1942-), Musician; drummer for the Four Jays. 2 Portraits

William Charles Loveless (circa 1770-1851), Missionary in Madras. 1 Portrait

Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard Lovell (1913-2012), Radio astronomer. 10 Portraits

Charles Hughes Lovell (1877-1953), Director of Sylhet Tea Company. 1 Portrait

Gregory Lovell (circa 1522-1597), Cofferer to Her Majesty's household. 1 Portrait

John Williamson Lovell (1824-1880), Lieutenant-General and military engineer. 1 Portrait

Maria Ann Lovell (née Lacy) (1803-1877), Actress and playwright. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Lovell (1450 or before-1524), Chancellor of the Exchequer and soldier. 1 Portrait

W.T. Lovell (active 1885-1908), Actor. 1 Portrait

James Ephraim Lovelock (1919-), Chemist and ecologist. 3 Portraits

Samuel Lover (1797-1868), Songwriter, novelist and painter. 5 Portraits

John Frederick Loverseed (1881-1928), Farmer, soldier and Liberal politician; MP for Sudbury. 2 Portraits

Father Lovet, Priest of the Church of Rome. 3 Portraits

Ernest Neville Lovett (1869-1951), Bishop of Salisbury. 4 Portraits

John Percival Willoughby Lovett (1880-1968), Canon of Salisbury Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Martin Lovett (1927-), Cellist. 2 Portraits

Richard Lovett (baptised 1692-1780), Writer on electricity. 1 Portrait

Robert Lovett (1799-1880), Minister of Marbœuf Chapel, Paris. 1 Portrait

Sir (Harrington) Verney Lovett (1864-1945), Civil servant in India and historian. 1 Portrait

William Lovett (1800-1877), Chartist and social reformer. 1 Portrait

Lene Lovich (Lili-Marlene Premilovich) (1949-), Singer. 1 Portrait

Emmanuel Lovus (died 1568), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Lady Ida Low (née Feilding) (1840-1915), Daughter of 7th Earl of Denbigh. 1 Portrait

Archibald Montgomery ('A.M.') Low (1888-1956), Consulting engineer, research physicist and Professor of Physics. 3 Portraits

Sir Austin Low (1862-1956), Director of London Assurance. 2 Portraits

Sir David Low (1891-1963), Cartoonist. 27 Portraits

Donald Philip Low, Chaplain to the Queen. 1 Portrait

Dorothea Low, Sister of Sir David Low; daughter of David Brown Low. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Low (1893-1972), Newspaper editor. 3 Portraits

Lady Low. 2 Portraits

Richard Low (active 1680s), Musician. 1 Portrait

Sir Stephen Philpot Low (1883-1955), Solicitor. 8 Portraits

William Alexander Low (died 1970), Consulting anaesthetist. 1 Portrait

Colonel Low. 1 Portrait

Charles Fuge Lowder (1820-1880), Vicar of St Peter's, London Docks. 1 Portrait

Anne Lowe (née Diggles) (born 1844), Wife of Charles Lowe; daughter of Seddon Marsh Diggles. 1 Portrait

Chris Lowe (1959-), Musician, member of Pet Shop Boys. 15 Portraits

Christine Lowe, Actress. 9 Portraits

Sir David Lowe (1899-1980), Agriculturalist. 1 Portrait

Douglas Gordon Arthur Lowe (1902-1981), Athlete. 1 Portrait

Edmund Lowe (1890-1971), Actor. 1 Portrait

Edward Cronin Lowe (1880-1958), Pathologist and bacteriologist. 3 Portraits

Eveline M. Lowe (1869-1956), Chairman of the Education Committee, London and Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

Francis Hugh Lowe, General Manager, Lamport and Holt line. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis William ('Frank') Lowe, 1st Bt (1852-1929), Politician; MP for Birmingham Edgbaston. 5 Portraits

Sir Hudson Lowe (1769-1844), General. 3 Portraits

John Lowe (1899-1960), Theologian and university administrator. 6 Portraits

Mary (née Holden), Lady Lowe (died 1945), Wife of Sir Francis William Lowe; daughter of William Holden. 2 Portraits

Peter Lowe (1938-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lowe (1719-1783), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

Mr Lowe (active 1823). 3 Portraits

James Russell Lowell (1819-1891), Statesman and author. 7 Portraits

Otto Egon Lowenstein (1906-1999), Professor of Zoology and Comparative Physiology. 1 Portrait

Princess of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (née Countess Josephine Kinsky), Wife of 7th Prince of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg; daughter of Count Friedrich Karl Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau. 1 Portrait

Johann Jakob Lowenthal (1810-1876), Chess player. 1 Portrait

Richard Lower (1631-1691), Physician and physiologist. 1 Portrait

Sir William Lower (circa 1610-1662), Playwright and translator. 5 Portraits

Walter Ernest Loweth (1892-1968), Politician, Councillor and Justice of the Peace. 6 Portraits

Robert Lowick (1655-1696), Army officer and Jacobite conspirator. 1 Portrait

Hilary Lowinger (active 2011), Editorial Secretary and Office Manager for Private Eye. 1 Portrait

Thomas Esmond Lowinsky (1892-1947), Artist. 1 Portrait

Frank Harrington Lowman (1912-1992), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

Miss Lowman. 1 Portrait

Alan Bailey Lowndes (1921-1978), Landscape painter. 1 Portrait

John James Lowndes (1814-1891), Barrister and writer. 1 Portrait

Marie Adelaide Elizabeth Renée Julia Belloc Lowndes (née Belloc) (1868-1947), Author; wife of Frederick Sawney Archibald Lowndes; daughter of Louis Marie Belloc. 1 Portrait

Mary Lowndes (1856-1929), Stained glass artist. 1 Portrait

Matthew Dobson Lowndes (died 1865), Lawyer and legal writer. 1 Portrait

Sarah Gibbons Lowndes (circa 1802-1867), Wife of Matthew Dobson Lowndes. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lowndes. 3 Portraits

Victor Aubrey Lownes (1928-), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Dame Alice Lowrey (1905-2001), Air Commandant. 2 Portraits

Sir Joseph Lowrey (1859-1936), Director and Secretary of the Salvage Association, London. 3 Portraits

