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Venue Hire - Approved Suppliers

Please note that only those suppliers listed here are entitled to work at the National Portrait Gallery, having all undergone a detailed tendering process to comply with Gallery specifications. Our approved suppliers cover a wide range of styles and budgets. If you would like any help selecting your suppliers, please contact your Events Manager who will be happy to offer advice and guidance.


Alexander & Björck
Lena Björck
020 3457 1700
[email protected]

Alison Price & Co
Paul Jackson
020 7840 7640
[email protected]

Blue Strawberry
Esma Tawfiq
020 7733 3151
[email protected]

Bubble Food
Kathryn Perceval-Price
020 7703 2653
[email protected]

By Word of Mouth
Rick Perry
020 8871 9566
[email protected]

Caper & Berry
Tory Whittington
01483 427521
[email protected]

Cellar Society
Rebecca Lightfoot
0208 453 7141
[email protected]

Food by Dish
Francesca Hayward
0208 269 0398
[email protected]

Food Show
Jay Burgesson
020 7793 1877    
[email protected]

Jackson Gilmour
Anne Aitken
020 8665 1855
[email protected]

Rocket Food
Victoria Lucy
020 7622 2320
[email protected]

In house catering

Portrait Restaurant
07384 896810
[email protected]


Amie Bone Flowers
Amie Bone
0207 870 7570
[email protected] 

Hayford & Rhodes
Abigail Windsor
020 3130 9219
[email protected]

Lavender Green
Alice Groom
020 7127 5303
[email protected]

Nicky Doodson Flowers
Nicky Doodson
07498 280077
[email protected]

Wildabout Flowers
Sarah Kamvissidis
0203 794 7487
[email protected]

Event Design and Managment

Jason Collins-Down
07702 292 502
[email protected]

Mango Pie
Mandy Mahil
01206 243 400
[email protected]

Moriarty Events
Georgina Attwood
[email protected]

Entertainment agencies

Dan Savidge
0203 397 9018
[email protected] 

Guest Artists
David Guest
020 8293 3392
[email protected]

Sternberg Clarke
Adam Sternberg
020 8877 1102
[email protected]

Lighting and sound production

Eclipse Presentations
Nigel Letheren
0208 662 6444
[email protected]

Event Concept
Dave Murray
020 7740 3988
[email protected]

Fisher Productions
Tristan Leonard
020 8871 1978
[email protected]

White Light Ltd
Alicia Earls
020 8254 4800
[email protected]

Wise Productions
Doug Wintle
0208 991 6922
[email protected]

These products are supplied by the National Portrait Gallery Company Limited. For more information on the Company, click here. Every purchase supports the National Portrait Gallery.



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