Selected Publications

Co-authored and edited volumes:

 A Guide to Victorian & Edwardian Portraits, with Jan Marsh, National Portrait Gallery in association with the National Trust, 2011 (ISBN 978-185514-435-4) 

Thomas Lawrence: Regency Power and Brilliance, with A Cassandra Albinson and Lucy Peltz, Yale University Press, 2010, essay on ‘Lawrence among Men: Friends, Patrons and the Male Portrait’, pp. 1-25, with catalogue entries and section introductions (ISBN 978-0-300-16718-4).  Winner of the multi-authored book prize, Historians of British Art.

Return to Life: a New Look at the Portrait Bust, with Penelope Curtis and Nicola Kalinsky, Henry Moore Institute, 2000 (ISBN 1-900081-67-9)

Millais: Portraits, with Malcolm Warner, National Portrait Gallery, London, and Princeton University Press (US edition), 1999, including the introductory essay, ‘Millais’s Reputation and the Practice of Portraiture’, pp. 11-35 (ISBN 1-85514-255-4) 


Articles and essays:

Portraits, Power and Gender’ in Portraits and Power, People, Politics and Structures, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze, 2010, pp. 26-35

Display at the National Portrait Gallery, London, 1968-1975’, Art History, 30:4, Sept. 2007, pp. 116-136, and in Spectacle and Display, eds. Deborah Cherry and Fintan Cullen, Blackwell, 2008 (ISBN 978-1-4051-7524-1)

 The Iconography of Prince Albert’ in Art in Britain and Germany in the Age of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, eds. Franz Bosbach and Frank Büttner, K.G. Saur, Munich, 1998, pp. 109-120 (ISBN 3-598-21415-4)

Contributions to David Livingstone and the Victorian Encounter with Africa, National Portrait Gallery, London, 1996 (ISBN 1-85514-177-91)

William Hazlitt, Prince Hoare and the Institutionalisation of the British Art World' in Towards a Modern Art World, ed. Brian Allen, Yale University Press, 1995, pp. 145-156 (ISBN 0-300-08380-6)

The London Art World' in London - World City 1800-1840, ed. Celina Fox, Yale University Press and Verlag Aurel Bongers (German edition), 1992, pp. 155-166 (ISBN 0-300-05284-7)

Contributions to William Wordsworth and the Age of English Romanticism, eds. Jonathan Wordsworth, Michael C. Jaye and Robert Woof, Rutgers University Press, 1987 (0-8135-1273-5).  Winner of the Alfred H. Barr Award of the College Art Association for 1987.

The Symbolical Language of Antiquity' and 'Visible Appearances' in The Arrogant Connoisseur: Richard Payne Knight (1751-1824), eds. Michael Clarke and Nicholas Penny, Manchester University Press, 1982, pp. 50-64 and pp. 82-92 (ISBN 0-7190-08-71-9)



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