Henry Dawson Lowry (1869-1906), Journalist and writer. 1 Portrait

Laurence Stephen ('L.S.') Lowry (1887-1976), Painter. 21 Portraits

Sir Robert Swinburne Lowry (1854-1920), Admiral. 6 Portraits

Thomas Martin Lowry (1874-1936), Physical chemist. 1 Portrait

Wilson Lowry (1762-1824), Engraver. 3 Portraits

Lady Margaret Lowry-Corry (1883-1975), Daughter of 4th Earl of Belmore. 2 Portraits

Hon. Mary Constance Lowry-Corry (née Biddulph) (1906-1991), Daughter of 2nd Baron Biddulph; first wife of Montagu William Lowry-Corry. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Diana Lavinia Lowry-Corry (née Plumer) (1929-), Third daughter of 2nd Viscount Plumer; wife of Frederick Henry Lowry-Corry. 3 Portraits

Sir Denys Colquhoun Flowerdew Lowson, 1st Bt (1906-1975), Financier. 1 Portrait

Newby (Newbey) Lowson (1773-1853), Antique and art collector; travel companion of J.M.W. Turner. 2 Portraits

Patricia (née Macpherson), Lady Lowson, Wife of Sir Denys (Colquhoun Flowerdew) Lowson; daughter of 1st Baron Strathcarron. 2 Portraits

Thomas Lowten (1747-1814), Solicitor. 4 Portraits

Robert Lowth (1710-1787), Biblical critic and Bishop of London. 4 Portraits

Alice (née Blight), Lady Lowther (died 1939), Author; wife of Sir Gerard Augustus Lowther, 1st Bt; daughter of Atherton Blight. 5 Portraits

Amanda Ursula Georgina Lowther (née Vivian) (1958-), Daughter of Sir John Hamilton Hussey Vivian, 4th Baron Swansea. 6 Portraits

Hon. Anthony Lowther (1925-1981), Younger son of Viscount Lowther. 5 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Cecil Lowther (1869-1940), Major-General. 9 Portraits

Hon. Charles Edwin Lowther (1859-1888), Son of 3rd Earl of Lonsdale. 2 Portraits

Claude William Henry Lowther (1870-1929), Politician and art connoisseur. 2 Portraits

Hon. Dorothy Lowther (née Bromley-Davenport) (1899-1969), Former wife of Guy Loveridge and of Hon. Christopher Lowther, and later wife of Hugh Cullen; daughter of Arthur Bromley-Davenport. 4 Portraits

Sir Gerard Augustus Lowther, 1st Bt (1858-1916), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Gwendoline Sophia Alice Lowther (née Sheffield) (died 1921), First wife of Hon. Lancelot Edward Lowther (later 6th Earl of Lonsdale); daughter of Sir Robert Sheffield, 5th Bt. 1 Portrait

Henry Cecil Lowther (1790-1867), Colonel of the Cumberland Militia, amateur cricketer and politician; MP for Westmorland. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Crofton Lowther (1858-1939), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

James Lowther (1840-1904), Sportsman and Conservative politician; MP for York, North Lincolnshire and Isle of Thanet. 8 Portraits

Sir John Lowther, 2nd Bt (1643-1706), Baronet of Whitehaven, Commissioner of the Admiralty and politician; MP for Cumberland. 6 Portraits

Hon. Lilah Charlotte Sarah Lowther (née White) (1889-1976), Wife of John George Lowther; eldest daughter of 3rd Baron Annaly. 1 Portrait

Theophila Lowther (née Gwatkin) (1782-1844), Great-niece of Sir Joshua Reynolds; wife of Robert Lowther. 1 Portrait

William Lowther (1821-1912), Diplomat and Conservative politician; MP for Westmorland and Appleby. 1 Portrait

Sir William Lowther, 3rd Bt (1727-1756), Landowner. 1 Portrait

William Lowther (active early 1930s), Politician; MP. 6 Portraits

Sir William Guy Lowther, 5th Bt (1912-1982), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Violet Loxley (1914-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Archie Kirkman Loyd (1847-1922), Politician and barrister. 2 Portraits

Arthur Thomas Loyd (1882-1944), Conservative politician; MP for Abingdon. 1 Portrait

Sir (Henry) Charles Loyd (1891-1973), General. 6 Portraits

Lewis Vivian Loyd (1852-1908), Army officer and politician. 1 Portrait

William Jones Loyd (1821-1885), Banker. 1 Portrait

Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556), Founder of the Jesuits. 6 Portraits

Charles Jean Marie Loyson (1827-1912), French divine and theologist. 1 Portrait

Charles Camac Luard (1867-1947), Major-General; Commander of British Troops in South China. 5 Portraits

Charles George Luard (active 1854-1861), Army officer. 1 Portrait

David Evan Trant Luard (1926-1991), Diplomat, Labour politician and Foreign Office minister. 1 Portrait

John Dalbiac Luard (1830-1860), Painter and army officer. 1 Portrait

John Scott Luard (1865-1936), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Nicholas Luard (1937-), Author. 1 Portrait

Nick Luard (1937-2004), Comedian. 2 Portraits

William Blaine Luard (1897-1979), Naval officer, author and inventor. 11 Portraits

'Luba', Exotic night-club dancer. 1 Portrait

Lady Sybil Marjorie Lubbock (née Cuffe) (1879-1943), Former wife of William Cutting Jr and of Geoffrey Scott, and later wife of Percy Lubbock; daughter of 5th Earl of Desart. 5 Portraits

Hon. Adelaide Lubbock (née Stanley) (1906-1981), Wife of Hon. Maurice Fox Pitt Lubbock; daughter of 5th Baron Stanley of Alderley. 2 Portraits

Constance Anne (née Herschel), Lady Lubbock (1855-1939), Wife of Sir Neville Lubbock; daughter of Sir John Herschel. 2 Portraits

Edgar Lubbock (1847-1907), Sportsman, lawyer and Deputy Governor of the Bank of England. 1 Portrait

Edward Lubbock (1805-1848), Physician. 2 Portraits

Harold Fox Pitt Lubbock (1888-1918), Partner of Coutts and Company; Lieutenant; son of John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury;. 1 Portrait

Martin Maurice Lubbock. 7 Portraits

Roy Lubbock (1892-1985), Lecturer in Engineering, University of Cambridge. 2 Portraits

