General information

Frequently asked questions mainly relating to opening hours and location information.

  • The National Portrait Gallery is located at:

    St Martin's Place
    London WC2H 0HE
    United Kingdom

    Please use our new entrance on Ross Place.

  • By bike

    Plan your journey by bicycle using the Transport for London website.

    Bike racks are available close to the Gallery and can be found on the Active Things website.

    Please note that folding bikes are not permitted in the Gallery or the Cloakroom.

    By underground

    The nearest underground stations to the Gallery are:

    • Charing Cross, about 300 metres
    • Leicester Square, about 195 metres
    • Embankment, about 490 metres

    Please note these stations do not have a lift. Please visit the Transport for London step-free access webpage for further information on accessible transport options to the Gallery.

    By bus

    Full bus route information is available on the Transport for London’s Journey Planner.

    By rail

    Charing Cross station is about 300 metres from our Ross Place entrance.

    By car, taxi or Dial-a-Ride

    • There are no car parking facilities at the Gallery.
    • A public car park is located on the corner of Whitcomb Street and Orange Street. To discuss parking arrangements please contact the car park staff directly on 020 7839 5858. Please note there are height restrictions for tall vehicles.
  • Daily opening times are as follows:

    Mondays: 10.30 – 18.00
    Tuesdays: 10.30 – 18.00
    Wednesdays: 10.30 – 18.00
    Thursdays: 10.30 – 18.00
    Fridays: 10.30 – 21.00
    Saturdays: 10.30 – 21.00
    Sundays: 10.30 – 18.00

    We start closing the building 10 minutes before the advertised closing time each day.

    The Gallery will be closed on 24, 25 and 26 December.

  • Photography and filming in the main galleries is allowed for personal, non-commercial purposes only. It is the visitor’s responsibility to ensure no copyright or data protection is infringed. All other uses require prior permission from the Rights & Images department. Press image and filming enquiries should be made to the Press Office.

    • Tripods, monopods and flash lighting are prohibited at all times.
    • Photography and filming is not permitted in some temporary exhibitions or displays with loans – please see exhibition signage for details.
    • Please do not take photographs of or film staff or other visitors without prior permission.
    • Please show consideration for the privacy and experience of other visitors when taking photographs or filming.

    Exceptions to this policy may be in place due to copyright restrictions or for reasons of security, conservation or in the interests of the overall visitor experience. 

    Filming at the Gallery

  • The Gallery stores lost property items for 3 months.

    For any lost property inquiries, please contact us at [email protected] or on +44 (0)20 7306 0055.

  • You are welcome to sketch in the Gallery using pencils and small sketchpads. Sketchbooks or notepaper must not be bigger than A3 size. Only pencil is permitted, no paint or other materials.

    Please use the stools available on each floor to avoid sitting on floors or leaning against walls. No sketching is permitted in doorways or main access routes.

    Please be conscious of other people, and move aside if someone wishes to view the work you are sketching. You may be asked to move to another room or painting if we are particularly busy.

  • Please visit our enewsletter sign-up page.

  • You may link to our website as long as such links do not imply an endorsement by the National Portrait Gallery, London.

    The Gallery welcomes links to websites linked to houses, museums and galleries associated with sitters or artists represented in the Gallery's collection, or official websites of living artists or photographers.

    For further inquiries please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7306 0055.


Frequently asked questions mainly relating to the Gallery’s building and facilities.

  • Visit our Floor plan pages

    Download our large print map

  • Cloakroom Opening Times

    Sunday to Thursday: 10.30-17.50 (last deposit 17.00)

    Friday and Saturday: 10.30-20.50 (last deposit 20.00)

    Our cloakroom is located in the Ondaatje Main Hall, Floor 0. Visitors may leave coats, small bags, cabin sized bags/suitcases and umbrellas in our Cloakroom. There is limited space available in the cloakroom so please avoid bringing large items with you to the Gallery. For further details on our cloakroom, please see our cloakroom webpage.

  • A limited number of manual wheelchairs are available to borrow free of charge from the Ticket Desk on Floor 0. We recommend booking these in advance by emailing [email protected]. Alternatively, contact us on +44 (0)20 7306 0055. 

    To learn more about accessibility in the Gallery, see our Access page.

  • Toilets are available on Floors -2, -3, 4.

    Baby-changing facilities are on Floors -2 and -3.

