Reviewers Revealed: Celebrating the TLS Centenary

7 November 2001 - 3 March 2002
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The Times Literary Supplement (TLS) had its 100-year anniversary in January 2002. This display celebrated the centenary with photographs of past and present reviewers including Henry James, Julian Barnes and Nick Hornby.

TLS is the only weekly literary newspaper in the UK. The first issue appeared on 17 January 1902, consisted of eight pages and came free with a copy of The Times. In March 1914, the Literary Supplement became autonomous. It now covers everything from the arts to zoology and is the most famous and influential English-language critical journal in the world.


Virginia Woolf
by Man Ray
27 November 1934
NPG P170

George Orwell
By Felix H. Man
Bromide print, 1947
NPG P865

Virginia Woolf
By Man Ray
Silver print, 1934
NPG P170

George Steiner
By John Hedgecoe
Bromide print, 1977
NPG P778

Philip Larkin
By Fay Godwin
Bromide print, 1974
NPG x12937

Paul Muldoon
By Norman McBeath
Bromide print, 1999
NPG x88767

Blake Morrison
By Mark Gerson
Bromide print, 2000
NPG x88566

Rudyard Kipling; George V
By Daily Sketch, 11 May 1922
NPG x36220

Anthony Burgess
By Mark Gerson
Modern bromide print from an original negative, 1964
NPG x88205

Patricia Highsmith
By Mark Gerson
Modern bromide print from an original negative, June 1983
NPG x88213

Marina Warner
By Jillian Edelstein
Bromide print, 1989
NPG x34151

Martin Amis
By Trevor Ray Hart
C-type colour print, 1995
NPG x76549

‘The Faber Poets’ (Louis MacNeice, Ted Hughes, T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden, Stephen Spender)}~
By Mark Gerson
Modern bromide print from an original negative, 23 June 1960
NPG x88256

Nick Hornby
by Harry Borden
NPG x87886

Alan Hollinghurst
By Mark Gerson
Bromide print, 1999
NPG x88099

Nick Hornby
By Harry Borden
C-type colour print, 1997
NPG x87886

Henry James
By F. Hilaire D’Arcis
Platinum print, 1913
NPG x18723

Thomas Hardy; Edmund Gosse
By William Bellows
Cream toned vintage bromide print, 29 June 1927
NPG x17364

Henry James
by Frederic Hilaire D'Arcis
NPG x18723

John Masefield
By Douglas Glass
Vintage bromide print, 1961
NPG x87139

Walter De la Mare
By Herbert Lambert
Bromide print, November 1937
NPG x1503

Penelope Fitzgerald
By Tara Heinemann
Bromide print, 1986
NPG x30986

Julian Barnes
By Jillian Edelstein
Bromide print, 1991
NPG x45382

Germaine Greer
by Dudley Reed
NPG x32169

William Butler Yeats
By Howard Coster
Vintage bromide print, 1935
NPG x1962

Anthony Powell
By Tara Heinemann
Resin print, 1982
NPG x22182

V. S. Naipaul
By Bill Brandt
Bromide print, 1976
NPG x22450

Ian McEwan
By Steve Pyke
Bromide fibre print, 1990
NPG x45578

Julian Barnes
by Jillian Edelstein
NPG x45382

Seamus Heaney
By George Newson
Bromide fibre print, 1986
NPG x35734

Germaine Greer
By Dudley Reed
Bromide print on card mount, 1983
NPG x32169