Tom Lubbock (1957-2011), Critic and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Berthold Romanovich Lubetkin (1901-1990), Architect. 1 Portrait

Pamela Lubliner, Ice skater. 4 Portraits

Alexi Lubomirski (1975-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Lubov Egorova, Princess Nikita Troubetska (1880-1972), Ballet dancer. 2 Portraits

Princess Lubov Petrovna Troubetzkoy Obolensky (1888-1980), Wife of Prince Alexis Obolensky. 2 Portraits

Patrick Sarsfield, 1st Earl of Lucan (circa 1660-1693), Jacobite army officer. 1 Portrait

Charles Bingham, 1st Earl of Lucan (1735-1799), Irish Peer and politician. 6 Portraits

Margaret Bingham (née Smith), Countess of Lucan (circa 1740-1814), Miniature painter. 3 Portraits

Richard Bingham, 2nd Earl of Lucan (1764-1839). 1 Portrait

George Charles Bingham, 3rd Earl of Lucan (1800-1888), Field Marshal. 6 Portraits

Charles George Bingham, 4h Earl of Lucan (1830-1914), Politician; Lord Lieutenant and MP for Mayo. 3 Portraits

Cecilia Catherine Bingham (née Gordon-Lennox), Countess of Lucan (1838-1910), Wife of 4th Earl of Lucan; daughter of 5th Duke of Richmond. 2 Portraits

George Charles Bingham, 5th Earl of Lucan (1860-1949), Colonel, politician and chairman of City of London TF Association. 3 Portraits

Violet Sylvia Blanche Bingham (née Clay), Countess of Lucan (1877-1972), Wife of 5th Earl of Lucan; daughter of Joseph Spender Clay. 1 Portrait

George Charles Patrick Bingham, 6th Earl of Lucan (1898-1964), Chief Opposition Whip, House of Lords. 7 Portraits

(Richard) John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan (1934-1974?), Son of 6th Earl of Lucan and suspected murderer. 18 Portraits

Veronica (née Duncan), Countess of Lucan (1937-), Wife of 7th Earl of Lucan; daughter of Charles Moorhouse Duncan. 1 Portrait

George William Lucas, 1st Baron Lucas of Chilworth (1896-1967), Businessman and politician. 8 Portraits

Archibald Lucas. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Lucas, 2nd Bt (1853-1915), Businessman and sportsman. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lucas, Art restorer and Keeper of Conservation, National Gallery. 1 Portrait

Caroline Lucas (1960-), Politician; MP for Brighton Pavilion and Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Lucas (1613-1648), Soldier and royalist commander. 13 Portraits

Charles Lucas (1713-1771), Irish patriot and physician. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Prestwood Lucas (1853-1931), Civil servant and historian. 3 Portraits

Sir Colin Renshaw Lucas (1940-), Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford. 2 Portraits

Cornel Lucas (1920-2012), Photographer. 5 Portraits

Cuthbert Henry Tindall Lucas (1879-1958), Major-General. 3 Portraits

David Lucas (1802-1881), Engraver. 2 Portraits

Delia Dorothy (née O'Sullivan), Lady Lucas (died 1966), Former wife of Hon. Robert de la Poer Horsley-Beresford and of Sir Charles P. Huntington, 3rd Bt, and later wife of Sir Edward L. Lucas, 3rd Bt; daughter of Daniel John O'Sullivan. 3 Portraits

Sir Edward Lucas (1857-1950), Agent-General for South Australia. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Lingard Lucas, 3rd Bt (1860-1936), Son of Sir Thomas Lucas, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

Edward Verrall Lucas (1868-1938), Essayist and literary scholar. 17 Portraits

Francis Alfred Lucas (1850-1918), Politician, army officer and businessman. 2 Portraits

Frank Laurence ('F.L.') Lucas (1894-1967), Classical scholar, literary critic, poet and novelist. 1 Portrait

Hedley Lucas (died 1971), Barrister. 3 Portraits

Horatio Joseph Lucas (1839-1873), Etcher. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ivor Thomas Mark Lucas (1927-), Second son of 1st Baron Lucas of Chilworth and member of Diplomatic Service. 3 Portraits

James Richard Lucas (1867-1938), Bishop of Mackenzie River, Canada. 2 Portraits

Sir Jocelyn Morton Lucas, 4th Bt (1889-1980), Major and politician. 5 Portraits

John Lucas (1807-1874), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

John Seymour Lucas (1849-1923), Historical and portrait painter. 10 Portraits

Margaret Bright Lucas (1818-1890), Temperance activist and suffragette. 1 Portrait

Matthew Richard ('Matt') Lucas (1974-), Comedian. 1 Portrait

Oliver Lucas, Adviser to the Minister of Development and Design. 1 Portrait

Percy Belgrave Lucas (1915-1998), Wing-Commander and politician. 3 Portraits

Richard Cockle Lucas (1800-1883), Sculptor. 44 Portraits

Richard Saville Clement Lucas (1896-1968), Rower. 1 Portrait

Samuel Lucas (active 1840), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Sarah Lucas (1962-), Artist. 15 Portraits

Sid Lucas, Musician. 1 Portrait

William Vincent Lucas (1883-1945), Bishop of Masasi, Tanzania. 1 Portrait

William Lucas-Shadwell (1852-1915), Politician; MP for Hastings. 2 Portraits

Sir (Hugh) John Lucas-Tooth, 2nd Bt (1932-), Son of Sir Hugh Munro-Lucas-Tooth, 1st Bt. 7 Portraits

Pauline Lucca (1841-1908), Singer. 6 Portraits

Andrea Carlo Lucchesi (1859-1925), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Claire Luce (1903-1989), Actress. 1 Portrait

Clare Boothe Luce (1903-1987), United States Ambassador to Italy and Brazil, writer and social activist ; second wife of Henry Luce. 3 Portraits

Sir (John) David Luce (1906-1971), Naval officer. 4 Portraits

Harry Kenneth Luce (1897-1972), Headmaster, Durham School and reverend. 2 Portraits

John Luce (1870-1932), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir Richard Harman Luce (1867-1952), Consulting Surgeon, politician and Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir William Henry Tucker Luce (1907-1977), Colonial administrator and diplomatist. 2 Portraits

