Photographs by Norman Parkinson
50 Years of Portraits and Fashion

Press Releases

Exhibition leaflet Extract

Norman Parkinson opened his first portrait studio in 1934, having served an apprenticeship with the court photographers Speaight & Sons from 1931. This major retrospective, Parkinson’s first, therefore marks his fifty years as a professional photographer. Parkinson is one of the world’s masters of colour photography, and is also famous for the liveliness, spontaneity and humour of his fashion photographs, and for his use of exotic outdoor locations. Many of the most compelling images are portraits, usually showing the sitter in appropriate and telling surroundings. A special section of the exhibition is devoted to portraits of royalty. The BBC TV film Stay Baby Stay, with Vanessa Redgrave, Twiggy, Raquel Welch, Marisa Mell, Celia Hammond and Kay Thompson, was Norman Parkinson’s contribution to the BBC-2 colour series One Pair of Eyes. First transmitted in December 1967, it will be screened regularly at the exhibition.

Press Notice 1

This major retrospective, Norman Parkinson’s first, marks his fifty years as a professional photographer. It consists of over 200 photographs. The exhibition is arranged in decades, starting with the 30s and 40s, including portraits of notable figures such as Noel Coward, Margot Fonteyn and the three Sitwells, among others, as well as early reportage work. Most of these early pictures are naturally in black and white, although some essays in colour hint that Parkinson was to become one of the world’s masters of colour photography. With the 50s and 60s Parkinson’s locations became more and more exotic: Russia, India and the Caribbean. A special section is devoted to elegant and glamorous portraits of royalty. The Princesses Anne, Alexandra and Margaret and The Queen Mother on her eightieth birthday. Parkinson was created a CBE earlier this year.

Press Notice 2

‘Norman Parkinson’ (Ronald William Parkinson Smith) was born in 1913 and opened his first portrait studio in 1934, having served an apprenticeship with the Bond Street Court Photographer Richard Speaight from 1931. This major retrospective, Parkinson’s first, therefore marks his fifty years as a professional photographer.

The exhibition is arranged in decades, starting with the 30s and 40s. From this period, there are portraits of Noel Coward, Margot Fonteyn, Edward James and the three Sitwells, among others, as well as early reportage work. Most of these early pictures are naturally in black-and-white though some essays in colour hint that Parkinson was to become one of the world’s masters of colour photography. A 1939 fashion shot presages that he was also to become famous for photographing models in motion, and the use of outdoor locations.

As the exhibition moves through the 50s and 60s, Parkinson’s locations become more and more exotic: Russia, India, and the Caribbean (where he now has a home). A special section is devoted to elegant and glamorous portraits of royalty: the Princesses Anne (official engagement and wedding pictures), Alexandra and Margaret, the Queen Mother on her eightieth birthday, and in a group portrait with her two daughters. Parkinson was created a CBE earlier this year.

Norman Parkinson’s royal photographs, and his fashion pictures taken in the last decade, display an unrivalled sense of colour. This, and the frequent presence of visual humour in his pictures, makes them a constant pleasure to look at. So, we are sure, will be this exhibition of over 200 photographs and its catalogue, with 74 plates 24 of them in colour.

Extracts from reviews

Arts Review ‘Photography’ 25th October 1981 – D.G. Lee

The exhibition sedulously traces the confident rise in skill and fortune from the derivative, yet wholly accomplished, youthful experiments through to the innovations which saw him dispense with the studio (a radical move at the time) in search of naturalism and movement to the current trademark of slickly colourful contre-jour effects.

This Is London ‘Out and About at the Galleries’ 21st August 1981 – Gloria Lewis

His photographs of the 50s are so beautiful that they are bound to bring the elegance of this period back into fashion. For a feeling of happy nostalgia, there is nothing in London to equal this retrospective of Parkinson’s Fifty Years of Portraits and Fashions.

The British Journal of Photography – ‘Two Faces of Fashion’ 25th September 1981 – Margaret Harker

One of the most fascinating and penetrative aspects of this exhibition is that it reveals that in each decade of Parkinson photographs there is a distinctive and distinguishing touch.

