Twenty for Today 29 May - 25 August 1986

Twenty for Today was an exhibition staged at the National Portrait Gallery  to show a contemporary cross-section of work by leading and emerging  photographers . The exhibition of 80 works highlighted both the increase in the acquisition of photographic portraiture by the Gallery since 1970, (when the National Photographic Record was ended)  and the contemporary boom in the use of photographic portraiture in a number of fashion and lifestyle magazines  that emerged in the 1980s such as i-D, Elle, Blitz and The Face. The exhibition was chosen in consultation with photographers aged under 40 and selected by the organisers to form a representative cross-section of the best of recent published and exhibited work.

Robert Barber

Phoebe Nicholls, 1983 (colour) x27933

Clare Park, 1984

Chris Barrie, 1985 (colour) x27930

Tim Roth, 1985

Michael Birt

Richard Rogers, 1982 x23476

Victor Spinetti, 1983 x23479

Julie Walters, 1985 x31051

Greta Scaachi, 1986 x31050


Chris Garnham

Stefan Bednarczyk, 1984

Michael Clark, 1984 x26055

Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, 1984

Gilbert and George, 1986 P853


Brian Griffin

Len Deighton, 1983

Gary Stuve, 1984 (colour)

Douglas Adams, 1986 P957

Al Alvarez, 1986


Stephen Hyde

J.P. Donleavy, 1983 x24940

Sir Peter Parker, 1983 x24942

Sir John Summerson, 1984 x24948

Richard Rogers, 1986 x27439


David Buckland

The Family (Siobhan Davies, David Buckland and Piera), 1984 (Cibachrome)

The Machado de Oliveira Sisters, Paris, 1985 (Cibachrome)

The New Puritan (Michael Clark), 1985 (Cibachrome) P858

The Opera Designers (David Fielding and Anthony MacDonald), 1985, (Cibachrome)


David Hiscock

Self-portrait (triptych), 1984

Holly Warburton (triptych), 1984

Iain R. Webb, 1984 (colour)

Peter Gabriel, 1986 P857


Holly Warburton

Danielle Dax, 1985 (colour)

‘Princess’ Julia, 1985 (colour)

Susie May (from The Essence of Dead Roses), 1985 (colour)

Cerith Wynn Evans, 1985-6 (colour)


Alistair Morrison

Uwe Bahnsen, 1983 (colour) x31072

The Rt. Revd David E. Jenkins, Bishop of Durham, 1985 (colour) P355

Tim Roth, 1985 (colour) x31073

Alexei Sayle, 1985 (colour) x31074


Nick Knight

Scott Crolla and Georgina Godley, 1985 x26090

Stephen Jones, 1985 x26091

Morrissey, 1985 x26092

Iain R. Webb, 1985 x26093

Trevor Leighton

Shere Hite, 1982 x27940

Jackie Collins, 1983 x27939

John Hurt, 1984 x27941

Joan Greenwood, 1985 x27938

Perry Ogden

Richard Jobson, 1984 x27946

James Garner, 1985 x31833

David Tidball, 1985 x27947

Stevie B., 1986 x28647

Mike Owen

Bob Geldof, 1980 x28648

Jasper Conran, 1983 x31833

Simon Le Bon, 1984 x27947

Roger Rees, 1985 x28647

Steve Pyke

John Lydon (‘Johnny Rotten’), 1983 x26062

Ian Dury, 1984 x26061

Alex Cox, 1985 x26060

Samuel Fuller, 1985

Dudley Reed

Jason Bratby, 1982 x32174

Robert Wilson, 1984 x32176

Ricardo Bofill, 1985 x32175

P.D. James, 1985 x32170

Johnny Rozsa

Tina Turner, 1983

Marilyn, 1984 x29867

Sade, 1985 x29868

Martin Degville (Sigue Sigue Sputnik), 1986 x27943

John Swannell

Marianne Lah Swannell, 1981 x32148

Becky Baines, 1981 x27935

Peter Langan, 1984 x87601

Bruce Oldfield, 1985 x27936

Alastair Thain

Bruce McLean, 1984 P855

Joseph Beuys (triptych), 1985

Kathy Acker, 1986 x36069

Patricia Highsmith, 1986 x27945

David Ward

The Illuminated Man (Geoffrey Bird), 1981

Moonlight (Michael Hadley), 1982

Self-portrait, 1983

Protractor No. 3 (Self-portrait), 1984 (Photograms)

Liam Woon

Melvyn Brag, 1985 x25121

Bruce McLean, 1985 x25128

Jocelyn Stevens, 1986

Michael Winner, 1986 x126268