PPP 2004 - Awards Ceremony

The Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize 2004
Photographs from the Awards Ceremony, 15 November 2004

First Prize winner Jens Lucking with his portrait 'Tokyo'

Zoe Roussandana with her portrait 'Olga S, waitress'

Exhibitor Carlos Brandt with his wife Henrietta

Exhibitor Carlos Brandt with his wife Henrietta and Sandy Nairne, Director of the National Portrait Gallery

Beso Uznadze with his portrait 'Patriot'

Dirk Lindner with his wife Liz Corcoron and daughter Ivy, in front of an enlarged version of his portrait 'Hadley' shown at the exhibition entrance

Lesley Anne Churchill with her portrait 'Xena'

Exhibitor Emma Critchley (right) with her friends Ruth Bunford and Vic Bezemer in front of 'Portrait I'

Second Prize winner James Reeve with his portrait 'Football - Land-mine Amputee Team'

Deloitte Award winner Paul Plews with his portrait 'Untitled, June 2003'

Sacha Maric with his partner Marie Bak Mortensen and his two portraits 'Hannah' and 'Hare Coursing Spectators'

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