SEN schools and units

SEN Schools and units
Gallery sessions

The Learning Department offers a wide range of sessions for SEN School and Units. Our cross curricular workshops complement many facets of the National Curriculum and the QCA's schemes of work including, Literacy, Citizenship, History and Art & Design.

The sessions are taught by experienced art educators, these practical art sessions explore Pose, Character, Expression, Colour and Symbols in portraiture using painting and sculpture.

The sessions take place in front of the Gallery's portraits. All sessions last 1 1/2 hours. The maximum group size is 12 pupils (plus teachers).

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Photography Visual Literacy for Primary and Secondary groups
One-Day Workshops for SEN Pupils

Wed 15 January 2014

10.30 - 14.30 with a break for lunch (not provided)

Led by experienced art educators, these one-day workshops use a variety of teaching aids such as drama, props and practical art activities to explore the elements of portraiture - pose, expression, background, accessories and composition. Pupils work with our experienced photographer to produce photographs using the Collection and temporary exhibitions.

SEN Photography

SEN Photography CPD

Thurs 13 March 2014


Led by an experienced photographer and Gallery educator, this course aims to assist teachers to develop their pupils' visual literacy skills using the Gallery's unique photographic collection and temporary exhibitions dating from the 1840s to the present day. Particularly suitable for Key Stage 2 teachers who teach pupils with special educational needs, the session includes a practical photography session and an introductory tour of the IT Gallery. Complements elements of the National Curriculum and QCA's schemes of work in Art and Design History, Literacy and Science.

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Case Study

Since 2003 the National Portrait Gallery has delivered outreach sessions to over 3000 pupils in SEN schools in inner and greater London.

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SEN Boxes (Vodafone Programme)

These new resources are for teachers and group leaders working with Special Educational Needs groups. The boxes contain teaching resources to support your self-directed visit to the Tudor Galleries, the Victorian Galleries and the Contemporary Galleries at the National Portrait Gallery.

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