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National Photographic Record 1968

National Photographic Record (NPR): List of subjects commissioned - 1968

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125 sitters photographed by Godfrey Argent:
Cuthbert James McCall Alport, Baron Alport (1912-1998), Politician
Sir (Edwin), Hardy Amies (1909-2003), Couturier
Sir Peter William Beckwith Ashmore (b.1921), Equerry to King George VI
Arthur Askey (1900-1982), Actor and entertainer
Ralph John Assheton Assheton, 2nd Baron Clitheroe (b.1929), Chairman of Yorkshire Bank
Sir Felix Aylmer (1889-1979), Actor
Sir Geoffrey Harding Baker (1912-1980), Field Marshal
Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister (b.1929), Physician
Timothy Wentworth Beaumont, Baron Beaumont of Whitley (b.1928), Politician, Priest and writer
Denis Arthur Beckett (b.1917), Major General
Sir Frederic Mackarness Bennett (b.1918), Politician
John Betjeman (1906-1984), Poet Laureate, writer and broadcaster
Sir Peter Thomas Blake (b.1932), Painter
Mark Raymond Bonham-Carter, Baron Bonham-Carter (1922-1994), Publisher and politician
Sir Clive Bossom, 2nd Bt (b.1918), Politician
Sir John Smith Knox Boyd (1891-1981), Physician
Robert Straton Broke (1913-2002), Major General
Jack Nixon Browne, Baron Craigton (1904-1993), Politician

Keith Bruce Campbell (b.1916), Politician
Peter Alexander Rupert Carington, 6th Baron Carrington (b.1919), Politician
Ian Thomas Carmichael (b.1920), Actor
Sir Archibald James Halkett Cassels (1907-1996), Field Marshal
Sir Lewis Thomas Casson (1875-1969), Actor
Noel Coward (1889-1973), Actor, playwright and composer
Terence Cuneo (1907-1996), Artist
Richard Nathaniel Curzon, 2nd Viscount Scarsdale (1898-1977), Colonel
Martin Cyril D'Arcy (1888-1976), Jesuit and theologian
Sir Martin Davies (1908-1975), Director of the National Gallery
Sir John Gilbert Davies (1911-1989), Air Chief Marshal
Sir Colin Rex Davis (b.1927), Musical Director
Cecil Day-Lewis (1904-1972), Poet Laureate
Peter Dimmock (b.1920), Television producer and commentator
Sir Charles Beresford Duke (1905-1978), Director General, Middle East Association
Sir Leonard Schroeder Swinnerton Dyer, 15th Bt (1898-1975), Engineer
Sir George Edwards (1908-2003), Aviation pioneer

Sir Dingle Mackintosh Foot (1905-1978), Politician and lawyer
Sir David Paradine Frost (b.1939), Journalist and broadcaster: Joint founder of London Weekend Television
Sir (Anthony), Reay (Mackay), Geddes (1912-1998), President of Dunlop Holdings Ltd.
Sir Louis Halle Gluckstein (1897-1979), Army officer, politician and businessman
Leon Goossens (1897-1988), Oboist
Lord Adam Granville Gordon (1909-1984), Comptroller to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
Sir Paul Henry Gore-Booth (1909-1984), HM Diplomatic Service
Duncan Grant (1885-1978), Artist
F M Grant Major General
Dame Mary Green (1913-2004), Headmistress of Kidbroke School
Sir Hugh Carleton Greene (1910-1987), Director of the BBC and writer
Sir Edmund Hakewill-Smith (1896-1986), Major General
Michael Hancock (b.1917), Major General
Sir William Ogden Hart (1903-1977), Local government administrator and legal writer
Sir Norman Hartnell (1901-1979), Fashion designer and dressmaker to the Queen
Sir Paul Hawkins (1912-2002), Politician
Edward Barry Henderson (1910-1986), Bishop of Bath and Wells
Sir William Heseltine (b.1930), Private Secretary to HM The Queen
Sir (Roger), Anthony Hornby (1904-1987), President, Savoy Hotel Ltd.