    Changing Places Toilet is on Floor -2. If you wish to use this facility, you will need to bring your own sling.

  • Please visit our eat and drink webpage to make a booking.

  • We have a digital guide available on Bloomberg Connects (a free-to-download app). Here you can listen to our audio tours and access exclusive exhibition content. We encourage you to bring headphones so that you can listen to the guide while in the Gallery.


Frequently asked questions on the Gallery's collection of portraits.

  • The National Portrait Gallery is filled with the people, portraits and the life stories of a nation. The Primary Collection of paintings, sculpture, miniatures, drawings, prints, photographs, silhouettes and mixed/new media works contains 12,690 portraits (as of January 2023) of the most famous people in British history and culture from the 8th century to the present day. Of these, 4,108 are paintings, sculptures and miniatures. In addition, there are some 8,564 works on paper.

    The Gallery also holds a Reference Collection of portraits, mostly printed portraits and a smaller collection of drawings and sketchbooks, together with silhouettes and caricatures, which have been acquired primarily for research and documentary purposes and to provide context for the Gallery’s Primary Collection. The Reference Collection is primarily housed in the Heinz Archive and Library and contains about 85,000 works on paper, 2,800 drawings, 75 paintings and 170 sculptures, and a small but growing collection of popular ceramics. This unique national resource allows the Gallery to collect beyond the acquisition criteria for the main Collection, and is drawn upon for display purposes as well as supporting learning activities and research into portraiture at the Gallery.

    The Heinz Archive and Library contains about 50,000 books and manages the Gallery’s Records and Collected Archives.

    The Gallery also holds an important Photographs Collection which spans both the Primary and Reference Collections. It comprises more than 250,000 original photographic images of which at least 130,000 are original negatives. They date from the 1840s to the present day. The Collection is made widely available online, with 222,278 digital records available (of which 159,042, or 71%, are illustrated) as at June 2021. These records comprise 12,696 Primary Collection portraits and nearly 210,000 from the Reference Collections.

    Find out more about the Collections

  • There are usually over 1,000 Collection portraits on display in the Gallery at any one time, covering a wide range of media from miniatures to sculptures. Portraits on display aim to be relevant to a wide range of audiences as well as present missing or hidden stories from British history and culture. We rotate portraits on display to show the breadth of the Gallery’s Collection as well as to reduce exposure of light sensitive works on paper and photographs. Please check the Collections Search to find out what is on display currently.

    The Gallery also regularly loans portraits to institutions throughout the UK and internationally. For more information, please visit the National and International Programmes webpage.

  • We will always do our best to facilitate visits to view portraits in the Primary Collection which are not on display. Visits are by prior appointment only.

    For viewing portraits in the Gallery’s Primary Collection:

    Visits will take place in working hours, Monday to Friday, 10.00 – 16.00. Please note that to facilitate the preparation of portraits for viewing we require at least 20 working days’ notice.

    The visit will take place at either the Gallery’s off-site collection store (address to be confirmed upon acceptance of application) or the Heinz Archive and Library (39-45 Orange Street, London, WC2H 0HE), depending on the location of the portrait(s) to be viewed. Please note that we organise visits to our off-site collection store once a month at present.

    Visitors wishing to view portraits in the Primary Collection not on display should complete the application form to view portraits not on display, then email to [email protected] or post to Collections Registration Team, The National Portrait Gallery, 39-45 Orange Street, London, WC2H 0HE. Please ensure that you provide as much information as possible on this form. The form also outlines the Gallery’s guidelines for viewing portraits not on display – please read these carefully before you submit your application.

    Application form to view portraits not on display

    ** Please note ** To view portraits not on display in the Photographs Collection, Reference Collection or Archive and Library Collection, please see the following page: Heinz Archive and Library - National Portrait Gallery.

  • Decisions on subjects for commissions are made annually by the Gallery Trustees as a body, with a view to selecting about half a dozen individuals from a longer list.

    Find out about the Gallery’s Collections Development Policy

  • The Gallery's Acquisition and Disposal policy is available on the Gallery's website as part of the Collections Development Policy. In practice, the Gallery has not sold any portraits from the Collection since before the Second World War. It does however occasionally transfer portraits to other institutions where this is appropriate. Such transfers are recorded in the Gallery's Biannual Review which is available on the Gallery's website in the Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Trustees.

