Only Connect - Barbara Hepworth <> Priaulx Rainier

How are these sitters connected?

Barbara Hepworth, by Dame Barbara Hepworth, 1950 - NPG  - © Bowness, Hepworth estate

Barbara Hepworth
by Dame Barbara Hepworth
NPG 5919

Priaulx Rainier, by George Newson, 18 October 1984 - NPG  - © George Newson / Lebrecht Music & Arts

Priaulx Rainier
by George Newson
18 October 1984
NPG x33552

The connection
Composer Priaulx Rainier planted sculptor Barbara Hepworth’s garden, behind Trewyn Studio in St Ives.

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NPG 6043 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Barbara Hepworth <> Sir Michael Tippett

NPG 4467 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Barbara Hepworth <> T.S Eliot

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