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Around 1,400 portraits are on display at the Gallery in London throughout the year. The current listing in each room can be accessed through the links by historical period below. Additionally information about portraits on display in temporary displays and exhibitions can be accessed through the events calendar. Information about portraits on display outside the Gallery at our regional partners in Somerset, North Wales and Yorkshire and as part of long-term or exhibition loans can be found within the Beyond the Gallery section of this website.

Second Floor

Tudor and Elizabethan

Top floor galleries covering early English kings, and the Tudor and Elizabethan periods, from 1485 to 1603.

Rooms 1: The early Tudors Room 2: Elizabethan England Room 3: Special Displays

Stuart and Civil War

Top floor galleries covering the Stuart period from 1603 to 1714, punctuated by the English Civil War, Commonwealth and Protectorate.

Room 4: Early Stuart Britain Room 5: Charles I and the Civil War Room 6: Science and the Arts in the 17th Century Room 7: Charles II: The Restoration of the Monarchy Room 8: The Later Stuarts


Top floor galleries covering the Hanoverian age from 1714 with the reigns of King George I, King George II and King George III.

Room 9: The Kit-cat Club Room 10: The Arts in the early 18th century Room 11: Royalty and Religion in the early 18th century Room 12: The Arts in the later 18th century Room 13: Science and Industry in the 18th century Room 14: Britain becomes a World PowerRoom 15: Edward William Lane Room 16: Life, Death and Memory


The Weldon Galleries on the top floor encompassing the Regency under King George IV and up to the death of King William IV in 1837.

Room 17: Royalty, Celebrity and Scandal Room 18: Art, Invention and Thought: The Romantics Room 19: Art, Invention and Thought: Making the Modern World Room 20: The Road to Reform

Ground floor

Contemporary displays

The Lerner Galleries area mix contemporary displays and temporary exhibitions and p

Main Hall Room 40: Contemporary Portraits Porter Gallery: Howard Hodgkin: Absent Friends Wolfson Gallery : Gillian Wearing and Claude Cahun: Behind the mask, another mask

Events calendar

Events calendar

Check out our Events calendar to discover our Current exhibitions and displays, as well as other activities at the Gallery.

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Virtual Gallery rooms

Virtual Gallery rooms

Immerse yourself online using your computer, laptop or mobile and explore a selection of rooms at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

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Floor plans

Floor plans

Explore the Gallery with the help of clickable floor plans linked to exhibitions, temporary displays and room by room listings of portraits on display.

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