Only Connect - Igor Stravinsky <> Thomas Eliot

How are these sitters connected?

Samuel Dushkin; Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, by Paul Tanqueray, 1934 - NPG  - © estate of Paul Tanqueray

Samuel Dushkin; Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky
by Paul Tanqueray
NPG x25925

T.S. Eliot, by Patrick Heron, 1949 - NPG  - © The estate of Patrick Heron. All Rights Reserved, DACS, 2013<br />

T.S. Eliot
by Patrick Heron
NPG 4467

The connection
T.S.Eliot and Igor Stravinsky discussed the premiere of Stravinsky’s Canticum Sacrum in San Marco, Venice which was criticised in Time magazine using a reference to the title of Eliot’s play, Murder in the Cathedral.

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