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An exhibition in collaboration with Orleans House Gallery, London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames

Goldie (Clifford Prince) (born 1965) by O-Jay Morgan

Goldie (Clifford Prince) (born 1965)
by O-Jay Morgan

by Barry Marsden
6 February 1995
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O-jay's piece is inspired by dance musician, DJ and actor Goldie, star of Eastenders, the film Snatch and Celebrity Big Brother. Ojay presents Goldie's trademark teeth on a vinyl platter, which bears a manipulated image of this significant Drum 'n' Bass artist. Goldie's DJ life is represented by a gold turntable signifying the success of this positive black role model.

Goldie got his nickname after living in Miami earning a living making and selling gold tooth caps. He became a pioneer of Jungle music, combining hardcore beat, Hip Hop, Funk and Reggae in his acclaimed albums Timeless (1994) and Saturnz Return (1998). Goldie launched the record label Metalheadz in 1994 and has worked with artists as diverse as Björk and David Bowie. He has also starred in several films.

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