Johnny Dewe-Mathews

17 July – 1 September 1974

Press Notice

Johnny Dewe-Mathews trained as an architect and practised for a short time in New York. He subsequently settled in Oaxaca, Mexico, making a living by painting pictures of the Zapotec Indians.

Two years ago he bought a camera, returned to London and started to photograph his friends and colleagues. Early this year he won an Arts Council Photography Award for the continuance of his work and its exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

He believes the relationship between sitter and photographer to be just as important as technique. This is apparent in the selection of over 40 colour and black and white photographs of his friends in the exhibition.

Johnny Dewe-Mathews is 28 and this is his first one-man exhibition. 


Albert Clark, May 1974

Bryan Ferry, composer and musician, June 1974

Chelita Secunda
, writer, November 1972

Cindy White
, model, April 1974

Carl Bowen, painter/architect, March 1974

Marianne Faithful, actress, May 1974

Terence Stamp, actor, February 1974

Pete Townshend, musician and composer, March 1974

Jack Nicholson, actor, April 1974

Unknown Girl, June 1974

Amanda Lear, actress, June 1974

Roger Daltrey, musician, April 1974

Oliver Reed, actor, May 1974

Ken Russell, film director, and daughter Victoria, May 1974

Ann-Margaret, actress, April 1974

Florence Viscaise, model, December 1973

Susannah Phillips, painter, and Lucy Duvan, ethnomusicologist, June 1974

Kilburn and the Highroads, musicians, May 1974

Celia Birtwell, fabric designer, and her son George Clark, May 1974

Mo McDermott, sculptor, with five unknown children, June 1974

Anna Piaggi, fashion editor, and Vernon Lambert, collector, March 1973

Andy Warhol and Chairman Mao, Paris, February 1974

The Contemporary Ballet, February 1974

Patricia Quinn, actress, July 1974

Lady Rose Lambton, friend, June 1974

An American Tourist, May 1974

Nicol Williamson as Coriolanus, November 1973

Mrs Jeanette Charles, model, June 1974

Ossie Clark, clothes designer, and Amanda Lear, March 1974

Julian Rothenstein, publisher, June 1974

Tim Curry as Frank ‘n’ Furter, August 1973

Anthony Page, theatre director, February 1973

Robert Medley, painter, May 1974

Patrick Procktor, painter, June 1973

Peter Schlesinger as Comet Kahoutec, December 1973

Tom Dewe-Mathews, writer, November 1973

George Clark, June 1974

David Bradley, architect, January 1973

Diane Logan as Rita Hayworth, October 1973

Andrew Logan as half woman, half man, October 1973

Eric Roberts, winner of Andrew Logan’s ‘Miss World’ Competition, October 1973

Michael Winner, film director, May 1974

David Hockney, painter, November 1972

Nicholette Meeres, painter, April 1974

Agnes Dewe-Mathews, May 1974

Nicki Weymouth, patron of the arts, July 1974

Manolo Blahnik, shoemaker, March 1973

Ann Rothenstein, actress, June 1974

Patrick Steede, film-maker and writer, March 1974

Johnny Dewe-Mathews, photographed by Andy Warhol

Keith Moon, musician, May 1974