Lunchtime Lecture: Virginia Woolf as a Cubist Writer

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18 September 2014, 13:15

Ondaatje Wing Theatre


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Virginia Woolf, by Gisèle Freund, 1939 - NPG  - © Estate Gisèle Freund / IMEC Images

Virginia Woolf
by Gisèle Freund
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Sarah Latham Phillips explores the fascinating relationship between Virginia Woolf's fiction and the ideas of Cubist painting. Comparing Woolf's Modernist prose post-1917 with the ideas of the Cubist movement, she considers the use of perspective, multiple viewpoints, a complex use of space, fragmentation and light and texture, focussing on  Jacob's Room and Mrs Dalloway as well as a number of short stories.

Sarah Latham Phillips has been a keen supporter of the Charleston Trust since 1992 and a is member of the Virginia Woolf Society. Having worked at the Courtauld Institute of Art, where she organised many events for the Friends, including several lecture series on Bloomsbury, she left  to pursue an MA in English Literature 1848- 1930. Her thesis, Virginia Woolf as a Cubist Writer was published in a shorter form  in 2012, as a monograph by Cecil Woolf for his Bloomsbury Heritage series. Sarah now works as a freelance lecturer; event organiser and tutor for the WEA in Bath, Wiltshire, Somerset & Cornwall.

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