  • Making an offer

    The National Portrait Gallery welcomes offers of portraits to the Collection, whether by gift, purchase, bequest, transfer, Acceptance in Lieu, allocation or loan. This ensures that we reflect the diversity of people who have made, or are making, a substantial contribution to British history or culture.

    When considering a potential acquisition or loan for the Gallery’s Collection, we check whether it meets the following criteria:

    • Significance: Does the portrait represent an individual who has made or is making a really significant contribution to British history or culture?
    • Representation: Is the individual sufficiently well-represented in the Collection already? Information is available on many of the portraits already owned by the Gallery at Search the Collection.
    • Artistic merit: Is the portrait the best or one of the best of the individual and done from life? At an appropriate time of life? Likeness, provenance, historical significance and artistic merit are considered.
    • Educational impact: How would the portrait help the Gallery's educational and interpretative work in the appreciation and understanding of portraiture? Would permission to reproduce the portrait on the Gallery’s website be granted?
    • Likelihood of display: Would the portrait be displayed regularly in the Gallery or is there a better home for it?
    • Financial considerations: Is the price right? Can the funds be raised? Is the portrait really a priority in the face of competing claims? What are the costs of storing and maintaining the portrait in perpetuity?

    Full details of the Gallery’s acquisition policy and process, as well as the criteria we use to check whether an offer is suitable for the Collection, can be found in our Collection Development Policy and Offering a portrait to the National Portrait Gallery.

    To help us to carefully consider your offer, please supply an image of the portrait and as much information as possible, including:

    • The sitter’s name
    • The artist’s name
    • Medium, e.g. painting, sculpture, miniature etc.
    • Dimensions (preferably in mm)
    • Details of any inscriptions or documentation for the portrait
    • Information about the circumstances surrounding the portrait’s creation if available, especially whether it was done from the life
    • Information on the portrait’s history/provenance and current location
    • The terms of the offer, i.e. is it being offered as a gift, bequest, purchase or loan? Please note that the Gallery has a limited acquisitions budget so is only able to make relatively few purchases.
    • If an artwork, whether it is framed and glazed
    • Information about the current condition of the portrait.

    We also consider gifts through the Acceptance in Lieu scheme and by bequest – as long as the same criteria above applies.

    As to borrowing a portrait, while we appreciate receiving such offers, our approach is highly selective, and we are only able to accept very few portraits of outstanding significance.

    If you would like to offer a portrait, and you believe it meets the above criteria, please email the above information to the Collections Registration Team at [email protected] or post to Collections Registration Team, The National Portrait Gallery, 39-45 Orange Street, London, WC2H 0HE.

    ** Please note ** Photographic and archival acquisitions should be directed to: [email protected].

    ** Please note ** The Gallery has recently completed the Inspiring People redevelopment project, which saw us undertake a complete re-presentation of the Collection as well as a significant refurbishment of the building. Unfortunately, this has resulted in some significant delays in responding to new offers to the Collection due to the need to focus all of our resources on this major project. As such, while we aim to respond to new offers within 10 working days, please note that it may take longer than this to get back to you. Thank you for your patience and please be assured that your offer is important to us.

    Thank you for thinking of the Gallery and we appreciate your patience as our acquisitions process can take several months.

  • The Gallery is actively engaged in digitising its collection and brings approaching 10,000 new images on to the website each year.

    We cannot guarantee a date when any portrait will be digitised, but we aim to get images of recent acquisitions on the website within months of their acquisition.

    If you wish to purchase a print of any portrait which has no website image, please contact Rights and Images.

    [email protected]

    Right and Images

  • If you wish to reproduce on your website an image on our website, please contact Rights and Images on [email protected].

    See our guidance on using our images on websites

  • If you wish to reproduce in a publication an image on our website, please contact Rights and Images by emailing [email protected].

    See our guidance on reproducing images from our Collection

What’s on

Frequently asked questions on exhibitions and displays at the Gallery.

  • The What’s On section of the website provides information about all current and upcoming exhibitions and displays, as well as information about our programme of events, including talks, film screenings, conferences, courses and study days, family events and young people’s programme.

    Use the Events calendar on the What’s On page to search for events.

    Events calendar

  • Information about upcoming exhibitions is available on the Exhibitions and What’s On sections of the website. You can also use the Events calendar to view what’s on at any day in the near future.

    Events calendar

  • The Events calendar provides information about all current and upcoming exhibitions and displays, as well as the next three month programme of events.

