Godfrey Argent

Exhibition of the work of Godfrey Argent for the National Photographic Record

5 January - 14 February 1971

In 1917 the National Photographic Record was instituted for the purpose of commemorating distinguished persons in a series of photographs. Since that time, well over 10,000 portraits have been taken, and prints remain in the files of the Reference Library at the National Portrait Gallery for posterity.

In the last three years the appointed photographer to the National Photographic Record has been Godfrey Argent. In this time he has made over 600 Portraits for the Record, of which a small selection is seen in this exhibition. These portraits reflect the changing attitude of the contemporary photographer. In future other photographers of merit will be invited to contribute so that the Record will reflect the spectrum of photographic art in its time, as well as provide a lasting National Archive.

1. Lord Hailsham
2. Lord Harlech
3. Cecil King
4. Evelyn de Rothschild
5. John Davis
6. Sir Mortimer Wheeler
7. Lord Shinwell
8. Lord Constantine
9. Leo Abse
10. Charles Curran
11. Lady Spencer-Churchill
12. Sir Nicholas Sekers
13. The Earl Mountbatten of Burma
14. Sir Eric Drake
15. Cecil Day-Lewis
16. Ian McKellan
17. Dame Sybil Thorndike and Sir Lewis Casson
18. Leopold Stokowski
19. Joseph Losey
20. Lord Montgomery of Alamein
21. Lindsay Anderson
22. Sir Robert Helpmann
23. Max Adrian
24. Alexander Grant
25. Professor Dorothy Hodgkin
26. Dame Edith Evans
27. Donald Pleasance
28. Anthony Quayle
29. Dr. Jonathan Miller
30. Sir Barnes Wallis
31. Christopher Plummer
32. Antoinette Sibley
33. Peter Sellers
34. Jack Hawkins
35. Sir John Gielgud
36. Feliks Topolski
37. Sir John Betjeman
38. Malcolm Muggeridge
39. Eric Porter
40. Hugh Griffiths
41. David Hicks
42. Iris Murdoch
43. David Hockney
44. The Countess of Longford
45. Professor Roy Fuller
46. Sir Michael Adeane
47. Henry Moore's Hands
48. Group Captain Douglas Bader
49. Ivan Chance
50. Sir Noel Coward
51. Hayley Mills
52. Margaret Lane, The Countess of Huntingdon
53. Elizabeth Jane Howerd
54. John Bratby
55. Elizabeth Frink
56. Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury
57. John Heenan, Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster
58. Dr. Immanuel Jakobovits
59. Very Rev. Father Martin D'Arcy

1. All enlargements are printed on "ILFOBROM" paper.
2. All prints, excluding the giant enlargements, were made at Godfrey Argent Ltd. By Miss Susan Williams.
3. Exhibition designed by Godfrey Argent and Deirdre Cooper.