Letter from Alfred Moss - 20 April 1931

Letter from Alfred Moss, Honorary Secretary of the Jerome Commemoration Committee, dated 20 April 1931, proposing to alter the time of a presentation ceremony for the copy of de László's portrait of Jerome to suit the artist



Dear Mr. de Laszlo
Many thanks for your wire.  It is unfortunate that your Oxford engagement clashes with our presentation ceremony.  I am wondering whether you could get the Oxford engagement over by say 4 o'c in the afternoon.  If so we will gladly alter the time for the presentation of the portrait



to 7 o'c: & would send a car to motor you from Oxford to Walsall.  We are all so anxious for you to present the portrait to the Town that we gladly alter our arrangements to suit your convenience.  We are having a committee meeting on Wed. next the 23rd & if [it] is possible to do as suggested above, perhaps you will drop me a line by return post.  We would gladly offer you hospitality & a bed for the night.  If the above suggestion



is impractical we might fix a later date to suit your convenience, but 7 o'c on the 20th inst: would be preferable as the Jerome Enthusiasm will then be at its height.
With many thanks in advance for the favour of your early reply.
Yours Very Truly
Alfred Moss
Hon Sec. to the Committee.


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