    Filter your search results by selecting the date and event type you’re interested in. Click on the ‘Search’ button to browse matching search results.

    Events calendar

  • The Events calendar provides information about all current and forthcoming exhibitions and displays, as well as the next three month events programme of talks, films and events, conferences, courses and study days, family events, Friday evening music and young people's programme.

    Click in the Keyword search box and type the event title or one or more words from the title. Click on the View button to browse matching search results.

    Events calendar

  • Last entry to ticketed exhibitions is 1 hour before the exhibition’s closing time on any given day.

    This is subject to change depending on the nature of the exhibition and the anticipated time needed to see the exhibition in full.

    Upcoming exhibitions

  • Taylor Wessing Photo Prize

    See the current Taylor Wessing Photo Prize page.

    The Portrait Award

    The Gallery’s Portrait Award is a very important element of our programme, so we are currently considering options for the Award for when we re-open and beyond. We shall be sharing these updates proactively on our website and social media channels so please do keep a close eye on those channels over the upcoming months.

    Please do sign up for our emails and follow us on social media for the latest updates and information on how to get involved.

  • For all enquiries once an application has been made please contact us on [email protected].


Frequently asked questions about ticketed events.

  • Online booking for ticketed exhibitions and events is possible through the 'Buy tickets' link on the event and exhibition webpages and also via phone by calling the ticketing line on +44 (0)20 7306 0055.

    Events calendar

  • The Gallery does not charge a booking fee for any transaction online, over the phone, or in person.

  • Admission to exhibitions is free for Gallery Members and children under 12 years in family groups.

    Students, Children (12–18 years) and disabled people (with free entry for one carer) are entitled to a 10% concession discount.

    People in receipt of Pension Credit, Universal Credit, Income Support, Job Seekers or Employment and Support Allowance, and Disability Benefits including DLA and PIP are entitled to a 50% concession discount.

    Art Fund members can purchase discounted exhibition tickets. ICOM members and Museums Association members are entitled to complimentary exhibition tickets.

    If purchasing a concession priced ticket(s) please ensure that the person the ticket(s) is intended for meets the correct criteria and brings proof of eligibility on the day of attendance.

  • Exhibition tickets can be exchanged for a different time slot or returned for a credit voucher valid for one year from the return date. Exchanges and returns are subject to the condition that the request must be made at least 24 hours before the booked exhibition slot or event. Tickets cannot be refunded unless the event is cancelled.

    To request a ticket exchange or return, please contact our Contact Centre team by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us on +44 (0)20 7306 0055.

    Should cancellation of any event, be necessary, the Gallery will attempt to contact all customers who have booked tickets in advance to arrange exchange or refund of tickets. This contact will be in the form of email for online customers, so customers are advised to check their email inbox before visiting the Gallery to avoid an unnecessary journey should an event be cancelled. If an alternative visit date cannot be arranged, the Gallery will then refund the full price paid to customers.

    The Gallery reserves the right to alter the advertised arrangements for any exhibition, cancel any exhibition time slot and/or close the exhibition without notice. In any such event the Gallery’s maximum liability to you shall not exceed the total amount you paid for your ticket(s).

    Additional purchases bought in conjunction with exhibition tickets, including catalogues, cannot be exchanged or refunded.

    Please see our full Terms and Conditions.

  • As a Member you can book free exhibition tickets on our website by logging into your Membership account online. You can also simply arrive and enter the exhibition without pre-booking. Please remember to bring your Membership card with you as you will need to show it at the exhibition entrance. If you decide not to pre-book your exhibition ticket, on occasion, you may have to wait up to 15 minutes if the exhibition space has reached maximum capacity and is especially busy.

  • Members get priority booking and discounts on our public programme of talks and events as well as access to an exclusive curated programme of ticketed events.

    Members must book tickets for events unless otherwise stated. Members must book tickets for events unless otherwise stated. Book your tickets at my.npg.org.uk or RSVP with your name and Membership number to [email protected].

    We may occasionally hold events with limited capacity. In these instances we may restrict guest access. We will inform Members on these occasions.

    As a Member you can book free exhibition tickets on our website by logging into your Membership account online. You can also simply arrive and enter the exhibition without pre-booking. Please remember to bring your Membership card with you as you will need to show it at the exhibition entrance. If you decide not to pre-book your exhibition ticket, on occasion, you may have to wait up to 15 minutes if the exhibition space has reached maximum capacity and is especially busy.