Lucian of Samosata (circa 120-after 180), Rhetorician and satirist. 2 Portraits

Lucie (active 1860s), Nursemaid. 1 Portrait

Doug Lucie (1953-), Playwright. 1 Portrait

Lucie (active 1840). 1 Portrait

(John) Edward McKenzie Lucie-Smith (1933-), Art critic and writer. 3 Portraits

St Lucius (active 185), Supposed king in Britain. 1 Portrait

Sir George Luck (1840-1916), Lieutenant of the Tower of London. 1 Portrait

David James Luckes (1969-), Olympic athlete and sports administrator; member of British Olympic Authority and LOCOG. 1 Portrait

Sheila (née Chamberlin), Lady Luckhoo, First wife of Sir Lionel Alfred Luckhoo. 7 Portraits

Russell Mortimer Luckock (1877-1950), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Philip Luckombe (circa 1730-1803), Printer and writer. 4 Portraits

Lucy Mabel (née Hennessy), Lady Henniker, Wife of Sir Robert John Aldbrough Henniker, 7th Bt; daughter of Edward Swan Hennessy. 2 Portraits

Hon. Audrey Elizabeth Lucy (née Paget) (1922-), Former wife of Christian Martell and of A.R. Nelson, and later wife of C.P.H. Lucy; daughter of 1st Baron Queenborough. 12 Portraits

Charles Lucy (1814-1873), History painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry William Lucy (1843-1924), Journalist. 9 Portraits

Emily Anne ('Nancy') (née White), Lady Lucy (circa 1847-1937), Wife of Sir Henry William Lucy; daughter of John White. 1 Portrait

S.H. Lucy. 1 Portrait

(Harold) Owen Luder (1928-), Architect and construction industry consultant; Chairman of the Architects Registration Board. 1 Portrait

Mohammed Kabir Ludin (1907-1966), Afghan ambassador to the UK, USA and India. 1 Portrait

Peter Ludlow, 1st Earl Ludlow (1730-1803), Politician; Comptroller of the Household. 1 Portrait

George James Ludlow, 3rd Earl Ludlow (1758-1842), General. 5 Portraits

Henry Charles Lopes, 1st Baron Ludlow (1828-1899), Judge. 7 Portraits

Blanche (née Holden), Lady Ludlow (died 1911), Former wife of 7th Baron Howard de Walden, and later first wife of 2nd Baron Ludlow; daughter of William Holden. 11 Portraits

Alice Sedgwick (née Mankiewicz), Lady Ludlow (died 1945), Former wife of Sir Julius Wernher, and later second wife of 2nd Baron Ludlow; daughter of James Mankiewicz. 13 Portraits

Edmund Ludlow (1617?-1692), Parliamentary commander and regicide. 11 Portraits

Edmund Ludlow (active 1790-1800). 1 Portrait

Fanny Ludlow (née Clerk) (born circa 1809), Wife of Henry Gaisford Gibbs Ludlow. 1 Portrait

Henry Gaisford Gibbs Ludlow (1809-1876), Landowner and magistrate. 1 Portrait

Sir Edgar Rainey Ludlow-Hewitt (1886-1973), Air force officer. 3 Portraits

Hiob Ludolf (Job Leutholf) (1624-1704), German Orientalist. 1 Portrait

Anthony M. Ludovici (1882-1971), Captain and author. 4 Portraits

Joseph ('Joey') Luft (1955-), Son of Judy Garland. 5 Portraits

Lorna Luft (1952-), Actress and singer; daughter of Judy Garland. 5 Portraits

Sidney Luft (1915-2005), Third husband of Judy Garland. 2 Portraits

Frederick Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard (1858-1945), Soldier, administrator, colonial governor and writer. 22 Portraits

Flora (née Shaw), Lady Lugard (1852-1929), Author and journalist; wife of Frederick Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard. 1 Portrait

Jean Luie (active 1873), Witness in the trial of the Tichborne Claimant. 2 Portraits

Luís I, King of Portugal (1838-1889), King of Portugal, reigned 1861-89. 1 Portrait

Luís Filipe, Prince Royal of Portugal (1887-1908), Son and heir-apparent of King Carlos I of Portugal. 1 Portrait

Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria (1821-1912), Reigned 1886-1912. 1 Portrait

Joseph Harry Lukach (1856-1930), Businessman. 1 Portrait

George Lawson Johnston, 1st Baron Luke (1873-1943), Businessman and philanthropist. 15 Portraits

Edith Laura Lawson-Johnston (née St John), Lady Luke (1879-1941), County Commissioner for the Girl Guides, Bedfordshire; wife of 1st Baron Luke; daughter of 16th Baron St John of Bletso. 16 Portraits

Ian St John Lawson Johnston, 2nd Baron Luke (1905-1996), Chairman of Bovril. 5 Portraits

Barbara (née Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe ), Lady Luke (1911-2006), Daughter of Sir Fitzroy Hamilton Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, 1st Bt; wife of 2nd Baron Luke. 3 Portraits

Arthur Charles St John Lawson Johnston, 3rd Baron Luke (1933-), Fine art dealer. 1 Portrait

Claude F. Luke (1905-), Journalist. 3 Portraits

Doris Luke (1895-1963). 3 Portraits

George Rankine Luke (1836-1862), Scholar. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Charles Luke (1884-1969), Governor of Fiji and High Commissioner for West Pacific. 5 Portraits

Peter Luke (1919-2005), Editor, writer and television producer. 1 Portrait

St Luke, New Testament evangelist. 1 Portrait

Sir Stephen Elliot Vyvyan Luke (1905-1988), Colonial administrator. 2 Portraits

Thomas Luke (active early 19th century), Dissenting minister at Taunton. 1 Portrait

Emily Charlotte Lukin (née Freeling) (1840-1906), Wife of Charles Osbaldeston Lukin; daughter of Charles Rivers Freeling. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Timson Lukin (1860-1925), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Wilfrid Boyd Fellowes Lukis (1896-1969), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Lulu or El Niño Farini (Samuel Wasgate) (born 1855), Trapeze artist. 1 Portrait

Lulu (Marie MacDonald McLaughlin Lawrie) (1948-), Singer; member of Lulu & The Luvvers. 3 Portraits

Hon. Catherine Elizabeth Ellen Lumb (née Horsley-Beresford) (1870-1948), Wife of Edward Machell Lumb; daughter of 3rd Baron Decies. 1 Portrait

