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22 October 1999 - 30 January 2000
Wolfson Gallery


Free admission to the exhibition is available to students in full-time education, below degree level, in organised groups with teachers. This is only available if booked through the Education Department at least two weeks in advance of your visit. Please telephone 020 7306 0055, ext. 225 to book. For all other visitors an entrance charge applies.


Wednesday 8 December
The Death of Deference
Trevor Phillips, Broadcaster and Chair of the London Arts Board

Wednesday 15 December
Every 'Picturable' Subject and Activity: The Story of the Hulton Getty Picture Library
David Allison, Creative Manager, The Hulton Getty

Wednesday 5 January
Face to Face
Baroness Helena Kennedy, QC, Barrister and Chair of the British Council

Wednesday 12 January
Selection in Photo-history
Lord Briggs of Lewes, Historian

Wednesday 19 January
Picture Post: photo-reportage of the epic and the ordinary
Roger Hargreaves, Photography Education Officer

Wednesday 26 January
The Final Frame: documentary photography in the last months of the 20th Century
Susan Bright, Assistant Curator, Photographs

All the lectures are at 13.10 in the Lecture Room

Free tickets required: available from the Information Desk or by sending s.a.e to: Faces, Education Department'


Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
12 February - 2 April 2000

Royal Photographic Society, Bath
15 April - 25 June 2000

The Smith Art Gallery & Museum
Stirling, 8 July - 3 September 2000


There will be a series of twenty, one-day workshops for students of photography and art and photography studying for GCSE, A Level and GNVQ courses. These practical photography sessions will guide students into working with large format (5x4) cameras, backdrops and studio lighting. Each session will be based around a decade of the twentieth century. Once groups are booked into the programme they will be allocated a decade and students will be encouraged to make portraits of one another which reflect the events, fashions and photographic styles of their given era. The workshops will work best for those students who do some preparatory research and preparation in advance of their visit to the gallery. A fact sheet identifying key events, personalities, technological developments and photographic history of each decade will be sent out to schools who are successful in booking places.


There is a free illustrated resource pack containing a booklet, an exhibition poster and eight art prints of photographs from the exhibition. The pack has been written by the National Portrait Gallery Education Officer, Roger Hargreaves and is primarily aimed at GCSE history teachers for whom the history of Britain in the 20th century is a key component of their curriculum. The pack aims to explore photographs as historical evidence and will set out to demonstrate how to analyse images, access context and to distinguish between the original and acquired significance photographs. (There are a limited number of packs available. Each school or college booking a visit to the exhibition will be allocated a pack.)


This unique book presents 100 years of British life recorded through 100 photographs of music, science, politics, business, high fashion and the arts. The images are accompanied by the contributors' explanations of their choices, setting forth why for them, their selections signify important aspects of twentieth-century Britain.

Their choices range from the emancipation of women to the struggle for racial equality, from revolutions in industry and communications to the establishment of the welfare state. Faces of the Century represents ten very personal responses to the extraordinary diversity of events and individuals that have shaped and in some cases transformed the Britain of 1900 into the Britain of today.

Price £14.95 (paperback).

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