  • We will do our best to accommodate exhibition entry up to an hour after your booked entry time, however, the Gallery may refuse entry or require latecomers to wait until a suitable time to be admitted.

  • Groups of 10 or more receive a discount - see individual exhibition pages for details. Special tours and exhibition lectures are available for cultural, educational and membership organisations, for more information please see Group Visits.

  • For general ticket enquiries, please contact us at [email protected] or on +44 (0)20 7306 0055.


Frequently asked questions on Membership at the National Portrait Gallery.

    • Join online by credit or debit card, or by setting up an annual Direct Debit.
    • Visit the Ticket and Membership Desk in the Gallery’s main hall.
    • Telephone the Membership Office on 020 7321 6283 between Monday to Friday, 10.00 to 17.00. Please be aware that whilst we endeavour to answer all calls, lines can become extremely busy during major exhibitions.
  • Members enjoy a range of fantastic benefits, including:

    • Exclusive invitations to attend exhibition previews and Members Lates
    • A curated programme of ticketed events, just for Members*
    • Priority booking and discounts on all our talks and events
    • Discounts and priority booking at the Gallery’s Restaurants and Cafes**
    • 10% off in our shops***
    • Free use of the Gallery cloakroom
    • Free subscription to Face to Face quarterly magazine and exclusive digital content

    * Additional costs apply
    ** 10% to Members of the Gallery on food and all drinks for parties of up to 6 people (including the Member)
    ***10% Members’ discount does not apply to all retail products and offers. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Yes. Simply select the Give as a gift option. You’ll be asked to provide the recipient’s full name and address and to tell us whether you’d like the Membership pack to be sent to you or to the recipient and on what date. You can also choose to include a personal message.

  • As a Member you can book free exhibition tickets on our website by logging into your Membership account online. You can also simply arrive and enter the exhibition without pre-booking. Please remember to bring your Membership card with you as you will need to show it at the exhibition entrance. If you decide not to pre-book your exhibition ticket, on occasion, you may have to wait up to 15 minutes if the exhibition space has reached maximum capacity and is especially busy.

  • Only if your Membership includes a guest (it will say ‘& Guest’ on your card). If not, you can pay the difference to upgrade to include a guest. Call us on 020 7321 6283 to add a guest to your Membership.

    Disabled Members are entitled to bring a carer to all Membership events at the Gallery.

    Please note: Any additional guests would need to purchase tickets from the Ticket and Membership Desk in the main hall, online in advance or by contacting +44 (0)20 7306 0055.

  • Member & Guest and Joint & two Guests and Membership Plus categories are entitled to bring a guest to Previews and Members’ Lates. Disabled Members are entitled to bring a carer to all Membership events at the Gallery.

    Book your event at my.npg.org.uk or RSVP with your name and Membership number to [email protected].

    We may occasionally hold events with limited capacity. In these instances we may restrict guest access. We will inform Members on these occasions.

  • Please allow five weeks from the date of application. If it has been longer than this, please call us on 020 7321 6283 to check the status of your Membership.

  • Please call us on 020 7321 6283 or email [email protected] to let us know and we will send you a new card within two weeks. If you want to visit the Gallery sooner than this, just go to the Ticket and Membership Desk and they will be able to give you a temporary card.

  • Yes, Membership is valid from the moment of purchase. If you have joined on site, you will be given a temporary Membership card which can be used for immediate entry into the exhibition. If you have joined online, you will receive a confirmation email, which you can print off or show on your phone as proof of Membership. You will be able to collect a temporary card from the Ticket and Membership Desk upon your arrival at the Gallery.

  • Please call us on 020 7321 6283 or email [email protected].

  • If you pay by Direct Debit, your Membership will be renewed automatically. You will be sent your new Membership card four to six weeks before the debit is due on your account. You can cancel your Direct Debit at any time.

    If you pay by cash, credit/debit card or cheque, you will receive a letter to remind you when it is time to renew. You can renew online, by phone or by post.

  • No – this is due to Membership being counted as a donation to the Gallery. Disabled Members are entitled to bring a carer to all Membership interactions at the Gallery.

  • Only named Members are entitled to use their Membership card to receive a 10% discount in the Portrait Restaurant and Portrait Cafe. In addition to a Member, the discount can be applied to a bill for up to a maximum of 6 people, when the Member is paying for the bill.

