Lunchtime Lecture: Blackamoors in Tudor England

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19 June 2014, 13:15

Ondaatje Wing Theatre


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Historian Onyeka uncovers the hidden history of Africans in Tudor England – their presence, status and origins – and challenges the received wisdom that they were all slaves or transient immigrants. Onyeka has been researching this period since 1993 and offers a different perspective on this period of England's past. He will show that not only were Africans present at that time, they did not automatically occupy the lowest positions in society.

Onyeka Nubia is a British writer, law lecturer and historian. His books document the lives and history of Africans and other minority communities in Britain and explores issues of cultural identity, resistance to oppression and the will to succeed. Onyeka has written two plays and  three novels, including The Phoenix, which was awarded the 2009 African Achievers award for Communication and Media.

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