Robert Falcon Scott

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An exhibition in collaboration with Orleans House Gallery, London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames

Robert Falcon Scott, by Herbert George Ponting, 7 October 1911 - NPG  - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Robert Falcon Scott
by Herbert George Ponting
7 October 1911

Scott was an Antarctic explorer who led his first expedition in his ship the Discovery between 1901-4. His second expedition reached the South Pole on 18 January 1912 only to find that the Norwegian explorer, Raoul Amundsen had beaten him there. Scott and his companions perished on their return journey from the Pole and remain buried beneath a cairn of ice where a search party found them eight months later. In this photograph, taken by a member of his expedition, Scott is shown working on his famous journal in his hut at Cape Evans, his winter base.

Robert Falcon Scott by Josh Lindell

Robert Falcon Scott, Explorer
by Josh Lindell

Robert Falcon Scott by Josh Lindell

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Josh has created a museum piece about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott. The installation includes objects like those taken on Scott's last expedition to the South Pole, including his log book, photographs of his family and loved ones, his writing set and pipe. The log book includes an afterword, describing conspiracy theories about Scott's death.

Robert Falcon Scott by Josh Lindell

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