Letter from 5th Marquess of Lansdowne - 15 July 1920

Letter from 5th Marquess of Lansdowne, dated 15 July 1920, inviting de László to increase his fee


July 15 20

Dear Mr de Laszlo
The picture reached Berkeley Square safely and has been immensely admired by the few people who have seen it.

Let me say how very grateful I am to you for your fine achievement accomplished under many difficulties mostly of your sitter's creation. Lady Lansdowne is delighted with her acquisition.

I had some informal conversation with you as to the fee which you were to receive, but I do not think you should be bound by anything which you said to me on that occasion.  I confess that I had in my mind something of the nature of a sketch and not such a fine work of art as you have produced.

Please let me have a line from you as to this and I will send you your well earned cheque without delay.
Yours sincerely


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