Richard Dighton - D10808

Thomas Massa Alsager ('The mirror of the Times')
by and published by Richard Dighton
published August 1823
NPG D10808

Portraits in Profile: the Dighton Family

Richard Dighton 1796?-1880

NPG D10808
'The Mirror of the Times', Thomas Massa Alsager (1779-1846), published 1823

Alsager joined The Times in 1817 as a city correspondent and in 1819 he was appointed business manager. He worked there for a total of twenty nine years. Alsager was also a talented musician and was a friend of James Henry Leigh Hunt, Charles Lamb and William Wordsworth.

The reversed imprint which appears to the left of the figure is the trade mark of the copperplate maker Russell Pontifrex of 22 Lisle Street, Soho, London - an indication that Richard, on occasion, like his father, used the reverse of the plate.

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