Top 50 watercolours and drawings as Portrait Prints

Prints from the National Portrait Gallery collection are available to buy from as little as £6.00. To order, select your image and then on the next page click on the 'Buy a print of this image' link beneath it. You can choose unframed prints, starting from £6.00, and framed prints, starting from £70. Sizes available: 15 x 10 cm on satin paper, A4, A3 and A2 prints on art etch and satin paper and A3 images on A2 canvas. International shipping available.

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Jane Austen
by Cassandra Austen
circa 1810
NPG 3630

T.E. Lawrence
by Augustus Edwin John
NPG 3187

Charlotte Brontë
by George Richmond
NPG 1452

George Eliot (Mary Ann Cross (née Evans))
by Sir Frederic William Burton
NPG 669

Stephen Fry
by Maggi Hambling
NPG 6323

William Hazlitt
replica by William Bewick
NPG 2697

Harley Granville-Barker
by John Singer Sargent
NPG 4178

John Maynard Keynes, Baron Keynes
by Gwendolen ('Gwen') Raverat (née Darwin)
circa 1908
NPG 4553

Charles Dickens
by Samuel Laurence
NPG 5207

John Keble
by George Richmond
NPG 1043

John Keats
by Charles Armitage Brown
NPG 1963

Rudyard Kipling
by Harry Furniss
NPG 3478

Rudyard Kipling
by Harry Furniss
NPG 3588

William Morris
by Charles Fairfax Murray
circa 1870
NPG 3652

Count Leo Tolstoy
by 'Snapp'
published in Vanity Fair 24 October 1901
NPG 4707(30)

William Wilberforce
by George Richmond
NPG 4997

William Willoughby Cole, 3rd Earl of Enniskillen
by Frederick Sargent
1870s or 1880s?
NPG 5649

Winston Churchill
by Graham Vivian Sutherland
NPG 6096

Charles Darwin
by Harry Furniss
NPG 6251(16)

Seamus Heaney
by Ross Wilson
NPG 6261

Called Clement Higham (Sir Clement Heigham)
attributed to Thomas Athow, after Unknown artist
early 19th century
NPG D23252

Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey
by Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey
circa 1802
NPG 654

Dante Gabriel Rossetti
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
NPG 857

Oscar Wilde
by Carlo Pellegrini
published in Vanity Fair 24 May 1884
NPG 3653

King Henry VIII; King Henry VII
by Hans Holbein the Younger
circa 1536-1537
NPG 4027

Kuo Sung-tao
by Sir Leslie Ward
published in Vanity Fair 16 June 1877
NPG 4707(14)

Sir Walter Parratt
by Miss E.M. Ellison
circa 1890
NPG 4944

Samuel Beckett
by Avigdor Arikha
NPG 5100

Sir Edward Elgar, Bt
by Sir William Rothenstein
circa 1919
NPG 5707

John Allsebrook Simon, 1st Viscount Simon
by Francis Owen ('Frank') Salisbury
NPG 5833

George Percy Jacomb-Hood
by George Percy Jacomb-Hood
NPG 6083

Joe Orton
by Patrick Procktor
NPG 6154

Charles Dickens
after Daniel Maclise
NPG D19292

Dora Carrington
by Dora Carrington
circa 1910
NPG 6736

The Edgeworth Family
by Adam Buck
NPG L236

Queen Elizabeth I
by Nicholas Hilliard
NPG 108

James Hogg
by Charles Fox
NPG 426

Queen Victoria
by Lady Julia Abercromby, after Heinrich von Angeli
1883 (1875)
NPG 708

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