  • Supporter News will be sent by email to Members without a UK postal address. Please email [email protected] to provide your email address so that you are kept up to date.

Gift Aid

Frequently asked questions about Gift Aid.

  • For every £1 you donate whether through Membership or donations, HM Revenue and Customs gives the National Portrait Gallery 25p. This means that for each Membership of £55.00, we receive an additional £13.75.

    If you would like to Gift Aid a Membership or donation, you agree to the following:

    I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for that tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. I understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/ or Capital gains Tax then the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations in that tax year it is my responsibility to pay any difference. I understand the National Portrait Gallery will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that I give.

    Please notify us if you change your name, address or tax status.

    If you pay Income Tax at the higher or additional rate and want to receive the additional tax relief due to you, you must include all your Gift Aid donations on your Self-Assessment tax return or ask HM Revenue and Customs to adjust your tax code. You can cancel this declaration in writing within 30 days.

  • You just need to be a UK tax payer and to have paid an amount of UK income tax or capital gains tax that is equal to any tax we would reclaim on your Membership or donation.

  • If you buy or renew an Individual Membership or Joint Membership through our Membership page, simply select the Gift Aid declaration box during the checkout process. You can also download a declaration form and return it to us at Membership Office, National Portrait Gallery, St Martin’s Place, London WC2H 0HE.

  • No. The declaration will stay in place indefinitely, unless you tell us to cancel it. However, you do need to let us know if you stop being a tax payer or if you change your name or address so we can update our records.

  • If you multiply the cost of your Membership by 20/80, you will get the claim amount (e.g. £45 x 20/80 = £11.25).

  • If you are no longer paying any tax, then no. However, if you have savings and pay income or capital gains tax of an equal or higher amount than we are trying to claim (currently 25p in the £), then you can Gift Aid.

  • Gift Aid cannot be claimed on Gift Memberships, Memberships paid on company accounts and the following Membership categories: Member & Guest, Joint Members & Two Guests and Membership Plus. Memberships need to be paid from a personal bank or building society account in order to qualify for Gift Aid and cannot include a Guest pass.

  • No, Gift Aid can only be claimed on a Membership that you pay for and use.

  • There isn’t one. We can claim back the tax on any amount.

  • Yes, so long as the total amount of tax claims on your various subscriptions doesn’t exceed the amount of tax you pay in a year. If it does then you are responsible for paying the difference.

  • If you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can currently claim back 25p for every pound you’ve donated in tax relief from the HM Revenue and Customs.

Retail and Shop

Frequently asked questions about the Shop and Retail services.

  • If you cannot find the information you are looking for on our Shop pages or have a point to make, please either email [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 7306 0055.

  • Please either email [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 7306 0055 to discuss any problem you have experienced. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • On placing your order you should have received an email confirmation about your order from the [email protected] email address. If you have any further query or comment to male, please either email [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 7306 0055.

  • Please either email [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 7306 0055 for further assistance.


Frequently asked questions on the subject of diversity.

Working at the Gallery

Frequently asked questions about working and volunteering at the Gallery.

  • All vacancies for paid positions are advertised online.

    Current vacancies

  • Information about how you can volunteer at the Gallery can be found online in the jobs section.

    Volunteer with us

Freedom of Information requests

Frequently asked questions to help you with you with freedom of information requests

  • The Freedom of Information Act encourages public authorities to be proactive in making information available and requires them to issue a public statement that gives details of all the information that is made available. Section 19 of the Act requires public authorities to adopt and maintain a publication scheme, to publish information in accordance with its scheme, and, from time to time, to review its publication scheme.

    Requests for information not listed in the publication scheme should be made in writing (letter or e-mail) to the Heinz Archive & Library, and should provide as much detail as possible to enable Gallery staff to identify the information that is required. Information will usually be supplied in the form of a photocopy or e-mail attachment within twenty working days of the receipt of a request. If you have difficulty in identifying the precise information you require Gallery staff will be pleased to help.

    Please write to the Heinz Archive & Library, National Portrait Gallery, St Martin's Place, London WC2H 0HE or e-mail to [email protected].

    The Gallery aims to respond to requests within twenty working days. The Act enables the Gallery to charge a fee in relation to requests for information.

    For more information, see our Freedom of Information requests page.