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Frame Conservation

Collections and Conservation

The National Portrait Gallery holds the most extensive collection of portraits in the world. The Collection is displayed in London and in a number of locations around the United Kingdom, including several houses managed by the National Trust.

The National Portrait Gallery's Conservation Department performs one of the Gallery's core functions, the long-term preservation of all Collection items, to make them accessible now and in future.

Learning © Claire Clutterbuck


The Gallery places learning at its heart and is a national destination for learning through portraiture. Our aim is to use portraiture to increase the understanding of the men and women who have and who are contributing to the culture, identity and rich diversity of Britain. Learning opportunities are available for all levels of interest, experience and expertise and are created on-site, off-site and online to engage audiences locally, regionally and nationally.



Research is fundamental to the Gallery’s work whether through large projects working in partnership with other organisations, research based on its own collections, or as a facilitator of research into portraiture by scholars from outside. The Gallery is recognised as an Independent Research Organisation by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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