The Times – ‘Dislocations produced by imaginative contexts’ 20 August 1981 – John Russell Taylor

Anyone who doubts that Norman Parkinson has genius, of a sort, need look only at his portraits of our less-favoured royals and our more-photographed politicians. He somehow manages to make members of the Royal Family look glamorous yet human, to suggest people rather than icons, while politicians, who usually project images of all-too-fallible humanity, take on in his hands some of the remoteness and dignity of their office. [...] He has always been eclectic in his choice of subject – or perhaps just the complete professional, ready to photograph anything anyone would commission him to photograph.

Remember Swinging London? No? Well, never mind; these images of the Beatles or The Rolling Stones, or the bright young fashion designers of 1963, [...]. Parkinson, like all the best photographers, can create images right out of time, but he can also create time capsules.

Exhibition Handlist

1. Norman and Wenda Parkinson
Charcoal and wash drawing by Eric (Carl Erikson 1891-1958), 1949

2. Norman and Wenda Parkinson
Crayon drawing by René Bouché, 1953

The 1930s

Norman Parkinson’s photographic career began fifty years ago when, aged eighteen, after an education at Westminster School, he became apprenticed to the court photographers Speaight & Sons of Bond Street.
Norman and Wenda Parkinson
Twickenham, House and Garden, 1956

3. Norman Parkinson
Self-portrait at Speaights of Bond Street, 1931

4. Mrs William Smith
(the photographer’s mother; first professional portrait), 1931

After three years Parkinson (born Ronald William Parkinson Smith) left Speaights to open his own studio at 1 Dover Street, Piccadilly, and changed his name to Norman Parkinson. The Parkinson studio rapidly established a reputation as one of the top photographic portrait studios, with its modern and creative approach to portraiture which relied on imaginative film lighting effects rather than on the more conservative retouching of other contemporary establishments.

In 1935 Parkinson began working regularly for the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar as a fashion photographer and combined this work with reportage, documentary, portrait and pictorial work for the Bystander. The Dover Street studio was closed at the outbreak of the Second World War and all the negatives were destroyed in bombing raids.

5. Norman Parkinson
and his Dover Street studio staff, 1934

6. Elspeth Champcommunal
Editor of British Vogue 1916-22 and fashion designer, c.1937

7. Margot Fonteyn b.1919
Ballerina, 1937

8. Vivien Leigh 1913-1967
Actress, Bystander, 13 November 1935

9. Diana Napier (Mrs Richard Tauber)
Actress, 1935

10. Noel Coward 1899-1973
Playwright, 1936

11. Francis Brugiѐre 1879-1945
Avant-garde photographer and designer, Bystander, 26 May 1937

12. John Skeaping 1901-80
Sculptor and artist, 1937

13. Maxine Forbes-Robertson (Mrs F.G. Miles)
Pilot, mathematician and aircraft designer, at her home near Reading, Bystander, 1 July 1936

14. Sacheverell, Edith and Osbert Sitwell
Chelsea, 1938

15. Edward James
Five studies in his Wimpole Street house, 1939

16. Hush!
Surrealist fashion, Harper’s Bazaar, August 1939

17. The Trilon
New York World’s Fair, Bystander, May 1939

18. Goodbye World’s Fair
, 14 June 1939

19. Fortnum & Mason Swimsuit
Dark burgundy lastex satin with ballet skirt, Isle of Wight Pamela Minchin, Harper’s Bazaar, July 1939

20. Simpson’s Suits
Golfing at le Touquet, Harper’s Bazaar, August 1939

21. Old Lady of Bath
Harper’s Bazaar
, 1939

22. Miner’s Family
Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, Bystander, 7 April 1937

23. Anti-Gas Protective Clothing
, 1938

24. Bystander Pages
3 December 1936, An Epitome
11 Dec 1936, London Cameo
21 January 1936, Death of the King
21 January 1936, London Reflects the Spirit of the Hour

25. Harper’s Bazaar
Copy prints 1936-7.
High Old Times are here again, July 1936
Tricks and Party Games, May 1937
Creative Agony, Charles James, April 1937
Midsummer. July 1937

First colour photographs:
Viola Redfern’s Josesph’s coat, April 1939
Wolsey swimsuits, June 1939

