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National Photographic Record 1970


National Photographic Record (NPR): List of subjects commissioned - 1970

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181 sitters photographed by Godfrey Argent:
Max Adrian (Max Bor), (1903-1973), Actor
Sir Owen Arthur Aisher (1900-1993), Businessman
Kingsley Amis (1922-1995), Novelist
Lindsay Gordon Anderson (1923-1994), Film, television and stage director
Eamonn Andrews (1922-1987), Television compere, broadcaster and writer
Norman Henry Ashton (1913-2000), Pathologist
Sir Douglas Robert Bader (1910-1982), Air Force Officer
Sir Michael Elias Balcon (1896-1977), Film producer
Richard Beeching, 1st Baron Beeching (1913-1985), Chairman of British Railways Board
Max Beloff, Baron Beloff (1913-1999), Historian

Sir James Ogilvy Blair-Cunynghame (1913-1990), Banker and personal management specialist
Sir George Lewis French Bolton (1900-1982), Director of the Bank of England
Roy Alfred Clarence Boulting (1913-2001), Film Producer and Director
Sir Lawrence Bragg (1890-1971), Physicist and crystallographer
Asa Briggs, Baron Briggs (b.1921), Historian
Sir Denys Burton Buckley (1906-1998), Lord Justice of Appeal
Sir Edward Bullard (1907-1980), Geophysicist
Sir Brian Kenyon Burnett (b.1913), Air Chief Marshal

Sir David Arnold Scott Cairns (1902-1987), Lord Justice of Appeal
Sir Roy Yorke Calne (b.1930), Surgeon
Ralph Roberts Watts Sherman Stonor, 6th Baron Camoys (1913-1976), Land manager and businessman
Stephen Gordon Catto, 2nd Baron Catto (1923-2001), Merchant banker
John Bryan Cavanagh (b.1914), Fashion designer
Sir John Allen Clark (1926-2001), Industrialist
Denzil Clarke (1908-1985), Businessman
Cameron Fromanteel Cobbold, 1st Baron Cobbold (1904-1987), Governor of the Bank of England
Sir Edward Foyle Collingwood (1900-1970), Mathematician and medical administrator
Sir Sean Thomas Connery (b.1930), Actor
Dame Gladys Cooper (1888-1971), Actress
Dame Kathleen D'Olier Courtney (1878-1874), Suffragist and peace campaigner; Joint President of United Nations Association
Aidan Crawley (1908-1993), Politician, editor and television executive
(Thomas), Harold Hunt Craxton (1885-1971), Pianist and teacher
Geoffrey Crowther, Baron Crowther (1907-1972), Chairman and editor of The Economist
Roger Cunliffe, 3rd Baron Cunliffe (b.1932), Architect, landowner and writer
Sir Clifford Michael Curzon (1907-1982), Pianist

Sir John Vivian Dacie (1912-2005), Professor of haematology
Paul Daneman (1925-2001), Actor
Sir Kenneth Thomas Darling (1909-1998), Army officer
Sir William Arthian Davies (1901-1979), Lord Justice of Appeal
Sir John Henry Harris Davis (1906-1993), Businessman, President and founder, Commonwealth Students' Association
Robin Day (1923-2000), Television and radio journalist
Sir Geoffrey Stanley de Frietas (1913-1982), Politician
Jean Baptiste ('Jack'), de Manio (1914-1998), Radio broadcaster
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (b.1931), Merchant banker
Alfred George Deller (1912-1979), Singer
James McCulloch York Dickens (b.1931), Politician and administrator
David Dimbleby (b.1938), Broadcaster
Sir Edward Charles Dodds, 1st Bt (1899-1973), Biochemist
Ian Donald (1910-1987), Obstetrician and developer of ultrasound
William Douglas Home (1912-1992), Playwright
Sir Arthur Eric Courtney Drake (1910-1996), Businessman
Sir (William), Stewart Duke-Elder (1898-1978), Surgeon
Sir John Norman Valette ('Val'), Duncan (1913-1975), International mining executive
Sir William Smith Duthie (1892-1980), Politician