Frederick George Edward Lumb (1877-1958), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Margot Lumb, Squash champion. 1 Portrait

Joseph Rawson Lumby (1831-1895), Author and Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Andrew Lumisden (1720-1801), Jacobite. 2 Portraits

John Lumley, 1st Baron Lumley (circa 1533-1609), Politician and collector of art and books. 2 Portraits

John Lumley, 5th (or 6th) Baron Lumley (1493-1544), A leader in the Pilgrimage of Grace. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lumley, Lieutenant. 2 Portraits

Augustus William Savile Lumley (1828-1887), Artist, solider, landowner and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Lumley (1811 or 1812-1875), Opera manager and author. 2 Portraits

Joanna Lumley (1946-), Actress. 5 Portraits

Ralph Lumley (1529-circa 1618). 1 Portrait

Sylvia Clementina Lumley-Ellis (Mrs Mayne) (1901-1998), Tennis player; wife of Michael Ashton Otway Mayne; daughter of Clement George Lumley-Ellis. 6 Portraits

Tony Lumpkins. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden (1821-1896), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Herbert Lumsden (1897-1945), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir John Lumsden (1869-1944), Consulting physician. 1 Portrait

Dame Louisa Innes Lumsden (1840-1935), Governor of Girton College, Cambridge. 2 Portraits

Sir Peter Stark Lumsden (1829-1918), General. 3 Portraits

Vincenzo Lunardi (1759-1806), Aeronaut. 4 Portraits

Engel Catherine Lund (1900-1996), Icelandic singer. 19 Portraits

Sir Otto Marling Lund (1891-1956), Lieutenant-General. 15 Portraits

Sir Thomas George Lund (1906-1981), Secretary General of the Law Association. 1 Portrait

Dolph Lundgren (1957-), Film actor, director and producer. 1 Portrait

Egron Sellif Lundgren (1815-1875), Watercolourist. 2 Portraits

Thomas Lundon (1883-1951), Politician; MP for Limerick. 1 Portrait

William Lundon (1839-1909), Politician; MP for Limerick. 4 Portraits

Lady Mabel Stafford Lunn (née Northcote) (1889-1959), First wife of Sir Arnold Henry Moore Lunn; sister of 3rd Earl of Iddesleigh. 11 Portraits

Hon. (Eileen) Antoinette Mary Lunn (née Preston) (1912-1976), Wife of Peter Northcote Lunn; daughter of 15th Viscount Gormanston. 10 Portraits

Sir Arnold Henry Moore Lunn (1888-1974), Skier; President of Skiing Club of Great Britain and religious controversialist. 3 Portraits

David Ramsay Lunn (1930-), Assistant Bishop, Diocese of York. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Simpson Lunn (1859-1939), Worker for ecclesiastical reunion and travel agent. 5 Portraits

John Lunn, Son of Sir Arnold Henry Moore Lunn. 4 Portraits

Peter Northcote Lunn (1914-2011), Skier; son of Sir Arnold Henry Moore Lunn. 8 Portraits

William Lunn (1872-1942), Politician; Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies. 8 Portraits

John Lunnis (active 1960s-1980s), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Lunsford (circa 1610-circa 1656), Royalist army officer. 3 Portraits

Alfred Lunt (1892-1977), Actor. 4 Portraits

Geoffrey Charles Lester Lunt (1885-1948), Bishop of Ripon and of Salisbury. 17 Portraits

James Doiran Lunt (1917-2001), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Ronald Geoffrey Lunt (1913-1994), Rector of Martley. 2 Portraits

Barry Lupino (1882-1962), Actor, comedian and producer. 1 Portrait

Stanley Lupino (1895-1942), Actor. 7 Portraits

Thomas Lupton (1776-1843), Roman Catholic priest. 1 Portrait

Thomas Goff Lupton (1791-1873), Engraver. 1 Portrait

Mr Lupton, Grandfather of Thomas Goff Lupton. 1 Portrait

Radu Lupu (1945-), Pianist. 1 Portrait

Jean Lurçat (1892-1966), Artist. 1 Portrait

William Brownlow, 3rd Baron Lurgan (1858-1937), Chairman of the Carlton and Ritz Hotels. 11 Portraits

Emily Julia (née Cadogan), Lady Lurgan (1871-1909), Wife of 3rd Baron Lurgan; daughter of 5th Earl Cadogan. 1 Portrait

William George Edward Brownlow, 4th Baron Lurgan (1902-1984), Landowner. 15 Portraits

Father Lurtice, Jesuit. 3 Portraits

Sir John Henry Luscombe (1848-1937), Chairman of Lloyds. 2 Portraits

Annie Fabienne Lush (1980-), Sailor; member of Team GB London 2012. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Montague Lush (1853-1930), Judge. 5 Portraits

Ernest Henry Lush (1908-1988), Pianist. 22 Portraits

Sir Robert Lush (1807-1881), Judge. 8 Portraits

Charles Lushington (1785-1866), Indian official; brother of Stephen Lushington. 1 Portrait

Edmund Law Lushington (1811-1893), Classical scholar. 1 Portrait

E.H. Lushington. 1 Portrait

Franklin Lushington (1823-1901), Chief Magistrate of London. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Lushington, 2nd Bt (1775-1863), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Stephen Lushington (1782-1873), Judge. 19 Portraits

Stephen Lushington (1864-1940), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Vernon Lushington (1832-1912), Secretary of the Admiralty. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert William Lush-Wilson (1850-1941), Judge. 4 Portraits

Sir Andrew Lusk, 1st Bt (1810-1909), Banker and politician. 3 Portraits

Edgar Marcus Lustgarten (1907-1978), Broadcaster, narrator of criminal trials and WW II propagandist. 1 Portrait

Claude Lusty. 1 Portrait

Ivy Lusty (née Kemp), Wife of Claude Lusty. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Frith Lusty (1909-1991), Journalist and publisher. 9 Portraits

Fesito Lutaya (active 1950s-1960s), Bishop of West Buganda and Assistant Bishop of Uganda. 1 Portrait

Arthur William Luther (1919-2009), Bishop of Bombay and Bishop of Nasik. 1 Portrait

