Booking your class visit

Our tips to enjoy your class visit to the National Portrait Gallery

Book in advance
Please book before you visit with us. Get in touch as early as possible to ensure we can accommodate your class. A minimum of one month's notice is preferred. Please refer to the booking checklist to ensure you have all the correct information to hand when making a booking.

Booking availability
We are now taking bookings for the 2014/2015 academic year.

Number of visits
Due to the popularity of our programmes, we can provide each school with three taught sessions for different classes each term. We can provide teachers' notes to help you run up to three further directed sessions.

Taught sessions
Join our freelance team for educator-led sessions in the gallery spaces or hands-on workshops. Book from our suggested sessions or devise your own. Taught sessions led by our team of educators are available Monday to Friday during school term time

Self-directed visits
To run your own session, please contact us to book the relevant Gallery rooms you wish to visit. Please note if you book a ‘General’ self-directed visit - that does not state any specific areas of the Gallery - please be aware that at particularly busy times your group may be asked to move on from certain areas of the Gallery to ease crowding

Admission charges
Admission to the Gallery is free. All taught sessions are free, unless otherwise noted. Some temporary exhibitions have an admission cost.  Please ask when you book for special discount rates for pre-booked classes.

In the Galleries
Guidelines are sent when you book - please read and discuss these with your group. Group leaders are responsible for the behaviour of their classes during the visit.

Please note we have no parking or lunchroom facilities. Our booking team can advise you on alternatives.

We reserve the right to apply a cancellation fee for non attendance or cancellation of your booking.