Prize Winners

by Isobel Peachey

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The prize winners for the BP Portrait Award 2009 were announced at the Awards Ceremony on the 16 June 2009.

The BP Travel Award 2009 winner is Isobel Peachey

900 x 600 mm

Peachey submitted a proposal to travel to Belgium and Switzerland to sketch and paint portraits of those taking part in historical re-enactments. She will visit The Company of Saynt George, a Swiss group re-enacting the history of a small artillery company from the 15th Century at the Castle of Lenzburg, near Zurich, and The Napoleonic Association who portray the life of a military encampment near Antwerp in Belgium. Peachey hopes to capture the unique mix of history, culture, authentic settings and the participants’ passionate involvement in recreating the past. She receives a bursary of £5,000 to travel and paint portraits for display in next year’s BP Portrait Award exhibition.

    © Isobel Peachey