Martin Luther (1483-1546), German religious reformer. 7 Portraits

Hendrik Gerhardus Luttig (1907-), South African ambassador in London and Austria. 2 Portraits

Marie Luttig (née van Castricum), Doctor; wife of Hendrik Gerhardus Luttig. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Hermione Luttrell (née Shirley) (1923-1997), Wife of John Fownes Luttrell; daughter of 12th Earl Ferrers. 3 Portraits

Constance Luttrell (1891), Actress. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Fownes Luttrell (1887-1957). 5 Portraits

Charles Robert Fletcher Lutwidge (1835-1907), Barrister and Mayor of Tunbridge Wells. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Lutwyche (1634-1709), Judge and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944), Architect and President of the Royal Academy. 28 Portraits

(Agnes) Elisabeth Lutyens (1906-1983), Composer and musician; daughter of Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens. 11 Portraits

(Edith Penelope) Mary Lutyens (1908-1999), Writer; wife of Anthony Sewell; daughter of Sir Edwin Lutyens. 6 Portraits

Robert Lutyens (1901-1972). 1 Portrait

Annabella Lu Win (Myant Myant Aye) (1966-), Musician; lead singer for Bow Wow Wow. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Knight (née St John), Lady Luxborough (1699-1756), Poet and letter writer. 2 Portraits

Adolphe, Grand Duke of Luxembourg (1817-1905), Third and last Duke of Nassau, and fourth Grand Duke of Luxembourg. 1 Portrait

Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (1896-1985), Wife of Prince Felix of Luxembourg, Prince of Bourbon-Parma; daughter of Guillaume IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. 15 Portraits

Sir (Arthur) Fairfax Charles Coryndon Luxmoore (1876-1944), Judge. 1 Portrait

John Luxmoore (1756-1830), Bishop of St Asaph. 1 Portrait

Cecil Michael Luxmoore-Ball (died 1987), Vicar. 1 Portrait

George Nasmith Luxton (1901-1970), Bishop of Huron, Canada. 1 Portrait

Elie Luzac (1721-1796), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall (1835-1911), Administrator in India and writer. 7 Portraits

Dame Beatrix Margaret Lyall (1873-1948), Leader of the Mothers Union and politican. 6 Portraits

Margaret Lyall (née Dryburgh). 4 Portraits

Robert Lyall (1789-1831), Botanist. 1 Portrait

William Rowe Lyall (1788-1857), Dean of Canterbury. 1 Portrait

Ian Hallam Lyall Grant (1915-), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Rex St John Lyburn (1906-1987), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

Cyril Vernon Lechemere Lycett (1894-1978), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

Joan Lycett (née Austin, later Mrs Donald Baker), Tennis player; former wife of Randolph Lycett, and later wife of Donald Baker. 1 Portrait

Randolph Lycett (1886-1935), Tennis player. 2 Portraits

Alexander Lycurgus (active 1860s), Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Syra and Tinos. 2 Portraits

A.J. Lyddon, Engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir Horace Collier Lyddon (1912-1968), Vice-Admiral; Admiral President, Royal Naval College, Greenwich. 19 Portraits

Wilfred Edward Lyde (1893-1978), Horse trainer. 2 Portraits

Sir Harold Thomas Lydford (1898-1979), Air Marshal. 8 Portraits

John Lydgate (circa 1370-1449 or 1450), Poet and prior of Hatfield Regis. 6 Portraits

Betty Lou Lydon (née Nedell) (1928-), Wife of Jimmy Lydon; daughter of Olive Blakeney and Bernard Nedell. 5 Portraits

Edward Lye (1694-1767), Nonconformist divine. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lye (Lee, Leigh) (1621-1684), Nonconformist minister. 3 Portraits

Leonard Lyell, 1st Baron Lyell (1850-1926), Politician; MP for Orkney and Shetland. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles Lyell, 1st Bt (1797-1875), Geologist. 17 Portraits

David Lyell (1866-1940), Chief railway construction Engineer to British Army in France. 3 Portraits

Diana Ethel Muriel Donald Lyell (née Cory) (1918-), Wife of Andrew Lyell; daughter of Sir (Herbert George) Donald Cory, 2nd Bt. 5 Portraits

Mary Elizabeth (née Horner), Lady Lyell (1808-1873), Geologist and conchologist; wife of Sir Charles Lyell, 1st Bt; Daughter of Leonard Horner. 3 Portraits

Lady Mary Lygon (1910-1982), Former wife of Vsevelod Ivanovich Romanov, Prince of Russia; daughter of 7th Earl Beauchamp. 4 Portraits

Edward Pyndar Lygon (circa 1786-1860), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Georgiana Lygon (died 1827). 1 Portrait

Hugh Patrick Lygon (1904-1936), Son of William Lygon, 7th Earl of Beauchamp. 1 Portrait

(Agnes) Mary Louise Lygon (née Fancourt Bell) (died 1969), Wife of Reginald Arthur Lygon. 2 Portraits

Hon. Robert Lygon (1879-1952), Soldier. 6 Portraits

Alexander Park, 1st Baron Lyle (1849-1933), Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Charles Ernest Leonard Lyle, 1st Baron Lyle of Westbourne (1882-1954), Industrialist and politician. 5 Portraits

Charles John Leonard Lyle, 2nd Baron Lyle of Westbourne (1905-1976), Director of Tate and Lyle Ltd, sugar refiners. 3 Portraits

John ? Lyle (active 1923). 1 Portrait

L. I. Lyle (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Nancy Lyle, Tennis player. 3 Portraits

Alexander Walter Barr ('Sandy') Lyle (1958-), Golfer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Keith Lyle (1903-1987), Consulting ophthalmic surgeon. 4 Portraits

Dame Moura Lympany (née Mary Johnstone) (1916-2005), Pianist. 4 Portraits

Charles E. Lynam, Fellow, Hertford College, Oxford. 2 Portraits

Adam Lynburner (1746-1836), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Annie Lynch (née Powell) (born 1865 or 1866), Wife of Arthur Alfred Lynch; daughter of John Donor Powell. 2 Portraits

Arthur Alfred Lynch (1861-1934), Politician, physician and author. 3 Portraits

Donald MacLeod Lynch (1911-2001), Priest and Chief Secretary for the Church Army; Author. 5 Portraits

