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Queen Victoria replica by Sir George Hayter, 1863 (1838) John Donne by Unknown English artist, 1595

Purchased with donations from the Portrait Fund and other supporters

T.S. Eliot by Patrick Heron, 1949 Mary Jane Seacole (née Grant) by Albert Charles Challen, 1869

Donate today to the Portrait Fund and help build the nation’s Collection of world class portraits for present and future generations. Every gift you make to the £1 Million Portrait Fund Challenge between now and 30 June 2016 will be matched £1 for £1 thanks to our HLF/DCMS Catalyst:Endowments award.  You can help us to meet our target of £1 million so the Gallery can receive the full £1 million in match funding.

       Example donation: Your £20 will be worth £40 to the Portrait Fund, or potentially £50 with Gift Aid.

About 2 million people* every year visit the National Portrait Gallery to explore the extensive Collection of portraits for free, as a source of inspiration, enjoyment and further learning. These portraits belong to the nation and the Gallery’s mission is to share them as widely as possible. Through the Collection, we bring history and portraiture to life by creating a year-round programme of inspiring events, including activities for academics, school children, young people, charities and community groups.

This unique Collection needs to evolve through the introduction of new portraits. As a registered charity, with ever more limited access to public funds and an increasingly expensive art market, the Gallery is in danger of failing to acquire new portraits of national importance. This is why the £1 Million Portrait Fund Challenge will make such a difference.

Support the £1 Million Portrait Fund Challenge today. Your donation will be matched and will make double the difference to the nation’s Collection of portraits for you and every visitor to enjoy.

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*Total number of Gallery visits 1 April 2011 – 31 March 2012.