Lunchtime Lecture: Getting Under Their Skins: Art History and Fiction

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3 July 2014, 13:15

Ondaatje Wing Theatre


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Sarah Dunant
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Acclaimed historical novelist Sarah Dunant describes how her extensive research helps her to penetrate hidden worlds inside the Renaissance.

Sarah Dunant is the author of the Italian renaissance trilogy (The Birth of Venice, In the Company of the Courtesan, and Sacred Hearts) and now Blood and Beauty, the story of the Borgias, In this illustrated lecture, she shares the secrets of her trade. To recreate the past as a living, breathing place, Sarah has visited churches, archives, museums and art galleries all over Italy.  She recounts her discoveries; how the decoding of old paintings and the work of modern historians helped her to penetrate hidden worlds inside the Renaissance, finding characters, everyday life and drama in palaces, brothels, convents, even the Vatican and exploring the complexities of politics and religion along with emotion, the senses and the heady appetites of body - and soul.

Internationally bestselling writer Sarah Dunant’s Italian historical novels have been translated into more than thirty languages. She has worked widely in television, radio and print, and has written ten novels and edited two collections of essays. She lives in London and Florence.

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