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Richard Dighton 1796?-1880

Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of Brunswick
by and published by Richard Dighton
published 1820
NPG D10809

NPG D10809
Queen Caroline (1768-1821), published 1820

In 1795 the Prince of Wales married Caroline of Brunswick, in the hope of securing the succession but also on the condition that his father cleared his debts. Their disastrous marriage resulted in Caroline being formally separated from her husband after the birth of their only child Princess Charlotte. Caroline eventually moved to the continent, returning to England in 1820 on hearing of the death of George III and accession of her husband as George IV. She found herself the heroine of those opposed to the crown. George IV instigated divorce proceedings in the House of Lords but the ensuing 'trial' was later abandoned.

NPG D4902
'Absolute Wisdom', Matthew Wood (1768-1843), 1820

Matthew Wood, alderman and lord mayor of London was a radical and champion of Queen Caroline's cause. Caroline returned to England on 6 June 1820. After a triumphant procession from Dover, she went reside at Wood's house at 77 South Audley Street. Her appearance on the balcony to greet the gathered cheering crowds was the subject of many prints including this satire possibly by I. R. Cruikshank, illustrated below. Wood appears behind her on the balcony.

A late Arrival at Mother Wood's (Sir Matthew Wood, 1st Bt; Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of Brunswick)
possibly by (Isaac) Robert Cruikshank, published by George Humphrey
published 19 June 1820
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