1940s Fashion
London Spring Collections

26. The Iron Road
Wenda Rogerson, Vogue, 1947

27. Spring Hats in Bath
, February 1948

28. Spring Hat in Bath
Anne Chambers, Vogue, February 1948

29. Michael Sherard Short Coat
Anne Chambers, Vogue, March 1949

30. Bianca Mosca Check Coat
Anne Chambers, Vogue, March 1949

31. Charles Creed Black Wool Suit
Carol Anderson, St Paul’s Cathedral, Vogue, March 1949

32. Peter Russell Sage Green Suit
Barbara Goalen, Vogue, March 1949

33. The New Look
Hardy Amies and Molyneux coats, Barbara Goalen and Wenda Rogerson, Vogue, March 1949


34. Kathleen Ferrier 1912-53
Contralto, Vogue sitting, August 1952

35. Francis (Althelstone) Baines b.1917
Doublebass player, composer and conductor, on his barge off Strand-on-the-Green, Vogue, February 1953

36. Dennis Brain 1921-57
Horn player, Vogue, February 1953

37. Constant Lambert 1905-51
Composer, Vogue sitting, 1951

38. Maria Korchinska 1895-1979
Russian harpist in her Gothic lodge gate-house, Maida Vale, Vogue, February 1953

39. George (Salisbury) Eskdale 1897-1960
First trumpet in the London Symphony Orchestra, Vogue, February 1953

40. Georges Enesco 1881-1955
Conductor, composer and violinist. Romanian exile, pupil of Fauré, teacher of Menuhin, Salisbury Station, American Vogue, August 1953

41. Archibald ‘Archie’ (Lewis) Camden 1888-1979
Master bassoonist and conductor, Vogue, February 1953

42. Clifford Bax 1886-1962
Dramatist and
Arnold (Edward Trevor) Bax 1883-1953

Composer, Vogue sitting, 1953

43. Frederick (John) Thurston 1901-53
Clarinettist, Vogue, February 1953

44. James Blades b.1901
Percussionist, Vogue, February 1953

Theatre and Dance

45. Beatrice Lillie b. 1898
Actress, at the Café de Paris, Vogue, 1951

46. Mary Jerrold 1877-1955
Actress, Brighton Pier, Vogue, July 1954

47. The Innocents
Jeremy Spencer and Carol Wolveridge in a stage adaption of Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw, Vogue, July 1953

48. Time Remembered
A Jean Anouilh play originally called Léocadia. Margaret Rutherford as the Duchess, Paul Scofield as Prince Albert and Mary Ure as Amanda, Vogue, January 1955

49. The Dark is Light Enough
Oliver Messel (designer) James Donald (actor) Christopher Fry (author) Edith Evans (actress) Peter Brook (director), Vogue, April 1954

50. Lewis Casson 1875-1969
Producer and actor, and
Sybil Thorndike 1882-1976

Actress Vogue, July 1956

51. Hamlet
Rehearsal at the Old Vic. Producer Michael Benthall, Richard Burton as Hamlet, Claire Bloom as Ophelia, Vogue, October 1953

52. Tyrone (William) Guthrie 1900-71
Theatre director, outside the Old Vic, Vogue, 1951

53. Georges Balanchine b. 1904
Artistic Director, and
Lincoln Kirsten b.1907

Director General of the New York City Ballet,
, August 1952

54. Margot Fonteyn and Robert Helpmann
sitting, 1951

55. Three Ballerinas of the New York City Ballet
Diana Adams (in front) Maria Tallcheif (centre) and Tanaquil Leclercq (back), Vogue, May 1952

Coronation and Society

56. Jeremy Clyde
Page to his grandfather, the Duke of Wellington, at the Coronation.

Apsley House, London, Vogue, June 1953

57. Lady Melissa and Lady Caroline Wyndham-Quin
Posing in Sybil Connolly dresses. The Little Dining Room, Petworth, Vogue, July 1954

58. The Duchess of Devonshire
(née the Hon Deborah Freeman-Mitford). The Gold Drawing Room, Chatsworth, Vogue, August 1952

59. The Hon James Drummond and Duncan Davidson
Coronation pages to the Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England. Arundel Castle, American Vogue, June 1953


