Letter from Alfred Moss - 14 April 1931

Letter from Alfred Moss, Honorary Secretary of the Jerome Commemoration Committee, dated 14 April 1931, inviting de László to present a commissioned copy of his portrait of Jerome to the town of Walsall


Mr. P. de Laszlo.

My Dear Sir:-
I am venturing to write to you in reference to the late Mr. Jerome K. Jerome's portrait in oils. You were good enough to recommend me to Mr. Amschewitz to paint a copy of your original portrait, & and he did it most satisfactorily. We are all very pleased indeed with it. This copy is to be presented to the Town at a performance of Jerome's Play "The Passing of the


Third Floor Back" on Thursday the 30th. Inst: (a Matinée performance) & on behalf of the Committee which has the matter in hand, I beg to ask if you will honour Walsall by coming to the town & presenting on behalf of the Committee the portrait to the Mayor of Walsall who will receive it on behalf of the Town? It will give great satisfaction to Jerome's native town if you can see your way to do this, & so pay a last tribute of respect to your old friend. I am sure Walsall will give you a very warm welcome.
Hoping to receive your favourable reply. I am
Dear Sir
Yours faithfully
Alfred Moss


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