Letter from Frederick Cullen - 14 September 1924

Letter from copyist Frederick Cullen, dated 14 September 1924, concerning his son and completion of a copy of the portrait of Maffey

September 14th 1924

Dear Mr de László
Thank you very much for your very kind letter and for the trouble you have taken. Even if nothing should come of it I am sure it cheers my boy to feel that some one is trying to do him a good turn. He has had so many

rebuffs and disappointments during the last year that I am sure he was feeling that the whole world was against him. I am glad to say he has been brighter and more like his old self the last few days. He is now making enquiries about the Flying Force. He hears they are trying to raise the standard and are wanting

men with a university education and he thinks he may stand a chance with his army record and engineering training. If it means flying we don't like the idea but he is now of an age that we cannot say you must or you must not.
I practically finished the copy of the Maffey picture last Monday I am going up again on Tuesday to oil it out and see what it


looks like and if necessary work on it. So far it is all done in the one painting. I hope on Tuesday to find the frame there. We came down here on Wednesday and have been very busy since putting our things in order. Henry looked in to see me on Monday and I had lunch with him. He is a very interesting boy. I am glad to hear of you taking long walk and playing golf. After that we shall look for great work done in Paris. Kindest regards and again many thanks. Yours sincerely
Frederick Cullen


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