60. ‘Country Classic’ Tweed Suit
Wenda Rogerson, Vogue, September 1951

61. Simpsons’s suit
Peabody Trust Buildings, Fulham Road, Wenda Rogerson, Vogue, February 1950.

62. The Picnic
Wenda Rogerson, her niece Caroline Owen, Mary Robertson and Simon Parkinson, Vogue, 1951

63. Hartnell Evening Dress
Clytha Park, Monmouthshire. Della Oak, Vogue, February 1951

64. Hand-Knit Cashmere Twinset
Public bar, Hobnails Inn, Little Washbourne.
Wenda Rogerson, Vogue, 1951

65. ‘Impertinence’ Helena Geffers Suit
Enid Boulting, Vogue, March 1950

66. Back to Formality
The new Mayfair Edwardians, Savile Row. Peter Coats, William Aykroyd and Mark Gilbey, Vogue, April 195

Intellectuals and Artists

67. Basil (Henry) Blackwell b.1889

Bookseller and publisher, Vogue, November 1951

68. Sir Maurice Bowra 1898-1971
Classical Scholar and Warden of Wadham College, Oxford, 1938-70, Vogue,November 1951

69. Father Martin Cyril D’Arcy 1888-1976
Philosopher and Jesuit, Oxford, Vogue, November 1951

70. Isaiah Berlin b.1909
Philosopher and
Lord David Cecil b. 1902

Writer, Vogue sitting, Oxford, 1950

71. Algernon Blackwood 1869-1951
Novelist and short story writer of the supernatural, Vogue, December 1951

72. Enid Starkie d.1970
Reader Emeritus in French Literature, Vogue, November 1951

73. Professor (George Aimes) Gilbert Murray 1866-1957
Classical scholar, Oxford, Vogue, March 1957

74. Clive Staples (C.S) Lewis 1898-1963
Christian apologist, literary historian, scholar, critic, writer of science fiction and children’s books, Magdalen College, Oxford, Vogue sitting, November 1951

75. Nevill (Henry Kendall Alymer) Coghill 1899-1980

76. Lord David Cecil b.1902
Writer, Vogue, November 1951

77. Alfred Edgar (A.E) Coppard 1878-1957
Short story writer and poet, Vogue, December 1951

78. Ralph Vaughan Williams 1872-1958
Composer, Vogue, May 1951

79. Augustus (Edwin) John 1878-1961
Painter, Vogue, November 1951

80. Walter De La Mare 1873-1956
Poet and novelist, Vogue, March 1951

81. Charles (Langbridge) Morgan 1894-1958
Novelist, dramatist and critic, Vogue, August 1952
After the war years Parkinson began a long association with the Condé Nast organisation, working mainly for the British edition of Vogue. In 1949 he travelled to New York and for a number of years thereafter spent half the year working in America for the American Edition of Vogue, combining a flair for portraiture and fashion, both in black and white and colour.82.

82 . Norman Parkinson
Photograph by Frances Mclaughlin, Park Avenue, New York, September 1949

Colour in the 1940s and 1950s

83. Victoria Falls
Wenda Rogerson, American Vogue, July 1951

84. The Hon Victoria Mary (‘Vita’) Sackville-West 1892-1962
Writer and gardener, Sissinghurst Castle, 1949

85. Hardy Amies Short Evening Dress
Wenda Rogerson, variant of Vogue cover, March 1950

86. Hardy Amies Tweed Coat
Wenda Rogerson, Vogue cover, March 1949

87. Balenciaga Ball Gown
Hotel Carlyle, New York, American Vogue, 15 October 1950

88. Molyneux Satin Evening Dress
1907 Silber Ghost Rolls-Royce, Wenda Rogerson, Vogue, April 1950

89. Hat Fashions
New York, American Vogue, 15 October 1950

90. Portrait After Kees Van Dongen
Otto Lucas toque, Vogue, November 1959

91. Jean Dѐsses Evening Dress
Jeannie Patchett, Paris, Vogue, May 1950

92. Paris Drama
Balenciaga gown, Vogue, May 1950

93. Mary Drage
Sadler’s Wells dancer, Rappi dress, photographed beneath John Singer Sargent’s The Wyndham Sisters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, American Vogue, December 1950

