National Photographic Record 1960-67

National Photographic Record (NPR): List of subjects commissioned - 1960-1967

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102 sitters photographed by Walter Bird, including:
Sir Robert Edmund Alford (1904-1979) Colonial administrator
Sir John Baker (né Wakeling) (1897-1978) Air chief-marshal
Sir Eric Alfred Berthoud (1900-1989) Oil executive and diplomatist
Lady Cynthia Mary Brookeborough (d.1970) Wife of 1st Viscount Brookeborough
Sir Reginald Laurence Scoones (1900-1991) Major General

119 sitters photographed by Walter Bird, including:
Thomas Sherrer Ross Boase (1898-1974), Historian and teacher
Joseph ('Jo'), Grimond, Baron Grimond (1913-1993), Politician
(Harold), Julian Amery, Baron Amery of Lustleigh (1919-1996), Politician
Sir Denis Arthur Hepworth Wright (b.1911), Businessman and ambassador
Sir Kenneth Gilmour Younger (1908-1976), Politician and reformer

167 sitters photographed by Walter Bird, including:
Sir Donald Coleman Bailey (1901-1985), Civil engineer
John Moore-Brabazon, 1st Baron Brabazon of Tara (1884-1964), Statesman and sportsman
Sir Martin Gilliat (1913-1993), Private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
Roger Mellor Makins, 1st Baron Sherfield (1904-1996), Diplomatist
Gerard Thomas Corley Smith (1909-1998), Diplomat

147 sitters photographed by Walter Bird, including:
Dame (Margaret), Joyce Bishop (1896-1993), Headmistress of the Godolphin and Latymer School
Sir Alexander Kirkland Cairncross (1911-1998), Economist
Reginald Ernest Prentice, Baron Prentice (1923-2001), Politician
Sir Frank Kenyon Roberts (1907-1998), British diplomat
Alan John Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Drury Lane (1902-1998), Grocer and politician

180 sitters photographed by Walter Bird , including:
Anthony Wedgwood ('Tony'), Benn (b.1925), Politician
Sir Napier Crookenden (b.1915), Lieutenant General
Sir (Ernest), John Hunter (1912-1983), Shipbuilder
Sir (William Bonnar), Leslie Monson (1912-1993), British High Commissioner in Zambia
Norman Russell Wylie, Lord Wylie (b.1923), Senator of the College of Justice in Scotland and Politician

163 sitters photographed by Walter Bird, including:
Sir Alfred Jules Ayer (1910-1989), Philosopher
Cledwyn Hughes, Baron Cledwyn of Penrhos (1916-2001), Politician
Anthony Richard Hurd, Baron Hurd (1901-1966), Politician
Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson Massey (1908-1983), Physicist
Dame Eileen Louise Younghusband (1902-1981), Pioneer of social work

137 sitters photographed by Walter Bird, including:
Sir John Winthrop Hackett (b.1910), General
Charles James Dalrymple Shaw, Baron Kilbrandon (1906-1989), Lord of Appeal
Sir Terence Charles Stuart Morrison-Scott (1908-1991), Zoologist and Director of the British Museum (Natural History)
Edwin Noel Plowden, Baron Plowden (1907-2001), Economist
Sir Wilfrid John Wentworth Woods (1906-1975), Admiral

1967 (Jan-Oct)
146 sitters photographed by Walter Bird, including:

Sir Allan Henry Shafto Adair (1897-1988), Major General
Denis Arthur Greenhill, Baron Greenhill of Harrow (1913-2000), Government Director, British Petroleum Ltd
Ian Mikardo (1908-1993), Labour politician
Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild (1910-1990), Zoologist and public servant
Sir Kenneth William Dobson Strong (1900-1982), Company Director and Head of Intelligence, Home Forces

1967 (Nov-Dec)
35 sitters photographed by Godfrey Argent:

Leo Abse (b.1917), Politician and writer
Sir Edward Beddington-Behrens (1897-1968), Major
Sir John Alec Biggs-Davison (1918-1988), Politician
Sir (Francis), James Bowes-Lyon (1917-1977), Major General
Peter Edward Moore Bradley (b.1914), Major General
Sir Patrick Reginald Evelyn Browne (1907-1996), Barrister
Sir (Edward), Humphrey Browne (1911-1987), Engineer
Morys George Lyndhurst Bruce, 4th Baron Aberdare (1919-1968), Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords
Learie Nicholas Constantine, Baron Constantine (1901-1971), Cricketer and politician
Sir Thomas Creed (1897-1969), Principal, Queen Mary College, University of London

Sir William Haley (1901-1987), Director General of the BBC and Editor of The Times
Arthur William George Patrick Hay, 15th Earl of Kinnoull (b.1935), Politician
Denis Herbert Howell, Baron Howell (1923-1998), Politician
Ian Murray Hurrell (1914-1989), Diplomat
Sir Julian Sorell Huxley (1887-1975), Biologist and writer
Sir Arthur James Irvine (1909-1978), Solicitor-General
William Godfrey Fothergill Jackson (1917-1999), Major General
Sir Alick (Alexander Grigor), Jeans (1912-1972), Chairman, The Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Ltd
Sir (John), Anthony Kershaw (b.1915), Politician
David Walter Kirke (b.1915), Rear Admiral
Henry Anthony Lascelles (1912-2000), Major General
Sir Oliver William Hargreaves Leese, 3rd Bt (1894-1978), Lieutenant General
Patricia Llewellyn-Davis, Baroness Llewellyn-Davis of Hastoe (1915-1997), Politician

Sir (Basil), John Mason (b.1923), Director General of the Meteorological Office
Sir Harry W. Melville (1908-2000), Professor of Chemistry
Frederick William Mulley, Baron Mulley (1918-1995), Politician
Sir George Reginald Pope (1902-1982), Director, Times Newspapers Ltd.
Sir (Abraham), Jeremy Raisman (1892-1978), Vice-Chairman, Lloyds Bank
Joseph Kenneth Shepheard (1908-1997), Major General
Clementine Ogilvy Spencer-Churchill, Baroness Spencer-Churchill (1885-1977), Society hostess; wife of Sir Winston Churchill
Humphrey Trevelyan, Baron Trevelyan (1905-1985), Diplomat
Sir (Charles), Geoffrey Vickers (1894-1982), Colonel, chairman of industries
Sir Barnes Wallis (1887-1979), Engineer and inventor
Sir Harold Augustus Wernher (1893-1973), Industrialist
(Percival), Ross Wheatley (1909-1988), Major Genera