Key Stage 1 - Art

The Capel Family, by Cornelius Johnson (Jonson or Jonson van Ceulen), circa 1640 - NPG  - © National Portrait Gallery, London

The Capel Family
by Cornelius Johnson (Jonson or Jonson van Ceulen)
circa 1640
NPG 4759

Reception to Year 2

Art sessions for Reception to Year 2 enhance skills, knowledge and understanding of art by interacting with portraits through observation, discussion, role play and hands-on art activities. We also provide free CPD for teachers.

Pupils will gain more from their Gallery visit if it is integrated into a sequence of portraiture-based work in school, including pre and post-visit activities such as drawing portraits, working from a live model to gain confidence translating ideas to a two-dimensional surface.

Sessions are free and all art materials are provided. Sessions can take place whenever the necessary rooms and staff are available.

Children and Families

How are other children depicted in portraits – what did they wear, how were they posed, what were they thinking? Following discussion of one picture, pupils make drawings in response with fabric crayons. Back at school, their drawings are ironed onto fabric provided by the Gallery. For Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children we focus on one picture and include dressing up and posing activities.