94. René Seyssaud 1867-1952
Father of French Provencal painting, in his studio at St Chemas, near St Remy, Vogue, 1950

95. Charles Creed Florentine Dress
Black and bronze brocade. Enid Boulting, Vogue, April 1950

96. Twenties Look
Hardy Amies lime yellow moygashel skirt and jacket, Erik cloche. Wenda Rogerson, Vogue, April 1950

97. Time’s Glass - Age of Experience
Hardy Aimes dress of pure silk handwoven brocade, Vogue, August 1948

98. Time’s Glass – Age of Elegance
Victor Stiebel Faille and satin pompadour dress, Osterley Park. Wenda Rogerson, Vogue, August 1948

99. Henry Moore b.1898
Sculptor, Vogue sitting, 1947

100. Edward Bawden b.1903
Painter and designer, Vogue sitting, 1951

Fashion designers of the 1950s for the March 1953 issue of Vogue

  1. 101. John (Bryan) Cavanagh b.1914
  2. 102. Norman Hartnell 1901-79
  3. 103. (Henry) Digby Morton b.1906
  4. 104. Peter Russell
  5. 105. Victor Stiebel
  6. 106. Charles Creed 1906-1966
  7. 107. (Edwin) Hardy Amies b.1909

In 1960 Parkinson left Vogue to become an associate editor of Queen, to which he contributed a large number of essays that sum up the fashion and personalities of the swinging sixties. In 1964 he moved to Tobago where he took up farming, but since then has returned regularly to Britain for several months each year to work as a fashion and portrait photographer.

108. Norman Parkinson and Twiggy (Lesley Hornby)

109. Neil ‘Bunny’ Roger b.1911
Pink ‘quilted’ taxi painted by Roy Alderson, House & Garden sitting, 1954

110. Christopher Heal
Designer and Director of Heal & Son, with his 1928 Lagonda, House & Garden, July 1953

111. Wells (Wintemute) Coates 1895-1958
Architect, with his 1925 Lancia, House & Garden, July 1953

112. Sir Arthur Bliss 1891-1975
Composer and Master of the Queen’s Musick, Hampstead, Vogue sitting, 1956

113. Gilbert (Charles) Harding 1907-60
Broadcaster, Bentley Continental, Vogue, July 1953

114. Sir Hugh Casson b.1910
With his Rolls-Royce, House & Garden, July 1953

115. Mexico City
Vicky Hilbert, Vogue sitting, 1960s

116. The Beatles
(left to right): George Harrison. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and John Lennon, 1963

117. Greeced Lightning
Fortnum & Mason white denim beach dress, near Kalafaka with 14th-century Meteora monasteries in the background. Melanie Hampshire, Queen, 3 July 1963.

118. Robert (Lee) Frost, 1874-1963
Poet, American Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London, Vogue, July 1958

119. Shelagh Delaney b.1939
Dramatist, author of A Taste of Honey, Vogue, February 1959

120. The Dave Clark Five
(left to right): Rick Huxley, Lenny Davidson, Dave Clark, Denis Payton and Mike Smith, Sunday Mirror, 2 February 1964

121. Lancashire Coal Miners
Horrockses white spotted dress, Chisnall Hall Colliery, near Wigan, Vogue, mid March 1960

122. The Beatles
(left to right): George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, 1963

123. The Rolling Stones
(left to right): Bill Wyman, Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, Charlie Watts and Brian Jones, Queen, 1964

124. Adam Faith
‘Learn the Madison with Adam Faith (before it is too late)’, Queen, 30 October 1962

125. Twisting
Black and white silk trousers from Hardy Amies Boutique Outside the Juke Box Café on the Golden Mile, Blackpool, Queen, 3 July 1962

126. Mary Quant Striped Wool Dresses
Jill Kennington and Melanie Hampshire, Life, 18 October 1963

127. London Fashion Designers
Original caption reads: ‘Young designers clamber on Chelsea Embankment. First row from left: Mary Quant, 29, and her husband Alexander Plunkett-Greene, moustachioed Kenneth Sweet, 34. Behind are Jean Muir, 29, of Jane and Jane, Gerald McCarn, 29, Kiki Byrne, 26, and David Sassoon, 29. Hanging from lamp-post Sally Tuffin, 25, Marion Foale, 24, and milliner James Wedge.’ Life, 18 October 1963

