Above: An Ealing Trilogy by Eelyn Lee in collaboration with Brentside High School (7:46)

Year Two: Ealing

In 2013–2014, eighteen GCSE Art students from Brentside High School, Ealing worked with artist filmmaker Eelyn Lee.

Through a series of workshops over five months the students explored notions of Endeavour, Vision and Creativity epitomised by the lives and achievements of inspiring figures connected to Ealing. Together they learnt about the Gallery, its Collection and the language of portraiture; researched their local area and developed creative and technical skills in photography and film. The film An Ealing Trilogy is the culmination of the ideas they generated together and the partnerships formed.

An Ealing Trilogy was made by Eelyn Lee in collaboration with Brentside High School and commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery.

The film was displayed at the National Portrait Gallery from June to September 2014

I’ve learnt on this project that you have to listen to your own ideas if you want to talk about different people’s lives. Chloe, 15 years

For many of the young people it is the first time that they realise they feel comfortable working in this way … The relationship I have with them is like the relationship I have with any other artist or collaborator. But it takes a process to get to that point.  Eelyn Lee

Watch short films about the making of An Ealing Trilogy

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