George Togo Lynch (died 1950), Captain and businessman. 1 Portrait

Kenny Lynch (1938-), Singer and actor. 1 Portrait

Michael Richard ('Mike') Lynch (1965-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Thomas Lynch (1749-1779), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

William Lynch (1726-1797), of Ipswich. 4 Portraits

Sir William Lynch (circa 1730-1785), Privy counsellor. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Cyril Lynch-Blosse, 13th Bt (1887-1951). 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher Henry Lynch-Robinson, 2nd Bt (1884-1958), Barrister, soldier and civil servant. 3 Portraits

Robert Lynd (1879-1949), Journalist. 20 Portraits

Rosa Lynd (1884-1922), American actress. 1 Portrait

Sheila Lynd, Daughter of Robert and Sylvia Lynd. 1 Portrait

Sylvia Lynd (1888-1952), Poet and novelist. 8 Portraits

Percy Lyndal (active 1885-1902), Actor. 1 Portrait

Netta Lynde, Actress. 5 Portraits

Baron Robert A. de Lynden, Liberian Ambassador to London. 6 Portraits

Sir Arthur Lynden Lynden-Bell (1867-1943), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Donald Lynden-Bell (1935-), Astrophysicist. 1 Portrait

John Singleton Copley, Baron Lyndhurst (1772-1863), Lord Chancellor and politician; son of the painter John Singleton Copley. 96 Portraits

Sarah Garay Copley (née Brunsden), Lady Lyndhurst (1795-1834), First wife of John Singleton Copley, Baron Lyndhurst. 7 Portraits

Edward Lyndoe, Astrologer and journalist for 'The People'. 4 Portraits

Sir David Lyndsay (circa 1486-1555), Scottish Officer of Arms and Poet. 1 Portrait

William Lyndwood (circa 1375-1446), Administrator, ecclesiastical lawyer, and bishop of St David's. 1 Portrait

Lewis Owen Lyne (1899-1970), Army officer and chairman. 10 Portraits

Michael Dillon Lyne (1919-1997), Air Vice-Marshal. 6 Portraits

Thomas Graham, Baron Lynedoch (1748-1843), General. 8 Portraits

Diana Lynn (Dolores Marie Loehr) (1926-1971), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Wesley Symonds Lynn (1835-1899), Conjuror and mesmerist. 1 Portrait

Olga Lynn (1882-1961), Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Ralph Lynn (1882-1962), Actor. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Lynn (1873-1945), Politician, journalist and editor. 2 Portraits

Dame Vera Lynn (Vera Margaret Lewis (née Welch)) (1917-), Singer, television show host and philanthropist. 13 Portraits

Vivienne Lynn (Tribbeck), Fashion model, journalist, editor and artist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Lynn-Thomas (1861-1939), Surgeon. 8 Portraits

Mary Rosina (née Jenkins), Lady Lynn-Thomas (died 1938), Wife of Sir John Lynn-Thomas; daughter of Edward Jenkins. 2 Portraits

Philip ('Phil') Lynott (1949-1986), Musician; lead singer for Thin Lizzy. 1 Portrait

Norbert Casper Lynton (1927-2007), Art historian and critic; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 3 Portraits

Barbara Lyon (1931-1995), Actress. 1 Portrait

Ben Lyon (1901-1979), American actor. 1 Portrait

Beverley Hamilton ('Bev') Lyon (1902-1970), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Edith Ralston Hicks Lyon (née Huxtable), Wife of Beverley Hamilton Lyon. 2 Portraits

George Francis Lyon (1795-1832), Captain in the Royal Navy; Arctic explorer. 2 Portraits

Sir George Hamilton D’Oyly Lyon (1883-1947), Admiral. 10 Portraits

Harry Limnell Lyon (1879-1969), Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

James Lyon, Rector, Prestwich. 3 Portraits

Sir Patrick Lyon of Carse (1637-1694), Judge. 3 Portraits

Percy Comyn Lyon (1862-1952), Indian civil servant. 1 Portrait

Percy Hugh Beverley Lyon (1893-1986), Headmaster of Rugby School and poet. 1 Portrait

Ralph Lyon (1795-1856), Headmaster of Sherborne School and rector of Bishop's Caundle, Dorset. 1 Portrait

Robert Lyon (1894-1978), Artist, mural painter and teacher. 2 Portraits

Hon. Joan Henrica Josepha Mary Clare Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (1915-1995), Daughter of 2nd Baron Acton. 4 Portraits

Hon. Margaret Mary Teresa Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (1919-1997), Daughter of 2nd Baron Acton. 5 Portraits

Polly Lyon de Symons (née Goldsmid) (1753-1841), Wife of 'Baron' Lyon de Symons. 1 Portrait

Richard Bickerton Pemell Lyons, Earl Lyons (1817-1887), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Edmund Lyons, 1st Baron Lyons (1790-1858), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Abraham Montagu Lyons (1894-1961), Politician, lawyer and judge. 9 Portraits

Sir Algernon McLennan Lyons (1833-1908), Admiral of the Fleet. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry George Lyons (1864-1944), Geologist and museum director. 3 Portraits

John Lyons (1878-1958), Bishop of Ontario. 3 Portraits

Sir Joseph Lyons (1848-1917), Businessman; Founder of Joseph Lyons and Co. Ltd. 6 Portraits

Joseph Aloysius Lyons (1879-1939), Prime Minister of Australia. 7 Portraits

Olivia Millicent Lyons (née Montagu) (1850-1928), Wife of Henry Lyons; daughter of Lord Robert Montagu. 1 Portrait

Sarah Lyons (1703-1807), Centenarian of Ipswich. 1 Portrait

Sir William Lyons (1901-1985), President of Jaguar Cars Ltd. 1 Portrait

Francis John Lys (1863-1947), Lecturer, Provost and Vice-Chancellor Oxford University. 2 Portraits

(Horace) James William Lysaght (1908-1977), Works manager at John Lysaght Ltd; brother of 7th Baron Lisle. 2 Portraits

Lalage Lysaght, Cousin of Julian Vinogradoff (née Morrell). 8 Portraits

William Gerard Lysley (1831-1887), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Daniel Lysons (1762-1834), Topographer. 2 Portraits

Sir Daniel Lysons (1816-1898), Soldier. 3 Portraits

Samuel Lysons (1730-1804), Rector of Rodmaston and Cherrington; father of Samuel Lysons. 2 Portraits