128. Equestrian Fashion
Tuttabankem tweed jodhpurs, Clifford Street, Vogue sitting, 1972

129. Cecil Beaton 1904-80
Reddish House, Wiltshire, Vogue sitting, 1969

130. Yvonne (Germaine) Arnaud 1892-1958
Actress, Sunbeam Alpine, Vogue, July 1953

131. Jimmy Edwards b.1920
Actor and comedian. With his springer spaniels, Susie and Marcus. Eight horse-power Standard, Vogue, July 1953

132. The Young Look in the Theatre
(top row) Norman Parkinson, (left to right second row) Virginia McKenna, Elizabeth Henson, Patricia McCarron, Josephine Griffin, (left to right bottom row) Hazel Penwarden, Zena Walker, Yvonne Furneaux, Jill Bennett, Patricia Owens, Ruth Trouncer, Vogue, January 1953

133. Montgomery Clift 1920-66
Actor, New York, Vogue, November 1952

134. Audrey Hepburn b1929
Near Rome during the filming of War and Peace, Vogue, September 1955

135. Jean Seberg 1938-79
Actress. Off the set of Otto Preminger’s film St Joan, Vogue, July 1957

136. John Huston b.1906
Actor and director. Between takes of the filming of Moby Dick at Elstree, Vogue, February 1955

137. Joseph Losey b.1909
Film director, Vogue sitting, January 1955

138. Katharine Hepburn b.1909
Actress, Vogue, June 1952

139. Ava Gardner b.1922
Actress, Vogue, December 1953

140. Vanessa Redgrave b. 1937
Rehearsing for her role as Isadora Duncan in Karel Reisz’s film, Vogue sitting, 1969

The Royal Family

Since 1969, when he received his first commission to take official photographs of Prince Charles at his Investiture and Princess Anne on her nineteenth birthday, Norman Parkinson’s name has become synonymous with some of the most lively and romantic photographs ever taken of the British royal family.

141. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
With her two daughters, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, 1980

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
With Norman Parkinson’s camera, 1980

On The Piano

142. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
With her two grandsons, Prince Charles (left) and Prince Andrew (right), being presented with a gift on her 75th birthday at the Royal Lodge, Windsor, August 1975

143. Princess Anne
Riding her horse High Jinks in Windsor Great Park. Official 19th birthday photographs, 1969

144. Queen Elizabeth HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

145. Louis Mountbatten, Earl Mountbatten of Burma 1900-79
Admiral of the Fleet, Broadlands, 1979

146. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
Official 80th birthday photograph, 1980

147. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
Official 75th Birthday photograph, 1975

148. Princess Anne’s Wedding
Norman Parkinson at work. Photographed by Tim Jenkins, 1973

149. Princess Margaret

150. Princess Alexandra and The Hon Angus Ogilvy
With their children, Marina, 5, and James, 8, May 1972

151. The Duke and Duchess of Kent
With their children, Lord Nicholas Windsor, Lady Helen Windsor and The Earl of St Andrews, 1975

152. Princess Anne in Riding Clothes
Captain Mark Phillips in No 1 dress uniform of his regiment, the Queen’s Dragoon Guards, Frogmore House grounds. Official engagement photographs, 1973

153. Princess Anne Wedding Group

154. Prince Andrew

Royal Room
On The Wall

155. HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
Official Investiture photograph, 1969

156. Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips
Long Gallery, Windsor Castle Official engagement photograph, 1973

157. Princess Alexandra

158. Princess Anne
Wearing a diamond tiara, necklace, earrings, diamond and sapphire engagement ring and white mink and fox jacket. Official photograph, 1973

159. The Duchess of Gloucester
With her daughter, Lady Rose Victoria Birgitte Louise Windsor (born 1 March 1980), 1981

160. The Duchess of Kent

161. Princess Michael of Kent
With her daughter, Lady Gabriella Marina Alexandra Ophelia Windsor, 1981

162. Princess Margaret
With her children, Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, 1981

163. Princess Michael of Kent

164. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
Clarence House. Official 80th birthday photograph

165. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
Official 75th birthday photograph

165 ii. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
Official 75th birthday photograph

Portraits of Children

166. Lord Hartington and Lady Emma Cavendish
Children of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, Chatsworth, Vogue, August 1952

167. Italian School Children
Caserta Vecchia, near Naples, Nena van Schlebrugge, Vogue, July 1958

168. Country Walk
, 1959

169. A Cheerful Crowd Go Out In Dirty Weather
Enid Boulting and her three children, Edmund, Rupert and Fitzroy Vogue, March 1955

170. Loel, Victoria and Alexandra Guinness
Children of Mrs Patrick Guinness, Vogue, 1 October 1967

171. Jamaican Twins
Spanish Town, Vogue, February 1950

172. India Hicks
Royal bridesmaid, and daughter of David Hicks and Lady Pamela Hicks. Variant of Tatler cover, July/August 1981

173. Little Good Fairy
Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Hope Hatch, American Vogue, December 1949

174. Aquascutum Dinner-Jacket Advertisement
Archie Campbell and Mary Robertson, 1954

175. ‘Hoping’
The Earl of Uxbridge with his sister, Lady Henrietta Paget, children of the Marquess and Marchioness of Anglesey. At Plas-Newydd, in front of trompe-l’oeil murals by Rex Whistler, American Vogue, copy print, December 1953

176. Young Idea – Starting a Career
Infant school teacher, East End of London, Jaeger separates. Joan Cox, Vogue, November 1955

177. Dancing Class
Cheltenham Girls’ School, Vogue, March 1953

178. Charlotte Rampling and her son, Barnaby
, July 1975

179. Stella McCartney
Daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney Trinidad, Vogue, March 1975

180. Representative selection of magazine covers photographed by Norman Parkinson, 1935-81

The 1970s

181. Summer at Source
(Tribute to Fox Talbot) Lacock Abbey. Ingrid Boulting Vogue, July 1970

182. Temple of Kukulkan at Chichén Itza in Yucatan
Jorge Tiller of the Balley Folklorico de Mexico and Cecilia Fernandez de Steiglitz, Town and Country, November 1980

183. Cape by Mimi Trujillo
Irene Jimenez de la Iglesia, in front of Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Mila, Barcelona, Town and Country, April 1981

184. Josefina Castro de Linares Porto and Arthuaco Indians
Tairona Park near Santa Marta, Columbia, Town and Country, November 1979

185. Polonnaruwa Buddha
Pilar Crespi Echavarria, Town and Country, March 1980

186. Norma Kamali Bikini
Elephant orphanage near Kegalle, Sri Lanka. Pilar Crespi Echavarria, Town and Country, March 1980

187. Norma Kamali Bikini
Elephant orphanage near Kegalle, Sri Lanka. Pilar Crespi Echavarria, Town and Country, March 1980

188. Hand-painted Sequinned Dress by Michael Vollbracht
Neptune Pool and Temple, Hearst Mansion, San Simeon. Carmen Dell’Orefice, Town and Country, May 1981

189. Black Crepe Dress by Dimitri Dristas
Hearst Mansion, San Simeon. Carmen Dell’Orefice Town and Country, May 1981

190. The 1,840 Steps of Mahintale, Sri Lanka
Leading to the burial place of Mahinda, son of the Indian Emperor Asoka. Calvin Klein suit. Pilar Crespi Echavarria, Town and Country, March 1980

191. Judi Bowker
Actress, Biba dress, Great Hall, Allington Castle, Maidstone, Kent, Vogue, December 1974

192. Sir David and Lady Scott
, December 1976

193. Yves Saint Laurent
In his Paris country garden with Louise de la Falaise, Vogue, September 1974

194. Lettice and Christopher Sandford
With some of their collections of Victorian dolls at their home, Eye Manor, near Leominster, Vogue, September 1976