Sir Alfred Earle (1907-1990), Air Chief Marshal
Sir Norman Randall Elliott (1903-1992), Businessman
Dafydd Elystan Elystan-Morgan, Baron Elystan-Morgan (b.1932), Judge and politician
Alick Charles Davidson ('David'), Ensor (1906-1987), Solicitor, journalist and author
Dame Edith Evans (Dame Edith Mary Booth), (1888-1976), Actress
Sir (Donald), Keith Falkner (1900-1994), Singer and college administrator
Andrew Matthew William Faulds (1923-2000), Politician and actor
Eric Odin Faulkner (1914-1994), Chairman of Lloyds Bank
Sir Bruce Donald Fraser (1910-1993), Civil servant
Sir Clement Raphael Freud (b.1924), Writer, broadcaster and caterer
Dame Elisabeth Jean Frink (1930-1993), Sculptor and printmaker
Christopher Fry (1907-2005), Playwright
Sir Leslie Gamage (1887-1972), Chairman and Managing Director, General Electric Company Ltd
Christopher Grey Tennant, 2nd Baron Glenconner (1899-1983),
Sir Douglas Glover (1908-1982), Douglas Glover
(Margaret), Rumer Godden (1907-1998), Novelist, autobiographer and children's writer
Sir Samuel Goldman (b.1912), Statistician and government administrator
Elizabeth de Beauchamp Goudge (1900-1984), Author
Alexander Marshall Grant (b.1925), Ballet dancer and Artistic Director, National Ballet of Canada
Sidney Francis Greene, Baron Greene of Harrow Weald (1910-2004), Trade Unionist
John Gregson (1919-1975), Actor

Sir Alexander Haddow (1907-1976), Experimental pathologist in cancer research
William George Leonard Hall, 2nd Viscount Hall (1913-1985), Businessman
Sir Patrick Hamilton (1908-1992), Businessman
William ('Bill), Hardcastle (1918-1975), Journalist and radio broadcaster
John Allan Francis Harding, Baron Harding of Petherton (1896-1989), Field Marshal
Harmer Harmer-Nicholls, Baron Harmer-Nicholls of Peterborough (1912-2000), Politician
Sir George Steven Harvie-Watt, 1st Bt (1903-1989), Businessman
John Edward ('Jack'), Hawkins (1910-1973), Actor and Producer
Sir Robert Murray Helpmann (1909-1986), Ballet dancer, choreographer, actor and producer
Sir Alan Patrick Herbert (1890-1971), Humorist and politician
Sir (John), Dennis Nelson Hill (1913-1982), Professor of psychiatry
James William Thoman ('Jimmy'), Hill (b.1928), Football player, manager, chairman, television executive and broadcaster
Sir (Austin), Bradford ('Tony'), Hill (1897-1991), Medical statistician
Charles Hill, 1st Baron Hill of Luton (1904-1989), Politician and administrator, broadcaster and doctor
Sir Harold Percival Himsworth (1905-1993), Secretary of the Medical Research Council
Christopher Hinton, Baron Hinton of Bankside (1901-1983), Civil engineer and consultant of the Electricity Council
Sir William Vallance Douglas Hodge (1903-1975), Mathematician
Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin (1914-1998), Physiologist
Michael Hordern (1911-1995), Actor
Sir Brian Gwynne Horrocks (1895-1985), Army officer and military historian
Elizabeth Jane Howard (b.1923), Novelist
Trevor Howard (Trevor Wallace Howard-Smith), (1913-1988), Actor

Margaret Ethel ('Storm'), Jameson (1897-1986), Novelist
Hugh Gater Jenkins, Baron Jenkins of Putney (1908-2004), Politician
Sir Francis Gerald William Knowles, 6th Bt (1915-1974), Biologist
Beatrix Lehmann (1903-1979), Actress
Joan Lestor, Baroness Lestor of Eccles (1931-1998), Politician
Sir Emile Littler (1903-1985), Theatrical impresario, producer, author and company director
Sir Fitzoy Hew Royle Maclean, 1st Bt (1911-1996), Army officer and politician
Sir Andrew Maitland-Makgill-Crichton (1910-1995), Businessman
(Cyril), Wolf Mankowitz (1924-1998), Writer, playwright, and screenwriter
William Somervell Mann (1924-1989), Radio broadcaster on music and Associate Editor of Opera magazine
(Ian), Robert Maxwell (1923-1991), Newspaper proprietor and publisher
Sir Theodore Neuman McEvoy (1904-1991), Air Chief Marshal
Sir Ian Murray McKellen (b.1939), Actor
Julian Edward Alfred Mond, 3rd Baron Melchett (1925-1973), Industrialist
Sir Eric Mensforth (1906-2000), Engineer and company director
Hayley Mills (b.1946), Actress
Henry Moore (1898-1986), Sculptor
Sir Nevill Francis Mott 1905- 1996 Physicist
(Keith), Rupert Murdoch (b.1931), Publisher and newspaper proprietor
Sir Geoffrey Randolph Dixon Musson (b.1910), General