Samuel Lysons (1763-1819), Antiquary. 9 Portraits

Sarah Lysons (née Carteret-Hardy) (1780-1808), Wife of Daniel Lysons; daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Carteret-Hardy. 1 Portrait

Anthony St George Lyster (1888-1971), Indian engineer. 4 Portraits

Lady Charlotte Barbara Lyster (1799-1889), Wife of Henry Lyster of Rowton Castle; daughter of 6th Earl of Shaftesbury. 1 Portrait

John Lyster (died 1840), Soldier. 3 Portraits

J. Lyster. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur) Lumley St George Lyster (1888-1957), Admiral. 6 Portraits

Frances Fownes (née Somerville), Lady Maxwell-Lyte (1847-1925), Wife of Sir Henry Churchill Maxwell-Lyte; daughter of James Curtis Somerville. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Churchill Maxwell Lyte (1848-1940), Historian and archivist. 6 Portraits

Henry Francis Lyte (1793-1847), Cleric and hymn writer. 1 Portrait

Sir James Lythgoe (1891-1972), Treasurer of City of Manchester. 1 Portrait

George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton (1709-1773), Scholar and Whig politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 7 Portraits

William Henry Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton (1724-1808), Barrister and politician. 2 Portraits

Thomas Lyttelton, 2nd Baron Lyttelton (1744-1779), Profligate and Conservative politician; MP for Bewdley. 3 Portraits

Apphia Lyttelton (née Witts), Lady Lyttelton (1743-1840), Wife of Thomas Lyttelton, 2nd Baron Lyttelton. 1 Portrait

William Henry Lyttelton, 3rd Baron Lyttelton (1782-1837), Politician; MP for Worcestershire. 1 Portrait

George William Lyttelton, 4th Baron Lyttelton (1817-1876), Educationist. 5 Portraits

Mary Lyttelton (née Glynne), Lady Lyttelton (1813-1857), First wife of 4th Baron Lyttelton; Courtier. 1 Portrait

Sarah Lyttelton (née Spencer), Lady Lyttelton (1787-1870), Courtier. 3 Portraits

Alfred Lyttelton (1857-1913), Politician and amateur tennis champion and cricketer. 14 Portraits

Hon. Arthur Temple Lyttelton (1852-1903), Bishop of London and Bishop of Southampton; son of 4th Baron Lyttelton. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Lyttelton (Littelton) (1629-1716), Colonial governor and politician. 2 Portraits

Charles Lyttelton (1714-1768), Antiquary and Bishop of Carlisle. 5 Portraits

Dame Edith Sophy Lyttelton (née Balfour) (1865-1948), Writer, activist and spiritualist; second wife of Alfred Lyttelton; daughter of Archibald Balfour. 3 Portraits

Hon. Edward Lyttelton (1855-1942), Schoolmaster, clergyman and cricketer; son of 4th Baron Lyttelton. 10 Portraits

Elizabeth Jill Lyttelton (née Richardson) (1933-2006), Wife of Humphrey Lyttelton. 2 Portraits

Sir George Fulke Lyttelton, 2nd Bt (1763-1828), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Humphrey Richard Adeane Lyttelton (1921-2008), Jazz musician, bandleader, cartoonist and broadcaster. 13 Portraits

Katherine Sarah Lyttelton (née Stuart-Wortley) (1860-1943), Wife of Lieut-Gen Sir Neville Gerald Lyttelton; daughter of Jane Stuart-Wortley. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Mary Lyttelton (née Clive) (1865-1907), Wife of Arthur Temple Lyttelton; daughter of George Clive. 1 Portrait

Hon. Meriel Catharine Lyttelton (1911-1930), Daughter of 9th Viscount Cobham. 4 Portraits

Sir Neville Gerald Lyttelton (1845-1931), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Hon. Spencer Lyttelton (1818-1889), Marshal of the Ceremonies. 1 Portrait

Hon Alfred Lyttleton (1857-1913), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Ann Lyttleton (née Temple), Lady Lyttleton (active 17th century), Wife of Sir Charles Lyttelton of Hagley. 1 Portrait

Raymond Arthur Lyttleton (1911-1995), Professor of Theoretical Astronomy. 1 Portrait

George Lyttleton Rogers, Tennis player. 3 Portraits

Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton (1831-1891), 'Owen Meredith'; Poet; Viceroy of India. 19 Portraits

Edith Bulwer-Lytton (née Villiers), Countess of Lytton (1841-1936), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra. 4 Portraits

Victor Alexander George Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 2nd Earl of Lytton (1876-1947), Politician and colonial administrator; Governor of Bengal. 14 Portraits

Pamela Frances Audrey Bulwer-Lytton (née Chichele-Plowden), Countess of Lytton (1873 or 1874-1971), Society beauty; wife of 2nd Earl of Lytton; daughter of Sir Trevor John Chichele-Plowden. 3 Portraits

Neville Stephen Lytton, 3rd Earl of Lytton (1879-1951), Painter and journalist. 2 Portraits

Noel Anthony Scawen Lytton, 4th Earl of Lytton (1900-1985), Lieutenant and author. 2 Portraits

Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton (1803-1873), Novellist, playwright and Conservative politician; MP for St Ives, Lincoln and Hertfordshire. 34 Portraits

Rosina Anne Doyle Bulwer Lytton (née Wheeler), Lady Lytton (1802-1882), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Lady (Margaret) Hermione Lytton (1905-2004), Daughter of 2nd Earl of Lytton. 4 Portraits

Doris Lytton (1893-1953), Actress. 24 Portraits

Sir Henry Alfred Lytton (1865-1936), Actor and singer. 23 Portraits

Ruth Lytton (active 1900s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Hon. Anne Lytton Lytton-Milbanke (1901-1979), Squash champion; daughter of Hon. Neville Stephen Lytton. 3 Portraits

Robert Vernon Smith, 1st Baron Lyveden (1800-1873), Politician; MP for Tralee and Northampton. 1 Portrait

Courtenay Robert Percy Vernon, 3rd Baron Lyveden (1857-1926), Actor; Army officer; Landowner. 7 Portraits

Oswyn George William Gifford Lywood (1895-1957), Air Vice-Marshal. 4 Portraits