195. Barbara Cartland
Romantic novelist with Twi Twi, 1977

196. Lalla Ward (Mrs Tom Baker)
Daughter of Lord and Lady Bangor, Vogue, September 1976

197. Rebecca Fraser
Town and Country
, April 1978

198. Baron Phillipe de Rothschild
Moulton, 1981

199. Lady Evely Phipps
Wearing a Greek gold funerary wreath, 1975

200. Matching Wig
Elizabeth Taylor, 1972

201. John Piper
Artist, Vogue sitting, 1976

202. Elton John
Singer and composer, 1978

203. Dog Friday
Praslin Island, Seychelles. Appollonia Van Ravenstein, Vogue, December 1971

204. Jaeger Pink Mohair Coat
City Palace, Jaipur, India. Anne Gunning, Vogue sitting, 1956

205. Yves Saint Laurent Garnet Velvet Robe
Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, Versailles. Jerry Hall, Vogue, September 1975

206. Crane Beach Hotel, Barbados
Appollonia Van Ravenstein, Vogue, July 1973

207. John Ward, RA
Painting a portrait of Viscount De L’Isle
, 15 March 1975

208. Krizia Bathing Suit
Coral sands of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. Pilar Crespi
Echavarria, Town and Country, March 1980

209. Bird Island, Seychelles
Appollonia Van Ravestein, Vogue, December 1971

210. Stretch Jump Suits
Biologiska Museet, Stockholm, Life, 27 September 168

211. Iman Hayward
St. Peter’s Bay Tobago, Vogue, May 1976

212. Monument Valley, Utah
Jan Ward (2 studies),Vogue, January 1971

213. Inca Metrics
Near Cuzco, Peru. Dolores Wettach, American Vogue, 1965

214. Hindu Free Temple
Baku, Southern Russia. Jerry Hall, Vogue, 1976

215. Pierrot
Dior make-up, Linda Deganais, Vogue

216. Zandra Rhodes Dress
Florida, 1971

217. Floral and Paisley Dress
, September 1970

218. Olympia Museum, Greece
Lisa Cooper (2 studies), French Vogue, September 1980

219i. Double Exposure
Marisa Yordi Villacampa de Borbon, The Family of King Carlos IV by Goya, Town and Country, April 1981

219.ii. Double Exposure
Isern Maria Coromlua, Bust of a Lady with Sombrero by Picasso, Town and Country, April 1981

220. Double Exposure
Gustav Klimt fashion, Vogue, 1967

220ii. Double Exposure
Gustav Klimt fashion, Vogue, 1967

221. Double Exposure
Hat fashion, Vogue, March 1945

222. Zandra Rhodes
Dress designer, 1981

223. Jean Muir
Fashion designer, Vogue, 15 September1978

224. Diana Vreeland
Fashion expert, 1978

225. Elisabeth Frink
Sculptor, 1978

226. Colin Davis
Conductor, Vogue, March 1976

227. The Rt Hon David Steel
Leader of the Liberal Party, 1981

228. The Rt Hon Margaret Thatcher
Prime Minister, July 1981

229. The Rt Hon Margaret Thatcher
Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, July 1981

230. Joint Leaders of the Social Democrat Party
(left to right) David Owen, Shirley Williams, William Rodgers, Roy Jenkins, June 1981

231. The Rt Hon Michael Foot
Leader of the Labour Party, July 1981

232. Harold Evans
Editor of The Times, July 1981

233. Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall
July 1981

234. Tinka Patterson
Brighton, Vogue Hommes sitting, autumn 1974

235. The Earl of Snowdon
Caernarvon Castle, Vogue sitting, 1969

236. Commissioner Catherine Bramwell –Booth, Lt-Col Olive Booth and Major Dora Booth
August 1981

237. Elizabeth Taylor
Actress, 1976

238. Hotel Meurice, Paris
Andrea Holterhof, French Vogue, September 1980

239. Hedge Cutting
Norman Parkinson and Andrea Holterhof. Photograph by Charles Zuretti, French Vogue, September 1980.

240. Andrea Holterhof
Maclea Cordata, French Vogue, September 1980

241. Andrea Holterhof
Ted Lapidus skirt and Schlapfer St Gall blouse, French Vogue, September 1980

242. Mrs Boehm
Grand Hotel, Rome, 1975