(Henry), George Nelson, 2nd Baron Nelson of Stafford (1917-1995), Engineer and businessman
John Neville (b.1925), Actor
Sir Arthur Gordon Norman (b.1917), Company chairman
Sir Trevor Robert Nunn (b.1940), Theatre director
Sir Ronald Sydney Nyholm (1917-1971), Chemist
John Andrew Howard Ogdon (1937-1989), Pianist and composer
Elizabeth Pakenham, Countess of Longford (1906-2002), Writer
Sir (Ernest), John Partridge (1908-1982), Businessman
Robert Bernard Penfold (b.1916), Major General
Wilfred Pickles (1904-1978), Radio actor and broadcaster
William Henry ('Harry'), Pilkington, Baron Pilkington (1905-1983), Glass manufacturer
Sir (John), Anthony Plowman (1905-1993), Judge of the High Court of Justice
(Arthur), Christopher Orme Plummer (b.1929), Actor
(Arthur), Desmond Herne Plummer, Baron Plummer of St. Marylebone (b.1914), Mayor of Marylebone and businessman
Eric Richard Porter (1928-1995), Actor
George Porter, Baron Porter of Luddenham (1920-2002), Director of the Royal Institution
Raymond William Postgate (1896-1971), Journalist and writer on food and wine
Alan Richmond Prest (1919-1984), Professor of economics
(Llewelyn), Ralph Price (1912-2004), Chairman, Honeywell Ltd
Sir Victor Sawdon (V.S.), Pritchett (1900-1997), Writer and critic

Anthony Quayle (1913-1989), Actor and theatre director
Sir John Turton Randall (1905-1984), Professor of biophysics
Cyril George Randolf (1899-1985), Chairman of Sun Life Assurance
William Brian Reddaway (1913-2002), Economist
Lynn Rachel Redgrave (b.1943), Actress
Lionel Charles Robbins, Baron Robbins (1898-1984), Economist, administrator and patron of the arts
Sir (Thomas), Leslie Rowan (1908-1972), Civil Servant and industrialist
(Charles), Edmund Duncan Rubbra (1901-1986), Pianist, composer and Professor of music
Sir Francis Rundall (1908-1987), Diplomat
(William), Ritchie Russell (1903-1980), Neurologist
Charles Ritchie Russell, Baron Russell of Killowen (1908-1986), Lord of Appeal in Ordinary
Geoffrey Isidore Hamilton Salmon (1908-1990), President, J. Lyons and Co. Ltd. and catering advisor to the army
Sir Edmund Sargant (1906-1998), Solicitor and President of The Law Society
Hugh Parr Scanlon, Baron Scanlon (1913-2004), Trade Unionist
William George Scott (1913-1989), Painter
Sir Sebag Shaw (1906-1982), Lord Justice of Appeal
David Stuart Sheppard, Baron Sheppard of Liverpool (1929-2005), Bishop of Liverpool
Dame Sheila Sherlock (1918-2001), Hepatologist and Professor of medicine
John Gilbert Simon, 2nd Viscount Simon (1902-1993), Chairman of the Port of London Authority
Sir Richard Smeeton (1912-1992), Vice-Admiral
Florence Margaret ('Stevie'), Smith (1902-1971), Poet and novelist
Michael Somes (1917-1994), Ballet dance and teacher
Robert William Speaight (1904-1976), Actor and literary scholar
Donald Ibrahim Swann (1923-1994), Composer and pianist
Eric Sykes (b.1923), Actor, comedian, writer, director and producer

Sir John Thompson (1908-1998), Chairman of Barclays Bank
Sir George Paget Thomson (1892-1975), Physicist
Dame Guinevere Tilney (1916-1997), Government advisor and diplomat
Rita Tushingham (b.1940), Actress
Dame Dorothy Tutin (1930-2001), Actress
Sir Frankn Roddam Twiss (1910-1994), Naval officer
Peter Edward Walker, Baron Walker of Worcester (b.1932), Politician and businessman
Sir Robert Eric Mortimer Wheeler (1890-1976), Archaeologist and broadcaster
Alan Donald Whicker (b.1925), Television broadcaster and writer
Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins (1916-2004), Professor of bio-physics
Malcolm Williamson (1931-2003), Composer, pianist and organist
Hugh Ross Williamson (1901-1978), Writer and editor of the 'Bookman' and 'Strand'
Colin Henry Wilson (b.1931), Author
David Julian Winnick (b.1933), Politician
Sir (John), Oliver Wright (b.1921), Diplomat
Sir Kenneth Gilmour Younger (1908-1976), Politician and reformer
Oliver Louis Zangwill (1913-1987), A founder of neuropsychology
Fred Zinnemann (1907-1997), Film Director
Solly Zuckerman, Baron Zuckerman (1904-1993), Zoologist, scientific adviser and public servant