Sir Roger William Jackling (1913-1986), HM Diplomatic Service
Immanuel Jakobovits (1921-1999), Chief Rabbi
Sir Alexander Johnston 1905- 1994 Public Servant
Sir Geoffrey Kitchen (1906-1978), Chairman of United British Securities Trust Ltd.
Sir David William Stennis Stewart Lane (1922-1998), Politician
Philip Larkin (1922-1985), Poet and Novelist
Sir John Waldemar Lawrence (1907-1999), Writer and editor of Frontier Magazine
Sir (Edward Alexander), Henry Legge-Bourke (1914-1973), Major and politician
(Norman), Harold Lever, Baron Lever (1914-1995), Politician and newspaper proprietor
Alan Raymond Mais, Baron Mais of Walbrook (1911-1993), Engineer and Director of the Royal Bank of Scotland
Yehudi Menuhin, Baron Menuhin (1916-1999), Violinist and Conductor
Dame Pattie Maie Menzies (1899-1995), and Sir Robert Gordon Menzies (1894-1978), Prime Minister of Australia
Sir Frank Walter Messervy (1893- 1974), Lieutenant General
A G Mills (1914-1992), Major General
Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein (1887-1976), Field Marshal
(Charles), Garrett Ponsonby Moore, 11th Earl of Drogheda (1910-1989), Newspaper proprietor and opera manager
Gareth Morris (b.1920), Flautist
Sir Brian Edward Mountain, 2nd Bt (1899-1977), Businessman
(Thomas), Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990), Television presenter, journalist and editor
Dame (Jean), Iris Murdoch (1919-1999), Novelist and philosopher

Dame Anna Neagle (1904-1986), Actress
Clement George St Michael Parker (1900-1980), Bishop of Bradford
Hubert Lister Parker, Baron Parker of Waddington (1900-1972), Judge
Sir (James), Denning Pearson (1908-1992), Engineer and businessman
Sir Horace Rostill Petty (1904-1982), Agent-General for State of Victoria in London
Leslie Samuel Phillips (b.1924), Actor, director and producer
Sir Harry Platt, 1st Baronet (1886-1986), Surgeon
J B Priestley (1894-1984), Writer
Ian Thomas Ramsay (1915-1972), Bishop of Durham
Sir Alfred Ernest Ramsey (1920-1999), Footballer and football manager
Sir Carol Reed (1906-1976), Film producer and director
Sir Gordon Richards (1904-1986), Jockey, trainer and racing manager
Sir Ralph David Richardson (1902-1983), Actor
Ian Argyll Robertson of Brackla (b.1913), Major General
John Robert Russell, 13th Duke of Bedford (1917-2002), Writer

Isr Eric Leopold Otho Sachs (1898- 1979), Judge
Peter Moneefiore Samuel, 4th Viscount Bearsted (1911-1996), Banker
Sir Frederic Aked Sellers (1893-1979), Lord Justice of Appeal
Richard Henry ('Peter'), Sellers (1925-1980), Actor
Athene Seyler (1889-1990), Actress
Hartley William Shawcross, Baron Shawcross (1902-2003), Attorney General
Malcolm Shephard, Lord Shepherd of Spalding (d.2001), Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Emanuel Shinwell, Baron Shinwell of Easington (1884-1986), Politician
Sir (Algernon), Paul Sinker (1905-1977), University teacher and civil servant
Sir (Frank), Ewart Smith (1897-1995), Technical Director and Deputy Chairman of Imperial Industries Ltd
Sir Georg Solti (1912-1997), Conductor
FitzRoy John Somerset, 5th Baron Raglan (b.1927), Chairman, Cwmbran New Town Development Corporation
Norman Anthony Francis St John-Stevas, Baron St John of Fawsley (b.1929), Politician
Tommy Steele (b.1936), Singer and actor
Sir Iain Maxwell Stewart (1916-1985), Industrialist
Leopold Stokowski (1882-1977), Conductor
John T Stonehouse (1925-1988), Politician and confidence trickster
Dame Lucy Stuart Sutherland (1903-1980), Historian and administrator

Dame Sybil Thorndike (1882-1976), Actress; wife of Sir Lewis Casson
Feliks Topolski (1907-1989), Artist
Sir David Clive Crosby Trench (1915-1988), Colonial Governor
Sir (Arnold), Charles Trinder (1906-1989), Lord Mayor of London (1968)
Sir Stanley Unwin (1884-1968), Publisher
Sir Francis Vallat (b.1912), Barrister
Sir John Kenyon Vaughan Morgan, Baron Reigate (1905-1995), Politician
Sir Anthony Richard Wagner (1908-1995), Herald
William Henry Whitbread (1900-1994), President of Whitbread and Company Ltd
Kenneth Williams (1926-1988), Actor and broadcaster
Roger Plumpton Wilson (1905-2002), Bishop of Chichester
Peter Cecil Wilson (1908-1987), Art Dealer
Sir Reginald Holmes Wilson Wilson (1905-1999), Ministry of Transport
Sir John Wolfenden (1906-1985), Headmaster; educationist and public servant
Sir Isaac Wolfson, 1st Bt (1897-1991), Businessman and philanthropist
Cecil Blanche Woodham-Smith (1896-1977), Biographer and historian
Sir Geoffrey Walter Wrangham (1900-1986), High Court Judge
Sir Eric Grant Yarrow (b.1920), Chairman of Clydesdale Bank Plc