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List of Speakers and Provisional Paper Titles

Clare Barlow, PhD Candidate, King's College London & National Portrait Gallery: 'Mrs Montagu not Mrs Modish: Virtue, Politeness and Female Learning'

Clarissa Campbell Orr, Head of History, Anglia Ruskin University: 'Charlotte: Bluestocking Queen'

Emma Clery, Professor of Eighteenth-Century Literature, University of Southampton: "To dazzle let the Vain design": Alexander Pope's portrait gallery; or, the impossibility of brilliant women

Kate Davies, Lecturer in American Literature, University of Newcastle: 'Radical Portraits: Catharine Macaulay and Robert Edge Pine'

Harriet Guest, Professor in the Department of English and Related Studies and Director of the Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies, University of York: 'Hints towards a Change of Ministry': Gambling women in 1796'

Devoney Looser, Associate Professor of English, University of Missouri: 'The Blues gone Grey: Portraits of Bluestocking Women in Old Age'

Anne Mellor, Distinguished Professor of English, Women's Studies, Literature and Art, UCLA: 'Romantic Bluestockings: from Muses to Matrons'

Felicity Nussbaum, Professor of English Literature, Critical Theory, Gender Studies, Autobiography and Satire, UCLA: 'Hester Thrale: "What Trace of the Wit?"

Marcia Pointon, Emerita Professor of the History of Art, University of Manchester: 'Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough's Brilliants'

Susan Staves, Professor Emerita of English, Brandeis University: 'The Learned Female Soprano'

Shearer West, Professor of Art History, University of Birmingham: 'Montagu, Siddons, Lady Macbeth'

Alison Yarrington, Richmond Professor of Fine Art, University of Glasgow: 'Anne Seymour Damer (1748-1828), a sculptor of 'republican perfection'

Brilliant Women: Gender, Intellect and Representation in Eighteenth-Century Britain is now fully booked. Urgent enquiries including inquiries about ticket returns can be addressed to Emma Middleton on 020 7312 2483. Any other inquiries can be emailed to

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