Live Music: Albek Duo

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6 June 2014, 18:30

Ondaatje Wing Theatre


  • Friday Night Music||Late Shift

Ambra and Fiona Albek

‘The captivating Albek sisters played with youthful liveliness and exuberance. Their interpretations were never superficial or exaggerated but were meticulous, expressive and appealing.’ Giornale di Vicenza

In this special Live Music performance, the twin sisters Fiona and Ambra Albek present a programme of violin, viola and piano music with their typical spontaneity and musicality.

From a young age the duo developed their unique bond through playing and performing together before separately pursuing their extensive academic studies. Ambra was taught by Alberto Lysy and graduated with honors under the guidance of Igor Karsko in Switzerland. She then studied violin under Rudolf Koelman and viola under Wendy Champney's in Zürich. Following her passion for chamber music, Ambra attended further courses with Nora Chastain, Friedemann Rieger and the Carmina Quartet in Zurich. Fiona was taught by Nora Doallo in Lugano graduating with honors and then continued her studies at the Musikhochschule Zürich in Friedemann Rieger's piano chamber music and Lieder performance classes. She graduated with top marks and distinction as a piano chamber musician and accompanist of lyric singers.

Since graduating with Masters' Degrees from Professor Narciso Masi's chamber music classes at the International Piano Academy in Italy, the twins have gained international recognition and taken part in various music festivals and cultural events in Europe, Latin America, USA , China and Australia. A series of prominent composers have written music specifically for the Albek Duo including Italian composer Alessandro Lucchetti and the well-known American composer William Perry. Most recently, the twins took part in an extremely successful concert tour around the Republic of China consisting of nine performances in nine different cities.

This performance is made possible by generous support from Sir Christopher Ondaatje.

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